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Save the Planet Earth

Have you heard about global warming? You may say- yes we
have but how does it relate to us. Now the truth is that it
relates to all of us. Earth is the giver and sustainer of life but
humans because of their ignorance are unintentionally
harming the ecological balance of earth.

Have you ever wondered that everything is interrelated;

trees, plants, animals and humans, we all are connected - by
life - by breath. We inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide
and trees inhale carbon dioxide and give us oxygen. Just
think - when there won¶t be trees, from where will we
receive oxygen! To live, we need oxygen and oxygen comes
from trees - these trees recycle the wasted poisonous carbon
dioxide which we exhale. No wonder that our ancestors
worshiped even trees.

Trees are part of our life and play a vital role in our day-to-
day living. Look around your room - there would be enough
wood around you ± doors, tables, chairs, cupboard etc and
most importantly your breath, which is being sanitized by
trees. Just look out of your balcony or window - how many trees do you see? Most of the times you
see cement jungle, buildings and more buildings, roads and more roads. Not an enthralling view!
Human population has grown to alarming proportions. Need and greed for more houses and more
money is the reason that agriculture lands are being changed into colonies and residential buildings.
More and more green belts are being converted into modern buildings; spaces are being gulped up to
make way for office buildings and factories.

Trees are being chopped off to make buildings. No one cares about alarming consequences of such
acts. Builders, for customers, present a little manicured garden. First we had gardens and now city
dwellers have gardens in small pots and many times these pots have just plastic plants. Greed is
driving humans crazy and over population is killing the quality of life, especially in cities. In cities, do
you ever find any home which doesn¶t have one or another kind of water purification system? Would
you drink tap water? No way, as you love yourself and you are wise enough to take care of your own
and your family¶s health; but what about the health of earth?

Villages too are contributing in their own way. Over usage of pesticides and chemicals in farms is
poisoning ground water; vegetables and fruits are laden with poisonous chemicals, which are giving
rise to diseases like cancer. Farmer wants more yields, as higher crop means more money.

Earth is dying; soil is loosing its capacity to grow; water tables are going down; temperatures are
rising. Weather is changing worldwide - strange things are occurring: it is snowing in deserts and
temperature is rising in mountains, as a result of which- wild fires are erupting every now and then.
Recently, thousands of hectares of jungles were gutted in fire in Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh in
India. In USA, bush fires have destroyed many houses as hundreds of acres of land enveloped in the
lap of the bush fire. Glaciers are melting and sea levels are rising. Does it ring alarm bell to your ears
or not!

Natural resources are getting depleted at an alarming rate. A survey says that in thirty years our
natural gas resources will dry up which means there will be no availability of petrol, diesel. How will
your cars, trucks, buses move without gas? How will our power plants and trains work without coal?
You can¶t shut your eyes to this man made danger. You can¶t sit quiet. Do something.

1. First step in right direction is to use electricity wisely; switch off unnecessary lights before going
to sleep, switch off all computers, microwave, charger points or any idle electricity point.

2. Use car pools; share rides to office. You will not only save money but can also relax when the
other person is driving. Use mass transportation systems like metro or bus.

3. Use no plastics and if you have to- then recycle them.

4. Plant trees on your wedding anniversaries, birthdays, and death anniversaries, as deforestation is
the biggest challenge for all of us.

These days, new and better colonies are being made. It is good for humans but what about the lives
of animals and birds, who are dependent on forests? Forests are like lungs of earth. Just like humans
cannot survive without lungs, animals and birds cannot survive on this earth without forests.

Deforestation is proving hazardous to earth. It is causing floods, drought,

tornadoes, earthquakes and excess rainfall in some areas ± somewhere
humans are biggest contributor to such natural disasters. All of a sudden
an earthquake happens and thousands of people die; there is no
forewarning. Floods displace humans, kill animals and wipes out precious
agricultural soil. Thus, fertile land turns into deserts. There is no
guarantee to this life. Shouldn¶t we be vigilant that we safe-guard our and
earth¶s life? There is no guarantee that those who are living today will be
here tomorrow. Do you think that the houses, buildings, cities you are
living in are safe? It is strange that people roam around with such
arrogance, as though they are never going to die or the place they are
living in is immortal.