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Muhammed Asif

Dept of Anatomy, YMC

Structures passing through the foramens

Incisive fossa
1. Nasopalatine nerve
2. Greater palatine vessels

Greater palatine foramen

 Greater palatine vessels and nerves

Lesser palatine foramen

 Lesser palatine vessels and nerves

Foramen ovale
1. Mandibular nerve
2. Accessory meningeal artery
3. Lesser petrosal nerve
4. Emissary vein

Foramen spinosum
1. Middle meningeal artery
2. Nervous spinosus

Foramen lacerum
 Emissary vein
 Occasionally meningeal branch of ascending pharyngeal artery

Hypoglossal canal
1. Hypoglossal nerve
2. Meningeal branch of ascending pharyngeal artery

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Carotid canal
1. Internal carotid artery
2. Plexuses of nerves and veins surrounding the internal carotid artery

Jugular foramen
Anterior part

 Inferior petrosal sinus

Intermediate part

 9th, 10th, 11th cranial nerves

Posterior part

 Internal jugular vein continuation of Sigmoid sinus

Stylomastoid foramen
1. Facial nerve
2. Stylomastoid artery

Foramen magnum
Divided into 2 compartment by alar ligament

Anterior compartment

1. Membrana tectoria
2. Cruciate ligament (upper band)
3. Apical ligament

Posterior compartment

1. Medulla oblongata
2. Meninges
3. 4th part of vertebral artery
4. Spinal accessory nerve
5. 1 anterior and 2 posterior spinal arteries

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