Background information: The Move Media Rights Festival (MMRF) (www.mmrfasia.

org), the first human rights film festival in Thailand was held from April 29 to May 7, 2009. It was organized in Bangkok, Mae Sot, and Chiang Mai. The overall goal of the MMRF was to contribute to the process of raising awareness about human rights issues throughout Asia using film as a powerful artistic expression of peoples’ resistance, dedication, and struggle for justice. In 2009 MMRF came into life with the tremendous support by Movies that Matter, the Centre for Human Rights and Social Development (CHRSD)-Mahidol University, the South East Asia Regional Initiative in Human Development (SEARCH), the Embassy of France, the Embassy of the Royal Kingdom of the Netherlands, the Thai Film Foundation, Amnesty International- Thailand, and other local human rights organizations and interested participants. Twenty Four documentary films from all over the world on different human rights issues were shown during the festival. In Mae Sot, over two hundreds people attended the screenings. Overall the screenings in three locations reached an audience of over five hundred people and created numerous constructive discussions and provided a stage for networking opportunity for dedicated NGO workers and researchers committed to fostering Human Rights. Objectives of the 2nd Edition of MMRF To make visible a large stratum of social, economic and humanitarian problems pertaining to human rights issues in order to transform public thinking • To reach out to rural populations and increase awareness among communitybased leaders and organizations • To produce an accompanying ‘documentary tutorial’ with selected films targeted at human rights activists, youth groups, students and development workers • To develop an academic base of human rights films and human rights film festivals Target groups Young people, film makers interested in social issues, media activists and other civil societies, International and local NGOs, public/private sectors and communities at large especially migrant workers, ethnic minorities and vulnerable groups, human rights activists, journalists and media professionals, government and decision makers, UN agencies and potential donors. Expected Results • The introduction of contemporary film on rights-related and humanitarian issues to a broad audience, especially the youth and activists. We expect to attract an audience of 3000 during 5 days activities. • Targeted communities are able to enter into civic debate on the films’ topics • Targeted film makers and human rights activist will be able to get idea/ materials/training on rights-related films pertaining to human rights and social integration issues. Area of issues/themes The theme of the 2nd edition of the festival is ‘Indigenous People & Ethnic Minorities in Asia’. There will be the following 7 specific topics documentary films in the second edition of the festival. - Peace and post conflicts resolution - Human trafficking, smuggling and human security •

- Children, women and youth rights - Rights of refugees and migrant workers - Rights of indigenous people and ethnic minorities - Global warming, climate change and environmental rights - Rights of lesbian, gay, transsexual and bisexuals Note: Only some selected topic will be shown in Mae Sod. (To be decided) Expected date of event The expected date for the festival is 14-16 January 2011 in Bangkok, and 21-22 January in Mae Sot. Depending on available resources and funding, the festival will close in Chiang Mai on 23 January, 2010. Activities - Opening of the Film Festival in Bangkok with one academic lecture on Film and Human Rights - At least 7/maximum 9dialogues on core issues/ themes based films with film makers/ experts/ victims/ producers in the presence of audience and press/media - Outreach film screening and workshop in Chiang Mai and Mae Sod - 2/3 days workshop at Thammasat/ Mahidol University campus depending on resources. Photo Gallery

Opening at 14th Oct Memorial.

Photo exhibition by Mararu Goto

Top view of 14th Oct Memorial

Mae Sod Screening venue at Water Bar

Outdoor evening screening

Early discussion and highlight b/f films

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