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Book Saga Edition Revised Core Rulebook Starships of the Galaxy Threats of the Galaxy Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide The Force Unleashed Campaign Guide Scum and Villainy The Clone Wars Campaign Guide Legacy Era Campaign Guide Jedi Academy Training Manual Rebellion Era Campaign Guide Galaxy at War Scavenger’s Guide to Droids Galaxy of Intrigue The Unknown Regions Abbreviation SAGA SOTG TOTG KOTOR FUCG S&V CWCG LECG JATM RECG GAW SGTG GOI UR

Primary User Key
User Faction Black Sun Chiss Ascendancy Confederacy of Independent Systems Corporate Sector Authority Galactic Alliance Galactic Empire Hapes Consortium Independent Jedi Order Holy Krath Empire Mandalorian New Galactic Empire New Republic Old Republic Rebel Alliance Sith Empire Abbreviation BS Chiss CIS CSA GA GE Hapes Ind Jedi Krath Mando NGE NR OR RA SE