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Touchstone 2nd Edition • Language summary • Level 1

Unit 5 • Lesson C: Do you go straight home?

Routine activities
buy (v)
get home (v)
go shopping (v)
go straight home (v)
take a break (v)

Other words
cheap (adj)
terrible (adj)
club (n)
music (n)
on weeknights

Conversation strategies
Asking questions in two ways
People often ask a question in two ways. This makes the questions clear and not too direct:

So what do you do after class? Do you go straight home?

How do you usually get home after class? Do you take the subway or the bus?

I mean
You can use I mean to repeat your ideas or to say more about something:

A Where do you go? I mean, do you go somewhere nice?

B Do you know Fabio's? It's OK. I mean, the food's good, . . .

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