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Acquisition of Financial Transactions Data ‘Supplement to Statistics Canada’s Generic Privacy Impact Assessment related to the acquisition of financial transactions information ate: October 2018 Program managers: Ditector General- Macroeconomic Accounts Director General- Education, Labour and income Statistics Reference to Personal information Bank: In accordance with the Privacy At, Statist Canad i developing anew instutiona personal information bank (P16) to describe the individual fncial ransaction information Statisics Canada has ‘obtained from pubic and private sector sources forthe purposes of the Statistics Ac, including but not Timited tothe following programs: Household Spending, Real Sales, International Tadein Series, Financial and Wealth Accounts, Distributed Household Economic Accounts, Canadian Housing, nd Income Statics Programs. Description of statistical activity: Statsties Canada obtains personal information from surveys and varous administrative ources under the authority ofthe sttistes Act. More special, under Section 13 ofthe Statistics A, Statistics ‘Canada can require from tied party organization the dicosure of Information that woud assist Statistics Canade in fuiting is mandate or that woud aid inthe competion or crrectien ofthat Information. To that end, tatisies Canada wal be acquiring individual payments and income history Information fom financial institutions, The acquistion of ts information wil reduce the burden of statistical enquires on respondents and provide a lower-cost, higher frequency and comprehensive iterative tothe more traditional survey taking approach. ‘Statistics Conadewilluse the information fr statistical purposes only, in suppor ofits mandate, 3s ‘required by the Statistis Act. Under no circumstances wil the pereonal information obtained from ‘nancial institutions be used to perform credit, expenditure or income check on ndvidul Canadians. ‘The pertonaldantifrs obtained from the Financalnetutine wile ured te generate stats! identifier for lnkage purposes, o complete personal infarmation that Statistics Canada hs collected in the exdinary course of ts operations. ‘The payments and income histor information collected from franca institutions wil be used to create 2 satsca database in supportof various stastial rogramsin the economic and socioeconomic fel, incusing but nt limited to the Canadian Householé Spending program Nationa Economie Accounts and Income Statistics Divisions. To achieve ts statstical objectives, Statistics Caraga wil integrate these data with other sources of information held by Statistics Canada once approval has been ‘obtained in accordance with the Dwective on Microdata Linkage Statistics Cand wil ony make anonymized, aggregate statistic information on Canadian households publica avalale and as such, Indus wil ot be identiabein any product disseminate to the publi. Reston fre Wile the Generic Privacy impact Assessment (PA) addresses most ofthe privacy and security rhs related to ths satis activity, this splement describes the adtional safeguards being Implemented for collection, pracessig and use of payment and income history information due tothe highly sensitive nature ofthis data ‘The Generic Palio presents and adévesses the privacy principles and levels of potential is, which apply 1 the colecton and use ofthe payment and income history information. Mitigation factors: ‘his section define the spect safeguards putin place for this atvty tthe various stages ofthe statcal business process inioding collection, processing, anaiss and dissemination, in adam 0 the standard security measures, which apply to al confidential information collected by Statistics Canada. While regular procedures are already described inthe Generic PA, they ae included here for 3 comprehensive recor. Sollection ‘The information wil be transmitted electronically to Statistics Canada using secure file transfer protocol. storage {Al ystems with acess to any confident information employ agcal access contol at he device ant ‘network ev! Al Systems must have fneiona and current antiitus software. Network rewall and ‘scces ues ae in place to prevent acess by an employee who doesnot have work-elated need > know. Network frewal rules are also ln place such that no system processing any confidential Information canbe accessed atthe network layer by system outside ofthe secure ares Processing ‘The deniers and dat files willbe stored on its own unique, secure servers. The servers that wil host that information witbe hosed na secure location wit acess restricted to the designates indviduals {rom te aforementioned programs as pe each program's operational requirements provided they provide the necessary justfiation and obtain the approval rom the responslbe branch management. Forthermore, all acess permissions are only applicable fora set duration of time and must be regularly renewed including justification and re-approval ‘after inital procesing, a statistical identifier wil be generated by Statistics Canada tofaclitate data Integration. As pr standard practice, flowing inkages with other sources of information, dat willbe ‘epped of deniers such a5 name and address, to help to protect coofidentaty access ‘Access to any confidential data held by Statistics Canada is closely monitored Fieancial information wll be provided in separate les from the personal denies, further reducing any fk of breach of lentifable personalinlormation Forintoemation with personal identirs, only inited numberof employees with work related need wil be allowed acess Disssmination “he Seis Act provides the legal basis for maining the confident of personal and business information that Statistics Canada collects Stattics Canad Wil not dsciose confidential informaten to {anythca party, other than with the permission ofthe orginal dat provider ne! the authorization Som the Chief statin, as required bythe Seoacle Act Stoitis Canada will pubiehonly-non entitle, aggregated statisti information or anonymized publ use mistogat esas par ot genes! aenination sTatey venness ‘A summary of thesupplemental PIA wil be pubely avaiable onthe Statistics Canade website aan ‘addencum to the Genenc rik eondusion: Ths assessment concludes that, with the exsting Statistics Cada safeguards any remaining risks are sich that Stetistis Canada is prepared toccept and manage the ck Formal ppv "hs Supplement sje Gener Pray imac Asesnet i aproved bythe Ci Saisican of Carat ie CSCI oct 22 am inion “Ciel statistician of Canada