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Unit Review 1
Answer all thirty questions. There is one mark per question.

1 Replace the underlined meanings with adjectives a-g. a outgoing / b reserved / c coherent / d rambling / e communicative / f responsive / g persuasive 1 He’s often quite reluctant to speak at meetings but when he does speak it’s usually something relevant. ______ 2 I have no idea what they were talking in a confused way about. They just went on and on! ______ 3 4 5 6 Send your assistant to negotiate. She’s very good at influencing people. ______ The argument behind this report is clearly expressed and easy to understand. ______

We need a new sales manager who is more of an extrovert than the last one. ______ I think you’ll find that they’ll be positive and listen to any new ideas to take this project forward. ______


Just because someone is very accurate and knows English grammar, it doesn’t mean that they are able to put their message across. ______

2 Complete sentences 8-14 with answer a, b or c. 8 The whole meeting was a complete __________ of time. a save 9 b waste c share

The board will have to __________ the real problems and stop pretending they don’t exist. a engage b digress c face

10 Hang on a moment. I also asked my department to do this. We aren’t ____________ work, are we? a duplicating b copying c wasting

11 The new software they’ve ____________ is great. It makes my job so much easier. a interrupted b allocated c installed

12 Can I stop you there? I feel that we’re starting to ___________ from the main issue. a ramble b digress c confuse

13 My job is to look at the budgets and ____________ resources fairly.

a waste

b allocate

c reserve

14 If she could learn to ___________ her ideas more eloquently, she’d be more convincing. a express b engage c influence

3 Each sentence contains one wrong word. Delete it and write the correct word. 15 To get it in a nutshell, we’re going to have to let you go. _________ 16 Let’s get straight at the point and talk about what’s on offer. __________ 17 I heard on the wavelength that you’re leaving. Is it true? ___________ 18 We seem to be talking at cross roads. What exactly are you saying? ___________ 19 As usual, the newspapers have got the wrong piece of the stick and reported it incorrectly. ____________ 20 I’ve called this meeting to take you all in the picture with regard to my future at the company. ____________ 21 I simply can’t make head or foot of these instructions. _____________ 22 OK. I’m not going to beat in the bush. We’ve had a complaint about you. _______________

4 Re-order the words to make phrases for dealing with communication breakdown on the phone. 23 repeat you that could ____________________________________________________________________? 24 I sorry catch didn’t that quite ____________________________________________________________________. 25 spell please that you would ____________________________________________________________________? 26 you read back to can that I ____________________________________________________________________? 27 not I’m with you.

____________________________________________________________________. 28 we’ve lets’ over agreed go what ____________________________________________________________________. 29 I back can you call ____________________________________________________________________? 30 me could information have you more let ____________________________________________________________________?

Unit 2 Review
Answer all thirty questions. There is one mark per question.

1 Match the two halves of the sentences and write the answers here: 1___ 2___ 3___ 4___ 5___ 6___ 7___ 8___ 9___ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 We’d be happy to invest in the country if it weren’t for all the government In a declining The results from the focus The buying There’s a special The largest market The minister is warning that the economic In real terms, income I think the lack of political a situation may not improve as quickly as predicted. b distribution hasn’t changed as much as everyone believes. c group show that people really like the colour. d stability makes it an unsafe investment. e bureaucracy and paperwork. f segment is the over-sixties. g habits of our target customer have changed dramatically. h market this isn’t the time to be expanding. i offer on them every day this week.

2 Underline the correct word in italics. 10 I’d love to know what they’re intending to bring off / in / out in response. 11 They’re pulling out of / with / to the deal. 12 I should retreat back / from / into that kind of competition. You won’t win. 13 To break into / through / off the coffee market at this stage would be difficult. 14 The trade fair got us a foothold on / up / in the German market. 15 We’re at the end of the lifecycle so it’s time to phase it out / in / off. 16 The new model is being rolled off / up / out at next week’s motor show.

3 Match the words in A and B to write five compound nouns. A price / sales / advertising/ product / brand 17 ______________ ________________ 18 ______________ ________________ 19 ______________ ________________ 20 ______________ ________________ 21 ______________ ________________ 4 Complete these phrases with the word in brackets. Change the form of the word. 22 rapidly _______________ market share (decline) 23 really ______________ R&D department. (impress) 24 _____________ competitive conditions (increase) 25 long-term ____________ strategy (sell) 26 binding contractual __________________ (oblige) B awareness / agency/ figures / rise / range

5 Complete B’s responses after A’s comments. 27 A: Can I ask you some questions? B: F_________ a___________ 28 A: Do you think that’s a good idea? B: A________________! 29 A: I think I’ve come up with the solution. B: E________________! 30 A: Would it be worth sponsoring some kind of event? B: T________ a g_________ i___________.

Unit 3 Review
Answer all thirty questions. There is one mark per question.

1 Complete the sentences with these pairs of words. Change the form of the words if necessary. restore + jeopardise cement + undermine break + sour promote + build disrupt + damage maintain + establish develop + strengthen 1 When we ___________ off talks with them yesterday it really ______________ hopes for future deals. 2 Try to ___________ relations with them. We don’t want to _____________ things in the country. 3 ____________ a strong market presence is crucial if we are intending to ______________ ourselves as the market leader. 4 5 The sales _____________ should also help to _____________ up brand awareness. After _____________ good contacts, he went in and completely _______________ all our hard-work. 6 We’ve already ____________ our ties with China so the aim of this trade delegation is to _______________ our position further. 7 The industrial action ______________ production and ______________ goodwill between management and workers. 2 The word in bold collocates with two of the words. Delete the extra word. 8 9 relations: close, stormy, launch service: after-sales, take-over, customer

10 force: product, sales, labour 11 currency: crisis, controls, network 12 network: close, sales, team

3 Re-order the letters to make a multi-word verb in these sentences. For example: I’m going to be putide all morning in a meeting. __tied up__ 13 We fotbeaf the competition yet again! _________ 14 Let me loniokot the matter and call you back. _________ 15 When are we going to peakutow the problems facing us? _________ 16 Do you have time to durwap the agreement? __________ 17 I’m afraid you can’t otoncun him to do anything! __________ 18 The company was petus by two brothers. ___________ 19 The main thing is to holtdono our regular customers. _________ 20 They’re never going to agree. Let’s just fallcof the negotiations. _________

4 Complete this conversation. Write the verbs in brackets in the correct tense or form. A: Hello. (21)____________(be) you Harry Kaufman? B: That’s right. Sorry, (22)____________ we _____________ (meet) before? A: No. I (23)______________(give) your name by Jon Stuart. B: Oh John. How is he? A: Fine. B: (24)__________ you __________ (work) with him? A: Not exactly. He (25)_______________ (mention) your name last week when I said that I (26)______________(come) to the conference. He told me to track you down because you might (27)_____________(be) interested in our products. B: Are you in sales too? A: Well, I’m a supplier for John’s company. Look, is this a convenient time for us to talk? B: Well, actually I (28)____________(go) to a presentation now but the person you really need is my colleague who’s in charge of purchasing. I (29)______________(suggest) you speak to her. I (30)______________(get) her phone number here somewhere…