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Teacher, teacher are you depressed?

By Kyla Faith Reyes

Two cases up suicide in just 2 months purportedly due to week related issues alarmed the DepEd.
A newly hired teacher from La Paz, Leyte hanged herself last July, and another teacher from Bacoor City
was found dead inside her room still wearing her uniform. As of this writing, 4 public school teacher
committed suicide just this year following allegations that these have been discussed by heavy workload.
To a span of ten months, a teacher needs to accomplish school forms half of it are demanding
MOVs (means of verification) including pictures, agendas, minute of the meeting and lot more. This is
already a struggle to teachers especially to these who have their own family best this year, the DepEd made
it worst by implementing the results-based performance management (BPMS) and as expected it results
again to heavy workloads.
Teacher are not robots. They also need enough sleep eat in time got enough rest and most of all
they are not only teacher. They are also a daughter/son, a husband/wife, a brother/sister, a mother/father
they are human being.
How could they get enough rest if after spread they leave their school around, they will be at home
doing a lot of papers work, they need to work 24/7 just so they can have good performance rating labelled
in their tons of paper works. Good! Performance rating at school, bad performance rating at home. 24 hours
for students, no time for children. Again, they are also parents, a daughter/son.
Aside from paper works which is already mind-boggling teachers are experiencing Bullying from
Their co-teachers. This is experienced especially by newly-hired teachers. Older colleagues humiliate them
instead of teaching them what to do to become Better and this is disgusting teachers are supposed to kelp
each other teach one another and reach goal together. But what’s happening to experienced teachers? They
were swallowed by selfishness, pride and crab mentality
Inside the classroom teacher of one personality, must deal to 40 to 60 different students of
differently personalities. Teach them well because this future depends on his strategies and lessons. But
how can a teacher deprived of sleep, teach well? How can a teacher, having no single for on his stomach,
inspire students? They need rest. Even madness need rest, somewhat people, same with teacher.
After all these sacrifices and hard works a teacher only receives P18,000 minus tax, minus GSIS,
minus Phil Health, minus, minus, minus, and so on only P10-12,000 was left for his and the family, is it
enough? Is it worth it? Is it worth the sleepless nights, the skipped meals, the unattended family members,
the weakening immune system? No, it’s not. Its not worth it. Every drop of blood and sweat he sacrificed
costs only a centavo. They don’t deserve that.
The government is not deaf, nor blind. Give these teachers what they deserve. They are teachers this
country needs them, do not give them darkness for they are the giver of light. Do not let them suffer hell,
for they are the guide to heaven. Hear them, help them