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Terms and Conditions 1. ABN Amro Bank (hereinafter referred to as the "Bank") may upon a request (hereinafter referred to as the "Request") made by any ABN Amro Credit Card Holder (hereinafter referred to as "Customer") having a ABN Amro Credit Card ("hereinafter referred to as "Credit Card"), whether such request be stand-alone, through bank by phone facility or at the time of applying for the Credit Card, issue a statement of Credit Card account to the Customer at an e-mail id (hereinafter referred to as the "Customer Email Account") specified by the Customer (hereinafter referred to as the "E-Statement") in the request at a frequency as may be determined by the Bank, from time to time, for each credit card account. 2. The Customer shall, upon request made by him/her in the manner provided herein, be entitled to an EStatement for not more than eighteen billing cycles from the commencement of the facility by the Bank to the Customer. Each E-Statement shall have the transactional details of the Customer for each respective billing cycle. 3. The E-Statement shall be provided to the Customer for his/her information only. In the event the Estatement as sent to the Customer over any electronic delivery channel does not tally, for any reason whatsoever, with the records maintained by the Bank in its ordinary course of business, then the records available at the Bank shall prevail. 4. The Bank reserves its right to levy charges for issuance of E-Statement and debit the same to the Credit Card account of the Customer. However, the Customer would be notified of the charges being levied by the Bank for providing the E-Statement. Upon such intimation being sent to the Customer, the Customer shall have the right to terminate the arrangement by intimating the Bank within a period of 10 (ten) days, failing which the Customer would be deemed to have consented to the payment of the aforesaid charges. 5. The Bank shall also not be liable for any return/ dishonour of any payment instrument/instruction due to reduction in balance in the respective account as a consequence of such debit referred to above. 6. The Customer would be able to open and read the E-Statement by entering his/her Primary Card Number. In the event the Customer fails to put his latest Primary Card Number then he will not be able to open and read the E-Statement. 7. The Bank shall provide monthly E-statements to the Customers who subscribe to the E-Statement facility by emailing the same to the Customer Email Account provided by the Customer to the Bank. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, the Bank is providing the E-Statements to the Customers by way of information only. The Bank does not take any responsibility with regard to the correctness of the contents mentioned therein. 8. E-Statements sent from the Bank to the Customer Email Account or other electronic receiving

communication systems/ servers, shall be at the entire and sole risk of the Customer and may be lost, incorrectly received, or sent to an incorrect e-mail or are accessible to third parties, and the Bank shall not and cannot, for any reason whatsoever, be responsible or made liable for such incorrect or failed transmission. The Bank shall not be liable or responsible for any loss or consequences suffered/incurred by the Customer due to receiving or assessing E-Statements. 9. Notwithstanding the obligation of confidentiality imposed on the Bank to keep the information and the transactions of the Customers confidential the Bank shall not be responsible or liable in any manner in the event the E-Statements are assessed by any third party due to the same being sent over Internet. 10. The Bank will send the E-Statement at the Customer Email Account, as intimated to the Bank by the Customer. The Customers obligations and liabilities under the terms and conditions contained herein will not be affected in any way by non receipt of monthly statement of account and the Customer shall continue to be liable to settle the outstanding balance on the Card on the basis of the charge-slips or any other evidence of the charge within 30 days of incurring the charges. 11. The Bank shall not be responsible or liable for the timeliness, completeness, accuracy and successful delivery or receipt of the E-Statement. It being expressly agreed that the Bank shall not be responsible or liable in case E-Statements do not reach the Customer due to any reason including but not limited to limited storage space in the email id of the Customer and/or E- Statements bouncing back. Bank shall not be responsible or liable for not sending or delay in sending of E-Statement and the Customer shall hold the Bank harmless and indemnified against any loss or consequences thereof arising there from. 12. The issuance of E-Statements may be exigible to service tax and/or other taxes/charges etc. as may be applicable under law from time to time. 13. The supply of E-Statements to the Customers is subject to force majeure conditions and applicable laws, including but not limited to notifications and circulars issued by the Reserve bank of India from time to time. 14. The Bank reserves its absolute right at any time to add, alter, modify or change or vary terms and conditions herein and such amendment(s)/ modification(s) shall be binding on the Cardmember. 15. The Bank may, at its sole discretion, close/revoke/discontinue or terminate the facility of providing EStatements to its Customers, without any prior intimation to the Cardmember, without any obligation or liability. Nothing contained herein amounts to a commitment by the Bank to conduct further, similar or any other scheme. 16. All disputes arising out of the issuance of E-statements shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of competent courts at Delhi.

FAQ on e-statement

Q1 Why have I received this e-statement? Ans You have received this e-statement since you have registered your email id with us. In case you do not want to receive this e-statement in the future, please call us at our Bank by Phone numbers in your city. Q2 In case I find an error or need clarification in the e-statement can I reply to the email ID with my queries? Ans For any clarification related to e-statement we request you to kindly call us at our 24 hour Bank by Phone service in your city or write back to us at cardservices@in.abnamro.com. You are requested not to reply to the email sent by us. Q3 How do I change the e-mail id for E-statement? Ans To change your email ID you may call our Bank by Phone service in your city or send a request in original to any of ABN AMRO branch in India. The new ID will be registered in 24 to 48 hours Q4 I am not able to open the e-statement. Which PIN am I required to use for opening the e-statement? Ans You are required to enter your latest Primary Card number to be able to read the

Ans You are required to enter your latest Primary Card number to be able to read the statement. Q5 I am not able to open the E-Statement, I am inputting the correct Primary Card Number number? Ans e-statement can be opened by the primary cardholder of the account. In case you are not the primary cardholder we request you to kindly ask the primary cardholder to open the file using his / her Primary Card Number. Q6 I am not able to open the e-statement, I am inputting the correct Card number and I am the primary holder in the account? Ans If you have more than one Credit Cards registered with the bank on the same e-mail id then request you to enter the other Primary Card Number. Q7 Transaction of which period will be covered in the current e-statement? Ans The current e-statement will carry the transactions of last one month. Q8 How can I get the e-statement for last few years Ans We request you to kindly call our Bank by Phone service in your city and provide the date range for which you need your statement of account. The e-statement can only be sent for transactions done for the last 18 months. Q9 Is there any charge for getting the duplicate e-statement? Ans Currently our e-statement facility is free of charge, however the Bank reserves the right to charge for the statement generated and debit the amount to the customer Credit Card account. Q10 The statement formatting while taking printout is not in symmetry? Ans We recommend that for printing e-statement you change your text size resolution to smallest. To change the text size resolution you can click on the option "view" on your browser then drag your mouse to "Text size" and select the option "Smallest". Once done you can print the e-statement. Q11 The statement is not getting opened properly Ans Some of the objects in the statement are taken from an internet site thus for the best view of the statement an internet connection is required. Q12 How do I ensure that the statement is printed correctly Ans Please make the following changes while viewing the statement in the Internet explorer before printing the statement: Page Set up (Page set up is available in the file Menu option in the Internet Explorer: 1. Delete junk values from the Header and Footer given in the Page set-up. 2. Change the Left and Right Margins to 0.18”. Select Internet Options under Tools Menu Options in Internet Explorer: 1. Select Advanced under the Internet Options.

2. Under Advanced select Print background colors and images.
Q13 How do I know if the mail is actually from ABN AMRO? Ans The email is digitally signed by ABN AMRO. You can use the link at the bottom of the mail, which will take you to the certifying authority, confirming the sender as ABN AMRO. To view the digital signatures please follow the below mentioned steps: (a) Download the Verifier.exe from the following url http://www.abnamro.co.in/Images/e-statement/ABNVerifier.zip

(b) Download e-statement Attachment (i.e. ".html" file) from the mail to your hard disk. (c) Open the E-Statement Verifier.exe (d) Click Browse and select the saved e-statement attachment (i.e. ".html" file) (e) Click on "Verify" button (f) Enter Password Screen will appear Once right Password is inserted It will verify and give the details of the Signing Certificate