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One type of consideration is Executory Consideration.

Executory consideration is a
consideration for a promise or an act, which consideration has not yet been performed and
which the party who is to perform is either bound by contract to perform or not. It is something
given or accepted in return for a promise, where the promised act remains to be performed on
a future date. It is an exchange of promise to perform acts in the future. Case that related to
executory consideration is in case Wong Hon Leong David v Noorazman Bin Adnan (1995).
In this case, appellant promised to pay respondent RM268,888 in return for the respondent’s
application to convert and subdivide certain land to be developed into a housing estate. The
court held that the exchange of mutual promise was good consideration, before, there was a
binding agreement between them and the respondent’s claim for the fee succeeded.