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Artificial Lift
Mike Berry, SPE, Independent Artificial-Lift Consultant

Two things stood out when I looked at As much as it pains me This is a topic of interest in the Middle
this year’s abstracts. First, well over half East but is largely ignored in the US.
of the abstracts were related to electri- to admit it, by the book, I also admit to having a biased interest
cal submersible pumps (ESPs). This is a gas lift should be the default in multifractured horizontal shale wells. I
significant increase from the last cou- thought SPE 180833 might be of interest
ple of years. Second, there was a clutch
lift method for shale wells. because it discusses optimization of oil-
of artificial-lift-method-selection papers. well plunger lift. I have been wondering if
I have not seen many of those recent- plunger lift might be a viable late-life lift
ly. Because this appears to be a topic of out. SPE 185128 discusses ways to oper- method for these wells. Last, SPE 180470
interest at the moment, I chose papers ate an ESP below 800 psi. This has been seemed like a solid gas lift optimization
from that topic. They are good papers, a problem in multifractured horizontal paper. As much as it pains me to admit it,
and it is a good general-interest topic, but wells. SPE 184216 discusses the effect of by the book, gas lift should be the default
selecting them meant that I had to leave horizontal-well multiphase-flow behav- lift method for shale wells. JPT
out more-specialized papers. ior on ESP operations. Long gas/liquid
I am primarily an ESP guy, so I have slugs are another problem I have been
to be cautious about bias when look- seeing. SPE 172736 discusses casing cor- Recommended additional reading
ing at papers. Biased or not, I thought rosion induced by stray currents from at OnePetro:
several of the ESP-related papers stood weakened ESP-power-cable insulation.
SPE 184134 Feasibility Study of Artificial-
Lift Modes for a Deep Heavy-Oil Reservoir
by Prasanna Mali, KOC, et al.
Mike Berry, SPE, is an independent artificial-lift consultant. Now
SPE 185128 Breaking the 800-psi ESP PIP
approaching 40 years in the petroleum industry, he has worked Barrier: How a Proven Flow-Conditioning
as a roustabout standing knee deep in crude and as a research Technology Can Dramatically Improve
scientist testing state-of-the-art equipment in what was one of ESP Performance in Horizontal Wells
the world’s premier multiphase-flow test loops. Berry has served by D.W. Kimery, Production Plus Energy
on numerous SPE committees and occasionally serves as a Services, et al.
PetroSkills instructor. He holds a BS degree in petroleum engi- SPE 184216 How To Diagnose and Solve
neering from the University of Oklahoma and is a licensed pro- a Tripping ESP Caused by Multiphase-
fessional engineer. Berry serves on the JPT Editorial Committee and can be reached Flow Behavior in a Horizontal Well
at by P.M. Bruijnen, TAQA Energy, et al.

60 JPT • JULY 2017