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Welcome to the Jungle …Classroom Notes Commented [SB1]: Notes attached on the side

1. Access to all curriculum and workshop materials

Reading a Map: Roles and responsibilities of an Ag Teacher

Essential Provisions: Resources to Make Planning Possible

Creating a Shelter: Becoming a Part of you Program

Conserving Energy: Finding Motivation to do your job

Reading a Map: Roles and Responsibilities of an Ag Teacher

 Classroom Teacher
o Lesson planning, grading, giving instruction
 FFA Advisor
o Coaching, Advising, Mentoring
 Program Administrator
o Planning, Coordinating, paperwork
 Agriculture Advocate
o School, community, public
 Life-long learning
o Learning, investing, growing Commented [SB2]: NAAE
Essential Provisions : Resources to make planning possible Keep doing professional development


 Ag Ed Discussion Lab Commented [SB3]: On Facebook join group

o Facebook, searchable very interactive Add bookmarks for communities of Practice
 Communities of Practice My Journey
o NAAE Organized attachments Needs login
 My Journey Worksheets and things on there to print
Leadership and SAE focused
o FFA, Well developed, Student Friendly

Preparation for being gone

Creating a Shelter: Becoming a part of your program

Nobody teaches on an Island Commented [SB4]: Don’t isolate yourself in the Ag

 School Community based program
o Previous Teacher
Build your support and program curriculum around
o Co Teachers community needs
 District
o CTE Director,
o Surrounding Schools,
o Community Partners
 State
o Inspiration
o Mentor
o Outlet

Conserving Energy: Finding Motivation to do your Job

 Outside Passions
o Keep a fire burning outside of the classroom. Commented [SB5]: Step out and find something you love
 Take care of You that’s NOT in the classroom
Every Kid needs a Champion
o Feed the starving baker.
 Students First
o Student success comes in all forms
Emily Rudder


National FFA Teacher Ambassador

Greatest Needs:





Balance of 3 circles

Break down of CDE/LDE/SAE

Groups of three

 Blindfolded
 Yeller
 Direction Giver

 Curriculum
 Dashboard
o Teachers/Advisors
o Educator Resources
 TONS of Lesson Plans!
 Ag Explorer Commented [SB6]: What are you exceptional at?
Good at everything not exceptional at anything
The Council

 SAE for All Guides

Commented [SB7R6]: Elbow Partners
Personality tests

Dog, lion, otter

16 personalities


Self-awareness profiles


Create and sell themselves and their future careers what did they want to do.
So now that you know what you want to do, how do we get there? Then we build an SAE around there
interests and their passions.

SAE for all Guides


 Aptitude test

Journal in AET at least 1 time a month

Time in Classroom activities

iCEV for independent studies

CASE curriculum

CCCS curriculum- Ag Business

NAAE—communities of Practice

Ag Ed Discussion Lab—access to discussion lab

Your Ag program should be a reflection of you and your community

One day at a time