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ALIAS ROCKETRY AND SPACE MECHANICS LTpc o3 OBJECTIVES: + To familiarize the students on fundamental aspects of rocket propulsion, mutt stating of rocket Vehicle and spacecraft dynamics. UNIT! ORBITAL MECHANICS 9 Description of solar system - Kepler's Laws of planetary motion - Newton's Law of Universal ‘gravitation ~ Two body and Three-body problems ~ Jacob’’s Integral, Librations points - Estimation of orbital and escape velocities UNITI SATELLITE DYNAMICS 9 Geosynchronous and geostationary satelites- factors determining lifetime of satelites — satelite Perturbations - methods to calculate pertubations- Hohmann orbits ~ calculation of orbit parameters Determination of satelite rectangular coordinates from orbital elements UNITI ROCKET MOTION 10 Principle of operation of rocket motor - thrust equation - one dimensional and two dimensional Focket motions in free space and homogeneous gravitational fields - Description of vertical, 1“ inclined and gravity turn trajectories determinations of range and altitude — simple approximations to bumout velocity. UNITIV ROCKET AERODYNAMICS 9 Description of various loads experienced by a rocket passing through atmosphere - drag estimation - wave drag, skin friction drag, form drag and base pressure drag - Boat-taling in missiles — performance at various altitudes ~ conical and bell shaped nozzles — adapted nozzles — rocket dispersion — launching problems. UNITV STAGING AND CONTROL OF ROCKET VEHICLES a Need for multi staging of rocket vehicles — multistage vehicle optimization — stage separation dynamics and separation techniques- aerodynamic and jet control methods of rocket vehicles - sITVC. TOTAL: 45 PERIODS