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12 October 2010

Sime Darby
Will Likely Head Towards RM10.00–10.80 Resistance Zone… Tel : (603) 9280 2584
Chart 1: Sime Daily

Bargain Buy

Technical Research Team Statistics:
Stock code Last Close 52wk High 52wk Low YTD Change YTD % Chg Trade Lot Shares out Market Cap Float 4197 RM8.70 RM9.24 RM7.47 -RM0.17 -3.01% 100shrs 6009.5m RM52282.3m 2139.6m

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Sime Darby is an investment holding company. The Group’s principal activities include plantations, property development, heavy equipment and motor vehicle distribution, and energy and utilities. *sources from Bloomberg.

Sime Darby recorded a five-month high on continuous uptrend. Sime began its technical rebound in Mar 2009, until it hit a tough resistance level near RM9.00 in Nov 2009. As the stock failed to penetrate the RM9.00 hurdle, it started to drift lower beginning Jan 2010. But near to the support region around RM7.50 – RM8.00, the stock built a base and gathered its upward momentum in Aug. It penetrated the RM8.00 level in late Aug, and slowly climbed higher in recent weeks. Yesterday, it hit a five-month high of RM8.71, before ending the day at RM8.70 with a bullish candle on the chart. We are bullish on the technical outlook on the stock. Thanks to the supportive 10-day SMA near RM8.53, the stock is poised to retest the immediate resistance level of RM9.00 soon. Added with the steady mediumterm uptrend shown by the 10-day and 40-day SMAs’ positive movements, and the uptick on the momentum indicators, we are bullish on the near-term outlook of the stock. Upon breaking out from RM9.00, it will likely head towards RM10.00 – RM10.80 resistance zone on follow-through buying momentum.

Technical Recommendation:

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Strategy: Target: Support: Exit:

Bargain buy before an eventual breakout of RM9.00 soon. IR = RM9.00 IS = RM8.00 R1 = RM10.00 S1 = RM7.50 R2 = RM10.80 S2 = RM6.70

Cut loss if it falls to below the key support of RM8.00.

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A comprehensive range of market research reports by award-winning economists and analysts are exclusively available for download from www.rhbinvest.com

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