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NCBTS Domain #5/Strand Code of Ethics for Professional Teacher

Domain 5- Panning, Assessing, and Article VIII: The Teacher and Learners

Section 1. A teacher has a right and

Strand 1. Communicates promptly and duty to determine the academic marks
clearly to learners, parents and and the promotions of learners in the
superiors about the progress of subject or grades he handles, provided
learners that such determination shall be in
accordance with generally accepted
procedures of evaluation and

Strand 2. Develops and uses a variety Section 2. A teacher shall recognize

of appropriate assessment strategies that the interest and welfare of
to monitor and evaluate learning. learners are first and foremost
concern, and shall deal justifiable and
impartially with each of them.

Strand 3. Monitors regularly and

provide feedback on learners Section 9. A teacher shall ensure that
understanding of content. condition contribute to the maximum
development of learners are adequate,
and shall extend needed assistance in
preventing or solving learners
problems and difficulties.
CONTRIBUTION 0-25% of the 25-50% of the All of the group
group members group members member works
works towards works towards toward group
group goal and group goal and goals and fulfill
fulfill individual fulfill individual individual role
role with the role with the with the group
group. Many group. requirement.
requirements and
objectives not
evaluated identify
or competed.
ORGANIZATION 0-25% of the 25- 50% of the 50-100% of the
group members group members group members
takes initiative in works agreeably help the group to
helping the group and help in get organize.
to get organized. organizing.
FOCUS ON THE Team rarely Team focuses on The team
TASK focuses on the the task together consistently
task and did not most of the time. focused on the
participate in Does participate task to achieve
needed changes. in needed objectives. Helps
changes and does identify necessary
assigned work. changes and
encourage group
action for change.