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Answer the following questions.
1. Trace the history of the Syrian conflict. 10 points.
It all began when Syria was freed from the control of French rule after
world war 2. A series of coup d’états and military uprising happened in
Syria that greatly changed that nation in terms of leadership and ways.
Countless Presidents tried to reform the government, particularly Hafez al-
Assad who proposed a constitution where a Syrian president need not be
a Muslim. This greatly sparked civil mayhem to Islamists and extremists and
further separated the divulging groups and activists of Syria. From then on,
countless Civil wars continued.
2. Who are the actors (main and supporting) in the conflict? What are their
respective interests? 10 points
The first main actor is The Assad Regime, particularly Bashar al-Assad. He
has the goal to consolidate his position in the west of the country,
eliminating those who oppose him in the process. Supported by Iranian
and Russian backers, he is not afraid of anything at all such as use of
chemical weapons and terror. And he wants to further spread his power
eastward. The other main actors are the U.S, Russia and United Nations.
U.S started funding the rebels’ action through military training and military
weapon funding while at the same time avoiding wading directly into the
Syrian conflict in hopes of ending the use of chemical weapons towards
it’s people by President Bashar.
However, the limited armaments given by the US to these rebel fighters
has always left them at a disadvantage rendering them incapable of
toppling the Assad regime completely. While on the other hand, radical

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groups found their way in to Syria, greatly taking advantage of the

situation, militants from ISIS - supporting actor. ISIS may have the biggest
contribution in terms of death and violence induced but what they desire
is a different picture. Another main actor is Russia, who launched its air
campaign in Syria after an official request by the Syrian government in
hopes for military aid against the rebel groups of the country. Supporting
actor are the leaders of each rebel groups and their army. What they
want is too many to mention, but they all have the same ground for their
desires – fighting for what they believe is right in accordance to their
religion and traditions. Other supporting actors are those country who
continue to fund and contribute military help in the sole purpose of
ending the violence incurred by ISIS.

3. What were the initiatives/ actions done by the UN in addressing the conflict?
Do you think that the UN is able to address the conflict?
In order to lessen the casualties caused by the War, UN bodies, including
the Human Rights Council, the General Assembly, and the Security
council, have responded to the escalating crisis in Syria by establishing
Commission of Inquiry on Syria to monitor gross violations of Human Rights.
Along with the different UN bodies, they have consistently put forth
resolutions condemning right abuses against innocent people and calling
upon Syrian Arab Republic to put an end at the war. There were several
plans that they did in order to pacify the effects of war, however, the
latest display of indiscriminate violence have showed that the efforts they
did were insufficient.

4. What should be done to end the conflict? Enumerate your suggestions as a

responsible global citizen?

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In order to fully finish the War, I thin it’s time for U.S and Russia to stop
funding Syria’s militant groups as it may stop them from attacking each
other. Since these two groups rely their armory to Foreign countries, this
just proves that Syria, if not funded, will someday exhaust their resources.
With no one funding them, they will stop. While it is right to meddle with
the violence incurred by ISIS, in order to stop the violence and the killings I
think its time to take in refugees and let those who want to kill each other
finish each other all the while not funding them.



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