GOAL TO GO Episode 2.

21 “Hell Week” by David Polk

2. RECAP We Recap events from Previous Episodes, ending on Charlotte saying good-bye to her daughters and then crying alone. TEASER FADE IN: EXT. HOLT ARENA (INDOOR FOOTBALL STADIUM) – NIGHT Billy Donahue trots out to midfield and shakes hands with Idaho State head coach Bull Heffernan, who we remember as the Sea Devils offensive coordinator from Season One. BILLY Your guys played a great game, Bull. Congratulations. BULL Thanks, Billy. Good luck next week against New Mexico State. And the rest of the season. The two coaches turn and head for their respective locker rooms. We TRACK with Billy as he trots across the field, ignoring FLASHING CAMERAS and questions from REPORTERS. REPORTER Coach, what happened today? The offense was almost totally shut down and... INT. VISITORS’ LOCKER ROOM – NIGHT It’s like a morgue. PLAYERS sit around in their uniforms, shell shocked looks on their sweaty faces. Offensive coordinator Bob Garcia crosses the room. He makes eye contact with Achilles Addams – they both wear grim expressions on their tired faces. Billy comes in and, even though it didn’t seem possible, the room grows even quieter. He takes a couple of beats to look around at all of the players, who hang their heads. Then he goes into the visiting coaches’ office, slams the door behind him.

3. EXT. CAMPSITE – NIGHT ANGLE ON a RADIO atop a portable table. In the b.g. we see a dome tent and the glow of a campfire nearby. SANDERSON (V.O.) They say a win is a win, but Coach Billy Donahue can’t be satisfied with this one. A twenty to nineteen squeaker over Idaho State was not what the Sea Devils had in mind when they came into Holt Arena this afternoon to play the Division Two Bengals. BLACKLEDGE (V.O.) Yeah, this was a stinker alright. And it won’t help them when the BCS computer spits out rankings on Sunday. I don’t know if it was overconfidence after the wins over Miami and Fresno State or coach Bull Heffernan’s familiarity with the Sea Devils’ offense, but there’s just no excuse for our team’s performance tonight. One thing’s for sure Sandy, the Sea Devils are in for pure hell on the practice field this week. CARA That’s just fucking great! Now Dallas is going to have to miss our Halloween party. Cara Trzcinski and Cake D’Agostino are lounging in beach chairs, wearing cutesy flannel pajama pants and nylon windbreakers to beat the mountain chill. A small campfire burns in front of them. CAKE Sorry...Uh...that reminds me. I promised my folks I’d stay with them at the house that night. CARA Are you kidding?! But we’ve been planning this since before we moved in to the new apartment! Our first party in our first bachelorette pad! And it’s Halloween! It doesn’t get any better than that! Come on, Cake, can’t you get out of it?

4. CAKE I’m sorry, Cat. You know Tony and Sofia. Part of the deal was I’d spend three nights a month at home with them, and Dad specifically wanted me home on Halloween. CARA (annoyed) I told you not to bang that college professor when we went Trick or Treating last year. Didn’t I? INT. JABARI & NINA’S APARTMENT – NIGHT Jabari Colvin turns off the television. He’s with Nina Miller and Portia Robeson. They’ve all seen enough postgame commentary about the “win” over Idaho State. JABARI Skeeter’s right. Coach is going to go all Jigsaw Killer on the fellas in practice. I hate to say it, Portia, but Achilles is going to have Coach’s foot up his ass all week. PORTIA I don’t know what was going on in Lee’s head. Four interceptions and a fumble?! He studied their defense. He knew their tendencies. He should’ve been able to beat that team in his sleep. Nina has an idea what was going on in Achilles’ head – thoughts of a super-possessive, Korean-American beauty. She gets up and heads for the kitchen. NINA Everybody has a bad day. I’m sure Achilles will shake it off. Can I get you another glass of wine, Portia? Boo, want another beer? INT. DELTA HOUSE (BASEMENT) – NIGHT Candles provide the only light for this dark, ritualistic ceremony. Sorority PLEDGES stand in a line, stripped to bras and panties, facing Pledge Mistress Kelsey Richards.

5. She wears an elaborate priestess robe and holds an old fashioned WOODEN POINTER in her hand. As she walks and talks, she swishes the pointer back and forth ominously. KELSEY Ladies, up to now it’s all been fun and games – parties, hot guys, free drinks at Helo’s, community service. Starting tonight and for the next seven days, the sisters and I will learn your true commitment to the Sisterhood. Just how far will you go to prove yourselves worthy of membership in the most exclusive sorority in the world? Are you willing to completely give yourself over for the good of our cause, to love your sisters more than you love yourself? Our fraternity brothers like to refer to these next seven days as “Hell Week.” We Deltas prefer to think of it as “Love Week.” She WHACKS Jeni Kim across the ass with the pointer. Jeni, her face still bruised from being smacked by her real big sister, Valerie, reacts. “Ow!” Kelsey smiles wickedly at her. KELSEY Ladies...assume the position! The pledges get down on their hands and knees. A pink SAUCER is in front of each girl. Jeni smells the LIQUID in her saucer and frowns. Whatever it is, it’s vile. KELSEY (O.S.) Lap it up, little pussies. Lap it up... SCREEN GOES BLACK. We hear WHACKS as Kelsey whips the girls and the girls WRETCHING as they lap up the disgusting liquid. END TEASER

6. ACT ONE INT. GARCIA KITCHEN - DAY Bob Garcia is fidgeting with the microwave oven. His frustration grows as the turntable inside sticks and his frozen Danish remains hard as a rock. GARCIA (hits oven) Piece of shit! MIMI (O.S.) Bob, what’s wrong? MIMI GARCIA (30) is a pretty Latina with blond hair and a trim, tight figure. From her reaction, we know she’s seeing an unfamiliar side of her husband. She hits the “Danish” button for him but the turntable stops again. Mimi takes the Danish out of the microwave. MIMI I’ll pop it in the oven. take a sec. It’ll just

Bob shakes the microwave with both hands. GARCIA (vexed) Is it too much to ask this fucking machine to heat one freaking Danish?! Jesus Christ! Off Mimi’s concern... INT. LE PETITE RETREAT SPA – DAY Gale Donahue and Maria Pennebaker lay on tables in this trendy, upscale spa. Each has aqua-colored cream on her face and soothing moist, patches over her eyes. GALE ...The flight back from Pocatello was simply dreadful. I honestly can’t remember when Billy was in a fouler mood – and after three losing seasons, that’s saying a lot. Beat.

7. GALE Maria, honey, you’ve been unusually quiet. Normally I can’t get a word in edgewise on spa day but it seems I’m doing all the talking. Is everything alright? Beat. MARIA I’m divorcing Harold. Gale peels off the soothing eye patches, looks over at Maria... INT. CAFÉ – LATER Maria and Gale are having tea. GALE Raoul? MARIA Raoul. And he wasn’t the only one. There were signs all along. I just chose to block them out. The private investigator I hired confirmed there were at least four others since Harold and I got married. GALE But Harold’s been married three times. He has three – now four children! MARIA And I’m sure he’s screwed women from here to Calcutta. But Harold’s been on the down low for over twenty years. My God, Maria. GALE I’m so sorry. Gale is stunned.

MARIA Then you agree I have no choice but to get a divorce? Gale reacts, doesn’t know if she should give advice on this.

8. GALE Honey...you said you never expected Harold to stay faithful... MARIA Look, I’m no angel. We both know I know my way around a bedroom...and a kitchen and a bathroom...and a pool table, as well as any woman. Yeah, I figured he would screw around once in a while. He’s a man, for Christ’s sake. But other men?! And at his age?! I mean, what about Duncan? Do I really want my son to walk in and see what I saw last year? GALE Have you told Harold yet? Tonight. MARIA I’m telling him tonight.

INT. CARA’S MUSTANG – MOVING - DAY Cara’s driving. Cake’s bobbing her head to the beat of the ALTERNATIVE MUSIC cranking on the stereo. CARA I think you should enroll at Wa Tech in the winter semester. What? Why? CAKE I’ve got a job.

CARA Yeah, but don’t you want an education? CAKE I’m getting an education. Umberto’s better than any professor you’ve had at Wa Tech. And I’m his only student. CARA (turns down stereo) Seriously, Cake. You know, college isn’t just about deciding what you want to do for a living. It’s about finding out who you are and where you fit in the world.

9. CAKE (laughs) I thought that’s what my psychologist was for. Cara reacts, shakes her head. CARA Will you think about it? (off Cake’s reaction) Really. Think about it? Cake looks at her and we know her best friend’s words are sinking in. Then she turns the volume up and looks out the passenger window. INT. ACHILLES’ LOFT – DAY Achilles is lying casually on the sofa reading a TEXTBOOK. Portia is on the bed, legs folded under her, working on her LAPTOP COMPUTER. She looks over at him. After a beat. PORTIA Are we going to talk about what happened at Idaho State? ACHILLES Why would we want to talk about it? PORTIA I just don’t understand, Lee. You knew that defense cold. It’s embarrassing to get picked off four times by that secondary. You’re better than that. ACHILLES Embarrassing for who, Portia, me or you? She closes the laptop; she wants to talk. he doesn’t. He sighs loudly;

PORTIA You know, you were acting strange all last week. Is there something going on that I should know about, Lee?

10. INT. NEWS STUDIO – DAY Sandy Sanderson is interviewing Billy for the “Coach’s Corner with Coach Billy Donahue” show. SANDERSON Coach, what did you say to the team after such a disappointing performance on Saturday? BILLY Well, Sandy, I think you have to keep these things in perspective. Was it our best performance? Of course not? Did we find areas of weakness to work on this week and for the rest of the season? You bet. And that’s essentially what we told our players. We’ve got lofty goals for the season and we’re not going to reach them if we don’t improve in those areas where we performed poorly against ISU. SANDERSON When Bull Heffernan left Wa Tech to take the top job at ISU, rumor had it that he left because he was very unhappy with the amount of latitude you were giving to then special teams coach Bob Garcia. Do you think Coach Heffernan took some degree of satisfaction in completely shutting down Coach Garcia’s offense? BILLY (covers his annoyance) In three years I got to know Bull Heffernan pretty well. He’s a terrific football coach and a man who I’m honored to call a friend. I can tell you that he doesn’t take any degree of satisfaction in losing. Whether it’s by one point or fifty points, losing is losing. The same goes for winning. We got the “W” Saturday night and now we’re moving on with the lessons from that game to prepare for New Mexico State this Saturday night.

11. INT. DELTA HOUSE (READING ROOM) – DAY Kelsey is perched on a loveseat, carefully painting her toenails. We hear a CRASH and she looks up. KELSEY (calls out) What’s going on in there? Jeni comes out of the bathroom. She’s wrapped head-to-toe in pink tinted Saran Wrap with only her eyes, nose and mouth uncovered. She’s holding a TOOTHBRUSH. It’s alright. JENI I’m okay.

KELSEY I didn’t ask if you were okay. I asked what’s going on? You didn’t break anything, did you? No, no. Kelsey. JENI I didn’t break anything,

(off Kelsey’s warning look) Sorry, I didn’t break anything...“Mistress”. KELSEY Come over here. Jeni shimmies to the loveseat. JENI Yes...Mistress? KELSEY What happened to your face? One of your random hook ups turn into a love beat down? JENI No...Mistress. KELSEY You know, Jeni, everybody in the House knows about your whorish ways. If you came to college to be a slut, you should’ve pledged Gamma. Jeni takes the verbal abuse with no show of emotion. Kelsey turns the screws. She’s comically pathetic.

12. KELSEY You’re a disgrace, Jeni, you know that? It’s incredible to think you and Valerie are sisters... (leans in, a hushed tone) But...can I be honest: our “glorious” former president isn’t exactly as pure as Caesar’s wife, is she? She’s really a bigger whore than you are. She just does a better job of hiding it. Jeni holds her tongue, reacts with her eyes. Kelsey blows on her toenails and gives Jeni a dismissive wave. KELSEY Go finish cleaning the bathroom, banana slut muffin. JENI Yes...Mistress. She shimmies back. Just as she reaches the door.

KELSEY And remember, that floor had better be clean enough to eat off of. After all, that’s where you’re having your dinner. INT. PENNEBAKER LIVING ROOM – NIGHT Maria, fine as hell in a low-cut dress and ruby necklace, sits stiffly in an oversized chair. Harold Pennebaker strides into the room, kisses her on the cheek. HAROLD (a rakish smile) Kitten, you look stunning this evening. (clocks her coolness) Is there something wrong? MARIA We have to talk, Harold. HAROLD Of course, Kitten... (sudden concern) The baby’s alright isn’t he? Duncan’s fine. MARIA He’s not here.

13. Not here? HAROLD Where is he?

MARIA Gale is babysitting tonight. He reacts, puzzled. MARIA Harold, there’s no easy way for me to say this, so I’m going to just say it. I want a divorce. He’s taken aback. Sinks onto the sofa across from her.

HAROLD Maria...I’m shocked. MARIA Are you? Really? Did you really think I could just go on as if nothing happened, Harold? I cringe whenever you touch me. The thought of making love to you again makes me throw up... HAROLD Maria! What’s gotten in to you? I made a mistake, a terrible, terrible mistake. But one lapse in judgment shouldn’t ruin a marriage. We have a family to think of now. He watches as she walks to a bureau, pulls out a large ENVELOPE. She hands it to him, stands over him as he goes through the PHOTOS of him with YOUNG MEN. He stops on one – him with Roulon Jones, the former Sea Devils running back we remember from Season One. MARIA And to think, I used to think he came around so much because he was attracted to me. How foolish I was. HAROLD Maria...Kitten... He takes her wrist but she pulls it away.

14. MARIA (fights back tears) I know what I am, Harold. I know why you married me. But this...this is too much to bear. Even for me. She turns and walks out of the room. Maria! Harold stands.

HAROLD Maria, come back here!

INT. DONAHUE GREAT ROOM – NIGHT Billy comes in and is surprised to see Gale and her mother Rose Ryan doting on baby Duncan Pennebaker. GALE Billy, honey, I didn’t expect you home for another hour or so. I figured you and the coaching staff would be updating this week’s practice schedule. She stands with Duncan in her arms and goes to Billy, gives her husband a peck on the lips. Billy stares at the baby. He’s not completely convinced that Gale and Harold didn’t have an affair that resulted in her getting pregnant and having a miscarriage. What’s going on? car out front. BILLY I didn’t see Maria’s

GALE Duncan’s staying with us tonight, honey. BILLY Really? Why? I mean, do you think that’s a good idea? Rose comes over to them, smiling. ROSE Why wouldn’t it be a good idea, Billy Boy? (gives him the ‘look’) Having a baby in the house is always a good idea.

15. BILLY (backtracking) Of course it’s fine for him to stay, Mom. It’s just...you know, he’s still so little...I mean, don’t they need their mothers at this age? GALE Relax, honey, Maria left more than enough breast milk in bottles for Duncan to get through the night. It’ll be fine. (to Rose) Mom, would you mind if Billy and I go to the kitchen for a minute to talk? ROSE Of course not dear. But stay right here. It’s late and I’m going back to the cottage now anyway. She and Gale kiss cheek to cheek. GALE Okay, Mom. Your pills are right on the counter. I’ll stop over in a few minutes to make sure everything’s alright. Rose kisses the baby and then Billy on the cheek. she’s gone, GALE Billy, honey, the reason Duncan’s staying with us tonight is because Maria is leaving Harold. She’s divorcing him. (Billy reacts) And Billy, I have something to tell you about Harold. It’s not pleasant... Billy darkens with growing resentment. He knew something was going on between the two of them... GALE Billy, honey... (whispers so the baby can’t hear) Harold is gay. Beat. After

16. BILLY (dumbstruck) That’s crazy. GALE Well... (whispers) he’s bisexual. (normal voice) The point is he’s been cheating on Maria since the day they got married... (whispers) with men. BILLY Look, Gale, I’ve known Harold for twenty years. I’m not proud to admit this, but I’ve seen him chase women. He’s pretty good at it. GALE Maria caught him... (whispers) doing it with another man. (normal voice) Her personal trainer, Raoul. BILLY (incredulous) Raoul? You’re telling me Maria caught Harold screwing around with Raoul? Gale shoots daggers at him with her eyes – “The baby!” Baby Duncan gurgles cutely. BILLY Gale, he’s a baby, he has no idea what we’re talking about. GALE They know things, Billy. INT. BASKETBALL COURT – DAY ANGLE ON a basketball RIM. A BASKETBALL SWISHES through the hoop. Charlotte Webb, in sweats, moves to the bouncing ball, grabs it and dribbles to another spot on the court. She shoots again. SWISH.


17. BILLY (O.S.) I could’ve used some of that offensive firepower Saturday night. She looks over at Billy walking into the gym. CHARLOTTE Yes you could have, Billy. What in heaven’s name happened to Achilles? Did he leave his head on the plane? He meets her at the free throw line. BILLY Whatever the problem was, we’ll get to fixing it at this afternoon’s practice. (then) Bit of an unusual spot for an important meeting, don’t you think, boss? CHARLOTTE (beat, thoughtfully) You know, next to the time with my daughters, the times I spent on the court as a player and as a coach were the best times of my life. I’m willing to bet you feel the same way when you step onto a football field. BILLY You’d win that bet. She tosses him the ball. CHARLOTTE Go ahead, give it a try, Billy. BILLY (ref. ball) This is the one sport I really suck at, Charlotte. She gives him a warm smile and he senses something deep is going on. He takes a couple of dribbles and shoots. Misses the rim and the backboard completely. They laugh. BILLY Which is why I’ll be keeping my day job, if you don’t mind. Charlotte looks at him, her eyes full of meaning.

18. CHARLOTTE I’m afraid you might have to broaden your skills a bit, Billy. BILLY Tell me what’s going on, Charlotte. Off Charlotte... END OF ACT ONE

19. ACT TWO EXT. PRACTICE FIELD – DAY The PLAYERS are in full pads and helmets. They’re exhausted. Some of them in pain. More than a few have taken a knee or are doubled over, heaving for air. Offensive lineman Ronnie Taylor is one of those who is bent over gasping. RONNIE (winded, to another player) For fuck’s sake, man, whatever happened to Monday being chill day? GARCIA Alright you prima donnas, lets go again! There are plenty of stairs for everybody! Don’t miss one of them! Garcia puts his whistle in his mouth, prepares to blow. RONNIE Oh come on, man! I swear if he blows that thing again... Garcia’s whistle BLOWS. Players take off running up the stadium steps, bitching and moaning as they go. Billy watches the scene from across the field but he doesn’t see the players. Not really. He’s deep in thought, still processing Charlotte’s news. Coach? DUMARS (O.S.) Coach?

Billy turns to assistant coach Romeo Dumars. Yes, Romeo. BILLY Sorry, what is it?

ROMEO Just wanted to let you know, the facilities chief says he’ll keep the lights on all night for you if you want. Thanks. BILLY Let him know we’ll need them.

20. EXT. MEMORIAL STADIUM (AERIAL) – NIGHT Klieg lights burn bright above and light the stadium. EXT. PRACTICE FIELD – NIGHT SERIES OF SHOTS – HELL NIGHT Coaches drive players relentlessly in every conceivable drill – running, blocking, tackling, passing, ball tipping. It’s as though the coaches are trying to cram an entire summer training camp into one day of practice. AT THE LINE OF SCRIMMAGE Achilles follows his offense to the line. He barks the signals, takes the snap, drops back and zips a perfect pass over the middle to receiver Jet Johnson. BILLY (O.S.) (through bull horn) Run it again! Full speed, full contact! Seavers, I don’t want to see anybody on that defense let up! You hear me?! Middle linebacker Cole Seavers nods, acknowledging the coach’s order to tear into the offense. He steps into the defensive huddle. COLE (sneering) Alright, you heard the man. somebody up!


The offense and defense set up to run the play again. Achilles barks the signals, takes the snap. Defensive end Pete Mitchell explodes across the line and knocks Ronnie flat on his ass. An angry WHISTLE BLOWS. Ronnie is barely back on his feet before Garcia is in his face, breathing fire. GARCIA Jesus Fucking Christ Taylor! That’s the third time you’ve been knocked on your fat ass today! I’m not even going (MORE)

21. GARCIA (CONT’D.) to count the number of times you got beat by that pussy defensive end at Idaho State! RONNIE Sorry, Coach. GARCIA Goddamn right you’re sorry! (turns, looks) Tomczak! Tomczak! Get in here! Sorry?! JON TOMCZAK (21), a 340-pound offensive tackle, straps on his helmet and trots onto the field. GARCIA (to Ronnie) Sit your sorry ass down, Taylor. You’re done! Ronnie reacts. So do Achilles, iPhone Sitren, Burner Turner, Crash Davis and other offensive players on the field. They watch as Ronnie and Tomczak pass each other. GARCIA Alright, offense, we’ve got all night, and the only way I’m going to take my foot out of your asses is if you pull your heads out first! Billy watches stoically as Taylor slinks to the sideline. INT. LOCKER ROOM – NIGHT The players look like they just came from a war zone. Achilles sits in front of his locker, head down, pads on. Addams! GARCIA Coach’s office. Now!

Achilles plays it cool, but we read his initial reaction. “Here we go.” INT. BILLY’S OFFICE – MOMENTS LATER A KNOCK. BILLY Come in.

22. Achilles steps in. Billy and Garcia wait by the desk. ACHILLES Yeah, Coach? BILLY I don’t have to tell you that you played like shit on Saturday. But I’m going to tell you anyway: You played like shit on Saturday! I know, Coach. ACHILLES I’m –

GARCIA (interrupts) Don’t even say you’re sorry, Achilles. BILLY Coach Garcia’s right. We’ve heard enough “Sorrys” for one day. Personally, I’ve heard enough for the rest of the goddamn season...What the hell happened on Saturday, Addams? You’ve been running the offense like a goddamn symphony this season and then you have the biggest mind fart anyone’s ever seen against a team full of rejects and washouts. ACHILLES I don’t know what happened, Coach. GARCIA (railing) I know what happened, you didn’t study the film like I told you to! All four of your picks came off plays that were in the Four-Three Cover Two. If you’d watched the film you would’ve read that coverage and checked down to better plays. Instead of studying the film you were probably out getting laid... Achilles reacts. BILLY That’s enough, Bob...

23. GARCIA (railing) Try using your brain a little more than your dick the rest of the season, Achilles... Bob! BILLY I said that’s enough! Garcia and Achilles lock eyes.

A very tense beat.

BILLY Addams, I want you in the film room tomorrow morning and every morning this week by seven sharp. Understood? Eyes back on the head coach, Achilles nods. Okay, that’s it. BILLY Get out of here.

Achilles and Garcia exchange a look before Achilles leaves. After he’s gone. BILLY Bob...Are you sure you want to bench Taylor? It takes Garcia a moment to switch gears. GARCIA Coach, I know I was hard on him out there tonight, maybe a little too hard. But he’s been getting beat ever since Fresno State. And I mean beat bad. It’s like all of a sudden he’s lost the edge he got before the Miami game. BILLY Well, Bob, have you tried to figure out what’s changed about him? I mean, he could be dealing with stuff off the field. He’s kind of a momma’s boy you know. As Garcia considers this, BILLY Bob, look, I know you felt a lot of pressure going into the Idaho State game. You and Bull were pretty much at (MORE)

24. BILLY (CONT’D.) one another’s throats before he left. And I know you wanted to prove you’re better at calling a game than he was. (stops Garcia’s denial) It’s only natural for you to feel let down after the way the offense performed. But you can’t take out your personal frustration on the team. GARCIA Coach, I’m so – He stops himself and Billy lets him off the hook with an understanding smile. BILLY ...sorry, I know. Look, Bob, it’s okay if the team thinks you’re riding them hard because they embarrassed you. It’s psychological and if it works as a coaching tool, fine. But it can’t ever be personal. We want them to become men but we have to remember that more than half of them are boys who haven’t completed that journey. Part of our job as coaches – as teachers - is to help get them there. We can’t do that if we hold personal grudges. INT. IPHONE’S DORM ROOM – NIGHT iPhone Sitren, the 300-pound offensive lineman, is face down on the bed, shirt off, eyes closed. He GROANS. A WOMAN’S HANDS, small and well manicured, come into frame, massaging iPhone’s massive shoulders. WIDEN to show Suzy Johnson, the petite redheaded Delta, on her knees on the bed next to iPhone. SUZY You’re so tense, Warren. you hard? Yeah. Did they work

IPHONE Like you wouldn’t believe. SUZY

Poor baby.

25. She moves her hands up and down his back then expands the massage to his thick, powerful arms. She caresses the SCREAMING EAGLE TATTOO on his right bicep. SUZY I remember when you got this. Really? then. IPHONE I didn’t think you noticed me

SUZY How could I not notice you? You and those other big linemen took up half the tattoo parlor. She concentrates the massage on his lower back. SUZY Feel good, Pookie? Yeah. IPHONE Suzy, that feels real good. He MOANS.

SUZY Warren...when you were with other girls. How did you...do it? IPHONE (eyes pop open) Huh? SUZY I mean...I know I’m little but, well, don’t you want me, Warren? IPHONE Uh, um. Y-Yeah. She gets off the bed. He turns to look at her. She peels off her jeans, eyeing him lustfully the whole time. He drinks her in with his eyes, notices the translucent HEART TATTOO at her panty-line. SUZY So... (clocks his anxiety) Warren? IPHONE (nervous) Yes?

26. SUZY Warren, have you been with a girl before? IPHONE (lying) Uh...yeah. Yeah, of course. She comes back to the bed and stands over him. SUZY Warren? (a knowing smile) Oh, Pookie... She caresses his cherubic face, kisses him deeply. Then she eases him back on the bed and pulls off her sweater. INT. SHOWER – DAWN Hot shower water steams the room. Inside the fogged up shower, Bob and Mimi Garcia are having hot sex. INT. GARCIA KITCHEN - DAY Mimi has her hands full preparing breakfast for three rug rats – NICK (6), NIECEE (4) and NOLAN (3). Bob comes in ready for work. MIMI There’s coffee; I can pop a Danish in the oven for you. He kisses her and cops a feel. Then he kisses each of the kids who are excited to see their dad. GARCIA Thanks, but I’ve got to run. something at the Hoz. He’s on his way out, MIMI Bob, don’t forget, Halloween’s this Thursday and the kids want you to take them Trick or Treating. GARCIA Mimi, babes, you know this week’s going to be hell. I’ll grab

27. MIMI You promised. And they’re looking forward to it, Bobby. KIDS Yeah, daddy! Daddy, yeah! Treat! Trick or Treat! Okay, okay. Trick or

GARCIA I’ll figure something out.

He and Mimi share a loving smile before he pops out of the house. INT. STUDENT UNION – DAY Jeni and fellow pledge Bella Milanovich are having a morning snack. They both look run down. BELLA I swear I don’t know how I’m going to last another six days. Do you believe Suzy Johnson made me wash her boyfriend’s jock strap after the game? By hand! She shudders at the thought. Jeni’s face makes an “eeww!” expression. They look up at Delta president Audra Lively and Kelsey Richards crossing the room. Jeni and Kelsey exchange a look. Kelsey’s is haughty. Evil. BELLA I have to admit, I thought they’d take it easier on you because of your sister, but Kelsey really seems to have it out for you, Jeni. JENI It’s because of my sister that she hates me so much. BELLA What do you mean? Valerie was “The” Delta. Everybody loves her. JENI Not everybody. Valerie was Pledge Mistress when Kelsey pledged and I guess she was pretty hard on her. Still, after I cross over I swear I’m going to bitch slap that little cu—

28. NINA (O.S.) Jeni! They turn, startled. Nina stands behind them.

NINA Sisters never use that word...unless they’re referring to Gammas. EXT. PRACTICE FIELD – DAY QUICK MONTAGE – HELL DAY More deranged COACHES, Garcia the most demonic. More devilish drills. More players on the brink if exhaustion. IN THE HUDDLE The players are tired, miserable and grumbling. ACHILLES Okay, listen up. Last series of the day, so let’s just suck it up and – (looks at iPhone) What the – ? What is it now? iPhone has a shit eating grin on his face. IPHONE (grinning) Nothing Q.B. Nothing. LINEMAN #1 He’s juicing. BURNER Don’t even joke around about that shit. LINEMAN #2 I need some of that juice right about now and I ain’t even joking. CRASH Only person on ‘roids around here is Coach Garcia. That motherfucker’s gone fucking crazy – JET “Loco.” In Spanish they say, “Loco.” It means crazy.


29. ACHILLES (in command) Alright shut the fuck up, all of you! Here we go, Pro Set, flanker motion right... Off iPhone grinning... EXT. HOSMER - SUNSET Players are leaving the building. Achilles, Burner and iPhone walk out together. Nearing the parking lot they look up and see why iPhone’s been grinning all day. Suzy is sitting on the hood of iPhone’s jeep, smiling lustily at him. INT. ACHILLES’ LOFT – NIGHT Achilles and Portia are studying – him on the sofa, her on the bed. He looks at her for a long beat – we sense his mixed emotions – then he turns back to his book. When he does, she looks up at him, not knowing he was just staring at her. We also sense she’s feeling something. Then she goes back to studying. INT. CARA & CAKE’S APARTMENT – NIGHT Cake opens the door and smiles prettily. in. CAKE Mrs. Pensky. (lying) What a nice surprise. MRS. PENSKY Cake, what’s this about you girls having a party here on Halloween? CAKE Oh...yes, well – MRS. PENSKY You know I said no wild parties. CARA (O.S.) Hi, Mrs. Pensky. Mrs. Pensky comes

30. Cara comes out of the bathroom. FLUSHING TOILET. We hear the sound of the

MRS. PENSKY Cat, I told you girls no wild parties and – CARA (interrupts) You said no wild “football” parties. There won’t be any football players here at all. They’ll all be at practice until their curfew kicks in. MRS. PENSKY Now, Cat, don’t mince words with me. Halloween party with college kids is wild by definition. CARA (pleading) Oh, please Mrs. Pensky, come on... A KNOCK on the door. Cake opens it. he’s holding a CABLE DECODER BOX. CAKE Hi, Mr. Trzcinski. ED Hi, Cake. Got that free cable box for you girls. CARA (pouting) Hi Ed... Ed and Mrs. Pensky freeze when they see each other. read the emotion in their eyes. CARA Um, Dad, this is our landlady, Mrs. Pensky. Mrs. Pensky, meet my dad, Ed – MRS. PENSKY Edmund. Cara and Cake exchange a look. ED Gloria? Cara mouths “Edmund?” We It’s Ed Trzcinski and A

31. Cara and Cake exchange a look. Gloria Rayburn. Cake mouths “Gloria?”

ED Is that you?

MRS. PENSKY (smile, blushing) It’s me, Edmund. CARA & CAKE’S APARTMENT – LATER The apartment door closes. Gloria Pensky has just left and Ed is still aglow. Cara and Cake look like they’re in the Twilight Zone. CARA Ed, you really went to high school with Mrs. Pensky? She seems so much older than you. ED Yes. And she’s not that much older: I was a freshman when she was a senior. CARA So was she a Psycho bitch back then too? ED (remembers, smiles) No, not quite. CAKE (realizing) You and Mrs. Pensky dated didn’t you, Mr. Trzcinski?! CARA (laughs) Oh, hell no! Ed and Mrs. Pensky! That’s whacked – (looks at Ed) Dad? ED Cara, honey... CARA Dad, tell me you didn’t go out with that cow.

32. I can see it. back then. CAKE She was probably cute

CARA But Dad, you and Mom met on your first day as freshman...you dated all through high school... ED Yes we did...But, Cara CAKE Uh-oh... Shut it, Cake! CARA Dad?

ED Look, Cara, that was a long time ago. CARA (irate) You cheated on my mother with her – with that, that bitch! ED (sternly) Cara Ariel! That’s enough. CAKE Look at it this way, Cat. I bet your Dad can convince Mrs. Pensky to let us have the party. Off Cara seething... END OF ACT TWO

33. ACT THREE INT. WOMENS’ LOCKER ROOM – DAY Cara and other SOCCER PLAYERS are dressing for practice. LaQuitia Jordan stops by Cara’s locker on her way out. LAQUITIA Need me to bring anything to the party tonight, Cat? CARA Just yourself in a hot costume. LAQUITIA I’ll be there in a costume but it won’t get hot until Betty and I go back to our apartment. CARA (laughs) TMI. Piper Ruhl, the cute teammate we met in Episode 14, calls from her locker, which is a few down from Cara’s. PIPER Some of us don’t have Love Buddies back in our apartments so I’ll bring myself and a hot costume, Cat. CARA Thanks, Piper. And don’t worry, there will be plenty of guys there for you to try your costume out on. Piper smiles, pulls on her jersey and heads out of the locker room with LaQuitia. INT. COACH GARCIA’S OFFICE – DAY The offensive coordinator’s office is considerably smaller and less impressive than Billy’s, but Bob Garcia’s workspace is just as much a reflection of his life and career. PHOTOS and MEMORABELIA from his playing days line the walls. A few TROPHIES and PLAQUES. But it’s the photos of Mimi and the kids and CRAYON DRAWINGS and paper mache creations that are most prevalent. A KNOCK on the door and Garcia looks up. before, He waits a beat

34. GARCIA Come in. Ronnie comes in. Stands at the door.

RONNIE You wanted to see me, Coach. Yes, Taylor. seat. GARCIA Close the door. Grab a

Ronnie sits down on the only other chair in the office. He and Garcia are squeezed in pretty tight on either side of the desk. GARCIA You’ve probably figured out by now that you’re not starting Saturday. RONNIE (lowers eyes) Yeah...I figured. GARCIA That’s not the worst of it. You’re not going to start another game this season. Ronnie looks at him, pain in his eyes. Then his eyes shift to what Garcia puts on top of the desk. A VIAL OF STEROIDS. GARCIA I can’t begin to tell you how disappointed I am in you, Taylor. Tears well up in Ronnie’s eyes. RONNIE Coach, I’m so – (remembers, then gathers himself) Coach, I’ll clean out my locker this afternoon. He stands up, ready to go.

35. GARCIA Did I say you could leave? (off his reaction) Sit back down, Ronnie...If it were up to me, I’d kick your ass to the curb. (ref. steroids) We don’t need this kind of distraction on this team. Especially after last season. But Coach Donahue promised your mother he’d make sure you stayed out of trouble. He’s got more important things to do these days, so that means it’s my job to kick your fat ass back into shape and make you at least half way useful to this program. RONNIE You mean, I’m not off the team? GARCIA No. Not yet anyway. But before I’m done with you, you might wish you were. You’re second team now, but I’m going to ride your ass like you were first team, and I’m going to expect twice as much. You understand? RONNIE Yes, Coach. GARCIA And if I even think you’re juicing again – or doing anything inappropriate – I will march right into Coach Donahue’s office and demand that he cut your ass. Got it? RONNIE (cowed) Yes, Coach. GARCIA Now get out of my sight. Ronnie’s almost out of the door when, GARCIA And Taylor... RONNIE Yes, Coach?

36. GARCIA Report to the weight room tomorrow morning at seven. And be there every morning at seven until I say otherwise. RONNIE Yes, Coach. Ronnie leaves. Garcia looks at the vial on his desk.

INT. LAW OFFICE (MEETING ROOM) - DAY Harold and Maria Pennebaker sit stoically across from each other. Their silver haired, silver-tongued LAWYERS sit next to them. LEIBOVITZ The prenuptial agreement is quite clear on this point. By seeking a divorce, Mrs. Pennebaker relinquishes any and all claims to the Pennebaker estate. TIMMONS And the agreement is equally clear that as the mother of Mr. Pennebaker’s child, she is entitled to an appropriate sum for the care, upbringing and education of that child, said sum to include an annual stipend for herself. As the primary parent – LEIBOVITZ Ah, on that point, Mr. Pennebaker intends to seek sole custody of Duncan. A flash of fear in Maria’s eyes. her hand to calm her. TIMMONS gently touches

TIMMONS Of course we anticipated as much. But we’re not convinced a judge will find it suitable for an infant of Duncan’s age to be in the care of a man of Mr. Pennebaker’s age. LEIBOVITZ But of course a man of Mr. Pennebaker’s means can afford the best available round the clock care for a child of any age. A judge will readily recognize that fact.

37. TIMMONS Of that we have no doubt. There are many highly qualified live-in nannies in the area. I myself have heard of one, recently graduated from Wa Tech I believe. Now what was the name... (shuffles through papers) Ah, here it is, “Roulon Jones.” A flash of anger in Harold’s eyes. TIMMONS Oh, forgive me, that’s Ray-Ann Jones. (coldly) Gentlemen, I think it highly doubtful that a judge will permit a child to be given to the unsupervised custody of a 62-year-old sodomizer of young men. Certainly not when he has a mother of upstanding citizenship to care for him. HAROLD Upstanding citizenship?! That’s a crock! She’s a porn star! A tramp! Maria breaks down in tears. LEIBOVITZ Mr. Pennebaker, please. HAROLD I made her what she is in this community! If it weren’t for me she’d still be in Vegas doing lap dances! Maria hurries out of the room. INT. LAW OFFICE – DAY Maria hurries away from the meeting room. HAROLD (O.S.) (shouting) I’ll be damned if I’ll let that little harlot take my only son from me!

38. INT. BASEMENT It’s dark. We hear a WHIMPER. Suddenly a LIGHT BULB pops on and we see Delta pledges sitting on chairs in bras and panties, their heads covered with black hoods. KELSEY (O.S.) All Hallows Eve. Halloween. A night of fun and frolic. Games and sweets. Unseen Delta sisters pull the hoods from the pledges heads. The pledges faces are smeared with something that closely resembles fresh vomit. Kelsey walks in front of them in her Priestess get up, patting her hand with the pointer. KELSEY Who’s up for some fun? PLEDGES (weakly) We are, Mistress. KELSEY (sadistic smile) That didn’t sound sincere. for some fun?! PLEDGES We are Mistress! KELSEY That’s more like it. And what’s more fun on Halloween than coming home after a night of Trick or Treating and eating all that delicious candy? (feigned disappointment) Ohhhh. But even though you poor things won’t get to go Trick or Treating – or go to the kick ass party we Deltas are having with the Sigmas tonight – we don’t want to deprive you of all the Halloween fun. Kelsey signals and three DELTAS carry in a large BLACK CAULDRON with some difficulty. When they put it down we see that it’s full of a SLIMY LILQUID. Another DELTA comes in and pours a shopping bag full of CANDY into the cauldron and stirs it with a paddle. It’s gross. And from the look on the girls’ faces, it smells putrid.

Who’s up

39. KELSEY You’ve all heard of the game “Bobbing for Apples.” Well, this is our version of that fun-loving pastime. Seeing the candy goop mixture is too much for one of the pledges. Her eyes roll back in her head and she faints, falling off her chair to the floor. KELSEY Huh...Of course, not everyone likes candy. And not everyone gets to play this game. She stops in front of Jeni and Bella. KELSEY No, only two of you will have the pleasure of enjoying the candy while the rest of you watch in envy. Hmmm. Now which two will it be? Jeni and Bella look up at her with the eyes of doomed inmates. INT. FILM ROOM – SUNSET Garcia, Burner and Achilles are breaking down film of New Mexico State’s defense on the plasma screen. A cell phone RINGS and they each go for their pocket. It’s Achilles’. ACHILLES Hello. PORTIA (V.O.) Hi, Lee. Are you going to make it for dinner with Nina and Jabari? ACHILLES Sorry, I don’t think so. getting started here. We’re just

BURNER If that’s Portia, ask her to tell Mia I won’t be able to make it to dinner with Jabari and Nina. PORTIA (V.O.) I heard him. Don’t be too late. And tell him that me and Mia might just (MORE)

40. PORTIA (CONT’D.) spend the night at Nina and Jabari’s. It’s Halloween and we don’t want to be out with all the crazy’s. Okay. ACHILLES That’s cool.

PORTIA (V.O.) And, Lee. When you do come home, be careful on the motorcycle, okay? ACHILLES (smiles) Okay, baby. I’ll be careful. He clicks off and Burner pretends to wipe a tear from his eye. BURNER (fake whimper) I love you too, baby. ACHILLES Burner, I got two words for you, man. He gives him the finger. GARCIA You two pussy whipped “players” mind if we get back to work here? BURNER Hey, Coach. Weren’t you going to take your kids out Trick or Treating? Garcia reacts, in a quandary. ACHILLES Hey, look Coach, me and Burner got it covered here. Don’t we? (off Burner’s nod) You should take your kids out. BURNER Yeah, Coach. You can even come back if you want. We’ll still be here. Garcia considers.

41. EXT. GARCIA HOUSE – LATER Mimi takes a snapshot of Garcia and three pint-sized ghouls in front of the house. Then she kisses all four of them before they head off in search of candy. INT. CARA & CAKE’S APARTMENT – NIGHT The party is jumping. It’s wall-to-wall with locals and Washington Tech jock types. Among the familiar faces we find J.R. Donahue dressed as Tiger Woods and Gracie Welllington dressed as his Swedish wife Elin Nordegren. Cara comes out of the kitchen with a tray of snacks. She’s in a sexy Pebbles Flintstone costume. She offers snacks to LaQuitia, who’s with her girlfriend Betty. BETTY Great party, Cat. Thanks. CARA And thanks for coming.

Cara leaves them and looks out the window down to the front of the apartment. Ed and Mrs. Pensky leave the apartment and walk to his car. He opens the door for her then goes around and gets in. Cara frowns. PIPER (O.S.) Do you have any more vodka? Cara turns from the window. Piper’s in a porno nurse costume, working her athletic figure. Her smile and the glow in her eyes are evidence that she’s probably had enough vodka already. CARA I’m sure we do, Piper, but no more for you, okay? What? PIPER Why not, Cat?

CARA You can have a good time without getting shit faced, Piper. Besides, a guy might fuck you when you’re drunk but he won’t call you afterward.

42. PIPER I’m not drunk, I’m just buzzed. And how would you know, anyway? You don’t drink so you never get drunk. CARA Trust me, I know. PIPER (guessing) Oh, you mean Cake? Where is she tonight, anyway? CARA She went to her folk’s house after work. She’s spending the night there. INT. WILDFLOWER INN (ROOM 146) – NIGHT CLOSE ON Cake’s face. wipes it away. A tear rolls down her cheek and she

PULL BACK and we see that she’s lying on top of the bed, fully clothed. She’s alone in the room (this is the same room where 46-year-old Peter Kuntz had a fatal heart attack while having sex with her a year ago). EXT. HOSMER COMPLEX – NIGHT Garcia leaves the building with Achilles and Burner. GARCIA Good work tonight, guys. Thanks for keeping at it while I was away. BURNER No prob, Coach. The last thing we want is another embarrassment like last Saturday. GARCIA Right. I hope you guys aren’t thinking of hitting the parties tonight. Tomorrow’s practice wont’ be any easier. No way, Coach. ACHILLES I’m already asleep.

43. BURNER (grins) Me too, Coach. They separate in the parking lot. Burner and Garcia get in their cars; Achilles climbs on his Agusta and fires up the throaty engine. EXT. WILDFLOWER INN (OUTSIDE ROOM 146) – NIGHT Cake emerges from the shadows and walks to her Porsche. She gets inside and starts the engine. INT. BASEMENT Jeni and Bella are on their hands and knees, covered in disgusting slime, throwing up violently. Their pledge sisters surround them, offering them words of comfort and appreciation. EXT. ROAD – NIGHT Achilles is flying down the road on his motorcycle at 90 MPH. Ahead he sees FLASHING YELLOW lights on the side of the road. A car. ROADSIDE Achilles pulls up behind the Porsche Boxtser and climbs off the bike. Cake gets out of the car. Cake. ACHILLES Are you alright?

CAKE Yeah. I’m such a spaz. Can you believe I ran out of gas? Really? ACHILLES You waiting for a ride?

CAKE Phone battery is dead and I don’t have a car charger. Double spaz. ACHILLES What are you doing out here by yourself anyway?

44. CAKE I could ask you the same thing. you guys have a curfew? Don’t

Beat. We sense they’re both recalling the night they saw one another mysteriously leaving the Wildflower Inn. ACHILLES So you need a ride home? CAKE Yeah. Can you? They go to the bike and he hands her his helmet. ACHILLES Portia’s got the other one at the loft. She pulls her hair up and puts the helmet on, climbs on the bike behind him. CAKE I’m staying at my parent’s house tonight. I’ll tell you how to get there. He pops the kickstand, she holds onto his waist and they take off. EXT. D’AGOSTINO HOME – LATER Achilles and Cake pull into the driveway of the modern McMansion. She climbs off and pulls off the helmet. Her raven hair falls down over her shoulders. Beautiful. CAKE Thanks, Achilles. ACHILLES Sure, any time. She turns to go inside and he watches her. At the door, she looks back at him. They share a small smile and she goes inside. INT. CARA & CAKE’S APARTMENT - NIGHT Cara says goodnight to the last guest of the party and closes the door. She goes to the window and looks at the street below. It was a good party.

45. We hear the TOILET FLUSH. out of the bathroom. Hey. Cara turns just as Piper comes

CARA I thought everybody was gone.

PIPER Sorry...just had to pee before hitting the road. CARA You’re not driving, Piper. PIPER Come on Cat, I stopped drinking hours ago. I’m fine now. CARA Doesn’t matter, you’re not driving anywhere. Piper looks around the party-trashed apartment. PIPER How about I help you clean up a bit, then. CARA (looks around) I’m not cleaning this mess up tonight. Piper comes close to Cara, looks into her eyes. PIPER Then how about we clean up in the morning? A beat. Then Piper kisses Cara. She stops, they look at each other. She kisses Cara again and...Cara kisses her back, tentatively at first, then deeply. END OF ACT FOUR Smiles.

46. ACT FIVE INT. CANCER CLINIC – DAY Charlotte sits with her eyes closed, undergoing chemotherapy. Her husband Ronald sits across from her on a couch, reading a copy of ESPN THE MAGAZINE. RONALD Says here that Wa Tech is the best unheard of sports school on the West Coast. Charlotte smiles without opening her eyes. CHARLOTTE Ronald, dear, the athletic director’s husband really should stay more on top of things, don’t you think? That article is two weeks old. Ronald looks at the cover and shrugs. RONALD (jokingly) Well, Char, you’d think the athletic director would let her husband in on these things. She reaches out her hand and he takes it. EXT. QUAD – DAY The quad is alive with students going to and fro. CAMERA COMES in on Cara and Dallas walking across the quad holding hands. She looks up, sees Piper approaching. CARA (abruptly) I need to stop by the bookstore before class. DALLAS But class starts in less than five minutes, Red. CARA Let’s go, Casanova.

47. She jerks his hand and they change directions just before Piper crosses their path. Piper notices the sudden change. She watches them go with a curious look. EXT. MEMORIAL STADIUM (VERSUS NEW MEXICO STATE) – DAY MONTAGE – REDEMPTION The Sea Devils run and pass and tackle like demons. Achilles hits Burner, Jet Johnson and Greg Ericsson on long passes for touchdowns; tailback Crash Davis cuts and jukes down the field, finding the end zone three times; Cole Seavers, Dallas Morales and the defense are merciless, sacking the Aggie quarterback multiple times, harassing receivers, crushing running backs and forcing four turnovers, including a fumble recovered by Pete Mitchell for a touchdown. Through it all, in the VIP section of the stands, Gale, Charlotte, Maria, Gracie and Ronald cheer the Sea Devils on. Each of the women take turns coddling baby Duncan, including Gracie. At the end of the game, Billy trots to midfield to shake hands with the AGGIE COACH. AGGIE COACH Good game, Coach. Just my bad luck to get you after Bull. BILLY I expect we’ll be on your list of grudge matches next year, Coach. AGGIE COACH I know you had to make a statement today, Coach. But, yeah, I’m looking forward to the day when I can return the favor. Billy nods knowingly, the coaches part ways and head for their respective locker rooms. SCOREBOARD – New Mexico State, 0; Wa Tech 59. INT. JOSEPHINE’S PIZZERIA - NIGHT PLAYERS and DIE-HARD FANS crowd the small restaurant to celebrate the Sea Devils’ blowout victory. As usual, we find Dallas and Cara with a group around the pool table.

48. Piper emerges on the edge of the game room. She and Cara exchange a look. Cara turns away, puts her arm around Dallas’ waist, kisses him on the cheek. He responds, kisses her back and gives her ass a gentle squeeze. A wounded Piper turns and melts back into the crowd. We TRACK with Piper to the ladies’ room. She goes inside. HOLD on the door for a beat. When it opens, Cake comes out. At the same time, Achilles comes out of the men’s room. They stop in front of each other. ACHILLES Cake. Hey. CAKE You played a great game ACHILLES Thanks. (off her look) What? CAKE Nothing. ACHILLES What? CAKE Cat was right about you. ACHILLES I seriously doubt the Lesbot is right about anything, especially about me? CAKE Well, she is...Bye, Achilles. She smiles and walks away. – confused - and smiles. INT. LADIES’ ROOM – NIGHT Piper stares at herself in the mirror. We sense she’s holding her emotions in check, holding back tears. JOSEPHINE’S – LATER Achilles, Portia, Burner, Mia and iPhone are at a booth. Suzy comes up to them, smiles at iPhone. He watches her, shakes his head

Hi, Achilles. today.

49. SUZY Mind if I join you? IPHONE (standing to let her in) Sure, babe. PORTIA I thought you’d be at the Albertson place for the Delta party. SUZY (smiles at iPhone) I’m sure I’ll have a better time with Warren. Achilles spies Cara by herself across the room. ACHILLES (to Portia) I need to see Cara for a minute. right back. You want anything? PORTIA No, baby. Don’t be long, okay? should get going soon.



He kisses her and slides out of the booth. Portia watches him as he wades through the crowd toward Cara. ACHILLES Hey, Lesbot. Cara turns, smirks at him. CARA You know that’s really getting old, Addams. ACHILLES I hear you’re telling lies about me again. CARA Oh, you mean the one about you being a Rhodes Scholar? ACHILLES Funny. Really, come on, what did you say to Cake about me, Lesbot? Cara lashes out.

50. I mean it, Addams! calling me that! CARA I’m sick of you

He’s taken aback by her hostility. They stare at each other for a beat then she pushes past him. After a few steps, she comes face to face with Piper. PIPER Cat... CARA (perplexed) Not now, Piper. I’ve got to go. got to get out of here. EXT. QUAD – DAWN The Delta pledges march across the deserted quad dressed in identical black jumpsuits and jackets. They look as if they haven’t slept in days – which they haven’t. They also look strong, determined. Their leader, Jeni, is at the front of the line. INT. DELTA HOUSE – DAWN The pledges file into the house and down to the basement. INT. BASEMENT The pledges sit in chairs. There’s no telling how long they’ve been waiting but it’s been a while. We hear a DOOR OPEN, see the light from upstairs shine down, hear footsteps coming down. Jeni straightens in her chair and the pledges follow suit. Kelsey leads a line of Deltas into the basement. Nina is one of them. They stand in front of the seated pledges. Jeni looks up and sees her sorority big sister, standing above her. Nina’s smile is barely noticeable, but it’s there. She’s proud of her little sister. KELSEY Pledges, you have endured Love Week and in so doing proven yourselves worthy to continue on to the final stage of your journey toward sisterhood in Delta Tau Chi. To complete your journey you need two important things.


51. Nina and the big sisters each pull small jewelry boxes from behind their backs and hand them to the pledges. The girls open the boxes. INSERT – SILVER NECKLACE WITH A JEWELED PINK HEART KELSEY These necklaces symbolize your new status as sisters in waiting. They replace your pledge pins. The big sisters help their little sisters put the necklaces on. KELSEY The second important thing you’ll need to complete your journey is a leader. And I believe you have found her...Jeni Kim. Jeni looks up in surprise. motions for her to stand. Kelsey smiles sincerely,

KELSEY Jeni, your sisters will look to you for leadership and support these last months of their pledge. Are you prepared to help them complete their journey? Jeni looks at this girl who she despised. She glances at Nina, reads the advice in her big sister’s eyes. JENI Yes. I am.

INT. HOTEL SUITE – DAY Baby Duncan is CRYING. Maria takes him from BEATRICE (45), the nanny, and tries to comfort him but the infant is inconsolable. The DOORBELL RINGS. MARIA Beatrice, would you please get that? Tell whoever it is that now’s not a good time. BEATRICE Yes, Mrs. Pennebaker.

52. Beatrice leaves the room. MARIA Oh Angel, Mommy’s here. here... Mommy’s

She gently bounces him as she walks a circle. Beatrice comes back into the room, a look of worry on her face. BEATRICE (hesitant) Mrs. Pennebaker... MARIA (flustered) Yes, Beatrice, what is it? BEATRICE I’m sorry, Mrs. Pennebaker. The man at the door says he absolutely must see you. He says that it’s urgent. Now annoyed, Maria gives the baby to Beatrice and strides through the suite to the front door. She opens it and confronts a stocky MAN (50s) in a wrinkled trench coat. MARIA Yes, what is this all about?! busy. I’m very

MAN (hands her an ENVELOPE) I’m very sorry to disturb you, Ma’am. MARIA What’s this? MAN You’ve been served, Ma’am. The man nods courteously, turns and is gone. Maria takes the papers out of the envelope, unfolds them. ECU – SUMMONS Amid the legalese we make out the words “Maria Vardalos” and “Prostitution”. Off Maria’s stunned expression... FADE OUT. END OF EPISODE

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