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English Exam: B2 Level (ACLES) (Model exam


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Read the instructions carefully. Write ALL your answers on the separate answer sheets.

Part 1: Reading (25%)

(60 minutes) There are three tasks in this part of the exam.

Reading Task 1 (12 marks—1.5 marks per question)
This text is an email written by an Indian international student to an online business magazine. Nine
sentences have been removed from the email. For each gap (1-8) in the text, find the correct missing
sentence from the sentences A-J which are at the end of the text. Sentence A is an example. There is
one extra sentence which you do not need to use.

The Most Surprising Things About America, According To An Indian
International Student by Aniruddh Chaturvedi
Aniruddh Chaturvedi came from Mumbai to Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Penn., where
he is majoring in computer science. This past summer he interned at a tech company in Silicon
Valley. During two years in the U.S., Chaturvedi has been surprised by various aspects of society, as
he explained last year in a post on Quora. Chaturvedi offered his latest thoughts on America in an
email to Business Insider. The most surprising things about America:

 0. ____
 Everyone is highly private about their accomplishments and failures. Someone's performance
in any field is their performance alone. 1. ____ .
 The retail experience is nowhere near as fun/nice as it is in India. Because labor is cheap in
India, there is always someone who will act as a "personal shopper" to assist you with holding
your clothes, giving suggestions, etc. In America, on the other hand, even if you go to a
Nordstrom or Bloomingdales, there is almost nobody to help you out while you're shopping.
2. ____ .
 This may be biased/wrong because I was an intern, but at least in the tech world, nobody
wants to put you under the bus for something that you didn't do correctly or didn't understand
how to do. People will sit with you patiently till you get it. 3. ____ .
 The same applies to school. Before I came to the United States, I heard stories about how
students at Johns Hopkins were so competitive with each other that they used to tear
important pages from books in the library just so other students didn't have access to it.
4._____. Students were highly collaborative, formed study groups, and studied / did
assignments till everyone in the group "got it". I think the reason for this is that the classes are
/ material is so hard that it makes sense to work collaboratively to the point that students learn
from each other.

The way people started treating me when I was thin was generally way better than the way I was treated when I was fat. ____ . If you're thin (and tall. Shopping in America is more of a commodity / chore than it is a pleasurable activity.  Almost every single person in America has access to basic food. boat trips. Unfortunately. they will turn in the assignment incomplete rather than asking for answers at the last minute. If someone cannot submit their completed assignment in time. This probably stems from the fact that they aren't given enough opportunity. 5. This is different from students from India and China as well as back home in India. poor people are fat. nobody is scrambling for the basic necessities required for sustenance. Nobody talks about grades here.  Emphasis on physical fitness / being outdoorsy — this is more of a California thing but I noticed families going on biking trips. This stems from the fact that cheap food is fatty. broken families.businessinsider. rich people don't eat cheap food — they tend to eat either home-cooked food which is expensive or eat at expensive / healthy places. I'm pretty sure you can extend upon this if you'd like. the Starbucks baristas were much nicer to me and made me drinks with more care / love. This is different compared to India where people flaunt their riches and share their accomplishments with everybody else. 5 G. hiking. You will also receive better customer service if you're well maintained.  Rich people are thin/well maintained. ______ . etc. 7 I. 2 C. contrary to India where brick houses are the norm. 8 J. In reality. ____. barbecuing. I experienced the complete opposite. Do some research and work out where you want to go so you spend your time and money productively. 3 D. it is expensive to be healthy in America. clothing. 6 H. E. I haven't been to states like Louisiana and cities like Detroit. you're statistically likely to be rich. If you aren't able to finish something within the stipulated deadline. It is very easy to buy in bulk because it's so much cheaper and as a result a lot of wastage occurs.  Strong ethics — everyone has a lot of integrity.  Americans waste a lot of food. people will respect you a lot more and treat you better. As a small A. Americans take pride in the natural beauty of their surroundings and tend to 4 make the most of it. but from what I can tell. Being fat often has the same connotations as being irresponsible towards your body. etc. 7. F. People take pride in their hard work and usually do not cheat. but not as much). 8. Source: http://www. 0 A B.  It's expensive to have brick houses in America. Reason why I know this is that I went down from being 210lbs to 148-150lbs. where everyone collaborates to the extent that it can be categorized as cheating. camping.  Dearth of African Americans in technical fields. ____. a person on your team would graciously offer to take it 1 off your plate. 2 .  Fat people are not respected much in society. 6. This extends my previous point which mentioned that if you're thin. water and sanitation.

During the semester fall break. He traveled to a music and wine festival in Bohemia on an overnight school sponsored trip and to Terezin. including Thanksgiving celebrations. Education. The university campus was in the city. Write your answers on the answer sheet provided. His professors were the best in their fields. and he was very impressed with their level of teaching and commitment. on a NYU daytrip. I also received a mailing advising parents of potential adjustment problems some students might experience upon their return. He was also able to check out books he needed for his classes. He had never traveled alone. my son was comfortable with his roommates and accommodation. they quickly responded to any questions I had. The visa process was extremely confusing and overwhelming. 18 Jan 2009 Dear Stephanie. An example question is given below. My son spent the fall in Prague studying music technology. mature and better able to deal with challenging and new situations. informative and always very nice. He elected to make his own arrangements. my son’s friends were going on a trip to Eastern Europe but had no specific itinerary or reservations.nyu. traveling to Paris and Amsterdam and staying in youth hostels. and Human Development Parent's Letter about Music Study in Prague Sunday. There were "theme nights" and other student and NYU sponsored dinners and activities. I believe that my son returned home more confident. Unlike the rest of Europe. He described his dorm as living in a luxurious apartment. B. a concentration camp. I would say the only thing he missed was the ability to get coffee to go. NYU spent a lot of time helping the students acclimate to Czech culture and customs. In Prague. but describes his experience as being the best time of his life. complete with heated towel racks. It was a pleasant surprise that his assigned roommate turned out to be another music technology major that he knew from NYU. which thankfully eliminated the expense of 3 . rather than in a remote location.Task 2: Multiple Choice: A letter from a parent to NYU (5 marks—1 mark per question) Read this letter from the mother of an American Music Technology student about her son’s experience of a year abroad on a music study course in Prague and choose the answer (A. it was relatively inexpensive to live in Prague. Food and transportation were reasonable. His internship program at a recording studio was wonderful. Mother of a Music Technology major Source: http://steinhardt. which he loved. NYU Steinhardt Steinhardt School of Culture. Prague markets sell food items in much smaller quantities so he has a new appreciation of how wasteful Americans can be. C or D) which you think fits best according to the text. but their online explanations were invaluable in deciphering the Czech Embassy's application. He enthusiastically recommends the program. During his time in Prague. Before his departure the Global Studies Office was responsive. He also speaks quite highly of the Prague administrators. as do I.

up to and during the students’ stay in Prague. felt lonely. in the fields surrounding the city. D. The student was mildly disappointed in… A. C.Example question: 0. during the students’ stay in Prague. D. the mother’s son… A. The tone of this letter is… A. B. visited Eastern Europe with his friends. 5. B. Nostalgic and wistful Example answer: 0. downtown. Angry and demanding D. Recommend a music study course abroad. stayed in Prague. before. B. Grateful and complimentary B. 4 . Complain about the Czech Republic’s complicated application process. C. 3. C. C. on the outskirts of the city. during and after the students’ stay in Prague. before the students’ arrival in Prague. the food in the student residence. During the semester fall break. B. C. Confused and annoyed C. The student attended classes… A. on numerous campuses. _A_ Questions 1. D. The purpose of the letter was to… A. Thank NYU for the help and attention they gave her son abroad. 2. D. The Global Studies Office helped students and their parents… A. the recording studio. preferred to travel solo. the smaller portions in the markets. D. the lack of take away coffee. 4. B. Inform parents about where they can get information for their children’s studies.

Example question: 0.………………………..………………….... Which of the restaurants…opened in the early 21st Century? Example answer: 0... Read the questions and for each question find the answer in paragraphs A – E below.. 5 ….. is run by the owner and his/her relatives? ………………………………. has some well-known speciality dishes? ……………………...…............. was originally conceived in 1973? ………………………..… consistently makes changes to its menu? ..….... _E_ Which of the restaurants definitely does not have a view of the city? ……………………………. Any one of the restaurant descriptions may contain answers to more than one of the questions.. Write your answers on the spaces provided on your answer sheet... 3 ……................ 2 ……. 7 …….…………………….Task 3: Matching: Restaurant Reviews (8 marks—1 mark per question) You are going to read information about five different restaurants.. 4 ……... 1 ……. 8 ……....... has a limited choice of dishes at lunchtime ……...... all in the city of London.. attracts different types of clients depending on the time of day ...... 5 ... is suitable for all tastes? .. 6 …….... Look at the example before you begin.. Match the letter of the paragraph which contains the answer to the corresponding question (1-8)..........

The nearest put these experiences into my own Underground stations are London Bridge restaurant with the help of my family. but the E – Patterson’s Restaurant menu also includes delicious seafood Combines the sophistication and quality and poultry from around the British cuisine with the charm of a family-run Isles. and a vegetarian menu is also establishment. between Oxford Circus and New Bond Street. It is rightly famous for its Steak. this surroundings are complimented by fine beautifully designed Italian restaurant Italian cuisine and an extensive selection has a very relaxed feel to it. Patterson’s has been C . raw fish Source: B.Butlers Wharf Chop House Chop House serves the best of British food. Relaxed but smart The Worlds End part of Chelsea. close to (grilled baby squid with garlic & olives) Smithfield market & Liverpool Street or Insalata Di Mare (seafood salad) and Station it is a modern. light & spacious for mains Medaglione Di Manzo Con basement restaurant. Now with my wife running minutes from the West End by taxi.1 Blossom Street is the perfect D – Frantoio Restaurant Situated at place to entertain…. Do try for starters Grigliata Di Calamaretti Located near Bishopsgate. Fixed price lunch. Kidney and Oyster and other Italian specialties. and Tower Hill. and it is then a short Thirty years later I opened Patterson’s walk to Shad Thames. I have that opportunity. Opened in 2003. Degò wine bar is the revisiting of the traditional tavern.A . Ideal for aperitif time or a quick snack during the day. with a focus on wine by the glass. I Butlers Wharf Chop House is right on the dreamt that one day I would be able to river next to Tower Bridge. Widely spaced Funghi Prataioli (beef medallion with a tables provide a discreet setting to enjoy mushroom sauce). front of house and my sons and daughters both working with us. get your fair quota of London celeb's. with à la carte in the evenings. 6 . an extensive modern British menu in a friendly wine list and a selection of tasteful family-run restaurant. If you would prefer a meeting business colleagues or friends. available. It is only 15 in Mayfair. Ideally located cocktails.Degò restaurant offers a regularly delighting a discerning clientele with a updated high quality menu. When I was an apprentice travelling the restaurants of France I fell in love with a Directions: family-run chateau in the Loire Valley. pasta why not try Linguine Al Frutti Di Mare (with seafood baked in a paper envelope). Much of it’s of Italian wines making dining & private daytime customer base are local office functions an uncomplicated and workers and tourists and at night you delightful experience. Here you can taste boards of cold cuts and cheese.

Then write an email (120 – 160 words) to a friend and in the email tell your friend about what happened. you should refer to the following: 1. who said they had been doing nothing more provocative than handing out leaflets ahead of their team’s match against Falkirk. · Use language which is appropriate in terms of reader. 2. the victims of the assault outside the ground in Edinburgh were not the supporters of a rival 2: Writing (25%) 75 minutes There are two tasks in this part of the exam. Apart from explaining what happened. style and formality. How you think the incident could have been avoided. Your own opinion or feelings about what happened. You must do both tasks. · Use punctuation which will facilitate ease of comprehension. but campaigners for Yes Scotland arguing for the break-up of the Union. Source: http://www. Do not copy parts (chunks) of the text from the article.independent. the scene outside Heart of Midlothian’s Tynecastle Stadium on Saturday afternoon must have looked like a return to the dark days of football hooliganism: a crowd of angry men surrounding a much smaller accusations-of-intimidation-and-violence-fly-in-from-supporters-of-both-sides-9704743.html ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7 . ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scottish independence: Accusations of intimidation and violence fly in from supporters of both sides To a bystander. Remember to: · Use language structures and vocabulary appropriate to the B2 level. Task 1: Email to a friend about an incident in the news (13 marks) Read the news article below about an incident which happened recently in Scotland. But in a sign of how heated the debate over Scottish independence has become. At least three people are believed to have been injured in the attack on members of the group Hearts Supporters for Independence. shouting and throwing punches. Read the instructions carefully.

Task 2: Article (12 marks) Do only ONE of the tasks below (A or B). · mention who might like the websites OR Task B: Write an article for the university magazine about the following quotation from George Moore: “A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it. You should: · explain why you like them. Write between 150 – 180 words.” 8 . · compare them to similar websites. Task A: Write an article for the university blog about three of your favourite web sites.

steeliness and meanness _____________________________________.English Exam – level B2 (ACLES exam) (Model Exam) Name & surnames:___________________________________________________________ DNI: __________________________ Signature: ________________________ Part 3: Listening (25%) 30 minutes There are three tasks in this part of the exam. After a night drinking too much she obliges herself to _________________________________________. You will hear the recording twice. She feels that if her father hadn’t struggled to live.5 marks per question – 12 marks) Listen to an English teacher reciting her “This I believe” essay on a radio program and complete the blank spaces so that the sentence makes sense. some of them ___________________________. She got a potential rapist convicted so that other women _____________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________. 0. 0. it __________________________________________. You must write ALL your answers on the answer sheet. The “This I believe” series will shortly _______________________________________________. 7. Her father financed his university degree by working __________________________________________. 3. Use between 1 and 4 words. Despite not being liked at first by her students.Short Answers (1. which she learned from her father. they later______________________________________. is an example. She believes in three _______________________________________. 6. Task 1: “This I believe” . 4. After obliging her students to write the essay. 8. Correct answer: withdrew from the course / left the course 1. You will hear each recording twice. 9 . 2. 5. She is convinced that toughness.

Generosity and frankness C. She’s embarrassed that someone in her family was homeless. 3. the feeling that he would get lucky. the terrible conditions in the shelters. Iris’ father says the following about homeless people’s backgrounds: A. it had been an illusion. B. 10 . They can be from different backgrounds. Choose the best answer for each question and write the corresponding letter (A. __B_ 1. Which of the following sentences describes Iris’ feelings toward her father’s story? A. What is the main lesson that Iris’ father learned from being homeless? A. 2. C. They have been kicked out by their landlords. He wasn’t really homeless. An example is provided below. Perspective and tolerance 4. C.or C) on your answer sheet. One should appreciate basic pleasures. Her father learned a lot from being homeless and passed the knowledge on to her. She feels bad that she was unable to help him with his problems. Iris says that two of the things that her father taught her were… A. What does Iris’ father tell her when she asks him how he overcame being homeless? A. C. B. Listen to the report and answer the multiple-choice questions that follow. He is still homeless but he is doing better now. B. C. Example question: 0. his concern for his children. Example answer: 0. 5. They are usually people who are divorced. Being homeless makes you stronger. B. One of the things that motivated Iris’ father to improve his life was… A.Task 2: Iris Interviews Her Father—Multiple Choice (1 mark per question – 5 marks) You will hear an audio report made by a teenage girl whose father was homeless for 6 months. C. B. He can’t do things without other people’s help. He and many others might still become homeless. B. Gratitude and respect B.

Jane B.. match each speaker (A. _____ …liked the attitude of the teachers? 11 . For questions 1-8.. You will hear the recordings twice. Speakers: A.. Julian C. _____ …says students must motivate themselves? 6.says the tutors were well-trained? 5. _____ …feels that the program will help him/her get a job? 3. C. Leonard The following is an example question: Example Question: 0. __A_ Which speaker… 1. B. D) with a summary of what she/he says. _____ …mentions his/her age? 2. _____ …enjoyed the freedom to choose his/her timetable? 7. _____ …likes the close ties the University has Europe? 8.Task 3: Listening Task—Matching: London University Graduates (1 mark per question – 8 marks) You will hear four people talking about their experience at the University of London. _____ .. Dilini D. _____ .signed up for the program while abroad? 4. _____ …was nervous about distance learning before he/she began? Example Answer: 0.

_D__ 4. __B_ 5. According To An Indian International Student (12 marks—1. __B_ 6. _C__ 4. _A__ 2. _C__ 7. _E__ 12 . _A__ Task 3: Matching: Restaurant Reviews (8 marks—1 mark per question) 1. _B__ 2. _E__ 3.Respuestas a las destrezas de comprensión Part 1: Reading Task 1: The Most Surprising Things About America. _B__ 8. _B__ 5. _D__ 3.5 marks per question) 0 A 1 H 2 I 3 B 4 F 5 D 6 G 7 C 8 E Task 2: Multiple Choice: A Parent’s Letter to NYU (5 marks—1 mark per question) 1.

Appreciate her / like her / value her 5. Get her through / Help her to survive 8. As a dishwasher 3. Get up /get out of bed 6. Would have been easier 7. Wouldn’t be violated / wouldn’t be raped 4. Traits / characteristics / qualities 2. Be winding up (on the air) / finish / come to an end /end Task 2 – multiple choice 1 B 2 C 3 A 4 C 5 C Task 3 – Matching speakers 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 D C B A C B D A 13 . Part 3: Listening Task 1 – Short Answer 1.