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Southern idaho has plenty to offer when
it comes to food and wine. Restaurants
in the area are known for featuring
innovative menus made with delicious,
locally grown food. and the Magic Valley
could be confused for napa Valley with
the quality of wines being produced. So
what are you waiting for? go ahead and
get a taste of Southern idaho!
Southern Idaho
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Vineyards in the Magic Valley are producing some of the
greatest grapes around, and Southern idaho is home to a
number of outstanding wineries and wine bars.

Snyder Winery
Snyder Winery, formerly known
as Blue Rock, is situated on a
sprawling hilltop space in Buhl
near the bottom of the Snake
River Valley. Beautiful bottles
of Riesling, Syrah, cabernet
Sauvignon and cabernet Franc
are produced at Snyder Winery.
Vinifera WineS
located in a renovated
100-year-old building in
downtown twin Falls, Vinifera
Wines is a popular wine bar
offering both bottled wines
and wines by the glass.
HoleSinSky Vineyard and Winery
James holesinsky took winemaking and viticulture classes at Uc
Davis and started the holesinsky Vineyard and Winery in Buhl in
2001. today he has four acres of Syrah grapes, two acres of cabernet
Sauvignon, two of Muscat, three and a half of Riesling, and an acre
and a half of chardonnay, plus a few Port varietals.
“What sets us apart is that we are certifed biodynamic organic,”
holesinsky says. “We are an old world French-style winery, which
means we age in French oak and don’t overprocess the wine or add
any chemical additives whatsoever.”
2005 Riesling - Idaho TVWS
Wine Competition Taster’s
Choice Award
2006 Riesling - Idaho TVWS
Wine Competition Silver Medal
and Taster’s Choice Award
2006 Monster Syrah - Pacifc
Northwest Wine Summit
Competition Bronze Medal
2006 Liquid Gold Ice Wine -
Pacifc Northwest Wine Summit
Competition Bronze Medal
2007 Medley - Idaho
TVWS Wine Competition
Bronze Medal
2007 Syrah - Idaho TVWS
Wine Competition Bronze Medal
2008 Syrah Rosé - Idaho
TVWS Wine Competition
Double Gold Award
2008 Riesling - Idaho TVWS
Wine Competition Silver Medal
2009 Rosé - Antoinette at the
Riverside Wine Competition
Bronze Medal
hungry patrons looking for cuisine that’s refreshingly
different and locally produced have a number of interesting
choices. here’s a sampling:
footHill Café
Foothill café in hansen serves up
the best burger in town, according
to the local paper. and while it is
known for the hamburgers, the
menu caters to a more diverse palate
as well, serving daily specials from
lasagna to eggplant parmesan to
shepherd’s pie.
Smokin’ CoWboyS
Smokin’ cowboys has
two locations (twin Falls
and Jerome) serving slow
smoked brisket, tender pulled
pork, and mouth-watering
tri-tip and ribs. Savor the
unbelievably tender, slow
smoked authentic BBQ.
Canyon CreSt dining
and eVent Center
canyon crest Dining and event center
in twin Falls is a full-service restaurant
that offers casual fne dining in a
picturesque setting. Perched alongside
the Snake River canyon, the dining
room offers scenery as breathtaking
as the food is delicious.
Snake riVer grill
chef Kirt Martin’s hagerman restaurant,
Snake River grill, has become a destination
for folks in the twin Falls region. Sturgeon is
an extremely popular menu item, and tender
alligator bites are one of Snake River grill’s
best-loved appetizers. Breakfast features
include homemade sausage, three-egg
omelets bursting with fresh veggies, and
one-pound breakfast burritos. Most of
chef Martin’s recipes are designed to be
made with readily available ingredients,
and many showcase local products such
as Jerome cheddar or Buhl peaches.
Smoked Sturgeon in a Mushroom and
White Cheddar Cream Pasta Saute
is a favorite at Snake River Grill.
learn more about the food and wine scene in Southern
idaho, and fnd additional information about the local hot
spots featured in this magazine at
Watch a quick video of
Buhl’s Snyder Winery.
Sink your teeth into even
more of the Magic Valley’s
favorite places to eat.
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