GOAL TO GO Episode 2.

22 “Twin Tight Set” by David Polk

2. RECAP We Recap events from Previous Episodes ending on Maria receiving a summons on charges of prostitution. TEASER FADE IN: EXT. STREETS OF MAITLAND – DAWN The sun is barely up. A light rain falls. We TRACK with Cara Trzcinski as she jogs through the deserted streets of Maitland. She takes us on a virtual tour of the town – Downtown with its quaint restaurants and funky collegeoriented shops, cozy tree-lined neighborhoods, the working class part of town... Along the picturesque waterfront, Cara looks out on Maitland Bay. CLOSE ON HER EYES as we DISSOLVE TO: FLASHBACK – INT. COOPER HOME – NIGHT (THREE YEARS EARLIER) ALTERNATIVE MUSIC blares. The house is expensive, with an incredible view of Maitland Bay. Teenagers in Halloween costumes are making out, getting high, dancing. CAKE (O.S.) So tonight’s the night, huh? CARA (O.S.) I think so. We FIND Cara and Cake D’Agostino in the living room. Cake, sultry even at 16, is dressed for action as a black cat. Cara is a sexy Wilma Flintstone with shoulder-length red hair. She takes a sip from a PLASTIC CUP and smiles across the room at REESE COOPER (18). He’s as spoiled and rich as he looks. Cake clocks the flirtatious glance. CAKE If I could lose my virginity again I’d do it with a guy just like Reese. CARA Didn’t you lose it again with Heath last weekend? And with Sean a month ago?

3. CAKE Details, details. CARA Well, I’m only going to lose it once and it’s going to be with Reese. CALEB (O.S.) What’s going to be with Reese? CALEB TRZCINSKI (16) is behind them. Cara’s twin brother is handsome in his Central High letterman’s jacket and carries himself with the easy confidence of a popular athlete. Cake can’t hide her crush on him. Hi, Cal! CAKE When did you get here?

CALEB A few minutes ago. Cake loops her arms around Caleb’s waist. CAKE On second thought, if I could start over again... CARA Stop it Cake. CAKE You’d like a piece of Cake wouldn’t you, Cal? He smiles and rolls his eyes. Cake, I mean it. This is a familiar routine.

CARA Hands off.

CAKE You can have the whole thing if you like, Cal. The icing, the cherry... CARA Didn’t Tony Costa pop that last year? Cake smirks at her and Cara does the same right back. Caleb looks up, sees Reese making his way toward them. CALEB Cat, remember - no glove, no love.

4. She doesn’t answer, just reels Reese in with her eyes. CALEB Seriously, Cat. CARA Okay, got it. Now get lost, both of you. (as they’re leaving) Cake, I mean it. Hands off my brother. Cake smiles impishly as she and Caleb make themselves scarce. REESE Hey, Cat, what’s up? CARA (a come hither look) Hey, Reese. REESE’S BEDROOM – LATER Reese hands Cara a BONG. She takes a hit – it’s obvious she’s done this before. Reese kisses her neck, slides his hand underneath her sweater. EXT. COOPER HOUSE – NIGHT Caleb and Cake leave the house. WATER BOTTLE. He takes a swig from a

CAKE Are you sure you don’t want to stay longer? It’s a bitching Halloween party, Cal. CALEB What, you think I can meet somebody hot to hook up with? She punches him playfully in the arm; the mere thought of him with another girl makes her jealous. CAKE (pouts) Why do you say things like that, Caleb? You know I’d be better for you than any girl you’ll ever meet.

5. CALEB I didn’t make the rules, Cake. Cat did. You and

CAKE It’s not my rule! If I’d known you were going to grow up to be so yummy I would have stopped being best friends with Cat when we were ten years old. He smiles, gestures, “Oh, well.” Takes a swig of water.

CALEB Anyway, I’ve got to hit the weight room by eight in the morning, so I’m calling it a night. You’re good for a ride home? CAKE Yeah... (then, bratty) There’s a guy from the Maitland Catholic football team inside, maybe I’ll let him take me home. What do you think about that? CALEB (laughs) I think you’re too fast for me, Cake. She folds her arms over her chest and pouts. He kisses her on the cheek, smiles at her. Then he steps back and looks up at the house, obviously thinking of Cara. CALEB Think you can fight off Maitland Catholic long enough to make sure Cat’s okay tonight? ... INT. BEDROOM - NIGHT ON CARA’S FACE. She’s in great discomfort. PULL BACK and we see Reese on top of her in bed, naked, pounding away on her. INT. LEBARON – MOVING – CONTINUOUS Caleb is cranking ROCK MUSIC as he cruises down the empty street in the waterfront district. Up ahead a RED LIGHT. He pulls to a stop at the intersection. Takes a swig from

6. the water bottle. Waits. At this time of night there are no other cars around. The light turns GREEN and he pulls into the intersection. INT. BEDROOM – CONTINUOUS Reese rolls off of Cara. from her eyes. He’s exhausted. She wipes tears

INT. LEBARON – MOVING – CONTINUOUS In the middle of the intersection we hear the ROAR of an ENGINE. Caleb looks to his left, sees the bright lights of an SUV, and in the blink of an eye everything goes BLACK. RETURN TO PRESENT – EXT. MAITLAND WATERFRONT – DAWN Cara has stopped running at the same intersection where Cal was killed. She’s crying. END TEASER

7. ACT ONE INT. CARA & CAKE’S APARTMENT (KITCHEN) – DAY Cara comes in the back door. She’s just finished her morning run through Maitland. Though the rain covers her tears, her eyes give away the fact that she’s been crying. CAKE I’m making crepes, you want one? (then, noticing) What is it, Cat? Hey. CARA Nothing. She avoids eye contact and heads into her room, closes the door. Off Cake’s look of concern... INT. CARA’S BEDROOM - CONTINUOUS Dallas is asleep on the futon. She looks down at his beautiful masculine body - the elaborate gang tattoos on his arms and torso, the bruises from the vicious tackles he makes. She wipes the last remnant of tears from her face. As if feeling her presence, he wakes up. Seeing her standing over him, he smiles. DALLAS ‘Morning, Red. (sensing something’s wrong) What is it? CARA I love you, Dallas. DALLAS Well, that’s a relief. Hate to think I was in love with somebody who didn’t love me back. He holds out a hand, beckoning her to join him on the futon. CARA (holding back tears) No. (off his confusion) You don’t understand. I really, really love you.

8. He sits up, trying to piece together what’s going on. DALLAS And I really, really love you. wrong, Cara? She paces back and forth. What’s

Has to get this out.

CARA I have to tell you something. Something happened. I didn’t plan on it happening. I didn’t want it to happen. But it did and I can’t take it back. DALLAS Slow down, Red. Just take a breath and tell me what’s going on. INT. GALE DONAHUE’S OFFICE – DAY Gale is on the phone. GALE Calm down, Maria. Yes, dear, of course, I’ll come over right away. (listens) No one’s going to take Duncan... (listens) No, Maria. Now listen to me, we won’t let that happen. Do you understand? Try to calm down. I’m on my way. Gale hangs up. She looks at Mathilda Weiss, who has heard Gale’s side of the conversation. MATHILDA I’ll call Alan Paisley right away. GALE Thank you, Mattie. The look they exchange is heavy with concern. MATHILDA Gale... GALE Yes, Mattie?

9. MATHILDA Mr. Pennebaker won’t stop until he gets his son. You know that, don’t you? GALE Tell Alan I don’t care what it takes, Harold will not take that baby from his mother. I won’t allow it. Understand? She leaves the office, a woman on a mission. IPHONE is already on her ear. MATHILDA Alan Paisley please. An urgent call from Gale Donahue. INT. CARA & CAKE’S APARTMENT – DAY Cake is at the kitchen table finishing her CREPE. We hear a loud DOOR SLAM. She goes to the kitchen entrance, sees Cara standing in the doorway of her bedroom. She’s crying. CAKE Cara, what happened? What’s wrong? INT. LAW OFFICE – DAY Attorneys Alan Paisley and Ira Timmons are consulting with Maria Pennebaker, who is being comforted by Gale. PAISLEY It’s obviously an attempt by Mr. Pennebaker to sully your reputation before any custody battle takes shape. TIMMONS That’s right, Mrs. Pennebaker. He wants to force you to back off on the divorce proceedings altogether, which would spare him the embarrassment of publicizing his sexual exploits. MARIA (panicked) He wants to ruin me! He wants to put me in prison and take Duncan away from me! Gale reacts, puts her arm around Maria. Mathilda’s

10. PAISLEY (calming) Mrs. Pennebaker, even if these allegations are true, there’s not enough here to deprive you custody of your son. Believe me, this is merely a scare tactic. TIMMONS (confidently) And we’re not giving in to a bully. LAW OFFICE – LATER Maria and Gale are alone. Maria is despondent. We won’t let

GALE Try not to worry, Maria. him win. Believe me. I’m sorry, Gale. Sorry? here. What for?

MARIA I’m so sorry. GALE Harold’s the asshole

MARIA I should have told you. Before you got so far out on a limb for me. GALE Out on a limb? Maria sweetheart, what limb? We’re friends. MARIA But I wasn’t totally honest with you. If I’d told you everything about me, you wouldn’t have gotten so close to me. GALE Sweetie, everybody knows you did a soft core porn movie. You said so yourself the first time we went to the spa together. MARIA But I didn’t tell you I was a call girl after that. That’s the real story of how Harold and I met. He was a client.

11. Gale looks at her sympathetically. gently. Touches her face

GALE You’re right, I probably would have been like all the other women here and continued to see you just as some cheap Las Vegas tart who Harold married for the show of it. And like them, I would have been a fool, because I wouldn’t have gotten to know what a beautiful, loving and caring woman you are. I wouldn’t have made one of the best friends I’ve had in my entire life. They embrace and Maria cries on her shoulder. INT. CARA & CAKE’S APARTMENT – DAY The girls sit facing each other, cross-legged on the floor. Cake is holding Cara’s hands. CAKE He loves you, Cat. He just needs some time to process it all. CARA (sniffles, fights back tears) I’m such a slut. CAKE Three guys in nineteen years doesn’t make you a slut, Cat. CARA And one girl. CAKE Still not enough. Hey, remember, this is me you’re talking to. Cara draws comfort from Cake’s self-deprecation. CAKE What about her? CARA What about her? Beat.

12. CAKE Well...you were crazy about Reese and Lindsay. And you really love Dallas. How do you feel about Piper? INT. WOMEN’S LOCKER ROOM – DAY SOCCER PLAYERS are getting ready for practice. Piper is pulling on shin guards. Cara passes Piper, goes to her own locker and begins to undress. Piper looks over at her. Cara gives her a fleeting glance, goes back to getting ready. EXT. SOCCER FIELD (PRACTICE) – DAY The team is scrimmaging. Cara dribbles the ball down field. Piper is open to her left, another PLAYER is to her right, covered by a DEFENDER. She hesitates with the pass and the ball is stolen by ANOTHER DEFENDER. Cara reacts, “Fuck!” She shares a look with Piper as they both turn and run after the play. EXT. ATHLETIC COMPLEX – LATER Women soccer players leave the complex after practice. Cara is walking away, gym bag on her shoulder. PIPER (O.S.) Cat, wait up. Cara stops. Piper catches up.

PIPER Are we ever going to talk? CARA Now’s not a good time. PIPER When is a good time? You’re with Dallas a lot, but you don’t think I haven’t noticed how much more you’ve been all over him since – CARA (interrupts, sharply) I said now’s not a good time, Piper. She starts to walk away.

13. PIPER I guess it’s not just guys who don’t call back, huh, Cat? EXT. BLEACHERS – LATER Cara and Piper have found privacy. filled with emotion. Their conversation is

CARA Look, Piper, I’m sorry about what happened. It was a big mistake. PIPER Funny, it didn’t feel that way to me. CARA Well it felt that way to me. PIPER Really? CARA Piper, I’m not a lesbian. I love Dallas. I like guys.

PIPER So that night was just you being curious? CARA I don’t know what it was, but I know it’s not who I am or what I want. PIPER How do you know? I mean really, really know? I mean, if you were so sure, why did you let it happen? You could have stopped any time. CARA Maybe I was curious. Maybe I’m just a slut. I don’t know. Look, Piper, I want to get married and have children. I’ve always known that. PIPER Women do that together now, Cat.

14. CARA (angrily) No, Piper! Don’t you get it?! I want to marry Dallas and have his children! PIPER (begins to cry) But I love you, Cat. I’ve always loved you. CARA (thrown) What?! PIPER Last year, when you were a freshman, I knew I was attracted to you then. And when we started spending time together after practices and games, I got to know who you are and what you’re about. I fell in love with you, Cat. Cara is taken aback. This is way more than she can handle.

CARA But you knew I had a boyfriend then! You knew about Lindsay, you knew about Dallas! PIPER I know...But you were always so understanding about LaQuitia and Betty. I just figured... CARA I love LaQuitia. She’s like, my idol. But that doesn’t mean I want to have sex with her! Piper’s waterworks are really flowing now. PIPER You mean like you had sex with me?! Cat...just think about it... CARA Think about what, Piper?! (a beat, more empathetic) Piper, I’m sorry. I made a huge mistake. It’s all my fault, I know. should have been stronger, shouldn’t (MORE)


15. CARA (CONT’D.) have let it happen. I wish to God I could take it back. But I don’t love you, Piper. I could never love you that way. Not the way I love Dallas. I’m...just...I’m just so sorry, Piper. Off Piper’s emotion... INT. AIRPORT TERMINAL – NIGHT Cecilia Ramirez, as pretty as we remember her from Season One, comes out of the jet bridge. She smiles when she sees her son, Dallas, waiting for her. They embrace and she kisses him. CECILIA Baby! Look at you. You cut your hair?! You look just like my little Guillermo again! Have you lost weight too? Come on, Mom. this summer. DALLAS It’s only been since

He takes her carry on bag and they head out of the terminal. INT. CHEVY SRR – MOVING – NIGHT As they drive down the interstate, Cecilia is still beaming at Dallas. CECILIA I read about your games on the Internet. Reporters have written a lot of good things about you, especially after the Boise State game. DALLAS The defense has really come together this season. And after we beat Boise State, well, I guess we just feel real confident now, like we can go toe-totoe with anybody. She reaches over, touches his face. Saddens.

16. CECILIA I read about Chuck Sanchez too. Poor thing. I remember him from the neighborhood. Shot to death over gambling. Such a pity. Dallas keeps his eyes on the road, doesn’t react. CECILIA It’s a reminder, Dallas. You have to stay strong. Stay focused on your goals. Don’t let anyone lead you astray. DALLAS Mom, you know me. You and Pop raised me better than that. She smiles again. CECILIA Yes, we did. Beat. CECILIA So...How are you and Billy getting along? DALLAS We are. CECILIA Is that it? DALLAS What else did you expect? CECILIA Well, now that everyone seems to have accepted that he’s your father – DALLAS By everyone, you mean Mrs. D.? CECILIA Mrs. D.? Sounds like Billy’s not the only person you’re getting along with.

17. INT. RESTAURANT – NIGHT We find Mathilda and Darryl Banks having a romantic, candlelit dinner. DARRYL Sounds like Mrs. D really has her back up over Mrs. Pennebaker’s baby. MATHILDA She’s become very close to Maria. And baby Duncan. Her mother’s instinct has kicked in. DARRYL Have you ever thought about having children, Mattie? MATHILDA I suppose every woman thinks about it. DARRYL But you’re not the mothering kind, is that it? MATHILDA I didn’t say that. DARRYL You didn’t have to. I think it’s pretty obvious... MATHILDA Why, because I’m – because I’ve had only women lovers, you think I wouldn’t make a good mother? DARRYL Of course not – that’s not what I meant at all. I don’t live in a cave, Mattie. I know that plenty of lesbian couples have adopted children. MATHILDA Well, Darryl, dear, what did you mean? DARRYL Well, Mattie, you have to admit you can be pretty strict. MATHILDA Strict? Me?

18. DARRYL Yeah. Always on time, everything always in its proper place, every little detail nailed to the nth degree. MATHILDA Punctuality, organization and preciseness: I would think those would be fine qualities for a mother to have. DARRYL (chuckles) Yeah, right. You ever see the movie “Mommy Dearest”? (apparently not) Anyway, I’m sure having a three-yearold running around your apartment would drive you bonkers. MATHILDA And how would you know that, Darryl. You’ve never been in my apartment. He looks at her, makes a point with his eyes. DARRYL Yeah, I know. ALEXIS (O.S.) Darryl? ALEXIS BANKS (30) stops as she’s walking past their table. She’s a sweetly attractive black woman with a pleasant smile and sensual eyes. DARRYL Lexi? Hi. Alexis and Mathilda exchange curious, slightly suspicious looks. Darryl stands, kisses Alexis on the cheek. ALEXIS How have you been, Darryl? I’ve been good. DARRYL How about you?

ALEXIS Very good, thanks. She shifts her attention from Darryl to Mathilda.

19. DARRYL Oh, Alexis, this is Mathilda Weiss. Mattie, meet Alexis Banks...My ex. Off Mathilda... INT. DARRYL’S TRUCK – MOVING – NIGHT Darryl and Mathilda drive down the interstate. MATHILDA Alexis seems quite charming. Mmm-hmm. DARRYL She can be that alright.

MATHILDA Why do you say it like that? Hmm? DARRYL Say what like that?

MATHILDA She “can be” charming. Does that mean she’s not sincere? Or is it that she’s only charming when she wants to be? DARRYL I don’t know. MATHILDA Why did you and she get a divorce? DARRYL I told you, Mattie. We married right out of high school. We grew apart. MATHILDA Were you unfaithful to her, Darryl? DARRYL No, Mattie, I wasn’t. MATHILDA (beat) She cheated on you, then. Darryl? END OF ACT ONE Didn’t she,

20. ACT TWO INT. ACHILLES’ LOFT – DAWN Achilles Addams and Portia Robeson are in bed making out. An ALARM sounds. He turns it off and sits up. Come on, Lee. PORTIA Do you have to go now?

ACHILLES That’s the third time I’ve hit the snooze button already. PORTIA But, baby, it’s so nice when it’s raining out. ACHILLES So we’ll pick up after class this afternoon...It rains all freakin’ day here. I gotta get going. She frowns, plops down on the pillow and sighs loudly. ACHILLES Burner’s probably already at the Hoz, wondering what’s taking me so long. PORTIA Tell him you were cramming for an exam last night and slept through the alarm. ACHILLES (smiles) He knows you wouldn’t let me do that. He gets out of bed, leans over and kisses her. She locks her arms around his neck and pulls him down, wraps her legs around his waist. They laugh as he falls back into bed... EXT. PRACTICE FIELD – DAWN Achilles runs out onto the field. Burner Turner’s already there, stretching. He gives Achilles a disapproving look. ACHILLES Sorry, B, I was cramming for my Finance exam. Forgot to set the alarm.

21. BURNER Portia wouldn’t let that happen. ACHILLES (making light) Okay. My girl got caught up in that good lovin’ and I couldn’t get away. BURNER (serious) Yo, A, what a man and his woman do in their own bedroom ain’t none of my business. But what happens out on this field is. You feel me? ACHILLES I feel you. Alright. BURNER Let’s get busy.

INT. NINA & JABARI’S APARTMENT (BATHROOM) – DAY CLOSE ON NINA’S FACE in the toilet bowl. finished puking her guts out. JABARI (O.S.) Baby can I get you anything? He’s at the bathroom door. JABARI Some ginger ale, Alka Seltzer? Anything? NINA (face still in the bowl) No...baby... She barfs again. Jabari cringes. She’s just

THE KITCHEN – LATER Jabari’s at the table having a bowl of cereal and skimming TEXTBOOKS. He looks up when Nina comes in, freshly showered but still peaked. JABARI Baby, you’ve been sick for a few weeks now. You should see a doctor.

22. NINA I have seen a doctor. JABARI Well, what did he say? She sits down, looks squarely in his eyes. NINA Jabari, baby, I’m pregnant... (beat, he’s totally stunned) And I’m keeping it. JABARI (pushing back from table) Whoa! Whoa! Wait a minute! First you tell me you’re pregnant and before that even sinks in you come at me with you’re keeping it? Excuse the fuck out of me but do I get any say in anything? NINA Jabari, baby, you know how much I love you. Well, I love what’s inside of me a hundred times more... Jabari stands and begins pacing the kitchen floor. JABARI Hold up. Lets just get a grip here, okay. I didn’t have a four-year football scholarship, okay. I had loans my first two years here and I haven’t even started to pay back those loans. After I get my master’s, I’ll be in debt up the ying-yang. Nina, how am I suppose to afford a baby when I’m up against that?! NINA Jabari, my father’s worth thirty million dollars. My mother’s worth another five. My trust fund is worth half a million a year, and that goes to one million when I turn twenty five. Our baby won’t want for anything. JABARI (pissed off) Do you even hear yourself talking?! Now I don’t even get a say in whether I (MORE)

23. JABARI (CONT’D.) can provide for my own child?! Nina, what the hell is wrong with you, girl?! What if I’m not ready for a baby? What if I don’t want to be a father at this point in my life? I love you, but what if we don’t get married and stay together for the rest of our lives? Did you consider any of that when you were making all of these decisions - on your own?! NINA (chastened) I’m sorry, baby...Jabari, I don’t know anybody who stays together their whole lives. My parents didn’t. Your parents didn’t. Nobody does. But I know I want to love the father of my child. I want to be able to tell my child that he was conceived in love. Real love. I love you with all of my heart, Jabari, and I don’t know if I’ll ever love like this again. I want to pass that love on to my child. Please try to understand. Jabari doesn’t. JABARI “My child!” “My child!” You have everything and I have nothing! Not even a say in whether “we” should have a child or if we do, how “our” child is going to be raised. He starts for the door. NINA Jabari, please... JABARI No, you’ve got it all figured out. You don’t need me for anything. NINA (after him) Jabari, wait, don’t go. The DOOR SLAMS.


24. INT. COACHES’ MEETING ROOM – DAY Billy Donahue and his coaches are strategizing. His secretary, Donna, comes in, goes to him and whispers in his ear. BILLY (standing) Excuse me, guys. This could take a while; I want to see a half-dozen cracker jack rushing plays to exploit that San Jose State linebacking crew when I come back. The coaches get back to work as Billy follows Donna out of the room. INT. BILLY’S OFFICE – LATER Billy is on the phone. He’s trying to keep his cool.

BILLY Look, Harold, I’m sorry about you and Maria. I really am. But what’s going on between you two has nothing to do with me or the program. INT. HAROLD’S OFFICE Harold is standing in a large office with a magnificent view of Vancouver. HAROLD Try telling that to your wife, Billy. She’s turning my divorce into her own personal crusade. She’s hired Alan Paisley – he’s a criminal attorney, Billy. INTERCUT BILLY/HAROLD BILLY Yes, Harold I know who Alan is. HAROLD So tell me what the hell she’s doing hiring a criminal lawyer to represent my wife?

25. BILLY (spark of temper) Maybe because you had some Dick show up on her doorstep to haul her into court. HAROLD Billy, you know what it’s like to lose a son and wait twenty years before you get him back. Can you honestly say you want me to go through that? Billy takes the phone from his ear, stares at it to keep from blowing his top. When he puts it back, BILLY Harold, your situation is totally different than mine was. I left Dallas’ mother before we were married. HAROLD Billy, we go back more than twenty years and I consider you to be a good friend. But make no mistake, I won’t allow anyone to keep me from my son. BILLY Is that some sort of a threat, Harold? Are you threatening me – threatening my wife? HAROLD Certainly not, Billy. I wouldn’t think of it. I’m just asking you to try and talk some sense into her. I don’t want to have a public fight with Gale. She works for my Foundation for Christ’s sake. And I don’t want to have to severe my ties to Wa Tech football over a personal matter that, as you rightly point out, has nothing whatsoever to do with the program. BILLY Listen, Harold, Gale’s mind is made up. You’ve threatened someone close to her and her instinct is to protect her. My advice to you would be to lay off the heavy tactics with Maria. She deserves better than that, Harold...I thought you were better than that.

26. HAROLD I’m disappointed to hear you say that, Billy. It’s unfortunate that you feel that way. You should know, and let your wife know, that I’m prepared to spare no expense to win possession of my son. BILLY And you should know, Harold, that if you’re going up against my wife on something like this, you’re going to need every penny. CLICK. Billy hangs up. Harold reacts. to take the phone away from his ear. INT. D’AGOSTINO’S RESTAURANT – DAY Gale and Cecilia are having lunch. Always charming, Gale seems to be trying especially hard. What we sense most about Cecilia is that she is innately pleasant. GALE Cecilia, thank you so much for having lunch with me today. I had to pry it out of Dallas that you were in town. And after our first meeting, well, I so wanted an opportunity to meet you again. Properly that is. CECILIA I appreciate your being so gracious, Gale. It’s very kind of you to want to meet like this. (beat) Can I be honest with you? GALE Please. CECILIA I know how important “closure” is for you Anglos, and I understand how finding out about me and Dallas after all these years must have felt. But I hope you don’t take this the wrong way...We don’t have to be friends, Gale. From what I can tell, you’re a lovely woman but we don’t have anything (MORE) Now it’s his turn

27. CECILIA (CONT’D.) in common. Once we had Billy, but when I stopped having feelings for him, that thread between us was broken. I really hope you’ll believe me when I tell you I have no interest in Billy. Gale tries but can’t cover her relief. GALE Well...I suppose I should be honest and tell you how relieved I am to hear that. CECILIA I loved my husband so much, and he made me very happy. He helped me raise Dallas and turned him into the man he is today. So without knowing it Billy made the right choice...for me and our son. Gale’s smile signals the closure she was hoping for. INT. UMBERTO’S OFFICE – DAY Umberto, D’Agostino’s executive chef, is at his small desk going over notes for the evening’s specials. Cake gives a light KNOCK on the door, sticks her head in. Umberto speaks with a thick Italian accent. Catherine. UMBERTO Please, come in.

CAKE The chicken fillets came in just now and I leave for the dock in a few minutes to pick up our fish order. Very good. UMBERTO Please, Catherine, sit.

CAKE (she sits, reads his face) What is it, Umberto? Is something wrong?

28. UMBERTO (a comforting smile) No, no, Catherine. Cara tells me the deadline for applying to the university is Friday and still you have not applied. CAKE That little – I can’t believe she told you that! Did she also tell you I think I’m getting a great education working in the kitchen with you? UMBERTO Yes, she did. And I am flattered to hear that. But, Catherine, I think you should think about going to college. CAKE Why? I’m not going to learn how to run the kitchen or the restaurant sitting in a classroom listening to some boring lecture on the fall of the Roman Empire. UMBERTO (smiles) The restaurant will always be here for you, Catherine. And I am looking forward to the day when the kitchen is all yours to run. Your mother and I have talked about this and I’m sure we can arrange for you to work with me at the restaurant and attend classes too. CAKE You and mom talked? She knows about this? UMBERTO Yes. (a knowing smile) I believe she thought you would be more open to the idea if you knew I was in favor of it. CAKE But, Umberto, I love working in the kitchen. It’s the only thing I truly enjoy doing.

29. UMBERTO Think of it this way, Catherine. A year at Washington Tech will look good on your application to Le Cordon Bleu. Beat. She can’t believe what she’s just heard. CAKE What? UMBERTO (smiles) You are very talented, Catherine. your family has big hopes for the restaurant...and for you. Off Cake... EXT. QUAD – DAY Achilles and Portia stand in a quiet section of the quad. A misty rain is falling. He’s talking on his cell phone. She eyes him anxiously. ACHILLES So the wire transfer went through? ULYSSES (V.O.) Yes. Lee, if Mom finds out that I sold those shares, she’s going to freak. ACHILLES Then make sure she doesn’t find out. ULYSSES (V.O.) I hope you know what you’re doing, bro. I mean, I love Portia too, but you don’t have to be a genius to know her old man is running some kind of game. ACHILLES (looks at Portia) Les, we know what we’re doing, alright. Mom won’t go online to check our brokerage accounts until your next tuition payment comes due in December. You’ll have the money back before then. ULYSSES (V.O.) And you don’t think she’ll go online before December?


30. ACHILLES Jesus, Les, you’re supposed to be the smart one. Mess with her computer or screw with the broadband connection at home. You’ll come up with something. He hangs up. PORTIA Well? ACHILLES He wired the money to the account number your father gave you. PORTIA (a modest smile) Thank you, Lee. ACHILLES We’re done now, Portia. Understand? She nods “Yes.” INT. WYNDHAM HALL – DAY Cara is outside a classroom talking to Professor Elysse Johanssen. When she spies Dallas walking down the hall with Cole Seavers, she ends her conversation and goes to intercept him. CARA Dallas... DALLAS I’m late for class, Cara. I don’t care. CARA We need to talk. Now.

COLE (seeing this is serious) I’ll take notes for you, Chico. Cole pats him on the shoulder (“Good luck, man”) and continues down the hallway. Dallas and Cara stare into each other’s eyes.

31. INT. CLASSROOM – LATER Dallas and Cara have found an empty classroom. having a heated argument. They’re

DALLAS What would you do if I screwed around on you the way you’ve screwed around on me, huh?! You’d torch my car or some crazy stunt like that! CARA I would forgive you, Dallas, because I love you. So much it hurts. DALLAS God dammit, Cara, how many times am I supposed to forgive you?! I know this shit is going to happen over and over again – CARA No, it won’t Dallas! I promise! It will never happen again. Ever! I’m not a lesbian. I know that now. DALLAS You think I give a shit that it was a girl that you screwed?! I told you before, I’m not into playing games or experimenting or any of that nonsense. I know what I want. Simple. No fucking drama! Your problem is you don’t know what you want, Cara. But you want me to stick around while you figure it out. Well I’m not going to be your tool, Cara, or your fool! CARA Please, Dallas. Just hear me out and try to understand – DALLAS Understand what, Cara?! That you can’t keep your fucking pants on! CARA No...That I’ve finally come to terms with losing Cal and now I can move on.

32. DALLAS (beat) Your twin brother, Cal? What does any of this have to do with him? Off Cara... OUTSIDE THE CLASSROOM – LATER Dallas leaves the room, his face a tight mask showing no emotion. We see Cara through the open door, sitting at a desk, head in her hands, sobbing. INT. PIPER’S APARTMENT – SUNSET Piper is on the sofa, crying. comes in, notices her. Her roommate, MARCI (20),

MARCI Piper, what’s the matter? PIPER (wipes tears away) Oh, nothing. Just a wicked case of PMS. MARCI (not buying it) Piper, you’ve been crying nonstop for a week. Nobody’s on the rag that bad. PIPER Really, I’m fine, Marci. MARCI (sits, brushes her hair) I know you, Piper. I know when you’re heart’s been broken. Who is she? PIPER It doesn’t matter. END OF ACT TWO

33. ACT THREE INT. ACHILLES’ LOFT – NIGHT Achilles playfully dives onto the bed next She’s cozy on top of the covers, wearing a Football” t-shirt, reading a Toni Morrison a hand along her thigh, affectionately but to Portia. “Wa Tech NOVEL. He rubs not to seduce.

ACHILLES Girl, you keep working out with Cara and you’re going to turn into the Bionic woman or something. You might just break my back with these. She runs her hand affectionately across his hair. PORTIA You’d like that, wouldn’t you? These strong legs wrapped tight around your back when we make love. ACHILLES Yeah, assuming we ever get to it. PORTIA (puts book down) Lee, when do you think we’ll get married? ACHILLES (caught off guard) Where’d that come from?


PORTIA You do think we’re getting married eventually, right? ACHILLES Well sure, Portia, but... PORTIA But what? ACHILLES I just never thought about when. I suppose I figured we’d both graduate and have jobs first. PORTIA What about children? You want to have children, right?

34. Yeah. ACHILLES Don’t you? PORTIA No more than two.

One or two.

ACHILLES What’s this about, Portia? Why all of a sudden the talk about getting married and having children? PORTIA We’ve been together for over three years, Lee, but we’ve never talked about our future together. ACHILLES We talked about it all the time back in Jersey. PORTIA We talked about you going off to college to play football and me graduating from Princeton and becoming a lawyer. But we never talked about having a family together, Lee. Okay. ACHILLES So why now? He looks at her intently.

She controls her emotions.

PORTIA I’m all alone in the world except for you, Lee. It scares me to think of what I’d do without you. He gently takes her face in his hands. ACHILLES You don’t have to worry about that, Portia. You don’t ever have to worry about that. PORTIA (beat) Lee, do you ever wonder... What? ACHILLES Wonder what, baby?

35. PORTIA Would we still be together if not for Marcus? INT. KOFFEE HOUSE – DAY Cecilia and Dallas are talking over coffee. Cole and his girlfriend Whitney Drysdale pay for their drinks and stop by on their way out. Hi, Mrs. Ramirez. COLE How are you?

CECILIA Hello, Cole. It’s so nice to see you again. Are you going to introduce me to your friend? COLE This is Whitney. WHITNEY Hello, Mrs. Ramirez. It’s a pleasure to meet you. Hi Dallas. DALLAS Whitney. COLE So, Mrs. Ramirez, you ready to see me and Dallas put a hurting on San Jose State? CECILIA I’m looking forward to the game, Cole. But I just hate to see you boys trying to hurt other people. DALLAS It’s part of the game, Mom. that. You know

CECILIA That doesn’t mean I have to like it. COLE Well, it was nice seeing you again, Mrs. Ramirez. Maybe we’ll see you again tomorrow after the game.

36. CECILIA That would be nice. After they’ve gone. CECILIA Cole seems to have found himself a very nice girl. Pretty too. DALLAS Whitney’s alright. He’s definitely done a lot worse since I’ve known him. She takes a sip of her coffee. CECILIA And what about you? How have you done? DALLAS (playing it off) I’ve done okay, Mom. CECILIA (sipping) But not good enough? DALLAS Mom, come on. Don’t start with the twenty questions, okay? CECILIA Dallas, I don’t pry, I’ve never pried. Not even after you disappeared that weekend during your senior year and came home with hickeys all over your neck. (he reacts) All I’m saying is that if – when – you have someone special, the least you could do is introduce her to your mother. For goodness sakes, I’ve met more of Cole’s girlfriends than yours. DALLAS Mom, you met one of his girlfriends. She looks at him as if to say, “My point exactly” then takes another sip of coffee.

37. EXT. CONSTRUCTION SITE – DAY ANGLE ON a SIGN that reads: “Crestwood Estates – D’Agostino Luxury Homes – Banks Construction.” WIDER ANGLE as a BMW Coupe drives past the sign. We TRACK with the coupe past large homes under construction. Darryl is next to his truck, in front of one of the homes, talking on his cell phone. DARRYL Yeah, that’s right. Look, Nate, we’ve got maybe another three weeks, four tops before weather starts to be a real problem. I need you to commit to the shipment schedule that we agreed to. (listens) No, Nate, that’s not acceptable. (notices the BMW approaching) Nate, I’m going to have to call you back, okay? And don’t “go into a meeting.” We’re not finished here. He clicks off. The BMW stops in front of him. gets out, walks to him. Mattie. DARRYL What are you doing here? Mathilda

MATHILDA I was in the area so I thought I’d stop by. I’ve never been to one of your construction sites. Well this is it. DARRYL I’ll show you around.

INT. PARTIALLY CONSTRUCTED HOME - DAY Darryl is showing Mathilda the space that will be the master bedroom. DARRYL There will be a double-sided fireplace here and an integrated, state-of-the art entertainment system over here. MATHILDA This will be a fabulous home, Darryl. Do you mind if I ask, how much does a home like this cost?

38. DARRYL The owners of this particular unit will pay in the neighborhood of one and a half million, that’s with all of the upgrades and custom additions, pool, landscaping, etcetera. MATHILDA (impressed) Very nice, Darryl. DARRYL Most of that goes to Tony as the developer. But me and my crew do alright. (looks at watch) Would you like to have lunch, Mattie? There’s a nice place a few miles down the road. She crosses the room, stops right in front of him. MATHILDA Sorry but I can’t now, Darryl. Gale has a meeting with Maria’s lawyers, so I have to get back. (fingers a button on his shirt) Why don’t we have dinner tomorrow? Come to my place around eight. DARRYL Okay. But with the game tomorrow it could be tough getting a reservation at a nice place. Even for the great Mathilda Weiss. MATHILDA (enticing smile) I thought we’d stay in for dinner, Darryl. She kisses him on the lips softly. Smiles again and starts for the door. He senses that something’s up. DARRYL Wait a minute. MATHILDA Yes, Darryl?

39. DARRYL I know what’s going on here. (off her look) This is about Lexi, isn’t it? You met my ex wife and now you’re inviting me into your apartment. And acting as though you’re ready...to go to the next step. I’m not sure I like that game, Mattie. MATHILDA (modest smile) Who says it’s an act, Darryl? Eight o’clock. And Mommy Dearest will be upset if you’re late. She walks out and he watches through the window frame as she gets into her BMW and drives off.


40. ACT FOUR INT. COACHES’ MEETING ROOM – DAY Billy and his assistant coaches are wrapping up the game plan for San Jose State. BILLY I feel pretty good about what we’ve got here. The coaches react, feel good that their boss feels good. BILLY After the air show that our offense put on last week, we’ll totally throw San Jose State off balance by hitting them with the power running game. And having the twin tight end set gives us the flexibility to exploit their linebackers with the short passing game. Good job guys. As usual, let’s touch base in the morning before the team arrives. The meeting breaks. INT. OUTER OFFICE – LATER Donna’s working away. Jabari stands when Billy walks in. The coach is pleasantly surprised. Donna smiles at their warm reunion. BILLY Jabari! How’s the best tight end in Wa Tech history doing? JABARI Hey, Coach. BILLY Come on in. I don’t have anything scheduled now do I, Donna? DONNA (smiles) Not anymore, Coach.

41. INT. BILLY’S OFFICE – LATER Jabari’s fretting on the sofa. a chair. Billy’s across from him in

JABARI I’m sorry to bother you with this, Coach. I just didn’t know who else to talk to. BILLY Don’t apologize, Jabari. You don’t have to be on the roster to come to me. That door’s always open to you guys...So you love Nina, right? JABARI You wouldn’t believe how much, Coach. I mean, she’s the bomb. But she’s also Miss Independent – got that money, got that whole Miss Delta thing going on. She doesn’t need me and knows it. BILLY You know when Gale and I met I was a few rungs below her on the social ladder. We worked through it. So can you and Nina. JABARI I suppose...But that’s not the worst of it, Coach. I mean, what if I wanted to have this kid? She’s already figured it all out on her own, even what the size of the kid’s trust fund will be. What’s left for me to decide? Beat. We sense Billy is thinking about Dallas. BILLY Being a father means more than just providing for your kid financially. If Nina’s got that part covered, great. Be thankful. You can offer your child other things as a parent, things that are just as important as money. The main thing is that you are there for him. Believe me Jabari, you’ll regret not being a part of your child’s life.

42. INT. WEIGHT ROOM – DAY Only a handful of PLAYERS are in the weight room. One of them is Dallas, lying at the bench press, working out alone. We look down at him from a ceiling POV. He’s pushing a heavy load – in more ways than one. In his eyes we read his anger over being cheated on by Cara. We also read the hurt over being betrayed by someone he loves. EXT. SOCCER FIELD – SUNSET IN THE STANDS Dallas sits near the top row, looks down onto the field, where the women’s soccer team is playing against Nevada. DALLAS’ POV – CARA running up the center of the field to stop a Nevada drive. To the far left, Piper runs parallel to her. ON THE FIELD Piper steals the ball from a NEVADA PLAYER and turns it toward the net. She passes to Cara who kicks and scores. Cara throws her arms up and is hugged by her teammates, including Piper. P.A. ANNOUNCER (V.O.) Score by Cat Trzcinski with an assist by Piper Ruhl! And the Lady Devils take a two to nothing lead. DALLAS Watches the celebration pensively. Then he gets up and walks down the aisle and out of the stands. CARA Takes her position, senses something. She looks into the stands, just misses sight of Dallas as he walks down the stairway. The WHISTLE BLOWS and her attention is back to the play on the field.

43. EXT. MEMORIAL STADIUM / HOSMER COMPLEX – DAY SERIES OF SHOTS – PREGAME Vehicles file into the parking lot; FANS drink heavily and hold TAILGATE PARTIES in the rain; CAMERA CREWS set up by the players’ entrance of the Hoz; FOOTBALL PLAYERS start to arrive, dressed in jackets and ties; they’re greeted by fans and television cameras and REPORTERS... EXT. MEMORIAL STADIUM (VERSUS SAN JOSE STATE) – LATER ...the players walk past us into the tunnel, dressed in uniforms, helmets and pads, fired up and ready to hit the field. Billy is at the head of the pack, his sons J.R. Donahue, the water boy, and Dallas Morales, the hardhitting strong safety, by his side. ON THE FIELD The Sea Devils run past jumping cheerleaders and a POLYTECHNIC RING OF FIRE, onto the field. IN THE STANDS Sea Devils fans are on their feet, cheering their team on. We FIND Cecilia sitting next to Whitney, smiling down at Dallas. In the VIP section Gale, Rose Ryan, Gracie Wellington Portia, Charlotte Webb and her husband Ronald Fraser watch the game together. In the “Pit”, Cake and Maitland locals are having a good time. Elsewhere in the Pit, Jabari tries to enjoy the game with other die-hard fans. THE GAME Is mud-soaked and hard-hitting. Running back Crash Davis takes handoff after handoff, smashing through San Jose State DEFENDERS. Achilles completes touchdown passes to Burner and his tight end. But it’s Dallas and the Sea Devils defense who provide all of the highlights... SERIES OF SHOTS – DALLAS ON “D” Demolishing a running back; sacking the quarterback; nearly decapitating a tight end going for a pass over the middle. It’s one brutal hit after another; one tackle is so devastating that the entire stadium seems to go quiet.

44. IN THE BROADCAST BOOTH Rotund color commentator Skeeter Blackledge winces at the hit Dallas lays on a wide receiver. BLACKLEDGE Ouch! I’ve seen a lot of hits but that’s got to be the hardest one I’ve ever seen in a college football game. ON THE SIDELINE Dallas trots back to the tackle, accepts butt and from his teammates. But eyes burning intensely. something. IN THE STANDS Cecilia looks down at her son, concern clouding her lovely face. INT. CARA & CAKE’S APARTMENT – DAY ANGLE ON THE TELEVISION, which is not on. the sofa, staring blankly at the ceiling. CROWD ROAR in the distance... Cara is lying on Then we hear the sideline after the stunning helmet slaps of congratulations he’s in some kind of zone, his Billy watches him walk by, senses

EXT. MEMORIAL STADIUM (VERSUS SAN JOSE STATE) – DAY ...Achilles scrambles for a touchdown. blows his WHISTLE to signal halftime. EXT. CONCESSION AREA – DAY Gale is on her cell phone. In the b.g. we see Gracie helping Rose decide on a snack. GALE Maria, don’t give it another thought. It’s perfectly alright. MARIA (V.O.) But, Gale, Harold is the football program’s biggest booster. He did a lot to get Billy hired as head coach. (MORE) Then the REFEREE

45. MARIA (V.O.) (CONT’D.) When he finds out that Duncan is staying at your house while I’m in court, he’ll take it out on Billy. GALE Billy is completely supportive, Maria. Completely. Gale hangs up and sees Cecilia leaving a concession line with Whitney. They share a look and a modest but sincere smile. INT. LOCKER ROOM – DAY The players are relaxed but focused as they prepare for the second half. Dallas is off by himself. Billy comes over to him, covers his concern. BILLY Morales, how are doing? DALLAS Doing good, Coach. BILLY Good. Listen, I like the intensity. Just make sure you keep your head in the game. Alright, son? DALLAS (focuses on him, beat) Alright, Coach. Another beat between them as they stare into each other’s eyes. Then Billy slaps him on the shoulder pads and moves off to give his second half speech. EXT. MEMORIAL STADIUM (VERSUS SAN JOSE STATE) – DAY As players warm up along the sideline, Billy looks at Dallas, who is talking to Cole and Pete Mitchell. Billy glances up in the stands and spies Cecilia, who is also looking at their son. Her eyes shift and find Billy looking at her. He nods toward Dallas and she smiles. He smiles too. SMASH CUT TO:

46. Achilles handing off to Crash, who runs for 12 yards before being dragged down at the Trojans’ 34-yard-line. IN THE COACHES’ BOOTH Coach Bob Garcia, looks for a play on his LAMINATED SHEET, finds it and calls it down to the sideline. GARCIA (into headset) Shotgun, trips right, scatter gun motion, X curl, Z up... SIDELINE Assistant coach Romeo Dumars hears the call in his headset, makes hand and arm signals to Achilles... ON THE FIELD Achilles peers through the rain at Coach Dumars. the call, steps into the huddle... ACHILLES Listen up: shotgun, trips right, scatter gun motion, X curl, Z up. two, ready... TEAM Break! The offense comes to the line of scrimmage. iPhone Sitren leans over the ball and points to defensive players, calling out the blocking schemes. There’s a lot of CHATTER by offensive and defensive players. Achilles takes the snap, drops back and lofts a beautiful pass to Burner, who catches it and runs to the end zone as we SMASH CUT TO: ON THE FIELD – LATER Dallas peers through the rain at the San Jose State quarterback barking out signals. On the snap the quarterback fakes a handoff, drops back and scans for an open receiver. We TRACK with Dallas as he follows the quarterback’s eyes. Then the ball is in the air and Dallas goes to it, intercepts it and runs down field.... He reads


47. IN THE STANDS Fans are ecstatic. Cecilia’s arms are raised high and she’s jumping up and down, CHEERING her son on toward the end zone... INT. CARA & CAKE’S APARTMENT – CONTINUOUS Cara’s gazing out the window at the rain. She hears the crowd CHEER, looks up in the direction of the unseen stadium... END OF ACT FOUR

48. ACT FIVE INT. HOSMER COMPLEX – SUNSET Players are leaving the complex, all smiles after thrashing San Jose State. They meet girlfriends or buddies, ready for a night of partying on the town. Cecilia waits for Dallas. They embrace. She lights up when she sees him.

CECILIA You were wonderful, Guillermo. Thanks, Mom. DALLAS The main thing is we won.

Billy, Gale, J.R., Gracie and Rose come up behind them. BILLY Cecilia. She turns. Smiles pleasantly at him. Billy. Hi. CECILIA Gale.

Gale smiles warmly. BILLY (ref. Dallas) You’ve got quite a football player there, Cecilia. Quite a young man. CECILIA Thank you, Billy. PHOTOGRAPHER (O.S.) Coach! They all turn to face a newspaper PHOTOGRAPHER. PHOTOGRAPHER Do you mind if I get a picture of you with the whole family? Billy, Gale and Cecilia exchange looks. agreement. BILLY Sure. They’re all in

49. The group comes in close for the photo... CAMERA POV – THE FAMILY Billy in the center, Gale and Cecilia on either side of him, Dallas next to Cecilia, Rose next to Gale, Gracie next to Rose and J.R. next to Gracie, his arm around her waist. The lens CLICKS and the image of the family FREEZES. Off the image... INT. CARA & CAKE’S APARTMENT – NIGHT Cara and Cake sit on the sofa in the midst of a deep conversation. CAKE But you’re not like me, Cat. You always had to feel something for the person. If you didn’t feel anything for Piper, why did you have sex with her? CARA You know how close Cal and I were – crazy close, even for twins. There were times when we literally got sick at the same time, even though we were miles apart...That’s how it was that night...I knew...I felt it the instant he died. FLASHBACK – INT. BEDROOM – NIGHT (THREE YEARS EARLIER) Reese Cooper rolls off of Cara. tears from her eyes. He’s exhausted. She wipes

RETURN TO PRESENT – INT. CARA & CAKE’S APARTMENT - NIGHT CAKE (beat) I know how much you loved him, Cat... CARA After Cal died, I just couldn’t bear to think of life without him. For months, every day felt like losing him all over again. I wanted him back so much...I thought that I could somehow bring him (MORE)

50. CARA (CONT’D.) back if I became him...So I cut my hair, ate what he ate, hit the gym like a maniac. Just like Cal. It’s what made getting up in the morning possible. It took so long to get past those feelings. But...When Piper kissed me, all of those feelings came rushing back, all at once like a flood. They hit so hard. I was overwhelmed... CAKE (confused) I don’t understand. What does making love to Piper have to do with Cal? CARA (beat) Cake...Cal was gay. Beat. CAKE (disbelieving) No. He was not gay. (then, anger rising) That’s not true! Why would you say something like that about Cal?! CARA Cake...it’s true. CAKE (rising from the sofa) Stop it! Just stop it! I’m sorry about you and Dallas. I know it hurts, but stop making things up about Caleb! I’m sorry, Cake. about him. CARA I know how you felt

CAKE (defiantly) He loved me, Cara! He loved me! CARA I know he did, just not that way. Cake turns away, trying to get a grip on her emotions. Then, suddenly

51. CAKE He wouldn’t have turned out that way if you had let us be together! If you had let him love me the way he wanted to and not made up some stupid rules about not dating each other’s brothers. CARA No, Cake. Cal was never attracted to girls. He knew who he was before we started high school. (off Cake’s look) He kept it a secret from Ed and our brothers; he knew they’d never understand. He thought he’d just go away to college, to California, and tell them after he was far away from home. He told me his plans because...well, because he knew I’d know eventually. We could never keep secrets from one another. Cake sits next to her again. And Piper? CARA (beat) It was a mistake to hurt her that way. But going through with it - having that experience - made me accept once and for all that there’s nothing I can do to be close to Cal again...I’m not Cal. I’m not gay. INT. MATHILDA’S APARTMENT – NIGHT In the dining room, two candles flutter on the table where a sumptuous dinner was eaten. We become aware of the sound of lovemaking O.S. IN THE BEDROOM Darryl and Mathilda are in bed, their naked, sweaty bodies entwined in passion. They hold hands. CAKE

52. INT. DELTA HOUSE – NIGHT The house is abuzz as DELTAS ready themselves for a night of partying. Nina is in the great room, chatting with a few of the GIRLS. GIRL #1 Are you sure you won’t come out with us, Nina? GIRL #2 Yeah, I can’t stand the thought of you sitting here all alone. NINA I’ll be fine. Besides, since Jabari and I moved in together, I hardly ever just hang out at the house anymore. I miss it here. I’m actually looking forward to spending a quiet night or two here. GIRL #1 Okay, but don’t wait up for us. NINA (laughs) I know better than that. I haven’t been out of the house that long. A Delta comes into the room. DELTA (smiles) Nina, you’ve got a visitor. Nina gets up from the cozy chair she’s in, heads for the foyer. IN THE FOYER Nina is surprised to see Jabari. There’s a beat as he looks at her, his eyes full of emotion. JABARI Nina, baby, I’m sorry... She rushes to him and they embrace, kissing deeply right there in the middle of the foyer. Deltas look on, their hearts melt.

53. INT. CARA & CAKE’S APARTMENT – NIGHT Cake is on the sofa, lost in thoughts of Cal. A KNOCK on the door gets her attention. She goes to the door, opens it. Her eyes widen... Hi, Cake. DALLAS Is Cara home?

CARA’S BEDROOM - CONTINUOUS Cake comes in quietly. bad as she feels. Cara is on her futon, looking as CAKE Cat...he’s here. CARA Here? (reacts) Now? He

Cake nods. Cara is up on her feet, goes to a mirror. can’t see her like this... CARA Tell him I’ll just be a second.

Cake nods and leaves. Cara wipes her eyes of tears, tries to make herself presentable. LIVING ROOM – MOMENTS LATER Cara comes out of her room, a light touch of makeup on her face. When she sees Dallas, she’s almost overcome with emotion... DALLAS Cara. I want you to meet someone. Mom, this is my girlfriend, Cara Trzcinski. CECILIA (a loving smile) Hello, Cara. Dallas has never introduced to any of his girlfriends, so he must think you’re something special. Cara and Dallas share a look and it’s all she can do to keep from bursting into tears.

54. CARA (smiles) Hello, Mrs. Ramirez. I’m so glad to meet you. DISSOLVE TO: INT. OFFICE – NIGHT A JUSTICE OF THE PEACE stands in front of Achilles and Portia. His WIFE, a plump, pleasant woman, performs the dual role of witness and maid of honor. JUSTICE OF THE PEACE I now pronounce you husband and wife. Off Achilles and Portia kissing, we FADE OUT. END OF EPISODE

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