Setting the standard in Safety, Quality and Satisfaction for our Clients in Middle East & International since 1997. Chemie-Tech provides single point responsibility for all storage tank & terminals requirements and related services. We offer simply the best in design, fabrication, inspection and field construction services!

Optimized design with flexibility of future requirements of client is the goal of our design professionals. Our engineers are fluent in all the above codes design criteria and are adaptable to meet the client!s operational needs. Our technical personnel are experts in developing criteria and translating conceptual designs into completed projects. Chemie-Tech can provide the engineering. Chemie-Tech design!s Tank Terminals in accordance with API 2610 Standard. field erection of new tank construction. Chemie-Tech has been serving multiple industries in all aspects of Storage Tanks for over a decade. IS 803 and ASME code requirements. Our company focus is to service the needs of our clients in a safe. We are proud to service the following industries: • Oil & Gas • Refineries • Marketing & Pipelines • Bio-fuels • Power Industry • Minerals & Mining • Water & Wastewater • Storage Terminals • Chemical & Petrochemicals Key Areas of Expertise provided: • • • • Design & Engineering Services Seasoned Project Management & Field Personnel Proven Track Record Various levels of integration based on customer needs o Complete Turn-key Construction Management o Project Planning o Constructability o Cost Controls o Planning & Scheduling o Material Management o Sub-contractor Administration/Coordination .Construction Capabilities of Storage Tanks & Terminals Storage Tanks are non-building structures.1. tank maintenance and repair services. 2 Providing industry leadership in new construction of Liquid & Gas Storage Tanks. Chemie-Tech specializes in all aspects of liquid storage facilities. ANSI B96. repair and new and associated piping systems. project management & field execution required for a successful project. API 620. Chemie-Tech is the company to call! We are the EXPERTS in engineering design. steel fabrication. which are normally value engineered on the basis of return on investment of client. AWWA D100. Our construction methodology for large capacity storage tanks is BOTTOM UP by Jacking up the tanks. At Chemie-Tech. maintenance. Whether shop fabricated or field erected. timely and cost-effective manner while maintaining the highest level of quality and workmanship. we execute the highest quality workmanship in compliance with the latest API 650. When you need a level of commitment and excellence. NFPA. We work in conjunction with our client base to provide the level of expertise required in today!s everchanging market.

3 . Our construction management experienced in teams are of highly new construction has over in 10 Years effective Design procurement resources enable us to provide our client with cost effective & Quality Sourcing of materials & equipments Solution. We take pride in our local knowledge in the countries we operate & our commitment to Client. Local & International Standards. procedures & local road transportation. and Design & Construction Engineering. Design & Engineering teams provide multi-discipline up-gradation.OVERVIEW ENGINEERING Optimized Solutions Chemie-Tech guarantees Group’s cost India Office & PROCUREMENT Global Resources & Just in Time Chemie-Tech Group’s Global CONSTRUCTION Quality. to schedule & within Engineering Solution to our clients. Just in Time delivery of quality assured material & equipments is the Goal of our Procurement Team. Chemie-Tech provides expertise in all facets of construction. Providing true project value engineering to client. with track record executing projects to quality. Chemie-Tech has the ability to manage & execute multi-discipline construction services for projects. requirement. Chemie-Tech Procurement Team is fully conversant compliance duty with all with duty aspects of engineering exemption experience in Construction Industry. Budget Chemie-Tech extensive budget. Detail Engineering. based on optimum & innovative solutions.SERVICES. project These engineering include services for grass-root projects as well as services Basic Engineering. freight forwarding. custom requirement. Time. facilities & expansion of exiting facilities.

Aluminum domes. Dome and Structure Replacements Floating Roof Seals Bottom Replacement or Patches Double Bottoms Shell Replacements Thickened Inserts Shell Man-ways. Double wall tanks. Dome roof tanks. Tank shell and bottom plates. Underground Horizontal tanks. Vents and Nozzles Fire Foam Systems Gauge Poles and Ladders Geodesic Dome Installations . mixers and pumps) • Aluminum/ Steel Domes (supply and installation) • Aluminum/SteelFloating Roofs (supply and installation) • Vapor Recovery Systems • Stairway and Handrail Installations • Nozzle Installations • Man-ways/ Clean out Doors Installations • Fire Protection & Gas detection System • Sub-Contracted Services (Specialty equipments. Bullets and all types of specialty steel fabrication & Erection services. trenching. Hot-Taps. Open top tanks.PRODUCTS & SERVICES Storage Tank Products: Cone roof tanks. Internal floating roofs. Tank Terminal Construction Services: • Foundations (including Area Grading. Cathodic protection. Cleanouts and Nozzles Wind Girders Roof Replacement or Patches Roof Structures Roof Man-ways. Ring wall/ sand pad foundations. Umbrella roof tanks. excavations including finish grade) • Containment Dikes / Berms/ Dyke walls • Complete Terminal Design and Installation (truck and/or ship loading/unloading facilities) • Storage Tanks Site Fabrication & Erection (Jack-up Method for AST) • Piping Assemblies (fabrication and installation of various alloys) • Piping Manifolds (Simple to complex) • Structural Fabrication and Installation (medium to heavy – small pipe racks to multi-level heavy structures) • Electrical / Instrumentation/ Control & Automation • Blasting and Painting (internal and external) • Mechanical Services (valves. External floating roofs. tank liners and leak detection) • Civil/Concrete (geo-technical investigations. Sloped/shovel bottom tanks. Calibration and NDE) 4 Tank Repair & Maintenance Services: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Cone Roof. Spheres.

Operational Cost & Energy goals are optimized to achieve true value to the Project. We view the system maintenance as an inherent component of the total facility.PROJECT CONCEPT ANALYSIS • • • • CONCEPT TO COMMISSIONING. We include client!s current & future requirements.ONE WINDOW SOLUTION FIRST COST OPERARTIONAL COST LIFY CYCLE COST ENERGY REQUIRED Client!s requirement. Installed Cost. 5 . We strive to be seamless extension of our client!s office. to meet their goals. Chemie-Tech incorporates systems approach that considers total project requirements. Application is only part of an evaluation.

Chemie-Tech believes that the best recipe for success is honesty & integrity…mixed with large dose of commitment and hard work. quality.Overview Chemie-Tech can undertake any size project in the fabrication and erection of storage tanks and industrial services.In Budget & Quality Construction Trade Marks of Chemie-Tech! Chemie-Tech thrives in competitive environments where safety. we are able to safely complete turnkey projects on time and on budget. Through its close connections with steel plate producers. offering high quality Engineering.Chemie-Tech LLC. Chemie-Tech LLC Chemie-Tech is a professional Industrial solutions provider. With an unwavering commitment to Client Satisfaction …Chemie-Tech pledges to “Do the Job Right”…Every Time! Optimized Engineering Solution. experienced project management & construction team and logistic partners. Petrochemical & Process. Chemie-Tech strongly believes that the success of any project depends ultimately on Clients Satisfaction. Procurement Construction & Project Management services to Oil & Gas. South Asia. in-house engineering. The sphere of activity is focused in providing expertise and turnkey solutions to clients throughout Middle East. 6 . Chemie-Tech is driven to meet high quality standards…delivering quality projects on time an in budget.Cost Effective Procurement. innovation and personal service are considered the most important attributes. African Continent and North America. Power & Water Industries.

6. UMM AL QUWAIN UNITED ARAB EMIRATES PH: W: www. BOX 2306. Construction.O. Procurement.chemietech.Engineering.5530776 FAX: .6. Project Management CHEMIE-TECH LLC Contact: P.5538466 E: info@chemietech.

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