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One woman’s journey into understanding Islam and gender equality
by Donna Kennedy-Glans
What lies beneath the veil in places like Yemen? To nd out, take an engaging and gripping journey into Islam, women’s issues and human rights. Donna Kennedy-Glans has written a warm, sympathetic and highly readable personal account of the complex world of malefemale relations in Islam while also allowing her penetrating gaze to fall on Western attitudes to gender. “An original book, highly-informed and intelligent, Unveiling the Breath should be read by anyone in search of new insights in gender relations or in possible future paths for women in the emerging global culture.” Tom Henighan, author of Coming of Age in Arabia: A memoir of Aden before the terror



Publishing: June 1st, 2010 ISBN: 978-88-95604-06-0 £9.99 / €13.50 Paperback

How can we in the West, without presumption or arrogance, help e ect social change in the Islamic countries, while re ning our own convictions and practices—especially in relation to gender roles? Drawing on her experiences around the world, and the troubled but fascinating state of Yemen in particular, Donna Kennedy-Glans suggests that we have the power to reframe our own ideas about gender, while creating a new and more subtle dialogue with traditional cultures, including fundamentalist Islam. With many telling examples from her own rich personal experience, and using both traditional wisdom and some of the latest research in various elds, she advances the idea of subtle connections, respect, ‘breathing spaces’ that would replace chauvinism and confrontation, and create dialogues from which vital new relations would emerge, both on the personal and social levels. Donna Kennedy-Glans is a Calgary-based lawyer and businesswoman who has been guiding for pro t and for purpose organizations in more than thirty countries over the last twenty- ve years. This work has taken her o the beaten track in places like Yemen, Egypt, Nigeria, Indonesia, Algeria, Iran, Colombia and Vietnam. Donna is founder of an international consultancy connecting communities and extractive companies ( She is lead author of Corporate Integrity: A toolkit for managing beyond compliance (John Wiley & Sons, 2005). As well, Donna is founder of a voluntary organization—Bridges Social Development—that trains community, professional and youth leaders in the developing world ( Donna and her husband have three sons and live in Calgary, Alberta. All proceeds from the sale of this book are dedicated to advancing gender harmonization through the volunteer work of Bridges Social Development. See

Social science/ Women’s studies/Islam

What lies beneath the veil in places like Yemen?

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