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1. His role as transmitter of wisdom.

Grandpa has lived a lot and, as we all know, there is

no greater knowledge than experience. The grandfather can tell what he has learned in his
life and that information is very rich, because it can be loaded with academic or work,
loving, affective advice, etc. And all these transmitted values will configure, in part, the
identity of the grandchild, helping him to make decisions in the future.

2. The example. The word teaches but the example drags. If we have a virtuous
grandfather, the little ones will learn to be better people thanks to the advice and the way
of acting of the grandfather.

3. Mix of values. Spending time with grandparents is an informal school of values. For
example, by sharing moments, the youngest learn generosity. They also learn to listen to
others. If the grandfather suffers some evil, they learn respect for other people regardless
of the conditions, as well as responsibility for the care and attention of others. It takes
them out of themselves and makes them see beyond their own existence. It makes them
more supportive and less selfish.

4. Love for simply existing. The healthy relationship with a grandfather teaches children to
love people simply because they exist and not because of the benefits that can bring. This
is something very valuable in today's society, where material success and consumerism is
a wave that floods.

5. Learn about family culture. Family culture is a wealth that is valued less and less. But it
is very important. And normally it is the grandparents who are responsible for
transmitting the traditions. For every human being, having roots, knowing that he belongs
to a family, with a past, with a history, makes him feel part of something, defines his
identity and gives him support. It is not necessary to let the difficulties and the distances
make lose this essential element in the affective growth of the boys.

After analyzing these points, it is undeniable that sharing with grandparents has a positive
impact on the lives of grandchildren. Not only as caregivers, but emotionally and
emotionally. A grandfather who knows how to fulfill his role, loving and welcoming,
becomes a reference for his grandchildren. It can be a counselor, a guide and, why not, a
model parallel to that of the parents who accompany and nurture them with their love
and wisdom. Not all are perfect. But in this exchange, with its differences, encounters and
disagreements, there are many valuable things. And the intermediate generations - the
parents of the children or the children of the grandparents, which is the same - must be
the managers and promoters of these powerful relationships