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135 Years

Volume 136 Issue 33 Friday, October 26, 2018 90 cents plus tax

New Town Ready For Trick-or-Treaters
E lectors across the
ed to the polls on

Wednesday, October
24th to elect their mu-
nicipal governments
and school boards.
Here in the Town
of Minnedosa, there
was only 30 percent
voter turnout with
only 646 voters out of
an eligible 2,175 cast-
ing their vote for our
next Town Council.
The six elected
councillors elected
include Jim Dowsett
who earned a whop-
ping 570 votes, Frank
Taylor with 500 votes,
Mark Blais with 489
votes, Grant Butler
Photo by Karen Mitchell
with 488 votes, Rick
Saler with 394 votes, Ken and Karen Parenteau took advantage of the nice weather over the weekend to decorate their yard for Halloween.
and Tom Dowsett with
The couple lives in the southeast corner of town and look forward to attracting a lot of trick-or-treaters on October 31st.
349 votes.
The two candi-
dates not elected to
council were incum-
bent Judith Mac-
Dowall who earned
Dan Johnson Honoured With Sport Award
328 votes and Clarke By KAREN MITCHELL no slowing down for him yet!
Swain who recieved His volunteer credentials are many, start-

215 votes. he 2018 award winner for Outstanding Dedica- ing with coaching ten and under baseball at the
Former Town tion to Sport and Recreation was announced age of sixteen. There are numerous things around
Councillor, Pat Skatch at the 21st Annual Sports Dinner on Saturday, Oc- Minnedosa that Johnson has his blood, sweat and
has been acclaimed tober 20th. This years recipient was the deserving, tears in. Some of his volunteer work includes mul-
Minnedosa’s new Dan Johnson. tiple years of coaching baseball and hockey, help-
mayor. Born and raised in Minnedosa, Dan has been a ing start the breakfast club at the arena, building
The new council vital part of the community for decades in numer- baseball diamonds for the 1992 Manitoba Games,
will be sworn in at the ous projects and organizations around town. His and sitting on multiple boards and committees.
November Council passion and leadership style can be felt by anyone
meeting. who sits down with him and Johnson says there is Continued on Page 3
Photo by Karen Mitchell

from Minnedosa Fun Fest’s Annual
Shop 0
over 4
Christmas Gift & Craft Sale Hourl
y draw
vendo Saturday, November 3rd, 2018
Gift C
ertific for
will be use at
d at th es to
Lunch ble 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. at MCCC e sale
ila !
be ava $2.00 Admission (Kids 12 and under FREE!)
2 Friday, October 26, 2018 The Minnedosa Tribune

Ten Entrepreneurs Compete In What’s The Big Idea
By KAREN MITCHELL very inspiring and hope-
ful to see the new and pro-

A venue for entrepre-
neurs to pitch their
business has become a
gressive businesses in our
communities, it bodes well
for our community’s suc-
godsend by many local cess! Each business has a
residents. What’s the BIG lot to offer our residents,
Idea started four years and we wanted to be sure
ago as a partnership be- they got the support they
tween Minnedosa Area need to succeed to contin-
Community Development ue our community’s pros-
Corporation and the Town perity,” explains one judge
of Neepawa Economic Marnie Marcischuk.
Development office for The ten entrepre-
local residents with big neurs included; Boho Soul
ideas and dreams of start- Wellness (Magen Swift,
ing their own business to Minnedosa), Smile Pi-
come and pitch to a panel noy Foods (Elika Canete,
of judges and perhaps re- Neepawa), Lakeside Photo by Karen Mitchell
ceive funding in order to Millwork (Jeff Kitching,
help them see their dreams Minnedosa), 2D Creations included; Michelle Budi- to participants at the end of feature story on this busi- winners included Magen
come to fruition. (Diana Cao, Neepawa), wski (Budiwski Holdings), the day. Local prize spon- ness elsewhere in today’s Swift who was awarded the
On October 18th in Dragonfly Drone Pho- Marlies Soltys (Inspire sors included $1,000 plus edition. Mlee walked away $1,000 prize from the Town
Minnedosa, ten entrepre- tography (Jamie Mad- Studio), Kim Burgess (Sa- one lot for development from the event with four of Minnedosa, Jeff Kitching
neurs gathered together dever, Neepawa), Cherich tori Counselling), Eric in the Industrial Park val- prizes, including the in- who won the $500 from the
for this very reason. Resi- Creations (Eriza Pepino, Wawaruk (Farmery Brew- ued at $10,000 from Town dustrial lot in Minnedosa. Minnedosa Chamber and
dents from Minnedosa Neepawa), Theradream ery) and Meaghan Cann of Minnedosa, $1,000 She also won $1,800 in Chelsea Henry who won
and Neepawa set up a Therapeutics (Mlee King- (Farmhouse 50) and Amy from the Minnedosa Area cash prizes from the lo- $1,000 sponsored by Prai-
display and were on hand don, Minnedosa), Two Spring (Fueled by Adven- Community Development cal CDC, R.M. of Minto- rie Oasis.
to promote, sell and pitch Barn Antiques (Lynne and tures). Marnie Marcischuk Corporation, $500 from Odanah and RBC for Best Chantelle Parrott, Eco-
an array of talent. Andrew Dennis Ranger, Neepawa), and Kerri MacPherson Minnedosa and Beautiful Pitch of the Day. Kingdon nomic Development Offi-
Arksey - Community Fu- Zenry Yoga (Chelsea Hen- from RBC also spoke about Plains Credit Unions, $500 was overwhelmed by the cer for the Minnedosa Area
tures Westman, Marnie ry, Minnedosa) and Olga “Cash Flow and Financing from the R.M. of Minto- outcome of the day stating Community Development
Marcischuk – RBC Branch Boyko Custom Clothing Your Sales Cycles.” Odanah, $500 from the “Events like this one shows Corporation was very
Manager in Minnedosa (Olga Boyko, Neepawa). Supporting the event Minnedosa Chamber of the community support pleased with how the day
and Trenton Zazalak - the On hand were several were many award donors, Commerce and $300 from behind young entrepre- turned out. “The event was
Aurora Project (Newcomer guest speakers who told and the event could not RBC. neurs. It is so nice to see a huge success. Every year,
Entrepreneurship Servic- their story of rising to fame occur without these gen- The big winner of the and the feeling of not be- BIG Idea keeps getting
es), were the three judges and their struggles and tri- erous organizations. In day was Minnedosa’s Mlee ing alone in this process is better and better,” Parrott
this year and had a hard umphs during the initial all, fifteen prizes totaling Kingdon with Theradream a huge thing.” said. “Last year we award-
task ahead of them. “It is startup process. Speakers $20,450 were handed out Therapeutics. See separate Other Minnedosa ed almost $10,000 and this
year, we just blew that out
of the water by putting over
$20,000 in cash and prizes
THE TOWN OF MINNEDOSA directly into the hands of
PUBLIC NOTICE new, local entrepreneurs.
BOARD OF REVISION We saw a record number
of pitches with ten unique
Notice is hereby Given that the 2019 Assessment Roll for The Town of Minnedosa has been delivered to the Municipal Office and exciting new business-
at Minnedosa, Manitoba, 103 Main Street S. in the Town of Minnedosa and is open for inspection during regular business hours. es presented and it just
Applications for revision may be made in accordance with Sections 42 & 43 of the Municipal Assessment Act. makes me so excited for
the future for these entre-
APPLICATION FOR REVISION preneurs and for our com-
42(1) A person in whose name property has been assessed, mortgagee in possession of property under section 114(1) of The Real
munities. But mostly I am
Property Act, an occupier of premises who is under the terms of a lease to pay the taxes on the property, or the Assessor may make
proud of the entrepreneurs
application for the revision of an assessment roll with respect to:
A) Liability to taxation who put themselves out
B) Amount of an assessed value there, the courage it takes
C) Classification of property; or to walk up and put their
D) A refusal by an Assessor to amend the Assessment Roll under Subsection 13(2). idea on the line, this is
not an easy thing to do, so
APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS to do that and have those
43(1) An application for revision must ideas validated and also
A) Be in writing;
get some start-up capital,
B) Set out the roll number and legal description of the assessable property for which a revision is sought;
it is just such a rewarding
C) Set out which of the matters referred to in subsection 42(1) are at issue, and the grounds for each of those matters; and
D) Be filed by and fulfilling day for every-
i) Delivering it or causing it to be delivered to the office indicated in the Public Notice given under Subsection 41(2), or one.”
ii) Serving it upon the secretary at least 15 days before the scheduled sitting of the Board as indicated in the Public Notice. Next year will mark the
fifth Annual What’s The Big
The Board of Revision will sit on December 4, 2018 at 5:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers of The Town of Minnedosa to Idea Event which is sched-
hear applications. uled to be held in Neepa-
wa. Over the year’s almost
Tuesday, November 13th, 2018 Application for revision or complaints must be received by 4:30 p.m., Monday, November 19, 2018,
$45,000 has been awarded
delivered or mailed to The Town of Minnedosa, 103 Main Street S, Box 426, Minnedosa, Manitoba, R0J 1E0
at Minnedosa Community Conference Centre to support the launch of
more than 25 businesses in
$17.00 per person Dated this 26th day of October, 2018
Tickets available in advance at Minnedosa Legion Club Cindy Marzoff – Secretary of the Board
Rooms, Minnedosa Credit Union & Sims & Co. Law Office The Minnedosa Board of Revision
Brought to you by The Minnedosa Legion The Town of Minnedosa
The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, October 26, 2018 3

“Sport Award” New Asbestos Policy
Continued in hockey or at some kind had this to say, “I was ab- By KAREN MITCHELL moistened with water prior to packaging
from Page 1 of meeting for some kind solutely super shocked. to reduce friability.

Johnson was also
heavily involved with
of committee or planning
the annual Skate the Lake
weekend,” said Paxton.
When Craig, Derrick, Terry
and Scott got up I thought,
hmm who are those four
T he Evergreen Environmental Tech-
nologies Corporation has introduced
a new asbestos guideline as of Septem-
The Landfill Manager or Landfill
Sub-Forman must be notified 24 hours
prior to our facility receiving any mate-
the creation of the back “Volunteering is second giving this prize to. Once ber 17th. Historically, material was not rial and a specific time will be assigned
nine expansion at the golf nature to him, and it was they started talking and being bagged properly when delivered to for the receiving Asbestos material.
course, one of the people watching that second na- looked at me I was imme- the site and due to the hazardous nature Asbestos will only be received at
who founded the Sports ture that made me want diately surprised. It was of the material the public is being asked Evergreen Environmental Technologies
Dinner and the Outstand- to get involved in different really cool and a little em- to adhere to the new guidelines. Corporation between the hours of 9 a.m.
ing Dedication to Sports volunteer opportunities barrassing as well. It was a All Asbestos materials destined for and 2:30 p.m.
award, the mastermind throughout high school very gratifying and flatter- Evergreen Environmental Technologies Dave MacDonald, Operations Man-
(along with wife Gaylene) and into adulthood. When ing experience for sure. I Corporation facility must be packed in ager stated, “If anyone is ever out here
to creating Skate the Lake I texted dad after he got his have never done anything minimum of six mil thickness yellow and they have questions we are more
and now Rock the Lake, a award his response was to be in the spotlight or to plastic bags. than happy to show them around the
member of the new arena ‘Thanks, rather embar- be recognized, but to have All materials must be at least double site. Sometimes it helps to get a better
design committee… the list rassing!’ and of course that those guys give me this bagged. The neck of each bag must be understanding seeing things up close.”
goes on and on and on. would be his response, be- honour was very special. twisted, folded over and tied securely MacDonald also states that if anyone
Dan, his wife Gaylene cause he never does any- Minnedosa has been and with “tuck” tape or similar type of adhe- has any questions about the packaging,
and children Paxton, Brock thing for the recognition. will always be my home.” sive tape. transporting or disposal of Asbestos ma-
and Troy are all well known He’s never done anything All packaged material must be terial to give him a call at 204-868-6104.
in the community. John- to be the centre of atten-
son is the owner of Integra tion. He did this because
Tire, which he purchased he felt it was important
from his father, Wayne, and in my opinion, it’s
almost 15 years ago, and time he was recognized
worked at from the age of for the hundreds of hours
14 pushing broom. “There he puts into making sure
has never been a moment the projects he cares about
that it wasn’t a part of my stay alive and thrive within
life, it’s in my blood,” tells the community that he has
Johnson. Also working for spent his whole life living
National Tire as a DDM in.”
Consultant, there isn’t When asked what this
many hours left in the day. award means to him Dan
Perhaps the most de-
serving award for Johnson
is being an inspirational
family man, the love he
holds for his family is front If your label reads
and centre and speak-
ing to his daughter, Pax-
ton, this quality can’t be
It’s time to renew
more apparent, “Growing your subscription!
up dad was always do-
ing something. Whether 204-867-3816
it was coaching the boys

Minnedosa Lions and MBEC 18104gm0

Haunted House
October 26th and October 27th The annual seasonal flu vaccine is available to all Manitobans at
at Dalrymples Greenhouse in Minnedosa
5:30 - 7:30 p..m. non scare time no charge. It will offer protection against four seasonal flu strains.
$5.00 per person
An annual flu vaccine is especially important for those at increased
7:30 - 10:00 p.m. prepared to be scared!!!
$10.00 per person risk of serious illness from the flu, their caregivers and close contacts.
If you are 65 or older or have a chronic illness, you should also get
Pumpkin Carving Contest a pneumo vaccine. One pneumo vaccine may give you a lifetime
Completed Pumpkins must be dropped off at
Dalrymples Greenhouse on of protection.
October 24th and 25th
No cost to enter - Open to all ages. To get your free flu vaccine, contact your public health nurse,
doctor, pharmacist or call Health Links � Info Sant� at
or toll-free

4 Friday, October 26, 2018 The Minnedosa Tribune

Darryl a.Holyk - PublisHer anD eDitor

Around Progress Being Made in
Reducing the Provincial Deficit
Town... By Darryl Holyk
Under The Dome
These are the largest investments in these services that
Manitoba has ever seen.
Our responsible management of expenditures and
our measured steps to reduce the deficit have allowed
our government, as well, to build up the province’s rainy-
GREG NESBITT day fund. We added $50 million to this fiscal stabilization
We Can Be Thankful... Riding Mountain MLA account in 2017-18, five times more than initially budget-
ed. And this contribution to the fund, in order to plan for
Recently, the majestic old home that sat along High-
unforeseen emergencies, comes after the NDP drained
way #16 in Neepawa was demolished. This handsome,
$750 million from it between 2009 and 2015.
Queen Anne style home, constructed in 1887 by J.A.
Davidson, had fallen into a grave state of disrepair and W hile our Manitoba government continues to make
record investments in education, health care and
family services, we have again surpassed a deficit reduc-
Our ongoing improvements to Manitoba’s fiscal
health have, however, come with challenges. As a re-
the municipally designated heritage home has been
tion target on a pace to balance the provincial budget in sult of the former NDP administration’s annual struc-
lost forever. It was known affectionately to locals of that
our second term. tural deficits, its doubling of Manitoba’s debt in just eight
community as “The Castle” and we in Minnedosa can be
Public accounts for the 2017-18 fiscal year show we years and three consecutive credit rating downgrades,
forever thankful to Dr. Richard Northcott and his family
have decreased the provincial summary deficit to $695 our province now has annual debt-servicing charges ex-
who saved and restored our own castle, the R.H. Myers
million, which is $145 million lower than the budgeted pected to exceed $1 billion in 2018-19. Public funds that
home, on 2nd Avenue S.W. back in the 1980s. Currently
deficit of $840 million. This is real progress toward fiscal service this level of debt can’t be invested in priority ar-
operating as Kruk Castle Bed and Breakfast, Minnedosa’s
sustainability, which is essential to protecting the servic- eas such as education, infrastructure and health care.
historic Queen Anne style mansion could have easily met
es Manitoba families rely on. We are on the right course, though, and independent
the same sad fate as our neighbour’s castle. Built for the
It’s also a stark contrast to the mismanagement, con- analyses confirm this. Manitoba’s Auditor General re-
Davidson family, the Neepawa castle was home to the
secutive deficits and ballooning debt under the previous cently released a report reflecting the effective measures
Quinn family for many years. Bob Sanderson, Minnedo-
NDP government. Due to the NDP’s reckless waste, the our government is taking to deal with the massive deficit
sa Tribune Publisher from 1931 to 1950, was married to
deficit was projected to climb to $1.7 billion by 2019 if left the NDP left behind, and credit rating agency DBRS Ltd.
the former Marion Quinn, who grew up in the now-de-
unaddressed. has endorsed the “responsible fashion” in which we are
molished Neepawa landmark.
While reducing the deficit the past two fiscal years, doing it.
our government has significantly increased expenditures Through smart fiscal management, we are taking
Deer Collision numbers... in health care by $386 million, in education by $399 mil- firm steps toward sustainability, fixing Manitoba’s fi-
nances and moving our province in the right direction.
Manitoba Public Insurance has released its latest lion and in the Department of Families by $288 million
statistics on collisions between deer and vehicles. Every over what the NDP budgeted for these services in 2015.
year, there are approximately 7,000 such collisions in the
province with the top incident region being Eastman
with 1,700 yearly collisions. Here in Westman, there are
about 1,585 yearly collisions putting us in second place.
Signage is planned to be placed in Riding Mountain
Council Changes for Area RM’s
National Park to warn drivers of the potential danger of By DARRYL HOLYK Contreras with 128 votes. lowed by incumbent Lloyd reen Stapleton with 155
collisions with wildlife and to encourage them to travel Defeated were Les Lesack Ewasko with 259 votes and votes, Larry Krushelnisky

at safe speeds, particularly between dusk and dawn. here were some big with 111 votes and Rick Jim Dudman with 61 votes. with 151 votes, Bill Huston
Animals are normally more active at dawn, dusk and at changes in the R.M.’s of Proven with 105 votes. In Kevin Pederson was ac- with 105 votes, Jake David-
night. Clanwilliam-Erickson and Ward Two, elected were claimed for LUD of New- son with 93 votes and Ter-
Harrison-Park as a result of Cody Cameron with 96 dale while Nancy Dilts ryl Maduke with 88 votes.
Halloween... Wednesday’s election.
In Clanwilliam-Eri-
votes and Gord Kuharski
with 93 votes. Defeated
and Karen Drul were ac-
claimed for LUD of Sandy
In Ward Two, elected were
Wade Skolney with 585
Next Wednesday is Halloween and the trick-or- cosn, incumbent Mayor El- were Sylvia Linda Kaktins Lake. In Ward One, elected votes, Larry Spitula with
treaters will be out in full force gathering goodies. The gin Hall recieed 128 votes with 89 votes and Don were Ian Drul with 216 418 votes and Craig Atkin-
local Rec Commission has once again organized a down- and was defeated by new Huisman with 62 votes. votes and Jeremy Andrey- son with 327 votes. De-
town trick-or-treat train to visit participating Minnedosa Mayor Victor Braniuk who In Harrison-Park, chuk with 214 votes. De- feated were Dennis Jones
Chamber of Commerce businesses that afternoon, com- earned 315 votes. Elected three ran for Reeve and feated were Wayne Shew- with 309 votes and Darrell
mencing at 1 p.m. in Ward One were Ian Gib- Jason Potter won with an chuk with 179 votes, Carol Graham with 257 votes.
bons (140 votes) and Kristy outstanding 974 votes, fol- Betton with 157 votes, Do-

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The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, October 26, 2018 5

Guarding Against Identity Theft
SUBMITTED prepared as possible to
avoid being victimized.”
“It is unfortunate that
Many scam calls are
of the “cold call” variety.
Ye O l d
W ith technology ad- When it comes to seniors are often the target If you’re unsure, let the call

vancements and email scams, fortunately, of cyber scams. Recogniz- go to voicemail.
upgrades coming at break- there are some clues that ing this vulnerability, we If you are asked for in-
neck speed, there’s always can indicate if a message is are pleased to team up formation over the phone,
something newer and legitimate or an attempted with the Canada Safety ensure that you are the one
more up-to-date to make scam. Unlike professional Council to help empower who initiated the call and
our lives easier. Unfortu- emails, scam emails are them to stay safe online,” you know who you’re talk-
nately, things that make often littered with spelling said Nimtaz Kanji, Direc- ing to. Be wary of incoming
our lives easier can also and/or grammatical er- tor, TELUS Wise. “Provid- calls as you may be speak-
make life easier for crimi- rors. These messages also ing seniors with online ing with someone who is
nals – notably, fraudsters frequently come from un- safety tips and information not affiliated with the or- 1888 – Citizens are complaining the manure heaps, the
and identity thieves. To known email addresses, do will allow them to partici- ganization they claim to be accumulation of several years, are allowed to lie rotting
mark this year’s National not address the recipient pate in our digital world from.  in the yards of dwellings in the heart of town. The stench
Senior Safety Week, No- by name and feature low- without fear, and enable Keep your digital is sickening and they think it will cause an outbreak of
vember 6th to 12th, the quality images. them to take advantage of household clean – ensure disease.
Canada Safety Council and Additionally, mali- the positive benefits tech- your software is kept up to
TELUS are teaming up to cious messages may en- nology has to offer.” date and deactivate/delete 1898 – Mr. P.J. McDermott’s handsome new building
shed light on how seniors courage recipients to take Here are five other accounts or apps that are will be completed and occupied in a few days. It contains
can keep themselves and urgent actions, involving useful tips to keep your in- no longer in use. every modern convenience for conducting business on
their information safe, and clicking on links or open- formation out of the wrong Over the course of a large scale and for the comfort of customers. Editor’s
out of the hands of crimi- ing attachments, provid- hands: National Senior Safety Note: This is the building currently occupied by Liberty
nals. ing private information, Limit what you share Week, we’ll be sharing Physiotherapy and Minnedosa Chiropractic Centre.
The Competition Bu- or calling a specific phone online; do not give out more safety tips relating to
reau of Canada estimates number.  Unless you’re your social insurance smartphones, social net- 1908 – The electric light went out in Pearson’s Hall Fri-
that seniors between absolutely certain of a number online under any works, and insights on the day evening during Mr. Jackson’s speech. While re-con-
the ages of 60-79 were message’s origins, do not circumstances. most common scams im- necting the wire, Mr. Tennant, electrician, had his face
scammed out of $94 mil- download attachments or Don’t share personal pacting seniors. Visit the badly burned by a sudden blaze from the wire and Mr.
lion between January 2014 click on links as they may information online, in- Canada Safety Council’s Brown was burned on the top of his head.
and December 2017. contain viruses, spyware cluding credit card num- website for more safety
“Criminals tend to and malware.  Further, bers and your address, information and a show- 1918 – Thompson The Jeweller advertises Brunswick
look for the path of least refrain from using any unless you are on a secure case of safety through the table model phonographs ranging from $57 to $84 while
resistance and, too often, method of contact shared website. To check, look for century as the organiza- Minnedosa Pharmacy advertises new titles as the district
that passes through our in the message. Rather, a padlock icon next to the tion celebrates 100 years in agent for Edison Disc and Cylinder Machines.
most vulnerable sections contact the organization site’s address. safety.
of society,” said Jack Smith, using the phone number
1928 – A travelling troupe of artists cancelled their ap-
president of the Canada or email listed on their
pearance at Clanwilliam when they saw the size of the
Safety Council. “Seniors website, and inquire about
hall. Clanwilliam needs a bigger one.
seem to be easy targets for the message’s legitimacy.
a lot of scammers, which is Messages that appear ma- Tribune Founder 1948 – No tenders have been received by town council
why we feel it’s crucial that licious in nature should be William Gibbens
we do our part to keep the reported to the Canadian to pick up the garbage.
Born - 1854 at London, England
elderly as informed and Anti-Fraud Centre and de-
Died - February 20, 1932 1958 – The Minnedosa District Hospital suffered some
at Cornwall, Ontario

Highway Collision
damage during a violent storm Monday night. Rain
swept through the front entrance and through a portion
of the roof under repair. Water flooded the office, oper-
ating room, doctors’ offices, the health department and
By KAREN MITCHELL business of where x-ray equipment was stored. It isn’t believed that
the equipment suffered any damage. Most of the damage
the month to the hospital was confined to the walls and the ceiling.
O n Monday, October 22nd at the north junction of
#10 and #16 highway, a two-vehicle accident oc-
curred. A north bound vehicle was struck by an east-
Minnedosa Chamber of 1968 – Ernie Stevens has announced his retirement. Er-
Commerce nie first came to Minnedosa in 1935 and was a pharma-
bound vehicle, sending the northbound vehicle into the thanks this business for its’ contribution to
ditch. Fortunately, the two occupants in the northbound the business community cist for Robert Wood He purchased Mr. Wood’s business
vehicle and one occupant in the eastbound vehicle were October 2018 in 1945 and has operated it as Steven’s Drugs for the past
treated at the scene by EMS with no significant injuries. 23 years. The business has been purchased by Bill Early
Double M Towing of Erickson and will be managed by pharmacist Bob Ber-
tram commencing November 1st.

1978 – Starting November 1st, Minnedosa MTS sub-
scribers will be able to dial direct overseas to 27 coun-

1998 – Pete “the Barber” is retiring after 40 years and
three weeks since he opened his doors on Main Street.

Dr. Derek Papegnies
His retirement leaves Bob Lee (Dominion Café/Lee’s
Business of the Month Restaurant) with all the seniority as a long-time business
Double M Towing has been chosen as this month’s Minnedosa owner.
Chamber of Commerce Business of the Month. Bruce and
OPTOMETRIST Jody Michaelis started their towing business five years ago in
May of 2013. Currently, the business has two trucks and one 2008 – Lois Neabel cut the ribbon held by Fred Brown
trailer and runs 24/7. They accept CAA, Autopac and private and Carol Ranson to officially open the Minnedosa Re-
calls including lock outs, boosts, tire changes and towing for gional Archives last Friday afternoon.
Minnedosa and area. The business, based out of Clanwilliam is
129-2nd Avenue S.W., Minnedosa, MB also a U-Haul drop off location.
FOR APPOINTMENTS CALL: Next Chamber meeting is
204-867-2455 November 8th at the Lorelei.
6 Friday, October 26, 2018 The Minnedosa Tribune

Sandy Lake News
Municipality of Harrison Park

OF PUBLIC HEARING By DIANE BACHEWICH Darcy Krause and friends happy to have her great-
On the date and at the time and location shown below, a PUBLIC HEARING will be held to receive in Deep River, Pinawa and granddaughter, Janelle
representation from any persons who wish to make them in respect to the following matter:

L awrence and Barb
Osadec spent Thanks-
giving weekend with son
Ron and Lucy Men-
dro spent the Thanksgiv-
Wahoski, spend an eve-
ning with her. Janelle is vis-
iting for a couple of weeks
Jeff and Pam and girls in ing weekend in Swan River from Brisbane, Australia.
HEARING Municipality of Harrison Park Council Chambers Calgary, AB. where they attended the Baba enjoyed the stories
LOCATION: 43 Gateway Street, Onanole, Manitoba Nadia Issic (Bach- wedding of Ron’s nephew, Janelle had to share about
ewich) returned to her Jason Doverspike and Hil- her work and living there.
DATE & TIME: November 20th, 2018 at 9:30 am
home in Vancouver, BC ary Holmes. Jason is the Congratulations to
GENERAL after spending the past son of Michele (Mendro) Richard Belchamber and
INTENT OF To re-designate an area of land within the Municipality from two weeks here. She was and Wayne Doverspike. Megan Horachuk who
BY-LAW No. 60: Residential Area to Commercial Area a guest with her long-time Sympathy is extended were married on October
friend, Stella Kowalchuk. to Nellie Juba and the No- 6th. Richard is the son of
AFFECTED: Lot 8, plan 7588 Congratulations to valkowski families on the Jim and Blanche (Rys-
(109074 PTH 10) Ashley Usick and Kevin passing of Nellie’s hus- tephanuk) Belchamber of
as shown outlined in a Folk who were married in band, Pete. The funeral Saskatoon, SK.
heavy dashed line the St, Nicholas Ukrainian service was held at the Tis the season for duck
on the attached map
Catholic Church at Ozerna Rossburn Ukrainian Cath- hunting. There are many
on Saturday. The reception olic Church with inter- hunters from the United
was held at Elkhorn Ranch. ment at Birtle Cemetery. States, like Maryland, Min-
Ashley is the daughter of A very nice “Thank nesota, Wisconsin and
Mark and Susan Usick and You” was received by the around the area. Along
granddaughter of Mary Sandy Lake Legion Ladies with many Canadians from
and the late Cliff Usick. Auxiliary #184 from the Alberta, Saskatchewan,
Blake and Sylvia Budd Dr. Ajai Khandelwal Pri- Ontario and all the local
returned home from a mary Care Centre for their Manitoba hunters. Many
week’s visit with Blake’s donation to the new clinic say that this is a duck hunt-
FOR INFORMATION Robert Ewashko, Development Officer mother at Gananoque, which is now open. ing paradise. Enjoy your
CONTACT: Phone: 204-848-2561 ON. They also visited with Helen Derhak was stay!

A copy of the above proposal and supporting material may be inspected in the office of the

Newdale News
Municipality of Harrison Park at the above address during the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and
from 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday.

By RAvEN’s GlEN WI sister and their families Catholic Church at Ozerna
mostly all live in Alberta or was the scene of a beauti-

B est wishes to Lil Far-
rend who has spent
time in Brandon Hospital
BC now.
Jack’s brother Dave
and family, his two daugh-
ful wedding when Ashley
Usick married Kevin Folk
on October 13th.   A lovely
for treatment recently and ters Diane (Wade), Chris- reception for family and
we hope you’ll soon return tine and one son Russell friends followed at Elk-
to Minnedosa Hospital. (Janet) were able to attend horn Resort.  Ashley is the
Hope you are soon back in with their Dad. Nieces Au- granddaughter of Mary
your home feeling much drey Kirk and Donna Gor- and the late Cliff Usick
improved! don, daughters of Jack’s and Bruce and Marg Ra-
Sunday service was brother Don (Marguerite), pley.   We wish the young
taken by Susan and Ed Le- and Jack’s cousin Enid couple many years of hap-
Seure of Brandon and it’s Clark, daughter of Jack’s piness from the Newdale
always a pleasure to have nephew Allan (Janet) Ad- community.
them come back to take amson all attended. Two Several from around
our church service and more cousins unable to the area took in the Mecca
we especially enjoy coffee attend were Joyce (Stan) Production of “Newsies”
time visiting at the Leisure Konopski and Ron (Edel) held at the Centennial Au-
Inn. Thomson, children of ditorium in Brandon on
Very best birthday Jack’s niece Freda (Jack) October 18th to 20th. Lisa
wishes to Jack Waddell on Thomson. A good friend Vasconcelos’ daughter,
his 90th Birthday which from their school days Ei- Tiana, had the female lead
was celebrated Octo- leen Bradley also attended and did a wonderful job!
ber 20th with family and with her son Wayne and The dancing by the “news-
friends at the Carman Golf wife Elaine. Lots of visit- ies” was terrific and music
Course restaurant. Jack ing, catching up with fam- superb. Well done again
farmed and retired into ily news stories and of Lisa, cast and crew!
Newdale before he and course lots of picture tak-
wife, Ann, moved to Car-
man, closer to her family.
ing! Everyone enjoyed
birthday cake back at Jack
There are four siblings left
from the twelve children
and Margaret’s suite.
Best wishes to Lori Results
belonging to Allan and Lily Voth of Strathclair who
Waddell, Dave, Wilfred, recently underwent knee October 18th
(32-2) Jack and Grace. Their sis- surgery in Brandon. Your
ter, Theresa, just passed Newdale friends hope 1st – Jim/Lynn Burgess
away recently she was you’ll soon be “dancing” 2nd (tie) - Cheryl Orr/
Tribune Printing married to Ralph Hogg
(deceased) formerly of
with those good knees
Jean Garbolinsky and
Judy McFadden/
204-867-3816 Strathclair. The brothers, St. Nicholas Ukrainian Val St. John 3rd - Cliff Lenz/June Clark
The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, October 26, 2018 7

21st Sports Dinner
Municipality of Harrison Park

Winnipeg exchange dis-
trict, a Moose game, a Jets On the date and at the time and location shown below, a PUBLIC HEARING will be held to receive
game and passes to Across representation from any persons who wish to make them in respect to the following matter:
was the nights’ big winner, RM OF PARK ZONING BY-LAW 1311, as amended.
collecting the 50/50 prize
and the door prize as well. HEARING Municipality of Harrison Park Council Chambers
LOCATION: 43 Gateway Street, Onanole, Manitoba
One lucky man for sure!
The winner of the Hextall DATE & TIME: November 20th, 2018 at 10:00 am
jersey was Bill Hopkins.
At 9:00 p.m. the man GENERAL
INTENT OF To reclassify an area within the Municipality from
of the hour took to the po- BY-LAW No. 59: “RG” Residential General Zone to “RMH” Residential Mobile Home Zone
dium. Two-time Olympic
gold medalist John Morris AREA
(aka Johnny Mo) was the AFFECTED: Lot 14, Block 4 Plan 7841
(200 Meadow View Drive)
nights keynote speaker. as shown outlined in a
McNabb was thrilled to heavy solid line
introduce Morris, telling on the attached map
of the first time she inter-
viewed the curler years
ago when she was a young
sports broadcaster. Morris,
who lives in Canmore, Al-
Photo by Karen Mitchell
berta, has had a huge year
Keynote speaker, John Morris. this year. Winning the gold
medal at Pyeong Chang
in mixed doubles curling,
By KAREN MITCHELL McNabb drew table num- alongside partner Kaitlyn FOR INFORMATION Robert Ewashko, Development Officer
bers for the delicious buf- Lawes in February and CONTACT: Phone: 204-848-2561

T he 21st Annual Sports
Dinner presented by
Minnedosa and District
fet supper, catered by Mis-
sy Inkster. After supper, 31
NHL hats were auctioned
welcoming his first-born
son, Jack, in March. Mor-

A copy of the above proposal and supporting material may be inspected in the office of the
ris is also a firefighter and Municipality of Harrison Park at the above address during the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and
Recreation Commission off by Craig Pearson, with dedicated to health and from 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday.
has come and gone for 50% of the profits being fitness. “I’m feeling like
another year. On Satur- divided into four payouts one of the luckiest guys on
day, October 20th, 180 based on standings at the earth right now,” said Mor-
Minnedosa and area resi- end of the 2018/19 hockey ris.
dents gathered for this season. The top two hats Morris took the guests
worthwhile fundraiser. A of the evening went for through a slideshow that
full evening of entertain- $240 each were Toronto told the story of his curl-
ment, socializing and priz- Maple Leafs and Boston ing years, both the ups
es were seen by all who at- Bruins. 8:15 p.m. brought and downs. Admittingly
tended. the awards presentation struggling with some com-
Recreation Director, for Outstanding Dedica- petitive and anger issues
Laura Cook stated, “Over- tion to Sport and Recre- in his younger years, Mor-
all I think the night went ation, going to Dan John- ris has learned more about
really well, we had a great son (see separate story). the art of staying calm and
turn out and by the looks of The winner of the Trea- healthy in life in general.
it everyone had a great time sure Chest Draw was Ian
Considering how recently I Cook who landed a two- Continued on Page 9
started the position, I think night stay at Mere Hotel in
it all went smoothly. Our
summer student, Taren,
and the other board mem-
bers were a huge help in
getting everything ready
to go, I definitely could not
have done it without them.
It takes an army to put on
an event like this and I am
already looking forward
to next year.” Rec Com-
mission Board members
include Shauna Burton,
Frank Taylor, Tanis Barrett,
Kim Moyer, Bill Hopkins
and Craig Pearson.
The evening began
with a meet and greet
for honoured guest John
Morris and emcee, Lau-
ren McNabb. Many guests
took advantage of this op- (32-2)
portunity and were able to
have some good conver-
sations and laughs with
the pair. At 6:00 p.m. Cook Emcee Lauren McNabb and John Morris
Photo by Karen Mitchell
mingle with the crowd.
led everyone in Grace and
Tuesday at 12 Noon
8 Friday, October 26, 2018 The Minnedosa Tribune

Reena’s Tips and Helpful Hints
Dear Reena, ditioner. Hang them to dry. (cloudy sky precipitation the easiest point of entry. new after the paint job. My alfredo sauce, cheddar
When we proceeded Ironing the tablecloths soon). The actual terrain This should be avoided car seat air brushing cost cheese, chopped garlic,
to set the tables for our may also work but adds where you live can af- when burning or just after, roughly $500. Tell people salt and pepper. Fill the po-
church supper we discov- more work than necessary. fect how your wood stove due to C02. to call luxury car dealer- tato skins and bake in the
ered that two of our vi- burns, and the air pressure ships to see who they use oven until soft. Submitted
nyl tablecloths had been Re: Smell from wood inside. Also, every time I Re: Repairing deep cuts for a good referral. Rick by Dez
carelessly folded and put burning stoves use the exhaust fan shower in leather furniture Instead of cleaning
away. How do we get the The smell is likely due or stove I open a window Read your advice to This Spud’s for You potatoes by scrubbing
wrinkles out of them? I do to negative house air pres- (wider in the winter when Mandy. One of the ques- Have a knife with some them with a bristled brush,
believe they will crack if sure. The solution is to put the wood stove is burning). tions was - can you re-dye rust spots? If you insert the I use an abrasive pad to
left this way. I wondered in fresh air vents in both Rodney leather? The short answer knife into the potato and ensure that they are very
about using a hair dryer on appliances. Also, open a P.S. I had a shower is no but the longer answer let it sit for a while, it will go clean and free of dirt. Sub-
them or a steam iron with a window wider when draft- and opened the southeast is - you can have the leath- a long way in removing the mitted by Dez
damp cloth under the iron. ing a wood stove but al- window as I got out I smelt er repainted. I had this rust. Submitted by Henry
Do you have an answer for ways leave it a little open. the unusual chimney odor. done on my BMW seats I make the best stuffed Note: Every user as-
us? Joyce Every pound of wood re- The wind was coming with the colour rubbed potatoes you have ever sumes all risks of injury
quires one cubic foot of air from the northwest and were air brushed by a pro. tasted. My secret is to slit or damage resulting from
Dear Joyce, to burn. A fire with lots of was vacuuming air out They looked brand new the potatoes a few times the implementation of
Soak the tablecloths in air burns cleaner and hot- the southeast window and after the paint job. Did and microwave them for any suggestions in this
the bathtub or a sink with ter. A fire burns better dur- with the exhaust fan that the same with an expen- about five minutes. Next column. Test all products
warm water, and 1 tbsp. ing a high pressure (clear changed the air pressure to sive living room leather scoop out the potato flesh on an inconspicuous area
fabric softener or hair con- sky) than a low pressure be equalized by entry from chair, again looked brand and combine with creamy first.

*We accept Visa, Master Card & debit card purchases
Sale Dates: *We sell lottery tickets
*We deliver within town limits Monday - Friday at 4:00 p.m
($2 charge - $10 minimum order)
OCTOBER 26TH - NOVEMBER 1ST * Try one of our delicious BBQ chickens!
* We sell fruit, veggie & meat trays and fruit baskets
*Senior’s Discount every Friday (65 & up) (STARTS FRIDAY 9:00 A.M. - ENDS THURSDAY 9:00 P.M.) (24 hours notice is appreciated)
*We sell R.O. water

Campbells chili, Chunky soup asstd........425-540g .. 2/$4.00
Casa Mendosa tortilla asstd ....................................................640g ............. $2.99
Nestle Pure Life ............................................................... 24x500ml ............. $4.50 FM coffee cake cinnamon.......................................................850g ............. $6.99
Post cereal asstd.............................................................. 365-550G ............. $2.99 Pizza Pops asstd ......................................400g ...... $2.75
Kraft peanut butter asstd ..........................................................1kg ............. $4.49 McCain superfries asstd ..........................................................650g ............. $2.99

Quaker Dipps/Chewy bars asstd ..............156g ...... $1.66
NN™ bath tissue .....................................................................24ea ............. $3.99
NN™ paper towel ....................................................................... 6rl ............. $4.49
Alpo cookout classics .............................................................7.2kg ........... $13.99
Beggin strips asstd ...................................................................170g ............. $2.99
Cat Chow advanced nutrition .................2kg ...... $7.99 Sirloin tip beef roast ................................................................................. $4.39/lb
Friskies canned asstd ..............................................................156g ............. $0.70 Pork tenderloin ......................................................................................... $4.49/lb
Tidy cats instant action ........................................................6.35kg ............. $7.99 Pork back ribs ................................................... $4.69/lb
Franks Redhot sauce ............................................................ 354ml ............. $4.49 Boneless & skinless chicken thighs ......................................................... $6.99/lb
Old El Paso salsa asstd ......................................................... 650ml ............. $3.49 Roast beef or corned beef ....................................................................$1.79/100g
Old El Paso beans refried ..................................................... 398ml ............. $1.99 NN™ canton egg rolls meat, CP ..........................................1.25kg ............. $8.99
Old El Paso seasoning asstd......................................................24g ............. $1.29 NN™ chicken nuggets, strips .................................................907g ............. $5.49
Old El Paso peppers pickled jalapeno ................................ 250ml ............. $2.49 NN™ weiners ............................................450g ...... $2.49
Old El Paso tortillas medium/large flour ....................... 297-334g ............. $2.49 NN™ asstd chicken wing ........................................................908g ........... $11.99
Old El Paso kit soft taco ...........................................................312g ............. $3.49 SQ™ shrimp ring .....................................................................227g ............. $5.49
Dads oatmeal chocolate chip .................................................305g ............. $2.49

Dare Wagon Wheels asstd ..................315-360g ...... $2.99
Snackpack pudding/juicygels asstd ..................................... 4x99g ............. $1.49
CL Leaf tuna lt chunk/flake water ..........................................170g ............. $1.69
Brunswick sardines asstd ........................................................106g ............. $1.49
Bush beans baked original................................................... 398ml ............. $1.69
Bicks pickles whole no garlic/with garlic ................................. 1lt ............. $3.49 FM Spartan apples..................................................................... 3lb ............. $3.49
Cauliflower ..................................................................................................... $3.49
Tim Hortons original coffee ....................930g .... $17.99 Broccoli .......................................................................................................... $1.99
Mini wheats regular .................................................................510g ............. $4.49 Navel oranges bulk ................................................................................... $1.29/lb
Quaker Oats quick .....................................................................1kg ............. $2.99 Raspberries .................................................................................................... $2.99
Kellogg nutrigrain bars asstd ..................................................295g ............. $2.48 Green Onions ............................................................................................. $0.69ea
Lays, Tostitos chips asstd ........................................................255g ............. $2.99 Green cabbage .......................................................................................... $0.69/lb
Pringles asstd ................................................................... 139-156g ............. $2.48 Grape pint tomatoes.................................................................................. $2.49ea
Ocean Spray cocktails , Motts Clamato asstd ...................... 1.89lt ............. $3.79
PC™ artichoke & asiago .........................................................227g ............. $2.99 Iceberg lettuce .................................................... $1.89ea

Armstrong bar marble/medium cheddar .............................700g ............. $9.49
Heluva good dip french onion ................................................250g ............. $2.49
Danone Activia rasp/straw/blueberry/peach ................. 12x100g ............. $6.29
Kraft singles asstd......................................450g ...... $5.49

Kraft Cheeze Whiz ...................................................................450g ............. $4.99
NN™ cottage cheese 2% .........................................................500g ............. $2.49

OPEN 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM, 7 DAYS A WEEK • 70 Main Street South, Minnedosa 867-2821
The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, October 26, 2018 9

Local Talent on BU Bobcats Women’s Soccer Team
By KAREN MITCHELL ent role on the team. Kris- Years Participated: Third trying to somewhat have a
ten (aka Kirk) is one of the Year social life. At times this can

A s of Friday October
19th, the Brandon Uni-
versity Bobcats women’s
anchors of our defending
core and is counted on to
play big minutes. Kirk has
BU Course: Bachelor of
be challenging both men-
tally and physically, but my
teammates and coaches
soccer team was first in the become a steadying influ- Comments: “Being a part are extremely supportive
league. With five wins, two ence on the back end. She of the team is a great oppor- and understanding. My
ties and one loss this team plays a very simple game tunity for me to continue teammates are always will-
holds strong heading into and never over thinks to play soccer at a compet- ing to give an extra hand
the final weekend of the things on the field. As she itive level. Although being whether it be on the field
regular season. has become more com- a student athlete can add or off. They soon become
“The team is doing fortable in her current po- to the stress of school, it’s a close friends, and you
excellent this year despite sition, as it was a new one good break from studying build bonds that are un-
losing some key players for her starting last year, and helps me unwind and explainable until experi-
from previous years. It def- we have noticed strong take my mind off of school. enced. Our coaching staff
initely took some time for leadership characteristics Name: Kristen Surovy I am also lucky enough to Name: Kaitlyn Burgess always puts us first as indi-
the team to find its identity coming out in terms of her Parents: Ken and Lorri get to play with an amazing Parents: Scott and Kim viduals, then students and
but the new players have communication on and Surovy group of women and have Burgess then athletes. They truly
come together on and off off the field and her gen- Hometown: Minnedosa made some great friends Hometown: Minnedosa respect and care about us
the field to make a very eral attitude. With regards Position: Defense through the team.” Position: Defense as people rather than just
cohesive unit. They had to to Kaitlyn she is definitely Years Participated: Third an athlete. It is honestly an
overcome some adversity in a different situation as Year honor to be able to call my-
BU Course: Bachelor of
Women’s Soccer Update
early in the year which I she is more of a role player self a Brandon University
think is driving them to be and doesn’t see the field Physical Education Bobcat and that I was able
better and stronger every as much. However, when to be a part of the team that
Comments: “Being on the
game,” tells head coach
Scott Haddow.
Minnedosa natives,
she does get the chance
to get on she is always
ready to play. She works
O ctober 20th and 21st wrapped up the regular season
for 2018 women’s soccer league. ACC Cougars lost
out on both games during the weekend, bringing their
team is a lot of fun and
very rewarding. You have
hung the first two female
banners in our gym. Those
are moments I will never
Kristen Surovy and Kait- extremely hard in practice season to an end, coming in sixth place with ten points. to learn how to have good be able to forget. Playing
lyn Burgess are two of the even though things don’t The BU Bobcats managed to tie both weekend games time management skills sports growing up I always
players on this year’s ros- always come easy to her. claiming a spot in the final four playing on October 27th. because you are always wanted to play at a higher
ter. When asked about how Kaitlyn is a great teammate Bobcats are heading into the weekend as first in the juggling a full course load, level and I think it’s amaz-
the girls are doing this year, and someone who I enjoy league with five wins, four ties and one loss and nineteen homework, studying, prac- ing that I get that opportu-
Haddow explains “Both coaching very much.” points total. tices, games, work and still nity so close to home.”
players have a very differ-

Sports Dinner A Success

Continued from Page 7 beat.” reflected Morris. to. John stayed for a long
Morris ended the time after the event talk-
The crowd laughed at night off by auctioning ing to guests which was so
several stories, pictures off his last Olympic jersey nice to see,” stated Cook.
and videos shared and it along with a signed picture “Now that the evening
was clear to see the spec- of Kaitlyn Lawes and him- has come and gone I now
tacular path this man has self, donating the profits to look forward to spending
been on. “I have always the local Rec Commission. more time on other pro-
and will always prefer The items raised $450. grams. But what a great
small town rinks over big “Our host Lauren was few months it has been al-
cities, the feeling of small absolutely terrific and John ready!”
towns is one that can’t be was so much fun to listen

Seniors Minnedosa Rotary Club
Bowling A Kaleidoscope of

B owlers of the week
of October 22nd are
Jim Clark +145 and Carry
Strathclair Theatre Chorus
Douglas +36.
Other good games
directed by Elizabeth Gebauer
were Ava Harris 116, Viv- Minnedosa United Church
ian Cullen 175, 178, Dan
Motuz 178, 237, 204, Jim Sunday, November 18
Clark 220, 172, 191, Russ at 7:00 p.m.
Tickets $20.00
Pettigrew 174, Debbie Tarn
167, Carry Douglas 159,
157, Wray Douglas 217, available from RBC
Alan Tarn 194, Betty Ann Friday, November 2 and November 9
Bertrand 188, Robert Hen- or please call
dry 221, Doug Pettigrew
Alexis at 867-2909
212, Ray Criddle 214, Viv-
ian Penner 137 and Rein- or Peggy Mullie at 867-2113
hardt Penner 148.
10 Friday, October 26, 2018 The Minnedosa Tribune

Do Your Hands Smell?
Municipality of Harrison Park

your hands smelling minty
On the date and at the time and location shown below, a PUBLIC HEARING will be held to receive
representation from any persons who wish to make them in respect to the following matter:
Cooking fresh. Just remember to
rinse with cold water af-
MUNICIPALITY OF HARRISON PARK BY-LAW No. 61 being an AMENDMENT TO THE With terwards. You will find this
easier than brushing your
RM OF PARK ZONING BY-LAW 1311, as amended.
teeth because no flossing
HEARING Municipality of Harrison Park Council Chambers is necessary.
LOCATION: 43 Gateway Street, Onanole, Manitoba
Cooking Oil – this is a pre-
DATE & TIME: November 20th, 2018 at 9:30 am

INTENT OF To reclassify an area within the Municipality from
O ne of the biggest com-
plaints I hear about,
regarding prepping fresh
Stainless Steel – this has
been a longstanding tra-
dition with many home
ventative measure that I
have heard of, but I DO
NOT recommend it. The
BY-LAW No. 61: “RG” Residential General Zone to “CG” Commercial General Zone idea is to coat your hands
ingredients like garlic and cooks. It is claimed that
AREA onions, is how odours from if you simply rub your with cooking oil in ad-
AFFECTED: Lot 8, plan 7588 these ingredients tend to hands on stainless steel, vance to help eliminate
(109074 PTH 10) linger on your hands after- odours from your hands the transfer of odours onto
as shown outlined in a
wards. This can not only be will be eliminated. Gour- your hands, but chances
heavy solid line
on the attached map annoying to yourself, but met Kitchen Stores even are you will be working
also could interfere in so- sell little chunks of stain- with a knife or other sharp
cial interactions between less steel, shaped as small kitchen utensils and the
you and others. bars of soap, for this exact last thing you want is your
Throughout my ca- purpose. hands to be slippery.
reer as a chef, by working
with other professionals Baking Soda – make a Latex Gloves – very popu-
and simply chatting with paste of baking soda and lar with professional kitch-
people about food, I have water to scrub your hands ens and other food-safe
come across several so- with. Baking soda has been environments. These will
lutions that will help rid known for years as an odor guarantee that odours
FOR INFORMATION Robert Ewashko, Development Officer you of this pesky problem. removing aid, so why not don’t get transferred onto
CONTACT: Phone: 204-848-2561
Some are better than oth- on your hands too? your hands. However,
ers, but they all work to there is a cost involved of
A copy of the above proposal and supporting material may be inspected in the office of the some degree. Lemon Juice and Salt – always having these on
Municipality of Harrison Park at the above address during the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and here’s another example of hand, and an impact on
from 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday. Coffee Grounds – if you a scrub combination for our environment/landfills
drink coffee, then you your hands. This one how- if they are disposed of into
have them leftover daily. ever will leave your hands the garbage pail.
Yes, used coffee grounds. lemony fresh, whereas the
Keep a supply of them by baking soda idea will leave Floral/Fragrant Soaps –
your sink and use them as no pleasant scent at all. A not the most effective as
a scrub, with or without word of caution however: they will usually just mask
soap, to help eliminate if you have any small cuts the odours and not elimi-
odours from your hands. on your fingers/hands, you nate them, however I do
will sure know where they know people that only do
are after washing with lem- this as their solution.
on juice and salt. Vinegar
and salt can also be used. Cold Water – This is my old
Your hands however may “stand-by” and I do this
get very dry from the high more than any of the sug-
acid content of the lemon gestions listed above. Wash
juice or vinegar. your hands with cold wa-
ter, with or without soap.
Not warm, not hot, but
myCommunity Tomato Juice/Paste –
probably one of the costli- cold water. Warm or hot
Neighbours Indeed
est solutions here, but this water, even if using soap,
Be a Neighbour... will cause the pores in
And announce is not only for skunk spray
these special events – it works on food smells your skin to open up - the
to your community too. odours are more likely to
get trapped there, and thus
●Birth of Child will linger even after wash-
●Wedding Toothpaste or Mouth-
wash – yes, these are not ing. Cold water however,
●Wedding Anniversaries will keep the pores closed,
25th, 40th, 50th, 60th just for your washroom.
A thorough scrub with and more of the odours
●New home residency will simply wash away. If
You may qualify for a toothpaste, or a wash with
personalized keepsake mouthwash, will leave you choose to do this with-
gift offer compliments out soap, that is fine as a
of local business and first step – but afterwards,
professional sponsors in order to keep sanitary in
If your the kitchen, please follow
Minnedosa Pharmacy
Glenndosa Glass 1990 Ltd. label up with a lathered washing
Minnedosa insurance Services reads (warm water is fine now
Kim’sQuality Foods that the odours are gone).
Integra Tire
Heritage Co-op
Minnedosa Tribune Chef Dez is a Chef,
It’s time to Writer and Host. Visit him
Gateway Motel renew your at Write
Have a story idea? Be part of your Community! subscription to him at
Contact Tillie Johnson or P.O. Box 2674, Abbots-
Call The Tribune! 204-867-3816 204-867-3414
Call 867-3816
ford, BC V2T 6R4.
The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, October 26, 2018 11

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ANNOUNCEMENT reply on the local newspaper
to find out what’s happen-
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ERYTHING. Automotive, our readers know by placing
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munity Conference Centre.
Shop  from over 40 local and the Legion Clubrooms. Every-
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surrounding area home-
AUCTIONS Manitoba made! tival. Friday, October 26th
from 7:00 – 8:15 p.m. at the based businesses, artisans
Top quality Erickson 4-H Club Re-
Minnedosa Community and crafters. Kids can get their
organizational Meeting at
kitchen cabinets face painted, create a craft
McSherry Auction Meyers Gun Auctions Conference Centre. Carnival
and more in the supervised
the Minnedosa Ag Office on
#12 Patterson Dr. games, treats, costume con- Monday, November 5th, 2018
Estate of Wayne Bowles - Custom, Stock & Kid’s Activity Room while
Stonewall, MB 10 am Sat. November 3 tests, coffee and more. FREE. at 7:00 p.m. New members
Surplus parents explore the craft sale.
Estate & Moving Souris, Manitoba - Free 3D design All families are welcome! (32- welcome. (33-2) x
2) x There will be hourly draws for
Saturday Nov. 3 @ 10 am Estate of Dick Pollock - Prompt service
& Consignors $20 in Fun Fest Dollars to be Trick or Treat for Food
Yard * Recreation * Tools * - Professional
Antiques * Furniture * Misc * 9am Sat. November 10 installation available
Have an used at the market, raffle priz- Cupboard donations. On
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Arden MB upcoming event? Wednesday October 31st, stu-
(204) 467-1858 or Serving Manitoba freshments available from the dents from Minnedosa Col-
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Shotguns, Handguns, Ammo & Hunting Items for 25 years! know through ment Committee. (32-3) x mittee will be canvassing for
Bradley Meyers The Classifieds! 45th Original Christmas non-perishable food item
Auctioneer Craft Sale. November 4th at donations for the Minnedosa
204-476-6262 1-800-758-6924 ADVERTISE FOR and Area Food Cupboard.
the Clarion in Brandon from
Details & Pictures at AS LOW AS $9.00 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Door They will be wearing ID badg- es and will be completed by
204-867-3816 prizes. Proceeds to Christmas Cheer. X 8:00 p.m.
12 Friday, October 26, 2018 The Minnedosa Tribune

invites applications for tate of Ian James Lamb, late
FAMILY ENHANCEMENT (FE) WORKER of the Town of Newdale, in
Manitoba, deceased.
Skownan First Nation All claims against the
Reporting to the Community Based Team Supervisor, the worker will be responsible to above estate, duly verified by
The Town of Minnedosa requests quotes on the removal of work as part of the child and family service team in delivering a full range of child and Statutory Declaration, must
family services utilizing a community based model of service delivery, with emphasis on be filed with the undersigned
55 trees within town limits, in association with the Dutch Elm prevention and resource services as a frontline approach. at P.O. Box 309, Neepawa,
disease program. DUTIES INCLUDE: Manitoba R0J 1H0 on or be-
Copies of the tree list and sizes can be picked up at • Provision of frontline voluntary child and family services, including intake and fore the 30th day of Novem-
referral ber A.D., 2018.
The Town of Minnedosa Office • Assisting in the delivery of statutory services as required Dated at the Town of Happy 80th Birthday
103 Main St S, Minnedosa, MB • Planning, developing and implementation of community based prevention Neepawa, in the Province of
programs as related to child and family service needs of the community Jack!
Or by emailing Manitoba, this 23rd day of November 1st.
• Provision of support services to children in care
October, A.D., 2018. Love Esther and Darryl
• Trees are located on both public and private property. • Facilitating groups, teaching parenting skills, establishing a close working
relationship with other related services x
• The contractor will be required to make arrangements with Solicitor for the Executors.
• Be familiar with the Structured Decision Making assessment tools, Intake & CFSIS
home owners to access private property. is essential
• Trees to be cut to ground level. EMPLOYMENT CARD OF THANKS
• To include site cleanup and transportation of material to the • BSW with at least two years directly related experience, preferably in First OPPORTUNITY
Town of Minnedosa Compost site. Nations Child and Family Services. An equivalent combination of training and We, the family of Eileen
experience may be considered. MEDICAL TRANSCRIP-
• Completion date December 31, 2018. • Must have a commitment to First Nations child and family services, community TION! In-demand career! Em-
and Murray Trott would like
to thank family, friends and
Contractor must show proof of insurance and be in good based planning and service delivery. ployers have work-at-home
neighbours for the many gifts
standing with The Workman’s Compensation Board. • Must have demonstrated knowledge of and appreciation for First Nations culture positions available. Get online
of food, flowers, cards and
and aspirations. training you need from an em-
Closing date for quotes November 9, 2018. • The ability to speak Ojibway will be considered an asset. sincere thoughts during our
ployer-trusted program. Visit:
• Must have demonstrated ability to work as part of a team. saddened time of the pass-
For more information, contact Kevin Marcino at or 1-855-
• Good administrative and organizational skills. ing of our sister, sister-in-law,
768-3362 to start training for
204-867-0037 or • Excellent verbal and written communication skills. your work-at-home career to-
and Auntie Dianne Nylen. We
The Town of Minnedosa • Must have computer training and/or knowledge of Microsoft Office. were privileged to have her as
(32-2) day!
part of our family and will for-
The successful applicant must provide WRCFS with a current Criminal Record check that
includes a Vulnerable Sector Search, Child Abuse Registry check, Prior Contact check and ever have many fond mem-
For Sale by Tender Driver’s Abstract prior to the commencement of employment. Travel is required. A valid
driver’s license and access to means of reliable transportation for work is a condition of
ories to cherish.

110.82 Acres of Land with 70+ acres cultivated, employment. We appreciate the hugs,
SALARY: Commensurate with experience and training and according to Provincial pay cards, words of sympathy
having frontage onto Hwy #10, some 7 miles scale. received at the passing of
North of Brandon. Contained within a single DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS: Wednesday, October 31st, 2018 our special friend Bud Amy.
Please submit resumes to: Thank you so much. Marie
enclosure, this site would be an ideal location to Joanne Tanner-Moar, BISW, RSW and Elwood. x
create and develop your own self contained and CBT Supervisor
West Region Child & Family Services, Inc.
independently designed Hobby Farm, with access Box 280 DEATH NOTICE
Erickson, Manitoba R0J 0P0
off Pentland Road (mr68N). Fax: (204) 622-5248
Tender Forms available from Century 21 Westman We thank all who apply, however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

Realty, Brandon, (204) 725-0555. Closing date for
Tenders is November 15th, 2018.
Maurice Torr
email: Heritage Co-op is presently inviting applications for a TRUCK DRIVER
To run Canada - must

FULL TIME BAKER have BC experience
- Paid pick, drops,
For our Bakery Department located in Minnedosa, MB layovers and stat pay
Duties to include, but not limited to; customer service, product preparation, packaging, - Multi drop runs
ordering/receiving, stocking, merchandising and general housekeeping/sanitation - Cell usage
duties. - Benefi t package
HEALTH WORK WANTED Qualifications:
- Dedicated truck
- Sign on bonus EDITH “EVELYN”
 Excellent interpersonal and customer service skills - Quarterly and annual INGALDSON
 Highly motivated bonus
Trouble Terry’s Home Enrich-  High image standards - Reset at home
Edith Evelyn passed away
Walking? ment Maintenance. T.H.E.M.  Must be available to work a variety of shifts including days, evenings and - Weekend home time peacefully on Sunday, Octo-
cell 204-868-8088 (them@ weekends - Paid training ber 14th, 2018 at the age of 96
Hip or Knee Now booking  snow - Referral program years. A Celebration of Eve-
We offer great advancement opportunities within our organization and the Co-
Replacement? clearing for driveways and operative Retailing System, competitive compensation and benefits, company
Derek (204) 793-7465 lyn’s Life will be held at the
Restrictions in daily sidewalks. Flexable arrange- matched pension plan and a diverse and supportive working environment.
& LEASING LTD. Minnedosa United Church,
activities? ments to suit the need! Hourly Our core values are Integrity, Excellence and Responsibility
48 Main Street, Minnedosa,
$2,500 rate with running total, (if MB on Saturday, October
If you are interested in joining our team, please send your cover letter and
Tax Credit regular upkeep all winter.) resume to: LAND FOR SALE 27th, 2018 at 1:00 p.m. with
Rev. Elgin Hall officiating.
$40,000 Flat rate for 1 time event such A time of fellowship and re-
refund cheque/ as storms. Also; After being
rebates called to a major commit- Attn: Annette Haywood 3,000 ACRES OF COM- freshments will follow in the
ment of time every summer PLETE High End Cattle and Fellowship Hall. Complete
Disability Tax Or apply in person at our Minnedosa Food Store
now; I am  booking all paint- Grain Operation for Sale in obituary information to fol-
ing (Interior and Exterior) Saskatchewan. Manages 2K to low. Arrangements are in care
204-453-5372 from fall through to June or 3K Cow/Calf Operation with of Brockie Donovan Funeral &

Complete Solid Infrastruc- Cremation Services, Brandon,
Receive up to $50,000 from odorless now so book that in- ture. 2,220 Acres Cultivated. MB, (204) 727-0694. Messages
the Canadian Government? terior work and fix up dam- Contact Doug @ 306-716- of condolence may be placed
For Your Free No Obliga- ages during the cold months.  2671. at www.brockiedonovan.
tion Information Package. com.
The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, October 26, 2018 13



Bill was born and raised
Mantids and Monarchs into Lake Erie, making it
on the family farm at Franklin and the most southerly point of
attended the two-room school mainland Canada.
at Franklin. He was a member It’s also THE spot to
of the Minnedosa Tractor Club see migrating monarchs.
and the Franklin 4-H Poultry But only during certain
club and Seed Clubs. While a weather conditions. Spe-
member of the seed club he cifically, if you have a
competed in the provincial com-
couple of warm days with
petition and, along with a club
member from Boissevain, repre-
north winds, followed by
sented Manitoba at the national strong winds that prevent
competition at the Royal Winter Fair in the butterflies from mov-
Toronto where they placed second. After ing further south, you’ve
high school Bill attended the Brandon Agriculture and Home got it made. And when
Making School for the first year of a diploma in Agriculture. you throw in a few days of
It was there he met Viona Chesney of Vista who was taking a showers it’s even better.
course in Home Ec. After completing the remainder of his dip- The north winds
loma at the University of Manitoba, Bill returned to Franklin
gently push the butter-
to help his dad on the family farm. During the off-season he
worked for seven years as a poultry inspector for the Depart-
flies south to the shore of
ment of Agriculture, working with hatchery supply flocks. After By KEN KINGDON even dragonflies. Once beady eyes and alien- Lake Erie, where they then
four years of courtship, Bill and Viona married, raised four girls in their grasp, any prey is like faces. It gives me the move out onto Point Pelee.
Once there, the strong
and enjoyed 59 years of marriage until Viona’s passing in 2017. t’s not just birds that are pretty much doomed to be creeps every time I get a
Bill was an active member of the community, acting in
a big thing down here in devoured by the mantids. close up look at them. winds prevent them from
various capacities in the Franklin Curling Club and the Frank- moving on, and they kind
lin Hall Committee. Bill was a past president of the Neepawa
Pelee. Insects have their Despite being large Worse yet, these are
own draw, particularly in and relatively common the only insects I know of of get stuck waiting for the
Curling Club and was on the Neepawa Gladstone Co-op Board weather to moderate.
for 24 years. He was an avid ball player and played with Frank- the fall, and I have previ- here in southern Ontario, that can turn their heads
ously written that monarch it wasn’t until late sum- independently of their But you have to be
lin, Springhill and the Neepawa Cubs. After his playing career
he spent many years as an umpire. Bill was active with the Nee- butterflies draw visitors mer that I saw my first one. bodies. Instead of having quick. At the first break
pawa Golf Club, both as a player and a volunteer. to the Park during the fall More specifically, I was to turn their entire bodies in the weather, when the
Bill is survived by four daughters of which he was very migration. This fall was no picking some cherry toma- like most insects, mantids winds calm and the sun
proud. Debbie Fraser and her husband Bill Diehl-Jones and exception, as you will read toes when I came nose to can rotate their heads and comes out, the monarchs
grandchildren Nicole, Cayly, Liam and Anna of Winnipeg;
about further down the beak with a really big, slow look you straight in the eye. start drifting off to the
Sharon Bartley and her husband Kevin and granddaughter south, flying across Lake
Cassie of Brandon, Tami Fraser-DeHaven and her husband
article. moving green stick-like in- Which has a most
First, however, I want sect. After rearing back in unsettling impact on the Erie toward Pelee Island
Rod DeHaven of Brookings South Dakota and Glenda Zelmer and Ohio.
and her partner Pete Gerlinger of Brandon. to talk about another in- consternation, I realised observer. Like I say, this
sect. Praying mantids, or what I was looking at, and mantid creeped me out, as The day we saw
A funeral service was held on Saturday, October 20th, 2018
at 2:00 p.m. in the Neepawa United Church Neepawa, MB. mantises. I think most immediately called Rae she had, not surprisingly, them, the butterflies were
In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the Beautiful people will be familiar with from the house to come a very insect-like, soulless, grouped together much
Plains Community Foundation Inc. Box 486 Neepawa, MB R0J them - large insects with see it. stare. It was like she was like they would be in the
1H0 modified front legs that are And when I say big, I weighing me up as a po- fir trees of Mexico where
White’s Funeral Home, Neepawa, MB in care of arrange-
held in front of their bodies mean “I don’t want some- tential food item. I can’t these same butterflies
ments 204-476-2848 overwinter. It is scarcely
in the posture of a human thing like that crawling up help thinking that she
praying. my leg” big. This mantid was wishing that she was believable, seeing a tree
These front legs, stretched to almost 12 cm just a wee bit bigger, or al- wearing fluttering orange
though, are really meant long, so was likely a female ternatively, that I was a bit leaves that suddenly be-
Buy and Sell for another type of preying
… preying on other insects.
given her size. On the posi-
tive side, she was beautiful
smaller, who knows what
would have happened...
come airborne rather than
fall to the ground.

Treasure in the Mantids are very good at
slowly creeping up on their
- rich brown in colour with
green highlights on her
And now moving onto
an insect that is a lot less
On other days, waves
of monarchs could be
seen flying along at tree-
Classifieds! victims, then quickly snar-
ing them with their front
This species, along
intimidating, what about
those monarchs? This past top level, heading south.
There is something magic-
legs. with several others, are not year was a banner year for

al about bicycling along

The Minnedosa Due to their large size, native to North America milkweed, and hence for
mantids can capture and and are actually imports monarchs. Except in our with hundreds of mon-
eat large insects, including from Europe and Asia. The garden. While our milk- archs as company, float-
Since 1883

grasshoppers, crickets, and one native species is much weed did very well, and we ing along with the winds as
smaller and mainly lives had several monarchs flit- you move along the shore-
line of Lake Erie.
PROPERTIES FOR SALE in United States and other
points south.
ting about teasing us, for
some reason they chose Recently, things have
They all look similar in not to lay eggs in our yard. cooled off in terms of the
Ph: 204-867-4657 appearance, but the Chi- They must have laid monarch migration, but I
Prairie Mountain already find myself look-
Independently Owned Gwen Usick Fax: 204-867-2150 nese Mantid is much lar- eggs somewhere though,
and Operated Broker Realtor ger. Judging by its monster as we spotted over 10,000 ing forward to the return
size, I’m guessing the one monarchs at the tip of of their great, great, grand-
ICE ICE children next spring.
PR PR that inhabits our garden is Point Pelee on one day in
NEW N EW a Chinese mantid. early September. For those Ken Kingdon lives and
One other interesting who are unfamiliar with works in Leamington ON,
aspect of the praying man- the area, the Tip is the thin but still calls Manitoba
Space galore in this immaculate well
tis is that they have these strip of sand which juts out
FRANKLIN - 1,680 sq. ft., 1 3/4 storey
MINNEDOSA maintained 3 bedroom 2 bath home. This
beautiful home has seen numerous recent
- 4,000 sq. ft. heavy steel - 832 sq.ft. - 3 bedroom, 2 baths, upgrades that include HE gas furnace with
commercial building. 9 ft. ceilings central air, HWT ‘15, shingles ‘12, most
windows ‘16, doors, 4 piece bath, flooring,
- 3 bedroom, 2 bath.
- 5.24 acres. - Large lot, single car ceilings, walls, basement, living room
addition, electrical, plumbing and more.
- Single car garage. garage. Outside you will find the perfect workshop
- 3 phase power. with wood stove, furnace & sitting area
- Completely renovated - R50 insulation in attic, making the perfect man cave get away!
head to toe. windows 2012.
MLS#1723314 MLS #1804051 MLS #1806243
$199,900 $224,900 $215,900 $106,900 $89,500 MLS #1812397 $219,900

Take a tour on or our website www.remax-prairie
14 Friday, October 26, 2018 The Minnedosa Tribune


“Living in your
Proud Supporter Rick Taylor 867-7551

BIRCH Parish Backhoe
GENERAL ●Septic Systems ●Weeping tiles
CONTRACTORS ●Water Systems ●Basements
NEW PRICE • Specializing in water & sewer
Commercial ●All types of excavation●
installation & repair Residential Certified in waste
• All types of excavation
257 - 1ST AVE. S.W.
NEWDALE • Basements, Demolition water management
MINNEDOSA - ¼ section on Little • Snow removal
- 1,330 sq. ft. 1 ¾ storey Saskatchewan River • Gravel, Topsoil 0r Call: Ian
- 1,064 sq. ft. mobile home on • Sales of septic tanks
titled lot - Extensive renovations - Excellent horse barn Kirk 867-0180 867-7506 874-2134 or 867-0383
- 3 bedrooms, 1 bath and upgrades - Custom built 2 storey home

Bryon Gaiser HWM
- Single detached garage. - Appliances included $550,000 MLS # 1803320
$84,900 MLS #1822444 $49,500 MLS #1819609
Truck & Skid
Steer Service
Competitive Rates
204 - 6TH AVE. N.W.
240 - 5TH AVE. S.W.
242 - 5TH AVE. S.W.
- 1,450 sq. ft. 1 3/4 storey - 980 sq. ft. bungalow - 1,076 sq. ft. 3 bedroom
- 3 bedrooms, 2 baths - 3 bedrooms, 2 baths
- wood burning fireplace, deck
- Extensive renovations and
huge yard.
- Single attached garage with hot tub Enterprises Ltd.
$180,000 MLS #1822452 - Many updates and newly Refridgeration
$184,900 MLS #1825666 fenced yard Air Conditioning,
$279,900 MLS #1808983
Heating & Electrical BILL HOPKINS
30 Years 204-867-0260 5” AND 6” continuous
Considering listing your Property?
Call me today for great service at great rates! Ex perience!!
Siding Roofing
Bus : 867-3950 Soffit Fascia

Glen Burgess
Closed cell Polyurethane Spray foam
Blow in Attic & Wall Fibre Insulation
Fire Retardent Coating

PRAIRIE REDI-MIX Electrician 204-867-3738
Minnedosa - 867-3853
R eady Mix Conc rete 204-868-5211 Email:
Concrete forms, Rebar, Wire Mesh,
George Allard, FCGA* Weeping Tile, Concrete Sealer, Snap Ties
Gateway Street All at Competitive
Jon Kowal
Onanole, MB Open prices
8:00 - 4:00
Howard Wirch, C.G.A*
9-515 4th Ave.
Suite A 867-0145 Custom
Shoal Lake, MB 110 Main Street South Fertilizer Minnedosa
204-759-2680 Minnedosa
Floating Credit Union
Dauphin Office - 204 867-5550 Call today to book your
15 1st Ave. S.W. ● Roofing ● Decks
Phone: 204-638-3005
● Fencing ● Exterior ● Finishing spring floating needs!
● Renovations ● Repairs
Fax: 204-638-5817
Darvin - 204-868-5869 Main line
*Denotes Professional Corporation AUTO
Robert - 204-867-7113 204-867-6350
204-868-5980 or 204-867-5544 Fairmount Solar and Electrics Brad Ross
For All Your Electrical Needs 204-867-6366
MÊ GijsbersÊ
204-874-2360 Terry McLenehan
Susan Glasgow
Chartered Professional BACKHOE & TRUCKING
Accountant Inc.

MinnedosaÊ Debbie Strelczik
Ê 213ÊÊ 2ndÊ StÊ NEÊ Ê -Ê Ê BoxÊ 385Ê Ê 204-867-6360
T:Ê 867-3884Ê Ê Ê C:Ê 867-0190Ê Electrical Inc. (48-4)
Dan Quesnel
Email:Ê Ê Catharine@mts.netÊ
M&M ●Electrical
GRAIN 204-867-6359
Donna Dowsett
AUTO BODY Contracting HAULING 204-867-6361
BDO Canada, LLP All Auto Body Repairs Ph: 867-3238
Candice Brown
Chartered Accountants Ph: 867-2083
and Advisors 5 Main St. North
Cell: 868-5741
Brian Horner Alayna McTavish
Farm, Business & Individual Grain & Fertilizer Kim Butler
Professional Services: Hauling 204-867-6352
~ Tax
Book this spot Book this spot Joanne Clarke
~ Accounting
~ Farm Programs $5.52/week $5.52/week Gaylene Johnson
Sarah Campbell, CGA Call 204-867 3816 Fax
39 Main Street South Call 204-867 3816 204-867-6391
Minnedosa 867-2957
The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, October 26, 2018 15

WAHOSKI G ORD K E L LY Lakeside St. Alphonsus
Septic Service
Drivers Licenses, Autopac MECHANICAL LTD. Plumbing & Heating Catholic Church
General Insurance Gas Fitting 142
142 4th
4th St, NW.
St, NW. • Lawn Mowing & Trimming
PLUMBING Potable water Minnedosa,MB
MB 867-3831
Cheri McTavish – Broker ph: 867-2084 Minnedosa, 867-3831 • Dandelion Spraying -
867-3946 HEATING cell: 867-0346 delivery. Licensed Pesticide Applicator
Mass Sunday 9:00 a.m.
Book your portable • Fertilizer Application
GAS FITTING toilets. • Licensed Arborist Service
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16 Friday, October 26, 2018 The Minnedosa Tribune

Theradream Therapeutics
By KAREN MITCHELL is now a thriving busi- seamstresses. The current
ness. The customers son location is quickly being

M lee Kingdon came
to Minnedosa two
years ago when she and
has autism and the order
for a weighted blanket was
something that was new
outgrown and then need
for more space is emi-
nent. Kingdon also plans
her husband, Scott, landed to Kingdon, however not on using the $1,800 award
on an opportunity to pur- one to give up Kingdon money from the event to
chase a machine shop in researched everything she purchase a new industrial
town and create Kingdon could find about the blan- sewing machine for the
Machine Works. Together ket, material used and business, bringing her to-
the pair ran the business designs that were used by tal to three machines.
until Mlee decided to other companies. Through “I don’t learn best
spread her wings and sub- trial and error, the blanket from my successes, I learn
sidize the family income was created “The blanket more from my failures. I
with her sewing and craft turned out terrible,” laughs hope to fail more because I
projects. Kingdon “but through that know I will learn from that
One day a local lady process I learned some and continue to grow and
approached Kingdon with great things.” Kingdon everyday become stron-
Photo by Karen Mitchell an order that would set continued to research ex- ger personally and profes-
things in motion for what tensively and finally came sionally,” tells Kingdon.
up with the pattern and “Minnedosa is a great town
material used today. with supportive people
A weighted blanket and especially during the
provides a deep pressure What’s the BIG idea event
touch, the same feeling as it showed how much the
one would get when they community does back you
are hugged or swaddled, up, which makes me feel
allowing the body to re- like I’m not doing this all
lease serotonin which in alone.”
turn makes the body relax Future projects of the
physiologically. company are currently be-
The company was of- ing tested and include trav-
ficially created in March of el weighted blankets and
this year. Kingdon received weighted stuffed animals.
a lot of land out in the in- The sky is the limit it would
dustrial area of Minnedosa seem for this young en-
through the What’s the BIG trepreneur. “I couldn’t do
idea event and plans on what I do without the ex-
one day building a shop for ceptional staff I have. They
manufacturing purposes. really step up and take over
The company receives or- when I need them to and I
ders from all over Canada couldn’t be more thankful
currently and employs for them.”
eight people, including six

Minnedosa & District Services to Seniors
is hosting a dinner to

“Celebrate Seniors”
Join us for an evening of
musical entertainment!
Musical Entertainment by:
Brandon Ukulele Club

50+ Centre
Friday, November 9th
Welcome: 5:45 p.m.
Supper: 6:00 p.m.
Entertainment 7:00 p.m.

Tickets $10.00
**Advance Tickets Only**
at Services to Seniors
31 Main Street S
Limited number available
- October 22nd
Rides available if needed