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Force Talents

Talent Req. Ref.
Aversion - CWCG-53
Disciplined Strike - SAGA-100
Force Flow - KOTOR-52
Illusion Mind Trick FUCG-87,
Illusion Bond Illusion JATM-15
Influence Savant - JATM-15
Link - JATM-15
Masquerade Illusion JATM-15
Move Massive Object Telekinetic Power, move object LECG-55
Suppress Force Influence Savant, mind trick JATM-15
Telekinetic Power - SAGA-100
Telekinetic Prodigy Telekinetic Savant FUCG-88
Telekinetic Savant - SAGA-100
Telepathic Influence Telepathic Link, trained in Use the Force KOTOR-53
Telepathic Link Trained in Use the Force KOTOR-53
Talent Req. Ref.
Beast Trick - KOTOR-53
Channel Energy Negate Energy JATM-16
Damage Reduction 10 - SAGA-101
Equilibrium - SAGA-101
Force Harmony - JATM-16
Force Exertion Force Training FUCG-88
Force Focus - SAGA-101
Force Recovery Equilibrium SAGA-101
Force Suppression Rebuke KOTOR-53
Indomitable Will - FUCG-88
Telekinetic Stability - LECG-55
The Will To Resist - CWCG-53
Dark Side
Talent Req. Ref.
Consumed by Darkness - CWCG-53
Dark Presence Charisma 13, Power of the Dark Side SAGA-101
Dark Preservation Power of the Dark Side LECG-55
Dark Side Savant - JATM-16
Drain Knowledge - TOTG-30
Power of the Dark Side - SAGA-101
Revenge Dark Presence, Power of the Dark Side SAGA-101
Swift Power Power of the Dark Side SAGA-101
Transfer Essence Dark Side Score equal to your Wisdom score JATM-16
Wrath of the Dark Side Power of the Dark Side FUCG-88
Guardian Spirit
Talent Req. Ref.
Guardian Spirit - JATM-16
Crucial Advice - JATM-17
Distracting Apparition Manifest Guardian Spirit JATM-17
Manifest Guardian Spirit - JATM-17
Vital Encouragement - JATM-17
Light Side
Talent Req. Ref.
At Peace - CWCG-53
Attuned Focused Attack CWCG-53
Focused Attack - CWCG-53
Surge of Light - CWCG-53
Talent Req. Ref.
Feel the Force - FUCG-88
Force Perception - SAGA-101
Force Pilot - SAGA-101
Foresight Force Perception SAGA-101
Gauge Force Perception Force Perception SAGA-101
Heightened Awareness - CWCG-53
Instinctive Navigation Force Pilot JATM-17
Motion of the Future Force Perception JATM-17
Psychometry Force Perception, farseeing CWCG-53
Shift Sense - CWCG-53
Visions Force Perception, farseeing SAGA-101
Force Techniques Force Techniques
Technique Ref. Technique Ref.
Advanced Vital Transfer CWCG-54 Improved Force Storm FUCG-88
Cure Disease JATM-36 Improved Force Stun KOTOR-54
Detoxify Poison LECG-55 Improved Force Thrust FUCG-88
Dominate Mind KOTOR-53 Improved Force Trance SAGA-102
Extended Blind JATM-36 Improved Ionize KOTOR-54
Extended Force Disarm JATM-36 Improved Kinetic Combat KOTOR-54
Extended Force Grip JATM-36 Improved Levitate CWCG-54
Extended Force Thrust JATM-36 Improved Lightning Burst LECG-56
Extended Move Object JATM-36 Improved Malacia CWCG-54
Force Point Recovery SAGA-102 Improved Mind Trick FUCG-89
Force Power Mastery SAGA-102 Improved Move Light Object SAGA-103
Improved Balistakinesis LECG-55 Improved Obscure LECG-56
Improved Battle Strike FUCG-88 Improved Phase CWCG-54
Improved Cloak CWCG-54 Improved Plant Surge JATM-37
Improved Convetion JATM-37 Improved Rebuke FUCG-89
Improved Crucitorn JATM-37 Improved Rend CWCG-54
Improved Cryokinesis JATM-37 Improved Repulse FUCG-89
Improved Dark Rage FUCG-88 Improved Resist Force KOTOR-54
Improved Dark Transfer LECG-55 Improved Sense Force SAGA-103
Improved Detonate LECG-56 Improved Sense Surroundings SAGA-103
Improved Energy Resistance KOTOR-53 Improved Shatterpoint CWCG-54
Improved Enlighten LECG-56 Improved Stagger LECG-56
Improved Fold Space JATM-37 Improved Technometry CWCG-54
Improved Force Disarm FUCG-88 Improved Telepathy SAGA-103
Improved Force Grip FUCG-88 Improved Thought Bomb JATM-37
Improved Force Light JATM-37 Improved Valor KOTOR-54
Improved Force Lightning FUCG-88 Improved Vital Transfer KOTOR-54
Improved Force Shield LECG-56 Language Absorption KOTOR-54
Improved Force Slam KOTOR-54

Force Secrets
Secret Ref.
Corrupt Power FUCG-89
Debilitating Power FUCG-89
Devastating Power SAGA-103
Distant Power SAGA-103
Enlarged Power FUCG-89
Extend Power CWCG-55
Holocron Loremaster JATM-37
Linked Power CWCG-55
Mentor JATM-37
Multitarget Power SAGA-103
Pure Power FUCG-89
Quicken Power SAGA-103
Remote Power FUCG-89
Shaped Power SAGA-103
Unconditional Power CWCG-55
Agent of Ossus
Talent Req. Ref.
Buried Presence - FUCG-92
Conceal Other Buried Presence FUCG-92
Insightful Aim Weapon Proficiency (pistols or rifles) FUCG-92
Vanish - FUCG-92
Aing-Tii Monk
Talent Req. Ref.
Aura of Freedom - JATM-73
Folded Space Mastery Fold Space JATM-73
Liberate Aura of Freedom JATM-73
Many Shades of the Force Force Training JATM-73
Spatial Integrity - JATM-73
Bando Gora Captain
Talent Req. Ref.
Bando Gora Surge - CWCG-55
Force Fighter - CWCG-56
Resist Enervation - CWCG-56
Victorious Force Mastery - CWCG-56
Baran Do Sage
Talent Req. Ref.
Enhanced Danger Sense - JATM-75
Expanded Horizon - JATM-75
Knowledge and Defence Enhanced Danger Sense JATM-75
Planetary Attunement - JATM-75
Precognitive Meditation - JATM-75
Believer Disciple
Talent Req. Ref.
Believer Intuition - CWCG-56
Defense Boost - CWCG-56
Hardiness - CWCG-56
High Impact - CWCG-56
Sith Reverence - CWCG-56
Blazing Chain
Talent Req. Ref.
Force Directed Shot Force Sensitivity, trained in the Use the Force Skill UR-33
Negate and Redirect Negate Energy, Force Sensitivity, trained in the Use the Force Skill UR-33
Rising Anger Force Sensitivity, Dark Side Score of 1 or higher UR-33
Rising Panic Force Sensitivity, Dark Side Score of 1 or higher UR-33
Dathomiri Witch
Talent Req. Ref.
Adept Spellcaster - SAGA-107
Charm Beast - SAGA-107
Command Beast Charm Beast SAGA-107
Flight Adept Spellcaster SAGA-107
Disciple of Twilight
Talent Req. Ref.
Cloak of Shadow - LECG-57
Phantasm - LECG-57
Revelation - LECG-58
Shadow Armor Cloak of Shadow LECG-58
Shadow Vision - LECG-58
Ember of Vahl
Talent Req. Ref.
Initiate of Vahl - LECG-59
Reading the Flame Initiate of Vahl LECG-59
Sword of Vahl Initiate of Vahl LECG-59
Vahl’s Brand Empower Weapon LECG-59
Vahl’s Flame Initiate of Vahl LECG-59
Felucian Shaman
Talent Req. Ref.
Detonate Force Blast FUCG-93
Hive Mind - FUCG-93
Infuse Weapon - FUCG-93
Sickening Blast Force Blast FUCG-93
Iron Knight
Talent Req. Ref.
Droid Duelist - JATM-79
Force Repair - JATM-79
Heal Droid Vital Transfer JATM-79
Mask Presence - JATM-79
Silicon Mind - JATM-79
Jensaari Defender
Talent Req. Ref.
Attune Armor - SAGA-107
Force Cloak - SAGA-107
Force Cloak Mastery Force Cloak SAGA-107
Linked Defense - SAGA-107
Kilian Ranger
Talent Req. Ref.
Empower Siang Lance Siang Lance Mastery, base attack +7 RECG-37
Shield Gauntlet Defense - RECG-37
Shield Gauntlet Deflect Shield Gauntlet Defense RECG-37
Shield Gauntlet Redirect Shield Gauntlet Defense, Shield Gauntlet Deflect, base attack +5 RECG-37
Siang Lance Mastery - RECG-37
Korunai Adept
Talent Req. Ref.
Akk Dog Master - CWCG-57
Akk Dog Trainer Akk Dog Master CWCG-57
Akk Dog Attack Training Akk Dog Master CWCG-57
Protective Reaction Akk Dog Master CWCG-57
Matukai Adept
Talent Req. Ref.
Body Control - JATM-81
Physical Surge - JATM-81
Soft to Solid - JATM-81
Wan-Shen Defense Proficient with the Wan-Shen JATM-81
Wan-Shen Kata Proficient with the Wan-Shen JATM-81
Wan-Shen Kata Proficient with the Wan-Shen, Wan-Shen Kata, base attack bonus +5 JATM-81
Seyugi Dervish
Talent Req. Ref.
Seyugi Cyclone - JATM-83
Mobile Whirlwind Seyugi Cyclone JATM-83
Repelling Whirlwind Seyugi Cycone JATM-83
Sudden Storm Seyugi Cyclone JATM-83
Tempest Tossed Seyugi Cyclone JATM-83
Shaper of Kro Var
Talent Req. Ref.
Combustion Force Trained JATM-85
Earth Buckle - JATM-85
Fluidity - JATM-85
Thunderclap Bantha Rush, Force Training JATM-85
Wind Vortex - JATM-85
Talent Req. Ref.
Cycle of Harmony Tyia Adept JATM-87
Force Stabilize Tyia Adept JATM-87
Repel Discord - JATM-87
Stifle Conflict - JATM-87
Tyia Adept - JATM-87
Warden of the Sky
Talent Req. Ref.
Brutal Unarmed Strike Telekinetic Strike JATM-89
Martial Resurgence - JATM-89
Rebounding Leap - JATM-89
Simultaneous Strike Base attack bonus +5 JATM-89
Telekinetic Strike - JATM-89
Telekinetic Throw Throw JATM-89
White Current Adept
Talent Req. Ref.
Force Immersion White Current Adept, trained in Stealth JATM-77
Immerse Another White Current Adept, trained in Stealth JATM-77
Ride the Current - JATM-77
Surrender to the Current - JATM-77
White Current Adept - JATM-77
Zeison Sha Warrior
Talent Req. Ref.
Discblade Arc Proficiency with the discblade JATM-91
Distant Discblade Throw Proficiency with the discblade JATM-91
Recall Discblade Proficiency with the discblade JATM-91
Telekinetic Vigilance Intercept JATM-91
Weapon Specialization (discblade) Proficiency with the discblade, Weapon Focus (discblade) JATM-91
Force Regimens
Force Training Regimen Lightsaber Training Regimen
Talent Ref. Talent Ref.
Awaken Force Sensitivity JATM-10 Sparring Practice JATM-11
Eyes of the Force JATM-10 Training Remote JATM-12
Oxygen Bottle JATM-11 Vo’ren’s First Cadence JATM-12
Quiet the Mind JATM-11 Vo’ren’s Second Cadence JATM-12
Telekinetic Practice JATM-11 Vo’ren’s Third Cadence JATM-13
Vo’ren’s Fourth Cadence JATM-13
Vo’ren’s Fifth Cadence JATM-13

Force Powers
Force Powers
Power Descriptor Ref. Power Descriptor Ref.
Ballistakinesis Telekinetic LECG-53 Hatred Dark Side JATM-26
Battle Strike - SAGA-96 Inertia - JATM-27
Blind Telekinetic JATM-24 Inspire Light Side JATM-27
Cloak - CWCG-50 Ionize - KOTOR-51
Combustion - LECG-53 Intercept Telekinetic JATM-27
Convection - JATM-24 Kinetic Combat - FUCG-86,
Corruption Dark Side FUCG-85 KOTOR-51
Crucitorn - JATM-24 Levitate Telekinetic CWCG-50
Cryokinesis - JATM-25 Lightning Burst Dark Side LECG-54
Dark Rage Dark Side SAGA-96 Malacia Light Side CWCG-50
Dark Transfer Dark Side LECG-53 Memory Walk Dark Side, Mind- JATM-27
Detonate Telekinetic LECG-53 Affecting
Drain Energy - JATM-25 Mind Shard Mind-Affecting JATM-28
Energy - KOTOR-50 Mind Trick Mind-Affecting SAGA-98
Resistance Morichiro - CWCG-51
Enlightened Light Side, Mind- LECG-54 Move Object Telekinetic SAGA-98
Affecting Obscure Mind-Affecting LECG-54
Farseeing - SAGA-96 Negate Energy - SAGA-99
Fear Dark Side, Mind- KOTOR-50 Phase - CWCG-51
Affecting Plant Surge - JATM-28
Fold Space - JATM-25 Prescience - LECG-54
Force Blast - FUCG-86 Rebuke - SAGA-100
Force Disarm Telekinetic SAGA-97 Rend Dark Side CWCG-52
Force Grip Telekinetic SAGA-97 Repulse Telekinetic FUCG-87
Force Light Light Side JATM-25 Resist Force - KOTOR-51
Force Lightning Dark Side SAGA-97 Sever Force Light Side SAGA-100
Force Scream - KOTOR-50 Shatterpoint - CWCG-52
Force Shield Telekinetic FUCG-86, Slow Telekinetic KOTOR-52
LECG-54 Stagger Telekinetic LECG-54
Force Slam Telekinetic SAGA-97 Surge - SAGA-100
Force Storm Dark Side, FUCG-86, Technometry - CWCG-52
Telekinetic JATM-26 Thought Bomb Mind-Affecting JATM-28
Force Stun - SAGA-98 Valor Light side KOTOR-52
Force Thrust Telekinetic SAGA-98 Vital Transfer Light Side SAGA-100
Force Track - JATM-26 Wound Dark Side KOTOR-52
Force Whirlwind Telekinetic KOTOR-51

Lightsaber Form Powers

Power Form Ref. Power Form Ref.
Assured Strike Juyo JATM-29 Pass the Blade Tràkata JATM-32
Barrier of Blades Shien JATM-29 Pushing Slash Niman [Telekinetic] JATM-33
Circle of Shelter Soresu JATM-29 Rising Whirlwind Jar’Kai JATM-33
Contentious Opportunity Makashi JATM-29 Saber Swarm Ataru JATM-34
Deflecting Slash Soresu JATM-30 Sarlacc Sweep Shii-Cho JATM-34
Disarming Slash Shii-Cho JATM-30 Shien Deflection Shien JATM-34
Draw Closer Niman [Telekinetic] JATM-30 Swift Flank Vaapad JATM-34
Falling Avalanche Djem So JATM-31 Tempered Aggression Vaapad [Dark Side] JATM-35
Fluid Riposte Djem So JATM-31 Twin strike Jar’Kai JATM-35
Hawk-Bat Swoop Ataru JATM-31 Unbalanced Block Tràkata JATM-35
High Ground Defense Sokan JATM-32 Unhindered Charge Sokan JATM-36
Makashi Ripost Makashi JATM-32 Vornskr’ Ferocity Juyo [Dark Side] JATM-36

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