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People hold different notions about the meaning of numbers. This study mainly

focuses on the difference in the concept of number between the East and the West.

The West has a mystical science of numbers called Numerology, which determines

manners, personalities, job preferences, talents, and love, etc. of a person's life.

Accordingly, odd numbers have their own meanings: number 1 is associated with the

beginning, strength, leadership, courage; number 3 is creativity, happiness,

enthusiasm and harmony; number 5 is the strongest and most energetic figure,

demonstrating high social harmony; number 7 symbolizes spiritual, meditative,

seductive and thoroughly power; number 9 is associated with artistic, humanity and

tolerance. Even numbers have other meanings: number 2 is associated with gentleness

and understanding; number 4 is associated with hard work, strength, stability and

power ; number 6 is a romantic figure that also represents compassion, altruism and

sacrifice; number 8 stands for balance, proportion and harmony.

In Western culture, number 10 is hardly ever discussed.

On the other hand, in the East, all creatures are born with their own numbers.

Numbers are associated with the rule of Five Elements and Yin Yang.

Ying standing alone has a dark meaning while Yang alone has a bright meaning. The

harmony between the two factors generates all kinds of creatures. Numbers follow the

similar rule. Each single number holds its distinct meaning; however, when

combining with other numbers, it represents another meaning. Such combinations

depicts different notions of goodness and badness. According to Chinese culture,

number 1 denotes the beginning, the origin of all things; number 3 is the spiritual
number, associated with the birth, prosperity, and strictly referred to basic models in

the life of feudal social as: Three Moral Bonds, Three Genereations, Three Traditional

Religions, Three Worlds of Buddishm, Three Kingdoms, Three Incarnations, etc.;

Number 5 is the mystical number, associated with the five elements, involving the

following phrases: Five Elements, Five Direction, Five Constant Virtues, Five Stars,

Five Tones, Five Sounds, Five Senses, Five Organs, Five sort of Grain, Five Colors,

Five Tastes, ; number 7 is the divine number, symbolizing the infinite time, the

immense universe, expressing the connection and unity, with the familiar phrases

such as The Seven stars in the dipper, Seven statuses of human emotion; Seven

essential objects like fire, rice, oil, salt, vinegar, tea, etc.); number 9 is the highest odd

number, expressing the ultimate meaning, prosperity, fulfilment and longevity.