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2nd Grade Newsletter

October 29 – November 2, 2018

Upcoming Dates:

10/31 - Story book Parade

- Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Day

Spelling Words- Lesson 10 Endings with apostrophes

I’m I’ve don’t didn’t
isn’t you’re can’t that’s
well wasn’t it’s you’ve
us them they’re wouldn’t
Vocabulary Words
chores ax chalkboard thread
stretch wheel jacks
Note from the teacher:
 Students should read at least 20 minutes each night.
 Please check your child’s folder each night and sign/return any necessary documents. 

What we are working on this week:

* Subject to change i-ready lesson 11 Chapter 4, Lessons Locations Rocks
Text Features 6-10 Magazine
Monday: Topics:
Target Skill: Vocabulary:
Captions, Bold Students will be Topics:
Concept Attainment Quiz rocks,
Social Studies Print, Sub-headings able to Model 2 Identify
Scholastic News Quiz Supporting Skill: digit addition continents and
with regrouping rough, sharp,
Tuesday: know and use oceans on a
Math globe. geologist,
various text
Mid-Chapter 4 Quiz features to locate Vocabulary: boulder
Friday regroup, Vocabulary:
key facts
ELA hundred,
Lesson 10 Spelling Quiz,
digit locate,
Test- Cold Read
Math boundary,
I-ready Lesson 7 Quiz legend, grid
Science map, autumn,
Rocks Test capital, globe
Social Studies
Locations Test