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Human Health
- Lack Concentration – Human efficiency increase with reduction of noise. To get better
quality of work there should be concentration. Most offices situated on the main road,
the sound from the traffic could divert the attention of working people.
- Fatigue – when people couldn’t concentrate people tend to spent more time completing
the work.
- Sleepless night – noise exposure during sleep may increase the blood pressure , heart
rate also the after effect of sleepless night could effect the mood day
- Children – children that exposed to the noised environment have been found to have
poor memory, reading ability and school performance
- Systolic - The systolic blood pressure was significantly higher among children from
noisy residences and kindergartens, compared to children from both quiet environments

- Predator – prey – the noise can cause the animals change in behaviour , can set off the
chain reaction , will reducing the species that can cause imbalance. When this happen ,
some species will increasing and vice versa.
- For the flying species – such as bird, due to the exposure of continuous noise the
population might be decline. Where the female bird prefer the male bird with low they tend to vocal their sound during the night whereas the noise are at the
highest of it pollute. Same as frog.
- Mammal – mammal usually use sound to communicate and navigate , while human
emits high intensity of the sonar that could damaged the mammal hearing ability.
- Squids affected by the sonar – such as offshore/drilling. When the squid is been
dissected, their organ that are used to balance the water has been found damaged.
- Human – human ususally travel to the forest to get away from the stresses, yet if there
are problem and effecting the ecosystem , its hard to relax and enjoy the nature.

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