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0 -Errata and FAQ

Edited and formally compiled by Jonathan Davidson
This document is split in to two sections. The first, the errata, is a list of changes to the published rules in
the rulebooks. The second, the Frequently Asked Questions section, expands and clarifies the existing
rules, as well as responding to questions not covered by the rulebooks.
Rules in the errata section below supersede the rules in the rulebooks. Where a conflict is found to exist
between the rules and examples in the rulebooks and any rule found here, then the rule given here takes
precedence. All page references are for the main rule book.

E1) Army List / Reference chart discrepancies
There is a discrepancy between unit costs and vehicle / E7) Experimental Tripods (see pg 119)
weapon stats in the quick reference charts and the army A change to paragraph “Experimental Machine”:
lists. The army lists are correct (pg 78-145): the quick
reference charts (pg 50-53) are not. If the Martian force includes one or more Scientist
Tripods, a single Assault Tripod for every Scientist
Note: all official published PDFs supplant the book Tripod in the Martian force can be rated as an
entries and previous charts. experimental model with improved performance. Roll a
E2) Tripods crossing Infantry (see pg 38) die at the start of the game to determine which
enhancements have been built into each experimental
When moving Tripods can cross over infantry units, tripod:
though they cannot stop on top of, or within 1” of, the
units at the end of their move. This is an exception to E8) Indirect Fire by Tripods (see pg 120)
the general rule on page 38. Both the Grenadier and Dominator tripods may fire at
E3) Hotchkiss Gun range (see pg 51, 99, 102) targets illuminated by the Scout’s Targeter without the
need for the Grenadier or Dominator to have Line of
The range of a 1.65-inch Hotchkiss Gun is 20". It is Sight on the target themselves.
incorrectly stated on pg 99 and 102.
E9) Half-pounder Coil Gun power (see pg 140)
E4) Artillery moving and firing (see pg 65 & 91)
The ½ Pdr Coil Gun fitted to the Imperial Main Service
The last sentence on page 65 should read “However, as Tank, has a power of +4. The charts on page 53 and 140
guns can only move or shoot, and redeploying counts as are incorrect.
a move, there is rarely any benefit to doing so.”.
E10) Cardigan cost (see pg 142)
Both the Heavy Field Gun and the Anti-Tripod Gun
Batteries should also have the Field Gun (pg 91) rule at The Cardigan Infantry Carrier is 90 points for a single
the top of the page. vehicles, and 180 points for a unit of three. The cost on
pg 142 is incorrect. Also note that the Cardigan stats
E5) Mobile Artillery & Mk IV armor (see pg 92) block is incorrectly labelled, it should be the “Cardigan
The Mk II Mobile Artillery Steamer has an armor value Infantry Carrier”.
of 6. The value of 7 in the chart is incorrect.
E6) Super Heavy 12-inch Gun (see pg 108 & 111)
This states that it rolls a combined damage score of
2d10. This is incorrect. It should read: “This gun rolls
2d10 on the Damage Resolution Chart (for targets with
a chart).” This is step 3 of the damage resolution process
and no Power bonus is added to the roll.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q1) Number of models on an element base (see pg 33) Q6) Regrouping from rout (see pg 44)

Is the number of models on and element ever relevant? Can command units cause a rally attempt (i.e. reroll a
failed morale test) in future turns or is the only
(A) No, but visually it may not look good to deviate mechanism to rally on table by spending an order chit.
too far from the suggested figure counts and
bases sizes. (A) When a routing unit reaches the table edge
they receive a single chance to rally. The unit
Is this expected to be constant going forward? making the morale check gets one instant
opportunity to reroll if it is within range of the
(A) For Tournament play it will be specific to the
command unit.
book listings but we will make some allowances
for base sizes. Outside of this, the only other way to rally a unit is
by issuing an Order (page 63) which allow the unit
Q2) Initiative bonus for Tripod 11+ armor (see pg 37)
to rally automatically without taking a morale
When rolling for initiative the Human forces get a check.
bonus for a kill that has 11+ armor, do they get this
Q7) Destruction of routed units (see pg 44)
bonus from an enemy that started the game with 11+
armor, but the armor was reduced over the course of the Do enemy units have to end within 3" of a routed unit to
game? cause destruction, or do they destroy if any part of their
move is within 3", even if continue moving away.
(A) No
(A) The units do not need to end their move, it is a
Q3) Tripods moving over Infantry (see pg 38)
simple manoeuvre to reach out and crush any
Can tripods walk over infantry? fleeing troops on the way to their destination.
(A) Yes, but they can’t stop on top. A tripod Q8) Which Tripod weapon damaged (see pg 48)
walking over infantry is an exception to units
If the Martian Tripod has multiple weapons can the
moving through each other as described on
Martian player choose which weapon is damaged?
page 38.
(A) This is all weapon systems on the Tripod and is
Q4) LoS and intervening terrain (see pg 41)
not damage to the weapon per say but the
Intervening terrain that completely obscures a unit, targeting system.
blocks line of sight, but which categories of terrain does
Q9) Damaged Tripod shooting (see pg 48)
this include?
If a Martian Tripod has lost control of its shooting…
(A) If you can see them you can shoot them!
If the Tripod has two weapons, who picks which weapon
They will get a cover bonus as per the rules on page
is being fired?
56 depending on the amount of the unit that is
behind cover. (A) The Martian player decides which weapon will
fire before the dice are rolled
Bend down next to your rifleman, feel his fear and
smell his nervous sweat. Can you see the Martian Is the Martian’s opponent is required to pick a target,
drone in the cornfield? If you can, shoot for all even if only the opponent’s units exist as targets?
you’re worth…
(A) No. It’s assumed in this case the tripod fires off
In other words, use actual line of sight as much as into the air.
possible in our games. When this isn’t possible, lay
a tape measure on edge. If it can touch both models Q10) Damaged Tripod movement (see pg 48)
(not bases) without anything intervening, then line If a Martian commander uses an order token on a tripod
of sight exists between models. Use good judgment. that has damage and a roll is needed to move the Tripod,
If you want to be more specific, you will have to do the players dice-off in both movement phases, or just
establish the height of models with your opponent once?
prior to a game.
(A) Every time a damaged Tripod is moved it must
Q5) Tanks firing HMGs and Guns (see pg 43) be rolled-off. This includes the use of an order
Can tanks fire both their main guns and their HMGs in token.
the same firing phase? Does the winning player get to use the order token?
(A) Tanks can fire either their cannon or their (A) The Tripod has been ordered to move and it
HMGs but not both in the case of all Mk II does so regardless of who controls it so the
and Mk III Variants. HMG only armed tanks Order is “used up”.
can fire all their HMGs at once within normal
shooting rules (line of sight, etc.).
If the tripod is move off board under their opponent’s (A) Only an entire “dead’ unit may be resurrected
control what is this Tripods status and how is it scored? as reinforcements.
(A) The tripod is considered destroyed and scored The US Industrial Might rule is important for
in favor of the opponent. balancing long turn count games.
Q11) Heat Ray Templates Placement (see pg 62) Q24) Field Modifications (see page 85)
How far from the "normal" can a template swing and Are the Field Modification costs per unit or per model?
still meet the conditions of step 2, on page 62?
(A) Those costs are per element (model).
Could you put the straight edges at right angles to the
tripod, move it back a degree and have that as an arc Q25) Entangled Tripods breaking free (see page 88)
away from the tripod. Does it take the entire movement phase for an entangled
(A) Tracing a line from the center of the template, (by Rough Riders) Tripod to break free?
perpendicular to the straight edges, back to the (A) No: if the Tripod successfully makes the roll to
tripod should be sufficient for representing the break free it is no longer immobilized and can
available angles. move as normal in the same movement phase.
In your example, this line would fall well away from Note: A tripod can attempt to break free in any of
the tripod and thus be an illegal placement. To put it its movement phases, or it may elect to stay
another way, two lines drawn straight back from the entangled and not risk failure.
inside corners should contain part of the tripods base.
Q26) Assault Tripods and assault (see pg 117)
Q12) Command unit moral reroll (see pg 63)
Why can’t Assault Tripods Assault?
Can a command unit re-roll its own failed morale check
and/or can it use its own order token to rally itself? (A) They would be too powerful in the starter set
and in many games make infantry even
(A) No tougher to utilize.
Q13) Movement in buildings (see pg 70) In the fluff, the Martians at first just didn’t see
How do elements move vertically in buildings (i.e. floor human infantry as a threat to the bigger tripods.
to floor)? That Martian view evolved.

(A) Measure the distance between floors and use Note: In the near future we will be producing rules
that as the total movement amount plus any for Veteran Assault and Scout Tripods that will
horizontal movement before or after the have Reaper Tentacles and some other
“climb”. enhancements.

Does the vertical movement just use difficult terrain Q27) Non-Rulebook tank designs (see pg 85)
rules or is there something more to it? Can I build my own design tanks using the Mk II/III
(A) Nothing more. Steam Tank sprue?

Is this limited to infantry or can vehicles and artillery (A) The variants in the Rulebook and Steam Tanks
do so as well? PDF are official and based on “real tanks” in
the AQMF world.
(A) Just infantry. Vehicles and artillery cannot
move vertically. If you use the vehicle modifications rules and build
your own tanks that’s fine, that is what the rules
Q14) Destroying buildings (see pg 70) are for, but it’s not guaranteed they will balance
point wise.
How much damage can a building sustain before it is
destroyed? You can build combinations that never really
existed: a Mk II with three cannon or a Mk III
(A) Each successful attack on the building will with 4 cannon, for example. In our “reality” those
inflict a number of points of damage equal to chassis could not bear that many guns nor contain
the weapon’s Power rating. When the building the crew to man them. We do encourage you to do
sustains an amount of damage equal to its what you want though. In the end, Official
armor value, it will collapse regardless of its Tournament Rules for AQMF will be more
physical size. stringent for competitive play, but for your games
it’s up to you!
Q15) Industrial Might (see page 85) This excerpt from the Steam tank PDF is worth
restating here:
Under the Industrial Might rule, can any three dead
tanks (from different units) be resurrected as a new
reinforcement unit?
Q31) Moving artillery and firing (see pg 90-91)
Field guns have a rule which prevents them moving and
shooting. Should the heavy field gun and anti-tripod
Extra Machine Guns gun have the same rule?
American forces love to put machine guns on (A) Field guns cannot move and shoot in the same
every vehicle they can. Lots of these are turn. They can be moved by manhandling.
scrounged from destroyed vehicles and, in
some cases, “procured”. These are rarely Larger guns like Heavy Field guns, anti-tripod,
“official”, but what the rear desk jockeys don’t coil guns, etc., can’t shoot and move in the same
know won’t hurt them! As per the Field turn either. They also can’t be moved unless towed.
Modification rules on page 85 of the Main See the section on towing on page 65. While there is
Rule book, you can add extra machine guns to a lot of leniency in moving and towing guns, it still
your tanks. not possible to move and fire them in the same turn.
Please note that whether an extra HMG is Q32) Tesla ‘Lightning Gun’ Artillery (see pg 94)
added to the stats of a vehicle as listed in this
supplement or as an add-on to a vehicle in the Can the Tesla tank shoot itself?
main rules, you must pay the additional (A) No a Tesla tank doesn’t shoot itself.
points for it. Note that extra guns added to a
vehicle but not listed in the stats for that If it has a Mk II Cargo Steam Fuel Tender (which
vehicle cannot be fired in addition to the count as a unit) can it be shot?
vehicles weapons but can be fired instead of (A) It is possible; if the tender is out in front of the
those weapons. An example would be an Mk Lightning Gun.
II tank. It has a 4-inch gun. If you added an
HMG on the top of the tank, then you can Does the Tesla Gun arc from element to element or unit
then fire either one of the weapons, but NOT to unit?
both. These extra guns require extra crew that (A) It arcs from unit to unit; but the measurement
is not available. In fact, most vehicles are for the nearest unit is made from the nearest
under crew strength due to battle losses element.
Q33) MK IIIs and the extra turret mount (see pg 97)
So if the weapon is listed on the chart for the
vehicle, you pay no additional cost for it. If it Mk IIIs are normally armed with 3x 4-inch guns, so
is not you may add it and take the additional why is there is an extra weapon mount on the front?
point cost under the Field Modification rules. (A) We did better with the plastic design than was
expected during the rules writing.
See the Steam Tank PDF for examples of how it is
Q28) Placement of tank weapons (see pg 85)
Note: if a MG is placed here it will not be able to
If a tank is configured with the same number of fire at the same time as the other guns (see Question
weapons, but they aren't in the same place, is this still 5)
Q34) US Super Heavy Gun damage (see page 108/111)
(A) You could switch things around if you like, but
see Question 27 above. Do you add +7 to the US 12-inch Gun’s 2d10 Super
Heavy Gun roll and automatically destroy things on a
Q29) Adding an Extra MG (see page 85) combined roll of 10+?
Can all tanks add a MG for +10 points? (A) It has +7 to penetrate armor (do damage) and
then does 2d10 damage on the Tripod and
(A) See the Steam Tank PDF and the answers to Vehicle damage resolution tables. You do not
Questions 27 and 30. add the +7 Power to the damage roll but roll
Q30) Replacing a tank gun with a MG (see page 85) two d10s instead.
If you replace a 4" gun with a MG can it fire at the same Note: Against units that require multiple Critical
time as other guns as it has a dedicated firing position Hits to destroy (for example a Martian Overseer), a
with a dedicated crew to man it (the previous 4" gun 10+ would be a Critical Hit not an instant kill.
crew). The Martian Overseer can take three Critical Hits
(A) No, see Question 5 and its answer before it is destroyed, so it is the only Martian (to
date) that is not automatically destroyed by a 12-
inch Gun.
Can he also attempt to repair heavy damage (Movement
or Shooting)
Q35) Overseer vs Ironclad or Goliath kill (pg 108/111)
(A) No. A Power Node only restores armor damage.
Which takes precedent, the rule that the Land Ironclad
and Goliath can instantly kill on a 10+, or that an Q43) Kitchener Tank (see pg 141)
Overseer can only be killed via 3 critical hits?
Is the cost on the Kitchener correct compared to a Mk
(A) The Overseer only can be destroyed after 3 III?
Critical Hits regardless of what weapon strikes
it. (A) The Cost is 115 per tank.

Note: This may also affect the Cylinder in Scenario Note: It is faster than a Mk III and has a Vickers
3. The Cylinder rules should be read as stated, so it’s as well as its main gun, and a radio. The cost is
possible for a 12 inch gun to blown one open… subject to review following further testing.

Q36) Assault Tripods dual weapon use (see pg 117) Q44) Lloyd Command Carrier (see pg 142)

If a Martian Assault Tripod is armed with Green Gas or Does this include a Command Squad, and if it does will
Black Dust as well as a heat ray, can it fire both in one they appear, as passengers do, when the vehicle is
turn? destroyed?

(A) It can fire one or the other but not both. (A) It does include a command element and they
will “appear” if the vehicle is destroyed.
Q37) Scientist Tripods movement (see pg 118)
The lack of a radio would mean the Command
Is the Scientist Tripod meant to move slower than the Squad could no longer issue orders to units other
Slaver? than those within line of sight, as per US
(A) Yes.
Note: The Command Squad cannot dismount
Q38) Experimental Assault Tripod (see pg 119) voluntarily since the commander relies on the use
Is one experimental Assault Tripod allowed per army of radio, maps, etc., that are carried by the Lloyd to
for every Scientist, or is it one per army period? be effective.
(A) One per scientist. See Errata 7. Note: Infantry Command Squads have man-
portable low-power radios which are not carried by
Q39) Scout Targeter (see pg 120) Lloyds.
If a Scout fires a targeter, does this count as the unit Q45) Use of US equipment by the BEF (see pg 144)
with Line of Sight, allowing the Grenadier to fire
indirect? BEF rules state that you can use anything except US
land Ironclads and Mark IVs. Do we pay the cost in the
(A) Yes. That it is the role of the targeter with US list?
indirect fire weapons. It is a laser designator
that warheads rather than the “firing unit” (A) Yes
utilize. Is there a limit on how many we can take?
Can an element be targeted by several Targeters to give (A) Not at this time.
additional bonuses?
Do these use American or BEF command rules?
(A) No.
(A) BEF command rules apply. Tommy tanks have
Q40) Overseer Tripod Multiple targets (see pg 122) radios and other appropriate vehicles would be
Can the Overseer Tripod target multiple targets with its re-equipped as well.
Heat Rays. Q46) Thunderchild II’s Coil Gun damage (see pg 144)
(A) Yes, it can target multiple targets. Should the BEF Thunderchild II Super Heavy Coil
Q41) Lobotons (see page 127) Gun roll 2d10 for damage resolution the same as non-
coil Super Heavy guns?
How many Lobotons elements are in a unit?
(A) No: it is just a +6 Power weapon as described
(A) There are 3 Lobotron elements in a unit. on page 145.
Q42) Repairing Tripod heavy damage (see pg 129)
If a Tripod is heavily damaged and it is within 6" of an
energy node, can the Martian attempt to repair the
(A) Yes.