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F Factors Affceting
F-01 Project Team Ubuntu


Collective Orientation

Cognitive Intelligence

F-05 Cohensiveness


Extramural Factors
- Upper Management
F-07 Support -
Organisational Process Assets

I Impact of National
Culture on Team Organisational Learning
I-01 work

I-02 Motivational Effects

I-03 Creativity and Innovation
I-04 Communication

Conflict- Task Coflict
Relationship Conflict

Trust and Collaboration

M Managing
Multicultural Teams Effcetive Communication

M-03 Common Team Culture

M-04 Team Building

M-05 Team Meeting
M-06 One on One Discussion
M-07 Competences
Example of data Collected

Being selfish affects team performance
No respect of other members’ culture and beliefs

When it comes to communication you have to be precise on what
you are saying, and choose you word carefully or you risk people
misquoting you or being misinterpreted
team members must exhibit a trait of trust and openness while at the
same time willing to share both material and intellectual resources
especially with the junior team members
members mostly supporting their in-cultures mates
It is imperative that members of a team show intellectual capacity to
plan and solve problems that may arise in the duration of the project
with minimum supervision.
members should have required technical skills and experience to
perform in the team
Social interaction between team members
Taking time in understanding other members’ cultural and social
Commitment to project work and having common purpose
Setting goals and understanding them
Clearly defining duties and responsibilities
Setting of team ground rules
Planning together
Sense of group efficacy
Leaders must show empathy, social awareness and interpersonal
skills in order to keep the team bonded together
Strong leaders hold the team together and keep the team focused
toward the objective of the project
Lack of resources
No support from management who are only concerd about profits

Multiculturalism creates cross pollination of cultural ideologies which
team members can use in performing their tasks
You get to learn a lot about different cultures and how people do
things, and also it opens up your mind to diverse opinions based on
the different cultures in a team
You learn where your weaknesses are in these teams, above that
you learn to mind your language
Cultural diversity promotes a good working environment
Different cultures makes projects interesting to work in
It is rewarding to take your time to work and learn in team with
members from different countries
New idea are brought in the project team
Innovative ideas are encouraged
Creativity does not exist
Communication breakdown
Most people are comfortable in communicating in their vernacular
Different accents which affects communication and discussions
Language is the biggest barrier to effective communication and
performance in a team
We have to work for 8 hrs a day on a project but some members
start and finish work at different time. When a person start at
0600hrs, he/she will leave at 1400hrs, while others has 2 or 3 hrs to
work. This creates conflict
Some nationalities have issues with punctuality
White people are individualist and balcks are helpful
Team members tends to feel closer related and trust people sharing
the same culture with them
Trust is usually low at the start of the project
Trust is sometime a problem

It is common in my team that when a person is trying to express an
point threw one or two vernacular words, which sometimes distort
the meaning of the point to other team members of different national
This conflict can only the detected late in the project, sometimes
when errors had occurred or when schedule missed
I use corporate culture to handle cultural differences
Before a person start working, I carry an induction where I set the
ground rules of what is expected of the team members, in terms of
delivery, behaviour and attitude
All members of the team are to be treated the same under the
guidance of our Human Resources policies and procedure. This will
ensure fairness and avoids prejudice
Team members are a family
Project Managers need to create team chemistry
Team building create a bond in the team
Team building
Team meeting are a form of team building
One on one meeting are neccesary to understand individual
Must be a good communicator and active listener
Should possess negotiations skills to resolve conflict
Must be persuasive
Should be able to delegate