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Submitted By
Group Leader Muhammad Hasnain Tariq
Group Members
Shaheer Khan

Ahsan Anwar

Imran Habib
Final Project Report On Ghani Global Gases

Submitted to
Prof: Naveed Ahmad

MBA 3rd Semester

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All the praises are for ALLAH almighty who give us the will, ability and potential to complete
this project in due time and with great success. Firstly words can never express the guidance and
the prayers of our parent, and it is because of their prayers of our parents, and it is because of
their prayers that well have accomplished our task successfully. We would like to
acknowledgement our debt to each and every person associated in developing this project
development required huge commitment from the all member in the team. We are also thankful
MR NAVEED AHMAD who guided us through our project development. We are thankful for
the patience with which he stood by us till our project thank you for his kindness for starveling
by us in peak movement of the project development. The project is the result of the effort of all
the people who are associated with the project directly or indirectly who helped us too
successfully to complete the project with in the specific time from. And last but not the least we
are externally thankfully to the HR managers of GHANI GASES Limited, especially MR
TAUSEEF RASHEED manager admin/ HR for providing us the information and knowledge that
we need to complete our final project.

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This project is dedicated our beloved and most affectionate parents for all their love and attention
which gave us the strength and courage that made impossible for us to stand on this pint an to
the person who taught us how to accomplished the task with grade dedication none other than
our beloved professor NAVEED AHMAD.

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Table of Content

Sr. Contents

1. Executive Summary

About the Ghani Global Gases

2.  History of Ghani Global Gases
 Vision & Mission
 Nature of Business
 Organization Hierarchy
3. Human Resource Department

4 HR Department at Ghani Global Gases

5.1.1 Human Resource Planning)
5.1.2 HRIS (Human Resource Information System)
5.1.3 Recruitment
5.1.4 Selection

5.2 Training and Development

52.1 Benefits of Training
5.2.2 Training and Development at Ghani Global Gases
5.2.3 Benefits of Training at Ghani Global Gases
5.3.1 Performance Management
5.3.2 Performance Management at Ghani Global Gases
5.3.3 Compensation
5.3.4 Compensation at Ghani Global Gases


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Executive Summary

We are the student MBA Third semester of superior university. We selected Ghani global gases
limited for a final project of HRM we have completed final project by collecting data from the
HRM department of the Ghani global gases ltd. We have visited HR department and we also
took interview from the head of HRM department MR. Touseef Rasheed in Ghani global gases
ltd. After taking the interviews we concluding that at Ghani global HR department are
responsible for HR planning recruitment and selection. We learn that how their make HR
planning and what process they adopted during recruitment and selection of the employee. We
also explore that how they motivated is employees and maximizing performance their
employees. Now we also know that how they used different tools to measure the performance of
employee how they compensate his employees, what type of allowances they offered. All of the
employee and all top management officer and very comparative to each other and they also
provide many facilities to the employees, hence special reward and good promotion opportunity
is also present in the company. Ghani global gases ltd is one of most modern and leading brand
in providing gases to the medical institution of Pakistan and has creating good will among the
people. This great victory goes to HRM department of Ghani global gases ltd. They understand
that their commitment to satisfy customer needs must be full-fill with in professional and
ethical form work, thereby work creating and outgoing relation of trust and confidence in all
their dealing with GGL. They are equipped and trained there team of professional to provide the
most efficient and personalized services to their customer.

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The founders of group Mr. Aitzaz Ahmad Khan, Chairman Ghani Glass Limited and Mr.
Mohammad Ahmad started the business in "1963" by establishing a mining firm in the name of
Ahmad Brothers & Co. Group founders having career of a highly motivated religious
personality with a feel for education and social sector development is marked as a big hallmark
for our group. Ghani Global Group is combination of variety of industries. All the sponsors have
decades of experience and expertise in glass manufacturing, mining, textile, gases and
automobile industries.Group has been successfully running a state of the art industrial and
medical gases plant near Lahore in the name of Ghani Gases Limited. It is a public limited
company listed on Karachi Stock Exchange. To meet the requirement of industrial and medical
gases of southern areas, the Group is setting up another state of the art industrial and medical
gases plant in Port Qasim, Karachi in the name of Ghani Southern Gases. In additionto above,
the Groupis setting up a state of the art glass plant for manufacturing of tubing (an import
substitute) in the name of Ghani Global Glass. Group is also planning to setup Carbon dioxide
and Hydrogen gas plants.

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“To be successful in this word and hereafter by utilizing the resources and commandments of
ALLAH and way teachings of MUHAMMAD (PBUH) we eventually through our effort become
order for other company based on faith experience, innovation, growth and satisfaction of stack


 To achieve and maintain high standard of product quality, and customer satisfaction in a
miner that is supervisor to any by a wide margin and to become a leader around gases

Nature of Business

Nature of Core Values



Excellence Satifcation

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Organizational Hierarchy





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Human Resource Planning

As a employees play a critical role in business`s success, it is important that you put thought and
careful planning into your human resource practice remember that your human resource plan
should correspond with your business plan. E.g. if you anticipate 25% growth in the sale into two
years, you must consider how that will affect your workplace and human resource need human
resources planning is an ongoing process you must continually monitor and forecast personal
need and concerns likewise, if you would like your business to continue after your retirement,
you should make a commitment to forecasting future management needs. Human resources
planning are something that you can learn and improve on through experience and effort. HRM
planning means finding and selection highly qualify person internally and externally the
organization HR department gather maximum number of candidates through selection is the
process to choice highly qualified persons through C.V interview and test. The company selects
the person to fulfil the company requirement. Human resource identifies the competency and the
need of organization to fulfil its goals and then acquires the people according to organization
need. Human resource planning is the comprehensive process of determining the recruitment
needs of employees. As every organization need employees with rights skill, knowledge and
experience and this human resources requirement of organization is filled with proper human
resource planning. Human resource planning to check surplus and shortage of employees in an
organization. HR planning is also used how resourcefully work can be taken by employees to
increase the product ability. The human resource planning processes also identify the
organizational goals. HR plan is made to develop necessary competencies from within the
organization or hire new employees who have them. The HR plan and strategies for fulfilling HR
needs are continually evaluated and improved. In global firms Human Resources Manager must
achieve to somewhat conflicting strategic objectives. The strategic plan emphases because
effective use of people in the organization can provide a competitive advantage to the
organization. In this focuses on the plan for achieving the different goals of any organization in
the limited time. Although planning involves the creation and maintenance of a plan. As such,
planning is a fundamental property of intelligence behavior. This process is essential to creation
and refinement of a plan or integration of it with other plans. This process is combine forecasting
of development with preparation of serious of how to secret to them. Human Resource of

Human Resource Management Final Project 11 | P a g e

Planning is conscious as well as sub conscious activity. It is an anticipatory decision making
process that helps in coping with complicities. It helps too decide to future course of action
within the organization. It is a process that involves making and evaluating each set of
interrelated decision. It is a selection of mission`s objectives and translation of knowledge into
action. HR planning help the company to complete the mission`s those make for profit. HRM
strategic plans must have been several elements to be successful. The HRM strategic plan is
different from HR plan. HRM strategic plans are those which organization wants to achieve
major objectives of organization, while the HR plan consists of detailed plans to ensure the
strategic plan is achieved. Often the strategic plan is viewed as just another report that must be
written rather than jumping in and writing it without much thought it is best to give plan care full
consideration. HR manager must meet with executives, management and priorities who have to
be agreed upon, that plan are ready to be developed.

HR Planning at Ghani Global Gases:-

Human resource planning:

The objective human resource department of GHANI global gases is to hire best qualified
professional for different department of the company.

the strategies of Ghani global gases ltd HR department is to get best available professional from
the market, so these individual provide they experience and expertise in the growth of company.

External environment- internal HR availability:

There is a shortage in experience professional candidate in the market , so there for requirement
of concern post is advertised in the paper and the best candidates are filtered through a lengthy
process of recruitment with include practical knowledge , hands on experience and know how
the concerned filed.

Plan, for casting demand:

The HR department coordinates with concern the department about the future plan and for
casting demand additional work force.

Human Resource Management Final Project 12 | P a g e

Ghani global gases ltd HR department provides return job description to each and every new
employee to make him or her understand the job and responsibility of his or her position and the
company’s expectation from the individual. The HR manager do not provide written chart to the
newly employed person for their future position in the organization. HRIS:

In the current era of technology the HR departments of different organization use different
software to facilitate the work of HR and get there work easier in the less time by using the
benefits of technology. Likewise Ghani Global Gasses Ltd also implements the facility of
software in their HR department. So that overload of work can decrease. They use the ERP
software for the HR related work. The HR departments use the admin and HR module in the

As technology also contains disadvantages, which are faced by different organization in their
different departments as HRIS also leaves some problem while using it. As it is very useful tool
but some time HR department faces different problems while using it.

The Ghani Global Gasses Ltd HR department also faces different problems while using HRIS
like entry not expected, while entry the data on the system. Entry not shows on the software.
Show wrong try on the system. So we conclude that as technology as many benefit but it also
contain some many disadvantages rather. Due to problems occurs in HRIS the work of HR
department in Ghani Global Gasses Ltd get slower and they cannot meet their targets in the due

HRIS at Ghani Global Gases:-

In the current era of technology the HR
departments of different organization use
different software to facilitate the work of HR and get there work easier in the less time by using
the benefits of technology. Likewise Ghani Global Gasses Ltd also implements the facility of
software in their HR department. So that overload of work can decrease. They use the ERP
software for the HR related work. The HR departments use the admin and HR module in the

As technology also contains disadvantages, which are faced by different organization in their
different departments as HRIS also leaves some problem while using it. As it is very useful tool
but some time HR department faces different problems while using it.

The Ghani Global Gasses Ltd HR department also faces different problems while using HRIS
like entry not expected, while entry the data on the system. Entry not shows on the software.
Show wrong try on the system. So we conclude that as technology as many benefit but it also

Human Resource Management Final Project 13 | P a g e

contain some many disadvantages rather. Due to problems occurs in HRIS the work of HR
department in Ghani Global Gasses Ltd get slower and they cannot meet their targets in the due

Human Resource Management Final Project 14 | P a g e

Recruitment and Selection

After study these chapter we conduct process of creating a pool of qualified candidates for
particular job is called recruitment. And also we learn how create the pool of recruitment.
Recruiting is the next phase of staffing after human rescores planning. After survey the next step
recruitment selecting the high qualified candidates within or outside of an organization. The
finding new employee must skill person that are required to have the selected post. So there are
two goal of recruitment first is attract qualified person and the second is the unqualified person to
self-select them self out. There are two way of recruitment first way of recruitment is
organization and the second way of recruitment candidate. In first way of organization to
generate the qualified people then evaluate and selection and the other side candidate way,
candidate first received education then required employment experience and then search of job
then apply for job at the end company selection process then evaluate job and companies. There
are two source of recruitment one is internal and second external. In internal source organization
help about morale promote better assessment of ability and lower cost for some job. There are
some disadvantage of external source like, school, college, university, labor union and media
source. There are two methods in internal recruitment one is job board and second is employer
web site. There are some method to control recruitment one is image of company second is
achievement of job and third one is internal organization policy and last recruitment goal. After
recruitment work selection process started which means making a hire on no hire decision
regarding each applicants for job. There are following step of basic selection criteria formal
education, experience, past performance physical characteristic and personality characteristic.
There are three method of selection one is testing second is gathering information and third is
interviewing test to measure knowledge skill and ability. An interview is the most frequent
method of section. There are two type of interviews one on structured second is unstructured. In
last we can say that if organization select best person then we well be can top position in market.

Human Resource Management Final Project 15 | P a g e

Recruitment at Ghani Global Gases:-

It is a process to locate the sources where from required HR can be available attract them
towards the organization. At the Ghani global gases polices is making according to need of
company. Ghani global gases recruitment refer to the process of finding qualified and capable
candidate for a job undertaken by recruitment. It may be undertaken by an employment agency
or a member of staff at the business or organization looking for recruits. In the Ghani global
gases advertising is commonly part of recruiting process and also using newspaper dedicated to
job advertisement, through professional publication, using advertisement place in window trough
job center, through campus interview, t.v channel, radio, web site etc. in the Ghani global gases
suitable for a job is typically assessed by looking for skill e.g. communication skill, typing skill,
computer skill. Ghani global gases evidence for skill required for a job may be providing in the
form of qualification, experience in a job requiring the relevant skill of reference. Ghani global
gases a candidate may also be assessed on the basis of an interview. The Ghani Global Gases
well be requested some time candidate to provide a resume (also known as a C.V) or to complete
on application from to provide this evidence. Normally at Ghani Global Gases recruit the
employee at six month but some time they recruit the employee at the time they needed. The
Ghani Global Gases are also offer part time job are not less than 5 hours and full time job. Ghani
Global Gases are used both internal and external source. The internal resource hiring the outside
of the organization and external resource are full-fill opening. If Ghani Global Gases need any
new employee in emergency then they are personal reference otherwise add on
and newspapers and communication and channel. Job specification and job description are given
in this add which is attracting the candidate with right knowledge, skill, ability and qualification.

Human Resource Management Final Project 16 | P a g e

Selection at Ghani Global Gases:-

The selection process has been designed to identify those that have the potential to give
maximum benefit to the organization with his sharp skills. After the recruitment process the next
step is selecting process in which Applicants can apply which is fulfilling the company criteria.
After that start which CV scramming step in which they reject those applicants if anyone not
fulfilling company criteria. They prefer those candidates who have some extra certification about
Ghani Global Gases. After that interview penal conduct interview in which they check the
behavior, personality, and most important think the relevant knowledge of the candidate. The
interview gives you an opportunity to evaluate the applicant's job related knowledge, skills, and
abilities. This session also provides the ability to gather additional information about critical
points on the application. Once the interviews have been completed, the committee is meeting to
discuss the interviewees. Committee members are needed to assess the extent to which each one
met their selection criteria. The Ghani Global Gases best candidate for the position was chosen
based on knowledge, ability, skills and qualification. All those candidates are rejected that will
not fulfills the company criteria. After the interview next step is employee written test this test is
based on writing skills and relevant knowledge about Ghani Global Gases. The last step in the
selection process is to offer the best candidate this is the most crucial and final step in selection
process. After an interview the head of department and HR department both select the candidate
and offer the job and they give appointment letter in which contains company policy,
reimbursement policy, leave policy etc.

Human Resource Management Final Project 17 | P a g e

Training and Development

After selection the candidate orientation is given to employee in which they are aware about the
JD`s and JS and then training is given when there is need of training. In training and
development we just learn hiring process and the hiring the process consist of these following
steps is

1. Recruitment
2. Selection
3. The last is instruction and the integration

In induction we welcome new staff in organization and provide them information about the
organization so new employees start the work then integration organization wants new
employees to do work effectively with team after providing necessary information. There are
four steps of induction and integration. First is preparing for induction and second is induction,
third is integration and the last one is follow up. In the first step call or mail to new employees to
confirms the dates for reporting on job. And in this step choose the mentor and prepared to
induct the new employee and in second step documents are required to be submitted and singed
and take tour of work place with the department manager, the third step is integration, in this step
the new candidate is introduced the mentor and present all work or work method. And in last step
evaluation by immediate supervisor and evaluation of employee in satisfaction and then discuss
training. Training is that process whereby people acquire and solve their current problem.
Training process include four steps. First is need assessment through TNA from and second step
is designed and 3rd is implementation and last one is evaluation. In first step organization
observes organization need analysis operational analysis and last personal need analysis. The
second step is designed in which we discuss object of our training and make lesson plan
according to our objectives and acquire material according to lesson plan then selected trainer
according to specific training and at the end make a schedule. In third step organization give
training to their employees and then evaluate training development. There are two types of
development one is employee development and second is organization development. Employee
development means formal education, job experience relationship and assessment and ability that
employees prepare for future and after that we discuss development need analysis. There are
three process of need analysis. One is assessment centers’, second is Myers-brings type indicator
and third one is 360 feedback method. There are two types’ development approaches. One is on
job side method which contained six types of development and second is offside method that
contained five method of development. After development organization focuses on career
development which consist all jobs held during one working life and there are five important
terms of career one is career path and second is career goal and third is career planning, fourth is
career development and fifth one is career management. In simple words these terms are an
ongoing process of preparing, implementing and monitoring career plans under taken by the

Human Resource Management Final Project 18 | P a g e

individuals alone or in concern with organization career system. There are two types of career
planning one is individual and second is organization career planning. We conclude that
organization manager and employees are responsible for career development.

Benefits of Training

Providing training to employees benefits both employer and employees

1) Improving on employee`s performance

2) Increase overall efficiency
3) Motivating employees to achieve higher standards
4) Decreasing employees turnover, which decreases down time
5) Preparing employees for promotion opportunities
6) Enhancing employee morale, motivation and creativity
7) Increasing overall efficiency
8) Enabling manager to reach with goals and objectives

Giving employees the tools needed to analyses interpersonal and situational factor that create
obstacles to achieving high performance.

Human Resource Management Final Project 19 | P a g e

Training and Development at Ghani Global Gases:-

The purpose of interview also knows the training and development practices at Ghani Global
Gases Ltd. To find out the training and development’s nature of policies and knowledge and
level of awareness among the Ghani Global Gases Limited. According to HR department of
GGI, the effective discharge of its numerous duties it is imperative that the training and
development of its human resource base be of top priority to the company. Training and
development of human resource as a mean of achieving positive business result is the
traditionally dominant approach. However, it appears that many organizations have not paid
sufficient close attention to training and career development of their human resource leading to
an under-utilization of talent in the workforce but GGI aimed to utilize the talented workforce
through T&D and not aimed to increasing revenue. Thus training and development should be the
top priority of any organization.

We observed during study about GGL that how effectively streamline its training and human
resource development to improve revenue generation. Training and development practices in by
Ghani global gases providing practical information about core training and development issue. A
career and development and training components guide the action that personnel take to meet the
future human resource needs of the overall business strategy at Ghani Global Gases Ltd. At
Ghani Global Gases, training and education needs and effectiveness are reviewed monthly,
focusing on skills enhance of those people including senior manager who have direct contract
with customers. Explaining the reason why Ghani Global Gases Ltd train, HR manager stated
that training activities are seen as maintaining, maintaining system processes and standard but
also reactive in that they respond to situation, often crisis to solve problems. Training and
development can also be proactive, ensuring that the organization has the skills it needs to deal
with changes and therefore to adapt to change rather than a maintenance orientation. Also the
quality of employees and their development through training and education are major factor in
determining long- term profitability of organization. Ghani Global Gases Ltd committed to
quality invests heavily in training and education.

Ghani Global Gases Ltd policy objective is to equipped staff with the needed skills, knowledge
and core competence required for effective performance of current jobs and for career
development of staff. It also makes provision for:

 Responsibility for training and development.

 Training needs identification.
 Training procedure.
 Training evaluation system.

Human Resource Management Final Project 20 | P a g e

The HR manager explained in an interview that the training policy seeks to develop capacity of
Ghani Global Gases Ltd staff especially in the core operational area, and also to develop the
capacity of senior officers to manage the affairs of the institution, to equip staff with skills that
they may require to do their work and to prepare staff for higher responsibilities. The HR
manager also emphasized that training programmers’ were geared towards meeting certain
objective. He said, “Training programmers are normally planned to enhance the capacity of staff
to deliver in areas where there is short fall.”

 Ghani Global Gases the newly employed candidates in the concerned department provide
training for one month. One of the colleagues provides him/her all the information and
guides him on daily basis to perform his new job. If additional training is required then
additional time is provided to new employee. He also explained that the training of the new
employee does improved the productivity as training gives him guide line how to perform his
new assignment in a more effective and productive manner. The HR manager provide us
information about the development approach which is used in the organization, he said that
they provide hands on training on the job side to improve the overall experience of
employees and provide theoretical training at off side.

Benefits of Training at Ghani Global Gases:-

Training and development brings benefits to both Ghani Global Gases Ltd and its employees.
Training provides a series of planned learning experience for individuals and builds their
technical skills and business competencies. Training and development bring following benefit at
Ghani Global Gases Ltd

 Employee Motivation
 Increased capacity to adopt new techniques and methods
 Improved staff attitude and morale
 Increase technical skills
 Meet future needs
 Increase Ghani Global Gases Ltd Goodwill
 Help employees understand how to work effectively in teams to contribute to service
 Increase efficiencies in processes, resulting in financial gain.
 Decrease need for supervision

Human Resource Management Final Project 21 | P a g e

Performance Management

Performance management is used to appraise and evaluate performance the employee. It defines
the performance, measure performance and provides feed-back to your employees. Performance
appraisal is a system through which we evaluate and measure the performance of employees with
standard set and given feed-back information employees, there are four step of performance,
performance appraisal system. There are four point in appraisal management what measure is,
who measure performance, what it is measure, and how it is measure. In first we measure the
performance of employees through information these information type are trait base, which
about personality, and creativity. In second trait is behavior base which involve behavior focused
by organization. In the result base information should be focused employee work that has been
done or accomplished. Second step is how the performance measures. In this step take feed-back
collect information separately to the employee, colloquies, supervisor and outsider. 360 degree
feedback method is the most appropriate method to get the information because there is less
chance of mistakes. Third step is then it is measure. Appraisal might be conducted monthly,
quarterly and yearly. But common timing of conducted appraisal is about 090 days after the
employment. A regular time interval is a feature of systematic appraisal that make different from
them informal appraisal. Informal appraisal is conducted according to the manager desire. Four
steps are how it is measure. There are four method of measuring the performance of employees
which make the categories in different groups like comparative method, narrative method and
objective method. The simple method of appraisal performance is category rating method which
required manager to give an employee level of performance in the narrative method the manager
has a right structure or unstructured paragraph about the employee performance. In the graphic
rating scale forms provides numerical scales so in this way the manager can check where an
employee’s falls. In the ranking method create the hierarchy of employee best to worst.
Supervisors are logical choice then they connected with subordinate and also know the
subordinate job work. When the supervisors not spend the time with the employee a piers may be
better choice as evaluator because in these way they may know the job or individual employee
that is better than the supervisor more directly affected by the employees direction. We may want
to use customer as evaluator when the individual connect with those customer because we need
to know hoe customer feel about the interaction with our employee self-evolution is important in
a number of manager process for training and development.

Personal base and stereotyping are two of most significance appraisal problem. Other problems
include halo error, distribution error, the grading is either too harsh or too lenient, or everyone is
judged to be average, similarly error, proximately error, regency error, contrast error and
attribution error.

The evaluate interviews is a views of individuals employee performance our certain period. The
emulation need to be fair and equitable, not based on base. Employees give the opportunity to

Human Resource Management Final Project 22 | P a g e

take as well as listen to the critique of their performance. Manager should have employees come
up with their own objective and strategies for improvement as well as develop their own
objective, sure among other.

Performance Management at Ghani Global Gases

Performance in Ghani Global Gases is usually measured on the basis of nature of Job, Job
knowledge, adaptability of new task given to him or her related to their Job, quality of work,
speed work, Relation to difficult situations, oral communication ability, how they perform under
pressure. Performance is marked on the basis of skills of employees. Appraisal form is used to
evaluate the performance of employees. After evaluating the performance, feedback of
performance is given monthly meeting to the employee of the Ghani Global Gases. No one
should interfere in any other department. Deputy Manager looks after all the branches of Ghani
Global Gases. Head of department in Ghani Global Gases should check the performance of their
internal employees only. After checking and evaluating the performance of employees the HR
manager of Ghani Global Gases should provide 5000 to those employees which should perform
well. Performance is essentially what an employee does or does not do. There are following
elements through which they can measure the performance of any employee which is tell us the
HR manager of Ghani Global Gases limited. Like quantity of output, quality of output,
timeliness of output, presence at work and cooperativeness. Their performance management
system has three basic parts defining performance, measuring performance and last is feedback
performance information. The HR manager share with us his organization information about the
measuring the performance of their employees. He tell us how need of measuring the
performance for the purposes of rewarding or otherwise making administration decision about
employees. Promotions or layoffs might hire on these ratings often making them difficult for
manager to do. And another role is development of individual potential. In this way the role of
manager is very important as a counselor then as a judge and the atmosphere is often different.
We emphases is on identifying potential and planning of the employee growth opportunities and
direction. The manager said that their receive information on how ell there employee are
performing their job on three different type like trade base information in which we simply check
the quality such as pleasant personality, and then identify for his or her specific job. The next
stage we used in our organization for this purpose is behavior base information. In which we
focus on specific behavior that lead to job success. And at the end result base information in
which we check out what we said the target and how much they achieve according to desire of

Human Resource Management Final Project 23 | P a g e

the organization. The manager said that measuring the performance of employee on day to day
basis. But appraisals typically are conducted ones or twice a year, most often annually, near the
employee’s anniversary date. For new employees common timing is to conduct and appraisal 90
day after employment, again at six months and annually thereafter. There are most important
future that he tells us about the performance measurement is that both employees and manager
are aware that performance well be received on a regular basis and they can plan for performance
discussion. He also tell us about informal appraisal system which is conducted according to
manager desire. Performance which is included the overall handling and complication of his or
her task. The employee attitude and behavior is also measured in their organization. The Ghani
Global Gases have to predetermine check list for the appraisal of their employees. They measure
all the abilities of their employee like trade knowledge, attitudes, positive behavior and also task
management of the organization. The HR manager also tell us about the compensation method
which there are used in their organization so in this way he informed us we used booth kind of
compensation method to improve the ability of workers on the work place and ultimately this
task is very beneficial over organization because if improve the ability our worker the
productivity of the organization will also improve and profit of organization also increase. They
used intrinsic compensation method as well extrinsic compensation method for compensate their

Human Resource Management Final Project 24 | P a g e


In simple word compensation means what employee received in exchange for their contribution
in organization. Compensation management help the organization to obtain, maintain, retain, a
productive workforce. There are two type of reward first one is intrinsic award and second is
extrinsic reward like financial reward or non-financial reward. Intrinsic reward they are not cash
involved in which give the benefit in form, medical facilities, traveling, residential shields gifs,
and promotion etc. on the other hand extrinsic reward there are cash involve in form of
incremented in the salary, and bonus. Intrinsic rewards are the personal satisfaction one drive
from doing the job. But in case of extrinsic reward there are external to the job and come from
and out-side source mainly management. Compensation administration seek to design a cost
effective pay structure that well not on attract, motivate competent employee but also seem fear
to them. Job evaluation is systematic process to determine the value for job in organization.
There are three main approaches to job evaluation as following.

First the ordinary method, classification method, and point method.

The final wage structure evolves from job evaluation input, compensation survey data, and the
creation of wade grade. Compensation system is established in form of employee knowledge,
skill, ability, experience, demonstrated behavior. Possession these three factors as evaluated and
compensated according to the board-banded salary range established by the organization.
Executive compensation hire them the rank file personal because it included financial and
nonfinancial benefits which are not available to operative employee. The result of this method is
to attract and motivate them for the high performance level. The balance sheet approach to
international compensation takes in to account base pay, differential, incentives, and assistant

Compensation at Ghani Global Gases

The employee is priced according to the different compensation policy. It will depend on the
trade and nature of the employee to keep them motivated. Ghani global gases Ltd follow the
process of compensation. Job is brand according to lower level to hire or from hire to lower
according to their important in the Ghani global gases Ltd. Then each job is great according to
education, experience and responsibility and grades them according to their JD medical

Human Resource Management Final Project 25 | P a g e

allowances, sick leave and life insurance policy which are fringe benefit given by employee by
Ghani global gases Ltd in Ghani global gases Ltd HR department offering different allowances,
bonus, over time, charges health and safety allowances and yearly increment in salary. In Ghani
global gases Ltd used two type of compensation intrinsic compensation and extrinsic
compensation. There are not providing net cash checked by completed project. He tells us about
the incentive that they gave their employees. There are type of incentives like piece- system,
bounces, commission and recognition awards. The most basic individual incentive system is the
piece rate system, whither of the straight or differential type. Under the straight piece-rate system
wages are determined by multiplying the number of unit produce by the price rate for one unit.
The second incentive that they give their employees in their organization is bonus which is
individual employee receive additional compensation payment in the form of bonus, which is a
one-time payment that does not become part of the employee’s base pay. Genially bonus are less
costly to the employer then other pay increases because they do not become part of employees
base wage upon which further percentage increase figure. The Ghani global gases Ltd bonus also
can be used to be reward employees to contributing new ideas, developing skill, or obtaining
professional certification. One method of determining an employee annual bonus is to compute
it as percentage of the individual there salary. The next incentive which id given to their
employee commission it is an individual incentive system widely used in sale job in the
commission, which is compensate a percentage of sale in units. Commission intergraded in to
the pay given to sales worker in three common way straight commission, salary plus commission
and bonus. In the straight commission system a sale representative receive a percentage of the
value sale made. The most frequently used from their sale compensation is the salary plus
commission, which combines the stability of a salary with the performance. The last incentive
recognition awards that he tells us they gave their employees in the organization it is another
type of program recognized individual employee for their performance or services. For example
Ghani global gases Ltd have established employee of the month and employee of the year’s
awards. He also tells us during the interview they gave different type of compensation which is
intrinsic compensation and extrinsic compensation. In intrinsic method of compensation there are
not involvement cash or it is non-financial reward. In which we gave promotion motivation and
shield our employees in the organization. In case extrinsic compensation we gave our employees
medical facilities, traveling and residential facilities to our employees.

Human Resource Management Final Project 26 | P a g e


Ghani global gases ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial and medical gases in
Pakistan has made its repute among the people. The system, the management style, the policies
and centralized decision making environment is really remarkable at Ghani gases ltd. The basic
objective of the report is to identify the areas needed to be improved. In the current era of
industrial progress we required the right type of information about technology which is key
success of any manufacturing business. Therefore it means that the successful businessman will
be, who will have the right information at the right time. This comment leads to conclude that
modern technology and information sharing process should really be improved.


 The HR Department of Ghani Gases Ltd makes their system and policies which is
remarkable. Ghani Company should provide employment opportunities to skilled
unemployment people.
 Ghani Gases Ltd should provide implement strategic planning that would make for all
employees that should provide comfort in work which is followed by employees equally.
 Ghani Gases Ltd should follow the policy of evaluation of employee’s performance
which is checked by quarterly.
 Ghani Gases Ltd should provide timely incentives to all the employees which motivate
them to work properly.
 Ghani Gases Ltd should provide promotions to their lower level employee’s which can
improve them.
 Ghani Gases Ltd should provide better facilities of health and safety to the employees so
that they work in a better way.

Human Resource Management Final Project 27 | P a g e




1. Would you like to share your Human resource plans with us?
***probes*** objectives and strategies, external environment, internal HR availability,
plans, forecasting demand
2. Would you like to share your different approaches to understand job?
***probes*** job analysis, job design, work analysis
3. Do you provide any written charts to tell your employees about his/her future position in
the organization?


1. Would you like to share what challenges that you are facing as a recruiter?
2. Can you tell us about the source of recruitment of you organization?
***probes*** internal source, external source
3. Would you like to tell us about the types of procedure you adopted to select employee
for job in your organization?
4. If any person wants to do job in your organization, then how many phases it will be
passed to get a job.
***probes*** phase of test, phase of interview, phase of probation period


1. Would you like to share us about your training process?

***probes*** Assessment, Design, implementation, evaluation
2. What you think your training will increase your staff’s productivity?

Human Resource Management Final Project 28 | P a g e

3. Would you like to tell us what kind of development approaches are used in your
***probes*** job-site method, off-site method


1. Would u like to tell us about your measuring the performance of your employees?
***probes***Compare one employees work to other, on the basis of his/her target
2. Would to like to share us that your company have pre-determined checklist for the
appraisal of your employees’?
3. What you think, why many companies avoid 360degree feedback?


1. Would u like to share with us what method of job evaluation you are using in your
***probes*** job ranking method, job grading method, factor comparison method, point
2. Would you tell us how the compensation philosophy supports the strategic direction of
your organization?
3. Would you like to tell us about what kind of compensation is using in your organization?
***probes*** intrinsic compensation, extrinsic compensation

1. Tell us about the software use in your HR department

2. What kind of module you are using in your department
3. What kind of admin and strategic benefits your organization is gaining from HRIS
1. What problems you faced while using HRIS

Human Resource Management Final Project 29 | P a g e