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P.C. de S. 264, at the public hearing the senator later said was not a public hearing held on the
24th of October, 2018.

CORALations is an award-winning non-profit organization, 501 (c) 3 based in the island of
Culebra for more than 20 years.

We oppose this bill for the following reasons:

1.The letter announcing the public hearing involving control over public use and the
enjoyment of the five buildings of the old school's facilities was dated October 17th for a
public hearing to be held seven (7) days later. The announcement places the burden on
the public to make fifteen (15) copies of their public statements, and also requires that
the statements be sent or mailed two (2) days before the public hearings. This is not
logistically possible.

2. The statement of reasons is based on false and offensive information. This completely
ignores the progress made in the maintenance of this installation by other NGOs that use the
facilities before the date of the Culebra Foundations. In fact, the buildings are not abandoned,
but are well used, maintained and secured by a fence. Accusations that this school, if not
transferred to the Culebra Foundation, will deteriorate, be vandalized and become places to
commit crimes have no factual basis, and have to be especially offensive to the Organization.
the Police, La Liga Atlética, now based on one of the buildings, as this project recognizes and
plans to impact.

3. The clandestine approach associated with this acquisition, and the fact that a fast track
approval is being facilitated that bi-passes meaningful public participation, compromising the
trust that the Culebra Foundation needs with the other organizations based there, in order to to
manage in a successful and equitable manner the use and enjoyment of these public facilities
for all the NGOs invested there today, as well as other NGO’s that may use the facilities in the
future. The collaborative work between autonomous organizations works with the same level of
authority and with the same goal of improving our community, has defined the success that
projects in the old school have had, until now.

4. The agreement does not mention all the groups that work in the school.

5. The agreement does not specify a time frame. This is a 5 year agreement, a 10 year
agreement or a 20 year agreement. This agreement seems to be indefinite.

6. The agreement seeks the most visible building in the office of the Permanent Board of
Registration (JIP) of the State Board of Elections, right where the Athletic League is currently
located, which has invested in the rehabilitation of the building and benefits from the visibility
of the street, since the town sees the children coming and going. While this visibility is critical

for the community group occupying the building, the State Board of Elections is better suited
in another building.

7. The Senate office proposed at this facility, conflicts with the non-governmental use of the
building where the children's programs are located.

8. According to this agreement, the Culebra Foundation has all the decisive power regarding
the movement and placement of all other organizations located there.

9. The agreement with maintenance, fails to define the scope of what this includes. This could
have a profound and direct impact on the public safety of the NGOs, visitors, volunteers and
operations of other organizations that use the facilities. No contracts have been submitted
with entities that define the parameters before it can be implemented. To be able to
implemented, there must be a maintenance plan developed for all partners that define the
scope of the responsibilities of all partners, including a projected budget. This plan should
include a protocol for hurricane preparedness and recovery.

10. Liability for electricity and water bills is not clarified.

11. Section 9 of the agreement directly contradicts section 12.

For these reasons we understand that the project as proposed would fail. We support the transfer
of the use and enjoyment of the five buildings associated with the old school of Culebra, to
continue to be controlled by the Culebra municipal government, pending the presentation of a
well-defined maintenance plan and a storm preparation and restoration plan. This should be
developed between the Municipality and all of the the groups and organizations, before transfer
is made. All organizations must be protected by a formal contractual agreement that includes
safeguards against any termination for political reasons.