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A Brief History of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia History of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia (Faculty of medicine

) is inseparable from the history of medical education in Indonesia, because of medical training in Indonesia was first held in Jakarta in the Dutch colonial era. Some important steps in relation to premises and the establishment of medical training faculty of medicine are as follows:

January 2, 1849 : Gubernemen Decree 22 which sets will be the holding of medical education in Indonesia (Nederlandsch Indie). Place of education is to the Military Hospital. January 1851 : The school opened in Weltevreden medical education with 12 students. Two-year long education. June 1853 : With Gubenemen Decree No. dated June 5, 1853. 10 determined that the graduates was given the title Doctor of Java, but was employed as a supervisor Pox. Year 1864 : Length of medical education into three years with the authority not only as Mantri Pox, but as a doctor who can stand alone, although still under the supervision of Dutch doctors. Year 1875 : A seven-year long education, including the Dutch-language education will be the language of instruction. Year 1898 : Established medical education school called STOVIA (School tot Opleiding voor Indische Artsen). March 1, 1902 : Building a new medical school opened in Hospitaalweg (now Jl. Dr. Abdul Rahman Saleh 26) and a nine-year long education. Year 1913 : STOVIA organization perfected and education to 10 years old. End of Year 1919 : Established Central Hospital CBZ (Centrale Burgerlijke Ziekenhuis, now called the RSCM), which is used as a teaching hospital by students STOVIA July 5, 1920 : Medical education building in Salemba six have been completed and all educational facilities are moved to Salemba 6 August 9, 1927 : Formal medical training to higher education with a Geneeskundige Hooge School.

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namely University of Medicine Republic of Indonesia and GeneeskundigeFaculteit Nood Universiteit van Indonesie. . February 2. merged and incorporated under the name School of Medicine. General Hospital and Central Hospital of Raden Saleh. 1950 : After the handover of sovereignty to the Government of the Republic of Indonesia both types of medical education institutions. medical education at the College of Medicine of the Republic of Indonesia still carried on. • For physician education until August 1927. University of Indonesia. Time faculty of medicine was founded in February 1950 there are 28 kinds of subjects and sections. The majority of subjects were given in Dutch. In addition. by the Dutch government also held medical education activities under the name Genesskundige Faculteit. 16 East Pegangsaan Complex. Universiteit van Nood-Indonesie. the previous educational requirements are elementary level and once established Geneeskundige Hooge School High School level. with the number of students as many as 288 people and still there are some Dutch teachers.• • • 24 April 1943 : In the era of Japanese occupation of the school name was changed to IKA DAI Gaku February 1946 : After independence the school name was changed to College of Medicine of the Republic of Indonesia February 1947 : In the era of Dutch occupation. Educational facilities include six Salemba Complex.