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"LPU: Cultivating Internationalization through Sustainable Networks and Linkages

In a society where man’s fate is determined by what he knows, competition is toughest. For when we dare cultivate a dream, there lies the uncertainty of its fulfillment. True, there are various institutions to quench our thirst for learning, but only a few would enable us to go across borders. Where we get to unleash our skills, knowledge and all.

For more than four decades, the Lyceum of the Philippines University is making its contribution to the society by molding competent graduates. We are now surrounded by quality nurses, medical technologists, marine engineers and customs administrators among myriads of experts. Today, there are thousands of LPU students who are next in line to be in the future batch of quality


As a student myself, I share their hope of graduating from the university someday and be a professional. But I think, in my generation, the pressure is enormous. Living in the highly electronic system where technology breaks the barriers around the world, hopefuls like me need to grab any advantage we can get to be among the top and seek fortune around the globe.

Being a university with school-wide international certifications, LPU has set its commitment to academic excellence to a whole new level. It has opened greater avenues to its students, teachers and everyone in the LPU community. It also offers opportunities to foreign students who not only seek for quality education but also for a learning institution where cultural diversity is welcomed and encouraged. It is exciting, but opening doors to the whole world is challenging at the same time.

But amidst the reoccurring challenges of globalization, LPU has stood the test of time. From the

day it opened its doors in year 1952 until present, it continues to establish linkages – both local and international in order to reinforce the great factors of learning and the growth of its academic community. It also enhances the internal development of the country by presenting every student the morals and legacies of the institution. It serves as a boot camp for every striving citizen in order to cultivate the Filipino culture and heritage. Students are trained and educated not only to become successful workers in the future, but as catalysts for a better nation. And as LPU delves further to its goals and philosophies, it just keeps getting better in providing a certainty that all students can dream and pursue. Be molders of the country; and with its highly equitable system of providing students with innovative services, today’s Juan dela Cruz might even go beyond.

LPU is cultivating internationalization; and to achieve that, it must share the same goal to the entire LPU community. Every student and teacher, including the non-teaching personnel of the university are interconnected elements of the LPU community. They work together to build internal capabilities and partnership. Collaborate for the continuous formation of citizens who are shaped by the rules of entrepreneurship, management and industrial progress. Where each and every individual conspire with the other as morally and nationalistically-rooted members of the country. And being a home to thousands of students and counting, its globalized partnerships and identity keeps it soaring; while reaching out to the country and to the world. Where the academic staff and the student body form an alliance bound and sealed by the dream of producing students who work hard to become God-centered and wholesome individuals. It comprises both large and in-depth scale factors, intertwined in the educational chain. participate. It is like an ecosystem where each element has to

As an international contributor to academic community, LPU is not limiting the learning opportunity to both its students and teachers. It should encourage and promote participation of the students and teachers in school competitions and other activities held overseas to build the image of

the university as a home to exceptional talents. Internationalization also means the university is advancing to higher standards of academic curriculum and upgraded teaching facilities to promote global learning experience.LPU does not limit one’s goal of being a professional. Rather, it provides worldwide extensions where mind and labor intensive characteristics are exemplified and developed.

Through time, the university stood by the ideals of President Jose P. Laurel. “Truth and Courage, for God and Country.” The Lyceum of the Philippines University doesn’t only provide holistic form of growing, it also goes beyond education. Where at the end of each academic year, students are no longer under the norms of education itself, but with the passion of learning – one imbued with the desire of knowing what they do not, and the lifelong goal of realizing it. The courage in becoming men in the pursuit of knowledge, strengthened by the academe. Men internationally renowned for their unparalleled expertise. Men conniving for a common goal. To become one in progress, gain the identity and respect the world should give them, and become one in faith.

The university exhibits a two-way process of learning which makes education a salutary drive to everyone. For learning is continuous, and it never ceases. LPU houses a large populace of wellfounded instructors. As teachers, it is a greater feat to be in a global setting. It is not just the student's competence that they would need to cultivate, but their competence in their profession as well. That would mean striving for higher standards and never lose the passion to be good educators.

As a student, it means making the most of this opportunity. To grab all the advantages of an internationally-recognized pavement. To have that dream fulfilled and circumnavigate the globe. Because not all students in this country have been given a chance to take the lead, and claim that the world is their oyster.

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