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Enquiry no: 2801000066 – CCDP 07082010 Due Date: 24/08/2010 Vendor Code: 19982 To Manager – Purchase Coal research, W.R.

I Complex, Trichy – 620014, Tamil Nadu. Sir, With the reference to the above enquiry we hereby quote the rate for carrying out Cold Bold Rubber Lining of DM water storage tank, dia 2.5 mm X 5 m height as follows: Nature of work: The above said tank will be sand blasted to the grade of S.A 2.5. Two coats of rubber binding agents will be applied over the surface in two different intervals. Then, the pre -cured rubber sheet will be pasted over the surface using roller and manually. After the first layer of 2.5 mm thick rubber sheet is pasted, if any air hole arises it will be removed. Then the second layer of 2.5 mm rubber sheet will be pasted. The joints will be leveled. After spark testing the tank will the handed over to you for regular use.

5 Shores ‘A’ Test: High Frequency spark test will be conducted Inspection: Final inspection to be carried out for up to BHEL satisfaction Guarantee: 18 months from the date of our invoice or 12 months from the date of commissioning which ever is earlier. Test certificate : we will provide you with a report about the specifications of our rubber lining from a government authorized laboratory along with our bill. .a) PRICE Part – 1: Material cost for Cold Bold Rubber Lining: Rs 2900/sq metre (in words Rupees two thousand nine hundred per square metre ) Part – 2 Labor charges for Cold Bold Rubber Lining: Rs 500/sq metre (in words Rupees five hundred per square metre) b) TECHNICAL SPECIFICATON: Rubber Lining: As per ISI 4682 part 1 Compound : soft cold bold lining Thickness: 5mm(2.5mm) two layer Hardness: 60 +/.5mm+2.

The maximum time for the completion of the work will be one month. Thanking you Yours truly For PERFECT RUBBER LINING CO R.5% is applicable. 3.5mm) two layer thickness. 2) Electrical point near the tank. We hope the\at our rate are quite completive and we are excepting a favorable reply from your end. from the date of handing over the tank to us. 2.5mm + 2. OUR SCOPE: Supply of natural rubber sheets Supply of all adhesion compound and other rubber adhesives. LD/ penalty for delay in delivery clause may be taken as 0. S RAVI Proprietor . Welding and grinding of material surface for the suitability of rubber lining Sand blasting of material surface for the suitability of rubber lining Rubber lining to be carried out of 5mm (2. 6. 7. 4. 5.c) 1. Workmen compensation insurance to our staff Transportation charges for our materials. 9.25% per week maximum of 7. d) BHEL SCOPE: 1) Air for sand blasting at 4kg pressure near the tank. Supply of all rubber lining tools and tackles and testing machines to BHEL sites Supply of sufficient number of technicians to BHEL/CCDP. 8.