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ine next steps In this unit, we © aive notices and warnings write a CV | Vocabulary Read the qulz. Then answer the 7B ‘questions so they are true fr you, erecied oer ete ‘Check your score. Do you agree? ee ee eerie ‘Compare your answers and your cas score with other students. Then use the eta) bold words to describe your future plans. eae 7] Wocsbulay practice ‘ F : OTR mK} what would [ you most ike ee eet toparticipate Find out what youll be doing in yeatsto a Pe oaaaae coreg ing research of —— — El Sane al ro » Setingupa eer ee ‘multinational company. Which summerholiay ‘activity do you think you ‘would benefit from mos” nS « Jeingan epi SEE eae (Sareea language. 1 Working fora month to pay fora moped. | Aholidoy to an exotic destination. ' Mlspeiazein something Seino is Results: eee Pa oes u Cw vatyuioc on ponraonreictds when searching for job? eerie (eee chm ae oe ae 'b Promotion & eee eed eae Towel ‘opportunites, @) Studying for success \ Reading and Vocabulary 1 How doyou prepare for exams or tests? What do you concentrate on? 2 AW Read andlsten to the frum. Which two of ‘these things are not mentioned? oestadases Imittimeon he tenet gare yurtime reac spend of ourtimeexersing treatyouselfuseold exams THE STUDY ROOM (ory) and 40 3 Read the forum again. In your notebook, answer the {questions with the names from the forum, Who. ? 1 haa tip whic wll help you know what to expect 2 recornmends something wh nisretforreloxation 3 suggestsealy preparation nt neesay 4 recommends tht youenoy 5 asa sggertonfororganaing youre 6 mentors stopp dations oraset petod {i reesingextension Forums Summer jobs Health Free time you! Yes, you! Sign in to join this conversation and vote on how useful the tps ar. 1 Sax10 THREAD STARTER revision skills 28° May 1832 Hi guys Please help need to get some motivation fom Somewhere! Im going to star preparing fr my end-oF “term exams this weakend but Im better at wasting time » than actualy revising! m sue someone wll have an dea ortwotosharelS reply > Dude? re:evsionskils 28May 1859 Make yourselfa study timetable. Ive been using one since ‘our haf teem holiday andi rally helps me get things 0 sorted, Another trick sto avoid concentrating on one subject fr to long. think youl ember more if you study each subject for acouple of hours everyday Well t works forme anyway! Goodluck, votes 3.40 reply 1926 1 Georgies9_e:revision skis I give mys reward when lget toa certain pontin my revision. You know, nothing amazing, but chil out ‘on my computer for alfan hour or ea some cake! votes 17°40 25° May reply > n Lary342_re-revsion sls 28"May 1948 Get a pet OK know a petisnt ging to stud for you, bbut when yout stressed out there’ nothing better than stroking your dog or at tohelp you reéax. And youll bereft from taking the doa fora walk Exercise helps you focus! voter #3 45 AcEstdent re:evsion sls 28° Way 2039 Dogs aren ust for exams, you knew Anya, Sat0 arent you stating» He ea Theend-otermerans mist be 2 ‘month away. tmnoégpingto de anything unt my sty "eave starts tm atunversty though s0 maybe you dot dette of before your ex kel do, pased sl my exams lst semester and lhadirt even opened a book unt the week before! votes #2. $10 reply > Princess re:revision skills 26° May 21.17 Either ACEstudent isa genius or she's way overconfident! |hwouldnt follow that advice When Iwas suring the net ‘one day found thi swesome app that blacks certain websites fora period of tine. used to specialize in wasting time online but now always plan my workso have finished a particular subject by the time the blocks lifted Than look at Facebock or thi forum ae a ear (That winttim doing ight now, actualy votes 78 40 reply > LennyS7 re-revision sis 28"May 21.51 We've done let ofpast papers in our free periods school recently. You get a realy goodidea about the typeof {questions youl need to answer, soi definitely recommend that And remember this time next month well be thinking «about the summer holidays ~theyte not that far away 2! 4 (1 vocabuary practice 5 Grammar Revision 1 6 In your notebook, complete the textwiththe correct Inyour notebook, complete {form ofthe highlighted words from the forum. the forum pest withthe words ‘The Beth school year ie vided ino thea) ,withal2) and phrases. breakof one weckin the mile At modern universe the academic years vied int two FOr seconcary school students often have whan there ae o lessons on ther timetable Lots of schools andunierst dive sudents( so that they can revse fer exams atthemoment been bythe end fine gongto had had offen sine Thetimetomarow asedto wee wil Kate recrevsion skils May 26" 2207 (ne thing that ve done regulary the third yeatistoaskother peopl to help me reves. 2) be shy about asking fo help but after! aed two exams, I decided tobe brave! Now I send {gachers an email with ots of questions. ve also £2lrevising with my mom and dada lot recently. ‘and! participating ina study group with, my classmates We! studying tagetherlast week when my best end) great idea She suggested that each person should teach some ‘grammar tothe group forthe Englih exam, We trieditand it worked wel so we're 2! do infor Biology next But "9h wetbe sitting in thecinema instead of studying Breaks are ako Pecossaryl Anyway, wth everyoedy: hel hope 18D suceedin passing all my exams. Then We have nshed schoo! ang we'l be free! votes 15 40 reply ® 50 Usten and repeat the words Sounds /0/and/a/ Juin conesaton — ant te week before ‘when theyarivehowuseu tetipsare Find at least one example ofeach tense inthe forum. |When do we use each tense? presentsimple pesentcostinuous ast simple Pastcominios esto presentpefec simple resentpefeccantneous pastpefect fatrecntinuus fue perfect begongtofuture wi fiture Weuse the precont singe ttc about hai In your notebook, complete the sentences withthe ‘correct form ofthe verbs in brackets. Language act 1 levies) for hours naw but ti (not ih 2 Alce ose) her mebile phone while she 9 Inyour notebook, write a post for vary yesterday. the forum. Give some advice that 2 aj usualy (stud) in Nsbedoom butat he students can benefit from when they he {wor inthe siting room. are revising for exams. Try to use at 4 Thistme nex week (eo) my Maths eam andithinki _Teas four tenses from exercise 6. ed abyeakafter it is ‘Sc et year, ve prepares tor my 5 Markicomment on} the frum equ lst yea, but exams by recording myrtes. Then | fot post) anything anit before then leon oben when 6 Simon nis) schaot by next Fidy and ten he (search fora jb forthe summer 10 Read your postto othe students Vote forthe ideasthatyoulike best. a4 Unit 9