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(RT == Readers' Theater: requires little or no memorization. Can you tell us what his ministry is? JOHN -. shouldn't you be w orking in the temple in Jerusalem baptizing people in the bronze basin there? JOHN -. Sorry. crosses by podium.Aren't you the one they call John the Baptist? JOHN -. REPORTER -. REPORTER -. proclaiming the good news of God. if you're the son of a temple priest. please? JOHN -.Yes. returns to podium) If you were expecting to have a press conference with Jesus of Nazareth.Yes.Let me ask you a question. How is that unusual? REPORTER -. (turns) REPORTER -. (turns) REPORTER -.Yes. for one thing..Can you tell us where Jesus went? JOHN -.(turns) My name is John. if you'll excuse me.) CHAPTER 1: AT THE RIVER JORDAN JOHN -.(turns) Yes. you're too late. That's true. Jesus will be traveling through out Israel. He went back to Galilee to start his ministry.Is it true that you baptized Jesus in the Jordan river today? JOHN -.Well. He's gone. little or no rehearsal. son of Zechariah the priest. (turns) REPORTER -.May we have your name.Unusual? I've baptized hundreds of people in the Jordan river the last few days. For the next three years.You said that Jesus went away to start his ministry. stops.(turns) What what means? REPORTER -. FI LI P . An indefinite number of reporters are salted throughout the audience. SOFT VERSION.(enters wearing fur tunic and sandals. examines several faces in audience.AN INTERVIEW WITH JOHN THE BAPTIST.Isn't that a little unusual? JOHN -.. Now. REPORTER -.Can you tell us what that means? JOHN -.

REPORTER -. Because the Pharisees and the Sadducees no longer put their trust in God. JOHN -.Yes.Baptism is not intended to clean the body.That's right.. They don't think they need a savior. JOHN -. As a matter of fact.. REPORTER -.Yes. They put their trust in their own good deeds.Is that why you referred to them as.That's what I'm saying.But the Jordan river is muddy and unclean. And that's why I'm baptizing people in the Jordan River. And do you know why? REPORTER -. JOHN -. (reads) "A brood of vipers"? JOHN -.When did this happen? JOHN -. Have you ever seen such a thing at Herod's temple? REPORTER -.And because it gave glory to Herod and not to God. REPORTER -. Can you confirm that? FI LI P 3 . Have you noticed that God is not present in the temple? REPORTER -. Can you tell me why they refer to the temple in Jerusalem as HEROD'S temple? REPORTER -. REPORTER -.The first temple built by King Solomon had a pillar of smoke by day and a pillar of fire by night.Immediately after he came up out of the water. Jesus himself was already immersed in the Holy Spirit. REPORTER -.YOU want to ask the members of the press a question? JOHN -.I'll tell you why.There were several reports from bystanders that they heard thunder when Jesus came up out of the water.Are you saying that people who are immersed in the Jordan River now will be immersed in the Holy Spirit later? JOHN -. but to symbolize the immersion in the Holy Spirit.How would we know if God is there or not? JOHN -.REPORTER -.Because the money to build it came mostly from Herod.Are you saying that God is not present in the temple at Jerusalem? JOHN -.I thought WE were the ones who were supposed to be asking the questions.

in whom I am well pleased.You quoted God as saying (reads) "This is my son in whom I am well pleased". REPORTER -. JOHN -.That's right.Can you tell us what God said when Jesus came up out of the water? JOHN -.Yes. That makes THREE persons in one God at one time. All the others could only hear what sounded like thunder.Can you tell us why? JOHN -. just as it was in the time of Moses." REPORTER -.After creating the entire universe.JOHN -. what is there for God to be pleased about? JOHN -.Yes. Doesn't that mean there's two Gods? JOHN -. REPORTER -. "This is my son. REPORTER -. I saw the Holy Spirit descend from Heaven at the same time I heard God's voice from heaven. Jesus decided to give up his rights as king of the universe to take on the body of one of his creations in order to save them from their sins. REPORTER -.What the people heard was the voice of God himself. REPORTER -. Only true believers could hear the words of God.But you just told us that Jesus was about to start his ministry. He said. JOHN -.Don't forget.I don't know how God can do it. I would say that just humbling himself is enough to be pleased about.Did YOU hear the words? JOHN -. but it appears that one God is actually THREE different persons.THREE persons?! JOHN -.Yes. If Jesus hasn't done anything yet.But if Jesus is the creator of the universe.Why what? REPORTER -. REPORTER -. FI LI P 4 . that makes him God.But you said God spoke to Jesus from Heaven.

I'm just the voice of one calling in the wilderness.What I mean is.REPORTER -. If the king says "bring me the head of John the Baptizer on a platter". John has been in jail for several months. during the creation. (exits) CHAPTER 2: THE FINAL MOMENTS OF JOHN GUARD -. the Hebrew word for God is a plural noun that is always used with a singular verb. I'm no scholar.(enters carrying a sword with John in tow chained hand and foot.I don't know HOW he does it. Do you have any insight as to what prompted the command to execute him now? GUARD -. outside of our limitations of time and space. three persons can sit on one throne at one time. I can't see any other explanation for God referring to himself as US unless God is more than one person. REPORTER -.Why? REPORTER -. I do as I'm told. Now. REPORTER -. And this plural God said "Let US make man in OUR image. I have several hundred people waiting to be baptized.A man who is about to die doesn't get a press conference! FI LI P 5 . The reason I called this press conference is to announce that this man. REPORTER -. but this is not a surprise.King Herod doesn't need any charges. REPORTER -." At this point in the creation. if you'll excuse me. I don't know how one God can be three persons.Would you mind if we ask John a few questions? GUARD -." And I'm pleased to announce: The Lord is here. John son of Zechariah will be executed immediately at the command of King Herod. What are the charges against him? GUARD -. Perhaps outside of the universe that God created for us. crosses to podium) Good Evening.Yes. "Make way for the coming of the Lord. In the Book of Genesis. He doesn't need an excuse.I don't know. He is a king. He has the power of life and death over everyone in his kingdom. there is no one around but God himself.No.Can you tell us why John is being executed? GUARD -. I'm just following orders.How is it possible that God can be three persons? JOHN -.How can that be? JOHN -.

Your cousin? JOHN -.Please. REPORTER -. you are quite sure that Jesus of Nazareth is God himself in human flesh? JOHN -.What makes you so certain now? JOHN -. But make it brief.I sent messengers to Jesus while I was here in jail. can you tell us what prompted this execution? JOHN -. John has many disciples.REPORTER -.Can you tell us why you were put in j ail in the first place? JOHN -.Actually.Oh.Not to my face. REPORTER -.Very well. REPORTER -. I'm quite sure she had something to do with this decision. I'm ready to die knowing that I prepared the way of the Lord himself. I criticized King Herod for his adultery with his brother's wife. I first heard about the execution at the same time you all did. But I think it's more than just a coincidence that King Herod is having a party tonight in which his new wife and her daughter are the guests of honor. I did. (pushes John toward podium) REPORTER -.Jesus of Nazareth. This is news to me.Isn't it true that you recently doubted that you might not actually be the fulfillment of that prophecy? JOHN -.I'm certain of it.Yes. REPORTER -. REPORTER -. I have been ready to die since my cousin began his ministry. REPORTER -. GUARD -. FI LI P 6 . JOHN -.John.You don't seem terribly upset by the news that you're about to lose your life.Yes.So. I knew from the start that my job was to be the fulfillment of the Prophet Isaiah's prophecy. They need closure. He called me the voice of one calling in the wildern ess preparing the way of the Lord. They asked Jesus if he was the annointed one or did I announce the wrong man. But I don't anymore. REPORTER -.Have they charged you with any other offense? JOHN -.

his primary mission was to preach the good news to the poor. in typical fashion.He will die for our sins. And now it's looking very much like Jesus will be executed himself befo re he takes the throne.But the scriptures clearly state that the messiah will definitely take the throne. In other w ords.And what was his answer? JOHN -. REPORTER -. If Jesus dies for our sins he can't possibly take the throne! FI LI P 7 . He merely quoted old testament scriptures. REPORTER -. REPORTER -.What scriptures were those? JOHN -.I'm saying that the Jewish elites are wrong when they assume that the messiah wil l take the throne BEFORE he saves us from our sins. the deaf hear. They said that the messiah would ascend the throne and rule over Israel. quite frankly. JOHN -.Actually. and the good news is preached to the poor.And how will he save us from our sins? JOHN -. the dead are raised.Well. How could I doubt after hearing that? REPORTER -.What made you doubt Jesus in the first place? JOHN -.Jesus quoted the scriptures that predicted that "The blind receive sight. I bought into the teachings of the Jewish elites.I'm not sure I understand the sign ificance of these scriptures.So. of course. REPORTER -. And." REPORTER -.REPORTER -. But Jesus repeatedly told his people that "His time had not yet come". those who have leprosy are cured. REPORTER -.Yes. Are you saying that the scriptures are wrong? JOHN -. That's why he came to earth as a man. He healed the blind and the lame and the leper and the deaf. and he raised the dead to life again.Wait a minute. the lame walk. Jesus was reminding me that he had fulfilled the predictions about our messiah in the scriptures to the letter.Jesus did all of these things. he didn't answer my question at all. what you're saying is that the messiah will save us from our sins BEFORE he becomes king? JOHN -.

They will have no excuse.Why not? JOHN -. (exits with John) FI LI P 8 . they will have to pay for their own sins. REPORTER -. REPORTER -. When Jesus comes again in the future.Not this time. They assumed that the messiah would somehow do both in one visit. REPORTER -. But he won't. people will have the opportunity to hear about his death and resurrection and see it as proof that he is God in human flesh. JOHN -. GUARD -. REPORTER -.Exactly.I assume that the reason you're so calm about your impending execution is because you have already submitted to the authority of Jesus.Let's assume for a second that Jesus ac tually raises from the dead.He could.God wants everybody all over the world to have a chance to hear about the resurrection and submit to his will.Absolutely. JOHN -. No one but God could do such a miraculous thing.But how can Jesus ascend to the throne if he's dead? JOHN -.This time? Are you saying God is coming to earth again? JOHN -. someone who has already shown us that he has the power to raise people from the dead. REPORTER -. it's time. REPORTER -.If Jesus is God in human flesh as I have said repeatedly. Will he immediately ascend to the throne of Israel and rule Israel as king? JOHN -.But that's impossible.(grabs John's arm) Speaking of impending execution. If they fail to submit to the authority of Jesus. he will rise f rom the grave.JOHN -.That's what I'm saying and that's what the Jewish elites missed.

PELAK SIMPA SIMPA 12. A A A 3 5. S . PELAK 11. PELAK A A A A A A 1 2 3 4 1 2 FI LI P 9 . A A A 1 2. PE GA AL 1 6. PELAK AMBA AMBA 10. A A A 2 3. PE GA AL 2 AMBA 7. PELAK 9. PELAK AMBA 8.BARISAN PELAKON: 1. 4.

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