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Unit 1

P.4 A
Listen and complete the questions.
1. Can you ___that? ((spell))
2. Can you___ more slowly?((speak))
3. How do you ___ that in English? ((say))
4. Can you ___ that, please? ((repeat))
5. What does that___? ((mean))
6. Can you ___ me? ((help))

P.4 B
Complete the conversations with the questions from Exercise A.
1. A: My name is Elvira.
A: Sure. It’s E-L-V-I-R-A.
B: Thank you.
((Can)) ((you)) ((spell)) ((that))

2. A: Open your books to page 24.

A: Yes. Open your books to page 24.
((Can)) ((you)) ((repeat)) ((that)), ((please))

3. A: “Excellent”? _____?
B: It means”very good”!
((What)) ((does)) ((that)) ((mean))

4. A: Hi, my name’s Hiroyoshi.

A: My name is……shi.
((Can)) ((you)) ((speak)) ((more)) ((slowly))

5. A:___________?
B: It’s “birthday” in English.
((How)) ((do)) ((you)) ((say)) ((that)) ((in)) ((English))

6. A: I don’t understand the homework. __________?

B: Yes, of course.
((Can)) ((you)) ((help)) ((me))

P.5 B
Read the information below. Complete the sentences.
1. Kate ___ 19 year old.((is))
2. Kate ___ from Brazil.((isn’t))
3. Rafael: Hi, I ___31 years old.((am))
4. Rafael: I ___ from Rio de Janeiro.((am))((not))
5. Kate and Hiro: We___ business student.((are))
6. A:(1)___ Hiro from Tokyo?(1)((Is))
B: No, he (2)___. He (3)___ firm Nagoya.(2)((isn’t))(3)((is))
7. A(1)___ Hiro and Kate business students?(2)((Are))
B:Yes, they(2)___.(2)((are))
8. Rafael:(1)___ you from the U.K.?(1)((Are))
Kate: Yes, I (2)___.(2)((am))
9. Rafael:(1)___ you music students?(1)((Are))
Kate and Hiro: No, we(2)___.(2)((aren’t))
10 Hiro: (1)___ you from London?(1)((Are))
Kate: No, I (2)___.(2)((am))((not))

P.6 A
Listen and complete the conversation.
Hotel clerk: (1)________.((Excuse me))
Can you spell your last name,(2)______?((please))
Ms Cardoza: Yes, it’s C-A-R-D-O-Z-A
Hotel clerk: (3)________.((Thank you))
And what’s your phone number?
Ms Cardoza: It’s (734)214-0091.
Hotel clerk: OK. You’re in room 235. Here’s your room key.
Ms Cardoza: (4)________.((Thanks))
Hotel clerk: (5)_______. Enjoy your stay. ((You’re welcome))

P.7 A
Listen and write the ordinal numbers you hear. Write the numbers in the first column.
Then write each number in words in the second column.
1 9th ninth
2 1st first
3 25th twenty-fifth
4 31st thirty-first
5 17th seventeenth
6 12th twelfth

P.7 B
Listen to the voicemail message and complete the form.
(1) Edgar
(2) Schwartz
(3) Germany
(4) 24
(5) (476)821-0893.

P.8 A
Listen to the conversation. Complete the online form with the information.
(1) Jane
(2) Robinson
(3) 17
(4) Dec
(5) 7
(6) pizza

Unit 2
P.10 A
Match the job to the correct picture.
police officer
taxi driver
A.______ ((Taxi driver))
B.______ ((doctor))
C.______ ((firefighter))
D.______ ((police officer))
E.______ ((writer))
F.______ ((engineer))

P.10 B
Listen to Teresa. What is her opinion about these occupations? Number the
Occupations, according to her opinion, from interesting (1) to not interesting (6).
((4))police officer
((5))taxi driver

P.11 A
Listen to Angelina describing her family. Write the name from the box in the correct
Emmy / Frank / Gina / Laura / Leo / Leila / Mike / Stacy
1. ((Laura))
2. ((Frank))
3. ((Leila))
4. ((Leo))
5. ((Stacy))
6. ((Mike))
7. ((Emmy))
8. ((Gina))

P.11 B
According to the family tree, complete the sentences.
Angelina: Laura is my (1)___. Leila and Frank are my (2)___. Mike is my (3)____.
Stacy is my (4)___. (5)___ is her husband. (6)___ and (7)___ are their daughters.
Leila and Frank are their (8)___.
(6)((Gina/ Emmy))
(7)((Emmy/ Gina))

P.12 B
Listen and match each sentence to the missing information.(用配合題型)
1. Brenda___ is a lawyer. ((c))
2. She lives in ___.((b))
3. Brenda starts work at___.((d))
4. She says her job is very ___.((a))
5. Her husband is an ____.((e))
6. Their ___is a student.((f))

a. an adjective
b. a place
c. a last name
d. a time
e. an occupation
f. a family number

P.14 A
Read about Matt Holland’s life. What does he do?
1. How old is Matt?
2. What’s Matt’s opinion of his job?
3. Is Matt’s family big?
4. What’s his father’s name?
5. What does his sister do?
b .He loves his job. It’s fun and interesting.
c.. Yes, it is.
d. Alan
e. She’s Matt’s assistant
Unit 3
P.16 B
Listen to the interview with Bettina and choose the correct information.
1. She ___ country music.
likes / doesn’t like
2. She ___ the guitar..
plays / doesn’t play
3. Bettina’s parents ___ to music a lot.
listen / don’t listen
4. She ___MP3s online.
Buys /doesn’t buy

P.16 C
Listen and complete the conversation with Bettina.
A: Hi, Bettina. Can I ask you some questions for a survey?
B: Sure! Go ahead.
A: (1)_____ to music?
B: Yes, I do. I listen to country music. I really like country music.
A: And (2)____ the guitar?
B: No, I don’t.
A: (3)___ to music a lot?
B: No, they don’t.
A: (4)___ a lot of CDs?
B: No, I don’t. I (5)____MP3s online.
A: Great! That’s all. Thanks a lot!
B: Sure, no problem.

Answer for blank (1)________

((Do)) ((you)) ((listen))
((do)) ((you)) ((play))
((Do)) ((your)) ((parents)) ((listen))
((Do)) ((you)) ((buy))

P.17 A
Read the text and answer these questions.
1. Who doesn’t like fiction? Ans:___((Leo))
2. Who likes to read more than one book about one story? Ans:___((Akiko))
3. Who likes true stories about people? Ans:___((Leo))
4. Who likes love stories? Ans:___ ((Monika))
5. Who has a lot of books by the same author? Ans:___ and ___ ((Suzie, Akiko))

P.17 A
Match the columns to make free time activities.
1. work (6) 1.TV
2. listen to (4) 2.freinds
3. go (5) 3. the movies
4. play (7) 4. music
5. go to (3) 5.bowling
6. see (2) 6.out
7. watch (1) 7.sports
P.17 B
Complete the sentences with six of the phrases from the exercise above.
1. I often ___with my friends in the evening. I love science-fiction movies.((go))
((to)) ((the)) ((movies))
2. Marty likes to ___ on the weekend. He loves soccer and basketball. ((play))
3. I like to be in good shape so I usually ___ in the gym twice a week I use the
weights and the treadmill.((work))((out))
4. We usually ___ in Saturday nights. It’s not a difficult sport to play and it’s a good
way to meet people. ((go))((bowling))
5. Henry likes to ___ in the evening. He has a big collection of CDs.((listen)) ((to))
6. John likes to ___ at night. He likes documentaries and quiz shows.((watch))((TV))

P.18 C
Read the text about Tony. Then read the answers and write the questions.(圖)
1. What does Tony do in his free time? He plays soccer.
2. ____________________________? With his old school friends.
((Who)) ((does)) ((Tony)) ((play)) ((soccer)) ((with))
3. ____________________________? On Saturday afternoon.
((When)) ((does)) ((Tony)) ((play)) ((soccer))
4. ____________________________? In the park near his home.
((Where)) ((does)) ((Tony)) ((play)) ((soccer))
5. ____________________________?Because it’s relaxing, healthy, and fun
((Why)) ((does)) ((Tony)) ((like)) ((to)) ((play)) ((soccer))

P.19 5
Complete the questions with the phrases from the box. Then match to the best answer.
phrases response
How about I prefer hip-hop
what’s your Yes, I do.
Do you I don’t play sports
What do you I’m not sure. They’re OK sometimes.

1. I don’t like video games. They’re too violent.______ think? ((What do you))
What’s the response for the question above? ((I’m not sure. They’re OK sometimes.))
2. I play soccer and tennis.________ you?(( How about))
What’s the response for the question above? ((I don’t play sports.))
3. I don’t like classical music.______ opinion?((What’s your))
What’s the response for the question above? ((I prefer hip-hop))
4. This new science-fiction movie is great. _________agree?((Do you))
What’s the response for the question above? ((Yes, I do))

P.19 A
Listen to and write the correct adjectives.(圖)
considerate / funny / loyal / popular / shy / sociable
1.(( funny))
2.(( shy))
3.(( sociable))
5.(( loyal))
6.(( popular))
Answer for picture 6:(( popular))
P.19 B
Choose the correct answer to complete the sentences.
1. I don’t have many friends. I’m very______.((shy))
popular / shy
2.I sometimes go to parties, but I’m not very _____and I don’t talk to anyone.
confident / loyal
2. My best friend is Amy. She has a lot of friends. She is very ____ and tells ____
Introvert / sociable
Funny / considerate
3. Amy is an _____. She introduces me to new people because she is a very ______
friend. ((extrovert)) ((loyal))
Introvert /extrovert
Shy / loyal
4. But I’m an _____ and I’m not _____. Please help me.(( introvert))(( funny))
introvert /extrovert
funny / shy

P.20 A
Listen to the radio show and complete the table.
party animal
really funny

Daily activities
Write new songs
Practice the guitar
Write new songs
Go to the gym

Free time activities

see friends and go to parties
go bowling or watch a movie with friends
What is Alex’s personality?
What is Jenny’s personality?
What does Alex do daily?
What does Jenny do daily?
What dose Alex do in his free time?
What dose Jenny do in his free time?

P.21 A
Choose the correct phrase to match the pictures.
1. go online
2. go bowling
3. play tennis
4. listen to music
5. watch TV
6. go to the movies
7. play video games

Unit 4
P.22 A
Listen. What time is it?
1. eight-twenty 8:20
2. nine o’clock 9:00
3. six-fifteen 6:15
4. eleven forty-five11:45
5. five-thirty 5:30
6. seven-fifteen 7:15

P.22 B
Write the words in the correct order to form sentences.
1. always / at home / are / We / in the evening
((We)) ((are)) ((always)) ((at)) ((home)) ((in)) ((the)) ((evening)).
2. Frank and Emilia / cook / at home / usually
((Frank)) ((and)) ((Emilia)) ((usually)) ((cook)) ((at)) ((home)).
3. Yolanda / watches / TV / rarely
((Yolanda)) ((rarely)) ((watches)) ((TV)).
4. My brother / online ./ often / in the morning / is
((My)) ((brother)) ((is)) ((often)) ((online)) ((in)) ((the)) ((morning)).
5. any free time / has / never / Hector
((Hector)) ((never)) ((has)) ((any)) ((free)) ((time)).

P.23 A
Listen to Francisco describing his week. Match the days of the week to the activities.
1. Monday (2) my sister’s children
2. Tuesday (4) 2.go to the design studio
3. Wednesday (1) 3. invite my friends for dinner
4. Thursday (3) out in the gym
5. Friday (7) 5.relax and stay home
6. Saturday (6) 6. go shopping
7. Sunday (5) 7. go dancing

P.23 B
Listen to Sveta describing her week and correct the mistake.

1.Hi. My name is Sveta. I’m a computer programmer. On Mondays I usually stay

home and work online. The rest of the week I work at home.
2.On Tuesday mornings I work out in the gym.
3.On Wednesday nights I go to my friend’s house.
4.On Thursday nights I usually stay home.
5.On Friday nights I go shopping.
6.On Saturdays I go to the movies and on Sundays I stay home.

2.((go)) ((swimming))
3.((night)) ((school))
4.((visit)) ((my)) ((parents)) ((for)) ((dinner))
5.((to)) ((the)) ((movies))
6.((for)) ((a)) ((walk)) ((in)) ((the)) ((park)) and ((go)) ((shopping))

P.23 A
Choose the correct answer.
1. ___four o’clock ((at))
2. ___the afternoon ((in))
3. ___Wednesday((on))
4. ___the weekend((on))
5. ___the morning((in))
6. ___weekdays((on))
7. ___midnight((at))
8. ___the evening((in))
9. ___night((at))

P.32 B
Complete the sentences with the correct preposition.
1. Ben usually goes shopping _____ Friday. ((on))
2. I usually read the newspaper ____ the morning.((in))
3. My favorite show starts _____ 6 p.m.((at))
4. We sometimes watch TV ___ the evening.((in))
5. Pete and sally often go out ___ the weekend.((on))
6. Pete goes to school ___ weekdays.((on))
P.24 C
Read about Mateo’s daily routine. Choose the events in the correct order on the
1. He takes a shower
2. He reads the newspaper
3. He reads the newspaper
4. He goes to the store
5. He goes home
6. He watches the news
7. He reads a book
Answer for blank (1)

P.25 B
Join the two sentences. Use before, after, or until. Remember to use the correct
1. We go shopping. Then we go to the movies.
((go)) ((to)) ((a)) ((movie)) ((after)) ((we)) ((go)) ((shopping)).
2. Danny goes to the library. Then he goes to his English class.
((goes)) ((to)) ((the)) ((library)) ((before)) ((he)) ((goes)) ((to)) ((his)) ((English))
3. My children watch TV, they stop when we have dinner.
My _________________.(until)
((children)) ((watch)) ((TV)) ((until)) ((we))((have)) ((dinner))
4. I practice the piano. I stop when it is eight o’clock.
I ___________________.(until)
((practice)) ((the)) ((piano)) ((until)) ((it)) ((is)) ((eight))((o’clock)).
5. Zach and Mina cook dinner. Then they watch TV.
After ________________.(after)
((Zach)) ((and)) ((Mina)) ((cook)) ((dinner))((,)) ((they)) ((watch)) ((TV)).
6. Becky goes to the gym.Then she has lunch.
((Becky)) ((has)) ((lunch))((,)) ((she)) ((goes)) ((to)) ((the)) ((gym)).

P.26 A
Read this blog entry and match the activities that Phoebe does during the day.
1. She has meetings with clients (6) 1.8 a.m.
2. She eats lunch (5) 2.8:30 a.m.
3. She answers e-mails (3) 3.9:30 a.m.
4. She cooks dinner and reads professional magazines (7) 4.12 p.m.
5. She has a staff meeting (2) 5.2 p.m.
6. She starts work (1) 6.3 p.m.
7. She works on new projects (4) 7.8 p.m.

Unit 5
P.28 A
Complete the paragraph. Use the affirmative or negative form of be.
1. ((is))
2. ((are))
3. ((is))
4. ((aren’t))
5. ((aren’t))
Answer for blank (1):

P.28 B
Choose the correct answer.
1. There___ a lot of festivals in my hometown.((aren’t))
isn’t /aren’t
2. There___ a big parade in the U.S. on July 4.((is))
is / are
3.___ there any tickets for the parade? ((Are))
Is / Are
4.Three aren’t ___ music festivals here in December.((many))
some /many
5.There aren’t___ tickets for the concert.((any))
any / some
6.___there usually a lot of people at this festival?((Are))
Is / Are
7.There are ___ famous musicians in the concert.((several))
any /several
8. There ___ a lot of visitor in the summer.((are))
is / are
P.30 B
Write the words in the correct order to form answers to the questions.
1. should / visit / definitely / the Metropolitan Museum / You
((You)) ((should)) ((definitely)) ((visit)) ((the)) ((Metropolitan)) ((Museum)).
2. should / try / You / the pizza there / definitely
((You)) ((should)) ((definitely)) ((try)) ((the)) ((pizza)) ((there)).
3. You / buy / a good guidebook / probably /should
((You)) ((should)) ((probably)) ((buy)) ((a)) ((good)) ((guidebook)).
4. stay / You / in an expensive hotel / shouldn’t
((You)) ((shouldn’t)) ((stay)) ((in)) ((an)) ((expensive)) ((hotel)).
5. You / forget / to take / shouldn’t / a good street map
((You)) ((shouldn’t)) ((forget)) ((to)) ((take)) ((a)) ((good)) ((street)) ((map)).
6. shouldn’t / go / in the winter / You / really
((You)) ((really)) ((shouldn’t)) ((go)) ((in)) ((the)) ((winter)).

P.31 A
Look at the map. Read the directions and write the place.
1. It’s on the corner of River Street and Main Street.
Ans: ((fountain))
2. It’s across from the museum.
Ans: ((café))
3. It’s between the police station and the bus station.
Ans: ((art gallery))
4. It’s next to the bus station.
Ans: ((art gallery))

P.32 A
Listen to the tour guide. Choose T(true) or F (false) for each statement.
1. The guide is in a museum.(T)
2. There isn’t bathroom there.(F)
3. There’s a café on the second floor.(T)
4. To get to the bus station, turn left when you leave.(T)
4. To get to the train station, turn left when you leave.(F)
5. To get to the train station, you need to go over a bridge. (T)

P.33 A
Look at these famous places and attractions. Use the words to complete the names.
museum / art gallery / fountain / zoo / park
1. Louvre _____((art)) ((gallery))
2. San Diego_____((zoo))
3. Trevi_____((fountain))
4. Guggenheim_____((museum))
5. Central _____ ((park))

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