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Stephen Arne Keeler

663 California Ave W | St. Paul, MN 55117 | (612) 801-0517 | |
To obtain a position as the Community Education Director for Fridley Public Schools.

Bachelor of Applied Arts | Reconciliation Studies
Bethel University | St. Paul, MN | May 2009
Masters of Science in Educational Leadership with Director of Community Education
Minnesota State University | Mankato, MN | Spring 2017
Senior Programs, Adult & Youth Enrichment, Aquatics, Facilities and Budget
Fridley Community Education | Fridley Public Schools | Fridley, Minnesota | November 2011 -
• Managed and established budget processes for all Community Education programs, which
led to a deficit reduction of $150,000 and a $50,000 positive fund balance for the following
fiscal year.
• Maintained a positive fund balance of $450,000, or 15% of total expenditures.
• Developed internal systems to track increased funds and monitor expenses for early
childhood programs including Voluntary Pre-k, Pathway I and II scholarships, grants and
other revenue sources.
• Established and led professional development for coordinators specifically focused on
developing racial consciousness and a strong equity lens.
• Created and facilitated multiple courses and community discussions on race, racism and
cultural identity through the "Streams of Justice" Community Education series.
• Responsible for the recruiting, hiring, evaluation and oversight of over 150 adult and
youth enrichment instructors, 25 aquatics staff and 10 building supervisors.
• Collaborated with numerous school districts, community organizations, school
departments, health/human service agencies in providing outstanding services, classes,
activities and lifelong learning opportunities for all ages.
• Created and designed the Community Education program catalog.
• Oversaw, maintained, trained staff and created new content for the Community Education
webpages including the school website, online registration system, Facebook, Twitter and
other social media sites.
• Updated all coordinator job descriptions in conjunction with actual duties and needs of the
• Member of RALLI, Marketing and Program Development Committee and the Goal 3
taskforce for MCEA.
Setting III EBD Program | Fridley Public Schools | Fridley, Minnesota | September 2009 –
October 2011
• Worked with students one-on-one and in groups to facilitate their specific learning needs.
• Managed and tracked student behaviors throughout the school year in accordance with
their Individualized Education Plan (IEP).
Momentum Program | Sanctuary CDC. | Minneapolis, MN | January 2009 – June 2009
• Developed and facilitated relationships between participants and perspective employers.
• Assisted participants in successful completion of resumes, cover letters, and applications.
• Advised fulltime staff and assisted with the implementation of systems that allowed for
greater organization.
• Created an extensive database of current and former participants.
• Actively recruited potential participants by developing relationships in the North
Minneapolis community.
• Provided one-on-one guidance to participants in areas such as empowerment, job skills,
and computer proficiency.
Community Education Instructor
Fridley Community Education Tiger Club | Fridley Public Schools | Fridley, Minnesota | June
2008 – October 2011
• Facilitated playtime and classroom activities for students ranging from preschool to 8 th
• Worked with a diverse group of students with many varying needs.
• Developed several clubs that were warmly received by students involved.
• Created an atmosphere where students were free to express their thoughts and opinions
in a constructive manner.
Internal Control Analyst
247th Finance Detachment | Minnesota Army National Guard | Roseville, Minnesota | June 2002
– June 2014
• Planned and implemented training for 80 soldiers in the 147th and 247th Finance
• Mentored and directly supervised seven soldiers.
• Developed physical fitness programs that lead to increased physical fitness of the entire
Operations Sergeant
United States Army | Tikrit, Iraq | March 2007 – March 2008
• Responsible for scheduling and tracking of convoys and flights for eight detachments
throughout Iraq.
• Created and implemented systems for greater organization and dissemination of
information between units.
ELL Volunteer Class Assistant
Hubbs Center for Lifelong Learning | St. Paul Public Schools |St. Paul, Minnesota | September
2006 – January 2007
• Fostered communication and reading comprehension for non-native speakers.
• Collaborated with students one-on-one to better understand their strengths and
weaknesses in learning English.