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Professional Practice Manual Abstract

The purpose of the professional practice manual is to guide Licensed Electrical Practitioners in the practice of their
profession in accord with the tenets set forth in the latest Electrical Engineering Law. This also serves as a guide for the
electrical engineering and senior high school students in choosing their future career.

For the electrical engineering savvy, the Manual of Professional Practice have been prepared by the Professional
Practice Committee in order to set out guidelines of practice, which all Licensed Electrical Practitioner should follow in
providing professional electrical engineering services consistent with the mission of the Institute of Integrated Electrical
Engineers of the Philippines, Inc.:

 To enhance the competencies of electrical practitioners to make positive contribution towards new trends and
 To be an authority of electrical engineering services that results to safe, reliable and efficient systems;
 To consistently deliver high quality products and services duly recognized by international organization and
institutions; and
 To promote awareness on the use of environmentally friendly electrical products, services, and resources as well
as active participation on disaster preparedness and recovery programs.

In furtherance to the commitment of the Institute to improve the quality of services that its members provide and in
order to standardize the guidelines in the practice of electrical engineering, this revised manual was crafted. While there
might be variations in the application of this manual, it is not intended to alter binding contracts between member and
clients. A Licensed Electrical Practitioner must always exercise professional judgment in his dealings to the public and or
to the client.