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Volt meter (Analog)

Ammeter (Analog)
Multi meter (Analog)
Clamp meter
Digital multi meter
Flat screw driver (6 “shank)
Star screw driver
Adjustable spanner
Combination spanner
Open end spanner
Ring spanner
Pipe bending spring (PVC pipe)
Nail clips
Drill bit (HSS)
Masonry drill bit
Hole saw drill bit
Soldering iron
Hack saw
Pipe Die-stock
Spirit level
Engineering square
Steel rule
Measuring tape
Center punch
Plumb bob
Chalk liner
Pipe cutter
Pipe spanner
Junior hacksaw
Electrician knife
Water level pipe
Ball peen hammer
Straight peen hammer
Rubber mallet
Flat file
Triangle file
Round file
Star screw driver (Insulated)
Flat screw driver (Insulated)
combination tool
Multi grip pliers
Combination pliers
Long nose pliers
Side cutting pliers
Diagonal cutting pliers
Wire stripper
Molded case circuit breaker
Miniature circuit breaker
Contactor with auxiliary
Motor protection circuit
breaker (MPCB)
HRC fuse (High Rupturing
Kit Kat fuse
DIN rail
Reduce (straight)
Isolator (Pad lockable) (4-pole
3-pin plug top
Cable gland
Connector strip
Industrial socket
Insulation tape
Electrician hand gloves
Reducer (Right sided)
Gusset bend
Threaded bolt and nut
Cable trunk
PVC trunks
PVC conduit/Pipe
GI conduit/Pipe or EMT pipe
Spring nut
Wire pulling spring
Knock out box (6X3) PVC
Knock out box (3X3) PVC
Knock out box (6X3) Metal
Knock out box (3X3) Metal
1-Gang,1-Way Switch PVC
2-Gang ,1-way Switch PVC
3-Gang ,1-way Switch PVC
4-Gang,1-Way Switch PVC
1-Gang,2-Way Switch
2-Gang ,2-way Switch
3-Gang ,2-way Switch
4-Gang,2-Way Switch
Intermediate switch
Ceiling rose(3-Plate)
Fan regulator (Dimmer)
Double pole switch (20 A)
Batten holder (Straight) Pin type

Batten holder(Angle) Pin type

Batten holder (Straight) Screw type

Batten holder(Angle) Screw type

Pendent holder

4-Way Junction box (20 mm) PVC

3-Way Junction box (20 mm) PVC

Through-way Junction box (20 mm) PVC

1-Way Junction box (20 mm) PVC

Elbow (20 mm) PVC

4-Way Junction box (20 mm) GI

3-Way Junction box (20 mm) GI

Through-way Junction box (20 mm) GI

1-Way Junction box (20 mm) GI
Elbow (20 mm) GI
Saddle and support (20 mm)
Saddle and support (20 mm) GI
Male bush (brass) 20mm
Coupler (20mm)
Lock nut
Offset bend --450
Offset bend --300
3-Point saddle
4-Point saddle (Bridge)
Crossover (cable tray)
Inside bend 900 (cable tray)
outside bend 900 (cable tray)
T-joint (cable tray)
Horizontal bend (900)
1-Core, 1.5 (SQMM) Square milli

1-Core, 2.5 (SQMM) Square milli


1-Core, 4 (SQMM) Square mm

1-Core, 6 (SQMM) Square mm
3-Core, 1.5 (SQMM) PVC cable
3-Core, 2.5 (SQMM) PVC cable
3-Core, 4 (SQMM) PVC cable
3-Core, 6 (SQMM) PVC cable
4-Core, 1.5 (SQMM) PVC cable
4-Core, 2.5 (SQMM) PVC cable
4-Core, 4 (SQMM) PVC cable
4-Core, 6 (SQMM) PVC cable
5-Core, 1.5 (SQMM) PVC cable
5-Core, 2.5 (SQMM) PVC cable
5-Core, 4 (SQMM) PVC cable
5-Core, 6 (SQMM) PVC cable
4-Core, 10 (SQMM) XLPE cable
4-Core, 25 (SQMM) XLPE cable