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Is The “Alt-Left” Going To Destroy

Our President And Country?

The 2017 Trump

Presidency - 10 June 22, 2017 – July 14, 20127

See How The Main Stream Media, The

Neocons, & the Deep State Are Trying To
Destroy The Trump Presidency
And United States of America
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MSNBC’s Elise Jordan
Compares President Trump To A Suicide Bomber
By Randy Hall
June 22, 2017 6:09 PM EDT

If you had any doubts whether the MSNBC cable “Earlier in the broadcast,” Melvin stated, “I
television channel is run by and for liberals and said the president was bluffing. I may have
Democrats, former Rand Paul official and MSNBC been, perhaps, too fair. It would seem as if
political analyst Elise Jordan erased them during her the president may have been lying all
appearance on Thursday morning's MSNBC Live when she along about the existence of these tapes.”
compared Donald Trump to a suicide bomber.
“No,” Jordan responded, “he’s just wasting
-- he wasted the country’s collective time
Jordan made the statement after host Craig Melvin speculating over whether these tapes
indicated he wanted to talk with her about tweets made by existed or not. It’s a sad day when you
the Republican president regarding whether any tapes exist cannot depend on the president’s word.”
of his conversations with former Federal Bureau of
Investigation Director James Comey. Of course, the president actually said that such recordings
might exist, and if they did, they could create problems for
Melvin began the discussion by noting: Comey.

“You might remember that the president of Nevertheless, Jordan continued:

the United States tweeted a while back”
that “ James Comey better hope there are “My advice would just be to Republicans
no tapes” of such encounters. who do cozy up to him. It’s just like
hugging a suicide bomber. He blows you
up in the process with him.”

Melvin, who was taken aback by his guest’s hostile

statement, told Jordan that her remark was “a little strong.”

Jordan stumbled a bit in her reply:

“This is not -- look at what -- if you go out

on the limb -- if you’re a Republican who
went out on a limb and defended Donald
Trump over saying, ‘Well he’s got tapes
“Just a few minutes ago,” the host noted, “the president hit that are going to back up his point of view,’
us” with another online message: you just got burned up, too,”

With all of the recently reported electronic Unfortunately for Jordan, the decision to “waste time” on
surveillance, intercepts, unmasking and the matter was not made by the president, but came
illegal leaking of information, I have no idea instead from the “mainstream media” in a perpetual quest
whether there are “tapes” or recordings of to bring down Donald Trump over anything, ranging from
my conversations with James Comey, but I the president getting two scoops of ice cream or his
did not make, and do not have, any such decision to fire Comey.

Mr. President, Meet Avner Shapiro,
Saboteur From the DOJ Swamp
By J. Christian Adams
June 22, 2017

The saga is a case study in how Deep State leftists both

sabotage the Trump agenda and unethically leak
confidential information about litigation decisions.

After the Trump Justice Department decided to abandon

claims that Texas voter ID was deliberately enacted to
discriminate against racial minorities, the swamp creatures
started to growl and hiss. The story reveals:

Attorneys who worked on the case for

President Trump is reportedly frustrated with Deep State years were barely consulted about the
leakers trying to sabotage his agenda. change -- many weren’t consulted at all,
according to two former DOJ officials with
knowledge of the matter. Gore wrote the
President Trump, meet Justice Department lawyer Avner filing changing the DOJ’s position largely
Shapiro. by himself and asked the attorneys who’d
been involved in the case for years to sign
President Trump is a supporter of voter identification laws. it to show continuity. Not all of the attorneys
Avner Shapiro is not. fell in line.

From his perch at the Voting Section of the Department of Avner Shapiro -- who has been a prosecutor in the civil
Justice’s Civil Rights Division, Avner Shapiro has exerted rights division for more than 20 years -- left his name off
more will over DOJ’s approach to voter ID -- particularly the filings written by Gore. Shapiro was particularly
against Texas -- than has the president. involved in developing the DOJ’s argument that Texas had
intentionally discriminated against minorities in crafting its
That’s not how a democratic republic is designed to work. voter ID legislation.
A story built entirely on leaks and designed to attack
Trump priorities appeared in the Soros-funded Pro This means that Shapiro sabotaged the Trump
Publica. It was packed with confidential insider administration’s more sensible approach to voter ID.
information about the Trump Justice Department’s
litigation decisions about state voter ID laws and the Let’s take a closer look at this paragraph, and sift out the
internal views of lawyers at the Justice Department. confidential information.

Whether supervisory lawyers consulted lower-level

attorneys about a change in litigation strategy is
confidential information. Lawyers are not supposed to
reveal confidential information to Soros-funded news
outlets -- or to any news outlet, for that matter. There’s one
improper leak of confidential information.

Avner Shapiro (Photo Credit: BU The Record)

towards the Texas voter ID law and similar laws in other

It was designed to hamper and scare Trump administration

officials away from action.

Leaks from the swamp designed to sabotage the president

will either be taken seriously, or they will not. If they are
not, there will be more leaks. If there are consequences,
like even a single termination or disbarment, they will

Shapiro signs a pleading attacking TX Voter ID Avner Shapiro

Whether or not “Gore wrote the filing” is also confidential For years, Shapiro’s wife Julie Fernandes has worked for
information. Now we’re at two. the Soros Open Society Foundations as the advocacy
director for voting rights. Remember, the Open Society
Gore’s reported request to lawyers in the case to sign off to Foundations funds Pro Publica. Meanwhile, Shapiro’s
show continuity is likewise entirely confidential. So that’s federal lawyer salary is in excess of $155,000 per year.

It is also confidential information that Shapiro deliberately

refused to agree to his supervisor’s request. If you’re still
counting, that’s four. Avner Shapiro salary in 2015. It is higher now.

And finally, whether Shapiro was a key attorney in The Obama administration reflexively opposed voter ID
developing the abandoned arguments is also confidential laws despite the fact they are supported by the vast
information. So we have a total of five pieces of majority of Americans, including racial minorities. Trump
confidential information leaked by a lawyer on the Texas made voter ID an issue in the 2016 election, and Trump
voter ID case at the Justice Department. won.

That’s five pieces of confidential information that a Justice That’s what Justice Department lawyer Avner Shaprio
Department attorney revealed to Pro Publica, or to a third cannot stand.
party who revealed it to Pro Publica.
The Pro Publica article spins the golden-oldie from a
That’s five different reasons for that decade ago that the civil rights lawyers at DOJ making
attorney to be disbarred. $150,000 or more per year are uncomfortable and unsettled
about the future because a Republican is in the White
It’s also five different reasons for Trump administration House:
officials to take action against the leaker.
All of the internal changes at the DOJ have left attorneys
The DOJ ethics office must open an ethics investigation and staff with “ a great deal of fear and uncertainty,”
and put the possible leaker under oath, and then report the said [Bill] Yeomans. While he says the lawyers there
leaker for disbarment. would like to stay at the department, they fear Sessions’
priorities will have devastating impact on their work.
Remember, the State of Texas itself was also an intended
target of these leaks. The leaks were designed to Meow.
undermine the Trump administration's new approach

Memo to Bill Yeomans: Nobody cares except your close disruptor. Perhaps more importantly, Americans
pals. In fact, stories about left-wing federal employees supporting the president expect the swamp to be drained.
making 160 large living with "fear and uncertainty" delight People who put Trump in the White House expect
the people who elected the president. disruption, not caution. People working for the president in
federal agencies should let that soak in a bit.
It’s what they expected with their vote. They paid for the
ticket to the demolition derby, now the voters want to see When the swamp leaks and sabotages the president,
the carnage and steaming radiators. everyone working for the president has an obligation to
enforce the rules and follow the law.
Everybody knows that virtually no work is taking place
inside the Voting Section at DOJ, and hasn't for years. Thankfully, if nobody has the will to do what the president
Most of the lawyers in the country would trade places in a promised, the public can make their own complaints about
heartbeat with the woe-is-me $160,000-a-year lawyers these leaks to OPR.
leaking to Bill Yeomans and Pro Publica.
Let’s see if the head of OPR, Robin Ashton -- a well-
Some will bristle at the notion of hauling a lawyer known Democratic loyalist, incidentally -- takes seriously
suspected of leaking to Pro Publica before the Office of the fact that Voting Section lawyers are unethically leaking
Professional Responsibility (OPR), putting the to sabotage the president.
lawyer under oath, and asking about leaking to Bill
Yeomans, Jessica Huseman, or Annie Waldman. These Let’s also watch to see if immediate supervisors inside the
would be the the sorts of insiders who flinch from any Voting Section also take the leaks seriously and act.
controversy. Good luck, because the Civil Rights Division
is a cauldron of controversy. That won’t change. If not, we can add a few more names to the list of the
swamp creatures to drain out shortly.
Caution isn’t what got these officials a job, anyhow. This
president won the White House because he was a

Two New Polls Show Deepening
Distrust of Trump-Trashing Press Corps
By Tim Graham
June 22, 2017 2:36 PM EDT

Here’s how Hoang Nguyen at YouGov reported the


The rise of fake news, a growing multitude

of media sources, and an increasingly
polarized nation have Americans learning
to take their headlines with a grain of salt.

New YouGov research shows that most Americans (70%)

agree that news organizations report stories in a light that’s
partial to who owns them. It’s interesting to note that the
two prevailing political parties perceive media bias to
Two new polls demonstrate an ongoing, deepening distrust
varying degrees. About one in two Democrats (52%)
of the so-called “objective” news media, especially among
believe that news media is influenced by funding while a
drastically greater number of Republicans (85%) hold the
same to be true.
A new Rasmussen Reports poll published on Thursday
found 76 percent of Republicans and 51 percent of voters
They also asked this question:
not affiliated with either major political party believe most
reporters are biased against the president, a view shared by
only 24 percent of Democrats. Sixty-eight percent of GOP “Do you trust news organizations that have
voters and a plurality (45 percent) of unaffiliateds think the a reputation for objectivity proven by track
media coverage of Trump is poor, but 49 percent of record?”
Democrats rate it as good or excellent.”
Republicans shirk the idea of a “reputation for objectivity,”
The skepticism is growing deeper: which can easily be read as the “classic brands” of
“objective” news, like Associated Press or the Big Three
broadcast networks. Nguyen summarized:
“Fifty percent think most reporters are
biased against the president, up two points
from January. Just four percent think most Conversely, when asked whether or not
reporters are biased in Trump's favor, a 12- one would trust a news source if its track
point drop from the previous survey.” record proved objectivity, 83% of
Democrats believe they would, whereas
only 58% of Republicans say the same.
The latest poll from asked the question a
slightly different way, that asks about one-sidedness based
on the ownership (and possibly advertisers/foundation Taken in conjunction with the first poll, Republicans and
funders) of media properties. the national population tend to be more skeptical of news
organizations, regardless of whether the source has a
reputation of being neutral.
The question was
The percentage point difference in the two
“Do you think news organizations tend to
surveys reveals that the general public
provide only one side of the story
sides more with Republicans than it
depending on who owns them or funds
does with Democrats on the topic of
media bias.

It’s nearly impossible to watch the “mainstream” media information in the story isn’t true, or (B) he
report on President Trump and believe anyone is trying to just doesn’t like what is being reported, or
demonstrate a “track record” of objectivity. There is no (C) not sure?”
reward inside the media elite for neutrality in the wake of
what they see as Hurricane Donald. The Democrat tilt is 9-87-4 – he doesn’t like real news –
and the Republican tilt is 66-23-10 – he’s convinced the
Nguyen concluded: press is faking it. It would be more fun if (C) was

YouGov recently conducted a survey that “he’s tweaking/trolling the press because
revealed 44% of Americans believe when he knows they hate being called fake.”
someone refers to reporting as fake news,
it tends to be that s/he doesn’t like what’s The press gets upset at the “fake news” label because they
being reported more than the fact that it’s define it very narrowly, like the standard for libel –
untrue. Given that the general population reporters perpetuating a story they know is a lie. They miss
sides more closely with Republican the way Republican voters hear the phrase.
sentiment towards media bias in the above
polls, it seems that news organizations
Most importantly in Trump’s tones, “fake” is a
have a tough few months of ahead of them denunciation of the Dominant Media Spin, the one that
if they want more members of the public to routinely insists Republicans are falling off a cliff, or that
accept reporting at face value.
the Russia probe is incredibly dire, or implying that Trump
won’t last his four-year term. Or that winning all the
There’s a flaw in that survey: it requires mind-reading. The special elections is actually a bad sign. Facts are regularly
44-percent number is asking the public that when “people manipulated to sound a gloomy note.
say” something is Fake News, is it because they don’t like
the story? Survey respondents are more generous to the
In 2016, the Dominant Media Spin was that Trump was so
blob of “people.”
dangerously hateful and reckless that he would lose badly
and take a large chunk of Republicans down with him.
However, there’s a very dramatic partisan tilt when they None of that happened. All the polls insisting he was
make the question just about the president: losing badly ended up being wrong.

“When Donald Trump says something is Or “fake news.”

‘Fake News,’ do you think he is more likely
to say that because (A) he believes the

White House Statement Warns Of 'Unusual And
Extraordinary Threat' - What Do They
Know That We Don't Know?
Should This Ominous President Trump Tweet Indicate
To Us That 'Time Is Short'?
By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die
June 22, 2017

In this recent story from Mac Slavo over at SHTFPlan he screenshot above), Vox was freaking out even more,
warns that a recent tweet from President Donald Trump reporting
could be looked at as a warning to Americans that war may
be coming soon. Thanking China and their President Xi for "Trump just sent a mystifying, disturbing
the efforts they've made for helping with North Korea, tweet about North Korea" and "maybe the
Trump warns of those efforts: president shouldn't tweet vaguely
threatening things about a nuclear power".
"it has not worked out".
Well the Post now gets an answer to their question as
With the US and China set to meet again as new activity is President Trump's White House has just released a
detected at a North Korean nuclear site, some experts warn statement called "Continuation of the National Emergency
that every day without a 'solution' to the North Korea with Respect to North Korea" within which the President
problem is another day moving closer to what could be an reiterates why all of these Executive Orders on North
absolutely devastating war with the complete destruction Korea have been signed in the first place dating back
of Seoul, South Korea one unimaginable but very real years:
to deal with the unusual and
With Kim Jong Un so afraid of assassination by US Navy extraordinary threat to the national
SEALS that he only travels at night, the fact that a recent security, foreign policy, and economy of the
US Navy ballistic missile intercept failed off of the coast United States posed by the continued
of Hawaii might be causing nightmares for some actions and policies of the Government of
Hawaiians, especially considering Kim's recent threats that North Korea.
North Korea could nuke Hawaii. And with reports coming
out last week that North Korea was only 'one step away' From President Trump's new statement:
from launching a nuclear missile that could hit
America while even the Wall Street Journal recently The existence and risk of proliferation of
reported North Korea dreams of turning out the lights in weapons-usable fissile material on the
America, the options President Trump faces on how to Korean Peninsula and the actions and
deal with the 'North Korea problem' are paved with peril. policies of the Government of North
Korea continue to pose an unusual and
extraordinary threat to the national
security, foreign policy, and economy of
the United States. For this reason, the
national emergency declared in
Executive Order 13466, expanded in
scope in Executive Order 13551,
addressed further in Executive Order
13570, further expanded in scope in
Executive Order 13687, and under which
While the Washington Post asked in a recent story, "what additional steps were taken in Executive
did President Trump mean" by his recent tweet (seen via Order 13722 of March 15, 2016, and the
measures taken to deal with that
national emergency, must continue in
effect beyond June 26, 2017. Therefore,
in accordance with section 202(d) of the
National Emergencies Act (50 U.S.C.
1622(d)), I am continuing for 1 year the
national emergency with respect to
North Korea declared in Executive
Order 13466. This notice shall be
published in the Federal Register and
transmitted to the Congress. DONALD J.

And while this statement doesn't specifically address the

exact reason that Kim's North Korea poses an 'unusual and
extraordinary threat' to the United States, those who have As Slavo's story over at SHTFPlan continues,
been paying attention know that there is a very real chance
that Kim and NKorea have two 'aces in the hole' that fly there’s a reason we’ve suggested that
over the US several times every day in satellite's KMS 3- concerned Americans stock up on anti-
2 and KMS-4. In the chart below you can see all of the radiation pills and CBRN rated Gas Masks
passes that KMS-4 makes over the US over the next and if President Trump’s latest tweet is any
week+ into July 1st. guide, then time is running short.

A very real 'nightmare scenario' for America, even our

Secretary of Defense warns of problems ahead.

According to this June 13th story from NDTV, US

Pentagon Chief General Jim Mattis told lawmakers last
week he was shocked by the readiness of the US military,
blaming legal budget caps and 16 years of constant war for
the sad state the military was in. Warning also that North
Korea was the 'most urgent' threat to international peace
and the security of the US, 'Maddog' also helped to explain
why war might NOT be the answer - it could quickly lead
to devastation.

"I retired from military service three

months after sequestration took effect,"
We've reported on ANP about the potential EMP threat Mattis, a former Marine general, told the
from North Korea for several years now, dating far back House Armed Services Committee.
into the Obama administration, and while there are no "Four years later, I returned to the
clear answers why the 'North Korea problem' wasn't dealt Department (of Defense), and I have
with long ago, it's been warned that the globalists could be been shocked by what I've seen about
holding Kim's EMP's as an 'ace in the hole'. A card just our readiness to fight... No enemy in the
waiting to be played upon America, and a 'card' that would field has done more to harm the
give the globalists who benefit from it 'plausible readiness of our military than
deniability'. "Kim did it!" sequestration."

As Dr. Peter Vincent Pry previously reported in this story Ahead of the four-hour hearing, Mattis
on ANP, should the US be attacked by EMP, up to or more also warned that North Korea poses the
than 90% of us could be dead within the following year to most urgent threat to international
18 months. And while North Korea's top envoy to India peace and security, calling the regime's
recently stated that North Korea is open to a moratorium weapons program a "clear and present
on new nuclear tests, and would like to begin talks with the danger" to all. In written testimony, he
US 'under the right conditions', this story also reports why said Pyongyang is increasing the pace
that's highly unlikely as 'the right conditions' begin with and scope of its nuclear weapons
the US ending all military drills with South Korea, drills program that leader Kim Jong-Un wants
that have been going on routinely now for many years. to be capable of delivering a bomb on
the United States.

"The regime's provocative actions, even high-profile national security people are talking about
manifestly illegal under international the potential of a deranged Kim sending the US back to the
law, have not abated despite United dark ages, wiping out 90% of us or more in the process.
Nations' censure and sanctions," Mattis
said. If you asked the average person about
what threat North Korea poses to the
Pyongyang has test-fired a string of United States, they’ll probably respond
missiles this year, building on launches with a blank stare. The few who happen
and nuclear tests that have ratcheted up to pay attention to the news, will likely
tensions over its quest to develop mention North Korea’s nuclear program,
weapons capable of hitting the United as well as their efforts to develop long
States -- something Trump has vowed range ballistic missiles that could one
"won't happen." day reach the United States. That’s
pretty much all most Americans know
But Mattis and his top military officer, about North Korea’s capabilities,
General Joe Dunford, said any military because that’s all they hear about from
action against North Korea would have the media.
disastrous consequences for the
peninsula. "It would be a war like The truth however is much more
nothing we have seen since 1953," frightening. There’s plenty of evidence
Mattis said about the end of the Korean to suggest that North Korea is either
War. capable of, or is working on the ability
to launch an EMP attack against the
United States. Unlike the threat posed
by a nuclear tipped missile, this
wouldn’t just destroy a city or wipe out
an overseas military base. It could
destroy every city, and kill millions of
people. Without a functional electrical
grid, there’s simply no way that our
society can feed and shelter the current

However, it should be noted that while

most Americans are totally unaware of
this threat, people in high places are
taking it very seriously. Earlier this
With apparent terrorist supporters within the US Congress month, a columnist for the Toronto Sun
in Washington DC showing their true colors 'en masse' by named Anthony Furey released a book
neglecting to sign on to Tulsi Gabbard's "Stop Arming that details the threat of an EMP attack,
Terrorists" bill, thus seemingly proving their allegiance to called Pulse Attack: The Real Story
arming the same ISIS terrorists who want to slaughter Behind the Secret Weapon That Can
Americans and destroy our nation, we're not the least bit Destroy North America. He was recently
surprised that there are still 'enemies of America within', interviewed by Breitbart, and revealed
willing to do whatever they can to take down our nation. that powerful people in our government
are discussing North Korea’s EMP
While for the first time in many years we actually found capabilities.
ourselves agreeing with Arizona Senator John McCain
who claimed North Korean President Kim Jong Un should
be held responsible for the murder of Otto Warmbier, we
agree even more with President Trump who claimed
former US President Barack Obama should have done
much more much sooner to get Otto home than he did,
sentiments agreed on by Otto's father Fred Warmbier.

In fact, the entire situation happening in North Korea could

be looked at from that standpoint: The 'North Korea
problem' should have been dealt with much sooner rather
than that 'can kicked down the road' as far as it has been.
Now it's been dumped in President Trump's lap at a time
In the 2nd video below we hear a msm report from
CBSNews who reports that as of this moment, diplomatic
efforts at dealing with the 'North Korea problem' have
failed and tensions continue to escalate there. In the 1st
video below from Infowars we hear why bombing North
Korea may be the last horrible option left for President
Trump though we'll have to remind, we hope that if
President Trump resorts to that action, he's also prepared to
take down KMS 3-2 and KMS 3-4 before they're able to
deliver their deadly payload.

In the final video below, Dave with the X22Report also

touches upon the North Korea situation, and their offer to
end nuclear tests under the right circumstances, in a new
video called "Brace Yourself, It's Going To Get A Lot
Worse Before It Gets Better".

Smoking Gun Proof
That Russia Hacked The Entire World
By Washingtonsblog
Posted On June 22, 2017

As shown below, the allegations that Russia has been (But the French government later said
hacking the entire world have been thoroughly vetted and there was no trace of Russian hacking.)
CNN reported that U.S. officials suspected that Russia had
Germany’s intelligence agency accused Russia of hacked Qatar’s state news agency, causing a rift with
deploying cyberattacks to destabilize the government! Saudi Arabia.

(But German intelligence agencies later (But the Qatari government later said it
found no evidence of Russian wasn’t Russia.)
And last December, German security officials said that
Russia hacked secret German communications and The Washington Post published a story claiming that
provided them to Wikileaks (English translation). Russian hackers penetrated the US power grid through a
utility in Vermont.
(But German officials later concluded that
the communications were likely leaked (The Post subsequently admitted that –
from an insider within the German according to officials close to the
parliament, the Bundestag (English investigation – “the incident is not linked to
translation)). any Russian government effort to target or
hack the utility”, that the incident only
France involved a laptop not connected to the
electrical grid, and there may not even
The Washington Post, New York Times (and here), have been malware at all on this laptop.)
Reuters, Politico, Register and many other mainstream
publications claimed that the Russians hacked the French When a treasure trove of secret NSA tools were revealed,
election, just like they hacked the U.S. election. Russian hackers were blamed.

The head of the NSA claimed that the NSA watched the (But it turns out that it was probably a leak
Russians hack the French elections: by an NSA insider.)

And of course the evidence that the Russians hacked

Democratic party emails and leaked them to Wikileaks –
and otherwise stole the election away from Clinton – is
extremely strong. After all, the mainstream press has said

(Maybe not so much …)

So you see? It’s been proven that Russia has hacked the
world …

Netflix Documentary Claims
Trump Destroying Freedom of the Press
By Kevin Baker
June 22, 2017 1:41 PM EDT

Thursday’s Morning Joe took the time to devote a whole KNAPPENBERGER: In the film we kind of look at the
segment to a new Netflix documentary entitled Nobody chronology of what we've seen. If you look at candidate
Speak: Trials of the Free Press. In discussion with the Trump and the way he treated the press, the press were
director, Brian Knappenberger, the panel lamented the scum, I think even this show got some heat at times from
supposed deplorable attacks by Donald Trump and his him, but the press were scum, you know, he blacklisted
supporters on the media and First Amendment. Time was them from attending their rallies and speeches, giving
taken to mourn the demise of the "critical" news site press credentials in the usual way, eventually of course
Gawker, dead at the hands of Hulk Hogan, and Trump called them the enemy of the people and then, you
supporter Peter Thiel. know, we saw the antics when he was president --
President-Elect Trump and even now, I think as late as
“This seems so important,” co-host Mika yesterday he was sort of still -- this is a part of his -- of
Brzezinski said reverently of the every speech that he makes and it has been a part of his
conversation, “I am beginning to feel like rise, this kind of anger of the press.
everything he [Trump] far more
serious than we could ever imagine.” WILLIE GEIST: A lot of what you talk about in the film,
though, predates Donald Trump and focuses on big, rich
The segment started off with a clip from the documentary guys who can buy out media and then control the
in which it warned that, narrative their way. Shelly Adelson, Las Vegas, that
secret deal, and Peter Thiel, behind the Gawker versus
“Without a meaningful application of the the Hulk Hogan deal. What is the danger of that big
First Amendment you have a true risk of money being able to control the message a newspaper
living in a suppressive state.” It further or organization puts out?
cautioned, “There is enough chance that
the President will be upset enough, angry KNAPPENBERGER:Yeah. We should say that the film
enough, vengeful enough to try to take starts by looking at the Hulk Hogan versus Gawker case
whatever actions he thinks he can to which I thought was fascinating by itself. The first time a
punish those who have offended him.” sex tape case like this had ever gone to trial. And as
salacious and tabloidy as that sounded there was clearly
Much of the actual dialogue eventually came to revolve some big picture first amendment versus privacy issues
around the influence of powerful right-wing billionaires, at stake. It was complex, it was kind of on the fringes of
such as Sheldon Adelson and Peter Thiel, on the news and acceptability.
their increasing power. As an example of this, they cited
the lawsuit in which Hulk Hogan successfully sued But it was the verdict that was really kind of shocking but
Gawker Media for libel: $140 million verdict paired with a $50 million requirement
that Gawker had to put up the money right away. That was
a death sentence of Gawker. Then it was revealed that
Peter Thiel was actually funding Hulk Hogan's lawsuit. So
there was an element of almost theater actually in the trial
because you didn't understand what was really happening
here was that there was a very wealthy individual trying to
come silence this critical voice.

Completely absent from the segment was any semblance

of discussion about the issue of liberal bias within the
mainstream media. In addition to this, no questions were
raised as to why the press has become so hated or why its
credibility has fallen to all-time lows in the eyes of the

American people. The narrative simply became one of the big, rich guys who can buy out media and then control the
media being the victims of an unwarranted and narrative that way. Shelly Adelson, Las Vegas, that secret
unprovoked attack by Donald Trump and his supporters. deal, and Peter Thiel, behind the Gawker versus Hulk
Innocent victims, like Gawker, who never, ever, ever, did Hogan deal. What is the danger of that big money being
anything that warranted any sort of lawsuit or legal action, able to control the message a newspaper or organization
whatsoever. puts out?

Today's Morning Joe was brought to you by Lexus, KNAPPENBERGER:Yeah. We should say that the film
American Wind Action, and Xarelto. starts looking at the Hulk Hogan versus Gawker case
which I thought was jsut fascinating by itself. The first time
Here are the excerpts from the June 22 segment: a sex tape case like this had ever gone to trial. And as
salacious and tabloidy as that sounded there was clearly
some big picture first amendment versus privacy issues at
8:52 AM
stake. It was complex, it was kind of on the fringes of
NARRATOR: Without a meaningful application of the first
amendment you have a true risk of living in a suppressive
But it was the verdict that was really kind of shocking it was
state, of living in a country in which a president thinks he's
$140 million verdict paired with a $50 million requirement
doing the right things -- they always do -- who thinks that
that Gawker had to put up the money right away. That was
his critics are harming the country -- they always do -- can
a death sentence of Gawker and then it was revealed that
limit the ability of the press, the willingness of the press to
Peter Thiel was actually funding Hulk Hogan's lawsuit. So
expose, to criticize, and the like. There is enough chance
there was an element of almost theater, actually, in the trial
that the president will be upset enough, angry enough,
because you didn't understand what was really happening
vengeful enough to try to take whatever actions he thinks
here was that there was a very wealthy individual trying to
he can to punish those who have offended him.
come silence this critical voice.
MIKA BRZEZINSKI: That was a clip from the new Netflix
BRZEZINSKI: You mentioned Peter Thiel. Here's another
original documentary, Nobody Speak: Trials of the Free
clip from Nobody Speak.
Press, which looks at the growing influence that both
billionaires and politicians are having on today's media.
Joining us now is the film's director Brian Knappenberger. TRUMP: I think the media is among the most dishonest
Brian, thank you for coming on the show. This seems so groups of people I've ever met.
important. It feels like Trump's -- President Trump's sort of
fight with the press often is sort of joked away. I am NARRATOR: Donald Trump, Peter Thiel and other
beginning to feel like everything that he does that people billionaires have been trying to undercut the press,
end up sort of joking about, because it's just him, is far undercut the First Amendment, undercut the freedom of
more serious than we could ever imagine. What do you feel speech.
about this fight with the press?
NARRATOR: I think the common thread among the Peter
KNAPPENBERGER: Yeah. I think it is serious. Thiel story, the Adelson story, and the Trump story is
billionaires who are proclaiming we are not vulnerable to
BRZEZINSKI: What does this show? truth. We are invulnerable to the facts. And it simply doesn't
matter what you say, what the press does, we are more
powerful than the truth.
KNAPPENBERGER: Very, very serious. In the film we kind
of look at the chronology of what we've seen. If you look at
candidate Trump and the way he treated the press, the MIKE BARNICLE: Okay, there you have sort of the nut, the
press were scum, I think even this show got some heat at core of the problem. You have resources married to intent.
times from him, but the press were scum, you know, he You have rich people with the specific intent of damaging
blacklisted them from attending their rallies and speeches, the free press. Now, it's not going to work with The Times
giving press credentials in the usual way, eventually of or The Washington Post or NBC, but there are a host of
course called them the enemy of the people and then, you medium-sized papers and websites around this country
know, we saw the antics when he was President -- that could be ended with this.
President-Elect Trump and even now, I think as late as
yesterday he was sort of still -- this is a part of his -- of KNAPPENBERGER: Yeah, and that's -- I was actually very
every speech that he makes and it has been a part of his concerned about that. Local communities across the United
rise, this kind of anger of the press. States used to have a very healthy kind of competitive
multiple newspapers. And so this Sheldon Adelson story
WILLIE GEIST: A lot of what you talk about in the film, where he buys the Las Vegas Journal, an important local
though, predates Donald Trump, actually, and focuses on newspaper in the west, he does that in secret so you don't
know what his intentions are, you don't know what his on with business as usual or do you try to do collective
motivation is. So, that was a big part oft hat. But, if you look action? No longer broadcast some of these executive
at the bigger picture, I do think we're facing a wave of signing statements, no longer attend these background
hostility towards the press. briefings that you can't even broadcast or show audio files
for? So is that the solution? Is the solution to all this
If you think about what we've seen just in the last couple of pressure and the tax and the money collective action?
months, you know, had a reporter arrested for asking Tom
Price a question, health and human services director. You KNAPPENBERGER: Yeah, actually, I think so. In history
had a reporter pinned, I guess, against the wall of the FCC there's been some great examples of that where
for asking a question of the director there. And of course somebody's been, you know, shut down a question and
you had this awful incident with Greg Gianforte, body someone else has just deferred their question to the
slamming a reporter for asking a question, doing what he person who was just shut down. Those are pretty moving
should be doing, asking a question about health care of the statements by themselves. And I think that can easily be
then congressional candidate, now a member of Congress. something important. You know, the small sort of ray of
hope that I have in this and the sort of early days of the
SAM STEIN: I'm curious how you would react to my theory, Trump administration is that the press is kind of getting
which is that part of the problem, actually, rests with the reminded about what they're there for in the first place. I do
press corps itself. The press has a collective action issue. think there's a lot of legitimate criticism of the press, that
As a member of an outlet that was barred from covering maybe it's gotten too cozy to power, that maybe its become
the Trump campaign, I experienced this first hand, which is too corporatized over time or traded softball stories for
when people, outlets are barred from covering the access --
campaign, the rest of the press corps could take two
tracks, one is just to sort of go on with their business and BRZEZINSKI: And Twitter hasn't helped. You have the
cover the campaign as they see fit, and the other is to whole concept of objectivity I think is in peril. And there's a
stand in solidarity with the other outlets that are being transformation taking place from objective reporters to
barred. transparent reporters. Which I think is a good thing, but I
think it runs into some potholes along the way, especially at
And this is happening now with the White House briefings times like this.
where they're increasingly off camera, no audio, no video,
and what challenge the White House Correspondents KNAPPENBERGER: Yeah.
Association now has is what do you do? Do you try to go

Left-Wing Media And Democrats Colluded To Create
Russia Hacking HOAX As An Act Of TREASON To
Overthrow The Elected President
By JD Heyes
Thursday, June 22, 2017

The simple answer is also the most obvious one: “Official

Washington” does not like Trump, never will like Trump,
and wants Trump out of official Washington.

On recent episode of his Fox News program, “Tucker

Carlson Tonight,” the namesake opened his show
emphasizing that after all the hoopla, leaks and charges,
the “Trump-Russia” narrative is a massive nothing burger
aimed at bringing down a duly-elected president.

[H]ere is what is true – as of 8 p.m. Eastern

time tonight [June 9], Donald Trump is still
the president of the U.S., and that means
Since Nov. 9, the day after the presidential election, on the most basic level, [fired FBI Director
Americans have been treated to the lie that Donald J. Jame’s] Comey’s testimony [before the
Trump and his campaign (and later, inner political circle) Senate Intelligence Committee] failed to
“colluded” with Russia to “steal” the White House from achieve its goal. Make no mistake,
Hillary Clinton. removing Trump from office was the goal.
“There was collusion, Russia hacked our
There have been a number of variations on this phony election, assault to our democracy, imperils
narrative — Russia mass-planted fake news in hundreds of our way of life!” You hear those all the time.
websites, Facebook and Google; Russia “hacked” the You hear them every night on this show but
election to change ballots; Trump and Russian President nobody in D.C. actually believes any of
Vladimir Putin are BFF’s who set all this up before Trump that, and that’s why nobody ever explains
announced he would seek the GOP nomination; yada, how exactly it happened or what
yada, yada. specifically the effects of it were. Because
they have no idea. And in fact, they don’t
Mind you, none of this has been proven. After nearly eight really care. They just want Trump gone
months of allegations and innuendo, mostly in the form of along with anyone who is in the way.
Deep State leaks to willing Left-wing accomplices in the Russia is just a means.
Democrat-controlled establishment media, not one shred
of evidence has surfaced to indicate any part of these There have been various other targets within the Trump
hyped narratives are true. White House as well — advisor Steve Bannon, Attorney
General Jeff Sessions, son-in-law Jared Kushner, former
In fact, the FBI and other intelligence agencies have been National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, spokesman Sean
looking into Team Trump-Russia ties for nearly a year. Spicer, chief of staff Reince Priebus, advisor Kellyanne
And still there is nothing. Conway — but getting to them, too, is a way to eventually
get to Trump. (RELATED: Dershowitz warns that left-
So what’s the deal? Why are these investigations wing media frenzy endangers civil liberties by
continuing? Why hasn’t the Republican-controlled promoting LIES about Trump and the presidency)
Congress put a stop to this nonsense? Why is the Justice
Department wasting taxpayer funds with a special counsel All in an effort to do nothing more than topple “a
and staff? democratically elected government” that ‘official’
Washington despises (that includes establishment
Democrats and Republicans, by the way).

“[A]gain, this is not about truth or fairness, who tell it they tell it are beginning to
much less protecting this country from believe. That is the definition of mass
foreign threats,” he added. “It’s about hysteria. It is deeply hurting our country,
toppling – let’s not lie about it – a and yet otherwise smart people press
democratically elected government that the forward as if it is all entirely real despite
permanent class in Washington does not mounting evidence it is not real at all.”
“Now again, collusion with a foreign And now that a special counsel, Robert Mueller, has been
government against the interest of the appointed, many long-time Beltway politicos believe that
United States is tantamount to treason,” he won’t get out of town without indicting, charging or
Carlson continued. “It is definitely a moral implicating somebody in wrong-doing.
crime, and we would never defend it. We
would attack it, of course. There is just no Most of those same people believe, once more, that the
evidence it actually happened. This ultimate goal is Trump removal.
whole story is a hoax. It’s a lie that those

Trump: Mueller’s Friendship
With Comey ‘Very Bothersome’
Relationship Poses Conflict Of Interest In Witch Hunt
NY Post
June 23, 2017

Comey was overseeing the investigation until Trump axed

him last month out of frustration with the inquiry.

Mueller and Comey worked together at the Justice

Department in the Bush administration.

Fox News released excerpts of the interview after

interviewing Trump at the White House.

Trump has denied any ties to Russia or knowledge of any

campaign collusion with Moscow.
James Comey and Robert Mueller Getty Image
The Trump administration has been firing back at the
deluge of leaks surrounding Mueller’s Russia probe —
President Trump said it is “very bothersome” that the man suggesting that anonymous sources tied to the reports
investigating possible ties between his presidential cannot be trusted.
campaign and Russia is good friends with ousted FBI
director James Comey.
Trump has lashed out on Twitter to decry
The president was asked in an interview to be broadcast
Friday morning on “Fox and Friends” whether special “the single greatest WITCH HUNT in
counsel Robert Mueller should step down because of his American political history” – claiming it’s
relationship with Comey. being “led by some very bad and conflicted
“We’re going to have to see,” Trump

So, Just How Many Times
Did James Comey Leak To The Press?
Legal Experts Have Argued That Comey’s Memos Are FBI Property,
Hence Government Records
By Usafeaturesmedia
Posted On June 23, 2017

Wittes, editor-in-chief of the blog Lawfare

and former editorial writer for the
Washington Post.

In a piece written May 18, only nine days after Comey was
fired, Wittes said that the former FBI director had shared
those conversations “over the previous few months.” He

(National Sentinel) FBI follies: Americans are having Comey never told me the details of the
serious trust issues with some of our [historically] most dinner meeting; I don’t think I even knew
revered institutions, but it’s not their fault: If the men and that there had been a meeting over dinner
women who have been appointed and/or elected to those until I learned it from the Times story. But
institutions had not been so abusive with their power, then he did tell me in general terms that early
trust wouldn’t be an issue. on, Trump had ‘asked for loyalty’ and that
Comey had promised him only honesty. He
also told me that Trump was perceptibly
Take fired FBI Director James Comey, for instance. The
uncomfortable with this answer.
man admitted during recent testimony before the Senate
Intelligence Committee that he leaked contents of a memo
of a conversation that allegedly took place between him In addition, Wittes also wrote that he had lunch with
and President Donald J. Trump – a leak that he knew Comey on March 27, and that they talked about a phone
would lead to the appointment of a special counsel to call that the president had made to him earlier in the
investigate anything and everything about the Trump day, Breitbart News reported.
Those conversations were leaks, however, Wittes claimed,
That admission alone should have resulted in formal
charges against Comey, since his actions were violations “just conversations between friends, the
both of federal statutes and FBI rules of conduct. contents of which one friend is now
But now we learn that the memo Comey admitted to
leaking via a friend to The New York Times may have been Oh.
just one of many leaks, as Breitbart News reports:
That’s not what constitutional expert and law professor
James Comey may have misled senators Jonathan Turley, a frequent supplier of testimony to
on May 3, when he testified to the Senate various congressional committees, believes. He wrote that
Judiciary Committee that he had never what the two discussed constitutes an unauthorized leak by
been an anonymous source in news definition under the law.
reports related to the Russia investigation.
By that time, he had already leaked several More from Breitbart:
private conversations he had with
President Trump to his friend Benjamin

Wittes not only wrote about the “loyalty” The Associated Press reported that a day
conversation with Trump in his May 18 blog before the New York Times story broke,
post, titled: “What James Comey Told Me Comey friend Daniel Richman had
About Donald Trump,” he but he also wrote commented to the AP that the president
about contacting the New York Times as a had removed “somebody unwilling to
source to share what Comey had told pledge absolute loyalty to him.”
him. He also discussed contacting the New From those reports, it appears that Comey
York Times in a Buzzfeed interivew.
told both Wittes and Richman about the
The fact that Wittes did so only after conversations while he was FBI director,
Comey was fired does not change the fact potentially for the purpose of later leaking
that Comey shared his communications to the media.
with Trump while he was still FBI director.
In earlier testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee on
No question Wittes is arguably a member of the media; May 3, Comey told the panel he had “never” been an
hence, leaks. anonymous news source on “matters relating to” the
investigation on the Trump campaign.
But Comey’s leaking extends beyond Wittes:
By his own admission, that does not appear to be the case:
Comey told senators on June 8 that he
decided on May 12 to release his memos What Comey didn’t say was that he had by
of his conversations with Trump to friend then already discussed confidential
Daniel Richman so that he could leak them conversations with the president to
to the media to prompt a special counsel. “friends” — who would later write about
But that doesn’t explain who leaked to the those conversations or act as conduits to
New York Times the conversation about the media.
the “loyalty request” on May 11 — a day
before Comey said he gave Richman The Trump legal team is preparing to file complaints
memos of the conversation to leak to against Comey with the Department of Justice’s Office of
media outlets. the Inspector General and the Senate Judiciary Committee,
a source close to officials has said, Breitbart News
That Times story cited “associates,” or “two reported.
people who have heard” Comey’s account
of the dinner and agreed to keep it quiet
while Comey was director. Turley has argued that Comey’s memos are FBI property,
hence government records. Leaking them could put him in
some legal jeopardy.

Trump Explains Why He Bluffed On 'Comey Tapes';
Blasts Mueller's Hiring Of "Clinton Supporters"
By Tyler Durden
Jun 23, 2017 9:29 AM

After weeks without a live interview, President Trump, reporting to determine that, but I don't
much to the dismay of the left-leaning MSM, appeared on think it will be that hard."
Fox & Friends this morning with Melania. The interview
will undoubtedly be described throughout the day as a
'softball' piece but it did at least result in some new
insights, maybe.

First, on the now infamous 'Comey tapes.' Given that

Trump has now admitted that there never were any 'tapes,'
at least as far as he knows, why the bluff?

Apparently, Trump believes the bluff

helped to steer Comey toward the path
of truth in his testimony, a path that
Trump believes he'd lost before the

Here's Trump on the topic:

“Well I didn’t tape him. You never know

what’s happening when you see that the
Obama administration and perhaps longer
And on Robert Mueller:
than that was doing all this unmasking and
surveillance and you read all about it and
I’ve been reading about it for the last “Well he’s very, very good friends with
couple of months about the seriousness of Comey. Which is very bothersome.
the and the horrible situation of surveillance We’re going to have to see. But there has
all over the place." no obstruction, there has been no
collusion. There has been leaking by
“But I didn’t tape, and I don’t have any Comey. And virtually everyone agrees on
tapes, and I didn’t tape, but when he that.”
found out that there may be tapes out
there, whether its governmental tapes or “The people who have been hired are
anything else and who knows, I think all Hillary Clinton supporters. Some of
his story may have changed." them worked for Hillary Clinton. I mean
the whole thing is ridiculous if you want to
“You’ll have to take a look at that. Because know the truth from that standpoint."
then he’ll have to tell what actually took
place at the events. And my story never "But he is an honorable man, and hopefully
changed. My story was the straight story. he’ll come up with an honorable solution.”
My story was always the truth.”
"But you'll have to determine for And, in case there is any doubt, here is The Hill's
yourself whether or not his story confirmation that some of the folks on Mueller's team may
changed. He did admit that what I said be slightly less that completely 'independent.'
was right. And, if you look further back,
before he heard about that, I think The Hill previously reported that Jeannie
maybe he wasn't admitting that. So, Rhee, a member of Mueller’s team,
you'll have to do a little investigative donated $5,400 to Hillary Clinton’s

presidential campaign PAC Hillary for

Another person on Mueller’s team, Andrew Weissmann,

donated money to former President Obama’s campaign in
2008 while working at a law firm. Weissmann is the senior
lawyer on the special counsel team, Bloomberg reported.

James Quarles, who served as an assistant special

prosecutor on the Watergate Special Prosecution Force,
has donated to over a dozen Democratic PACs since the
late 1980s. He was also identified by the Washington Post
as a member of Mueller's team.

In the end, not much new was learned but it all makes for
entertaining TV.

Johnny Depp Jokes About KILLING Donald Trump At
Glastonbury 2017, Asking ‘When Was The Last Time
An Actor Assassinated A President?’
Scruffy Star, 54, Makes Reference To Lincoln's Killer
During Rambling Introduction At Glasto Event
By Neal Baker
23rd June 2017, 8:00 Am
Updated: 23rd June 2017, 8:04 Am

JOHNNY Depp joked about assassinating President Crowds cheered as the dishevelled actor made a rambling
Donald Trump at Glastonbury Festival. speech
Crowds were filmed cheering as the Pirates Of The
Caribbean Star asked:
“When was the last time an actor
assassinated a President?”
— a nod to Abraham Lincoln’s killer John Wilkes Booth.

Depp asked the crowd when the last time an actor

assassinated a President

Depp was filmed joking about assassinating Trump at Scruffy Depp, 54, was given a rock star welcome during
Glastonbury Festival the event at Cineramageddon — a drive-in cinema on the
Somerset site.

He made a rambling introduction to his 2004 film The

Libertine along with film director Julien Temple — talking
about religion and poetry.

A fan shouted, “You can say whatever you like”, to which

he replied that President Trump should come here.

Johnny Depp Latest Hollywood
Punk To ‘Joke’ About Killing Trump
By Usafeaturesmedia
Posted On June 23, 2017

Depp is only the latest actor-scumbag to engage in

assassination porn with President Trump Last year, Depp played Trump in a nearly hour-long spoof

“Funny or Die Presents Donald Trump’s

The Art of the Deal: The Movie.”

Depp is only the latest actor-scumbag to engage in

assassination porn with President Trump. In March rapper
Snoop Dogg was panned for a music video showing a
clown with a likeness to Trump being shot in the head.

And last month comedian Kathy Griffin was fired by CNN

(National Sentinel) Hollyweird: Add Pirates of the after posing with a bloody prop designed to look like the
Caribbean star Johnny Depp to the growing list of President’s decapitated head.
Hollywood celebrities who wish nothing but death for the
sitting president of the United States.
And there is a long list of other “stars” who have expressed
their desire to commit violence against Trump.
In a rambling speech of sorts to about 1,500 people at the
annual Glastonbury Festival in the UK, Depp insinuated in
As National Sentinel editor-in-chief J. D. Heyes has noted
very obvious ways that perhaps it was time, once again, for
in a recent “Mad Minute” episode, it is never okay to talk
an actor to assassinate a president, alluding to the manner
of harming our duly-elected presidents:
in which President Abraham Lincoln was shot and killed in
1865 by actor and southern sympathizer John Wilkes

“I think he needs help and there are a lot of

wonderful dark, dark places he could go,”
Depp, 54, said.
“It is just a question – I’m not insinuating
anything. By the way, this is going to be in
the press. It will be horrible. I like that you
are all a part of it,” he continued.
“When was the last time an actor
assassinated a President? I want to qualify,
I am not an actor. I lie for a living. However,
it has been a while and maybe it is time.”

CBS, NBC Rage Over Trump’s
‘Outrageous’ ‘Mortal Sin’ on Golf Course
By Scott Whitlock
June 23, 2017 1:00 PM EDT

The journalists at CBS and NBC have found a new Donald right across the green, that just breaks
Trump “outrage” to hyperventilate over: every rule of golf.”

The President drove his golf cart onto a CBS This Morning devoted 41 seconds to freaking out over
green at one of the courses he owns. This, Trump’s golf cart error. That was just four seconds less
according to CBS This Morning guest host than a movie star jokingly encouraging the assassination of
David Westin, is a “mortal sin.” Today's the President. Talk about misplaced priorities.
Matt Lauer insisted he was “gasping” over
video of Trump. Transcripts are below:

On CBS, co-host Norah O’Donnell huffed, “Well, golf is a

sport of etiquette, but President Trump appears to have
committed a golfing sin.” Continuing the religious
language, unusual for liberal journalists, Westin

“This is a mortal sin, actually, if you're a

golfer. A mortal sin.”

CBS This Morning

7:30am ET

NORAH O’DONNELL: Well, golf is a sport of etiquette, but

President Trump appears to have committed a golfing sin.
Yep, he's driving a golf cart on a putting green. The
President will probably get a pass. He owns the Bedminster
A mortal sin? Even as a joke, this type of language is way course. I think that's a violation that can usually get you
over the top. Over on NBC’s Today, Lauer mentioned the kicked out of a particular club.
story at 7am as the show opened. He hyped,
DAVID WESTIN (Bloomberg/CBS guest host): No kidding.
“A golden rule of golf broken. You won't This is a mortal sin, actually, if you're a golfer. A mortal sin.
believe who is behind the wheel today.”
GAYLE KING: David, as Norah knows, I don't play golf. But
A minute later, he marveled, I’m thinking, are golfers just clutching their pearls? You’re
looking at that going, “No!”
“As a golfer, I'm gasping over that last
story. But I'll save my outrage.” Later in the O’DONNELL: Yes. Yes, they are
7am hour, Lauer returned to the story, still
annoyed: “That's not good. That really isn't KING: But he owns the course. Does that matter?
good. It's a nice golf course, by the way,
but to take a heavy golf cart and to ride O’DONNELL: Well, it’s the green. They are expensive to
MATT LAUER: All right. I need a moment. Dylan's over in
the orange room with a story that pains me as a fan of the
sport of golf. Dylan?

SAVANNAH GUTHRIE: It's all right.

DYLAN DREYER: I'm right there with you, Matt. We all know
that President Trump loves the game of golf. He owns nearly
20 golf courses and has held countless tournaments so you
would think that he would know the game's etiquette pretty
well. Well, a newly surfaced video begs to differ. We have to
warn you, for golfers out there, this may disturb you.
WESTIN: Imagine what the green keepers are thinking.
So, take a look at this. Driving all over the green at Trump
O’DONNELL: They’re the ones that are really — National Golf Club in new Jersey. That is a major no-no for
anyone who knows the game and as you can imagine, the
reaction online to this video is a mash-up of sports etiquette
KING: They’re really clutching their pearls.
and politics. So let's dig right in. Chris writes, “This is
unacceptable, driving on the green. Sad.” While Aaron
Today tweets, “He owns the course, he can drive wherever he
6/23/17 wants on it.” Makes a good point there. Brian writing, “I don't
7am golf and even I know that's not acceptable” and even some
Trump supporters saying, “This is the first thing President
MATT LAUER: A golden rule of golf broken. You won’t Trump has done that I didn't like. I feel guilty even walking
believe who is behind the wheel today. on the green sometimes. How do you guys feel about this?

7:01 LAUER: Yeah, that's not good. That really isn't good. It's a
nice golf course, by the way, but to take a heavy golf cart
LAUER: As a golfer, I’m gasping over that last story. But I’ll and to ride right across the green, that just breaks every rule
save my outrage for later. of golf.


Trump Trolls Media
With Three Unanswered Questions About
The Democrats And Russia
By Aaron Klein
23 Jun 2017

The DNC did not immediately return a Breitbart News

request seeking comment on why it rebuffed FBI requests
to inspect the Committee’s servers.

In January testimony before the Senate Intelligence

Committee, then-FBI Director James Comey confirmed
that the FBI registered “multiple requests at different
levels,” to review the DNC’s hacked servers. Ultimately,
the DNC and FBI came to an agreement in which a “highly
respected private company” would carry out forensics on
the servers and share any information that it discovered
with the FBI, Comey testified.

A senior law enforcement official stressed the importance

of the FBI gaining direct access to the servers, a request
On June 22, President Donald Trump that was denied by the DNC.
raised three unanswered questions
about the Democratic Party and the “The FBI repeatedly stressed to DNC
Obama administration’s role in claims officials the necessity of obtaining direct
that Russia interfered in the 2016 access to servers and data, only to be
presidential election. rebuffed until well after the initial
compromise had been mitigated,” the
All three questions are backed by legitimate data and official was quoted by the news media as
should be at the top of the list for news media outlets to saying.
investigate if the goal is to get to the bottom of the alleged “This left the FBI no choice but to rely upon
Russia hacking story. a third party for information. These actions
caused significant delays and inhibited the
Here are Trump’s three queries together with background FBI from addressing the intrusion earlier.”
information raising further questions on the subjects.
Comey’s statement about a “highly respected private
1 – Why did the Democratic National Committee company” gaining access to the DNC servers was a
(DNC) turn down FBI requests to inspect its hacked reference to CrowdStrike, the third-party company
servers? ultimately relied upon by the FBI to make its assessment
about alleged Russian hacking into the DNC.
…Why did the DNC REFUSE to turn over
its Server to the FBI, and still hasn't? It's all As this reporter documented, CrowdStrike was financed to
a big Dem scam and excuse for losing the the tune of $100 million from a funding drive last year led
election! by Google Capital.
— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump)
June 22, 2017 Google Capital, which now goes by the name of CapitalG,
is an arm of Alphabet Inc., Google’s parent company. Eric
Schmidt, the chairman of Alphabet, has been a staunch and

active supporter of Hillary Clinton and is a longtime donor 3 – Why did the Obama administration wait until
to the Democratic Party. October before going public with claims that Russia
was attempting to interfere in the 2016
CrowdStrike is a California-based cybersecurity presidential election?
technology company co-founded by experts George Kurtz
and Dmitri Alperovitch. By the way, if Russia was working so hard
on the 2016 Election, it all took place
Alperovitch is a nonresident senior fellow of the Cyber during the Obama Admin. Why didn't they
Statecraft Initiative at the Atlantic Council. The Council stop them?
takes a hawkish approach toward Russia and has released — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump)
numerous reports and briefs about Russian aggression. June 22, 2017

The Council is funded by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, The Obama administration was reportedly confident that
Inc, the U.S. State Department, and NATO ACT. Russia was attempting to hack the election as early as
August. Yet the administration waited until October 7 to
Another Council funder is the Ploughshares Fund, which make an announcement, when the DHS released a
in turn has received financing from billionaire George statement claiming
Soros’ Open Society Foundations.
“the Russian Government directed the
2 – Why was the DNC uninterested in assistance from recent compromises of e-mails from US
the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to persons and institutions, including from US
secure DNC servers? political organizations.”

…Why did Democratic National Committee Newsweek raised further questions three months ago when
turn down the DHS offer to protect against the magazine cited “two sources with knowledge of the
hacks (long prior to election). It's all a big matter” reporting that Comey wanted to go public with the
Dem HOAX! Russia story in the summer of 2016, but he was rebuffed
by top Obama administration officials.
— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump)
June 22, 2017
Newsweek reported:
The DNC further did not immediately reply to a Breitbart
News request seeking clarity on this issue. Well before the Department of Homeland
Security (DHS) and the Office of the
In his prepared remarks before the House Permanent Director of National Intelligence (DNI)
accused the Russian government of
Select Committee on Intelligence, former Homeland
tampering with the U.S. election in an
Security (DHS) Secretary Jeh Johnson revealed that the
October 7 statement, Comey pitched the
Democratic National Committee “did not feel it needed”
idea of writing an op-ed about the Russian
DHS assistance into hacks of the Committee’s systems.
campaign during a meeting in the White
House Situation Room in June or July.
This means that the DNC, faced with hacks later attributed
to Russia, turned down the possibility of assistance from at “He had a draft of it or an outline. He held
least two federal agencies – the DHS and the Federal up a piece of paper in a meeting and said,
Bureau of Investigation (FBI). ‘I want to go forward. What do people think
of this?’” says a source with knowledge of
the meeting, which included Secretary of
Johnson’s prepared remarks read:
State John Kerry, Attorney General Loretta
Lynch, Department of Homeland Security
Sometime in 2016 I became aware of a hack into systems Secretary Jeh Johnson and National
of the Democratic National Committee. Fresh from the Security Adviser Susan Rice.
experience with the Office of Personnel Management, I
pressed my staff to know whether DHS was sufficiently … “The White House shut it down,” that
proactive, and on the scene helping the DNC identify the source says. “They did their usual—
intruders and patch vulnerabilities. The answer, to the best nothing.” Both sources spoke to Newsweek
of my recollection, was not reassuring: the FBI and the on the condition of anonymity because they
DNC had been in contact with each other months before weren’t authorized to speak to the press.
about the intrusion, and the DNC did not feel it needed
DHS’s assistance at that time. Last December, NBC News reported the Obama
administration’s thinking about whether to go public with
the Russia story was influenced by the belief inside the Stated Johnson:
White House that Hillary Clinton would win.
First, as you know well, we have to reported: carefully consider whether declassifying the
information compromises sources and
The Obama administration didn’t respond methods.
more forcefully to Russian hacking before Second, there was an ongoing election,
the presidential election because they and many would criticize us for perhaps
didn’t want to appear to be interfering in the taking sides in the election. So that had to
election and they thought that Hillary be carefully considered. One of the
Clinton was going to win and a potential candidates, as you’ll recall, was predicting
cyber war with Russia wasn’t worth it, that the election was going to be rigged in
multiple high-level government officials told some way. And so we were concerned
NBC News. that, by making the statement, we might in
“They thought she was going to win, so and of itself be challenging the integrity of
they were willing to kick the can down the the — of the election process itself.
road,” said one U.S official familiar with the This was — this was a very difficult
level of Russian hacking. decision. But in my personal view, it’s
something we had to do. It got careful
The administration did take action in response to the hack consideration, a lot of discussion. My view
prior to the election. In September, President Obama is that we needed to do it, and we needed
privately confronted Vladimir Putin about the hacks at the to do it well before the election, to inform
G-20 summit in China. He warned the Russian President the American voters of what we knew and
of unspecified consequences if the hacks continued. what we saw, and that it would be
unforgivable if we did not, pre-election. And
In his testimony before the Senate this week, former DHS I’m glad we did it.
chief Johnson attempted to explain the Obama
administration’s decision to wait until October before
announcing the Russia charges.

Senate Panel To Probe Loretta Lynch’s Role
In Covering For Clintons During 2016 Campaign
By Usafeaturesmedia
Posted On June 23, 2017

The committee’s investigation could also eventually shed Ms. Lynch’s ability to make impartial
more light on the Obama White House’s operations decisions.
regarding the intentional spreading of sensitive intelligence
aimed at undermining Trump. Mr. Comey said that was one reason why
he took it upon himself to buck Justice
Department tradition and reveal his findings
about Mrs. Clinton last year.

The probe into Ms. Lynch comes as the

Judiciary Committee is already looking at
President Trump’s firing of Mr. Comey.


(National Sentinel) Corruption: Many legal experts spoke At a Senate hearing earlier this month, Mr.
highly of Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch during Comey told lawmakers that Ms. Lynch had
her days as s federal prosecutor in New York. But like so attempted to change the way the FBI
many other people, once she became associated with one described its probe of Mrs. Clinton’s use of
of the most corrupt, politically motivated regimes in a private email server. The change
American history, her reputation suffered mightily. appeared to dovetail with how Mrs.
Clinton’s supporters were characterizing
And now, she’s the subject of a new probe by the Senate the probe.
Judiciary Committee which is examining her role in
helping to cover up, smooth over, de-escalate or whatever “At one point, [Ms. Lynch] directed me not
else she may have done to soften the blow of the FBI’s to call it an ‘investigation’ but instead to call
investigation into then-Democratic presidential nominee it a ‘matter,’ which confused me and
Hillary Clinton’s criminal use of a private email server to concerned me,” Mr. Comey said during his
handle classified materials during last year’s election June 8 testimony before the Senate Select
cycle. Committee on Intelligence. “That was one
of the bricks in the load that led me to
As reported by The Washington Times: conclude I have to step away from the
department if we are to close this case
In a letter to Ms. Lynch, the committee asks
her to detail the depths of her involvement
It’s not certain at all that this probe will produce evidence
in the FBI’s investigation, including whether
of criminal behavior or even if there was evidence of it.
she ever assured Clinton confidantes that
But it will be interesting to know more of the details
the probe wouldn’t “push too deeply into
surrounding the Obama administration’s attempts to run
the matter.”
interference for the heir apparent, Clinton, because they
may have some political impact on the various
Fired FBI Director James B. Comey has
investigations now taking place into congressional (and
said publicly that Ms. Lynch tried to shape
independent) investigations into alleged “obstruction of
the way he talked about the investigation
justice” charges against President Donald J. Trump (which
into Mrs. Clinton’s emails, and he also
are bogus anyway, but…).
hinted at other behavior “which I cannot
talk about yet” that made him worried about
For all the world, Comey described Lynch’s actions as
interference, if not outright obstruction, though you’ll
notice the dishonest “mainstream media” isn’t about to But it is about time that the GOP Congress made serious
make that distinction because, well, Lynch and Obama and attempts to hold Obama and Democrats accountable
Clinton are Democrats, and the MSM is the propaganda for their actions, because you know if the majorities were
wing of the Democratic Party. reversed it would be non-stop political warfare against
Republicans and Trump.
The committee’s investigation could also eventually shed
more light on the Obama White House’s operations Some things that took place last year with Lynch – her
regarding the intentional spreading of sensitive intelligence instructions to Comey, her improper meeting on an
aimed at undermining Trump and his inner circle. We Arizona airport tarmac with former President Bill Clinton
won’t know until all is said and done. at the height of the FBI’s investigation, etc. – may have
been more than just suspicious.

Hillary Clinton Calls GOP ‘The Death Party’
Chuck Ross - Reporter
5:50 PM 06/23/2017

Hillary Clinton took the debate over the Senate health care Democrats oppose the bill, which would roll back some
bill to a new level on Friday, saying that if Republicans components of Obamacare.
vote to pass the law they will be known as
Some Republicans also oppose the Senate bill in its current
“the death party.” form.
“Forget death panels. If Republicans pass this
bill, they’re the death party,” the former So far, five Republicans have said that they plan to vote
Democratic presidential nominee tweeted Friday against the bill, which was crafted by a small group of
afternoon. GOP senators behind closed doors.

She was responding to an article citing Harvard research Three small government conservative Republicans, Texas
which found that the Senate bill, the Better Care Sen. Ted Cruz, Utah Sen. Mike Lee, and Kentucky Sen.
Reconciliation Act, “could result” in between 18,000 and Rand Paul, have all said they oppose the bill. Wisconsin
28,000 deaths in 2026. Sen. Ron Johnson and Nevada Sen. Dean Heller have also
come out against the measure.

Trump Shifts View
On Nonexistent Russian US Election Meddling
By Stephen Lendman - Stephenlendman.Org

The Big Lie refuses to fade away. Even Trump now audacious objectives - defeat or at least damage
believes it’s likely true, tweeting: the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, and
help elect her opponent, Donald Trump.”
“Just out: The Obama Administration knew far in
advance of November 8th about election Fact:
meddling by Russia. Did nothing about it. WHY?”
The so-called CIA “intelligence bombshell” was
On Friday, White House press secretary Sean Spicer said fabricated to bash Russia and denigrate Trump.
Trump believes Russia “probably” interfered in the 2016
election…Maybe some other countries did as well,” Fact:
No Russian US election hacking occurred - or
“(O)f course (he’s) concerned about any country any other Moscow interference in America’s
or any actor that wants to interfere in elections.” electoral process.

He created a commission to study the integrity of Fact:

America’s voting process. In January,
No US election hacking occurred by any source.
he said “(a)s far as hacking, I think it was Russia DNC emails were leaked by one or more
(but) we also get hacked by other countries and disgruntled party staffers. Russia had nothing to
other people.” do with it.

No evidence suggests any nation interfered in America’s Fact:

electoral process, not last year or earlier. Washington does
it repeatedly against many countries worldwide, seeking to WaPo is an instrument of CIA propaganda, truth-
influence who wins, showing contempt for the sovereign telling on major issues absent on its pages,
rights of all states. especially on geopolitical ones.

On Friday, the neocon/CIA-connected Washington Post Its so-called Friday “Exclusive: Hacking Democracy”
continued spreading the Big Lie about nonexistent Russian report was fiction, not factual - continuing deception,
US election hacking, saying: manipulating public opinion to believe Big Lies are bona
fide truths
“Early last August, an envelope with
extraordinary handling restrictions arrived at the Claiming “Putin was working to elect Trump” is utter
White House.” rubbish. Not a shred of evidence suggests it. Nothing
indicates Russian interference in the electoral processes of
“Sent by courier from the CIA, it carried ‘eyes any of the 50 states - or any other countries.
only’ instructions that its contents be shown to
just four people: President Barack Obama and Claims otherwise are bald-faced lies, including WaPo
three senior aides.” calling “Russia’s (nonexistent) interference…the
(political) crime of the century, an unprecedented and
“Inside was an intelligence bombshell (sic), a largely destabilizing attack on American democracy.”
report drawn from sourcing deep inside the
Russian government that detailed Russian So-called “American democracy” is pure fantasy. None
President Vladi mir Putin’s direct involvement in exists. Duopoly power with two right wings runs things.
a cyber campaign to disrupt and discredit the US Ordinary people have no say whatever.
presidential race.”
Russia’s electoral system shames America’s sham process.
“But it went further. The intelligence captured Putin’s overwhelming domestic popularity was earned by
Putin’s specific instructions on the operation’s responsible governance.
Disinformation, fake news and Big Lies
It’s polar opposite how rogue state America is run, its substitute for legitimate journalism. WaPo’s
major media, like WaPo, serving as propaganda arms. latest report on (nonexistent) Russian US
election interference was willful deception -
disgracefully and unjustifiably bashing the
country and Vladimir Putin.

Washpo Anon Source At CIA:
Putin Gave Direct Orders To Help Elect Donald Trump
Dr. Fly
Fri Jun 23, 2017 2:01pm EST

I do not mean to be flippant when dismissing the never- a report drawn from sourcing deep inside the
ending barrage of anonymous sources inside the CIA who Russian government that detailed Russian
leak to the Washington Post. I’m sure there are good President Vladimir Putin’s direct involvement
agents who are protecting Americans from foreign in a cyber campaign to disrupt and discredit
meddlers. But the optics of these leaks is terrible. Truth is, the U.S. presidential race.
I sometimes think they’re doing this to make the main
stream media look even worse — to lend an air of bias to But it went further.
the reporting rooms to dissuade Americans from trusting
them. After all, Washpo, MSNBC, CNN and the NY Times The intelligence captured Putin’s specific
are in the business of appealing to all people, not just the instructions on the operation’s audacious
one’s who agree with them. Do they realize the irreversible objectives — defeat or at least damage the
damage they’re inflicting upon their organizations by Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, and help
publishing suspicious anonymous leaks designed to take elect her opponent, Donald Trump.
down a democratically elected President?
At that point, the outlines of the Russian assault on the
If Russia truly wanted to hurt America, they could not do U.S. election were increasingly apparent. Hackers with ties
more than what the main stream media is doing now, to Russian intelligence services had been rummaging
peddling stories that are infuriating half the country. through Democratic Party computer networks, as well as
some Republican systems, for more than a year. In July,
the FBI had opened an investigation of contacts between
Russian officials and Trump associates. And on July 22,
nearly 20,000 emails stolen from the Democratic National
Committee were dumped online by WikiLeaks.

I find it interesting how there’s no mention of John

Podesta’s emails in this report. After all, that’s what we’re
talking about, right? The DNC leaks came during the
primaries and were a minor blip in the Wikileaks/DNC
election narrative. The crux of the Russian hacking charges
begins and ends with the embarrassing collusion revealed
in the Podesta emails — tying the main stream media to
Washington Post is reporting today that Vladimir Putin
himself directed his agents to help elect Donald Trump.
One of the reporters of the Washpo article, Greg Miller,
called the Russian hack ‘the crime of the century.’ I
Early last August, an envelope with extraordinary handling
suppose he is implying the theft of the Presidency from
restrictions arrived at the White House.
Hillary Clinton. They cannot get over it.
Sent by courier from the CIA, it carried “eyes If President Obama knew that Putin himself was hacking
only” instructions that its contents be shown John Podeasta’s email box and passing the info to
to just four people: President Barack Obama
Wikileaks, who has flatly denied the notion that Russia
and three senior aides.
was their source, why didn’t he do anything about it? Is it
possible that they thought Hillary was going to win and
The White House debated various options to punish they didn’t want to rock the boat, causing Wikileaks to
Russia, but facing obstacles and potential risks, it reveal even more damaging and embarssing emails?
ultimately failed to exact a heavy toll on the Kremlin for
its election interference.

Inside was an intelligence bombshell,

that could be detonated if the United States
found itself in an escalating exchange with
Moscow. The project, which Obama approved in
a covert-action finding, was still in its planning
stages when Obama left office. It would be up to
President Trump to decide whether to use the

Here’s CBS reporting a ‘secret program’ revealed

by Washpo today, tipping off Russia to ‘digital
bombs’ planted there. Treason?
That’s exactly what the Washpo reporter says in the clip
— The_Real_Fly (@The_Real_Fly) June 23,
below — but he doesn’t realize he said it.

Just in case you’re wondering why the media keeps

obsessing over Russian hacking claims that have yet to be
backed up by a shred of evidence, Greg Miller from
Washpo will blue pill you on it. You’re feeling vulnerable
and unsure about our sacred democracy.

Washpo also revealed that Obama planted ‘digital bombs’

in Russian infrastructure, to be used at the behest of
Trump. If true, why is the Washington Post publishing this
information? This goes against our national security
interests and tips off the Russians to what we’re doing
behind the scenes.
We cannot let the Russians get away with this. Putin
Obama also approved a previously
himself is a devil and wanted to see the first legit female
undisclosed covert measure that authorized
candidate for President of the United States defeated,
planting cyber weapons in Russia’s
because he’s obviously mansplaining himself to the world
infrastructure, the digital equivalent of bombs
and not tolerant of women’s rights.

Very Fake News: After Breitbart Investigation, CNN
Retracts Conspiracy Theory Hit Piece Attacking Trump,
Associates Over Russian Fund
by Matthew Boyle
23 Jun 2017

CNN has admitted it printed what President Donald Trump bank, Vnesheconombank, or VEB, oversees the
calls “very fake news” and retracted a demonstrably fund, which has ties to several Trump advisers.
inaccurate hit piece on the President and his allies after a Both the bank and the fund have been covered
Breitbart News investigation uncovered significant since 2014 by sanctions restricting U.S. business
inaccuracies and flaws in CNN’s work. dealings.

“On June 22, 2017, published a story The Senate Intelligence Committee declined to comment
connecting Anthony Scaramucci with on the matter when reached by Breitbart News, but a
investigations into the Russian Direct Investment source close to Senate GOP leadership confirmed to
Fund,” CNN said in a statement late Friday night. Breitbart News that the allegation was bogus and
“That story did not meet CNN’s editorial politically motivated by Democrats. The GOP source close
standards and has been retracted. Links to the to Senate GOP leadership said:
story have been disabled. CNN apologizes to Mr.
Scaramucci.” This is nothing besides Democrats trying to
frustrate the efforts of President Trump’s
The statement was sent out very late Friday evening on administration while Elizabeth Warren and those
CNN’s Twitter account. of her ilk spend their days collecting taxpayer
funded paychecks while they do nothing but
An editor's note from CNN stand in the way of the progress of the American agenda and are responsible for this nonsense. They should put their names on it if they want to
waste taxpayer money on it.
— CNN (@CNN) June 24, 2017
As Breitbart News noted in its original investigation into
The retraction is a complete cave by a network that is the demonstrably fake news CNN hit piece, this supposed
notorious for trying to pick fights with President Trump Senate investigation exists only among Democrats and not
and his allies. President Trump has identified CNN as a the actual Senate Intelligence Committee. Breitbart News
“very fake news” network. It comes on the heels of noted in the original investigation:
Breitbart News reporting on the inaccurate CNN hit piece,
citing senior administration officials and sources close to Such vehemently anti-Trump voices as Sens.
Senate GOP leadership. Kamala Harris (D-CA), Ron Wyden (D-OR),
Martin Heinrich (D-NM) and Dianne Feinstein (D-
The thrust of CNN’s inaccurate piece, which is no longer CA) are on the Senate committee. CNN did not
available online, was a demonstrably untrue allegation that specify if its sole source for its story was a
the Senate Intelligence Committee and Treasury Democrat or Republican staffer, but most with
Department were probing a Russian investment fund with familiarity on this matter assume that it was a
ties to senior Trump allies like Anthony Scaramucci. Senate Democrat staffer without knowledge of
the committee’s true intent or actions who made
Using a single anonymous source, CNN wrote: these inaccurate claims to CNN.

The source said the Senate intelligence But that was not all that was wrong with the fake news
committee is investigating the Russian fund in piece from CNN. The CNN report continued:
connection with its examination of discussions
between White House adviser Jared Kushner Separately, Steve Mnuchin, now Treasury
and the head of a prominent Russian bank. The Secretary, said in a January letter that he would

look into the Jan. 16 meeting between the fund’s “The matter has been reviewed and determined
chief executive and Anthony Scaramucci, a to be without merit,” a senior administration
member of the transition team’s executive official told Breitbart News.
committee and a fundraiser and adviser for
Trump’s presidential campaign. At the time, The inaccurate piece remained online for nearly an entire
Mnuchin had not yet been confirmed as Treasury day, despite Breitbart News’s earlier inquiries to CNN
Secretary. The Treasury Department did not about it. It was not until long after Breitbart News
respond to a request for an update. Two published its exposé on the fake news piece from CNN,
Democratic senators had asked Treasury to hours later, that CNN finally retracted the piece and issued
investigate whether Scaramucci promised to lift an “Editor’s Note” at 10:44 p.m. ET announcing the grave
sanctions — a policy shift that would help the error. CNN’s Tweet was not until 11:50 p.m. ET.
fund attract more international investment to
Russia. CNN spokeswoman Emily Kuhn has not answered
followup email questions as to whether reporter Thomas
It turns out, as Breitbart News noted in the original Frank, whose name appears on the byline, has faced any
investigation, that the two Democrats who pushed for the consequences for his actions—or whether he is still
probe of Scaramucci’s supposed “meeting” with the employed by the network. Kuhn has also not answered
investment fund executive—which was not really a whether there have been any consequences that have
meeting—were Sens. Ben Cardin (D-MD) and Elizabeth befallen others involved in the publication of the
Warren (D-MA). Scaramucci debunked the CNN fake demonstrably fake news piece, or exactly who at CNN was
news report in his original quote to the network, detailing involved in this grave mistake.
how there was no such meeting to begin with.
Kuhn also continues to refuse to answer whether anyone
CNN originally wrote, in the now retracted inaccurate hit from CNN, including media reporter Brian Stelter—the
piece: host of the network’s media program Reliable Sources—
are courageous enough to publicly defend the network’s
Scaramucci, the founder of SkyBridge Capital, actions in an appearance on Breitbart News radio on
minimized his January meeting with [Kirill] SiriusXM. Kuhn has refused to provide anyone from the
Dmitriev in the resort town of Davos, Switzerland, network on Breitbart radio since before President Trump
at the celebrated annual gathering of the World won the election last year and defeated Democrat Hillary
Economic Forum. Scaramucci had met Dmitriev Rodham Clinton in a landslide in the electoral college.
at previous Davos meetings, although at the
gathering in January, Scaramucci was expecting The fact remains, however, that CNN printed
to be named White House liaison to the business demonstrably fake news–and has now admitted it by
community. retracting this piece–and it did so at the behest of Elizabeth
Warren’s leftist agenda. But, as Breitbart News’s original
CNN also wrote that Scaramucci told the network in an source close to Senate GOP leadership said:
email that Dmitriev
“Mr. Scaramucci knows more about lawfully and
“came over to say hello in a restaurant, and I ethically conducting business in the finance world
was cordial. There is nothing there.” than Elizabeth Warren will ever know U.S.
finance — Native American or otherwise.”
The idea that the Treasury Department is investigating this
is also completely baseless, as Breitbart News reported.

Obama White House Laid 'Cunning Trap For Trump' With
Plan To Cyber Bomb Russia
21:55 23.06.2017(Updated 23:59 23.06.2017)

Political scientist Andrei Manoylo told Radio Sputnik that

the revelation represents a "non-veiled threat from the US"
to attack Russia with cyber weapons.

"The Washington Post was quite vague in its

description but we can guess that if there really is
something, these are some kind of information
'implants' that were placed at some time
in Russian communication and possibly even
management systems. Perhaps it's some kind
of means of cyber-attack such as hacking secure
information networks, hardware programs or new
The revelation that former US President Barack Obama viruses."
authorized planting a "cyber bomb" in Russian
infrastructure is a "non-veiled threat" from Washington
that it could declare a cyberwar on Russia, political
scientist Andrei Manoylo told Radio Sputnik.

© AP Photo/ Evan Vucci - Trump Denies Obstructing Justice in FBI

Probe Into Russian Meddling in Election

The development of the technology could represent

another "trap" set for the current President, if he came
© Sputnik/ Alexei Druzhinin - Digital Armageddon: Obama Plotted
Detonating Cyber Bombs in Russia under pressure from others in his administration detonate
the "bomb."
On Friday, the Washington Post reported that the Obama
administration had discussed ways of punishing Russia "No head of the security services or even the US
for alleged interference in last year's presidential elections, Department of Defense would ever take that
which included cyber warfare. responsibility on themselves, only with the
approval of the President because he is the
According to the report, Obama had approved a measure commander-in-chief. In this sense, those who
that authorized planting cyber bombs in Russia's prepared the cyberattacks against Russia can't
infrastructure which could be detonated if the United do anything without Trump and his permission.
States found itself in an escalating exchange with Moscow. They are required to get it," Manoylo said.

The measure was still in the planning stages when Obama "On the other hand, it's completely possible that
left office and it would be up to President Trump to decide they are preparing another cunning trap
whether to use the capability. for Trump here, in the hope that the power
games and intrigues that are currently going

on around him will force him to give that kind with Moscow irrevocably."
of permission. In that case, he will ruin relations

The World Is Going Down With Trump
Paul Craig Roberts
June 23, 2017

On June 21 the editorial board of the Washington Post, Washington Post, the newspaper would be urging that
long a propaganda instrument believed to be in cahoots President Trump immediately call President Putin with
with the CIA and the deep state, called for more sanctions reassurances and arrange the necessary meetings to defuse
and more pressure on Russia. the situation. Instead the utterly stupid editors urge actions
that can only raise the level of tension. It should be
One second’s thought is sufficient to realize how bad this obvious even to the Washington Post morons that Russia is
advice is. The orchestrated demonization of Russia and its not going to sit there, shaking in its boots, and wait for
president began in the late summer of 2013 when the Washington’s attack. Putin has issued many warnings
British Parliament and Russian diplomacy blocked the about the West’s rising threat to Russian security. He has
neoconned Obama regime’s planned invasion of Syria. An said that Russia “will never again fight a war on its own
example had to be made of Russia before other countries territory.” He has said that the lesson he has learned is that
began standing up to Washington. While the Russians “if a fight is unavoidable, strike first.” He has also said that
were focused on the Sochi Olympic Games, Washington the fact that no one hears his warnings makes the situation
staged a coup in Ukraine, replacing the elected democratic even more dangerous.
government with a gang of Banderite neo-nazi thugs
whose forebears fought for Hitler in World War II. What explains the deafness of the West? The answer is
Washington claimed it had brought democracy to Ukraine arrogance and hubris.
by putting neo-nazi thugs in control of the government.
As the presstitute media is incapable of reason, I
Washington’s thugs immediately began violent attacks on will do their job for them. I call for an immediate
the Russian population in Ukraine. Soviet war memorials face-to-face meeting between Trump and Putin
were destroyed. The Russian language was declared at Reykjavik. Cold War II, begun by Clinton,
banned from official use. Instantly, separatist movements George W. Bush, and Obama, must be ended
began in the Russian parts of Ukraine that had been now.
administratively attached to Ukraine by Soviet leaders.
Crimea, a Russian province since the 1700s, voted So, where is President Trump? Why is the President of the
overwhelmingly to seperate from Ukraine and requested to United States unable to rise to the challenge? Why isn’t he
be reunited with Russia. The same occurred in the Luhansk the man Ronald Reagan was? Is it, as David Stockman
and Donetsk regions. says, that Trump is incapable of anything except tweeting?

These independent actions were misrepresented by

Washington and the presstitutes who whore for
Washington as a “Russian invasion.” Despite all facts to Why hasn’t President Trump long ago ordered all
the contrary, this misrepresentation continues today. In US intercepts of Russian chatter gathered, declassified, and
foreign policy, facts are not part of the analysis. made public? Why hasn’t Trump launched a criminal
prosecution against John Brennan, Susan Rice, Comey,
The most important fact that is overlooked by the and the rest of the hit squad that is trying to destroy him?
Washington Post and the Russophobic members of the US
government is that it is an act of insanity to call for more Why has Trump disarmed himself with an administration
punishment and more pressure on a country with a chosen by Russiaphobes and Israel?
powerful military and strategic nuclear capability whose
military high command and government have already As David Stockman writes, Trump “is up against
concluded that Washington is preparing a surprise nuclear a Deep State/Dem/Neocon/mainstream media
attack. prosecution” and “has no chance of survival short
of an aggressive offensive” against those
Are the Washington Post editors trying to bring on nuclear working to destroy him. But there is no Trump
armageddon? If there was any intelligence present in the offensive, “because the man is clueless about
what he is doing in the White House and is being Our president twitters while he and Earth itself are pushed
advised by a cacophonous coterie of amateurs toward destruction.
and nincompoops. So he has no action plan
except to impulsively reach for his Twitter

Another Mika Meltdown: Trump Is Morphing
Into A "Dictator Or Someone Who Is Not Well"
by Tyler Durden
Jun 23, 2017 5:40 PM

MSNBC's "Morning Joe" co-host Mika Brzezinski has

become famous for her on-air Trump meltdowns and
apparently she was feeling particularly 'triggered' this
morning as an entire segment seemingly got derailed when
she went rogue and compared Trump's administration to a
"developing dictatorship." The snowflake moment
sparked a minor per-martital tiff between Mika and Joe
resulting in some cringe-worthy awkwardness.

It all started when Mika decided to, once again, share her
personal thoughts on the Trump administration...
“It does feel like a developing dictatorship.”
...which prompted a swift rebuke from Mika's Of course, this is hardly the first time Mika has melted
future husband, and co-host, Joe Scarborough. down on live television. Perhaps our recent favorite was
"You see, that's an inside voice thing....what when she shared her thoughts regarding one of President
you just said." Trump's weekend tweet storms about alleged wiretapping
of his Trump Tower.
Except, when Joe went 'low,' Mika went 'lower': Fighting back tears during her opening remarks,
Mika lamented that she had "lost hope
“I will say you can do some work reading history
completely" in President Trump's competency
and reading books about how dictatorships
and declared that "this presidency is fake and
happen. The development of very negative
forces taking over and what you are seeing is
either this happening right now, or someone "I had hope and an open mind and I have lost
who’s not well. Very few options. Very very hope completely and my mind is closed. This
imbalanced.” presidency is fake and failed."

Ironically, the only "very negative forces" that seem to be

having any impact on Americans at the moment are the
forces within the media which are intent upon continuing
their fake "Russian collusion" crusade until it results in
mass hysteria among the general public...and, of course,
we got a small dose of that hysteria recently when a
gunman decided to try and assassinate a bunch of
Republican congressmen.

Here's the full clip courtesy of the Daily Caller:

Keep up the good work, Mika. Your morning comedy

routine is very entertaining for a lot of folks.

Trump Vindication? New Study Shows MILLIONS Of
“Non-Citizens” Have Been Voting In U.S. Elections
By JD Heyes
Friday, June 23, 2017

Now he has some.

As noted by the Washington Times, a new report from an

independent think tank that is widely cited estimates that,
in the 2008 election, as many as 5.7 million non-citizens
cast ballots, with about two-thirds of that amount voting in
the 2012 election.

To come up with its findings, the organization Just Facts,

led by President James D. Agresti, examined voter data
compiled by Harvard/YouGov, an exhaustive study that is
conducted every two years using questions from a
After Donald J. Trump handily defeated Hillary Clinton in sampling of tens of thousands of voters — some of whom
November, her shell-shocked campaign, along with the admit that they are not U.S. citizens but who vote anyway.
entire Democratic Left, could only grasp at one fact to
soothe their bruised, over-inflated egos: Their candidate, at The group’s findings “confront both sides in the illegal
least, won the popular vote. voting debate: Those who said it happens a lot and those
who said the problem is nonexistent,” The Times reported.
Well, she did, no question about it. But even that is tainted,
given that her majority came entirely from one state: On the one one side, there are studies by researchers at Old
California (more on that in a moment). Dominion University who sought to gather scientifically
obtained voting data on non-citizens using the Harvard
But Trump, not willing to concede a single point regarding compilations, which are embodied in an ongoing analysis
his historic win, quickly made a counter-claim that sent the called the Cooperative Congressional Election Study.
Left into apoplectic fits: He said he would have also won
the popular vote, along with the electoral majority, were it On the other side are those who contend from other studies
not for millions of non-citizens and illegal aliens casting using the same data that “zero” non-citizens out of some
ballots. 18 million U.S. adults voted. As expected, the discredited
Left-leaning “mainstream” media quickly took this
The Washington Post huffed: position — so they could say ‘No, Mr. President, there is
no problem with widespread voter fraud,’ thus debunking
Days after being sworn in, President Trump the Old Dominion conclusions.
insisted to congressional leaders invited to a
reception at the White House that he would have But despite being lambasted by the liberal press, the ODU
won the popular vote had it not been for millions profs have stood by their conclusions, contending that data
of illegal votes, according to people familiar with show anywhere between 38,000 and 2.8 million voted
the meeting. illegally in 2008.

Trump has repeatedly claimed, without evidence, However, Agresti’s analysis concluded that the actual
that widespread voter fraud caused him to lose numbers are very likely much higher. He says data show
the popular vote to Hillary Clinton, even while he that about 7.9 million non-citizens were registered illegally
clinched the presidency with an electoral college that year, and that between 594,000 and 5.7 million of
victory. them voted.

‘There’s no proof! Where’s your evidence?’ his The Times noted further:
critics wailed.
These numbers are more in line with the
unverified estimates given by President Trump,
who said the number of ballots cast by people who have registered in multiple jurisdictions.
noncitizens was the reason he lost the popular (RELATED: Voter Fraud: Dead People Are Voting)
vote to Hillary Clinton.
“The details are technical,” says Agresti of his
We may soon get further verification that Trump was right. conclusions, “but the figure I calculated is based
The president signed an executive order in May on a more conservative margin of sampling error
establishing a commission tasked with attempting to find and a methodology that I consider to be more
on-the-ground facts regarding illegal voting. The accurate.”
commission is headed by Vice President Mike Pence and it
will principally examine outdated voter registration rolls J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for and
around the country containing names of the deceased and, as well as editor of The National

Never Forget: Loretta Lynch Called For
“Blood In The Streets” Before The Mass Execution Attempt
On Republican Lawmakers…
Why Is SHE Not Being Investigated?
By Jayson Veley
Friday, June 23, 2017

“We have always had to work to move this

country forward to achieve the great ideals of our
Founding Fathers,” the former head of the
Justice Department said in her video.

“They’ve marched, they’ve bled, yes some of

them have died. This is hard. Every good thing
is. We have done this before; we can do this

It should go without saying that if any member of

President Trump’s administration ever made a comment
like this, congressional democrats and the liberal media
would be going nuts. It would be written about in every
liberal newspaper, talked about on every left wing cable
news outlet, and joked about on every late night television
show. But of course, since the comment came from a
It seems as though when it comes to President Trump and democrat, the liberals remained silent.
his administration, congressional democrats want an
investigation into virtually everything. Over the past few Furthermore, why hasn’t a single democrat, whether
months, they have demanded investigations into several they’re from Washington DC or cable news, called for an
people on Trump’s team, including former National investigation into Loretta Lynch? Our country literally
Security Adviser Michael Flynn, Attorney General Jeff witnessed the Attorney General of the United States
Sessions and even the president himself, all over the notion implying that the progressive agenda required blood to be
that there was some level of collusion between Trump and shed, and yet not a single liberal batted an eye. No calls for
the Russians that lead to the defeat of Hillary Clinton last legal action, no calls for some kind of an investigation —
November. But as the democrats continue to push for nothing. Yet a scandal that was entirely manufactured by
unnecessary investigations, there is one person who really the left wing media — that is, the so-called “collusion”
should be investigated — and she happens to be the former between Trump and the Russians — warrants a massive,
Attorney General of the United States. full-scale probe into the president and his administration. If
this doesn’t seem like it makes much sense, it’s because it
Loretta Lynch is an example of a liberal democrat who doesn’t.
hides her true agenda behind words like “compassion” and
“fairness.” In reality, and with all due respect to the former There’s more. As everyone remembers, last June, Loretta
Attorney General, Loretta Lynch was neither of those Lynch had a mysterious meeting with Bill Clinton aboard
things. On multiple occasions, Lynch demonstrated that her private jet, just days before former FBI Director James
she was, in fact, one of the most corrupt individuals to ever Comey announced that Hillary would not be charged for
serve as Attorney General, and definitely one of the most storing highly classified emails on her private server. The
deserving of a full-scale investigation. meeting may very well have been an obstruction of justice,
and yet the only time democrats talk about obstruction of
Who could forget the time when Loretta Lynch released a justice today is when they are talking about current
video that seemingly called for more bloodshed and President of the United States.
violence in the streets in the interest of national progress?

To put it bluntly, most modern day leftists are nothing but meaningless to the vast majority of those on the left side of
political hacks. They claim that they care about the political spectrum. Without question, congressional
maintaining integrity within our governmental institution, republicans should be demanding an investigation into
yet all they really care about is taking down those who Loretta Lynch, because if there’s anyone that truly
oppose their radical agenda. Things like integrity, honesty deserves it, it’s her.
and doing what’s best for the country are virtually

Trump: The Birth Of The Hero
By Paul C. Bermanzohn
June 23, 2017

Liberals hope to remove Trump from office and believe Heroes are as American as violence and apple pie. Most
his base will abandon him. But it won’t be simple or quick. Americans have no real power under the capitalist
Trump’s followers revere him and won’t be easily plutocracy that runs our lives and commands our deaths.
dissuaded. During the campaign, Trump said he was so Yet official mythology says that all Americans have power
popular he could shoot people on 5 th Avenue and his because this is a democracy where all people have equal
supporters wouldn’t waver. That’s still true. As usual rights and the government is “of the people, by the people
Trump was way ahead of his detractors: he intuitively and for the people.”
recognized he was worshipped as a great American hero.
The yawning gap between the mythology and the reality
Won’t exposing his shady business practices erode creates a need and a market for heroes. Heroes are larger
Trump’s support? Not necessarily. His relentless drive for than life individuals who right the wrongs. Heroes make
riches is part of his appeal. His critics don’t grasp that for things come out as they should, with the common man’s
millions of supporters, Trump is a great American hero rights preserved for him.
precisely because he’s rich.
People should have their victories won for them, not by
Recall a few things about the US. them. A core principle of the system is to keep the people
passive, “to prevent insurrection,” as James Madison
The most insistently worshipped American heroes are the wrote.
Founding Fathers. But their chief work is poorly
understood. They founded not merely a republic. They The US has been saturated with heroes since its inception,
founded a commercial republic. but especially since the birth of the modern media. As
early as 1932, the Lone Ranger in his white hat and black
Capitalism reigns supreme. America’s values are capitalist mask, rode across the Plains on the radio, and on his white
values. The highest value is money. Money is prized above horse, to protect the ordinary (white) settler family from
life itself. Consider the oil companies’ contempt for life on evil-doers. In 1939, Superman joined him to fight for
Earth in their mad rush for profits. Like Trump who “Truth, Justice and the American Way.”
supports them, the oil profiteers are congruent with
America’s commercial traditions. Many superheroes have joined since then. Kids dress up
every Halloween as superheroes, proving the continued
The Founders created a Constitution to ensure democracy fascination with these icons of impotence. As politics
could not interfere with wealth. This is the legacy that we merges with entertainment, the political leader becomes a
confront today (and the basis of Trump’s popularity). superhero.

The US political system is arranged to assure that we Trump’s critics cannot understand how fervently Trump’s
remain passive – political spectators. And spectators need base remains attached to him. He is their hero, both by the
heroes. We the people are supposed to choose a savior example of his personal accumulation of riches (people
every four years who will rescue us from our miserable dream they will be rich one day) and as a hero who will
conditions. This is why they all run on “hope.” Call it the right the wrongs that beset them.
mendacity of hope.
Trump’s avarice is legendary and all-consuming. He has
Trump ran on the promise that he would return jobs to never prized integrity above wealth. Before the White
America and “make America great again.” He looked House, he routinely stiffed workers on his construction
straight into the camera and said, “Only I can do it for projects and in his hotels and casinos. Now, occupying the
you.“ He auditioned for the part of America’s great hero highest office in the land, concerns for integrity will not
and won the role according to the antidemocratic rules of interfere with his personal accumulation. His followers are
the game. impressed with this; they will not be swayed by liberal
arguments about Trump’s “lack of integrity.”

When the liberal point of view is rejected by the Trump What the liberal doesn’t see is that Trump’s cohorts stand
supporter, the liberal typically resorts to name-calling. S/he firmly on the ground of US mercantile values and the
accuses Trump’s people of stupidity, even of insanity for system of hero worship that has grown out of that.
not seeing the liberal’s superior logic. Let’s not forget
Hillary and her “basket of deplorables.” Powerless people hunger for heroes. Only changing the
conditions that require heroes will free us from the
American hero’s grip. Only discussing it in these terms
will allow communication between the two sides.

Senate Probes Loretta Lynch's
Alleged Interference In Clinton Email Investigation
By John Parkinson
Jun 23, 2017, 12:45 PM ET

A bipartisan group of Senate Judiciary Committee leaders The senators question Open Society Foundations' Leonard
is examining former Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s Benardo and its General Counsel Gail Scovell, as well as
alleged interference in the Hillary Clinton email Renteria and Lynch, about a May 24 story from the
investigation. Washington Post that reported Lynch assured Renteria that
she would not let the FBI investigation into Clinton go too
The group is seeking details about Lynch's communication far. Lynch declined to comment at the time.
with a Clinton campaign aide, Amanda Renteria, as well as
copies of documents and information about whether the An email reportedly recounting that alleged conversation
FBI investigated the alleged communication. and authored by Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who
served at the time as DNC chair, was allegedly hacked by
Trump: Lynch action on Clinton inquiry 'totally illegal' Russia, though the FBI later discounted its reliability.
James Comey: Everything you need to know about the
former FBI director The inquiry comes as the Senate Judiciary Committee
examines the firing of former FBI Director James Comey,
The letters, sent Thursday, are signed by Senate Judiciary who President Trump says he dismissed due in part to his
Chairman Charles Grassley, Ranking Democrat Dianne handling of the Clinton email probe.
Feinstein, as well as Sens. Lindsey Graham and Sheldon
White House, the chair and ranker on the subcommittee on
Crime and Terrorism.

Peggy Noonan: Fierce Anti-Trump Media Bias Is
'Unalterable' -- and Financial
By Tim Graham
June 23, 2017 7:27 PM EDT

course, and they’re younger. They’re a desirable

demographic. The pro-Trump audience is more rural, more
working- and middle-class, older. A particularly heartless
media professional might sum them up this way:

“Their next big lifestyle choice will be death.”

So, if you are a person who programs or sets the tone of

network fare and you want to take a side—you shouldn’t,
but you want to!—you throw your lot with the anti-Trump
demo, serving them the kind of journalistic approaches and
showbiz attitudes they’re likely to enjoy.
Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan used to write
for CBS News, including the radio commentaries of Dan Mr. Trump, you are certain, won’t last: He’ll bring himself
Rather, so she can speculate from an insider perspective. down or be brought down. You want to be with the
Her latest column insists “Dislike of Mr. Trump within winning side. So play to those who hate him, exclude
the mainstream media is unalterable. It permeates every others, call it integrity and reap the profits.
network, from intern to executive producer and CEO.”
Journalists aren't going to admit that they have a divide-
Like many on the right, Noonan has not been a big Trump and-conquer strategy, but it's not a crazy guess when you
fan, but she can see how dramatically the media is arrayed take in a few hours of "objective" broadcast or cable news.
against the president. She has a unique theory -- the liberal
media think their bias isn't only striking a blow for justice, This contributes to public division—to the great
but a smart business strategy: estrangement we see in America. I talk to media folk a lot,
being one, and haven’t found anyone who’s said, “Why
Here is a theory on what they’re thinking: They’re yes, that’s exactly what we’re doing, deepening our
thinking attempts at fairness and balance in this national divisions for profit!” Although I shared my theory
charged atmosphere get them nowhere. They’re this week with a senior manager of a news organization
attacked by both sides. And anyway they think who quickly mentioned another major news organization
Mr. Trump is insane. and said: “I think that’s what they’re doing.”

They live on ratings, which determine advertising rates. But I do think it’s part of what is going on. I add only that
Hillary Clinton got 2.9 million more votes than Mr. it’s not only cynical and destructive, as a business strategy
Trump, so the anti-Trump audience is larger. Moreover, it’s stupid. Bias is boring. It’s predictable, rote, is an
people who oppose Mr. Trump tend to be more affluent, audience-limiter. What has value at a time like this is
more educated, more urban. They’re more liberal, of playing it straight and presenting the facts. That’s what
they ought to do instead of taking a side.

Fmr. Clinton Campaign Chair
John Podesta Summoned To Secret House Session
John Podesta Set To Give Interview In Secret
Despite His Very Own Ties To Russia
By Shepard Ambellas -
June 24, 2017

electoral system during the 2016 run-up to the general


Yes, this is actually happening. Despite the fact that

Podesta’s very own Russian ties run deep and that he “may
have violated federal law when he failed to disclose that he
received 75,000 shares of stock from a company financed
by the Kremlin,” as Intellihub reported back in March, the
Trump-Russia investigation continues full-steam.

The fmr. campaign chair will be the first of six witnesses

to be interviewed behind close doors on the matter.

John Podesta was at the center of the Wikileaks ‘Podesta

John Podesta (Center For American Progress/Flickr) emails’ scandal where researchers in the online community
claim that he is heavily involved with ‘Pizzagate‘ which is
WASHINGTON (INTELLIHUB) — Former Clinton an alleged child sex-trafficking ring in the District of
Campaign Chairman John Podesta is set to be interviewed Columbia that reportedly prompted an out-of-state man to
by the House Intelligence Committee in a secret session ‘self-investigate’ a local pizzeria and fire off a round from
next week over Russia’s alleged interference of the U.S. his AR-15 rifle.

CNN Deletes 'Fake News' Story
About Russian Investment Ties To Trump
By Tyler Durden
Jun 24, 2017 9:20 AM

Thursday afternoon, CNN posted a story, by none other organizations] where a number of prominent
than Pulitzer-Prize-winning reporter Thomas Frank, U.S. investors have been involved."
claiming that
"Congress was investigating a Russian A fund spokeswoman says there was no discussion about
investment fund with ties to Trump officials." lifting sanctions...
Scaramucci's comments alarmed Democratic
The story was perfect fodder for 'The Left' as it provided Senators Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts
yet more 'confirmation' that sources 'confirmed' Trump and and Ben Cardin of Maryland, who asked
his team were up to something nefarious with The Mnuchin investigate whether Scaramucci sought
Russians... to "facilitate prohibited transactions" or promised
to waive or lift sanctions against Russia.
Highlights included... Sounds great right? Well, despite the 'facts' they
Congress is investigating a little-known reported, 36 hours later (quietly late on a Friday
Russian investment fund... night), CNN decided to delete the story and
issue a retraction, apologizing to Mr.
Scaramucci (presumably for lying?)
The fund CEO met in January with a member of the
Trump transition team...
On June 22, 2017, published a story connecting
"If you're going to get your nose under the Anthony Scaramucci with investigations into the Russian
tent, that's a good place to start," said Direct Investment Fund.
Ludema, a Georgetown University economics
professor. "I'm sure their objective is to get rid That story did not meet CNN's editorial
of all the sanctions against the financial standards and has been retracted. Links to
institutions. But RDIF is one [sanctioned the story have been disabled. CNN
apologizes to Mr. Scaramucci.

— Anthony Scaramucci (@Scaramucci) June 24,

Mr. Scaramucci responded via Twitter... 2017
.@CNN did the right thing. Classy move. Apology
accepted. Everyone makes mistakes. Moving on. Despite their deletion of the story, thanks to The Wayback- Machine, we can see what the original story said...

Is it any wonder that Americans are becoming 'Russia' narrative that is is constantly spewed with no mind
increasingly frustrated by the media's attention to the for factual reporting?

Trump Acknowledges
Russian Meddling In Tweet Criticizing Obama
By Stefan Becket Cbs News
June 24, 2017, 9:03 Am

Last Updated Jun 24, 2017 4:46 PM EDT White House press secretary Sean Spicer referred reporters
to a January press conference in which Mr. Trump said
President Trump appeared to acknowledge Russian
involvement in the 2016 campaign while criticizing the "I think it was Russia" when asked about
Obama administration's response to a Russian interference hacking.
campaign he has repeatedly denied took place.
Congressional investigators and special counsel Robert
In a tweet Friday night, Mr. Trump wrote that President Mueller are investigating possible collusion between
Obama "knew far in advance of November 8th about Russia and Trump campaign officials, inquiries the
election meddling by Russia" and "did nothing about it." president has called a "total scam," a "witch hunt" and a
Just out: The Obama Administration knew far in
advance of November 8th about election The Washington Post reported in early December that the
meddling by Russia. Did nothing about it. WHY? CIA had concluded that Russia's efforts were intended to
boost Mr. Trump.
— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June
24, 2017
On Friday, the Post reported the CIA arrived at that
Later in the day, after spending a few hours at his golf club conclusion in August 2016 and presented its findings to
in Sterling, Virginia, Mr. Trump reiterated that sentiment. Mr. Obama and a handful of senior aides. The agency
determined Russian President Vladimir Putin
had personally directed Russian intelligence to "defeat or
Since the Obama Administration was told way at least damage" Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, the
before the 2016 Election that the Russians were Post said. However, Mr. Obama was wary of publicly
meddling, why no action? Focus on them, not T! accusing Russia of aiding Mr. Trump, fearing such an
— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June accusation would be seen as the White House trying to
24, 2017 bolster Clinton's chances.
Obama Administration official said they "choked"
when it came to acting on Russian meddling of The Post also revealed new details about the Obama
election. They didn't want to hurt Hillary? administration's response to the Russian interference
campaign prior to the election. Following the CIA's
— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June August report,
24, 2017
The tweets came after Mr. Trump expressed similar Mr. Obama authorized "planting cyber weapons
criticism of his predecessor in an interview with Fox in Russia's infrastructure, the digital equivalent of
News. bombs that could be detonated if the United
States found itself in an escalating exchange with
"I just heard today for the first time that Obama Moscow," the Post reported.
knew about Russia a long time before the
election, and he did nothing about it," Mr. Trump Administration officials briefed top members of Congress
said in an excerpt of the interview, airing in full on of both parties about Russia's actions in the weeks leading
Sunday. "But nobody wants to talk about that." up to the election. Republican leaders, including Senate
Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, questioned the
The comments marked a rare admission by Mr. Trump, underlying intelligence and warned against accusing the
who has repeatedly declined to say definitively that Russia Russian government of aiding Mr. Trump in the weeks
interfered in the 2016 campaign. Asked on Friday whether leading up to Election Day.
Mr. Trump believes the Russians interfered in the election,

Top intelligence chiefs released a statement in October Before taking office in January, Mr. Trump received a
2016 publicly blaming Russia for an array of cyber attacks, classified briefing on the assessment from then-Director of
including the release of stolen emails from the Democratic National Intelligence James Clapper, CIA Director John
National Committee in July. The statement asserted the Brennan, FBI Director James Comey and National
U.S. intelligence community's assessment that the efforts Security Agency Director Adm. Mike Rogers. The briefing
were "intended to interfere with the U.S. election process," included classified details of Russian efforts to harm the
but stopped short of accusing the Russians of trying to help Clinton campaign and bolster Mr. Trump.
Mr. Trump win the election.
Following that briefing, Mr. Trump said
The U.S. did not publicly accuse Russia of trying to aid Russia's efforts had "absolutely no effect on
Mr. Trump until January 2017, when U.S. intelligence the outcome of the election." Current and
agencies released a declassified assessment on the Russian former officials have repeatedly said the U.S.
interference campaign. has no evidence of voting machines being
compromised or tallies being altered.

Russia Hacking Allegations
Driven By A Serial Liar
By George Washington
Jun 24, 2017 2:24 PM

Today’s lengthy Washington Post’s story makes it clear condemning leaks of classified information
that former CIA boss John Brennan is largely responsible from others, he has often leaks classified
for driving the claim that Russia hacked the election. information himself to suit his own needs.
But Brennan is a proven, documented
liar. He was busted for lying to This is the type of spy … who lies because
Congress and the American public by he doesn’t like to tell the truth.
claiming that the CIA wasn’t spying on
the Congressional investigation into Indeed, Brennan’s CIA even created hacking techniques to
torture … when it was. frame other countries for hacking incidents.

Indeed, the Washington Post called on Brennan to be fired Why is the media taking Brennan’s claims at face value?
for lying. Especially when some of the other claims of Russian
hacking have officially been debunked?
And Brennan lied when – as Obama’s counter-terrorism
advisor – he said that in the past year there had not been a As Pulitzer-prize winning reporter Seymour Hersch said in
single collateral death from drone strikes. (He later January in a story questioning the whole Russian hacking
changed that slightly to say there was no “credible story:
evidence” of such deaths.) But there was abundant and
credible evidence of collateral deaths from drone strikes. [If I had been covering the story,] I would
As just one example among many, a March 2011 CIA have made [John] Brennan into a buffoon.
drone attack in Pakistan killed some 50 people, including A yapping buffoon in the last few days.
tribal elders who were gathered for a tribal conclave.) Instead, everything is reported seriously.

Trevor Timm pointed out at the Guardian: Postscript:

Internal intelligence documents leaked to The other intelligence official behind many
McClatchy later confirmed Brennan to have of the Russian hacking claims – James
lied at the time …. Clapper – is also a confirmed liar.
When Brennan was approved by the
Senate, many of his friends told the media And see:
he wanted to get the CIA out of the drone
business and hand operations over to the
Pentagon, but of course once he assumed
his office, he seems to have reversed and
course and kept the drone program under
CIA control.
Brennan also fed the public wildly mueller-political-hack.html
inaccurate details about the Osama bin
Laden raid in 2011, and despite .

New US House Oversight Panel Chairman Doesn't Plan to
Pursue Trump-Russia Probe
© REUTERS/ Dylan Martinez - US
00:20 24.06.2017(updated 07:22 24.06.2017)
of the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee and
the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee, the
report stated.

"I told [Special Counsel] Bob Mueller Tuesday

that I would never do anything wittingly or
unwittingly that veered over into his lane, and his
lane is broad and undetermined at this point,"
Gowdy said as quoted by Politico.

Outgoing Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz

was active in the Trump-Russia investigation and sought
Newly-elected US House of Representatives Oversight memos from former Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
and Government Reform Chairman Trey Gowdy stated Director James Comey.
on Friday that he does not plan to conduct an
investigation into the Trump-Russia investigation. The Oversight Committee may take part in the Trump-
Russia investigation if questions are raised about who
WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — Gowdy stated that the should have access to security clearances, Gowdy added.
Trump-Russia investigations fall under the jurisdiction

Senate Judiciary Committee
Opens Probe Into Loretta Lynch
By Tyler Durden
Jun 24, 2017 11:32 AM

As more Democrats have started to question why former suspicions about Lynch’s cozy relationship with the
Attorney General Loretta Lynch was never investigated for Clintons prompted him to unilaterally announce the close
obstruction following a suspicious meeting with former of the Clinton investigation last summer.
President Bill Clinton, it appears the Senate Judiciary
Committee has finally decided to act. According to Comey, Lynch leaned on him to
soften his language when discussing the
The Washington Times reported Friday that the committee investigation, asking him to refer to the probe
has launched a formal investigation into Lynch’s as a “matter,” mirror language used by the
attempts to shape the FBI’s probe into Hillary Clinton, campaign, instead of as “an investigation.”
and whether she mishandled classified information on
her private email server.

Comey also said the suspicious meeting between Clinton

According to the Times, the investigation has bipartisan and Lynch raised questions about her objectivity that
support. could’ve compromised the bureau’s integrity.
“Sen. Charles E. Grassley, chairman of the LANKFORD: Then you made a comment earlier a the
committee, said the investigation is attorney general, the previous attorney general asking
bipartisan. The letter to Ms. Lynch is signed by you about the investigation on the Clinton e-mails
ranking Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein and saying you were asked to not call it an investigation
also by Sens. Lindsey Graham and Sheldon anymore. But call it a matter. You said that confused
Whitehouse, the chairman and ranking member you. You can give us additional details on that?
of the key investigative subcommittee.”
COMEY: Well, it concerned me because we were at
“Letters also went to Clinton campaign staffer the point where we refused to confirm the
Amanda Renteria and Leonard Benardo and Gail existence as we typically do of an investigation for
Scovell at the Open Society Foundations. Mr. months. And was getting to a place where that looked
Benardo was reportedly on an email chain silly because the campaigns we're talking about
from the then-head of the Democratic interacting with the FBI in the course of our work. The
National Committee suggesting Ms. Lynch Clinton campaign at the time was using all kinds
had given assurances to Ms. Renteria, the of euphemisms, security matters, things like that
campaign staffer, that the Clinton probe for what was going on.
wouldn’t “go too far."
We were getting to a place where the attorney
During testimony before the Senate Intelligence general and I were both going to testify and talk
Committee, former FBI Director James Comey said his
publicly about it I wanted to know was she going So who was obstructing or trying to interfere there?
to authorize us to confirm we have an
investigation. She said yes, don't call it that, call it Comey said that this troubled him greatly and convinced
a matter. I said why would I do that? She said, just him,
call it a matter. You look back in hindsight, if I
looked back and said this isn't a hill worth dying “I have to step away from the department if
on so I just said the press is going to completely we’re too close this case credibly.”
ignore it. That's what happened when I said we
opened a matter. As former Speaker Newt Gingrich noted earlier this week,
even California Sen. Dianne Feinstein – the ranking
They all reported the FBI has an investigation open. Democrat on the Judiciary Committee – had begun to
So that concerned me because that language wonder aloud why Lynch was being investigated. Gingrich
tracked the way the campaign was talking about said the absence of an investigation is a sign of Republican
the FBI's work and that's concerning. weakness.

LANKFORD: You gave impression that the “What’s amazing to me about the Republican
campaign was somehow using the language as passivity here is that Senator Dianne
the FBI because you were handed the campaign Feinstein, the ranking Democrat on the
language? intelligence committee, said last week after
Comey’s testimony ‘you know we really have
COMEY: I don't know whether it was intentional or to look into exactly what’s going on with
not but it gave the impression that the attorney Loretta lynch and with president Obama.' Now
general was looking to align the way we talked I was waiting for one of the intel chairmen in the
about our work with the way it was describing House and Senate to get up and say they’re
that. It was inaccurate. We had an investigation open opening a new investigation into exactly what
for the federal bureau of investigation, we had an Loretta lynch said to Comey.”
investigation open at the time. That gave me a queasy
feeling. Now we wait to see if the house and, more importantly, the
DOJ follow suit.

Sketchy Firm Behind
Trump Dossier Is Stalling Investigators
By Paul Sperry
June 24, 2017

nominee Mitt Romney. And in 2015, Democrat ally

Planned Parenthood retained Fusion GPS to investigate
pro-life activists protesting the abortion group.

More, federal records show a key co-founder and partner

in the firm was a Hillary Clinton donor and supporter of
her presidential campaign.

In September 2016, while Fusion GPS was quietly

shopping the dirty dossier on Trump around Washington,
its co-founder and partner Peter R. Fritsch contributed at
least $1,000 to the Hillary Victory Fund and the Hillary
For America campaign, Federal Election Commission data
show. His wife also donated money to Hillary’s campaign.

A secretive Washington firm that commissioned the Property records show that in June 2016, as Clinton allies
dubious intelligence dossier on Donald Trump is bankrolled Fusion GPS, Fritsch bought a six-bedroom,
stonewalling congressional investigators trying to learn five-bathroom home in Bethesda, Md., for $2.3 million.
more about its connections to the Democratic Party.
Fritsch did not respond to requests for comment. A lawyer
The Senate Judiciary Committee earlier this month for Fusion GPS said the firm’s work is confidential.
threatened to subpoena the firm, Fusion GPS, after it
refused to answer questions and provide records to the
Sources say Fusion GPS had its own interest, beyond those
panel identifying who financed the error-ridden dossier,
of its clients, in promulgating negative gossip about
which was circulated during the election and has sparked
much of the Russia scandal now engulfing the White
Fritsch, who served as the Journal’s bureau chief in
Mexico City and has lectured at the liberal Wilson
What is the company hiding? Fusion GPS describes itself
Center’s Mexico Institute, married into a family with
as a “research and strategic intelligence firm” founded by
Mexican business interests. His wife, Beatriz Garcia,
“three former Wall Street Journal investigative reporters.”
formerly worked as an executive at Grupo Dina, a
But congressional sources says it’s actually an opposition-
manufacturer of trucks and buses in Mexico City that
research group for Democrats, and the founders, who are
benefits from NAFTA, which Trump opposes.
more political activists than journalists, have a pro-Hillary,
anti-Trump agenda.
Fritsch’s Fusion GPS partner Thomas Catan, who grew up
in Britain, once edited a business magazine in Mexico,
“These weren’t mercenaries or hired guns,” a
moreover. A third founding partner, Glenn Simpson, is
congressional source familiar with the dossier
reported to have shared dark views of both Russian
probe said. “These guys had a vested personal
President Vladimir Putin and Trump. Before joining
and ideological interest in smearing Trump and
Fusion GPS, Simpson did opposition research for a former
boosting Hillary’s chances of winning the White
Clinton White House operative.
The Senate Judiciary Committee is also investigating
Fusion GPS was on the payroll of an unidentified
whether the FBI has wrongly relied on the anti-Trump
Democratic ally of Clinton when it hired a long-retired
dossier and its author, Christopher Steele — the old spy
British spy to dig up dirt on Trump. In 2012, Democrats
who was hired by Fusion GPS to build a Russia file on
hired Fusion GPS to uncover dirt on GOP presidential

Trump — to aid its ongoing espionage investigation into passport showed no stamps showing he left or entered the
the Trump campaign and its possible ties to Moscow. US at the time, witnesses accounted for his presence here,
and Czech authorities found no evidence Cohen went to
The FBI received a copy of the Democrat-funded dossier Prague.
in August, during the heat of the campaign, and is said to
have contracted in October to pay Steele $50,000 to help Steele hadn’t worked in Moscow since the 1990s and
corroborate the dirt on Trump — a relationship that “raises didn’t actually travel there to gather intelligence on Trump
substantial questions about the independence” of the firsthand. He relied on third-hand “friend of friend”
bureau in investigating Trump, warned Senate Judiciary sourcing. In fact, most of his claimed Russian sources
Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa. spoke not directly to him but “in confidence to a trusted
compatriot” who, in turn, spoke to Steele — and always
Senate investigators are demanding to see records of anonymously.
communications between Fusion GPS and the FBI and the
Justice Department, including any contacts with former But his main source may have been Google. Most of the
Attorney General Loretta Lynch, now under congressional information branded as “intelligence” was merely rehashed
investigation for possibly obstructing the Hillary Clinton from news headlines or cut and pasted — replete with
email probe, and deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe, errors — from Wikipedia.
who is under investigation by the Senate and the Justice
inspector general for failing to recuse himself despite In fact, much of the seemingly cloak-and-dagger
financial and political connections to the Clinton campaign information connecting Trump and his campaign advisers
through his Democrat activist wife. Senate investigators to Russia had already been reported in the media at the
have singled out McCabe as the FBI official who time Steele wrote his monthly reports.
negotiated with Steele.
In the same August report, for example, Steele connected a
Like Fusion GPS, the FBI has failed to cooperate with Moscow trip taken by then-Trump campaign adviser
congressional investigators seeking documents. Michael Flynn to “the Russian operation” to hack the
election. But there was nothing secret about the trip, which
Steele contracted with Fusion GPS to investigate Trump’s had taken place months earlier and had been widely
ties to Russia starting in June 2016, whereupon he reported.
outlandishly claimed that Hillary campaign hackers were
“paid by both Trump’s team and the Kremlin” and that the And there was nothing untoward about it. It was a dinner
operation was run out of Putin’s office. He also fed Fusion celebrating the 10th birthday of Russian TV network RT,
GPS and its Hillary-allied clients incredulous gossip about and Flynn sat at the same table with Putin as US Green
Trump hating the Obamas so much that he hired hookers Party presidential candidate Jill Stein.
to urinate on a bed they slept in at the Moscow Ritz-
Carlton, and that Russian intelligence recorded the pee
The real question is why anyone would take anything in
party in case they needed to blackmail Trump.
the sketchy report seriously.

Never mind that none of the rumors were backed by But even the CIA gave it credence. The dossier ended up
evidence or even credible sourcing (don’t bother trying to
attached to a Top Secret intelligence briefing on Russia for
confirm his bed-wetting yarn, Steele advised, as “all direct
President Obama, even though his intelligence czar last
witnesses have been silenced”). Steele reinforced his
month testified “We couldn’t corroborate the sourcing.”
paying customers’ worst fears about Trump, and they
The FBI, moreover, has been using it for investigative
rewarded him for it with a whopping $250,000 in leads on Trump associates like Carter Page, even though
payments. former FBI Director James Comey this month described
the dossier as “salacious and unverified.”
But it’s now clear his “intelligence reports,” which
together run more than 35-pages long, were for the most
And of course, Democratic leaders in Congress keep
part worthless. And the clients who paid Fusion GPS referring to it to cook up more charges against Trump,
(which claims to go “beyond standard due diligence”) for
while liberal media continue to use it as a road map to find
them got taken to the cleaners.
“scoops” on Trump in the “Russiagate” conspiracy they’re
peddling — still hoping against hope that the central thrust
Steele’s most sensational allegations remain unconfirmed. of the report — that Trump entered into an unholy alliance
For instance, his claim that Trump lawyer Michael Cohen with the Russian government during the election — will
held a “clandestine meeting” on the alleged hacking one day prove true and bring about the downfall of his
scheme in Prague with “Kremlin officials” in August 2016 presidency.
unraveled when Cohen denied ever visiting Prague, his
Dems Push Leaders To Talk Less About Russia
By Mike Lillis
06/24/17 06:03 AM EDT

Frustrated Democrats hoping to elevate their election for governor in 2018. The Russia-Trump investigation, he
fortunes have a resounding message for party leaders: Stop said, isn’t on their radar.
talking so much about Russia.
“I did a 22-county tour. … Nobody’s focusing on
Democratic leaders have been beating the drum this year that,” Walz said. “That’s not to say that they don’t
over the ongoing probes into the Trump administration’s think Russia and those things are important, [but]
potential ties to Moscow, taking every opportunity to it’s certainly not top on their minds.”
highlight the saga and forcing floor votes designed to
uncover any business dealings the president might have Rep. Peter Welch (D-Vt.) delivered a similar message,
with Russian figures. saying his constituents are most concerned with two
things: dysfunction in Washington and the Republicans’
But rank-and-file Democrats say the Russia-Trump plans to repeal ObamaCare. The controversies surrounding
narrative is simply a non-issue with district voters, who are Trump, he said, don’t tally.
much more worried about bread-and-butter economic
concerns like jobs, wages and the cost of education and "We should be focused relentlessly on economic
healthcare. improvement [and] we should stay away from
just piling on the criticism of Trump, whether it’s
In the wake of a string of special-election defeats, an about Russia, whether it’s about Comey.
increasing number of Democrats are calling for an Because that has its own independent dynamic,
adjustment in party messaging, one that swings the focus it’s going to happen on its own without us piling
from Russia to the economy. The outcome of the 2018 on,“ Welch said.
elections, they say, hinges on how well the Democrats "We’re much better off if we just do the hard work
manage that shift. of coming up with an agenda. Talking about
Trump and Russia doesn’t create an agenda.”
“We can't just talk about Russia because people
back in Ohio aren't really talking that much about The intrigue over Russian meddling in the 2016 elections
Russia, about Putin, about Michael Flynn,” Rep. and potential collusion with Trump’s campaign has
Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) told MSNBC Thursday. engulfed Capitol Hill since even before the president was
“They're trying to figure out how they're going to sworn in. Both the House and Senate Intelligence
make the mortgage payment, how they're going committees have launched investigations, and the Justice
to pay for their kids to go to college, what their Department has named a special counsel, former FBI
energy bill looks like. Director Robert Mueller, to lead a third probe.
“And if we don't talk more about their interest
than we do about how we're so angry with Democrats have gone out of their way to keep the spotlight
Donald Trump and everything that's going on,” on the evolving investigations. Reps. Eric Swalwell (D-
he added, “then we're never going to be able to Calif.) and Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) are trumpeting
win elections.” legislation to create an independent panel, like the 9/11
Commission, to conduct a fourth investigation.
Ryan is among the small group of Democrats who are
sounding calls for a changing of the guard atop the party’s House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has
leadership hierarchy following Tuesday’s special election repeatedly used her press briefings and cable news
defeat in Georgia — the Democrats’ fourth loss since appearances to raise questions about Trump’s “political,
Trump took office. But Ryan is hardly alone in urging personal and financial” ties to Moscow.
party leaders to hone their 2018 message.
“What do the Russians have on Donald Trump?”
Rep. Tim Walz (D-Minn.) has been paying particularly she asked earlier this month in a common
close attention to voters’ concerns because he’s running refrain.

And the Democrats, who have few opportunities to force “That’s what gets Democrats elected.”
votes on the House floor, have spent a lot of energy
pushing proposals that would require Trump to release his A recent Harvard-Harris poll reveals the risks inherent for
taxes, which many Democrats suspect will expose business the Democrats, who are hoping to make big gains — or
ties between Trump and Russia. The latest such vote even win back the House — in 2018. The survey found
was Wednesday, marking the 10th time this year that while 58 percent of voters said they’re concerned that
Democrats have forced the issue. Trump may have business dealings with Moscow, 73
percent said they’re worried that the ongoing
“It’s important for us to have the returns on tax investigations are preventing Congress from tackling
reform, it’s important to have it on the Russia issues more vital to them.
investigation,” Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D-Texas), the
ranking member of the Ways and Means “While the voters have a keen interest in any
Committee’s tax subpanel, said on the floor. Russian election interference, they are
concerned that the investigations have become a
Democratic leaders have defended their focus on the distraction for the president and Congress that is
Trump-Russia affair, arguing that it’s not a distraction hurting rather than helping the country,” said
from the local economic issues that resonate in their Harvard-Harris co-director Mark Penn.
With that in mind, many Democrats said they’re going out
“We can walk and chew gum at the same time,” of their way to focus on the economy — and downplay the
Rep. Linda Sanchez (D-Calif.), vice chairman of Russia saga — when they’re at home.
the Democratic Caucus, said Wednesday.
“If you see me treating Russia and criticisms of
But even some leaders are ready to acknowledge that the the president and things like that as a secondary
Russia investigation alone won’t lead to a Democratic matter, it’s because that’s how my constituents
comeback. feel about it,” said Rep. Matt Cartwright (D-Pa.).
“I don’t think anybody wants to give a pass to
“As much as I think people in Washington tend to illegal or unethical activity,” he added. “But in life
focus on the issues of Russia, and the president we all have priorities, and the first priority for my
and the Republicans’ inability to get much of constituents is to their families — as it should
anything accomplished, … we need to focus on be.”
the local issues,” said Rep. Joseph Crowley
(N.Y.), chairman of the caucus.

Washington Post: “Russia’s Interference
[In US Election] Was The Crime Of The Century”
By Jonas E. Alexis
June 25, 2017

Obviously lizards at the Washington American democracy. It was a case that took
Post think that everyone is stupid. Who almost no time to solve, traced to the Kremlin
are they fooling this time? The CIA, as through cyber-forensics and intelligence on
Douglas Valentine has recently Putin’s involvement.”[2]
documented, is “organized crime.”
Peter Dale Scott of the University of Obviously those lizards think that everyone is stupid. Who
California and Rebecca Gordon have are they fooling this time? The CIA, as Douglas Valentine
come to similar conclusions. David has recently documented, is “organized crime.”[3] Peter
Talbot has called the CIA, Allen Dulles Dale Scott of the University of California and Rebecca
and the rise of America’s secret Gordon have come to similar conclusions.[4] David Talbot
government “the devil’s chessboard.” has called the CIA, Allen Dulles and the rise of America’s
There is a plausible theory which even secret government “the devil’s chessboard.”[5] There is a
suggests that the CIA was behind the plausible theory which even suggests that the CIA was
JFK assassination. behind the JFK assassination.[6]

Again, we are not dealing with conspiracy stuff here.[7]

These issues have been widely documented by meticulous
scholars, writers of various stripes, and serious journalists.
Do puppets in the Washington Post mean to tell us that
they know nothing about this? Do they honestly mean to
tell us that they don’t know about the CIA’s involvement
in the drug business in Afghanistan, Columbia, and even in
far-distant lands such as Indo-China?[8] Do they mean to
tell us that they have no clue about the CIA’s involvement
in destabilizing Iran way back in 1953?

“We’ve met once again, Bro.”

If that is the case, then Malcolm Muggeridge was
absolutely right when he said that “we have educated
“When ideology is your guide,” Daniel J. ourselves into imbecility.” Muggeridge also said that “only
Flynn rightly writes in Intellectual Morons, dead fish swim with the stream.” Writers in the
“You are bound to get lost. Ideology deludes, Washington Post are “dead fish” when it comes to
inspires dishonesty, and breeds fanaticism. examining issues that are important to the American
Facts, experience, and logic are much better people and much of the world. They represent the
at leading you to truth. Truth, however, is not oligarchs, the warmongers, the Israeli regime, and the
everyone’s intended destination.”[1] Deep State. They will never tell the American people the
whole truth because they want America to be involved in
If you were trained in logic, then the New World Order perpetual wars. After all, they were also the ones who
ideology will soon or later insult your intelligence. Really. perpetrated the categorical lies that Saddam had weapons
After taking its cue from the CIA—a covert organization of mass destruction.
that has committed crimes virtually all over the planet—
the Washington Post has recently declared: If Zionist outlets such as the Washington Post were trying
to present serious facts, then they would have almost
“In political terms, Russia’s interference was the certainly slammed the Israeli regime for supporting
crime of the century, an unprecedented and terrorist cells in places like Syria. Even the Wall Street
largely successful destabilizing attack on Journal, of all places, has reported last Sunday that it is no

secret that Israel is helping the bad guys in Syria.[9] Why right now for them: even if there were unreliable proof that
doesn’t anyone call this diabolical enterprise one of the Russia did meddle in the US election, I would still say,
biggest crimes of the century? Why haven’t the
Washington Post and even the Wall Street Journal taken “Go Russia. Perhaps that would teach the CIA
the Israeli regime to task and asked them to stop? and the Deep State to stop screwing countries
around the world. Perhaps that would teach them
Moreover, why are Zionist puppets interested in Russia the basic and elementary lesson that you cannot
when they are not devoted the same amount of time to one do to others what you would not have them do to
of America’s allies, Saudi Arabia, which by the way was you.”
involved in the 9/11 attack? Saudi Arabia, as Stephen
Kinzer has recently written in the Boston Globe, is And if New World Order agents keep saying that Russia is
involved in destabilizing much of the Muslim world, most evil for allegedly meddling in US election, then they are
specifically Indonesia. Kinzer says: inexorably saying that they themselves are evil for
meddling in world affairs for more than sixty years.
“Saudi Arabia has been working for decades
to pull Indonesia away from moderate Islam
and toward the austere Wahhabi form that is
state religion in Saudi Arabia. The Saudis’
campaign has been patient, multi-faceted,
and lavishly financed. It mirrors others they
have waged in Muslim countries across Asia
and Africa.”[10]

American presidents have given decent Americans some

Kool-Aid to calm their fears about Saudi Arabia, but we
know that the Saudis are indeed bad for America and much
of the world. The Washington Post and New World Order
agents aren’t interested about that. They are interested in
inciting a nuclear war with Russia. Let me lay it on the line

[1] Daniel J. Flynn, Intellectual Morons: How Ideology Makes Smart People Fall for Stupid Ideas (New York: Crown Forum,
2004), 1.
[2] Greg Miller, Ellen Nakashima and Adam Entous, “Obama’s secret struggle to punish Russia for Putin’s election assault,”
Washington Post, June 23, 2017.
[3] Douglas Valentine, The CIA as Organized Crime: How Illegal Operations Corrupt America and the World (Atlanta: Clarity
Press, 2017).
[4] Peter Dale Scott, American War Machine: Deep Politics, the CIA Global Drug Connection, and the Road to Afghanistan
(Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2010 and 2014); Rebecca Gordon, Mainstreaming Torture: Ethical Approaches in
the Post-9/11 United States (New York: Oxford University Press, 2014).
[5] David Talbot, The Devil’s Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America’s Secret Government (New York:
Harper Perennial, 2015).
[6] Peter Janney, Mary’s Mosaic: The CIA Conspiracy to Murder John F. Kennedy, Mary Pinchot Meyer, and Their Vision for
World Peace (New York: Skyhorse Publishing, 2012).
[7] I am dealing with the popular definition of conspiracy here, which says that “conspiracy theories” have no proof for their
[8] Peter Dale Scott, Drugs, Oil, and War: The United States in Afghanistan, Colombia, and Indochina (Lanham: Rowman &
Littlefield Publishers, 2003).
[9] Rory Jones, Noam Raydan, and Suha Ma’ayeh, “Israel Gives Secret Aid to Syrian Rebels,” Wall Street Journal, June 18,
[10] Stephen Kinzer, “Saudi Arabia is destabilizing the world,” Boston Globe, June 11, 2017.

Assange Criticizes ‘Doomed’
Democratic Party For Stirring Russia-Trump ‘Hysteria’
Published Time: 25 Jun, 2017 14:43 Edited Time: 26 Jun, 2017 08:30

collapse of the Democratic vote over the past eight years,

which he says has occurred at all levels – city, state,
congressional, and presidential.

“This short-term tactic has led to the

inevitable strategic catastrophe of the white
and male super majorities responding by
seeing themselves as an unserviced
political identity group,” he wrote, noting
that Trump received the votes of 63
percent of white men and 53 percent of
white women.
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange says the Democratic
party is “doomed,” while warning its Trump-Russia Assange also listed the many shortcomings of the Trump
collusion narrative is a “political dead end” that is administration, including “broken promises, inequality,
consuming all its energy. economy, healthcare, militarization,” saying the Democrat
party can’t really address those issues, either, because “all
Assange took to Twitter on Sunday to list six reasons he its energy and it is entangled with many of the same
believes the party is sabotaging itself. groups behind Trump’s policies.”

The 45-year-old went on to say that the

Democratic party has integrated itself with
the “security sector and media barons,”
which leads to the perception that
Democrats “act on behalf of an entrenched
power elite.”
“The Democratic base should move to start
a new party since the party elite shows no
signs that they will give up power,” he
“The Democratic establishment has
vortexed the party’s narrative energy into
hysteria about Russia,” he wrote, calling Assange tweeted the six points from the Ecuadorian
the rhetoric a “political dead end.” embassy in London, where he has been holed up for the
past five years.
“Despite vast resources, enormous
incentives and a year of investigation, Although Sweden dropped an investigation into Assange’s
Democratic senators who have seen the sexual assault allegations last month, he has remained in
classified intelligence at the CIA such as the embassy to avoid being extradited to the United States.
Senator Feinstein (as recently as March) WikiLeaks published 391,832 classified documents
are forced to admit that there is no relating to the war in Iraq in 2010, the biggest leak of its
evidence of collusion,” he wrote. kind in military history.

The WikiLeaks founder went on to address other issues he

believes are leading to the party’s demise, including the

CNN Executive Editor Demands
To Review All Future Russia-Related Stories...
"No Exceptions"
By Tyler Durden
Jun 25, 2017 11:30 PM

After another in a string of embarrassing screw-ups, CNN

is reportedly implementing a policy change to strengthen
oversight of stories involving Russia, according to a
Buzzfeed News report.

Buzzfeed obtained an email sent by CNNMoney executive

editor Rich Barbieri outlining the network's new rules.

The email, which went out at 11:21 a.m.

on Saturday said "No one should
publish any content involving Russia
without coming to me and Jason," a
CNN vice president.
"This applied to social, video, editorial,
and MoneyStream. No exceptions," the
email added. "I will lay out a workflow
Monday." The initial story, written by none other than Pulitzer-Prize-
winning reporter Thomas Frank,
The new restrictions also apply to other areas of the
network — not just CNNMoney, which wasn't involved claimed that "Congress was
with the article that was deleted and retracted. Buzzfeed investigating a Russian investment fund
said CNN didn't immediately return a request for comment with ties to Trump officials."
or answer questions about what the previous workflow

The story was perfect fodder for 'The Left', as it provided

yet more 'confirmation' that Trump and his team were up
to something nefarious involving the Russians...

Highlights included...

Congress is investigating a little-known Russian

investment fund...

The fund CEO met in January with a member of the

Trump transition team... Scaramucci, for his part, has been a
good sport about the incident. He even
"If you're going to get your nose under the praised CNN for taking the story down,
tent, that's a good place to start," said calling it a "classy move."
Ludema, a Georgetown University
economics professor. "I'm sure their
objective is to get rid of all the sanctions
against the financial institutions. But RDIF
is one [sanctioned organizations] where a
number of prominent U.S. investors have
been involved."

A fund spokeswoman says there was no discussion about

lifting sanctions...
Of course, this isn't the only screwup from CNN in recent
Scaramucci's comments alarmed Democratic Senators memory: Earlier this month, the station published a story
Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Ben Cardin of claiming that Comey would contradict President Donald
Maryland, who asked Mnuchin to investigate whether Trump's claim that Comey repeatedly told Trump he
Scaramucci sought to "facilitate prohibited transactions" or wasn't under investigation.
promised to waive or lift sanctions against Russia.
But the publication of Comey's opening
Scaramucci disputed the story, and CNN eventually statement soon revealed this to be
retracted it, saying only that it did not meet its rigorous inaccurate, and CNN quickly corrected
ethical standards. the story.

I guess those anonymous sources aren't always as reliable

as we'd like them to be, huh?

NBC’s Chuck Todd Asserts
Obama Not Swaying Election Akin to 9/11
By Nicholas Fondacaro
June 25, 2017 10:11 AM EDT

“In hindsight, though, there clearly a

bunch of Obama White House folks are
hand-wringing about this.”

Todd seemed to be almost obsessed or disturbed by

Obama’s decision because he declared that he would
“never get over” how one Obama official claimed that “we
choked” for not speaking out.

Last this week, The Washington Post published an article

saying that the Obama administration knew well in
advance of Election Day 2016 that Russia was trying to
meddle the U.S. election process. And despite their
knowledge, they chose not to go public because of the fear
that many would think President Obama was swaying the
election to Hillary Clinton. During NBC’s Sunday Today,
the network’s Chuck Todd let his true feelings show when
equated Obama not putting his figure on the electoral scale
to President Bush not acting on intelligence reports about The story seemed to hit a boiling point for the Meet the
Osama bin Laden before the 9/11 attacks. Press moderator.

“This was a Washington Post story this week that said “Look, this could be, Willie, what the
Obama administration soft-pedaled its response to the infamous August 6th presidential
Russian meddling because it didn’t want to be seen as intelligence daily briefing: ‘Bin Laden
putting its thumb on the scale of this election,” prefaced determined to strike the U.S. before
host Willie Geist, before asking Todd the triggering 9/11,’” he announced, with a slight tinge of
question. “What’s the impact of that story and all this stew anger.
of Russia?”
“This may be the equivalent in history
on this Russian infiltration of the
Todd whined that Trump was making his “head spin” by American democracy. We may go back
creating the “atmosphere” that kept Obama from taking the and say: ‘This was equivalent of that,’”
Russian meddling intelligence public. He continued to rant. “The Obama
administration had the intelligence, had
“I mean, for the very reason: Here's the smoking gun, and decided to pull
President Trump criticizing former back for fear of politicizing the election.”
President Obama for not doing
anything,” he bemoaned. “Well at the What Todd failed to mention was that the warning
time they got this intelligence, candidate received by Bush was not a cut-and-dry fact, but a vague
Donald Trump was telling everybody prediction about what bin Laden wanted to do with no set
that this election was going to get date. In sharp contrast, Obama's intelligence was about
rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton.” what they knew to be happening at the time.

According to Todd, Geist seemed to sympathize with Todd, saying:

“And as you say, we’re hearing from a said Obama administration soft-pedaled its response to the
lot of Obama, who behind the scenes Russian meddling because it didn’t want to be seen as
saying we should have done more in putting its thumb on the scale of this election. What’s the
real time.” impact of that story and all this stew of Russia?

In a commercial for his show on MSNBC, MTP Daily, CHUCK TODD: Well look, talk about making your head spin.
Todd once claimed to be the “referee” who was out there I mean, for the very reason: Here's President Trump
to enforce the political “rules.” By misleadingly comparing criticizing former President Obama for not doing anything.
the Bush administration’s and the Obama administration’s Well at the time they got this intelligence, candidate Donald
inactions on intelligence, Todd is equating 9/11 with Trump was telling everybody that this election was going to
Trump’s presidency. That doesn’t sound like an unbiased get rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton. And that was the
referee. That sounds like one that has chosen a clear side to atmosphere that the Obama administration was dealing with
back and throws his own low blows. publicly when they got this intelligence, so we understand
the reason why they did this. In hindsight, though, there
Transcript below: clearly a bunch of Obama White House folks are hand-
wringing about this. That line, I’ll never get over, you know:
“We choked.”
Sunday Today
June 25, 2017 Look, this could be, Willie, what the infamous August 6th
8:06:24 AM Eastern presidential intelligence daily briefing: “Bin Laden
determined to strike the U.S. before 9/11.” This may be the
equivalent in history on this Russian infiltration of the
American democracy. We may go back and say: “This was
equivalent of that.” The Obama administration had the
WILLIE GEIST: Let me move on to Russia because when intelligence, had the smoking gun, and decided to pull back
President Trump wasn’t tweeting about health care this for fear of politicizing the election.
week he was tweeting about Russia. I’ll read you one of
them, Chuck. “Just out: The Obama administration knew far
GEIST: And as you say, we’re hearing from a lot of Obama,
in advance of November 8th about lection meddling by
who behind the scenes saying we should have done more in
Russia. Did nothing about it. Why?” Put to the side the fact
real time.
that he acknowledges Russian meddling in that tweet right
there, something he has not done previously. Just go to this
is a story—This was a Washington Post story this week that (…)

Seymour Hersh: US Knew
No Chemical Weapons Used By Syria
Published: June 25, 2017

Berlin (GPA) – Pulitzer prize winner Seymour Hersh – the secondary explosions of the aforementioned chemicals.
journalist who’s exposed US crimes from My Lai to Abu This is consistent with the preliminary explanation offered
Ghraib – says Trump carried out Tomahawk strike on by Russia that the toxic gas in the area was an unintended
Syria despite US intelligence saying Assad didn’t use consequence of the operation.
chemical weapons.
Claims that the videos coming out of Khan Sheikhoun
German newspaper Die Welt has published an explosive showed victims displaying symptoms of exposure to sarin
story today in which renowned journalist Seymour Hersh gas have yet to be verified by any unbiased body. As stated
claims US President Donald Trump ordered his highly above, the only evidence provided came from the White
praised retaliatory cruise missile strike on Syria’s Shayrat Helmets and a doctor in the area who had previously been
airbase despite US intelligence reporting that the Syrian detained on charges of terrorism.
military didn’t use chemical weapons in the Idlib town of
Khan Sheikhoun.

Hersh told Welt that he had been in contact with sources

inside US intelligence operating in Syria that informed him
that they had contacted Washington with reports that the
Syrian military wasn’t behind an alleged chemical
weapons attack on April 4th of this year. These reports
were apparently ignored by Trump; who instead informed
his decision to launch 59 cruise missiles from the
Mediterranean based on reports by the US imperialist

Hersh claims that starting from the beginning, the Syrian

government was open about their operations in Idlib that Seymour Hersh Image Credit: Flickr – CC – Giorgio
day – even broadcasting details of the bombing run on Montersino
Khan Sheikhoun in English through the deconfliction
channels established by the US and Russia. This seems The claim that sarin was used hasn’t been confirmed
possible since the targets of the bombing were several mid despite Hersh’s sources saying it would be “very easy” to
level members of Tahrir al-Sham (formerly the al-Qaeda confirm “because it penetrates paint,” and all the sources
affiliate, Jahbat al-Nusra), should have been agreeable to in the area would have had to do is “get a paint sample.”
all sides. There is little doubt this area was controlled by
Tahrir al-Sham at the time since all the evidence of the use The timing of the attack immediately came under scrutiny
of sarin gas came from the “humanitarians” in the White by everyone who knows better than to take the word of
Helmets – a group with known ties to the jihadist group. western media at face value. A major factor that aroused
suspicion was the Trump administration’s announced that
According to Hersh, his sources say the Tahrir al-Sham removing Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad was no longer
commanders’ meeting place that was the target of the a US priority; just a day before the incident in Khan
Syrian airstrike was a small building with a basement that Sheikhoun. This obviously would have caused groups like
was used as a munitions stockpile as well as storage for Tahrir al-Sham concern that their association with US
industrial chemicals/weapons components such as chlorine backed rebels like the Free Syrian Army (FSA) was no
and fertilizer. It’s also being reported that the Syrian air longer enough to guarantee their seeming immunity to US
force shared this intelligence with their Russian allies; who strikes.
supplied a precision guided bomb for the strike and claim
they also informed US personnel of this decision. The Syrian government would obviously have no reason to
use a weapon like sarin; knowing it would only cause
The Russian-supplied 500 pound bomb used for the strike international outrage similar to the last time similar
is said to have generated immense heat which caused accusations were leveled against Assad in 2013. On the
other hand, it’s not hard to imagine notoriously brutal should at least be heard out based on his 50+ year history
terror organizations like Tahrir al-Sham would resort to of exposing US war crimes. While we can’t currently
atrocious methods like poisoning civilians if they felt they confirm Hersh’s claims as 100% accurate, he does provide
were on borrowed time. a plausible breakdown of the events in April that stay true
to the explanation put forward by Syria and Russia; two
While it is fair to be somewhat skeptical of Seymour Hersh countries that Hersh would have no clear reason to lie for.
due to the fact that he only presented unnamed sources, he

Flashback: Why The Claim That Russia Wanted To Help
Trump And Not Clinton NEVER Made Any Sense
By Usafeaturesmedia
Posted On June 25, 2017

This theory has more holes in it than Clinton has excuses favor one candidate over the other, to help
for losing in November Trump get elected,” said a senior U.S.
official briefed on an intelligence
presentation made to U.S. senators.
“That’s the consensus view.”

But there is still no hard evidence that anyone can produce,

a full reading of the Post story reveals.

Next, the Times. It reported:

American intelligence agencies have

(National Sentinel) [This story was originally published concluded with “high confidence” that
December 12, 2016, at] Russia acted covertly in the latter stages of
the presidential campaign to harm Hillary
Clinton’s chances and promote Donald J.
Political intel: Over the weekend the Washington Post and
Trump, according to senior administration
The New York Times both reported that “anonymous
sources” within the CIA believe that Russia interfered in
the U.S. presidential election, largely by hacking into They based that conclusion, in part, on
Democratic National Committee and Clinton campaign another finding — which they say was also
computers, and by feeding propaganda to about 200 reached with high confidence — that the
American-based news and information web sites. Russians hacked the Republican National
Committee’s computer systems in addition
First the Post. It reported: to their attacks on Democratic
organizations, but did not release whatever
information they gleaned from the
The CIA has concluded in a secret Republican networks.
assessment that Russia intervened in the
2016 election to help Donald Trump win the In the months before the election, it was
presidency, rather than just to undermine largely documents from Democratic Party
confidence in the U.S. electoral system, systems that were leaked to the public.
according to officials briefed on the matter. Intelligence agencies have concluded that
the Russians gave the Democrats’
Intelligence agencies have identified documents to WikiLeaks.
individuals with connections to the Russian
government who provided WikiLeaks with
thousands of hacked emails from the But there is still no hard evidence that anyone can produce,
Democratic National Committee and a full reading of the Times story reveals.
others, including Hillary Clinton’s campaign
chairman, according to U.S. officials. Those The Trump transition team has, of course, lambasted both
officials described the individuals as actors of these reports, saying essentially that they are from the
known to the intelligence community and same intelligence apparatus that claimed, incorrectly, that
part of a wider Russian operation to boost Saddam Hussein’s Iraq held weapons of mass destruction.
Trump and hurt Clinton’s chances.
“It is the assessment of the intelligence But aside from the political perspective, here is why these
community that Russia’s goal here was to reports are very suspect and, indeed, could be propaganda

themselves aimed solely at undermining the incoming some of the “most classified, sensitive
Trump administration. secrets in the federal government, many of
them covert operations.”
Consider: “Our adversaries have this very sensitive
information, that not only jeopardizes her,
 The reporters and editorial boards of both papers were and national security at home, but the men
in the tank for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary and women serving overseas,” said
Clinton, despite the fact that both papers did indeed McCaul. “In my opinion, quite frankly, it’s
report on much of the hacked information gleaned from treason.”
the DNC and her campaign. Both editorial boards “…[E]xposed vital American information to
endorsed her (the Post here; the Times here). our enemies…”
 The Post ran with a story recently based on obviously
shoddy information from an anonymous group no one
had ever heard of, which claimed that Moscow used Secondly, as The Daily Caller noted, the Times’
hundreds of U.S.-based web sites to spread false declaration that the Republican National Committee’s
propaganda about Clinton, to the benefit of Trump. No servers were similarly hacked by Russian intermediaries—
one else would touch this story and for good reason: It but that the hackers chosenot to release any RNC
was garbage. The Post was even forced to print a sort- information, thus “proving” Moscow was helping
of retraction. Reliably Left-leaning online investigative Trump—is itself a fabrication. According to RNC
news site The Intercept, whose co-founder Glenn spokesman Sean Spicer, the organization is working with
Greenwald broke the Edward Snowden series with the U.S. intelligence agencies who have concluded that no, the
Post, was even highly critical. RNC’s servers were not hacked.
 The mainstream media, which was also largely in
Clinton’s corner, has attempted to craft the “fake news” “The intelligence is wrong,” Spicer told
narrative out of whole cloth since her loss, without a CNN. “It didn’t happened. We offered the
shred of evidence or proof that the negative reports New York Times conclusive proof that it
circulating about Clinton, her foundation’s shady didn’t happen. They ignored it. They
foreign dealings and her husband’s past sexual refused to look at it because it didn’t fit the
dalliances prior to the election were fabricated. narrative.”
“The bottom line is the intelligence is
And here is the most important point of all to make: No wrong,” he continued. “They are writing that
one seems to be asking or providing an answer to this the conclusion they came to was based in
question, part on the fact the RNC was hacked. It
wasn’t hacked. We have intelligence
“Why would Putin help Trump and not agencies that we worked with that are
Clinton?” willing to sort this out.”

This is a crucially important question for a number of And there is this: Julian Assange of WikiLeaks has stated,
reasons. First, there is the matter of Clinton’s unauthorized publicly, that Russia was not behind the DNC/Clinton
use of a personal email server during her tenure as campaign hacks. Granted, Assange made his statement on
secretary of state. FBI Director James Comey said his RT (Russia Today), a media organ controlled by Moscow.
agents believe with 99 percent certainty that her server was But hang on; there’s more.
hacked by several foreign governments; Russia certainly
has the capability to do so, and as such any good It’s very fair to say that Russia was likely among the five
intelligence analyst worth his/her salt would have to or six countries the FBI believes hacked into Clinton’s
assume that Moscow is one of the countries the FBI personal email server while at State; so why shouldn’t we
believes hacked the Clinton servers. After all, we are also believe that Moscow hacked into the DNC and the
attempting to hack Russian (and Iranian, and Chinese, and Clinton campaign, but not the RNC?
a host of other countries) intelligence data bases all the
time. It’s quite possible that Russian President Vladimir Putin,
like much of the rest of the world, believed that Clinton
Why is that important? Because, as Breitbart News would defeat Trump Nov. 8, so he launched an intelligence
reported: operation to gather as much dirt on Clinton as he could—
stolen intelligence and other sensitive information he could
House Homeland Security Chairman use to his advantage when she took over the White House.
Michael McCaul declared on Thursday’s The Times reported it this way:
Fox & Friends that Clinton exposed vital
American information to our enemies —
The Russians were as surprised as By comparison, a Donald Trump presidency featuring
everyone else at Mr. Trump’s victory, billionaire businessman with zero political influence or
intelligence officials said. Had Mrs. Clinton experience, and no skeletons remaining in the closet after a
won, they believe, emails stolen from the bruising campaign cycle, does not offer strategic
Democratic committee and from senior advantages to Putin. A Trump administration, especially
members of her campaign could have been one whose Cabinet is permeated with hawks, offers a
used to undercut her legitimacy. much greater challenge to Putin on the world stage than
would a compromised Hillary Clinton.
That helps explain his hack of her State-related email
servers and, perhaps, even the hacks the DNC and the While we can only assume what the motivations are for the
Clinton campaign. But it doesn’t help explain the Post and the Times (and, possibly, some in the U.S.
resulting release of the hacked data because it was intelligence community) in pushing their narrative that
all clearly damaging to her and her political party. And Russia was somehow overly influential in the U.S.
the releases of hacked information seemed to be an presidential election, what is far easier to deduce, with
effort to keep her out of the White House. some thought, is that it just doesn’t add up. This narrative
also assumes two additional things: 1) Trump, by himself,
That doesn’t make sense. After all, if you’ve got the goods is incapable of convincing enough voters in enough key
on a U.S. president—and let’s not forget that the Clintons states to support him; and 2) the CIA is completely devoid
were also instrumental in helping Russia secure 20 percent of careerist officials who don’t themselves have a political
of all U.S. strategic uranium reserves—you would keep agenda.
those cards close to your vest because that would be a huge
diplomatic and foreign policy advantage for Russia. If Neither of these assumptions can be accurately made.
Putin has all this stuff on Clinton, he could essentially
dictate U.S. foreign policy as it pertained to Russian

CNN's 'Massive' Error On Russia?
No Time For It On 'Reliable Sources'
By Tim Graham
June 26, 2017 10:51 AM EDT

"This applied to social, video, editorial, and

MoneyStream. No exceptions," the email
added. "I will lay out a workflow Monday."

The new restrictions also apply to other areas of the

network — not just CNNMoney, which wasn't involved
with the article that was deleted and retracted.

A source close to the network, who requested anonymity

to discuss the matter, told BuzzFeed News earlier that the
story was a

CNN's media unit has an enormous black hole in its review

"massive, massive f---up and people will
of the media world: CNN. On Friday, CNN retracted an
be disciplined." [Emphasis mine.]
online story making unsubstantiated claims about the
Russian ties of Trump adviser Anthony Scaramucci. Jon
Passantino at Buzzfeed reported on Sunday a crackdown on The person said CNN Worldwide President Jeff Zucker and
CNN reporting on Russia to prevent future mistakes. the head of the company's human resources department are
"directly involved" in an internal investigation examining
how the story was handled.
So how much time did Stelter have for this story on his
show Reliable Sources on Sunday? Nothing. Instead,
Stelter spent more than five minutes hate-analyzing Fox & It's not like Stelter was unaware of the CNN retraction. He
Friends as a Trump infomercial. He spent about ten and a tweeted that on Saturday morning:
half minutes indulging "TV legend" Phil Donahue. He
even closed the show with four minutes allegedly about
Russia -- but his guest Masha Gessen basically fed back
Stelter his favorite talking point that Trump is an "aspiring
autocrat" who's shutting down access to the press:

"We're definitely hurtling towards a closed

system of government..."

Here's what Buzzfeed reported:

CNN is imposing strict new publishing restrictions for

online articles involving Russia after the network deleted a
story and then issued a retraction late Friday, according to
an internal email obtained by BuzzFeed News.
On Sunday night in his e-mail newsletter, Stelter spent
about 230 words on the "massive" mess-up:
The email went out at 11:21 a.m. on Saturday from Rich
Barbieri, the CNNMoney executive editor, saying
On Friday evening fully retracted
a story after questions were raised about
"No one should publish any content the accuracy of the reporting and sourcing.
involving Russia without coming to me and The story, by Thomas Frank of the
Jason [Farkas]," a CNN vice president. investigative unit, said Congress was
investigating a "Russian Investment Fund
With Ties To Trump Officials." It didn't

get TV airtime, but it was shared on the An embarrassing moment for CNN
web, where it was spotted and scrutinized
by Breitbart. The truth is, there's still a lot we don't know. On Saturday
and Sunday I asked CNN PR for details and comment. A
On Friday night the story was replaced by an editor’s note: network spokeswoman declined to comment as of Sunday
"That story did not meet CNN's editorial
standards and has been retracted. Links to -- My take: I sometimes complain to my
the story have been disabled." editors about the layers of editing and
oversight that exist at CNN. But these
The editor's note included an apology to Trump ally processes exist for good reasons.
Anthony Scaramucci, who was named in the story. The Determining what went wrong this time
next morning Scaramucci responded via Twitter: will help prevent future damage to the
news organization... [Emphasis in the
"CNN did the right thing. Classy move. original.]
Apology accepted. Everyone makes
mistakes. Moving on." Perhaps Stelter should try to be as upset at his poor access
to his own network's executives as he is to the media's
Some prominent conservative figures, like Donald Trump poor access to Trump.
Jr. and Sean Hannity, seized on the story as an example of
anti-Trump bias and anonymous source malfeasance...

Trump Blasts Obama On Russia:
"He Didn't 'Choke'...He Expected Clinton To Win
So He Colluded Or Obstructed"
By Tyler Durden
Jun 26, 2017 9:02 AM

Former President Obama, political royalty on the left and a

media darling who even sent a "thrill up the leg" of Chris
Matthews, has drawn a rather surprising amount of public
criticism of late over his handling of Russia's meddling in
the 2016 election. Everyone from Congressional
democrats to CNN is suddenly curious why Obama didn't
do more?

Well, apparently Trump has decided to clear things up via


"The reason that President Obama did

NOTHING about Russia after being
notified by the CIA of meddling is that
he expected Clinton would win and did
not want to "rock the boat." He didn't
"choke," he colluded or obstructed, and
it did the Dems and Crooked Hillary no
"The real story is that President Obama
did NOTHING after being informed in
August about Russian meddling. With 4
months looking at Russia under a
magnifying glass, they have zero "tapes" of
T people colluding. There is no collusion &
no obstruction. I should be given
Of course, the more important issue is the media's
shocking and sudden turn against Obama as it does make
one wonder whether there is more at play here than meets
the eye.

Dowd: Trump's The 'One Person That Questions His
Legitimacy The Most'
By Kristine Marsh
June 26, 2017 10:36 AM EDT

DOWD: No, he has an obsession on this

and I was thinking about this. The one
person that questions Donald Trump's
legitimacy the most for holding his
office seems to be Donald Trump.
Donald Trump constantly raises questions
about his own electoral victory, about
whether or not Russia interfered with it and
I'm reminded of a quote, to cure one
obsession you usually have to adopt
another obsession so Donald Trump
would be much better adopting another
Monday on ABC’s Good Morning America, the network’s that was more beneficial for the public.
political analyst Matthew Dowd accused President Trump
of having an “obsession” with Russia “hacking” the
presidential election. Without a hint of irony, Dowd added
that Trump was the “one person” that “questioned Trump’s
legitimacy the most,” seemingly forgetting that he himself
has questioned Trump’s legitimacy over and over again on
GMA since November.

After Trump tweeted this morning about a Washington

Post report that revealed President Obama knew about
Russia trying to meddle in the 2016 election long before
Wikileaks but did nothing about it, ABC again shifted the
blame from Obama to attack Trump. For tweeting about For Dowd to claim that Trump was the one who was
this revelation, anchor George Stephanopoulos and Dowd “obsessed” with Russian hacking is a hoot. This is the
diagnosed Trump as having an “obsession” over the same network that has spent just about every day talking
Russian hacking: about the investigation for months on end. Not only that,
but Dowd claimed that Trump “questioned” his own
STEPHANOPOULOS: Meantime, the election win more than anyone else. Again, Dowd ignored
president simply can't help himself on that his own network has questioned Trump’s legitimacy
those tweets about Russia. repeatedly, from questions asked by George
Stephanopoulos to Dowd himself.

Report: FBI Collaborated With
Dem Oppo Research Firm To Smear Trump
By Debra Heine
June 26, 2017

Planned Parenthood retained Fusion GPS to investigate

pro-life activists protesting the abortion group.

More, federal records show a key co-founder and partner

in the firm was a Hillary Clinton donor and supporter of
her presidential campaign.

In September 2016, while Fusion GPS was quietly

shopping the dirty dossier on Trump around Washington,
its co-founder and partner Peter R. Fritsch contributed at
FBI Director James Comey speaks to the Intelligence and National least $1,000 to the Hillary Victory Fund and the Hillary
Security Alliance Leadership Dinner in Alexandria, Va., Wednesday, For America campaign, Federal Election Commission data
March 29, 2017. (AP Photo/Cliff Owen) show. His wife also donated money to Hillary’s campaign.

The D.C. firm that commissioned the Russia intelligence Property records show that in June 2016, as Clinton allies
dossier smearing President Donald Trump is refusing to bankrolled Fusion GPS, Fritsch bought a six-bedroom,
answer questions and provide records to the Senate panel five-bathroom home in Bethesda, Md., for $2.3 million.
investigating its connections to the Democratic Party,
according to the New York Post's Paul Sperry. The so-
Fritsch did not respond to requests for comment. A lawyer
called "dodgy dossier" helped spark the Russia scandal that
for Fusion GPS said the firm’s work is confidential.
has been bedeviling Trump since the election.
Astonishingly, the FBI became involved with the dossier
last summer, even though it knew the salacious report Sources say Fusion GPS had its own interest, beyond those
lacked credibility -- and now it is also stonewalling the of its clients, in promulgating negative gossip about
Senate Judiciary Committee. Trump.

Fusion GPS calls itself a “research and strategic Fritsch, who served as the Journal’s bureau chief in
intelligence firm” but is well known in Washington to be Mexico City and has lectured at the liberal Wilson
an opposition-research group for Democrats. According to Center’s Mexico Institute, married into a family with
Sperry, the firm's founders are "more political activists Mexican business interests. His wife, Beatriz Garcia,
than journalists" and have "a pro-Hillary, anti-Trump formerly worked as an executive at Grupo Dina, a
agenda." manufacturer of trucks and buses in Mexico City that
benefits from NAFTA, which Trump opposes.
Via the New York Post:
Fritsch’s Fusion GPS partner Thomas Catan, who grew up
in Britain, once edited a business magazine in Mexico,
“These weren’t mercenaries or hired guns,”
moreover. A third founding partner, Glenn Simpson, is
a congressional source familiar with the
reported to have shared dark views of both Russian
dossier probe said. “These guys had a
President Vladimir Putin and Trump. Before joining
vested personal and ideological interest in
Fusion GPS, Simpson did opposition research for a former
smearing Trump and boosting Hillary’s
Clinton White House operative.
chances of winning the White House.”
The Senate Judiciary Committee is also looking into the
Fusion GPS was on the payroll of an unidentified
FBI's involvement with the anti-Trump dossier and
Democratic ally of Clinton when it hired a long-retired
Christopher Steele, the former spy who was hired by
British spy to dig up dirt on Trump. In 2012, Democrats
Fusion GPS to create a Russia file on Trump.
hired Fusion GPS to uncover dirt on GOP presidential
nominee Mitt Romney. And in 2015, Democrat ally

The FBI received a copy of the Democrat-funded dossier while liberal media continue to use it as a road map to find
in August, during the heat of the campaign, and is said to “scoops” on Trump in the “Russiagate” conspiracy they’re
have contracted in October to pay Steele $50,000 to help peddling — still hoping against hope that the central thrust
corroborate the dirt on Trump — a relationship that “raises of the report — that Trump entered into an unholy alliance
substantial questions about the independence” of the with the Russian government during the election — will
bureau in investigating Trump, warned Senate Judiciary one day prove true and bring about the downfall of his
Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa. presidency.

Senate investigators are demanding to see records of On Fox and Friends Sunday, Sperry said the new
communications between Fusion GPS and the FBI and the developments on the case "do not bode well for
Justice Department, including any contacts with former Democrats."
Attorney General Loretta Lynch, now under congressional
investigation for possibly obstructing the Hillary Clinton "Not only is the Senate now investigating
email probe, and deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe, officially the Obama administration [Loretta
who is under investigation by the Senate and the Justice Lynch] for obstruction of justice, but they're
inspector general for failing to recuse himself despite also investigating the origins of this
financial and political connections to the Clinton campaign discredited dossier that Democrats used to
through his Democrat activist wife. launch their witch hunt against Trump on
Russia," Sperry said. "And that witch hunt
According to Sperry, Senate investigators say McCabe is could backfire on them now if this really
the FBI official who negotiated with Steele. heats up...with subpoenas, hearings, and
also possibly a criminal investigation down
Steele contracted with Fusion GPS to investigate Trump’s the road."
ties to Russia starting in June 2016, whereupon he
outlandishly claimed that Hillary campaign hackers were Asked why he thinks the media has been ignoring these
“paid by both Trump’s team and the Kremlin” and that the latest developments, Sperry answered that
operation was run out of Putin’s office. He also fed Fusion
GPS and its Hillary-allied clients incredulous gossip about "they're part of the witch hunt" and "a lot of
Trump hating the Obamas so much that he hired hookers them are Democrat mouth pieces."
to urinate on a bed they slept in at the Moscow Ritz-
Carlton, and that Russian intelligence recorded the pee He said the Senate Judiciary Committee is eager to find
party in case they needed to blackmail Trump. out if the FBI collaborated with Fusion GPS on the dossier.

Never mind that none of the rumors were backed by The dossier is "riddled with errors in fact
evidence or even credible sourcing (don’t bother trying to and questionable sourcing" and "was a
confirm his bed-wetting yarn, Steele advised, as “all direct Democrat operation from top to bottom,"
witnesses have been silenced”). Steele reinforced his Sperry told the Fox and Friends hosts.
paying customers’ worst fears about Trump, and they
rewarded him for it with a whopping $250,000 in
payments. He said the committee's next move will likely be to start
issuing subpoenas.
But it’s now clear his “intelligence reports,” which
together run more than 35-pages long, were for the most "We've got to get to the bottom of this
part worthless. And the clients who paid Fusion GPS because when you combine Loretta Lynch
(which claims to go “beyond standard due diligence”) for and ... allegations against her of
them got taken to the cleaners. obstruction of justice in the Hillary
investigation, and this whole thing is really
starting to smell rotten," Sperry concluded.
Bizarrely, the CIA gave the shoddy, uncorroborated report
credence and it wound up in the White House, where then-
President Obama was briefed on it. The FBI also used the
dossier for investigative leads on Carter Page, who has
been eager to testify before Congress so he can clear his
name. Yet former FBI Director James Comey admitted
under oath earlier this month that the dossier is “salacious
and unverified.”

And of course, Democratic leaders in Congress keep

referring to it to cook up more charges against Trump,
President Donald Trump on Saturday tweeted that the on Twitter. "Obama Administration official
investigations into Russian meddling should focus on the said they 'choked' when it came to acting
Obama administration -- not him. on Russian meddling of election. They
didn't want to hurt Hillary?"
"Since the Obama Administration was told
way before the 2016 Election that the It looks like a shift in focus may be beginning to take
Russians were meddling, why no action? place.
Focus on them, not T," the president wrote

NYT Front-Page Shocker:
Trump’s Genuine Bond With Families
Of Victims Of Illegals
By Clay Waters
June 26, 2017 10:43 AM EDT

New York Times reporter Vivian Yee, who got emotional

on a February front page over the plight of Their alliance came down to this: To parents parched for
“undocumented” immigrants (no surprise, given the understanding, Mr. Trump was a gulp of hope. The Trump
paper’s support for amnesty for illegals), on Monday campaign flew them to speak at rallies and at the
penned a surprisingly sympathetic view of distraught Republican National Convention, put them up in Trump
Americans who have lost loved ones to illegal immigrants hotels and kept in touch with regular phone calls and
and came to support Donald Trump for that one reason, messages. After his victory, Mr. Trump invited at least one
loyalty that Trump has returned in kind. to the Inaugural Ball and seated three more with the first
lady during his first address to Congress.
Yee’s story on Monday’s front page, “From Deep Grief, a
Solid Bond With Trump on Border Policy,” rather Then and since, they have defended him on social media
shockingly gave those bereft families much of the same and in the press, assuring the world that, with President
kind of soft and glowing coverage that the paper usually Trump in office, their children will not have died in vain.
reserves for illegal immigrants like “The Dreamers” and
other favored targets of “persecution.” Yee talked to Sabine Durden, whose son was killed in a
road collision by an illegal from Guatemala who had two
The families could reel off all the times they had called the DUIs but had been released on bail and never deported:
media and written to Washington, but after all that trying,
they had never heard anyone who mattered. The families At his sentencing in 2013, Mr. Tzun blamed God for the
could reel off all the times they had called the media and crash. Ms. Durden blamed the immigration system.
written to Washington, but after all that trying, they had
never heard anyone who mattered say anything like it: ….
Most Mexican immigrants, Donald J. Trump declared in
his first campaign speech, were “rapists” who were Ms. Durden, 59, had come to the United States from
“bringing drugs, bringing crime” across the border.
Germany when she married an American in the Army,
eventually becoming a citizen. He was a Democrat, so she
Now he had come to meet them, the families of people was a Democrat. She had never thought much about the
killed by undocumented immigrants, and they wanted to immigration debate before Dominic died. Now it was her
tell him he was right. whole life.

One son had been struck by a truck, another shot just Then came Mr. Trump. Whenever she saw him, he greeted
around the corner from home. Different causes of death, her with a “great big hug,” she recalled. “Dom’s mom,” he
but the driver, the gunman, all the perpetrators were the called her.
same, the parents said: people who never should have been
in the country in the first place.
“He would say, ‘You’ll never be alone
again. You’ll never have to fight this
…. alone,’” said Ms. Durden, who went on to
speak at three of his rallies.
Hailed for bravery, accused of racism,
scorned as puppets, these are some of Yee suggested the issue was truly a campaign turning point
Mr. Trump’s most potent surrogates, the for many voters who wouldn’t normally be considered in
people whose private anguish has the Trump tank.
formed the emotional cornerstone of his
crusade against illegal immigration and The Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, was out there
clouded the futures of America’s 11 talking about the need to create a pathway to citizenship
million unauthorized immigrants.
for undocumented immigrants. When Ms. Durden heard of the smiling dead. The commemorative buttons. The
that, she changed her voter registration to Republican the ashes held close in a locket.
same day.
In a series of recent interviews, the
families described a similar trajectory: [Trump] also mentioned the case that, at least on the right,
The death of a loved one. The spasm of had come to define the dangers of illegal immigration: that
realizing that the other driver, or the of Kathryn Steinle, a 32-year-old woman shot to death on a
gunman, was living in the country San Francisco pier in 2015. The suspect was an ex-felon
illegally. The political awakening -- for from Mexico who had been deported five times. A few
the Republicans, a hardening toward months before Ms. Steinle’s death, the local authorities
illegal immigrants; for the Democrats, a had released him from jail without notifying federal
quick, grim conversion. The relief, when immigration agents.
another “angel mom” or “angel dad”
saw them on the news and found them
Still, those who appeared on the campaign’s behalf said
Yee’s article may qualify as one of the most flattering
they had never felt like props. Mr. Trump was no more
things about Trump to appear in the paper (Michael
using them, they said, than Mrs. Clinton was using
Kinsley’s odd experiment to “say something nice about
hardworking Hispanic families to humanize the issue.
Donald Trump” notwithstanding).
Here was the paradox of Donald Trump, unfiltered tycoon
who seemed as far away as Fifth Avenue and as close up
as the living room TV. Even as a legion of critics warned It looked very different to the other side, of course. People
he was pandering to his fans on the way to betraying them, on social media, and even some friends, did not hesitate to
the alliance he had made with the families felt, to many of let them know that they thought they were being used. Lots
them, like an unshakable bond. of people called them racist. They insisted that they were
not, emphasizing that they did not think all undocumented
immigrants were bad.
The thing was, he paid attention. And he
never stopped.
A large body of research, accumulated over many years,
has found that immigrants are less likely than native-born
citizens to commit serious crimes or to be imprisoned.

For the Trump campaign, the private cultivation paid off.

For the families, such studies were
In public, the families became some of the campaign’s
beside the point. To them, illegal
most compelling witnesses.
immigration was an epidemic of
preventable deaths.
They could be picked out by what they carried, the
talismans of absence: the T-shirts printed with photographs

Obama Holdover:
Trump Style 'Quicker, More Decisive'
By Paul Bedard
Jun 26, 2017, 8:25 AM

Veterans Affairs Secretary David J. Shulkin is a rare bird is earning back that trust that it needs," he
in the Trump administration, having been a top Obama added.
pick when he was the department's undersecretary for
health through the 2016 election. Shulkin, who has won kudos for his management acumen,
said that the president is using a businessman's sense to fix
So, we asked him how things have changed under Trump, government.
and he said it is all for the good.
"The president very much looks at this
organization like running a business. And
he understands that you need to allow the
manager of the business to have the
freedom to go out and to challenge
assumptions and to make decisions," said
the secretary during a breakfast hosted by
the Christian Science Monitor.

And that's a good thing?

"Slow, incremental change isn't what this

organization needs," he said. "He did not
"I have found that mandate from him, to get
come in to make incremental change; he
this organization fixed and the support and
came in to set a fundamental different
freedom to go out and challenge old
course in direction when it comes to
assumptions, as exactly what the VA needs
providing services to veterans," Shulkin
right now," Shulkin said.
said. "Acting quicker and more decisively is
"I think the organization feels more part of that management style."
empowered to fix problems than they have
in the past, and my hope is that we will be
able to set the path so that the organization

Finally: Senate To Probe Illicit Behavior By Obama AG
Loretta Lynch In Covering Up For The Clintons
By JD Heyes
Monday, June 26, 2017

“which I cannot talk about yet” that caused him to become

concerned about Lynch’s impartiality.

Comey added that was one of the reasons he decided to go

public with the FBI’s findings regarding Clinton in that
July presser, which ran counter to Justice Department and
FBI usual operating procedures.

The Judiciary Committee’s decision to examine Lynch’s

role in the Clinton probe comes as the panel is already
examining Trump’s firing of Comey, the Times noted.

The Senate Judiciary Committee is launching an Grassley has said that the Lynch investigation is being
investigation into the actions of former Obama Attorney conducted in a bipartisan manner. The Lynch letter was
General Loretta Lynch during last year’s FBI criminal also signed by ranking Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein,
investigation into then-Democratic presidential nominee as well as Sens. Lindsey Graham and Sheldon Whitehouse,
Hillary Clinton’s improper use of a private email server to the chairman and ranking member of the key investigative
handle highly classified intelligence information. subcommittee that will handle much of the probe.

As reported by the Washington Times, the panel, led by In addition, the committee sent letters to Amanda Renteria,
Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, its chairman, wants to a Clinton campaign staff member, as well as Leonard
know more about her efforts to shape or otherwise Benardo and Gail Scovell of the Open Society
influence the investigation. Foundations, which were founded by Left-wing billionaire
and global socialist meddler George Soros.
Critics have said Lynch’s actions were tantamount to
ensuring that Clinton — who then-FBI Director James Bernardo, the Times reported, may have been on an email
Comey said during a July 5, 2016, press conference had chain from the head of the Democratic National
committed numerous violations of the law governing the Committee at the time, reportedly offering assurances to
handling of classified material — was not held accountable Renteria that the Clinton investigation wouldn’t “go too
for her actions so she would still be free to pursue the far.”
White House.
Earlier this month at a highly-anticipated hearing before
The Times noted: the Senate Intelligence Committee, Comey told members
that Lynch tried at one point to get him to alter the manner
In a letter to Ms. Lynch, the committee asks her to detail in which his agency described the investigation into
the depths of her involvement in the FBI’s investigation, Clinton’s use of a private server. The requested change
including whether she ever assured Clinton confidantes appeared to fall right in line with the Clinton campaign’s
that the probe wouldn’t “push too deeply into the matter.” narrative. (Realted: COVER UP: Did Susan Rice’s records
get moved to the Obama prez library to avoid having them
In public testimony Comey, who was fired in May by released to public?)
President Donald J. Trump after receiving a memo from
Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein that the Justice Department “At one point, [Lynch] directed me not to call it an
had lost confidence in him over his own behavior in the ‘investigation’ but instead to call it a ‘matter,’ which
Clinton probe, said that Lynch attempted to instruct him on confused me and concerned me,” Comey said on June 8.
how to discuss the Democratic nominee’s investigation. At “That was one of the bricks in the load that led me to
one point he hinted that she had engaged in other behavior
conclude I have to step away from the department if we are prosecutor” would chose to prosecute Clinton, which was
to close this case credibly.” not an FBI director’s decision to make.

Many Americans don’t believe he did. After laying out the Critics have also questioned Lynch’s decision to take an
case against Clinton, Comey then incredibly claimed that impromptu meeting with former President Bill Clinton
the FBI couldn’t find any “intent” that she wanted to on an Arizona airport tarmac at the peak of the
commit a crime (which is NOT a requirement to charge investigation into his wife. Some believe that Lynch told
someone with violations of national security statutes, and the former president then that Hillary would not be
despite the fact that she went out of her way to purposely charged.
buy and set up her own private email server,
secretly). Comey also claimed that “no reasonable Comey made that official just a few days later.

SCOTUS "Mostly" Reinstates
Trump Travel Ban; Schedules October Hearing
By Tyler Durden
Jun 26, 2017 4:34 PM

Update:  Thomas, alito, gorsuch issue partial dissent on travel

It appears that Trump has been handed a 'partial' victory on
his travel ban by the Supreme Court. While SCOTUS It seems that we won't know more until October.
revived a "narrowed" ban, they found that it can not be
applied to people with a

"credible claim of a bona fide

relationship with a person or entity in
the United States."

 Supreme court temporarily narrows travel ban

 Supreme court lifts most of injunction that blocked
trump's travel ban on six muslim-majority nations Meanwhile, it seems that SCOTUS may be taking tweeting
 Court says ban can apply to people without u.s. tips from the President...though we're not entirely
relationship sure...maybe "bona dude" is a technical term.
 U.s. supreme court agrees to hear trump appeals of
rulings blocking travel ban on six muslim-majority

The ban will exclude people visiting a

close family member, students who
have been admitted to a university or
workers who have accepted an
employment offer,

the court said. But the court said people can’t avoid the
travel ban by entering into a relationship solely to enter the

The policy will suspend entry into the U.S. by people from
Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen for a
period of 90 days and it will take effect in 72 hours.

Justices Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito and Neil Gorsuch

said they would have let the entire ban take effect

Here is the full SCOTUS decision on next page:


The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) will Sudan, Syria and Yemen. Decisions are expected to be
wrap up its 2017 session today and will likely issue a revealed publicly at 10AM EST.
decision on Trump's controversial travel ban. As you may
recall, Trump's "travel ban" was designed to impose a 90- Of course, the case has ended up in the Supreme Court
day pause in travel from citizens of Iran, Libya, Somalia, because two federal appellate courts ruled against the

Trump travel policy on the basis of religious and
"nationality-based" discrimination. Per CBS:

The 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in

Richmond, Virginia, said the ban was
"rooted in religious animus" toward
Muslims and pointed to Trump's campaign
promise to impose a ban on Muslims
entering the country as well as tweets and
remarks he has made since becoming
president. More from Axios:

The San Francisco-based 9th U.S. White House sources think Justice Anthony
Circuit Court of Appeals said the travel Kennedy, the Supreme Court's ideological
policy does not comply with federal fulcrum, may announce his retirement
immigration law, including a prohibition today, as the justices gather on the bench
on nationality-based discrimination. for the last time this term.
That court also put a hold on separate
aspects of the policy that would keep all
refugees out of the United States for 120 Trump's first Court appointment, of Justice Neil Gorsuch,
days and cut by more than half, from was a one-for-one ideological swap for the late Justice
110,000 to 50,000, the cap on refugees in Antonin Scalia.
the current government spending year that
ends Sept. 30. Replacing Kennedy would be even more
historic and consequential: a
Trump's first executive order on travel applied to travelers momentous chance to edge the Court
from the six countries as well as Iraq, and took effect right, since Kennedy is the center of the
immediately, causing chaos and panic at airports over the Court
last weekend in January as the Homeland Security
Department scrambled to figure out who the order covered — the one most willing to listen to both sides. On a
and how it was to be implemented. A federal judge controversial case, both sides pitch to him. It's been called
blocked it eight days later, an order that was upheld by a "Kennedy's Court."
9th circuit panel. Rather than pursue an appeal, the
administration said it would revise the policy. No one's predicting: Court watchers say no one knows, and
Kennedy has said nothing publicly. He could well wait one
In March, Trump issued a narrower order, but it too was more year:
promptly blocked.
The Court buzz is that it'll be this year or next.
Of course, back in June, during what became a fairly
public dispute with his own Attorney General, Lyle Denniston, who has covered the Supreme Court for
58 years, headlines a post on his website,
Trump blasted the "watered down,
politically correct" version of his travel "High drama: Supreme Court term is
ban that is currently before the Supreme ending": "[R]umors have continued to
Court. make the rounds that ... Kennedy, who
will be 81 in July, could reveal plans
Meanwhile, today's session could also draw buzz as [today] to end his career. ... The longest
rumors have surfaced of late that Justice Kennedy could serving of the Justices, Kennedy joined
announce his retirement. Moreover, it is expected that the court more than 29 years ago."
Kennedy's retirement would push SCOTUS even further to
the right as he was often considered the "center of the If true, of course, this would give the Trump
court." administration the opportunity to replace a second
Supreme Court justice within the first year of his

Trump Responds: "Unanimous Supreme
Court Decision A Clear Victory
For Our National Security"
By Tyler Durden
Jun 26, 2017 12:29 PM

Many have been waiting with bated breath all morning for countries and the refugee suspension to
Trump's response on the Supreme Court's decision become largely effective.
regarding his travel ban. While we expected that response
would come in the form of a snarky tweet, it has As President, I cannot allow people into our country who
unfortunately been revealed via a more carefully crafted want to do us harm. I want people who can love the United
official statement. States and all of its citizens, and who will be hardworking
and productive.

My number one responsibility as Commander in Chief is

to keep the American people safe. Today's ruling allows
me to use an important tool for protecting our Nation's

I am also particularly gratified that the

Supreme Court's decision was 9-0.

Of course, we're sure that today's ruling is also

"particularly gratifying" for the Trump administration in
light of their previous accusations that rulings by the 9th
district court in San Francisco were politically motivated.

Here is the full text:

Statement from President Donald J. Trump

Today's unanimous Supreme Court

decision is a clear victory for our
national security. It allows the travel
suspension for the six terror-prone

Senior CNN Producer: ‘
The Entire Trump-Russia Narrative Is Bullsh*T’
Producer Admits It's All For "Ratings"
By Shepard Ambellas
June 27, 2017

(INTELLIHUB) Senior CNN producer John Bonifield was

recently caught on camera admitting that CNN is only The, most-likely soon to be jobless, producer also said that
pushing the Trump-Russia narrative for “ratings” and that CNN CEO Jeff Zucker congratulated reporters during a
he knows it’s all “bullsh*t.” meeting for there coverage of the climate accord but said
that the CEO wanted to quickly resume the ‘Russia
“It’s mostly bullsh*t right now. Like, we coverage’ despite the fact that there is nothing to the story.
don’t have any big giant proof,” the senior
producer stated in the video obtained by Additionally, Bonifield voiced his opinion on Russian
Project Veritas. “I just feel like they don’t interference with the U.S. electoral system and why
really have it but they want to keep digging Hillary Clinton lost the election.
— and so I think that the President is right
to say, like, look, you are witch hunting me.
“Even if Russia was trying to swing an
Like you have no smoking gun, you have
election, we try to swing their elections, our
no real proof […] If it was something really
CIA is doing sh*t all the time, we’re out
good — it would leak.”
there trying to manipulate governments,”
he said. “You win because you know the
game and you play it right [and Hillary]
didn’t play it right.”

The producer said that CNN’s ratings are “incredible right

now” and admits that the news business needs to “do what
they got to do to make their money.”


CNN Decides It Can No Longer Trust Its Own Reporting,
Retracts Story Linking Trump To Russia
Three Resign Over Scandal
By Shepard Ambellas
June 27, 2017

(INTELLIHUB) — Three CNN employees handed in their The agency, which employs CIA-connected Operation
resignations over a Trump-Russia story published on Mockingbird mouthpieces such as Anderson Cooper, has
Friday which the agency removed from its website after it stooped to an all-time low vindicating what Intellihub has
was decided that they could not stand by their own maintained all-along — that “CNN is nothing more than a
reporting, proving that CNN is the epitome of ‘fake news.’ shitshow.”

What is CNN?

Evidence Suggests CNN Is Nothing More Than A Shitshow

‘There’s No Camera On, Jim!’ Showboating CNN’s Acosta
Yells at Spicer Over Press Access
By Curtis Houck
June 26, 2017 5:12 PM EDT

At Monday’s audio-only and photos-only White House ACOSTA: Can you just give you an answer
press briefing, CNN senior White House correspondent to that? Can you tell us why you turned the
Jim Acosta continued to make a fool out of himself, cameras off? Why are they off, Sean?
melting down and screaming at press secretary Sean Spicer
over the current set-up for briefings.
legitimate question.

Acosta first interrupted after a female reporter didn’t get ACOSTA: It’s a legitimate question. You
her question answered. When he yelled at Spicer to answer are a taxpayer-funded spokesman for the
her question, Spicer lobbed some A+ shade at Acosta: United States government. Can you at
least give us an explanation of why the
cameras are off?
“There's no camera on, Jim.”
Thankfully for Acosta, One America News Network’s
balanced White House reporter Trey Yingst bailed him out
by pressing Spicer to “get this out of the way” and
“address the cameras issue.”

Once the tape-delayed audio aired, Acosta was parked

outside the White House to again pontificate with his

Taking the first issue of Spicer trolling CNN by not calling

them, Acosta vented:

The CNN liberal immediately took Spicer’s bait, Sean Spicer has refused to take questions
screaming as Spicer tried to move on: from CNN for weeks now. It has been
going on for some time. You know, he may
“Maybe we should turn the cameras on, have taken a question here or there over
Sean! Why don't we turn the cameras the last couple of weeks, but we've largely
on? Why don't we turn the cameras on? been just blackballed during these
Why not turn the cameras on, Sean? briefings. We're just not getting questions
They’re in the room, the lights are on.” to the press secretary. That would not have
happened in previous administrations. Fox
Roughly 10 minutes later, local Fox affiliate WTTG-5 News always got a question every day at
reporter Ronica Cleary asked about White House the briefing until President Obama, so let's
Correspondents Association president Jeff Mason’s just make sure that's perfectly clear to
meetings with the Trump press team and if the lack of on- everybody watching out there. Fox News
camera briefings represented “a new normal.” always got questions. MSNBC always got
questions during the previous
Instead of respectfully going back and forth with Spicer administrations. This is a new thing this
White House is doing to us here at CNN
like Cleary did, Acosta interjected to further badger Spicer,
and to a couple other news outlets as well.
convincing absolutely no one that he’s a sober journalist
(and the type Spicer referenced last week): “Let's make this clear. This is not a
Trump campaign event. This is the
ACOSTA: Why are the cameras off, Sean? United States government saying that
Why don’t you turn them on? we can't have cameras on inside the
White House briefing room for an event
SPICER: Trey, Trey, Trey. that is typically covered with
cameras...but, Ana, make no mistake, ACOSTA: Why not turn the cameras on, Sean? They’re in
this is the gradual erosion of the the room, the lights are on.
expectations of the traditions that have
been in this city for about a quarter of a (....)
century now, that these briefings be
held on camera,” he added.
RONICA CLEARY: Sean, thank you. Jeff Mason sent an
account of the meeting that he had to the members of the
He finished on his third point by stating his concern that White House Correspondents Association about the future
President Trump would be speaking this week with India’s of the press briefings, would you say his account of that
Prime Minister in the Rose Garden but not holding a meeting was accurate?
subsequent press conference.
SPICER: I was not provided with that. I had the conver —
“[H]e's getting the coverage without the
accountability and I think that we just CLEARY: Could you give us an account from your
need to recognize what's happening perspective of what happened in that meeting and what
here and that is what we are typically
we’ve —
accustomed to in this town in terms of
covering the White House, that is being
eroded away right in front of our eyes,” SPICER: We've had two since then, another one since then.
Acosta concluded. Jeff has stated the position of the board that he believes,
and I’ve shared with him where we are on that, that we have
been consistent since December and January when we
Here’s the relevant portions of the transcript from June
addressed this issue with them specifically and publicly and
26's CNN Newsroom:
that we'll continue to have a mix of opportunities to stay in
touch with the media.
CNN Newsroom
June 26, 2017 CLEARY: This seems to have been a drastic shift, starting
2:34 p.m. Eastern form maybe the week before the President took his first trip
abroad, but now we see you on camera once a week. Is that
a new normal that we would expect?

SPICER: We’ll see. We’ll just — we’ll continue to mix

things? Trey?

JIM ACOSTA: Sean, Sean, can you answer whether the

President still believes the question —


Jen’s question?
ACOSTA: Why are the cameras off, Sean? Why don’t you
SEAN SPICER: There's no camera on, Jim. turn them on?

ACOSTA: Maybe we should turn the cameras on, Sean! SPICER: Trey, Trey, Trey.
Why don't we turn the cameras on?
ACOSTA: Can you just give you an answer to that? Can you
SPICER: Jen — tell us why you turned the cameras off? Why are they off,
ACOSTA: Why don't we turn the cameras on?
SPICER: — I'm sorry you have to deal with — Jen? Jen, go question.
ACOSTA: It’s a legitimate question. You are a taxpayer- saying that we can't have cameras on inside the White
funded spokesman for the United States government. Can House briefing room for an event that is typically covered
you at least give us an explanation of why the cameras are with cameras and, you know, I'll let the viewers decide why
off? they're being kept off, but I tried a couple times during the
briefing today to get a question to Sean Spicer and to ask
TREY YINGST: So we can get this out of the way? Can we why these cameras are not being turned on. Now, Trey
address the cameras issue? Do you think this will — Yingst, over at OANN, which is a conservative outlet, to his
credit, when Sean Spicer was not answering my question
about why the cameras are being kept off, did ask the
SPICER: Yes. Some days we'll have them and some days
question and said, hey, let's get this out of the way, why are
we won't. The President’s going to speak today in the Rose
these cameras being kept off, and Spicer basically punted
Garden. I want the President's voice to carry the day — you
on that issue and said, well, there will be times they're off
know, and I think — so — look, this is nothing inconsistent
and times they're on, but Ana, make no mistake, this is the
from what we had since day one.
gradual erosion of the expectations of the traditions that
have been in this city for about a quarter of a century now,
(....) that these briefings be held on camera.

2:55 p.m. Eastern

ACOSTA: Well, a couple issues here, Ana, and let's

separate them. One is Sean Spicer has refused to take
questions from CNN for weeks now. It has been going on for
some time. You know, he may have taken a question here
or there over the last couple of weeks, but we've largely
been just blackballed during these briefings. We're just not
getting questions to the press secretary. That would not
have happened in previous administrations. Fox News
always got a question every day at the briefing until
President Obama, so let's just make sure that's perfectly
clear to everybody watching out there. Fox News always got
questions. MSNBC always got questions during the previous Further to that point, this openness and transparency point,
administrations. This is a new thing this White House is the President is going to be making a statement this
doing to us here at CNN and to a couple other news outlets afternoon with Prime Minister Modi from India. Those head
as well. But as for the camera issue, as you know Ana, and of state press conferences or statements are typically press
as you witnessed, that briefings was off camera once again conferences, where the American press gets two questions
today, so I asked a couple times during the briefing, why and the foreign press will get two questions. That is not
can't we turn these cameras on? happening today. So, the President is using the setting of
the Rose Garden to talk about whatever he wants to talk
about and presumably he may talk about this travel ban, but
People who are not accustomed to being in that briefing he's not going to be taking questions from the news media.
room need to understand. It is set up like a TV studio. You And so, once again, he's getting the coverage without the
can turn the cameras on. The cameras can be on at any accountability and I think that we just need to recognize
moment. There are TV lights on all the time, because the what's happening here and that is what we are typically
cameras can be turned on at any moment, and the White accustomed to in this town in terms of covering the White
House — let's make this clear. This is not a Trump House, that is being eroded away right in front of our eyes.
campaign event. This is the United States government

Democratic-Party-Aligned Firm Behind Debunked "Russia
Dossier" Stonewalls Senate Investigators
By Tyler Durden
Jun 26, 2017 11:30 PM

A Democratic Party-aligned opposition opposition research for a former Clinton White House
research firm is stonewalling operative.
Congressional investigators who are
trying to ascertain exactly who financed
the now-debunked “Russia dossier” –
remember? The one that claimed
germaphobe Trump enjoyed getting
urinated on by Russian hookers?

The New York Post’s Paul Sperry is out with another report
about Fusion GPS, a

“research and strategic intelligence firm”

founded by “three former Wall Street
Journal investigative reporters.” But
congressional sources say it’s actually
an opposition-research group for
Democrats, and the founders, who are Clearly, the research in the dossier – which was used to
more political activists than journalists, help justify the launch of Congressional and DOJ probes
have a pro-Hillary, anti-Trump agenda." into the Trump campaign’s ties to Russian entities – has
had tremendous consequences for the new administration,
Fusion has refused to answer Senate investigators’ forcing Trump to beat back baseless claims and
questions or provide records of communications that might insinuations fed to the media by the DOJ and intelligence
help the panel identify who financed the error-ridden agencies. Still, after months of this treatment, no evidence
dossier. Now, because of the firm's intransigence, it looks of collusion has emerged.
like the investigators might soon make good on their
threats. But the question remains: Who, exactly, provided the
funding for the organization’s controversial and
“These weren’t mercenaries or hired guns,” research? Money that allowed the firm to hire former MI6
a congressional source familiar with the agent Christopher Steele, allegedly the source of the
dossier probe said. dossier’s controversial claims.

“These guys had a vested personal and

The Post has an idea of the profile, if not exactly the
ideological interest in smearing Trump
identity, of the individual or individuals responsible.
and boosting Hillary’s chances of
winning the White House.”
“Fusion GPS was on the payroll of an
unidentified Democratic ally of Clinton
The firm was founded by Glenn Simpson, Thomas Catan
when it hired a long-retired British spy to
and Peter Fritsch. Two of whom, Fritsch and Catan, have
dig up dirt on Trump. In 2012, Democrats
ties to Mexico -- with Fritsch, a former Journal bureau
hired Fusion GPS to uncover dirt on
chief in Mexico City, married to a Mexican woman who
GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney.
worked for Grupo Dina -- a beneficiary of NAFTA. Catan,
And in 2015, Democrat ally Planned
formerly from Britain, once edited a Mexican business
Parenthood retained Fusion GPS to
investigate pro-life activists protesting
the abortion group.”
Simpson, pictured below, is reported to have shared dark
views of both Russian President Vladimir Putin and
Trump. Before joining Fusion GPS, Simpson did
The FBI is also resisting Senate investigators who are “Steele’s most sensational allegations
zeroing in on the alleged misconduct by former deputy remain unconfirmed. For instance, his
director Andrew McCabe, who’s failure to recuse himself claim that Trump lawyer Michael Cohen
from the investigation into the Trump campaign despite held a “clandestine meeting” on the alleged
financial and political connections to Clinton through his hacking scheme in Prague with “Kremlin
Democrat activist wife has attracted suspicion. officials” in August 2016 unraveled when
Cohen denied ever visiting Prague, his
And unsurprisingly, former Attorney General Loretta passport showed no stamps showing he
Lynch – now the subject of another probe organized by the left or entered the US at the time,
Senate Judiciary Committee – is somehow involved. witnesses accounted for his presence
here, and Czech authorities found no
evidence Cohen went to Prague.
"Senate investigators are demanding to
see records of communications
between Fusion GPS and the FBI and Steele hadn’t worked in Moscow since the 1990s and
the Justice Department, including any didn’t actually travel there to gather intelligence on Trump
contacts with former Attorney General firsthand. He relied on third-hand “friend of friend”
Loretta Lynch, now under congressional sourcing. In fact, most of his claimed Russian sources
investigation for possibly obstructing spoke not directly to him but “in confidence to a trusted
the Hillary Clinton email probe, compatriot” who, in turn, spoke to Steele — and always
and deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe, who is under
investigation by the Senate and the Justice inspector But his main source may have been
general for failing to recuse himself despite financial and Google. Most of the information
political connections to the Clinton campaign through his branded as “intelligence” was merely
Democrat activist wife.: rehashed from news headlines or cut
and pasted — replete with errors —
from Wikipedia.”
The bureau’s attempts to verify the content
in the dossier should alarm anybody in a
report that should who’s been following But that didn’t stop both Democrats and, before them, anti-
along these past few months, after Trump Republicans, from accepting Steele’s allegations
receiving a copy of the dossier in August, without scrutiny - and paying him handsomely for his
the bureau offered to pay its controversial efforts.
source to corroborate the information.
“Steele contracted with Fusion GPS to
“The FBI received a copy of the Democrat-
investigate Trump’s ties to Russia starting
funded dossier in August, during the heat
in June 2016, whereupon he outlandishly
of the campaign, and is said to have
claimed that Hillary campaign hackers were
contracted in October to pay Steele
“paid by both Trump’s team and the
$50,000 to help corroborate the dirt on
Kremlin” and that the operation was run out
Trump — a relationship that “raises
of Putin’s office. He also fed Fusion GPS
substantial questions about the
and its Hillary-allied clients incredulous
independence” of the bureau in
gossip about Trump hating the Obamas
investigating Trump, warned Senate
so much that he hired hookers to
Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-
urinate on a bed they slept in at the
Moscow Ritz-Carlton, and that Russian
intelligence recorded the pee party in
As the Post reminds us, Steele has been cited as the source case they needed to blackmail Trump.
for nearly the entire collusion narrative, from the pro-
Trump hackers were working at the direction of Russian
Never mind that none of the rumors were backed by
President Vladimir Putin, the theory that the Russian
evidence or even credible sourcing (don’t bother trying to
government might have compromising information about
confirm his bed-wetting yarn, Steele advised, as “all direct
Trump, and the idea that a Trump confidant held a
witnesses have been silenced”).
clandestine meeting in Moscow.

Steele reinforced his paying customers’

All of these allegations, as the Post notes, are 100%
worst fears about Trump, and they
bullshit. Steele hasn't traveled to Moscow since the 1990s,
rewarded him for it with a whopping
and it appears his main source for most of his material
$250,000 in payments.”
was Google.

Steele, pictured below, also played a role in maligning Flynn to “the Russian operation” to
former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn by hack the election. But there was nothing
suggesting there was something “untoward” about Flynn’s secret about the trip, which had taken
attending of a dinner to celebrate the 10th anniversary of place months earlier and had been
Russia Today – an event that was also attended by former widely reported.
Green Party candidate Jill Stein.
And there was nothing untoward about it. It
was a dinner celebrating the 10th birthday
of Russian TV network RT, and Flynn sat
at the same table with Putin as US Green
Party presidential candidate Jill Stein.”

Meanwhile, it appears the founders of Fusion GPS have

profited handsomely from their misinformation campaign:

“Property records show that in June

2016, as Clinton allies bankrolled Fusion
GPS, Fritsch bought a six-bedroom,
five-bathroom home in Bethesda, Md.,
for $2.3 million.”

Could this be the thread that finally unravels the Trump

“In the same August report, for example, investigation? We think so. Stay tuned for more
Steele connected a Moscow trip taken by information once the inevitable subpoena is served...
then-Trump campaign adviser Michael

McCabe's Revenge: Circa Suggests Flynn
Investigation Was Launched As Pure Retaliation
By Tyler Durden
Jun 26, 2017 9:00 PM

Andrew McCabe has long been a controversial figure at Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
the FBI. His position as Deputy Director of the FBI came case, memos obtained by Circa show. Two years later, the
under intense scrutiny during the Clinton email FBI opened its inquiry of Flynn.
investigation after it came to light that his wife, Jill
McCabe, took nearly $500,000 from Virginia Governor The EEOC case, which is still pending,
Terry McAuliffe to fund her Senate campaign. Of was serious enough to require McCabe
course, Terry McAuliffe is a long-time confidant of the to submit to a sworn statement to
Clinton family and was rumored as a potential running investigators, the documents show.
mate for Hillary. But sure, no reason to be wary the
McCabe was put in charge of supervising that particular According to anonymous sources within the FBI (and you
investigation. know how we feel about take these comments
with a heaping mound of salt), Circa notes that several
But now, at least according to a new report from Circa, field agents had witnessed McCabe make disparaging
remarks about Flynn and one agent even became
McCabe may have other conflicts, uncomfortable enough to consult an attorney after the
including a personal vendetta against Flynn investigation ramped up.
former National Security Advisor
Michael Flynn, that have not yet been Three FBI employees told Circa they
disclosed. According to Circa, Flynn personally witnessed McCabe make
apparently enraged McCabe a few years disparaging remarks about Flynn before
back after he intervened on behalf of an and during the time the retired Army
FBI Special Agent, Robyn Gritz, who general emerged as a figure in the
had accused McCabe and other top FBI Russia case.
officials of sexual discrimination.
The bureau employees, who spoke only on
condition of anonymity for fear of
The FBI launched a criminal probe against former Trump
retribution, said they did not know the
National Security Adviser Michael Flynn two years after
reason for McCabe’s displeasure with
the retired Army general roiled the bureau’s leadership by
Flynn, but that it made them
intervening on behalf of a decorated counterterrorism
uncomfortable as the Russia probe
agent who accused now-Deputy FBI Director Andrew began to unfold and pressure built to
McCabe and other top officials of sexual discrimination, investigate Flynn.
according to documents and interviews.
One employee even consulted a private lawyer.
Flynn’s intervention on behalf of
Supervisory Special Agent Robyn Gritz
was highly unusual, and included a “As far as the troops in the field, the vast-
letter in 2014 on his official Pentagon majority were disgusted with the Russia
stationary, a public interview in 2015 decision, but that was McCabe driving the
supporting Gritz’s case and an offer to result that eventually led [former FBI
testify on her behalf. His offer put him as Director James] Comey to make the
a hostile witness in a case against decision,” said a senior federal law
McCabe, who was soaring through the enforcement official, with direct knowledge
bureau’s leadership ranks. of the investigation.
“The Flynn leaks were nothing short of
The FBI sought to block Flynn’s support for the agent, political,” one FBI employee said, noting
asking a federal administrative law judge in May 2014 to the specific contents of the conversation
keep Flynn and others from becoming a witness in her were known by only a handful of
government officials when they leaked.
“The leaks appeared to be targeted to complaint a few weeks later. The FBI ‘s official report of
take Flynn out.” investigation on Gritz’s EEO complaint, which absolved
the FBI of any discrimination, omitted any mention that
McCabe had been aware of the EEO complaint before the
bureau filed its OPR action against Gritz.

Clearly McCabe's reputation was on the line, so it's not

terribly surprising that he would take offense to Flynn
providing the following supportive comments in favor of

“SSA Gritz was well-known, liked and

respected in the military counter-
terrorism community for her energy,
commitment and professional capacity,
and over the years worked in several
But would McCabe really launch an interagency groups on counter-
investigation out of retaliation? terrorism targeting initiatives,” Flynn
wrote May 9, 2014.
Well, it seems that his own testimony in the sexual
discrimination lawsuit would suggest he did just that At the time, Flynn was an Army lieutenant general and the
against Gritz. chief of the Defense Intelligence Agency, and he put his
letter on official agency stationary to be submitted in
But McCabe’s sworn statement offered evidence that Gritz’s case.
actually supported Gritz’s claim of retaliation and
discrimination, recounting a conversation on June 19, 2012 As soon as Gritz revealed to the FBI that Flynn and other
in which he authorized the OPR investigation of Gritz after top federal figures had written letters to support her case
one of his deputies told him Gritz was about to file an EEO and likely would be called as witnesses, the bureau
complaint, his sworn statement shows. dispatched a lawyer to try to block the evidence from
being included in the EEO case, documents show.
“I first learned of the issues that led to
Ms. Gritz’s current OPR investigation In a brief interview this weekend, Gritz said she was
during a telephone call with Deputy mortified to think that her request to Flynn to help with her
Assistant Director (DAD) Jennifer Ley EEOC case in any way affected his relationship with the
on June 19, 2012,” McCabe testified. FBI or his current status as someone under investigation in
“I recalled that during the course of our the Russia case.
conversation DAD Ley mentioned to me
that Ms. Gritz had filed or intended to file “Flynn was the first leader to defend me,” said Gritz.
an EEO complaint against her immediate “He forwarded a letter to the FBI and I personally
supervisor.” think that Comey did not receive it. McCabe knew
The very next day, the FBI initiated the Flynn and I were friends. I felt that from the beginning
OPR investigation of Gritz, according to it was an issue.”
evidence in the FBI’s official personnel
files. So what say you? More fake news or is another recusal in
order on the "Russian collusion" investigation?
FBI records support McCabe’s version of events, showing
Gritz had contacted FBI EEO officials in mid-June before
the OPR probe was initiated, then filed her formal

Proof CNN Is Fake News,
No Proof Of Russian Hacking Lie
Dawn Luger
June 27, 2017

this little spark of truth. The anchors actually told their

viewers that it’s their job to control what the public thinks.

It’s over for CNN. The media giant has been busted using
propaganda and false narratives to promote an “anti-
Trump” agenda. Even Alex Jones is calling on the White
House to revoke CNN’s press credentials.

For once, “conspiracy theorists” don’t sound like looney The mind control tactics have worked to an extent. The
birds. Alternative media outlets like The Daily Sheeple Russian hacking narrative was still dominating headlines
have been on the ball calling out CNN for their obviously regardless of the FACT that there is not a single shred
biased reporting, and if you haven’t noticed it until now, of proof or a smoking gun. And what the mainstream
you’re one of the ones successfully brainwashed during media and CNN conveniently left out for their simple
their intentional misinformation and propaganda minded lemmings, was the fact that Wikileaks released
campaign. Vault 7 documents titled “Marble” proving the US (more
specifically, the CIA) can hack anything they want and put
In a new undercover video, a CNN producer is caught on stamps from any other country on those hacks. This would
camera saying the infamous “Russian hacking” narrative shift the blame to any country they think they can get away
was a lie and pushed for ratings. Still don’t believe the with blaming. Now even if they ever manage to fabricate
media is using propaganda on the weakest leaks? Here’s some kind of proof, it’ll implicate their precious
the video by Project Veritas, and the “Russian hacking” lie government and the CIA.
is not the only admission John Bonifield, CNN’s
supervising producer speaks of. Even parody accounts poking fun at Antifa are more
credible than mainstream media at this point.

It isn’t like the media hasn’t slipped up in the past and

literally told the public that they control what those who
All of a sudden, CNN is making Alex Jones look
tune in think. MSNBC accidentally said that it’s their job
incredibly credible. Three CNN journalists were also just
to tell people that to think back in February. Anyone
forced to resign after the network apologized for pushing
assuming MSNBC is somehow better than CNN didn’t see
another fake news story about Trump advisor Anthony
Scaramucci being linked to a Russian investment fund.
That prompted Jones to ask Trump to revoke CNN’s White
House credentials.

Any other news outlet that admitted it

created fake news simply to make
money and attract eyeballs would be
savaged by the rest of the media, put
on a blacklist and wouldn’t get
anywhere near the White House. –Info

Any American (or foreigner for that matter) who couldn’t

Credibility and honesty and integrity are gone, and it is
see the media’s bias are the very ones who are easily
more likely than not, not just CNN. Fear is a powerful tool,
controlled and manipulated by outlets like CNN. Free
but so is thinking for oneself. Issues like this one the very
thinking is rare anymore, and the truth is now treason in
reasons why people are turning to alternative media. We
the empire built on lies. John Bonifield, even said that
don’t hide the government’s corruption on this site, and we
CNN had no respect for journalism ethics.
don’t protect those in the media who use propaganda to
brainwash the public.

CNN Pure Garbage
Special Report On Russia
By Stephen Lendman - Stephenlendman.Org

Like all other major Western media, CNN features press It was willful deception. CNN was forced to retract the
agent journalism for powerful interests, not the real thing. story.

Its programming is an embarrassment to truthful, full- Its latest outrage aired Tuesday night - a fake news
disclosure, uncensored reporting. It consistently violates “documentary” called “The Russian Connection: Inside
core journalistic ethics. the Attack on Democracy,” reported by CNN’s chief
national security correspondent Jim Sciutto.
Professional integrity is its cornerstone, deplorably absent
Ain its programming. From 2011 - 2013, he was chief of staff for US
ambassador Gary Locke in Beijing. Earlier he was a
The Radio-Television News Directors Association Code of London-based ABC News foreign correspondent, before
Ethics and Professional Conduct stresses public trust, that a PBS producer.
credibility, accuracy, truth-telling, avoiding bias, fairness,
integrity, independence, and accountability. His book titled “Against Us: The New Face of America’s
Enemies in the Muslim World” is pure Islamophobic
Western media bias is notorious, CNN the bottom of a rubbish.
sordid barrel among so-called television news channels.
It’s hard understanding why anyone believes they can be His so-called “Russian Connection” special report was
informed by following it. right out of the CIA playbook - beginning-to-end
unjustifiable bashing, willful deception instead of
Misinformation, disinformation, Big Lies and fake news responsible truth-telling.
are its specialities - news consumers carpet-bombed with it
daily, especially anything related to war and peace, Trump He rehashed old discredited accusations of nonexistent
bashing for the wrong reasons, and Russia bashing for fake Russian US election hacking, a CNN advance promo
ones. saying:

A likely authentic Project Veritas sting video caught His report

caught CNN supervising producer John Bonifield red-
handed, calling the channel’s so-called Russiagate “recounts and tracks the story of Russian
coverage BS, aired ad nauseam to help ratings. hacks targeting the 2016 presidential
election from the very beginning to the
He was heard saying investigations still underway today and to
new fears of Russian attacks on upcoming
“the president (Trump) is probably right to US elections.”
say, like, look you are witch-hunting me.
You have no smoking gun. You have no It’s
real proof.”
“the first comprehensive telling on
Nor does any credible evidence suggest Russian US television of Russia’s attack on the 2016
election hacking. The persistent accusation is phony, a Big race, with jarring lessons for American
Lie. leaders and the public about more attacks
to come.”
Days earlier, a CNN reporter and two editors were sacked
for getting caught red-handed reporting a fake news story, His hyped report was fake news, a CNN specialty, material
claiming no respectable editor would touch.
“Congress was investigating a Russian
investment fund with ties to Trump No Russian US election hacking occurred. Not a shred of
officials.” evidence suggests otherwise. Claims otherwise are Big
Jeh Johnson Pushes Russian Hack Lie
Former Homeland Security Secretary Spreads Fake News
The Alex Jones Show - June 27, 2017

David Knight explains how Jeh Johnson has helped to push the lie that Russia hacked the American 2016
Presidential Election and physically altered votes although no physical proof exists to date.

Phony US Claim About
A Planned Syrian CW Attack
By Stephen Lendman - Stephenlendman.Org

The June 26 White House press secretary Sean Spicer MS NAUERT: Well, I can confirm that Secretary Tillerson
claim about an impending Syrian CW attack was a bald- spoke yesterday with his counterpart, with Mr. Lavrov, the
faced lie. foreign minister there. As you know, they talk about things
regularly. They began their dialogue in Moscow and I
The Trump administration appears intending to blame a believe it was March.
likely planned false flag CW attack on Syria’s military as a
pretext to escalate US aggression in the country. They met here about a month ago or so. And then, of
course, they’ve had subsequent phone conversations, such
Russia slammed the scheme, Putin spokesman Dmitry as the one last evening.
Peskov, saying his government
Secretary Tillerson is not putting out a full play-by-play of
“consider(s) threats (against) the legitimate that conversation. We know that the Russians have put out
leadership of the Syrian Arab Republic what they consider to be their version, so I’m not going to
unacceptable.” get into a tit for tat about what we think they said or what
they claim they said - claim was said in that conversation.
No credible evidence showed Assad was responsible for But the Secretary has made his concerns clear in the past
any CW attacks throughout years of conflict. Indisputable and continues to do so with regard to Russia.
evidence proves US-supported terrorists targeted civilians
with CWs numerous times. QUESTION: In light of the statement that the White
House put out last night, it seems like a fair question to ask
Russian intelligence matches America’s in Syria and if -
elsewhere. It has no information about a planned Syrian
CW attack. The Trump administration’s claim was MS NAUERT: Oh, I’m not - you can ask me anything you
fabricated. want. I’m not saying it’s not -

On Tuesday, State Department spokeswoman Heather QUESTION: But you’re not going to say anything
Nauert stonewalled reporters repeatedly - refusing to specifically about chemical weapons?
comment on (nonexistent) evidence of an impending
Syrian CW attack. MS NAUERT: No.

The lengthy exchange went as follows: QUESTION: There’s a sparrow carrying a one-pound
coconut. Did you -
QUESTION: So the Russians put out a readout of a call
yesterday between Secretary Tillerson and Foreign MS NAUERT: What?
Minister Lavrov. In the Russian version of the call it says
that they discussed deterring the use of chemical weapons. QUESTION: Are you saying that you - are you saying that
Did the Secretary - you dispute the Russian characterization?

MS NAUERT: Their discuss - the what? MS NAUERT: No. I’m just - I’m not going to get into a tit
for tat. The Russians will often put out information, and
QUESTION: Deterring the use of chemical weapons - they tend to mischaracterize things sometimes, and so I’m
not going to get into going back and forth with them about
MS NAUERT: Okay. what was said in this conversation.

QUESTION: - in Syria. Did the Secretary share the Secretary Tillerson is always clear with the Russians about
information that was shared with us last night, that they how we feel about certain things, and the Secretary prefers
had - that the US. had detected preparations at the site? to conduct a lot of his diplomacy in private in those
And did the Secretary warn Foreign Minister Lavrov about conversations, because he believes that we can be most
that or ask them to press the Syrians not to do that? effective that way.

QUESTION: There were some reports that the White
House statement about the Syria chemical weapons attack QUESTION: On the discussion on Syria and the alleged
took some policy experts at the State Department by plans for chemical attack between Secretary Tillerson and
surprise. Is that true? Was the State Department fully read Minister Lavrov.
in on this?
MS NAUERT: You mean - are - do you mean that when
MS NAUERT: So the Secretary, as you know, was at the the statement was put out last evening, that the United
White House yesterday. He met with the President, also a States is concerned about Syria and preparations that we
group meeting with the President’s national security team, believe are underway for a chemical weapons attack? Your
and that’s when this conversation was all had about that question is will there be additional conversations about
statement. that?

So they were all informed and aware of that statement. In QUESTION: Yeah, something like that.
terms of who exactly that filtered down to at the State
Department, I’m not going to get into our internal MS NAUERT: I don’t have any additional calls or any
conversations. But the Secretary was aware of it. Folks information to read out. This is something that the United
here were aware of it, and that’s what’s important and States Government remains very concerned about. I’m just
that’s what matters. not aware of any subsequent conversations that are
scheduled just yet.
QUESTION: So the sequence of time, that the Tillerson-
Lavrov call came before the statement made by the White QUESTION: Do you guys have any evidence to share with
House, right? us about this potential preparation for the use of chemical
weapons? Because that wasn’t actually laid out.
MS NAUERT: I believe - that’s a good question. I believe
the Secretary’s call with Foreign Minister Lavrov was in MS NAUERT: Right, and nor would that be laid out,
the morning. I can double check on that and get back with because that would be considered an intelligence matter.
you, but yes - okay. Yeah, it was in the morning.
So as you all are aware, there are a lot of these things that
QUESTION: So the warning may not have come as a will pop up sometimes that we just can’t get into the
result of that conversation. details about this, but this has obviously gotten the
attention of the United States Government at the highest
MS NAUERT: Again, I just don’t know, but the call was - level.
I’m getting the nod over here - it was, in fact, in the
morning. QUESTION: So could the activity have perhaps been for
some other reason than a chemical weapons attack
QUESTION: There is clearly a difference of opinion or - I preparation?
don’t know - strong disagreement, whatever you might
want to call that, between Russia and the United States MS NAUERT: Such as?
over this matter.
QUESTION: Something that they do at the base or - I
The Syrians themselves claim that there is no preparation mean, is that a possibility?
underway for any chemical weapons attack. Russia seems
to be agreeing with them. MS NAUERT: I would say that that’s a hypothetical
question. We know from past experience that the Syrian
MS NAUERT: Wait. Hold on. Are we supposed to buy regime has used chemical weapons on its own people, so
what the Syrians are saying, that there are no chemical that obviously remains a very large concern for us in the
weapons preparations underway - future.

QUESTION: This is not my question. QUESTION: When you guys believe that it’s in your
interests, you do put out what you say is evidence or proof
MS NAUERT: - because in the past, we know that they of things that involve intelligence, and it happened from
have killed their own people, which include women and this podium not that long ago with the crematorium that
children. So if they say that they’re not making any you guys said was being built at the prison.
preparations, I’m not certain that we’re going to buy that.
But go ahead. MS NAUERT: Yeah.

QUESTION: I wanted to ask you if there is a follow - if QUESTION: So it’s not a blanket “we never discuss
there is an intent to follow up on that between Secretary - intelligence,” right?

MS NAUERT: On which? I’m sorry.

MS NAUERT: Matt Lee, I’m not going to - I’m not going also a hypothetical. In terms of the first question, which is
to get into that one with you, but this is a very serious and why would we - why would we look to Syria and Iran?
grave matter, and when you have the President involved Was that the part?
and his national security team and the Secretary involved
as well, I’d say that’s a serious issue. QUESTION: How - what does it mean to blame them?

QUESTION: The preparation, the preparation. Is it like MS NAUERT: Well, we’ve seen -all we have to do is look
24-hour preparation, maybe 48 hours, and then they stand to the past, right, and we have seen as the Syrian regime
back or something - back in 2015 was on the verge of collapsing - who came in
to help save the Syrian regime?
MS NAUERT: I don’t have the answer to that question.
The White House may be able to give you more on that, or Who came in? Russia came in. And that is exactly why we
perhaps the Department of Defense or another agency, but are today - we, meaning the world - in the place that Syria
- or department, rather - but I just can’t get into that and I is. Russia came in, helped bolster up Syrian forces, and we
don’t have the answer to that question. have seen the death, the devastation, the destruction that
has taken place ever since.
QUESTION: Just to clarify, Mr. Assad was also seen
photographed with the top Russian general in Syria within So when we say Russia would be held responsible, we
the last 24 hours or so. Do you know if the Russians - are believe that they play a role in this as well. They have a lot
we aware if the Russians were aware about these of influence with the Assad regime, and we have
preparations as well? consistently called upon them to use their influence with
the Assad regime to stop this kind of activity.
MS NAUERT: I’m not aware of that.
A Final Comment
QUESTION: We don’t have any intel saying one way or
another? The lengthy exchange went on a little longer, covering no
new ground. Nauert stonewalled throughout it.
MS NAUERT: I just can’t get into any of the intelligence,
but I’m not personally aware of that. She refused to back Trump administration accusations with
evidence - because none exists.
QUESTION: Yeah. So Ambassador Haley said today that
they would blame Iran, Russia, and Syria if chemical Despite some reporters pressing her hard for something
weapons were again - what does it mean to blame these substantive, she held firm offering nothing to support
countries? How would the US hold them accountable in specious administration claims.
the event of another strike?
Whether the embarrassing exchange and Russian concern
MS NAUERT: Okay. about possible planned escalated US aggression in Syria is
enough to give the Trump administration second thoughts
QUESTION: Does the US intends on militarily striking remains to be seen.
Iran or Russia in the event of a chemical weapons attack?
Based on endless US aggression in multiple theaters, it
MS NAUERT: Okay. Your third question I can’t answer. would be foolhardy to believe neocons infesting the Trump
That’s a Department of Defense matter, and then that’s administration intend turning a responsible new leaf.

The REAL Terrorists:
“Mainstream” Media Continues To Incite Violence
Against Trump With Its Hate-Filled Rhetoric
Encouraging Violence And Rewarding It With
Coverage Is The Same As Committing It.
By Usafeaturesmedia
Posted On June 27, 2017

to understand how often he trolls them (which is what he

did with the “tapes” tweets).

“He’s just wasting — he wasted the

country’s collective time speculating over
whether these tapes existed or not,” said
Jordan, a former aide in the Bush White
House. “It’s a sad day when you cannot
depend on the president’s word.”

She then proceeded to give Republicans this counsel:

(National Sentinel) Media: If the conservative media had
talked about, lied about, threatened and spewed the kind of
hate toward Barack Obama the “mainstream” media “My advice would just be to Republicans
throws at Donald J. Trump, you would have literally seen who do coy up to him — it’s like hugging a
heads exploding on TV. suicide bomber. He blows you up in the
process with him.”
But while conservative pundits had plenty to say that was “That’s a little strong,” another MSNBC
critical of Obama, the Right largely refrained from calling host, Craig Melvin, cautioned.
him a “terrorist” or associating him with the kind of “If you’re a Republican who went out on a
violence terrorist organizations routinely display. limb and defended Donald Trump over
saying, well, he’s got tapes that will back
And yet the disgusting far-Left “mainstream” media up his point of view, you just got blown up,
regularly refers to Trump in those terms and in that too,” she responded.
manner, which is continuing to feed into the anger and hate
of the Democratic Party’s base. First of all, again, Trump never claimed he had tapes of
any of his conversations with Comey. All he tweeted was
In recent days a “political analyst” for MSNBC, Elise that Comey “better hope” there aren’t any tapes:
Jordan — who is little more than a Left-wing hack and
Trump hater — “advised” Republican lawmakers to avoid
embracing and defending Trump, whom she said “lied” to
the country over earlier statements regarding fired FBI
Director James Comey and “tapes,” comparing it to
“hugging a suicide bomber.”

Those outrageous comments came in response to the

president’s claims last week that no, he did not possess any
tape recordings of his conversations with Comey, and in
fact never said that he did. But of course, the hack media It was the chronically Trump-deranged media that leapt to
still can’t figure Trump out and most certainly, can’t seem the assumption that Trump was claiming he had tapes. He
never said he did, and yet the media (and Democrats in

Congress) became so obsessed with that tweet that the All of which is beginning to manifest itself in deadly,
“tapes” story took on a life of its own, which happens a dangerous ways, as evidenced earlier this month when a
LOT these days. crazed Left-wing hater and Bernie Sanders supporter
named James T. Hodgkinson brought a rifle to a ball field
More importantly, Melvin is correct; Jordan’s statement in northern Virginia where Republican lawmakers were
was too strong, because it’s feeding into a false media- practicing for an annual softball game and opened
driven, media-created narrative that violence against his fire…just because they were Republicans.
president is fine and dandy because, you know, ‘he’s a
terrorist himself.’ (Related: Dershowitz warns that left- No one killed, thankfully, but the House’s No. 3 leader,
wing media frenzy endangers civil liberties by promoting Majority Whip Steve Scalise of Louisiana, was critically
LIES about Trump and the presidency.) wounded.

This kind of talk, this kind of dangerous rhetoric against More and more Americans are beginning to understand
Trump, has gone on now for months, practically since he that the political violence sweeping our country is not
won the Nov. 8 election. In any number of ways, the Left being driven and encouraged by conservatives and the
— the “mainstream” media, Democrats in Congress, the Right.
entertainment industry — have all used hate-filled rhetoric,
violent imagery and actual calls to violence against the The real domestic terrorists are on the Left, and many of
president and his party. them are members of the media.

CBS Throws Hissy Fit Over Trump
Scolding CNN For Spreading Fake News
By Nicholas Fondacaro
June 27, 2017 10:22 PM EDT

frankly, looking for something better,”

Huckabee Sanders said to the press pool.

The CBS correspondent admitted that most people don’t

believe the media, citing a Gallup poll that found 32
percent of Americans mistrust the media. But like a bandit
that was caught stealing, Garrett pointed a finger and

“But the White House has credibility issues

of its own,” he deflected.

Late last week, CNN was forced to remove a story that

falsely claimed former Trump aide Anthony Scaramucci
was being investigated by Congress for alleged ties to a
Russian bank. And on Tuesday, President Trump took to
Twitter to rub the fake news in CNN’s face after three
people involved with the story resigned. CBS took
acceptation with Trump’s gloating and whined about it
during CBS Evening News, later that day.

“And now to the White House where

tensions between the administration and
He rambled on about how The New York Times
the news media are growing,” announced
Anchor Anthony Mason at the start of the
segment. “accused the President of saying
something false every day for the first 40
days of his administration.”
White House Correspondent Major Garrett started his
report by reading Trump’s scornful tweet.
Reading from the hit piece, Garrett said:
“’Wow, CNN had to retract big story on
Russia with three employees forced to “There is simply no precedent for an
resign,’ the President wrote. ‘What about all American president to spend so much time
the other phony stories they do? Fake telling untruths … He is trying to create an
news,’” he read. Garrett appeared to stick atmosphere in which reality is irrelevant."
up for CNN, noting how they had
apologized to Scaramucci for dragging his During the press briefing a reporter for The Sentinel, Brian
name through the mud. Karem, blew a gasket and lambasted Huckabee Sanders
and Trump for calling the press out on their fake news
Garrett wagged a reproving finger at Deputy Press stories. Garrett actually touted Karem’s out-of-turn
Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders for daring to bring up outburst, claiming he was venting “his frustration with the
CNN’s fake story at the press briefing on Tuesday, despite Trump press team.”
the apology.
“The White House tried to use the CNN
“We've been going on this Russia/Trump story to brand all Russia-related news as
hoax for the better part of a year now with phony,” Garrett prefaced as he tried to
no evidence of anything. America is, mock the President. “But, Anthony here's
what's not phony: Two congressional MAJOR GARRETT: President Trump tried to make nice with the
investigations and a special counsel probe press this afternoon hours after assailing CNN on Twitter. "Wow,
into the matter.” CNN had to retract big story on Russia with three employees
forced to resign," the President wrote. "What about all the other
But what Garrett failed to mention was the undercover phony stories they do? Fake news." CNN retracted and
video also released on Tuesday by Project Veritas, which apologized for an online story linking former Trump aid Anthony
exposed CNN producer John Bonifield admitting the Scaramucci with a Russian bank. The network also announced
Russia story was “mostly bulls—t right now...” Bonifield the resignation of three employees.
also admitted that his network kept pushing the Russia
story because of the ratings. Scaramuci accepted the network's apology, but Deputy White
House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders pounced.
And despite Garrett’s mocking of the President by noting
the investigations, the CNN producer told the undercover SARAH HUCKABEE SANDERS: We've been going on this
operative that right now investigators are turning up Russia/Trump hoax for the better part of a year now with no
nothing. evidence of anything. America is, frankly, looking for something
“I don’t know. If they were finding
something, we would know about it,” he GARRETT: Last year a Gallup poll found only 32 percent of
explained. “The way these leaks happen, Americans had a great deal or fair amount of trust in the media.
they would leak it. They’d leak. If it was Among Republicans, the number was 14 percent. But the White
something really good, it would leak.” House has credibility issues of its own.

This is why the public’s trust in the media is in the toilet. The New York Times has accused the President of saying
And this is how the White House will continue to have something false every day for the first 40 days of his
ammunition to fight off the liberal media obsessed with administration. "There is simply no precedent for an American
bringing it down. president to spend so much time telling untruths,” The Times
wrote last week. "He is trying to create an atmosphere in which
Transcript below: reality is irrelevant."

CBS Evening News Today, Brian Karem of Sentinel Newspapers vented his
June 27, 2017 frustration with the Trump press team.
6:33:45 PM Eastern
BRIAN KAREM: What you just did is inflammatory to people all
ANTHONY MASON: And now to the White House where over the country who look at it and say, "See, once again, the
tensions between the administration and the news media are President is right and everybody else out here is fake media."
growing. Major Garrett is there.
[Cuts back to live]
[Cuts to video]
GARRETT: The White House tried to use the CNN story to brand
DONALD TRUMP: So I'll ask the press to leave. I greatly all Russia-related news as phony. But, Anthony, here's what's not
appreciate you folks being here. phony: Two congressional investigations and a special counsel
probe into the matter.

Trump Involvement In
Syria Missile Strike Is A Red Herring:
It Was Always The Deep State
By Brandon Turbeville
June 27, 2017

In his article, “Trump’s Red Line,” Hersh writes,

On April 6, United States President Donald

Trump authorized an early morning
Tomahawk missile strike on Shayrat Air
Base in central Syria in retaliation for what
he said was a deadly nerve agent attack
carried out by the Syrian government two
days earlier in the rebel-held town of Khan
Sheikhoun. Trump issued the order despite
having been warned by the U.S.
intelligence community that it had found no
evidence that the Syrians had used a
On June 25, veteran journalist Seymour Hersh released a chemical weapon.
bombshell article revealing a number of facets regarding
The available intelligence made clear that
the alleged chemical attack in Khan Sheikhoun, Syria and
the Syrians had targeted a jihadist meeting
the resulting volley of Tomahawk missiles fired by the
site on April 4 using a Russian-supplied
United States at the al-Sha’aryat airbase in response.
guided bomb equipped with conventional
Hersh’s article provides the reader with what many of us
explosives. Details of the attack, including
already knew and wrote about at the time; i.e. that the
information on its so-called high-value
Syrian military did not conduct a chemical weapons attack
targets, had been provided by the Russians
and that the United States was fully aware of that fact.
days in advance to American and allied
Still, the U.S. government opted to use the attack as a
military officials in Doha, whose mission is
justification for launching 59 Tomahawk missiles at a
to coordinate all U.S., allied, Syrian and
Syrian airbase that resulted in the deaths of Syrian soldiers,
Russian Air Force operations in the region.
civilians, and children from the nearby village.
Some American military and intelligence
Hersh’s article shows that not all key personnel were on officials were especially distressed by the
board with the decision to launch Tomahawk missiles at president’s determination to ignore the
al-Sha’aryat or even of the whole Syria/Iraq mission. The evidence.
article reveals real concerns amongst knowledgeable “None of this makes any sense,” one officer
personnel that the Russians will not continue to act as the told colleagues upon learning of the
cooler heads and that Russia has long wanted peace in the decision to bomb. “We KNOW that there
region. Most notably, it reveals the fact that there is a was no chemical attack … the Russians
“secret agenda” moving forward in regards to Syria, Iraq, are furious. Claiming we have the real intel
and Russia. Hersh’s article also points to the President as and know the truth … I guess it didn’t
the individual who made the decision to launch attacks in matter whether we elected Clinton or
Syria, against the advice of the military and intelligence Trump.”
Within hours of the April 4 bombing, the
world’s media was saturated with
While much of this information is already well known, it photographs and videos from Khan
bears closer scrutiny to understand and unearth what is Sheikhoun. Pictures of dead and dying
really going on behind the scenes in the American victims, allegedly suffering from the
government. symptoms of nerve gas poisoning, were
uploaded to social media by local activists,
including the White Helmets, a first coordinates, to ensure that there is no risk
responder group known for its close of collision or accidental encounter (the
association with the Syrian opposition. Russians speak on behalf of the Syrian
military). This information is supplied daily
Hersh goes on to lay the blame at the feet of President to the American AWACS surveillance
Trump, pointing out that the National Security team was planes that monitor the flights once
dismayed at his insistence to launch the Tomahawk airborne. Deconfliction’s success and
missiles. He writes, importance can be measured by the fact
that there has yet to be one collision, or
even a near miss, among the high-powered
To the dismay of many senior members of
supersonic American, Allied, Russian and
his national security team, Trump could not
Syrian fighter bombers.
be swayed over the next 48 hours of
intense briefings and decision-making. In a Russian and Syrian Air Force officers gave
series of interviews, I learned of the total details of the carefully planned flight path to
disconnect between the president and and from Khan Sheykhoun on April 4
many of his military advisers and directly, in English, to the deconfliction
intelligence officials, as well as officers on monitors aboard the AWACS plane, which
the ground in the region who had an was on patrol near the Turkish border, 60
entirely different understanding of the miles or more to the north.
nature of Syria’s attack on Khan The Syrian target at Khan Sheikhoun, as
Sheikhoun. I was provided with evidence of shared with the Americans at Doha, was
that disconnect, in the form of transcripts of depicted as a two-story cinder-block
real-time communications, immediately building in the northern part of town.
following the Syrian attack on April 4. Russian intelligence, which is shared when
necessary with Syria and the U.S. as part
Hersh’s chat protocol between a security analyst and an of their joint fight against jihadist groups,
American soldier, which was also published by Welt, does had established that a high-level meeting of
indeed show a major disagreement between the analyst and jihadist leaders was to take place in the
the soldier and the Trump policy to launch strikes. It also building, including representatives of Ahrar
shows that both the analyst and the soldier disagree with al-Sham and the al-Qaida-affiliated group
the entire mission in both Iraq and Syria as well as the U.S. formerly known as Jabhat al-Nusra. The
policy toward Russia. two groups had recently joined forces, and
controlled the town and surrounding area.
Hersh presents a picture of Trump as a reactionary and Russian intelligence depicted the cinder-
narcissistic watcher of television news, anxiously awaiting block building as a command and control
the ability to be seen as a hero or at least the focus of center that housed a grocery and other
attention. He writes essentially that Trump saw reports of commercial premises on its ground floor
the deaths of civilians in Khan Sheikhoun and made the with other essential shops nearby,
decision right then and there to bomb Syria, a decision he including a fabric shop and an electronics
stuck to even after all the intelligence surrounding the store.
chemical attack had been shown to him and it was “The rebels control the population by
demonstrated that the Syrian government did not use controlling the distribution of goods that
chemical weapons. According to Hersh, the intelligence people need to live – food, water, cooking
community, the military, and national security team were oil, propane gas, fertilizers for growing their
all frightened that the reckless Trump would push us into crops, and insecticides to protect the
World War Three and thus sought to guide him into crops,” a senior adviser to the American
launching an attack that showed force but wasn’t enough intelligence community, who has served in
to actually create the pretext for Armageddon. Hersh paints senior positions in the Defense Department
a picture that shows a military and intelligence community and Central Intelligence Agency, told me.
telling the Russians before the missiles were launched so The basement was used as storage for
that a confrontation could be avoided. rockets, weapons and ammunition, as well
as products that could be distributed for
Hersh writes, free to the community, among them
medicines and chlorine-based
In an important pre-strike process known decontaminants for cleansing the bodies of
as deconfliction, U.S. and Russian officers the dead before burial. The meeting place
routinely supply one another with advance – a regional headquarters – was on the
details of planned flight paths and target floor above. “It was an established meeting

place,” the senior adviser said. “A long-time pilot to the mission, with the best
facility that would have had security, wingman.” The advance intelligence on the
weapons, communications, files and a map target, as supplied by the Russians, was
center.” The Russians were intent on given the highest possible score inside the
confirming their intelligence and deployed a American community.
drone for days above the site to monitor
The Execute Order governing U.S. military
communications and develop what is operations in theater, which was issued by
known in the intelligence community as a
the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff,
POL – a pattern of life. The goal was to
provide instructions that demarcate the
take note of those going in and out of the relationship between the American and
building, and to track weapons being
Russian forces operating in Syria. “It’s like
moved back and forth, including rockets
an ops order – ‘Here’s what you are
and ammunition.
authorized to do,’” the adviser said. “We do
One reason for the Russian message to not share operational control with the
Washington about the intended target was Russians. We don’t do combined
to ensure that any CIA asset or informant operations with them, or activities directly in
who had managed to work his way into the support of one of their operations. But
jihadist leadership was forewarned not to coordination is permitted. We keep each
attend the meeting. I was told that the other apprised of what’s happening and
Russians passed the warning directly to the within this package is the mutual exchange
CIA. “They were playing the game right,” of intelligence. If we get a hot tip that could
the senior adviser said. The Russian help the Russians do their mission, that’s
guidance noted that the jihadist meeting coordination; and the Russians do the
was coming at a time of acute pressure for same for us. When we get a hot tip about a
the insurgents: Presumably Jabhat al- command and control facility,” the adviser
Nusra and Ahrar al-Sham were desperately added, referring to the target in Khan
seeking a path forward in the new political Sheikhoun, “we do what we can to help
climate. In the last few days of March, them act on it.” “This was not a chemical
Trump and two of his key national security weapons strike,” the adviser said. “That’s a
aides – Secretary of State Rex Tillerson fairy tale. If so, everyone involved in
and UN Ambassador Nikki Haley – had transferring, loading and arming the
made statements acknowledging that, as weapon – you’ve got to make it appear like
the New York Times put it, the White a regular 500-pound conventional bomb –
House “has abandoned the goal” of would be wearing Hazmat protective
pressuring Assad “to leave power, marking clothing in case of a leak. There would be
a sharp departure from the Middle East very little chance of survival without such
policy that guided the Obama gear. Military grade sarin includes additives
administration for more than five years.” designed to increase toxicity and lethality.
White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer Every batch that comes out is maximized
told a press briefing on March 31 that for death. That is why it is made. It is
“there is a political reality that we have to odorless and invisible and death can come
accept,” implying that Assad was there to within a minute. No cloud. Why produce a
stay. weapon that people can run away from?”
Russian and Syrian intelligence officials, The target was struck at 6:55 a.m. on April
who coordinate operations closely with the 4, just before midnight in Washington. A
American command posts, made it clear Bomb Damage Assessment (BDA) by the
that the planned strike on Khan Sheikhoun U.S. military later determined that the heat
was special because of the high-value and force of the 500-pound Syrian bomb
target. “It was a red-hot change. The triggered a series of secondary explosions
mission was out of the ordinary – scrub the that could have generated a huge toxic
sked,” the senior adviser told me. “Every cloud that began to spread over the town,
operations officer in the region” – in the formed by the release of the fertilizers,
Army, Marine Corps, Air Force, CIA and disinfectants and other goods stored in the
NSA – “had to know there was something basement, its effect magnified by the dense
going on. The Russians gave the Syrian Air morning air, which trapped the fumes close
Force a guided bomb and that was a rarity. to the ground. According to intelligence
They’re skimpy with their guided bombs estimates, the senior adviser said, the
and rarely share them with the Syrian Air strike itself killed up to four jihadist leaders,
Force. And the Syrians assigned their best and an unknown number of drivers and
security aides. There is no confirmed count No. But the president did not say: ‘We have
of the number of civilians killed by the a problem and let’s look into it.’ He wanted
poisonous gases that were released by the to bomb the shit out of Syria.”
secondary explosions, although opposition
At the UN the next day, Ambassador Haley
activists reported that there were more than
created a media sensation when she
80 dead, and outlets such as CNN have
displayed photographs of the dead and
put the figure as high as 92. A team from accused Russia of being complicit. “How
Médecins Sans Frontières, treating victims
many more children have to die before
from Khan Sheikhoun at a clinic 60 miles to
Russia cares?” she asked. NBC News, in a
the north, reported that “eight patients typical report that day, quoted American
showed symptoms – including constricted
officials as confirming that nerve gas had
pupils, muscle spasms and involuntary
been used and Haley tied the attack
defecation – which are consistent with
directly to Syrian President Assad. “We
exposure to a neurotoxic agent such as
know that yesterday’s attack was a new
sarin gas or similar compounds.” MSF also low even for the barbaric Assad regime,”
visited other hospitals that had received
she said. There was irony in America’s
victims and found that patients there
rush to blame Syria and criticize Russia for
“smelled of bleach, suggesting that they its support of Syria’s denial of any use of
had been exposed to chlorine.” In other
gas in Khan Sheikhoun, as Ambassador
words, evidence suggested that there was Haley and others in Washington did. “What
more than one chemical responsible for the
doesn’t occur to most Americans” the
symptoms observed, which would not have
adviser said, “is if there had been a Syrian
been the case if the Syrian Air Force – as nerve gas attack authorized by Bashar, the
opposition activists insisted – had dropped
Russians would be 10 times as upset as
a sarin bomb, which has no percussive or
anyone in the West. Russia’s strategy
ignition power to trigger secondary against ISIS, which involves getting
explosions. The range of symptoms is,
American cooperation, would have been
however, consistent with the release of a destroyed and Bashar would be
mixture of chemicals, including chlorine
responsible for pissing off Russia, with
and the organophosphates used in many
unknown consequences for him. Bashar
fertilizers, which can cause neurotoxic would do that? When he’s on the verge of
effects similar to those of sarin.
winning the war? Are you kidding me?”
The internet swung into action within hours, Trump, a constant watcher of television
and gruesome photographs of the victims
news, said, while King Abdullah of Jordan
flooded television networks and YouTube. was sitting next to him in the Oval Office,
U.S. intelligence was tasked with
that what had happened was “horrible,
establishing what had happened. Among
horrible” and a “terrible affront to humanity.”
the pieces of information received was an Asked if his administration would change
intercept of Syrian communications
its policy toward the Assad government, he
collected before the attack by an allied
said: “You will see.” He gave a hint of the
nation. The intercept, which had a response to come at the subsequent news
particularly strong effect on some of
conference with King Abdullah: “When you
Trump’s aides, did not mention nerve gas kill innocent children, innocent babies –
or sarin, but it did quote a Syrian general
babies, little babies – with a chemical gas
discussing a “special” weapon and the
that is so lethal … that crosses many,
need for a highly skilled pilot to man the many lines, beyond a red line . … That
attack plane. The reference, as those in the
attack on children yesterday had a big
American intelligence community
impact on me. Big impact … It’s very, very
understood, and many of the inexperienced possible … that my attitude toward Syria
aides and family members close to Trump
and Assad has changed very much.”
may not have, was to a Russian-supplied
bomb with its built-in guidance system. “If Within hours of viewing the photos, the
you’ve already decided it was a gas attack, adviser said, Trump instructed the national
you will then inevitably read the talk about defense apparatus to plan for retaliation
a special weapon as involving a sarin against Syria. “He did this before he talked
bomb,” the adviser said. “Did the Syrians to anybody about it. The planners then
plan the attack on Khan Sheikhoun? asked the CIA and DIA if there was any
Absolutely. Do we have intercepts to prove evidence that Syria had sarin stored at a
it? Absolutely. Did they plan to use sarin? nearby airport or somewhere in the area.

Their military had to have it somewhere in in the business world; he will just lose
the area in order to bomb with it.” “The money. But in our world, lives will be lost
answer was, ‘We have no evidence that and there will be long-term damage to our
Syria had sarin or used it,’” the adviser national security if he guesses wrong. He
said. “The CIA also told them that there was told we did not have evidence of
was no residual delivery for sarin at Syrian involvement and yet Trump says:
Sheyrat [the airfield from which the Syrian ‘Do it.”’
SU-24 bombers had taken off on April 4]
On April 6, Trump convened a meeting of
and Assad had no motive to commit
national security officials at his Mar-a-Lago
political suicide.” Everyone involved, except resort in Florida. The meeting was not to
perhaps the president, also understood that
decide what to do, but how best to do it –
a highly skilled United Nations team had
or, as some wanted, how to do the least
spent more than a year in the aftermath of
and keep Trump happy. “The boss knew
an alleged sarin attack in 2013 by Syria,
before the meeting that they didn’t have the
removing what was said to be all chemical intelligence, but that was not the issue,” the
weapons from a dozen Syrian chemical
adviser said. “The meeting was about,
weapons depots.
‘Here’s what I’m going to do,’ and then he
At this point, the adviser said, the gets the options.”
president’s national security planners were
The available intelligence was not relevant.
more than a little rattled: “No one knew the
The most experienced man at the table
provenance of the photographs. We didn’t
was Secretary of Defense James Mattis, a
know who the children were or how they retired Marine Corps general who had the
got hurt. Sarin actually is very easy to
president’s respect and understood,
detect because it penetrates paint, and all
perhaps, how quickly that could evaporate.
one would have to do is get a paint sample. Mike Pompeo, the CIA director whose
We knew there was a cloud and we knew it
agency had consistently reported that it
hurt people. But you cannot jump from had no evidence of a Syrian chemical
there to certainty that Assad had hidden
bomb, was not present. Secretary of State
sarin from the UN because he wanted to
Tillerson was admired on the inside for his
use it in Khan Sheikhoun.” The intelligence willingness to work long hours and his avid
made clear that a Syrian Air Force SU-24
reading of diplomatic cables and reports,
fighter bomber had used a conventional
but he knew little about waging war and the
weapon to hit its target: There had been no management of a bombing raid. Those
chemical warhead. And yet it was
present were in a bind, the adviser said.
impossible for the experts to persuade the “The president was emotionally energized
president of this once he had made up his
by the disaster and he wanted options.” He
mind. “The president saw the photographs
got four of them, in order of extremity.
of poisoned little girls and said it was an Option one was to do nothing. All involved,
Assad atrocity,” the senior adviser said.
the adviser said, understood that was a
“It’s typical of human nature. You jump to
non-starter. Option two was a slap on the
the conclusion you want. Intelligence wrist: to bomb an airfield in Syria, but only
analysts do not argue with a president.
after alerting the Russians and, through
They’re not going to tell the president, ‘if them, the Syrians, to avoid too many
you interpret the data this way, I quit.’”
casualties. A few of the planners called this
The national security advisers understood the “gorilla option”: America would glower
their dilemma: Trump wanted to respond to and beat its chest to provoke fear and
the affront to humanity committed by Syria demonstrate resolve, but cause little
and he did not want to be dissuaded. They significant damage. The third option was to
were dealing with a man they considered to adopt the strike package that had been
be not unkind and not stupid, but his presented to Obama in 2013, and which he
limitations when it came to national security ultimately chose not to pursue. The plan
decisions were severe. “Everyone close to called for the massive bombing of the main
him knows his proclivity for acting Syrian airfields and command and control
precipitously when he does not know the centers using B1 and B52 aircraft launched
facts,” the adviser said. “He doesn’t read from their bases in the U.S. Option four
anything and has no real historical was “decapitation”: to remove Assad by
knowledge. He wants verbal briefings and bombing his palace in Damascus, as well
photographs. He’s a risk-taker. He can as his command and control network and
accept the consequences of a bad decision
all of the underground bunkers he could and parking places for aircraft, which had
possibly retreat to in a crisis. also been targeted, were repaired and back
in operation within eight hours or so. All in
“Trump ruled out option one off the bat,”
all, it was little more than an expensive
the senior adviser said, and the
fireworks display.
assassination of Assad was never
considered. “But he said, in essence:
‘You’re the military and I want military And now we come to the main gist of the article – that the
action.’” The president was also initially villain is Donald Trump. Hersh writes,
opposed to the idea of giving the Russians
advance warning before the strike, but “It was a totally Trump show from
reluctantly accepted it. “We gave him the beginning to end,” the senior adviser said.
Goldilocks option – not too hot, not too “A few of the president’s senior national
cold, but just right.” The discussion had its security advisers viewed the mission as a
bizarre moments. Tillerson wondered at the minimized bad presidential decision, and
Mar-a-Lago meeting why the president one that they had an obligation to carry out.
could not simply call in the B52 bombers But I don’t think our national security
and pulverize the air base. He was told that people are going to allow themselves to be
B52s were very vulnerable to surface-to-air hustled into a bad decision again. If Trump
missiles (SAMs) in the area and using such had gone for option three, there might have
planes would require suppression fire that been some immediate resignations.”
could kill some Russian defenders. “What
is that?” Tillerson asked. Well, sir, he was Here is where we come to some very important questions
told, that means we would have to destroy not only about the incident itself but about the information
the upgraded SAM sites along the B52 being presented by Seymour Hersh. First, no one truly
flight path, and those are manned by doubts that the U.S. military and intelligence community
Russians, and we possibly would be knew all along that the Syrian government did not use
confronted with a much more difficult chemical weapons at Khan Sheikhoun. (Please see my
situation. “The lesson here was: Thank article, “Chemical Weapons 2017: What Just Happened In
God for the military men at the meeting,” Syria?” for a critique of the official narrative surrounding
the adviser said. “They did the best they Khan Sheikhoun published less than 48 hours after the
could when confronted with a decision that incident.) The track record of Western power and their
had already been made.” proxy terrorists in Syria is enough to raise serious doubt as
Fifty-nine Tomahawk missiles were fired to who used the weapons and Assad, smart as he is, is not
from two U.S. Navy destroyers on duty in likely to use chemical weapons on a strategically
the Mediterranean, the Ross and the insignificant area in front of the world and cross one of
Porter, at Shayrat Air Base near the America’s many stupid “red lines.” Not only that, Hersh’s
government-controlled city of Homs. The article is confirmation that the Russians alerted the U.S.
strike was as successful as hoped, in terms military as to what was going to happen days in advance.
of doing minimal damage. The missiles
have a light payload – roughly 220 pounds So the questions that immediately crop up almost all
of HBX, the military’s modern version of surround Trump himself. How much did Trump actually
TNT. The airfield’s gasoline storage tanks, know? Was he told the attack never happened? Did he
a primary target, were pulverized, the actually make the decision to launch missiles himself?
senior adviser said, triggering a huge fire Was Trump really the only person who wanted to bomb
and clouds of smoke that interfered with Syria? Does Trump really have that much authority? Was
the guidance system of following missiles. Trump influenced to bomb Syria? Was he forced? And
As many as 24 missiles missed their what of the network that made the issue a “chemical attack
targets and only a few of the Tomahawks by the brutal dictator Assad?” Were they cowering in the
actually penetrated into hangars, corner afraid of Trump’s choices or were they actually
destroying nine Syrian aircraft, many fewer doing something?
than claimed by the Trump administration. I
was told that none of the nine was To reduce the incredibly reckless and immoral foreign
operational: such damaged aircraft are policy decision down to the ego of one man who,
what the Air Force calls hangar queens. interestingly enough, continued the same policy and stupid
“They were sacrificial lambs,” the senior decisions as his predecessor, is just too simplistic. After
adviser said. Most of the important all, Trump has publicly given carte blanche to his “military
personnel and operational fighter planes command,” a policy move that has given right wing
had been flown to nearby bases hours Republicans wet dreams for decades. Even Slate, always
before the raid began. The two runways
ready to criticize the CIC for crimes, real or imagined, ran individuals wonder to one another who was behind the
a story entitled “No Strategy In Syria” where it stated, decision; was it POTUS or someone else?

Earlier this month, President Trump What is interesting about Hersh’s presentation is that he
decided to let Secretary of Defense (and claims that Trump’s decision was going against the advice
retired four-star general) James Mattis set of the intelligence community and military advisers. So,
U.S. military policy in Afghanistan. Now he we are being asked to believe that the national security
seems to be handing the military the same apparatus which has been responsible for the organization,
carte blanche on the more fraught funding, and directing of terrorism not only in Syria but
battlefields in Syria. across the world and the U.S. military which has been
The U.S. shootdown of a Syrian jet fighter doing the same and who would put World War Three in
on Sunday was a move apparently decided the hands of “commanders in the field” were dismayed by
by commanders in the field—not the same Trump sending token Tomahawks to a Syrian airbase?
abdication of duty as Trump’s sloughing off This writer, for one, isn’t buying it.
After all, who is part of Trump’s national security and
The Military Times confirmed what Slate suspected. It military team? The entire cabinet is made up of
says, warmongers, intel corporations, banks, and rabid Zionists;
they are leftover neocons from the Bush era. These are not
the poster children of cooler heads and peaceniks by any
A U.S. Air Force general confirmed means, yet we are supposed to believe they are dismayed
American pilots made the call to shoot at the prospect of Trump’s decision. Remember, during the
down Syrian aircraft on three separate Obama years, as much of a willing puppet as he was, it
missions this month and defended their was Obama himself that was less willing to engage in
actions as self-defense. more and more warfare in Syria despite the urging of his
On June 18, an F/A-18E Super Hornet national security team and intelligence apparatus, an
conducted the U.S. military’s first air-to-air apparatus that contains both in policy and in physical
kill involving a manned aircraft in nearly two presence regardless of which president is in office.
decades when it downed a hostile Su-22 Nevertheless, the agenda marched ahead with Obama just
Fitter south of Taqbah. as it is marching ahead with Trump.
Meanwhile, on June 8 and again on June
20, F-15E Strike Eagles shot down Iranian- And how much authority and sway does Trump actually
made Shaheed drones over At Tanf as the have over his own policies? This is an important question
unmanned aerial vehicles approached or since a number of Trump’s promises on the campaign trail
dropped munitions near U.S.-backed forces did carry over into his election only to be scuttled by some
on the ground. unseen force behind closed doors. Remember, Trump’s
tough stance on Saudi Arabia, his desire for a closer
“We’re trying to de-escalate,” Air Force relationship with Putin, and his desire to back away from
Brig. Gen. Charles Corcoran, commander NATO all started taking shape early on in the Trump
of the 380th Air Expeditionary Wing, told administration but the President suddenly did an abrupt “We’re here to fight ISIS, but 180 turn. Suddenly, Trump was provoking WW3, praising
we’re going to protect our forces from NATO and Saudi Arabia. Presidents backing away from
Syrian pro-regime entities.” campaign promises is one thing. Presidents realizing they
have no power upon being elected is quite another. I would
While neither Slate, Military Times, nor Trump announced suggest that we are witnessing the latter with the requisite
publicly that Secretary of Defense James “Mad Dog” and expected dose of the former. Trump has likely found
Mattis has carte blanche in Syria, it appears that such is the himself in the same situation as JFK: allowed to assume
case and that Mattis has given field commanders the option the role of the presidency due to his own ignorance and
of starting World War Three. It is thus a scary prospect to willingness to play ball and self-incriminate in his personal
acknowledge that what stands between us and life only to realize that, upon becoming president, he is
thermonuclear world war is rabid warmonger relic surrounded by enemies on all sides sharpening their knives
nicknamed “Mad Dog” and the discretion of a possibly if he dares get out of line.
trigger-happy pilot.
And what of Hersh’s revelation that the Russians told the
While Trump’s temperament should not be discounted, United States about the Syrian military’s operation
isn’t it possible that Trump was not the ultimate authority beforehand? While not heavily discussed, this is incredibly
making the decision to attack Syria at the time? In the important. Giving the U.S. notice that the Syrian military
conversation between the security analyst and the would be dropping a bomb on this particular facility would
American soldier published by Welt, note that both then give the U.S. time to organize an impromptu White
Helmets propaganda production, possibly even loading the while looking like the level heads and the good guys of the
chemicals into the building shortly before the bomb. This situation. Trump, of course, comes off looking like the
would explain the White Helmets ability to immediately lone assassin, the lone madman so eaten up with
arrive on scene with cameras blazing in time to catch great narcissism that he is putting the country at risk. But while
video of all the “chemical weapons victims.” Trump is undeniably a narcissist and he is undeniably
putting the country at risk, it is the fact that he is listening
It is also important to note the role of the Western to and obeying the Deep State apparatus that is the danger,
corporate media here. Hersh is apt to point out the role that not that he is ignoring them.
they played in creating an environment of fear, panic, and
anger at the horrors in Syria now being shown to the While most of the above is speculation, it is also put into
American public and blamed on Assad. The corporate proper historical context, not only in the Trump
media blamed Assad from the very first moment the first administration but also in the history of other
report aired which created an environment of pressure on administrations over the past several decades, most notably
Trump to “do something.” Trump had to respond to the that of Kennedy and Nixon, neither of which point to a
incident somehow. Unfortunately, in warmonger America, promising end for Trump.
simply stating the facts that Assad didn’t do it isn’t good
enough, as right and left wingers are already frothing at the What is clear, however, is that the U.S. establishment
mouth demanding that someone be killed and Syria be knew that there was no chemical weapons attack and the
invaded regardless. Of course, Trump should have done corporate media, at best, knew there was no evidence of an
just that; i.e. stated Assad’s innocence. But Trump, being attack. Still, the narrative was peddled continually through
what he is, did not. every mainstream outlet in America and the West, the
strike was ordered and carried out. In this sense, the
What is most likely here is not the situation that Hersh personal involvement and responsibility of Donald Trump
presents. It is more likely that the U.S. military and is a red herring. It is and always was the Deep State that
intelligence apparatus colluded with their corporate media has been in control of foreign (and domestic) policy
department and capitalized on this incident and Trump’s initiatives. It is merely the carrying out of a plan set in
narcissism and perceived political necessity. It is more motion long ago, written about in the early ’80s and again
likely that “advisors” like Trump’s rabid Zionist son-in- in the ’90s and once again in the plans of the PNAC group.
law who has been given frightening levels of access to the It has been discussed at various corporate financier think
president and the government in an official capacity as tanks and openly at a number of globalist and Zionist
Trump’s senior advisor, simply told the president that confabs. The presidents of the United States have changed
launching missiles was what he was expected to do by the numerous times over the past few decades but this agenda
Deep State and Trump complied. Trump could also have has always moved forward without so much as a hiccup,
been told by advisors that the story was already out and the except perhaps for the damaged reputation of the
narrative already accepted and therefore he had to do individual president.
something to appease the pro-war leftists, Democrats, and
Republicans. It is fashionable and trendy in American media today to
take swipes at Donald Trump and even considered a
In this regard, Hersh’s article is possibly a limited hangout necessity in some areas of discourse before any other
operation, not on the part of Hersh, but on the part of the statements can be made. However, America has a much
intelligence community who wish to do more damage to bigger problem than Trump and it is becoming more and
the President’s public support and his ability to act more obvious by the day. If the Deep State apparatus is not
independently of the “Deep State.” It is their ability to exposed and neutered soon, we may very well find
announce the tragic massive fraud of Khan Sheikhoun ourselves in a third world war.

Trump Must Break Up The Google Media Monopoly
For The Good Of America
By Jayson Veley
Tuesday, June 27, 2017

watching two YouTube videos that seemingly proved that

the search engine giant did have a pro-Hillary slant. The
videos, which are narrated by Matt Lieberman, depict a
series of screen grabs that appear to show that Google only
generates positive search suggestions for Clinton, and
mostly negative suggestions for her challengers Bernie
Sanders and Donald Trump.

To Dr. Epstein, the information conveyed in these

YouTube videos was particularly significant, considering
the fact that a 2015 study revealed that

“internet search rankings have a significant

impact on consumer choices, mainly
There is an effort underway in this country to shut down because users trust and choose higher-
conservative speech as much as possible, to the point ranked results more than lower-ranked
where liberalism becomes not only the dominant ideology, results.”
but really the only ideology in the United States. This
assault on the First Amendment exists in just about every Unsurprisingly, Google denied the allegations of political
part of our society, from our colleges and universities, to bias, telling the Washington Times that
Hollywood, to the mainstream media, and even the world
wide web. Aside from social media websites like Facebook “Google Autocomplete does not favor any
and Twitter, one of the most active participants in the candidate or cause.”
nationwide attack on conservative speech is none other
than Google, which in the past has buried right-leaning
Another area where conservative viewpoints are being
websites and manipulated search results for ideological
censored is the Google-owned video sharing site, YouTube.
purposes. (RELATED: Read a statement from the
Prager U, founded by nationally syndicated conservative
Health Ranger on Google’s censorship of Natural
radio host Dennis Prager, is currently one of the most
conservative YouTube channels in existence, known
primarily for their short yet extremely informative videos
To give just one example, last September, a psychologist on a wide variety of political issues.
researcher by the name of Dr. Robert Epstein claimed that
Google’s search suggestions were giving an unfair
You would think that videos such as “The Top 5 Issues
advantage to Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary
Plaguing the Black Community,” “Income Inequality is
Good,” “Things Every High School Principle Should
Say,” and “Debunking the 1 in 5 College Women Will
“It is somewhat difficult to get the Google Be Sexually Assaulted Myth” wouldn’t be controversial
search bar to suggest negative searches enough for YouTube to take action against them, but alas,
related to Mrs. Clinton or to make any that’s exactly what they did. Evidently, YouTube (which
Clinton-related suggestions when one again, is owned by Google), considers these videos to be
types a negative search term,” wrote Dr. inappropriate and has placed them under a restricted
Epstein, who is a Senior Research category. (RELATED: YouTube censors video
Psychologist at the American Institute for interview with Jeffery Smith about GMOs)
Behavioral Research and Technology.
Typically, only videos that contain sexual content or adult
Dr. Epstein later explained that he first became interested themes are placed in the restricted category. For obvious
in learning more about Google’s political bias after reasons, many schools have set up blockers on their
computers to deny students access to restricted YouTube monopoly for the good of the country. Considering the fact
content. Sadly, this means that thousands of young people that most Americans use Google on a regular basis for
across the country are not able to access certain videos their political news and information on current events, we
from Prager U while they are on campus, even though the must act to ensure that all viewpoints are given equal
site was specifically made for millennials. exposure. If President Trump is to take action, it should be
in the interest of expanding free speech rights across the
It may be time for President Trump and the republicans in Internet; otherwise, Google’s pattern of censorship and
congress to take action to break up Google’s media political suppression will only get worse.

Phony US Claim About
A Planned Syrian CW Attack
By Stephen Lendman - Stephenlendman.Org

The June 26 White House press secretary Sean Spicer MS NAUERT: Well, I can confirm that Secretary Tillerson
claim about an impending Syrian CW attack was a bald- spoke yesterday with his counterpart, with Mr. Lavrov, the
faced lie. foreign minister there. As you know, they talk about things
regularly. They began their dialogue in Moscow and I
The Trump administration appears intending to blame a believe it was March.
likely planned false flag CW attack on Syria’s military as a
pretext to escalate US aggression in the country. They met here about a month ago or so. And then, of
course, they’ve had subsequent phone conversations, such
Russia slammed the scheme, Putin spokesman Dmitry as the one last evening.
Peskov, saying his government
Secretary Tillerson is not putting out a full play-by-play of
“consider(s) threats (against) the legitimate that conversation. We know that the Russians have put out
leadership of the Syrian Arab Republic what they consider to be their version, so I’m not going to
unacceptable.” get into a tit for tat about what we think they said or what
they claim they said - claim was said in that conversation.
No credible evidence showed Assad was responsible for But the Secretary has made his concerns clear in the past
any CW attacks throughout years of conflict. Indisputable and continues to do so with regard to Russia.
evidence proves US-supported terrorists targeted civilians
with CWs numerous times. QUESTION: In light of the statement that the White
House put out last night, it seems like a fair question to ask
Russian intelligence matches America’s in Syria and if -
elsewhere. It has no information about a planned Syrian
CW attack. The Trump administration’s claim was MS NAUERT: Oh, I’m not - you can ask me anything you
fabricated. want. I’m not saying it’s not -

On Tuesday, State Department spokeswoman Heather QUESTION: But you’re not going to say anything
Nauert stonewalled reporters repeatedly - refusing to specifically about chemical weapons?
comment on (nonexistent) evidence of an impending
Syrian CW attack. MS NAUERT: No.

The lengthy exchange went as follows: QUESTION: There’s a sparrow carrying a one-pound
coconut. Did you -
QUESTION: So the Russians put out a readout of a call
yesterday between Secretary Tillerson and Foreign MS NAUERT: What?
Minister Lavrov. In the Russian version of the call it says
that they discussed deterring the use of chemical weapons. QUESTION: Are you saying that you - are you saying that
Did the Secretary - you dispute the Russian characterization?

MS NAUERT: Their discuss - the what? MS NAUERT: No. I’m just - I’m not going to get into a tit
for tat. The Russians will often put out information, and
QUESTION: Deterring the use of chemical weapons - they tend to mischaracterize things sometimes, and so I’m
not going to get into going back and forth with them about
MS NAUERT: Okay. what was said in this conversation.

QUESTION: - in Syria. Did the Secretary share the Secretary Tillerson is always clear with the Russians about
information that was shared with us last night, that they how we feel about certain things, and the Secretary prefers
had - that the US. had detected preparations at the site? to conduct a lot of his diplomacy in private in those
And did the Secretary warn Foreign Minister Lavrov about conversations, because he believes that we can be most
that or ask them to press the Syrians not to do that? effective that way.

QUESTION: There were some reports that the White
House statement about the Syria chemical weapons attack QUESTION: On the discussion on Syria and the alleged
took some policy experts at the State Department by plans for chemical attack between Secretary Tillerson and
surprise. Is that true? Was the State Department fully read Minister Lavrov.
in on this?
MS NAUERT: You mean - are - do you mean that when
MS NAUERT: So the Secretary, as you know, was at the the statement was put out last evening, that the United
White House yesterday. He met with the President, also a States is concerned about Syria and preparations that we
group meeting with the President’s national security team, believe are underway for a chemical weapons attack? Your
and that’s when this conversation was all had about that question is will there be additional conversations about
statement. that?

So they were all informed and aware of that statement. In QUESTION: Yeah, something like that.
terms of who exactly that filtered down to at the State
Department, I’m not going to get into our internal MS NAUERT: I don’t have any additional calls or any
conversations. But the Secretary was aware of it. Folks information to read out. This is something that the United
here were aware of it, and that’s what’s important and States Government remains very concerned about. I’m just
that’s what matters. not aware of any subsequent conversations that are
scheduled just yet.
QUESTION: So the sequence of time, that the Tillerson-
Lavrov call came before the statement made by the White QUESTION: Do you guys have any evidence to share with
House, right? us about this potential preparation for the use of chemical
weapons? Because that wasn’t actually laid out.
MS NAUERT: I believe - that’s a good question. I believe
the Secretary’s call with Foreign Minister Lavrov was in MS NAUERT: Right, and nor would that be laid out,
the morning. I can double check on that and get back with because that would be considered an intelligence matter.
you, but yes - okay. Yeah, it was in the morning.
So as you all are aware, there are a lot of these things that
QUESTION: So the warning may not have come as a will pop up sometimes that we just can’t get into the
result of that conversation. details about this, but this has obviously gotten the
attention of the United States Government at the highest
MS NAUERT: Again, I just don’t know, but the call was - level.
I’m getting the nod over here - it was, in fact, in the
morning. QUESTION: So could the activity have perhaps been for
some other reason than a chemical weapons attack
QUESTION: There is clearly a difference of opinion or - I preparation?
don’t know - strong disagreement, whatever you might
want to call that, between Russia and the United States MS NAUERT: Such as?
over this matter.
QUESTION: Something that they do at the base or - I
The Syrians themselves claim that there is no preparation mean, is that a possibility?
underway for any chemical weapons attack. Russia seems
to be agreeing with them. MS NAUERT: I would say that that’s a hypothetical
question. We know from past experience that the Syrian
MS NAUERT: Wait. Hold on. Are we supposed to buy regime has used chemical weapons on its own people, so
what the Syrians are saying, that there are no chemical that obviously remains a very large concern for us in the
weapons preparations underway - future.

QUESTION: This is not my question. QUESTION: When you guys believe that it’s in your
interests, you do put out what you say is evidence or proof
MS NAUERT: - because in the past, we know that they of things that involve intelligence, and it happened from
have killed their own people, which include women and this podium not that long ago with the crematorium that
children. So if they say that they’re not making any you guys said was being built at the prison.
preparations, I’m not certain that we’re going to buy that.
But go ahead. MS NAUERT: Yeah.

QUESTION: I wanted to ask you if there is a follow - if QUESTION: So it’s not a blanket “we never discuss
there is an intent to follow up on that between Secretary - intelligence,” right?

MS NAUERT: On which? I’m sorry.

MS NAUERT: Matt Lee, I’m not going to - I’m not going why would we - why would we look to Syria and Iran?
to get into that one with you, but this is a very serious and Was that the part?
grave matter, and when you have the President involved
and his national security team and the Secretary involved QUESTION: How - what does it mean to blame them?
as well, I’d say that’s a serious issue.
MS NAUERT: Well, we’ve seen -all we have to do is look
QUESTION: The preparation, the preparation. Is it like to the past, right, and we have seen as the Syrian regime
24-hour preparation, maybe 48 hours, and then they stand back in 2015 was on the verge of collapsing - who came in
back or something - to help save the Syrian regime?

MS NAUERT: I don’t have the answer to that question. Who came in? Russia came in. And that is exactly why we
The White House may be able to give you more on that, or are today - we, meaning the world - in the place that Syria
perhaps the Department of Defense or another agency, but is. Russia came in, helped bolster up Syrian forces, and we
- or department, rather - but I just can’t get into that and I have seen the death, the devastation, the destruction that
don’t have the answer to that question. has taken place ever since.

QUESTION: Just to clarify, Mr. Assad was also seen So when we say Russia would be held responsible, we
photographed with the top Russian general in Syria within believe that they play a role in this as well. They have a lot
the last 24 hours or so. Do you know if the Russians - are of influence with the Assad regime, and we have
we aware if the Russians were aware about these consistently called upon them to use their influence with
preparations as well? the Assad regime to stop this kind of activity.

MS NAUERT: I’m not aware of that. A Final Comment

QUESTION: We don’t have any intel saying one way or The lengthy exchange went on a little longer, covering no
another? new ground. Nauert stonewalled throughout it.

MS NAUERT: I just can’t get into any of the intelligence, She refused to back Trump administration accusations with
but I’m not personally aware of that. evidence - because none exists.

QUESTION: Yeah. So Ambassador Haley said today that Despite some reporters pressing her hard for something
they would blame Iran, Russia, and Syria if chemical substantive, she held firm offering nothing to support
weapons were again - what does it mean to blame these specious administration claims.
countries? How would the US hold them accountable in
the event of another strike? Whether the embarrassing exchange and Russian concern
about possible planned escalated US aggression in Syria is
MS NAUERT: Okay. enough to give the Trump administration second thoughts
remains to be seen.
QUESTION: Does the US intends on militarily striking
Iran or Russia in the event of a chemical weapons attack? Based on endless US aggression in multiple theaters, it
would be foolhardy to believe neocons infesting the Trump
MS NAUERT: Okay. Your third question I can’t answer. administration intend turning a responsible new leaf.
That’s a Department of Defense matter, and then that’s .
also a hypothetical. In terms of the first question, which is

Can Americans Believe
The President About Syrian Chemical Weapons?
Defense Officials Initially Were In The Dark About The White House’s
Claim The Assad Regime Was Planning Another Attack.
Carlos Barria / Reuters - Krishnadev Calamur
Jun 27, 2017

Assad regime to launch a chemical-weapons attack in

April against civilians in Idlib Province. In that incident,
President Trump responded almost immediately, launching
more than 50 cruise missiles at the base near the city of

Monday’s White House statement said the activities

“are similar to preparations the regime

made before”

the April attack. Nikki Haley, the U.S. ambassador to the

U.N., tweeted:
The White House said Monday night that Syria’s Assad
regime was potentially preparing for a chemical-weapons
attack that

“would likely result in the mass murder of

civilians, including innocent children.”
“If … Mr. Assad conducts another mass
murder attack using chemical weapons,”
the statement from the White House press
secretary said, “he and his military will pay
a heavy price.” The White House insisted Tuesday

The New York Times, which called the statement “highly “all relevant agencies—including State,
unusual,” noted: DoD, CIA and ODNI—were involved in the
process” leading up to the statement “from
“Several military officials were caught off the beginning.”
guard by the statement from President
Trump’s press secretary, but it was unclear But as BuzzFeed News reported Tuesday, the manner in
how closely held the intelligence regarding which the White House released its statement—the
a potential chemical attack was.” Pentagon’s clarification notwithstanding—only raises
more questions about what the White House was referring
By Tuesday, the Defense Department appeared to have to.
gotten on the same page as the president. Captain Jeff
Davis, a Pentagon spokesman, said the U.S. has seen Here’s more:

“actions suggestive of intent to use [F]ive US defense officials reached by

chemical weapons” BuzzFeed News Monday night said they
did not know where the potential chemical
at the al-Shayrat airbase for several days. That’s the same attack would come from, including one US
airbase the Trump administration said was used by the Central Command official who had ‘no idea’
about its origin. The officials said they were consulting the relevant national-security agencies—
unaware the White House was planning to despite the administration’s claims to the contrary—and
release its statement; usually such that the president has once again left his own government
statements are coordinated across the scrambling to catch up and coordinate. We’ve seen this
national security agencies and departments happen on several significant occasions since Trump’s
before they are released. inauguration: He repeatedly described NATO as
“obsolete” and appeared to make U.S. support for its
In Damascus, Ali Haidar, the minister for national partners in the alliance conditional upon their military
reconciliation, rejected the White House’s claim. He told expenditures, only to have James Mattis, his defense
the Associated Press the statement suggested a “diplomatic secretary, undertake a European tour in an attempt to
battle” at the U.N. against Syria. Russia, which backs the reassure allies of America’s commitment. He publicly
Assad regime, also rejected the allegation. alluded to military action against North Korea, in apparent
contradiction of the public statements of his own secretary
“I am not aware of any information about a of state.
threat that chemical weapons could be
used,” Dmitri Peskov, the Kremlin There has been even more confusion over Qatar, a U.S.
spokesman, said. ally with which Saudi Arabia and other Arab nations
severed links this month over its alleged support of
Assad’s record on this issue is clearly damning, however: terrorism. Trump lauded that stand. The U.S. State
Department took a dramatically different approach, with
the department spokeswoman declaring herself “mystified”
During the more than six-year civil war in his country, he about what the Gulf countries expected to achieve. Similar
has used chemical weapons multiple times despite an contradictions have surfaced with regard to Russia, which
agreement involving the U.S. and Russia that aimed to Trump wants closer relations with but which Mattis has
remove his ability to do so; and he has found other ways to said “we are going to have to confront;” and Syria, where
kill hundreds of thousands of his people. Syria and Russia the Trump administration’s stated policy preferences have
have repeatedly rejected overwhelming evidence that ranged from political solutions to regime change.
Assad’s forces carried out the chemical-weapons attack in
April, instead blaming rebels for the deaths. So it’s hardly
unexpected that they would both reject any evidence the What do all these contradictions amount to? They could
White House presents for its latest claim—even if it is signal mere inexperience; they could show internal policy
accurate. debates being played out in public. But the more troubling
possibility lies in what my colleague James Fallows has
called Trump’s “credibility crisis.” The president’s
But the saga of the statement so far highlights the White willingness to disregard and distort facts, Fallows wrote,
House’s own credibility problems—and why Russia and invites the question:
Syria are in a position to exploit them.
“If an administration will lie about facts
It’s plausible, as the Times suggests, that the White House where the contradictory evidence is in plain
made its announcement based on intelligence that was not sight, how can we possibly believe them on
widely shared within the administration. Neither the Times anything else?”
nor Buzzfeed identified which specific officials had been
surprised by the Monday night statement; maybe those
officials weren’t in a position to know about it ahead of When the president releases a late-night threat of military
time anyway. On the other hand, it’s no less plausible that action, which his own Defense Department won’t
this White House would make a pronouncement without comment on publicly until the following morning, that
question becomes all the more urgent.

Pentagon “Clueless” On Trump’s
Surprise Warning To Syria Over Chemical Attack
Written By Jason Ditz
June 27, 2017 At 10:56 Pm

Department, and intelligence agencies, particularly

whoever was the source of the allegation about Syria in the
first place. All signs, however, are that this wasn’t the case
with anyone, and they’re not even sure where Trump got
the idea that a chemical attack might be imminent.

The White House has since offered a secondary comment

insisting that all of the officials who are quoted in the
media saying they didn’t know about the announcement
(ANTIWAR.COM) — Last night, White House issued a are lying, and that the White House did, somehow, consult
surprise statement accusing the Syrian government of with everybody without anybody knowing about it.
preparing a chemical weapons attack and threatening to
make them pay “a heavy price” for doing so. This The only person who may conceivably have been in the
immediately suggested another US attack on Syria was loop is US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley,
imminent. No one saw this coming, including the Pentagon who almost immediately after the White House statement
and the State Department. Tweeted that any future attacks in Syria would be blamed
on Assad, Russia, and Iran.
Pentagon officials say they were totally unaware if this
putative evidence of a chemical attack until the moment This too gives the impression that last night’s brief,
the White House issued the statement, something they evidence-free statement was mostly a pretext for picking a
completely didn’t see coming. The State Department, fight in Syria, and the fact that it came mere hours after
which would normally be involved in coordinating such an Secretary of State Tillerson spoke with the Russian
important press release, also wasn’t consulted. Foreign Minister about a new ceasefire gives the
appearance this was a none-too-subtle way of turning that
Indeed, such an announcement would normally involve proposal down.
myriad security agencies, including the Pentagon, State

Donald Trump's Millionaire Supporters Are Deserting The
President Over Government Dysfunction
'Forbes' Estimates The President's Wealth To Total $3.5bn
Andrew Buncombe New York - @Andrewbuncombe
Tuesday 27 June 2017 17:33 BST

CNBC's Millionaire Survey found that 45 per cent of

millionaires who responded said they voted for the former
TV reality star, compared to 41 per cent for Ms. Clinton.

When he was running for the White House, Donald Trump

used to constantly brag about how wealthy he was.

“I don’t need anybody’s money. I’m really

rich,” he would say. “I don’t need anybody’s Modi escapes Trump handshake with ingenious move
money, I don’t need lobbyists’ money.” He
said he was not boasting, but that this was It said that when they were asked to score Mr. Trump’s
the “kind of mindset you need” in America. first 100 days, the President ranked 38 on a scale of 1 to
100. When the survey then looked at “pro-Trump” and
Mr. Trump may be a little disappointed, therefore, to learn “anti-Trump” attitudes, 50 per cent of millionaires said
that his support among other rich people appears to be they were now opposed to the President. Just 29 per cent
declining. A survey conducted for CNBC found that said they considered themselves pro-Trump, according to
millionaires were having growing worries about Mr. the poll.
Trump because of apparent government dysfunction.
“He’s an unconventional president, and I
think many of these voters are still getting
used to that,” said George Walper,
president of Spectrem Group, which
conducted the survey. “And I think that the
hopes for tax reform and health-care
reform faded a bit.”

When asked about the biggest risk to the economy over the
next 12 months, government dysfunction ranked first, at 38
per cent. Millionaires also said government dysfunction
was the biggest threat to their own personal wealth.

Russia-gate Is No Watergate or Iran-Contra
By Robert Parry
June 28, 2017

Special Report: Many comparisons have been made so. By contrast, in the origins of Watergate and Iran-
between Russia-gate and the earlier scandals of Watergate Contra, it appears the Nixon and Reagan campaigns,
and Iran-Contra, but the similarities are at best superficial, respectively, were the instigators of schemes to enlist
explains Robert Parry. foreign governments in blocking a Vietnam peace deal in
1968 and negotiations to free 52 American hostages in Iran
Russia-gate, the sprawling investigation into whether in 1980.
Russia meddled in last year’s U.S. election, is often
compared to the two big political scandals of the latter half Though Watergate is associated directly with the 1972
of the Twentieth Century, Watergate and Iran-Contra. campaign – when Nixon’s team of burglars was caught
Sometimes you even hear that Russia-gate is “bigger than inside the Democratic National Committee offices in the
Watergate.” Watergate building – Nixon’s formation of that team,
known as the Plumbers, was driven by his fear that he
could be exposed for sabotaging President Lyndon
Johnson’s Vietnam peace talks in 1968 in order to secure
the White House that year.

After Nixon’s narrow victory over Vice President Hubert

Humphrey in the 1968 election, FBI Director J. Edgar
Hoover informed Nixon that Johnson had a secret file,
complete with wiretapped phone calls, detailing the Nixon
campaign’s backchannel messages to South Vietnamese
officials convincing them to boycott Johnson’s Paris peace
talks. Later, Nixon learned that this incriminating file had
disappeared from the White House.

The bugged phone from the Watergate office of Democratic Party So, in 1971, after the leaking of the Pentagon Papers,
official Spencer Oliver. Placed on the phone during a May 1972
break-in, the bug was the only device that worked. A second break-in which recounted the lies that had been used to justify the
on June 17. 1972, led to the capture of Richard Nixon’s Watergate Vietnam War through 1967, Nixon fretted that the missing
burglars. file about his peace-talk gambit in 1968 might surface, too,
and would destroy him politically. Thus, he organized the
Yet what is perhaps most remarkable about those two Plumbers to find the file, even contemplating fire-bombing
Twentieth Century scandals is how little Official the Brookings Institution to enable a search of its safe
Washington really understands them – and how these where some aides thought the missing file might be found.
earlier scandals significantly contrast, rather than compare,
with what is unfolding now. In other words, Watergate wasn’t simply a break-in at the
Democratic National Committee on June 17, 1972, in
Although the historical record is still incomplete on pursuit of useful political intelligence and Nixon’s ensuing
Watergate and Iran-Contra, the available evidence cover-up; the scandal had its origins in a far worse scandal,
indicates that both scandals originated in schemes by the derailing of peace talks that could have ended the
Republicans to draw foreign leaders into plots to Vietnam War years earlier and saved the lives of tens of
undermine sitting Democratic presidents and thus pave the thousands of U.S. soldiers and possibly more than 1
way for the elections of Richard Nixon in 1968 and Ronald million Vietnamese.
Reagan in 1980.
Iran-Contra Parallels
As for Russia-gate, even if you accept that the Russian
government hacked into Democratic emails and publicized Similarly, the Iran-Contra scandal exploded in 1986 with
them via WikiLeaks, there is still no evidence that Donald revelations that President Reagan had authorized secret
Trump or his campaign colluded with the Kremlin to do arms sales to Iran with some of the profits going to fund
the Nicaraguan Contra rebels, but the evidence now evidence regarding Nixon’s 1968 peace-talk gambit as
indicates that the connections between Reagan’s team and nothing more than a “rumor” until earlier this year when a
Iran’s revolutionary regime traced back to 1980 when scholar, John A. Farrell, uncovered cryptic notes taken by
emissaries from Reagan’s campaign worked to stymie Nixon’s aide H.R. Haldeman, which added another piece
President Jimmy Carter’s negotiations to free 52 American to the mosaic and left the Times little choice but to
hostages then held in Iran. pronounce the historical reality finally real.

Grasping the Watergate Narrative

Still, the Times and other major news outlets have failed to
factor this belated admission into the larger Watergate
narrative. If you understand that Nixon did sabotage
President Johnson’s Vietnam War peace talks and that
Nixon was aware that Johnson’s file on what LBJ called
Nixon’s “treason” had disappeared from the White House,
the early “Watergate tapes” from 1971 suddenly make

PBS Frontline’s 1991 documentary, entitled “The Election Held

Hostage,” co-written by Robert Parry

According to multiple witnesses, including former

Assistant Secretary of State for Middle Eastern Affairs
Nicholas Veliotes, the pre-election contacts led to the
opening of a weapons pipeline to Iran (via Israel), after
Reagan was sworn in on Jan. 20, 1981, which was the
precise moment when Iran finally released the American
hostages after 444 days.

Some key players in the 1980 Reagan-Iran contacts President Richard Nixon with his then-National Security Advisor
reappeared four years later at the start of direct (again Henry Kissinger in 1972.
secret) U.S. arms shipments to Iran in 1985, which also
involved Israeli middlemen. These key players Nixon ordered White House chief of staff H.R. “Bob”
included Iranian CIA operative Cyrus Hashemi, former Haldeman and National Security Adviser Henry Kissinger
CIA clandestine services chief Theodore Shackley, to locate the missing file but their search came up empty.
Reagan’s campaign chief and then-CIA Director William Yet, some Nixon aides thought the file might be hidden at
Casey, and former CIA Director and then-Vice President the Brookings Institution, a liberal think tank in
George H.W. Bush. Washington. So, in his desperate pursuit of the file, Nixon
called for a break-in at Brookings, possibly even fire-
In other words, the Iran-Contra weapons shipments of bombing the building as a cover for his team of burglars to
1985-86 appear to have been an outgrowth of the earlier slip in amid the confusion and rifle the safe.
shipments dating back to 1980 and continuing under Israeli
auspices until the supply line was taken over more directly The old explanation that Nixon simply wanted to find
by the Reagan administration in 1985-86. some file related to Johnson’s 1968 pre-election Vietnam
bombing halt never made sense given the extreme steps
Thus, both the Watergate scandal in 1972 and the Iran- that Nixon was prepared to take.
Contra Affair in 1986 could be viewed as “sequels” to the
earlier machinations driven by Republican hunger to seize The relevant portions of Nixon’s White House tapes
the enormous powers of the U.S. presidency. However, for include an entry on June 17, 1971, coincidentally one year
decades, Official Washington has been hostile to these to the day before the Watergate burglars were caught.
underlying explanations of how Watergate and Iran-Contra Nixon summoned Haldeman and Kissinger to the Oval
began. Office and pleaded with them again to locate the file.

For instance, The New York Times, the so-called “Do we have it?” Nixon asked Haldeman. “I’ve asked
“newspaper of record,” treated the accumulation of for it. You said you didn’t have it.”
Haldeman: “We can’t find it.” bombing), but Nixon’s desperation to locate Johnson’s
peace-talk file was an important link in the chain of events
Kissinger: “We have nothing here, Mr. President.”
that led to the creation of Nixon’s burglary unit under
Nixon: “Well, damn-it, I asked for that because I need Hunt’s supervision. Hunt later oversaw the two Watergate
it.” break-ins in May and June of 1972.
Kissinger: “But Bob and I have been trying to put the
damn thing together.” While it’s possible that Nixon was still searching for the
file about his Vietnam-peace sabotage when the ill-fated
Haldeman: “We have a basic history in constructing
Watergate break-ins occurred a year later, it’s generally
our own, but there is a file on it.”
believed that the burglary was more broadly focused,
Nixon: “Where?” seeking any information that might have an impact on
Haldeman: “[Presidential aide Tom Charles] Huston Nixon’s re-election, either defensively or offensively.
swears to God that there’s a file on it and it’s at
Brookings.” However, if you think back on 1971 when the Vietnam
War was tearing the country apart and massive antiwar
Nixon: “Bob? Bob? Now do you remember Huston’s demonstrations were descending on Washington, Nixon’s
plan [for White House-sponsored break-ins as part of desperation to locate the missing file suddenly doesn’t
domestic counter-intelligence operations]? Implement seem quite so crazy. There would have been hell to pay if
it.” the public learned that Nixon had kept the war going to
Kissinger: “Now Brookings has no right to have gain a political advantage in 1968.
classified documents.”
Nixon: “I want it implemented. Goddamn-it, get in and
get those files. Blow the safe and get it.”
Haldeman: “They may very well have cleaned them by
now, but this thing, you need to “
Kissinger: “I wouldn’t be surprised if Brookings had the
Haldeman: “My point is Johnson knows that those files
are around. He doesn’t know for sure that we don’t
have them around.”
Walt Rostow’s “‘X’ Envelope”

But Johnson did know that the file was no longer at the
Through 1972 – and the early days of the Watergate
White House because he had ordered his national security
scandal – former President Johnson had stayed silent about
adviser, Walt Rostow, to remove it in the final days of
Nixon’s sabotage of the Paris peace talks. But the ex-
Johnson’s presidency.
President became livid when – after Nixon’s reelection in
1972 – Nixon’s men sought to pressure Johnson into
Forming the Burglars helping them shut down the Watergate investigation, in
part, by noting that Johnson, too, had deployed wiretaps
On June 30, 1971, Nixon again berated Haldeman about against Nixon’s 1968 campaign to obtain evidence about
the need to break into Brookings and “take it [the file] the peace-talk sabotage.
out.” Nixon suggested using former CIA officer E.
Howard Hunt to conduct the Brookings break-in. While it’s not clear whether Johnson would have finally
spoken out, that threat to Nixon ended two days after
“You talk to Hunt,” Nixon told Haldeman. “I Nixon’s second inaugural when on Jan. 22, 1973, Johnson
want the break-in. Hell, they do that. You’re died of a heart attack. However, unbeknownst to Nixon,
to break into the place, rifle the files, and Johnson had left the missing file, called “The X-
bring them in. Just go in and take it. Go in Envelope,” in the care of Rostow, who – after Johnson’s
around 8:00 or 9:00 o’clock.” death – gave the file to the LBJ presidential library in
Austin, Texas, with instructions that it be kept under wraps
Haldeman: “Make an inspection of the safe.” for at least 50 years. (Rostow’s instructions were
overturned in the 1990s, and I found the now largely
Nixon: “That’s right. You go in to inspect declassified file at the library in 2012.)
the safe. I mean, clean it up.”
So, with the “The X-Envelope” squirreled away for more
For reasons that remain unclear, it appears that than two decades at the LBJ library and with the big
the Brookings break-in never took place (nor did the fire- newspapers treating the early sketchy reports of Nixon’s

peace-talk sabotage as only “rumors,” Watergate remained And, moderate Democrats, such as Rep. Lee Hamilton of
a scandal limited to the 1972 campaign. Indiana who co-chaired the congressional investigation,
sought to tamp down the Iran-Contra fires and set up
Still, Nixon’s cover-up of his campaign’s role in the firebreaks to prevent the investigation from spreading to
Watergate break-in produced enough clear-cut evidence of related crimes such as the Reagan admin-
obstruction of justice and other offenses that Nixon was istration’s protection of Contra cocaine traffickers.
forced to resign on Aug. 9, 1974.
“Ask about the cocaine,” pleaded one
A Failed Investigation protester who was dragged from the Iran-
Contra hearing room, as the congressional
investigators averted their eyes from such
The 1979-81 hostage confrontation with Iran was not
unseemly matters, focusing instead on
nearly as devastating a crisis as the Vietnam War but
America’s humiliation during the 444-day-long ordeal stilted lectures about the Congress’s
constitutional prerogatives.
became a focus of the 1980 election, too, with the first
anniversary of Iran’s seizure of the U.S. Embassy in
Tehran coincidentally falling on Election Day 1980. It was not until 1990-91 that it became clear that secret
U.S.-approved arms shipments to Iran did not start in 1985
as the Iran-Contra narrative claimed but traced back to
1981 with Reagan’s approval of arms sales to Iran through

Reagan’s politically risky move of secretly arming Iran

immediately after his inauguration and the hostage release
was nearly exposed when one of the Israeli flights strayed
into Soviet airspace on July 18, 1981, and crashed or was
shot down.

In a PBS interview nearly a decade later, Nicholas

Veliotes, Reagan’s assistant secretary of state for the
Middle East, said he looked into the incident by talking to
President Jimmy Carter signing the Camp David peace agreement top administration officials.
with Egypt’s Anwar Sadat and Israel’s Menachem Begin.
“It was clear to me after my conversations
President Carter’s failure to gain freedom for the 52 with people on high that indeed we had
embassy personnel turned what had been a close race into agreed that the Israelis could transship to
a landslide for Ronald Reagan, with Republicans also Iran some American-origin military
gaining control of the U.S. Senate and ousting some of the equipment,” Veliotes said.
most influential Democratic senators.
In checking out the Israeli flight, Veliotes came to believe
In 1984, Reagan won reelection in another landslide, but that the Reagan camp’s dealings with Iran dated back to
two years later ran afoul of the Iran-Contra scandal. before the 1980 election. “It seems to have started in
Reagan’s secret arms sales to Iran and diversion of profits earnest in the period probably prior to the election of 1980,
to the Contras “broke” in November 1986 but focused only as the Israelis had identified who would become the new
on Reagan’s 1985-1986 arms sales and the diversion. Still, players in the national security area in the Reagan
the scandal’s crimes included violations of the Arms administration,” Veliotes said.
Export Control Act and the so-called Boland Act’s
prohibitions on arming the Contras as well as perjury and “And I understand some contacts were
obstruction of justice. So there was the prospect of made at that time.”
Reagan’s impeachment.
However, in 1981, Veliotes said, the State Department
But – from the start of Iran-Contra – there was a strong issued misleading press guidance to cover the
pushback from Republicans who didn’t want to see administration’s tracks and the Washington media failed to
another GOP president driven from office. There was also follow up. Thus, the U.S.-Israeli arms pipeline to Iran
resistance to the scandal from many mainstream media stayed secret from the American people until November
executives who personally liked Reagan and feared a 1986 when — despite Reagan’s long-running insistence
public backlash if the press played an aggressive role that he would never trade arms with a terrorist state like
similar to Watergate. Iran — the operation was exposed.

When I re-interviewed Veliotes in 2012, he said he describing how deMarenches had confided that he had
couldn’t recall who the “people on high” were who had helped arrange the Republican-Iranian contacts.
described the informal clearance of the Israeli shipments of Andelman, an ex-New York Times and CBS News
U.S.-manufactured weapons, but he indicated that “the correspondent, said that while he was working on
new players” were the young neoconservatives who were deMarenches’s autobiography, the arch-conservative
working on the Reagan campaign, many of whom later spymaster admitted arranging meetings between
joined the administration as senior political appointees. Republicans and Iranians about the hostage issue in the
summer and fall of 1980, with one meeting held in Paris in
Documents that I discovered at the Reagan presidential October.
library revealed that Reagan’s neocons at the State
Department, particularly Robert McFarlane and Paul Andelman said deMarenches ordered that the secret
Wolfowitz, initiated a policy review in 1981 to allow Israel meetings be kept out of his memoirs because the story
to undertake secret military shipments to Iran. could otherwise damage the reputations of his friends,
William Casey and George H.W. Bush. Andelman’s
McFarlane and Wolfowitz also maneuvered to put testimony corroborated longstanding claims from a variety
McFarlane in charge of U.S. relations toward Iran and to of international intelligence operatives about a Paris
establish a clandestine U.S. back-channel to the Israeli meeting involving Casey and Bush. But the Task Force
government outside the knowledge of even senior U.S. report brushed this testimony aside, paradoxically terming
government officials. it “credible” but then claiming it was “insufficiently
Another Failed Investigation
The Task Force’s report argued that
In 1991, faced with the accumulating evidence of a prequel Andelman could not “rule out the possibility
to the Iran-Contra scandal, Congress grudgingly agreed to that deMarenches had told him he was
take a look at these so-called “October Surprise” aware of and involved in the Casey
meetings because he, deMarenches, could
allegations. But Republicans, then led by President George
not risk telling his biographer he had no
H.W. Bush and his White House team, mounted an
knowledge of these allegations.”
aggressive cover-up to “spike” the story.

In the last weeks of the investigation, the House

investigators also received a letter from former Iranian
President Bani-Sadr detailing his behind-the-scenes
struggle with Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini and his son
Ahmad over their secret dealings with the Reagan
campaign. But the House investigators dismissed Bani-
Sadr’s first-hand account as hearsay and thus also lacking
“probative value.”

I later unearthed some of the evidence in unpublished Task

Force files. However, in the meantime, Official
Former Rep. Lee Hamilton, D-Indiana. Washington had dismissed the “October Surprise” and
other Iran-Contra-connected scandals, like Contra drug
And, with the congressional inquiry largely in the hands trafficking, as conspiracy theories.
again of Rep. Hamilton, the Democrats timidly folded their
tent despite a growing body of evidence that the Reagan The Russian Report
team was indeed guilty.
Ironically, another piece of late-arriving evidence was a
Much of that evidence flowed into the House Task Force January 1993 report from a national security committee of
in December 1992 when President George H.W. Bush had the Russian parliament about the Kremlin’s intelligence
already been defeated for reelection and the Democrats data confirming that key Republicans, including George
were looking forward to their renewed control of H.W. Bush and William Casey, had met with Iranian
Washington. So, instead of giving a careful review to the officials in Europe regarding the hostages during the 1980
new evidence, the House Task Force ignored, disparaged campaign.
or buried it.

The late-arriving material included sworn testimony on

Dec. 18, 1992, from David Andelman, the biographer of
French intelligence chief Alexandre deMarenches,

strategy session and explained the need to
contain the congressional investigation into the October
Surprise case. The explicit goal was to ensure the scandal
would not hurt President Bush’s reelection hopes in 1992.

In 2013, when I interviewed Hamilton about the Beach

memo, he lamented that the Madrid information had not
been shared with his investigation, saying “you have to
rely on people” in authority to comply with information

“We found no evidence to confirm Casey’s

Then-Vice President George H.W. Bush with CIA Director William
trip to Madrid,” Hamilton told me. “We
Casey at the White House on Feb. 11, 1981. (Photo credit: Reagan couldn’t show that. The [George H.W.
Library) Bush] White House did not notify us that he
did make the trip. Should they have passed
Hamilton had requested the Russian assistance before the that on to us? They should have because
U.S. election in 1992, but the report was not sent until they knew we were interested in that.”
there were only two weeks left in George H.W. Bush’s
presidency. Asked if knowledge that Casey had traveled to Madrid
might have changed the Task Force’s dismissive October
Lawrence Barcella, who served as the Task Force chief Surprise conclusion, Hamilton said yes, because the
counsel, later told me that so much incriminating evidence question of the Madrid trip was key to the task force’s
arrived late that he asked Hamilton to extend the inquiry investigation.
for three months but that Hamilton said no (although
Hamilton told me that he had no recollection of denying Not Moving the Needle
Barcella’s request).
However, the Madrid trip revelation and other post-
The other fatal flaw of the House investigation was that it investigation disclosures failed to move the needle on
left much of the actual investigating up to President Official Washington’s disdain for the October Surprise
George H.W. Bush’s White House counsel’s office and the story.
State Department, although Bush was one of the chief
suspects and, in 1991-92, was running for re-election, a
campaign that would have been derailed if the 1980
October Surprise allegations were confirmed.

The naivete of this decision was underscored years later

when I located a memo at Bush’s presidential library
stating that the State Department had informed the White
House counsel’s office that Casey had traveled to Madrid
in 1980, corroborating a key October Surprise allegation.

The confirmation of Casey’s trip was passed along by

State Department legal adviser Edwin D. Williamson to
Associate White House Counsel Chester Paul Beach Jr. in
early November 1991, just as the October Surprise inquiry
Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir shaking hands with President
was taking shape, according to Beach’s “memorandum for Ronald Reagan’s Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger in 1982.
record” dated Nov. 4, 1991. (U.S. government photo)

Williamson said that among the State The later disclosures included a 1993 interview in Tel
Department “material potentially relevant to Aviv in which former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak
the October Surprise allegations [was] a Shamir said he had read the 1991 book, October Surprise,
cable from the Madrid embassy indicating by Carter’s former National Security Council aide Gary
that Bill Casey was in town, for purposes Sick, which made the case for believing that the
unknown,” Beach noted. Republicans had intervened in the 1980 hostage
negotiations to disrupt Carter’s reelection.
Two days later, on Nov. 6, 1991, Beach’s boss, White
House counsel C. Boyden Gray, arranged an inter-agency
With the topic raised, one interviewer asked, So how do Watergate and Iran-Contra compare and
contrast with Russia-gate? One key difference is that in
“What do you think? Was there an October Watergate in 1972-73 and Iran-Contra in 1985-86, you had
Surprise?” clear-cut crimes (even if you don’t want to believe the two
“prequels” from 1968 and 1980, respectively).
“Of course, it was,” Shamir responded
without hesitation. “It was.”

And, there were other corroborating statements as well. In

1996, for instance, while former President Carter was
meeting with Palestine Liberation Organization leader
Arafat in Gaza City, Arafat tried to confess his role in the
Republican maneuvering to block Carter’s Iran-hostage

“There is something I want to tell you,”

Arafat said, addressing Carter in the
presence of historian Douglas Brinkley.
“You should know that in 1980 the
Republicans approached me with an arms President Donald Trump being sworn in on Jan. 20, 2017. (Screen
deal [for the PLO] if I could arrange to keep shot from
the hostages in Iran until after the [U.S.
presidential] election,” Arafat said, In Watergate, five burglars were caught inside the DNC
according to Brinkley’s article in the fall offices on June 17, 1972, as they sought to plant more bugs
1996 issue of Diplomatic Quarterly. on Democratic phones. (An earlier break-in in May had
installed two bugs, but one didn’t work.) Nixon then
In 2013, after the movie “Argo” appeared regarding an proceeded to mount a cover-up of his 1972 campaign’s
early facet of the Iran-hostage crisis, former Iranian role in funding the break-in and other abuses of power.
President Bani-Sadr elaboratedon his account of
Republican overtures to Iran in 1980 and how that secret In Iran-Contra, Reagan secretly authorized weapons sales
initiative prevented release of the hostages. to Iran, which was then designated a terrorist state, without
informing Congress, a violation of the Arms Export
In a Christian Science Monitor commentary, Bani-Sadr Control Act. He also kept Congress in the dark about his
wrote, belated signing of a related intelligence “finding.” And the
creation of slush funds to finance the Nicaraguan Contras
“Ayatollah Khomeini and Ronald Reagan represented an evasion of the U.S. Constitution.
had organized a clandestine negotiation
which prevented the attempts by myself There was also the attendant Iran-Contra cover-up
and then-U.S. President Jimmy Carter to mounted both by the Reagan White House and later the
free the hostages before the 1980 U.S. George H.W. Bush White House, which culminated in
presidential election took place. The fact Bush’s Christmas Eve 1992 pardons of six Iran-Contra
that they were not released tipped the defendants as special prosecutor Lawrence Walsh was
results of the election in favor of Reagan.” zeroing in on possible indictment of Bush for withholding
Then, Bani-Sadr added a new detail, that
By contrast, Russia-gate has been a “scandal” in search of
“two of my advisors, Hussein Navab Safavi a specific crime. President Barack Obama’s intelligence
and Sadr-al-Hefazi, were executed by chieftains have alleged – without presenting any clear
Khomeini’s regime because they had evidence – that the Russian government hacked into the
become aware of this secret relationship emails of the Democratic National Committee and of
between Khomeini, his son Ahmad, … and Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta and
the Reagan administration.” released those emails via WikiLeaks and other Internet
sites. (The Russians and WikiLeaks have both denied the
[For more details on the October Surprise
case, see Robert Parry’s Trick or
Treason and America’s Stolen Narrative.]
The DNC emails revealed that senior Democrats did not
maintain their required independence regarding the
Compare and Contrast
primaries by seeking to hurt Sen. Bernie Sanders and help

Clinton. The Podesta emails pulled back the curtain on Yates also concocted a bizarre argument that the
Clinton’s paid speeches to Wall Street banks and on pay- discrepancies between Flynn’s account of the call and the
to-play features of the Clinton Foundation. transcript left him open to Russian blackmail although how
that would work – since the Russians surely assumed that
Hacking into personal computers is a crime, but the U.S. Kislyak’s calls would be monitored by U.S. intelligence
government has yet to bring any formal charges against and thus offered them no leverage with Flynn – was never
specific individuals supposedly responsible for the hacking explained.
of the Democratic emails. There also has been no evidence
that Donald Trump’s campaign colluded with Russians in Still, Flynn’s failure to recount the phone call precisely
the hacking. and the controversy stirred up around it became the basis
for an obstruction of justice investigation of Flynn and led
Lacking any precise evidence of this cyber-crime or of a to President Trump’s firing Flynn on Feb. 13.
conspiracy between Russia and the Trump campaign,
Obama’s Justice Department holdovers and now special Trump may have thought that tossing Flynn overboard to
prosecutor Robert Mueller have sought to build “process the circling sharks would calm down the sharks but the
crimes,” around false statements to investigators and blood in the water only excited them more. According to
possible obstruction of justice. then-FBI Director James Comey, Trump talked to him
one-on-one the next day, Feb. 14, and said,
Railroading Flynn
“‘I hope you can see your way clear to
In the case of retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Trump’s first letting this go, to letting Flynn go. He is a
national security adviser, acting Attorney General Sally good guy. I hope you can let this go.”
Yates used the archaic Logan Act of 1799 to create a
predicate for the FBI to interrogate Flynn about a Dec. 29, Trump’s “hope” and the fact that he later fired Comey
2016 conversation with Russian Ambassador Sergey have reportedly led special prosecutor Mueller to look at a
Kislyak, i.e., after Trump’s election but before the possible obstruction of justice case against Trump. In other
Inauguration. words, Trump could be accused of obstructing what
appears to have been a trumped-up case against Flynn.

Of course, there remains the possibility that evidence

might surface of Trump or his campaign colluding with the
Russians, but such evidence has so far not been presented.
Or Mueller’s investigation might turn over some rock and
reveal some unrelated crime, possibly financial
wrongdoing by Trump or an associate.

(Something similar happened in the

Republican investigation of the Sept. 11,
2012 Benghazi attack, a largely fruitless
inquiry except that it revealed that
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sent and
Green Party leader Jill Stein and retired Lt. General Michael Flynn received official emails over a private
attending a dinner marking the RT network’s 10-year anniversary in
Moscow, December 2015, sitting at the same table as Russian server, which Comey decried during last
President Vladimir Putin. year’s campaign as “extremely careless”
but not criminal.)
The Logan Act, which has never resulted in a prosecution
in 218 years, was enacted during the period of the Alien Curb the Enthusiasm
and Sedition Acts to bar private citizens from negotiating
on their own with foreign governments. It was never Another contrast between the earlier scandals (Watergate
intended to apply to a national security adviser of an and Iran-Contra) and Russia-gate is the degree of
elected President, albeit before he was sworn in. enthusiasm and excitement that the U.S. mainstream media
and congressional Democrats have shown today as
But it became the predicate for the FBI interrogation — opposed to 1972 and 1986.
and the FBI agents were armed with a transcript of the
intercepted Kislyak-Flynn phone call so they could catch
Flynn on any gaps in his recollection, which might have
been made even hazier because he was on vacation in the
Dominican Republic when Kislyak called.
After moving from AP to Newsweek in early 1987, I
learned that the senior executives at Newsweek, then part
of The Washington Post Company, didn’t want “another
Watergate”; they felt another such scandal was not “good
for the country” and wanted Iran-Contra to go away as
soon as possible. I was even told not to read the
congressional Iran-Contra report when it was published in
October 1987 (although I ignored that order and kept
trying to keep my own investigation going in defiance of
the wishes of the Newsweek brass until those repeated
clashes led to my departure in June 1990).
The Washington Post’s Watergate team, including from left to right,
publisher Katharine Graham, Carl Bernstein, Bob Woodward, So, perhaps the biggest similarity between Russia-gate and
Howard Simons, and executive editor Ben Bradlee. Watergate is that Richard Nixon and Donald Trump were
both highly unpopular with the Washington establishment
Though The Washington Post’s Bob Woodward and Carl and thus had few influential defenders, while an important
Bernstein aggressively pursued the Watergate scandal, contrast with Iran-Contra was that Reagan and Bush were
there was much less interest elsewhere in major news very well liked, especially among news executives such as
outlets until Nixon’s criminality became obvious in 1973. Washington Post publisher Katharine Graham who, by all
Many national Democrats, including DNC Chairman Bob accounts, did not care for the uncouth Nixon. Today, the
Strauss, were extremely hesitant to pursue the scandal if senior executives of The New York Times, The
not outright against it. Washington Post and other major news outlets have made
no secret of their disdain for the buffoonish Trump and
their hostility toward Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Similarly, although Brian Barger and I at The Associated
Press were pursuing aspects of Iran-Contra since early
1985, the big newspapers and networks consistently gave In other words, what is driving Russia-gate – for both the
the Reagan administration the benefit of the doubt – at mainstream news media and the Democrats – appears to be
least before the scandal finally burst into view in fall 1986 a political agenda, i.e., the desire to remove Trump from
(when a Contra-supply plane crashed inside Nicaragua and office while also ratcheting up a New Cold War with
a Lebanese newspaper revealed U.S. arms shipments to Russia, a priority for Washington’s neoconservatives and
Iran). their liberal-interventionist sidekicks.

For several months, there was a flurry of attention to the If this political drama were playing out in some other
complex Iran-Contra scandal, but the big media still country, we would be talking about a “soft coup” in which
ignored evidence of a White House cover-up and soon lost the “oligarchy” or some other “deep state” force was using
interest in the difficult work of unraveling the convoluted semi-constitutional means to engineer a disfavored
networks for arms smuggling, money laundering and leader’s removal.
cocaine trafficking.
Of course, since the ongoing campaign to remove Trump
Congressional Democrats also shied away from a is happening in the United States, it must be presented as a
constitutional confrontation with the popular Reagan and principled pursuit of truth and a righteous application of
his well-connected Vice President George H.W. Bush. the rule of law. But the comparisons to Watergate and
Iran-Contra are a stretch.

CNN Is Dead: Network Loses All Credibility As Producer
Admits That The Entire Russia Narrative Is Fake News
Source: Michael Snyder, Guest Post
Published: June 28, 2017

“It’s a business, people are like the

media has an ethical phssssss… All the
nice cutesy little ethics that used to get
talked about in journalism school you’re
just like, that’s adorable. That’s
adorable. This is a business.”

And of course this comes on the heels of three reporters

being forced out of CNN for publishing a false story that
attempted to link a Russian investment fund with Trump…

Three CNN employees have handed in their resignations

over a retracted story linking President Trump to Russia,
the network announced Monday.
Nobody else needs to dig a grave for CNN because they
are doing it themselves. There has been scandal after The article was removed from on Friday after
scandal at the network, and now one of their producers has the network decided it could no longer stand by its
been caught on undercover video admitting that CNN has reporting.
been pushing fake news stories about a connection
between Donald Trump and Russia in a desperate attempt “In the aftermath of the retraction of a story
to get ratings. In other words, CNN’s entire Russia published on, CNN has accepted
narrative has been a complete lie all along. Unfortunately the resignation of the employees involved
for CNN, they are going to discover that once your in the story’s publication,” a network
credibility is gone it is incredibly difficult to ever get it spokesperson told TheWrap in a
back. statement.

On Tuesday, Project Veritas made headlines all over the President Trump has taken a lot of heat for referring to
world when it released undercover video of CNN Producer CNN as “fake news”, but after the events of the past
John Bonifield admitting that CNN’s Russia narrative is several days he has been completely vindicated.
fake news. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can view the
entire video right here. Now that this video has been made
And once news broke of three reporters being forced out of
public, I don’t see how CNN is ever going to recover from
the network for a false story about Russia, he took a bit of
this. When one of your top producers admits that the story
a victory lap with this tweet…
you have been pushing for months is basically a load of
cow manure, it is impossible to maintain the pretense that
you are a legitimate news organization any longer… Wow, CNN had to retract big story on
“Russia,” with 3 employees forced to
Project Veritas has released a video of CNN Producer resign. What about all the other phony
John Bonifield who was caught on hidden-camera stories they do? FAKE NEWS!
admitting that there is no proof to CNN’s Russia narrative.
This is such a shame, because I always liked CNN’s
“I mean, it’s mostly bullshit right election coverage compared to the other networks. John
now,” Bonifield says. “Like, we don’t King always did such a great job breaking things down
have any giant proof.” county by county, and Wolf Blitzer always made things
seem so dramatic.
He confirms that the driving factor at CNN is ratings:
But now it is exceedingly difficult to see any sort of a
future for the network after all of this.
And of course other major news outlets have been guilty of been saying too. And it turns out that Bonifield feels the
pushing fake news about Russia too. The following comes exact same way…
from the Intercept…
“I just feel like they don’t really have it
Over and over, major U.S. media outlets have published but they want to keep digging. And so I
claims about the Russia Threat that turned out to be think the President is probably right to
completely false — always in the direction of exaggerating say, like, look you are witch hunting me.
the threat and/or inventing incriminating links between You have no smoking gun, you have no
Moscow and the Trump circle. In virtually all cases, those real proof.”
stories involved evidence-free assertions from anonymous
sources that these media outlets uncritically treated as fact, If this doesn’t kill “the Russia story”, I don’t know what
only for it to be revealed that they were entirely false. will.

But with CNN it has always been on another level, and we This whole thing has been a massive charade from the very
now have a top insider on tape admitting that a connection beginning, and the big news networks have been endlessly
between Trump and Russia is being pushed even though pushing it for ratings.
there isn’t any evidence. In fact, Bonifield says that CNN
CEO Jeff Zucker has been personally pushing this angle In their zeal to destroy Trump, they have
himself… “jumped the shark” and have destroyed
their own credibility instead.
“Just to give you some context,
President Trump pulled out of the Once upon a time, most mainstream journalists at least
climate accords and for a day and a half attempted to pretend that they were being objective, but
we covered the climate accords. And those days are long gone.
the CEO of CNN (Jeff Zucker) said in our
internal meeting, he said good job
everybody covering the climate Today, it is absolutely imperative for all of us to
accords, but we’re done with that, let’s understand that everyone has an agenda. In other words,
get back to Russia.” every single person that you see on television is trying to
get a message across. So instead of taking in news and
entertainment passively, we need to have our filters up and
I can’t imagine that Zucker gets to keep his job now that
we need to be thinking for ourselves.
this has been revealed.
Fortunately, episodes such as this one tend to awaken a lot
It may not happen immediately, but look for him to be of people, and more Americans than ever are sick and tired
shown the door in the not too distant future.
of the lies and misinformation that they are constantly
being fed.
All along, Trump has insisted that this whole thing with
Russia has been a “witch hunt”, and that is what I have

Limbaugh Goes Nuclear on CNN, ‘Little Jim Acosta’;
‘The Trump White House Owns CNN Now’
By Curtis Houck
June 28, 2017 6:36 PM EDT

As only he could, conservative talk radio host Rush “There’s no other Republican White
Limbaugh spend large swaths of Wednesday’s program House that would ever deal with this like
trashing the liberal media and particularly CNN, this. This is earth-shattering, it’s
precedent setting. And the press of
referring to them as “fools” with “little Jim course, after she said that they started
Acosta” behaving like a cat “chasing the erupting and trying to ask the next
red laser pointer around and bumping question, but she held them off and
into walls and sofa.” continued,” Limbaugh explained.

Limbaugh took on CNN from almost the get-go, informing Needless to say, she had to have known how the media
listeners that he’s would react, as evidenced by Karem having

“sensed a momentum shift, and I “lost his mind over this.”

continue to see evidence of it”
As for Jim Acosta, Limbaugh hysterically called out
with Tuesday’s White House daily briefing and Sarah Acosta in the same vein that he previously did to Brian
Huckabee Sanders holding her ground against Stelter [emphasis mine]:
Sentinel/Playboy writer Brian Karem.
And during the Q&A, she opens up with
Blasting CNN for somebody from Breitbart, which also ticked
off the media. Our old buddy little Jim
Acosta who’s chasing the red laser
“now making fools of themselves each
pointer around and bumping into walls
and every day, as is a large swath of the
and sofas, he tweeted later
Drive-By Media,”
(paraphrasing): “This is just unreal. They
called on conservatives. They call on
Limbaugh astutely noted how he’s exposed this going back conservatives and they won’t call on us.
decades to the point that it’s blatantly obvious the media And they call us fake news. Is this
“have become the organizing power of the American America? Is this the Constitution?” Just
left.” losing his mind. The Trump White
House owns CNN now.
“The media is now gobsmacked. They
are in the process of humiliating Acosta’s pompousness rings true concerning a subsequent
themselves every day. They are point Rush made, which was that the media have
embarrassing themselves. The latest
example, and it’s glaring, is CNN and
“gotten completely immersed in their
the three people that had to resign or
supposed constitutionality” and become
quit or whatever over the erroneous
drunk with power over the press being
story filed about a Trump associate
“specifically mentioned in the First
working with banks in Russia. This
whole Russia story has simply
consumed the media, simply consumed
them,” he masterfully added. There were plenty of other things highlighted by the
Founders in the First Amendment, but that’s minor details
to these people. Limbaugh continued:
Limbaugh praised the “fearless” Huckabee Sanders as
someone who “cannot be intimidated” based on her
trashing of CNN for their retracted Russia story. And I’ve thought for the longest time these
people really do think that they are the

singular thing keeping our country together. LIMBAUGH: The media is now gobsmacked. They are in
But what’s happened is they all think that the process of humiliating themselves every day. They are
you can’t criticize them. They are so far embarrassing themselves. The latest example, and it’s
above and beyond that you can’t criticize glaring, is CNN and the three people that had to resign or
them. What they’re doing is too important. quit or whatever over the erroneous story filed about a
They’re simply trying to explain truth to Trump associate working with banks in Russia. This whole
power. They’re trying to hold truthful people Russia story has simply consumed the media, simply
accountable, and you can’t criticize them, consumed them.
you can’t, it’s unconstitutional, it’s
undermining their precious responsibility. There’s nothing to it. There isn’t anything there. And now
there are stories in the media about how it’s time we get rid
Later in the show, he put a finger on the media’s true goal, of journalism. Opinion journalism needs to be the order of
which is to “to destroy Republicans” (and, by extension, the day. Now, do you remember the Project Veritas tape
impeach Trump): that we played yesterday, which ostensibly was a recording
of a CNN producer who admitted that, “Yeah, we know
Let’s face it, there’s a lot of people out there’s nothing to this Russia thing, but it’s ratings, man, it’s
there that think the media’s job is to destroy ratings, and that means money. You know, we spend a day
Republicans. A lot of people think the on the climate accords, but they come to us, the execs,
media’s purpose is to destroy Republicans, Zucker, and they tell us to get back on the Russia story.
destroy conservatives, and destroy their We can’t drop it. We got stay on the Russia story.” Why?
ideas and discredit them, that that’s the job. Ratings, money.
Look at the sycophantic way they dealt with
Obama and they claim they’re just trying to (....)
do their jobs in there and ask the
questions. They’re not doing anything of LIMBAUGH: Now back to CNN and the Drive-By Media
the sort. It’s being exposed and they don’t and what happened in the pressroom yesterday. Sarah
know how to deal with it. Huckabee Sanders did the briefing. Sarah Huckabee
Sanders, like Trump, is fearless. She cannot be
Here’s the relevant portions of the transcript from June intimidated. And, boy, did they try yesterday. She opened
28's The Rush Limbaugh Show: up with a statement about the CNN story that had to be
declined, deleted, and canceled, and the three people were
The Rush Limbaugh Show fired and she used it as an example of the fake news that’s
June 28, 2017 out there. And she started listing other examples of fake
news, and a Playboy reporter lost his mind over this, over
the way the Trump administration is trying to portray the
RUSH LIMBAUGH: I mentioned on Monday starting the
media. And she stood her ground. Let’s get started. We’ll
program that I sensed a momentum shift, and I continue to
start with audio sound bite number two. She’s the deputy
see evidence of it. The White House press briefing
press secretary. She did the briefing yesterday. And during
yesterday, Sarah Huckabee Sanders and a reporter, a
the Q&A, she opens up with somebody from Breitbart,
White House reporter from Playboy got into it yesterday.
which also ticked off the media. Our old buddy little Jim
CNN is now making fools of themselves each and every
Acosta who’s chasing the red laser pointer around and
day, as is a large swath of the Drive-By Media. There’s one
bumping into walls and sofas, he tweeted later
reason this is happening. I was thinking about this while
(paraphrasing): “This is just unreal. They called on
consuming all of this data. For 25 years, 30 years,
conservatives. They call on conservatives and they won’t
whatever length of time I’ve been doing this, I have been
call on us. And they call us fake news. Is this America? Is
focusing attention here on the media, telling people how
this the Constitution?” Just losing his mind. The Trump
they operate, who they are, what they do, and what they
White House owns CNN now.
don’t do. And how they now have become the organizing
power of the American left, not the Democrat Party.
Anyway, the guy from Breitbart, his name is Charlie
Spiering, and he said, “Recently Breitbart News challenged
The media is now running the operations of the American
the accuracy of a CNN story. And afterwards the story was
left. I have spent all of these years attempting to get people
retracted, it was deleted, and the editors responsible were
to know what they’re watching and know what they’re
fired, as well the network apologized for the story. One of
reading when they consume media and how to spot the
the targets of the story accepted the apology,” that would
bias, the unfairness, the bigotry, all of the things that the
be Anthony Scaramucci. “The President went on Twitter
media is. It has been a never-ending quest. I’m not
this morning and repeated that CNN was fake news. Why
expressing frustration here. I’m leading up to something.
isn’t their response, why isn’t their apology, firing the three
reporters, deleting the story, why isn’t that good enough for
(....) the President?”
SARAH HUCKABEE SANDERS: It’s the constant barrage LIMBAUGH: You know, they’ve gotten completely
of fake news directed at this President probably that has immersed in their supposed constitutionality. The press has
garnered a lot of his frustration. You point to that report, its freedom specifically mentioned in the First Amendment.
there are multiple other instances where that outlet that you I think it’s gone to their heads. And I’ve thought for the
referenced has been repeatedly wrong and had to point longest time these people really do think that they are the
that out or be corrected. singular thing keeping our country together. But what’s
happened is they all think that you can’t criticize them.
LIMBAUGH: There’s no other Republican White House that They are so far above and beyond that you can’t criticize
would ever deal with this like this. This is earth-shattering, them. What they’re doing is too important. They’re simply
it’s precedent setting. And the press of course, after she trying to explain truth to power. They’re trying to hold
said that they started erupting and trying to ask the next truthful people accountable, and you can’t criticize them,
question, but she held them off and continued. you can’t, it’s unconstitutional, it’s undermining their
precious responsibility. Well, the fact of the matter is Sarah
Huckabee Sanders nor Donald Trump’s driving a wedge
between the media and the people. The media have been
doing that themselves for decades. They have polled near
LIMBAUGH: And so here’s the guy from Playboy. You’ve the bottom of respectability professions for I don’t know
probably already seen it ’cause the Drive-Bys cannot stop how long, and they are still there.
playing this. This guy lost it. His name is Brian Karem, and
he is a Sentinel newspapers exec. Now, wait. I’ve seen that
he’s a Playboy reporter. This says Sentinel newspaper.
Whatever, doesn’t matter. I’ve not seen the guy before, by
the way. I mean, I don’t watch these things every day, but I LIMBAUGH: Let’s face it, there’s a lot of people out there
have never seen this guy in the press. That’s why when I that think the media’s job is to destroy Republicans. A lot of
saw this happening, there was no sound on, it happened people think the media’s purpose is to destroy
during the program yesterday, I said, “Who is this guy?” Republicans, destroy conservatives, and destroy their
Not that he shouldn’t be in there, I had just never seen him ideas and discredit them, that that’s the job. Look at the
before. Well, his name is Brian Karem, he’s either at sycophantic way they dealt with Obama and they claim
Playboy or a Sentinel Newspaper executive, and he they’re just trying to do their jobs in there and ask the
couldn’t take it anywhere. questions. They’re not doing anything of the sort. It’s being
exposed and they don’t know how to deal with it.

Irish Reporter Calls Out
Donald Trump For Calling Her ‘Beautiful’
The President Is Criticized After Singling Out A Female Irish Reporter
While On An Oval Office Diplomatic Phone Call,
Commenting On Her 'Nice Smile.'
Tom Sykes
06.28.17 6:46 AM ET

President Donald Trump has previously enjoyed perhaps

more support—or at least forbearance—in Ireland than in After telling the president who she was and which news
some other countries around the world, thanks in no small outlet she represented, Trump told Varadkar:
part to his significant investments in the cash-strapped
country. “Caitriona Perry, she has a nice smile on
her face, so I bet she treats you well.”
However his astonishing objectification of a female news
reporter employed by Ireland’s state public-service Perry retreated back to the press corps and later described
broadcaster has dismayed observers across the board in the the incident on Twitter as a “bizarre moment.”

Trump was making a congratulatory phone call to

Ireland’s new Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, on Tuesday, when
he beckoned to RTÉ’s Washington correspondent,
Caitriona Perry, telling her to “come here” during the call.

Trump was heard saying,

“Hello how are you?... Congratulations on

your great victory. We have so many
people from Ireland in this country. I know
so many of them, too. I feel I know all of
them. But I just want to congratulate you.
That was a great victory that you had.”

Trump continued:
Other commentators were less generous.

“We have a lot of your Irish press watching

us... they are just now leaving the room."

Trump then singled out Perry, saying,

“Where are you from, come here, come

here, where are you from?”

Perry ventured gingerly over to his desk.

“We have all of this beautiful Irish press.

Where are you from?” he asked the
reporter again.

Panic! CBS, Washington Post
Freak Over ‘Right,’ ‘Far-Right’ Gorsuch
By Scott Whitlock
June 28, 2017 11:26 AM EDT

Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch is “to the right,” the that Gorsuch is a Scalia 2.0, perhaps
“far right.” CBS and The Washington Post on Wednesday further to the right.”
conducted a collective freak out over the possibility that
the new judge really is in the mold of the late Antonin Later, the journalist continued his labeling, this time
Scalia. The two outlets collectively used the terms “right” describing the dreaded “far right.”
or “far right” eight times.

On CBS This Morning, co-host Gayle King cited the Post

and alerted viewers that Gorsuch “appears to be asserting
himself as a force on the Supreme Court's right.”
Repeating herself, she underlined,

“Gorsuch fills the seat of the late Antonin

Scalia and some say he's perhaps
further to the right.”

The views he expressed on the final day came in dissents

or concurrences he wrote or joined with other justices. He
has sided far more frequently with Justice Clarence
Thomas on the court’s far right than with Roberts, closer to
the center.

The Post used “right” or far right” five times. CBS and the
newspaper have not repeatedly fretted about the“far left”
Obama judges, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan.
In case anyone was unclear, King concluded,
On CNN, Tuesday, Chris Cuomo and Jeffrey Toobin
“He is also further to the right than almost fretted over the “very conservative” Gorsuch.
all his colleagues on gun rights.” For
those keeping score, that’s three A transcript of the CBS segment is below:
descriptions of Gorsuch being on the “right”
in just 24 seconds.
CBS This Morning
In a front page story for Wednesday’s Post, reporter 7:32:03 to 7:32:27
Robert Barnes warned,
GAYLE KING: The Washington Post
“On Day 78 of his lifetime appointment, the reports that Justice Neil Gorsuch appears
Supreme Court’s newest justice, Neil M. to be asserting himself as a force on the
Gorsuch, revealed himself Monday to be.... Supreme Court’s right. Gorsuch fills the
farther to the right than almost all of his seat of the late Antonin Scalia and some
colleagues on gun rights.” say he's perhaps further to the right.
Decisions announced on Monday reveal
The headline blared, “Gorsuch Asserts that he was skeptical about the reach of the
Himself Early As Force On Supreme Court’s decision two years ago granting
Court’s Right.” Barnes declared, “The same sex couples the right to marry. He is
bottom line, according to most accounts, is also further to the right than almost all his
colleagues on gun rights.
Senators Propose ‘Black Book’
On Foreign Meddling In Russian Politics
Published Time: 28 Jun, 2017 10:47

According to the head of the upper house Committee for

International Relations, Senator Konstantin Kosachev,
since 1946 the United States has interfered with elections
in foreign nations at least 80 times.

"This is not including military operations

launched to overthrow certain governments
or military coups that took place in various
countries after their people elected
candidates that did not please the
Americans. I am talking about Iran, Congo,
A Federation Council meeting. © Vladimir Fedorenko / Sputnik Guatemala and Chile,” Kosachev said.

The Russian parliamentary task group established to Russian senators decided to launch a dedicated
prevent foreign interference in Russian politics has met for commission to monitor foreign nations’ attempts to
the first time, with members proposing that all foreign influence internal Russian politics and work on proposals
meddling be recoded in a ‘black book’ and that potential to counter such moves in early June this year. Russian
retaliatory measures be developed. media reported that the idea was proposed after President
Vladimir Putin’s recent meetings with the leaders of
The proposal to start collecting evidence of foreign Germany and France.
meddling in Russian internal politics was made by the
deputy head of the Federation Council’s Committee for Back then, upper house chair Valentina Matviyenko said
International Relations, Senator Andrey Klimov. He also that attempts to interfere with Russia’s internal affairs had
said that all those working to undermine Russian been ongoing for many years, adding that foreign
sovereignty should be included in a so-called ‘black book.’ governments and groups were sending US$70-100 billion
to Russia each year to sponsor various political activities.
“By launching such a document we will be
able to study the tools of our opponents “We know the consequences of such
and develop more reliable methods [of meddling and we hold our sovereignty
countering them]” Klimov said in comments dear, we will not allow anyone to threaten
with RBC news site. Russia’s sovereignty,” she said.

He also said that the task group planned to establish the In subsequent comments, Matviyenko said that in her
criteria for foreign interference in Russia’s domestic opinion it was wrong to describe the decision as
political affairs at one a future session. “tightening the screws” because all future protective
measures would be developed on the basis of foreign
Additionally, the senators agreed to form three more nations’ experience.
working groups – for the protection of Russian sovereignty
on Russian territory, for the monitoring of foreign
activities targeting Russia’s internal affairs, and for
legislative work.

CNN’s Acosta Goes Full Liberal Activist:
Trump Is Eroding Our Freedoms!
By Nicholas Fondacaro
June 28, 2017 10:23 PM EDT

branch of government without them. It may actually

surprise CNN’s wannabe Braveheart that the highest court
in the land doesn’t allow cameras to curb people like him.
The premise was that a lack of cameras stems the potential
theatrics that lawyers and justices would put on to get

CNN’s eccentric Senior White House Correspondent Jim

Acosta had been all over CNN and social media this
week throwing a temper-tantrum over how the White
House press briefings were being conducted. But during an
appearance on The Situation Room, Wednesday evening,
Acosta went full liberal activist as he decried the Trump
administration and tried to smear a conservative panelist.
Matt Schlapp, Chairman of the American Conservative
“What we're witnessing right now is just Union, noted how out of control the on camera press
this erosion of our freedoms in terms of briefings had gotten before they were limited.
covering the president of the United
States,” he claimed while standing in front “I don’t think it’s helping politics in
of the White House. America to have these daily briefings. I
actually think they’ve been a bit of a
Acosta then proceeded to whine about how few press side show,” he said as he called Acosta
conferences President Trump had had press since taking out on his hyperbole:
And I think a lot of us look at them and say what are the
“This issue of turning off the cameras in American people learning? What really is the press
the briefing rooms,” he said, switching the learning? Jim, I can understand you want as much access
topic to his favorite subject. “Wolf, I could as you can get, but your freedoms are not being denied
hold up my phone tomorrow and live when a White House determines the method by which they
stream that press briefing with Sean want to brief the press. That is their first amendment right.
Spicer or Sarah Sanders, whoever
comes in there, and that is just where “But you have to accept the fact that in
technology is right now.” poll after poll after poll the American
“So to think that we're going backwards people believe that major news
and not having things on camera to me organizations are biased to the left,”
is just preposterous,” he chided. Schlapp noted as he explained how the
press should really study why the public
distrusts them. “You're suffering
But Acosta was infamous for his on camera battels with
credibility because they feel like you
both Press Secretary Sean Spicer and President Trump.
have it against this President and
against conservatives.”
The CNN reporter doesn’t seem to have a problem with
cameras not being allowed in the Supreme Court, the only
That real news didn’t sit well with Acosta who flew off the MATT SCHLAPP: Look, I'm not trying to indict every
handle, and asked: reporter. I have a lot of friends that work for CNN who are
on this show right now as well. But what I am trying to say
“Isn’t part of the reason why those is we all have to acknowledge that the Chiron on the
numbers are being driven down is that screen says “Trump war with the press.” A lot of
the President is driving them down?” conservatives and Republicans believe that the
national media has been at war with their values for
decades. And when we have had to watch story after
But Acosta’s accusation was divorced from reality.
story after story about this investigation, about things
According to a Gallup tracking poll that shows data as
far back as 1985, trust in newspapers has never broken 40 that actually weren't that accurate about the Russia
investigation, the fact that they don’t think Trump is a
percent and had been on a steady downward trend since
legitimate president, the fact that they are looking for
2001. In layman’s terms, that’s long before Trump was
every way to drive negative coverage.

You look at that Harvard study, Wolf, and it's hard for
The ranting CNN correspondent then targeted Schlapp
you to-- Put yourself in a conservative's shoes. When you
with an underhanded smear when he asked:
look at the coverage, the overwhelming majority of
coverage is anti-Trump. He deserves some of that
“When he tells half the country that coverage. They’ve made mistakes. I think they have to own
we're enemies of the people, how can up to those mistakes. But after a while the American
you stand by that?! Why have you, as a people want to go to a place on the dial were they can
Republican leader in this country, simply get the straight facts without all this coloring, without
shouted from the mountain tops that all this opinion, without this shading. I think the American
this is wrong?!” people deserve that.

But the confrontation was expertly defused by Schlapp WOLF BLITZER: Let me ask Jim Acosta to respond. Go
when he explained that ahead, Jim.

“I don’t. I don’t stand by it. Jim, I don’t. JIM ACOSTA: Well Wolf, I think that-- and I asked this
You’re not my enemy … I think you’re a question of the President when he was running to win the
good man. I think you’re trying to do White House: Can you withstand the scrutiny that comes
your job.” with being president of the United States? He didn't like
that question. He snapped at me during that news
Jim ‘Braveheart’ Acosta’s self-righteous indignation conference. It was May of last year. And, you know, I think
proves that he’s more interested in slinging inflammatory that there are moments when this President is just really
assertions and making a scene than actually being a sensitive to criticism and he lashes out in this fashion.
I think Matt is right to some extent, that yes, the coverage
Transcript below: can get a little too negative sometimes, and that
happens during the Obama administration. That
CNN happens during other administrations. Coverage of the
The Situation Room president is tough, but that's the territory we're in right now.
June 28, 2017 But I think to paint everybody with a broad brush is just not
5:47:40 PM Eastern the right thing.

And Wolf, what we're witnessing right now is just this

erosion of our freedoms in terms of covering the
president of the United States. The president has only
held one full news conference since the beginning of his
administration, and that was in February. That's way
behind the average of other presidents in modern times.
This issue of turning off the cameras in the briefing
rooms. Wolf, I could hold up my phone tomorrow and
livestream that press briefing with Sean Spicer or
Sarah Sanders, whoever comes in there, and that is
just where technology is right now. So to think that
we're going backwards and not having things on
camera to me is just preposterous.
SCHLAPP: Can I respond? Look, I think the bipartisan think you would do the American people a lot of good if you
letter from Ari Fleischer and Mike McCurry captures the look at not just Trump's polls, but your own poll numbers.
moment. I don’t think it’s helping politics in America to You're suffering credibility because they feel like you
have these daily briefings. I actually think they’ve been have it against this President and against
a bit of a side show. And I think a lot of us look at them conservatives. And we should all stop that.
and say what are the American people learning? What
really is the press learning? Jim, I can understand you ACOSTA: Isn’t part of the reason why those numbers
want as much access as you can get, but your are being driven down is that the President is driving
freedoms are not being denied when a White House them down?
determines the method by which they want to brief the
press. That is their first amendment right. SCHLAPP: No Jim! You have to own it yourself!

ACOSTA: They're our cameras and we should be able to

ACOSTA: When he tells half the country that we're
turn them on and the White House is saying we can't turn
enemies of the people, how can you stand by that?
them on.
Why have you, as a Republican leader in this country,
shouted from the mountain tops that this is wrong?
SCHLAPP: I don’t. I don’t stand by it. Jim, I don’t. You’re
5:54:36 PM Eastern not my enemy. This is why it doesn’t work, because we’re
shouting at each other. I think you’re a good man. I think
SCHLAPP: But you have to accept the fact that in poll you’re trying to do your job.
after poll after poll the American people believe that
major news organizations are biased to the left. And I (…)

CNN’s Fake News Hall Of Shame:
The Many Times The Network Has Purposefully Lied
About The Trump Administration
By J. D. Heyes, Editor-In-Chief
Posted On June 28, 2017

There is no clearer evidence that CNN is

not a media organization but instead a So, devoid of any real evidence that Trump or his inner
propaganda organ for the Marxist Left circle has done anything nefarious involving the Russians,
CNN has had to invent stories, allegations and innuendo —
Media collapse: Earlier this week a senior producer for because it’s good for business, not because the network is
CNN admitted during an undercover media sting operation interested in good, factual journalism.
by Project Veritas that most of the network’s coverage of
President Donald J. Trump’s alleged election “collusion” As Glenn Greenwald of The Intercept notes:
with Russia was “bulls**t.”
Over and over, major U.S. media outlets
“I mean, it’s mostly bulls**t right now,” said have published claims about the Russia
John Bonifield. “Like, we don’t have any Threat that turned out to be completely
giant proof.” false — always in the direction of
exaggerating the threat and/or inventing
Nevertheless, the network’s ratings are good right now – incriminating links between Moscow and
because it is peddling Trump hate and there will always the Trump circle. In virtually all cases,
be a portion of the country that will lap it up — so it’s those stories involved evidence-free
onward and upward with the Russia-Trump hoax. assertions from anonymous sources
that these media outlets uncritically treated
as fact, only for it to be revealed that they
“It’s a business, people are like the media were entirely false.
has an ethical phssssss… All the nice
cutesy little ethics that used to get talked
With that in mind, and as our own contribution to
about in journalism school you’re just like,
legitimate journalism, we thought it important to provide
that’s adorable. That’s adorable. This is a
readers with a so of CNN ‘Hall of Shame’ collection of the
business,” Bonifield also said, which is a
more outrageous, Trump-hate-driven lies the network has
frank admission that the network
published since Trump won in November:
distinctly lacks ethics in its coverage.
(Related: CNN credibility collapses
under weight of fake news scandal…  The most recent example of CNN story fabrication
“no longer a news organization”.) involved Anthony Scaramuci, a member of
Trump’s transition team, as well as a a fundraiser
He noted further: and advisor for his campaign. The network
published an unsubstantiated story from an
“anonymous” source claiming that Scaramuci was
Then they say, well there’s still an under congressional investigation by the Senate
investigation going on. And you’re like, for allegedly discussing sanctions with Kirill
yeah, I don’t know. If they were finding Dmitriev, chief executive of the $10 billion Russian
something we would know about it. The Direct Investment Fund just four days before the
way these leaks happen, they would leak it. president’s inauguration. It didn’t happen;
They’d leak. If it was something really CNNwas forced to retract the story.
good, it would leak…. The leaks keep
leaking and there’s so many great leaks, The Trump hate at CNN started long before this
and it’s amazing. I just refuse to believe week, however:
that if they had something really good like
 August 10, 2016: CNN reported that the Secret
that that wouldn’t leak because we’ve been
Service spoke to the Trump campaign about the
getting all these other leaks.
then-GOP nominee’s comment regarding the

Second Amendment. He said: “Hillary wants to said that ‘guns should be in schools to protect
abolish — essentially abolish the Second students from grizzly bears.’ What she really said:
Amendment. By the way, if she gets to pick, if she During her confirmation hearing was in response
gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. to a question about whether schools should have
Although the Second Amendment people, maybe guns on campus; responding to the question, she
there is, I don’t know.” It was misconstrued noted that the issue was “best left to locales and
(intentionally) to suggest Trump was calling for states to decide,” not Washington bureaucrats.
armed rebellion against Clinton if she won and She then noted that one school in Wyoming had a
began appointing Left-wing Supreme Court fence around it to protect students from roaming
justices. It didn’t happen. wildlife, adding, “I would imagine there’s probably
a gun in the school to protect from potential
 September 29, 2016: The network reported that grizzlies,” some of which do in fact live in
talk radio shock jock Howard Stern said Trump Wyoming.
expressed support for the Iraq war on his show in
2002. Stern later denied the CNN report and said  January 31, 2017: In the lead-up to Trump
he doesn’t know “how CNN came up with” it’s announcing his first Supreme Court pick, network
headline that Stern “confirmed” Trump’s support. White House correspondent Jeff Zeleny claimed
Trump denied it. via Twitter that the Trump administration was
“setting up [the] Supreme Court announcement as
 October 2016: Network Leftie host Chris Cuomo, a prime-time contest,” setting up identical Twitter
in riffing on WikiLeaks’ steady release of damning pages for the two most likely nominees, Neil
emails about Trump’s rival, Hillary Clinton, told his Gorsuch and Thomas Hardiman. It was a sneering
audience it was illegal for ordinary folks to view tweet meant to make the White House look
those documents, so people would have to rely unflattering. But 30 minutes later he was forced to
only on the media to tell them what’s in them (or retract his earlier tweet, saying, “The Twitter
not tell them). A noted legal expert debunked accounts…were not set up by the White House,
Cuomo. I’ve been told.” The initial lying tweet was shared
 October 30, 2016: The network accused Trump more than 1,100 times; the correction only about
of “encouraging” voters to cast more than one 150 times, leaving far too many people with the
ballot, because he voiced skepticism of mail-in impression that his first one was true.
ballots (check the URL of this website, which
syndicated the original CNN story, and you can Natural News founder/editor Mike Adams, the Health
see what the initial headline said). Not true, and Ranger, observed this week regarding CNN’s disgustingly
the network eventually rewrote the headline and frequent fake news regarding all things Trump, as well the
added an editor’s note at the bottom of the original other usual suspects:
story, claiming the change “more accurately”
reflected Trump’s real comments. Through revelations like these, the
 November 22, 2016: During a daytime broadcast, credibility of CNN, NYT and the
CNN contributor Charles Kaiser claimed that Washington Post has utterly collapsed.
Trump “should never ask his supporters to give Only complete fools believe anything they
the Nazi salute, which he did at a rally in March. read in these fiction rags. Time after time,
That’s not a good idea…” When challenged, he these publications have been caught
added, “In March he asked his supporters to raise fabricating “anonymous sources” to spin
and pledge their support to his candidacy and the stories they want to publish, even when
pledge their support for him. There’s plenty of those stories are knowingly false.
video of that.” Except, that is not what Trump was Rarely do the stories get retracted, and for
doing, calling it ridiculous. every retraction that does take place, there
are a thousand other fake news stories
 January 20, 2017: On Inauguration Day, the
published on their websites that never get
Trump transition team utilized an old Frank
removed or corrected. The mainstream
Sinatra hit, “My Way,” in some festivities. CNN
media has literally become the very
reported that his daughter, Nancy Sinatra, of
FAKE NEWS they accused the
“These Boots Are Made For Walkin’” fame, was
independent media of pushing.
not happy about it. She tweeted out later, “That’s
not true. I never said that. Why do you lie CNN?”
Later CNNupdated the piece without explanation. No truer words.

 January 20, 2017: The network ran a story

claiming that Trump’s then-pick for secretary of
education, school-choice advocate Betsy DeVos,

CNN Reporter Thinks Trump Admin
Is Endangering Media, Compares To ‘War Zone’
By Alex Xenos
June 28, 2017 1:38 PM EDT

Nobody is claiming that the on the scene, “war zone”

reporting is fake news. Yesterday and today, Karem has
been whining that journalists put their lives on the line to
report the news and don’t deserve to be treated as fake
news. Yeah, war correspondents and such put their lives at
risk, not Washington Reporters, Brian. The truth is that the
media is actually reporting inaccurate information and
Newsbusters exposes this sad reality every single day.

CNN has become a self-serving propaganda mill

for journalists the past few months, reaching a new level of
shamelessness. Wednesday’s New Day ran the headline,
WITH MEDIA,” with reporter Clarissa Ward (filling in
for co-host Alisyn Camerota) worrying that by labeling the
media as fake and such, that the White House is putting the
lives of journalists in danger:

Chris, at what point does this become dangerous and I'm Every public figure gets threats, Brian. I am old enough to
not just talking about dangerous as in tearing at the social remember way back, like a few weeks ago, when GOP
fabric, congressmen were targeted and shot at (not just
threatened) by a leftist nut job. The narrative is rich
I'm talking about dangerous in that a considering it is the media that is pushing false or
journalist gets hurt, because I can tell misleading stories and at times hateful narratives. Yet I
you working overseas in war zones, don’t recall the media being worried when journalists were
people are emboldened by the actions prosecuted by the Obama administration. As Andrew
of this administration, McCarthy points out in National Review:

emboldened by the all-out sort of declaration of war on the The administration’s targeting of journalists, including (a)
media, if I'm getting it in the neck, Chris I can only attorney general Eric Holder’s approval of the seizure of
imagine what someone like you is dealing with. At what personal and business phone records of Associated Press
point does this become reckless or irresponsible, Chris? reporters en masse (i.e., not a particularized search
targeting a specific journalist suspected of wrongdoing);
and (b) Holder’s approval of a warrant targeting the e-
The media’s new hero (Vox actually called his actions
mails of Fox News reporter James Rosen in a leak
"heroic"), Brian Karem, who yelled at Deputy Press
investigation — based on an application in which the
Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders during Tuesday's White
government represented to a federal court that the
House briefing, claimed: “We are past that point...We've
journalist could be guilty of a felony violation of the
had, we've had threats.” Karem claimed journalists are just
Espionage Act in connection with a leak of classified
doing their job. That job, of course, is to support the
information (in addition to purportedly being a “flight
agenda of the left.
Unsurprisingly, co-host Chris Cuomo applauded Karem:
Nor did the media cry when that administration sought to
“You’ve got a home here, Brian. We always like people
ostracize Fox News, claiming it was illegitimate.
who want to speak truth to power on the show...”
Hennion & Walsh and the Laser Spine Institute ran ads CILLIZZA: I mean I don't want to say we're past that point.
following the segment.
BRIAN KAREM: We are past that point.
See the more complete transcript of the June 28
conversation below: CILLIZZA: I think it is already dangerous what the Trump
administration is doing, which is defiance points--
8:10 AM ET
KAREM: We've had, we've had threats
CLARISSA WARD: Chris, at what point does this become
dangerous and I'm not just talking about dangerous -- CILLIZZA: they are trying to take an honest mistake or not even a
mistake, and turn it into the norm as opposed -- the rule opposed
CHRIS CILLIZZA: Oh, we're past that point. to the exception, which is a very dangerous thing because that's
wilfully misleading, frankly...
WARD: -- As in tearing at the social fabric, I'm talking about
dangerous in that a journalist gets hurt, because I can tell you (...)
working overseas in war zones, people are emboldened by the
actions of this administration, emboldened by the all-out sort of CUOMO: You’ve got a home here, Brian. We always like people
declaration of war on the media, if I'm getting it in the neck, Chris who want to speak truth to power on the show...
I can only imagine what someone like you is dealing with. At what
point does this become reckless or irresponsible, Chris?

Deep State Cover
By The Conservative Depot
Posted On June 28, 2017

No, Susan Rice, you’re not being forced to testify because unmasked with the intention of destroying their
you’re black or a woman…you were duly summoned for livelihoods; or better yet, a newly elected Chief of State
lying, colluding and abusing the authority invested in your and his pledge of systemic reform.
office to serve this Constitutional Republic.
Despite the fact you knew the Trump-Russia conspiracies
If you’re going to play the “victim” wildcard, at least have were outright fabrications used to potentially topple or
the decency to apologize to those victims wrongfully undermine his presidency – debunked by the FBI,
railroaded by your bigoted and shameless partisan Homeland Security and now even CNN itself – you
schemes. As the former National Security Adviser to one consciously ignored documented security breaches into the
Barack Obama, you now hold the dubious distinction of DNC database because the Democratic Party was too busy
representing the first administration to wiretap a rigging the nomination against Bernie and hiding Hillary’s
Presidential candidate during an ongoing election and numerous indiscretions, inflammatory remarks and radical
subsequently spy on an incoming administration to unearth associates: including the Clintons’ vast ties to the Kremlin,
any crumb of usable intelligence for political gain. Surely, the Russian conglomerate Uranium One and Moscow’s
Mr. Comey shared that useful patriotic memo. While I Renaissance Capital.…none of which raised your
hesitate to use petty and egregious in the same rumination, convenient sense of ‘social justice’. Or perhaps “We the
your behavior was painfully juvenile and undeniably People” should just be thankful you helped secure a
treasonous. “nuclear” Iran to fight true misogyny and anti-White
How many leaks does it take to get to the epicenter of real
scandal and trigger a Congressional investigation over an Now I may not be a World Series Poker Champion but I
aspiring ‘Deep State’ coup d’etat? You tell me! know the difference between an obvious political bluff, a
smug opportunist, and a persecuted woman asked to sit at
No matter how much you deflect from the truth and blame the back of the bus because of the color of her skin. At
those who dare to hold you accountable, Mrs. Rice, you least Rosa Parks had the integrity and courage not to wilt
obtained FISA warrants under false pretenses and showed beneath the scorn of true injustice.
no regard for national security or those public officials you

Van Jones: Russia Is "Nothing Burger"
– American Pravda: CNN Part 2
White House: Everyone Should Watch This Video
CNN Responds: Bonifield Just A "Health Producer"
June 28, 2017

"Other Presidents tried to say nice things

about the Russians -- not in the face of an
active attack on the country!"
"I mean, it's mostly bullshit right now,"
Bonifield says in the first video. "Like,
we don't have any giant proof."

CNN's Public Relations team eventually was forced by the

overwhelming coverage of our video (with no help from
them, of course) to give a statement:

"CNN stands by our medical producer John

(NEW YORK) -- Project Veritas' American Pravda: CNN Bonifield. Diversity of personal opinion is
continues today with a video of left-leaning political
what makes CNN strong, we welcome it
commentator Van Jones caught on camera plainly stating
that "the Russia thing is just a big nothing burger." and embrace it."

This follows the release of a video of CNN Producer John CNN is receiving heavy criticism from the President of the
Bonifield, who was caught touting the Russia narrative as United States, and the video was mentioned by the Deputy
"bullsh*t." Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders:

According to Brian Stelter on Twitter, CNN "There is a video circulating now. Whether
released a statement stating that Bonifield it is accurate or not, I don't know, but I
is just a "Health Producer" and "isn't would encourage everybody in this room,
involved in Russia or Trump coverage." and frankly, everybody across the country
to take a look at it. I think if it is accurate, I
Paul Fahri of the Washington Post also weighed in on the think it's a disgrace to all of media, to all of
Veritas video and Bonifield's position at CNN: journalism -- we've been going on this
Russia-Trump hoax for the better part of a
"[I]t never mentions that Bonifield is a
year now with no evidence of anything."
producer of health and medical stories,
raising questions about how relevant his "Last year, we had to circumvent the
views are, and how informed he is, about mainstream media," said James O'Keefe.
CNN's political coverage." "At a Trump inaugural event, I put the
mainstream media on notice. If you are in
the media and are using deception or
Jones is one of CNN's most prominent political
malfeasant tactics, you may want to sleep
commentators, and has appeared on CNN in the past
with one eye open."
attacking President Trump for his "Putin relationship."

On December 18, 2016 Jones said:

CNN's Stelter: Right-Wing Critics Are
'Anti-Journalism,' Just Pushing 'Resentment And Hatred'
By Tim Graham
June 28, 2017 9:33 AM EDT

CNN Reliable Sources host Brian Stelter tore into critics of straight-up "anti-journalism." These
the liberal media in his email newsletter that came just activists and commenters don't promote
after midnight on Wednesday. In response to a terrible accountability, they promote resentment
week for CNN’s public relations, he claimed CNN’s critics and hatred.
were “anti-journalism.”
They claim that most, if not all, journalists have sinister
This makes about as much sense as saying that when CNN agendas... that newsrooms are occupied by "enemies of the
is critical of Trump, they are opposed to the presidency. people..." and that the evil "MSM" is propaganda. These
When Stelter rips into Fox News on a regular basis, and his anti-J people claim that reporters routinely cover up good
Media Unit tries to rip advertisers away from their shows, news and invent bad news.
he doesn’t think that is “anti-journalism.” But that’s where
Stelter was going in his midnight rant [emphasis his]: I've noticed a disturbing increase in terrorist
lingo, like "CNN is ISIS," a phrase
promoted by Alex Jones. This Tuesday
night Breitbart story also invokes CNN
and ISIS in the same sentence.

Some of this "anti-journalism" spin isn't about eradicating

bias or improving news coverage, it's about trying to stamp
out reporting altogether. It's nutty, but it's insidious, and
that's why I'm bringing it up. Millions of Americans are
exposed to these extreme views every single day through
social media...

Comparing CNN to ISIS is just trolling. But Stelter and his

Here's what I see: a divide between "pro- crew are incredibly tolerant of leftists comparing President
journalism" and "anti-journalism." People Trump to Stalin, Hitler, Hugo Chavez, Kim Jong Un, and
on the left, right and in-between who are terrorists. That’s another day at the office for the liberal
pro-J recognize that most journalists try to media. The mellow liberals compare Trump to Richard
be fair and right. Accuracy and credibility Nixon.
are our currencies. Checks and balances
and layers of editing are guardrails. When Breitbart's James Delingpole offered a point Stelter won't
screw-ups happen, corrections are consider, their laughable pretense that the liberal, partisan
made and lessons are learned. media isn't liberal or partisan. Delingpole recalled being on
Newsrooms are imperfect but hopefully a panel discussion:
improving all the time. Media critics and
persnickety readers and sharp-elbowed "What amazed me that, while I was
competitors all play an accountability role. perfectly frank with the audience that
Breitbart was a conservative media
The consensus pro-J view, as far as I can tell, is that CNN organization which catered for a largely
made mistakes with this Russia-related story last week; conservative readership, both the guy from
that the company took serious action as a result; and that it CNN and the guy from [the] New York
hopefully will learn from this affair. Times were adamant that they were
objective seekers-after-truth."
But there's an alternative view, popular on
The truth about their bias they just never admit.
partisan web sites and social media, that is

Stelter insists that unless you honor and respect the for example, CNN analysts offering questions to Hillary
intentions of liberal journalists – never questioning that Clinton in advance, or journalists sending e-mails offering
their motives might be partisan – then you are “anti- Clinton officials the chance to edit their stories before
journalism.” If you actually document that the media elites publication – that’s somehow “anti-journalism.”
“cover up good news and invent bad news,” then you’re
“anti-journalism.” If you document that journalists and What we’re doing at NewsBusters isn’t “anti-journalism.”
Democratic operatives are operating hand in glove – like, It’s journalism on journalism.

Trump Rips
As Fake News
By Jordan Fabian
06/28/17 09:32 AM EDT

Trump’s broadside against the Post came after it published

an article revealing that fake Time magazine covers with
Trump's photo hung at several of his properties.

It also ran a piece headlined “Who’s Afraid Of Trump?

Not Enough Republicans — At Least For Now.” It
details the president’s strained efforts to get wavering GOP
senators behind the Senate plan to repeal and replace

He also went after The New York Times earlier

Wednesday over a similar piece.
President Trump on Wednesday attacked The Washington
Post and its owner, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, for its “The failing @nytimes writes false story
coverage of him and his administration. after false story about me. They don't even
call to verify the facts of a story. A Fake
“The #AmazonWashingtonPost, sometimes News Joke!” he tweeted. “Some of the
referred to as the guardian of Amazon not Fake News Media likes to say that I am not
paying internet taxes (which they should) is totally engaged in healthcare. Wrong, I
FAKE NEWS!” the president know the subject well & want victory for
tweeted Wednesday morning. U.S.”

The president is escalating his attacks on the news media In his Post tweet, Trump appeared to reference Amazon’s
as he struggles to advance his agenda in Congress and past efforts to keep online purchases tax free. But the
grapples with the wide-ranging probe into whether his retailer does collect sales tax on purchases across the U.S.
associates colluded with Russia in its efforts to
influence the 2016 presidential election. Breaking with practice of past presidential nominees,
Trump refused to release his tax returns during the 2016

CNN: 'We're Not Complaining'
About Press Briefings, 'Just Pointing it Out'
By Nicholas Fondacaro
June 29, 2017 12:55 AM EDT

Lemon then targeted Trump supporters with a snide

comment about their intelligence.

“Yeah, but the interesting thing is his

supporters will believe it, but most --
most other Americans will not believe
it,” he sneered.

Well, the joke is on Lemon because a majority of

Americans don’t trust the media, and that’s according to
In one of the most ridiculous segments on CNN
Wednesday, host Don Lemon claimed that he and other And it wasn’t just the current White House that was fine
personalities of the organization weren’t complaining with a lack of televised press briefings. A bipartisan
about the Trump White House’s press briefings. collection of a George W. Bush press secretary (Ari
Fleischer) and a Bill Clinton press secretary (Mike
McCurry) came out in support of a heavily delayed release
“But this is just more about pointing out
of the press conference recording. But CNN’s own press
the hypocrisy in all this. Listen, we're
briefing crusader, Senior White House Correspondent
not complaining here. We're just
Jim Acosta found ridiculous “flaws” in their idea.
pointing it out to you, everyone,” he
managed to say with a straight face on
CNN Tonight.

That assertion came after CNN had spent the first half of
the week shouting from the rooftops about how the White
House wasn’t allowing video coverage of the daily White
House press briefings.

And un-ironically, Lemon’s declaration of intent came

after he and his liberal journalist guests spent the first 10
minutes of the show discussing the press briefings.

“Yesterday's press briefing was on “What if there's a terrorist attack? What

camera. A good portion of it was to if there's a hurricane? What if there's an
attack the press. And unfairly do it. Is earthquake,” Acosta seriously asked. “And
this about the president needing an there's a need for a live briefing here at
enemy,” he asked David Chalian. the White House to talk about what's
going on in the country.” He couldn’t
“I mean, it is an attempt to discredit the wrap his mind around the idea that the
news media which at times when White House would be the ones to say
reporting what is happening could be when they could broadcast live. “They’re
critical of the Trump administration, of our cameras, Don, as we talked about
the president, himself, and the facts the other night, our cameras, our lights,
may not stack up exactly how he likes it's our briefing room. It's not their
them,” Chalian tried to explain. briefing room,” he angrily told Lemon.

The fact that Acosta claimed that the White House briefing not stack up exactly how he likes them. So, if he engages in
room belonged to the media proves that their antics were the campaign to discredit the news media, then his
more about them than it was for the public’s interest. supporters will trust much more in his Twitter feed than they
Acosta would most likely defend his comment by saying will in the facts of the matter being reported by the news.
“our briefing room” meant he was speaking for the The other piece of this is, of course, to stoke his supporters.
American people. But it came at the end of a list of things I mean, this is -- this is something that he has dipped in the
CNN’s financial department has receipts for. well on many, many times. To take on the press, take on the
mainstream media, in a way to get his supporters more
Lemon had, even more, insults to fling at the White House. wound up and excited to support him. This is a very
convenient foil for him.
“Yeah, it's, you 2017. I mean, should we
go back to dial-up as well? It's kind of LEMON: Yeah, but the interesting thing is his supporters
ridiculous. Why don't they just answer will believe it, but most -- most other Americans will not
the questions,” he spat. believe it.

He went on to claim that he had seen more combative

press briefings before Trump was in office and that
Acosta’s open hostility towards the President wasn’t much.

“I’m just a big teddy bear, Don. You

know that,” Acosta quipped.

And before the panel moved on to talking about Trump’s

first 2020 campaign event, Lemon wanted to make sure
that the viewers understood their intentions in talking
about the press briefings.

“Yeah. I want people to see the (…)

hypocrisy here,” he said. “But this is just
more about pointing out the hypocrisy JIM ACOSTA: Hey, Don. Can I bring up a question about
in all this. Listen, we're not complaining this also? I saw this proposal from McCurry and Fleischer
here. We're just pointing it out to you, earlier today. Here's one of the flaws in that proposal.
everyone.” What if there's a terrorist attack? What if there's a
hurricane? What if there's an earthquake? And there's a
That’s completely laughable especially when they were need for a live briefing here at the White House to talk
running chyrons that read about what's going on in the country.

"President Trump Making the Media the You know, those kinds of occasions do arise, as you
Enemy?" and "No Live On-Camera remember with Ferguson. Can you imagine if we did not
Briefing - Again." have live briefings at the White House during Ferguson, for
example? And so the question becomes, does the White
House control the switch? Do they get to make it live
Transcript below:
when they want it to be live? Do they get to switch it off
when they don't want it to be live? They’re our cameras,
CNN Tonight Don, as we talked about the other night, our cameras,
June 28, 2017 our lights, it's our briefing room. It's not their briefing
10:03:11 PM Eastern room.

DON LEMON: David, let's talk more about this whole thing LEMON: Yeah, it's, you 2017. I mean, should we go back
with the press. Yesterday's press briefing was on to dial-up as well? It's kind of ridiculous. Why don't they
camera. A good portion of it was to attack the press. just answer the questions? Then that way -- because
And unfairly do it. Is this about the president needing an reporters-- Listen, I've seen more combative interviews, by
enemy? the way, I haven't forgot about you, Kaitlyn, don't worry
about it. I've seen more combative interviews in the past
DAVID CHALIAN: Yeah, in part, Don, it is. I mean, it is an than you, Jim Acosta, during this. I mean, you know, if you
attempt to discredit the news media which at times when look back, if you go back and look at combative interviews in
reporting what is happening could be critical of the Trump White House briefings, I don't think that you're at the top of
administration, of the president, himself, and the facts may the list. This is all –
ACOSTA: I’m just a big teddy bear, Don. You know that. LEMON: Yeah. I want people to see the hypocrisy here.
Listen, reporters, we in media are used to taking the tough
LEMON: But it’s all a ruse and we know that. questions. Getting criticized. But this is just more about
pointing out the hypocrisy in all this. Listen, we're not
complaining here. We're just pointing it out to you,

NYT Finally Retracts Russia-Gate Canard
By Robert Parry
June 29, 2017

Exclusive: A founding Russia-gate myth is that all 17 U.S. “assessment was made by four intelligence
intelligence agencies agreed that Russia hacked into and agencies — the Office of the Director of
distributed Democratic emails, a falsehood that The New National Intelligence, the Central
York Times has belatedly retracted, reports Robert Parry. Intelligence Agency, the Federal Bureau of
Investigation and the National Security
The New York Times has finally admitted that one of the Agency. The assessment was not
favorite Russia-gate canards – that all 17 U.S. intelligence approved by all 17 organizations in the
agencies concurred on the assessment of Russian hacking American intelligence community.”
of Democratic emails – is false.
The Times’ grudging correction was vindication for some
Russia-gate skeptics who had questioned the claim of a
full-scale intelligence assessment, which would usually
take the form of a National Intelligence Estimate (or NIE),
a product that seeks out the views of the entire Intelligence
Community and includes dissents.

The reality of a more narrowly based Russia-gate

assessment was admitted in May by President Obama’s
Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and
Obama’s CIA Director John Brennan in sworn
congressional testimony.

Clapper testified before a Senate Judiciary subcommittee

New York Times building in New York City. (Photo from Wikipedia)
on May 8 that the Russia-hacking claim came from a

On Thursday, the Times appended a correction to a June

“special intelligence community
25 article that had repeated the false claim, which has been
assessment” (or ICA) produced by selected
used by Democrats and the mainstream media for months
analysts from the CIA, NSA and FBI, “a
to brush aside any doubts about the foundation of the
coordinated product from three agencies –
Russia-gate scandal and portray President Trump as
CIA, NSA, and the FBI – not all 17
delusional for doubting what all 17 intelligence agencies
components of the intelligence community,”
supposedly knew to be true.
the former DNI said.

In the Times’ White House Memo of June 25, Clapper further acknowledged that the analysts who
correspondent Maggie Haberman mocked Trump for produced the Jan. 6 assessment on alleged Russian hacking
were “hand-picked” from the CIA, FBI and NSA.
“still refus[ing] to acknowledge a basic fact
agreed upon by 17 American intelligence Yet, as any intelligence expert will tell you, if you “hand-
agencies that he now oversees: Russia pick” the analysts, you are really hand-picking the
orchestrated the attacks, and did it to help conclusion. For instance, if the analysts were known to be
get him elected.” hard-liners on Russia or supporters of Hillary Clinton, they
could be expected to deliver the one-sided report that they
However, on Thursday, the Times – while leaving most of did.
Haberman’s ridicule of Trump in place – noted in a
correction that the relevant intelligence
Politicized Intelligence

In the history of U.S. intelligence, we have seen how this intelligence-agencies canard by simply referring to a
selective approach has worked, such as the phony judgment by “the intelligence community.”
determination of the Reagan administration pinning the
attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II and other acts That finessing of their earlier errors has allowed Hillary
of terror on the Soviet Union. Clinton and other senior Democrats to continue
referencing this fictional consensus without challenge, at
least in the mainstream media.

For instance, on May 31 at a technology conference in

California, Clinton referred to the Jan. 6 report, asserting

“Seventeen agencies, all in agreement,

which I know from my experience as a
Senator and Secretary of State, is hard to
Hillary Clinton at the Code 2017 conference on May 31, 2017. get. They concluded with high confidence
that the Russians ran an extensive
CIA Director William Casey and Deputy Director Robert information war campaign against my
Gates shepherded the desired findings through the process campaign, to influence voters in the
by putting the assessment under the control of pliable election.”
analysts and sidelining those who objected to this
politicization of intelligence. The failure of the major news organizations to clarify this
point about the 17 agencies may have contributed to
The point of enlisting the broader intelligence community Haberman’s mistake on June 25 as she simply repeated the
– and incorporating dissents into a final report – is to guard groupthink that nearly all the Important People in
against such “stove-piping” of intelligence that delivers the Washington just knew to be true.
politically desired result but ultimately distorts reality.
But the Times’ belated correction also underscores the
Another painful example of politicized intelligence was growing sense that the U.S. mainstream media has joined
President George W. Bush’s 2002 National Intelligence in a political vendetta against Trump and has cast aside
Estimate on Iraq’s WMD that removed State Department professional standards to the point of repeating false
and other dissents from the declassified version that was claims designed to denigrate him.
given to the public.
That, in turn, plays into Trump’s Twitter complaints that
Since Clapper’s and Brennan’s testimony in May, the he and his administration are the targets of a “witch hunt”
Times and other mainstream news outlets have avoided a led by the “fake news” media, a grievance that appears to
direct contradiction of their earlier acceptance of the 17- be energizing his supporters and could discredit whatever
ongoing investigations eventually conclude.

H. R. McMaster Manipulating
Intelligence Reports To Trump
National Security Adviser Wants 150,000 Ground Troops In Syria
By Mike Cernovich
June 29, 2017

As NSA, McMaster’s job is to synthesize intelligence

reports from all other agencies. President Trump is being
given an inaccurate picture of the situation in Syria, as
McMaster is seeking to involve the U.S. in a full scale war
in Syria.

The McMaster-Petraeus plan calls for 150,000 American

ground troops in Syria.

Current National Security Adviser Herbert Raymond “H.

R.” McMaster is manipulating intelligence reports given to
President Donald Trump, Cernovich Media can now
report. McMaster is plotting how to sell a massive ground
war in Syria to President Trump with the help of disgraced
former CIA director and convicted criminal David
Petraeus, who mishandled classified information by
sharing documents with his mistress.

Unease in Brussels over Trump's Poland visit
By Justyna Pawlak | WARSAW
Thu Jun 29, 2017 | 1:24am EDT

Poland's ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party has played a

major role in fuelling a deepening rift between ex-
communist and Western members of the European Union,
at a time when the bloc is struggling with the aftermath of
Britain's decision to leave.

Since winning a parliamentary election in 2015, the PiS

has angered France over a canceled army procurement
deal, brought relations with Germany to their worst in
nearly a decade, and is facing EU action over what critics
call its authoritarian tilt.

Poland is one of the leading voices in the region against

FILE PHOTO: U.S. President Donald Trump arrives at the
Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport in Rome, Italy, May 23, 2017.
migration, a view it shares with Trump alongside a
REUTERS/Remo Casilli/File Photo disregard for climate change and suspicion of international
A trip to Poland by U.S. President Donald Trump next
week may feel like a diplomatic coup for the right-wing "A MADNESS OF ELITES"
government, but western European nations are uneasy it
will encourage Warsaw's defiance towards Brussels. Underscoring Warsaw's mistrust towards the EU, Prime
Minister Beata Szydlo recently called an EU quotas policy
Trump visits Poland for one day - en route to a G20 for relocation of refugees from the Middle East "a madness
summit in Hamburg, Germany - to take part in a gathering of Brussels elites", in a speech in parliament.
of leaders from central Europe, Baltic states and the
Balkans, an event convened by Poland to bolster regional In turn, EU leaders delivered a snub to Poland's
trade and infrastructure. government by steamrolling its objections and
reappointing former Polish premier Donald Tusk to chair
Brussels diplomats view the July 6 gathering, dubbed the summits. Szydlo, acting on orders from party boss and
Three Seas summit because the countries involved border long-time Tusk adversary Jaroslaw Kaczynski, had vowed
the Baltic, Black and Adriatic seas, as a Polish bid to carve to stop him securing a second 30-month term.
out influence outside the European Union with which the
nationalist government has repeatedly clashed. Warsaw portrayed the issue as one of fundamental
principle, in which vital national interests had been ignored
Trump plans to promote U.S. natural gas exports to the by a Brussels machine dominated by "German diktat". Its
leaders from central and eastern Europe, a region heavily crushing defeat showed how far the biggest of the ex-
reliant on Russian supplies, his top economic adviser said. communist states that joined the EU after the Cold War
Poland received its first shipment of U.S. liquefied natural appears isolated, even in Eastern Europe.
gas (LNG) this month.
Deeply distrustful of Moscow, Poland hopes Trump, who
Most diplomats in Brussels dismiss the importance of the once called NATO "obsolete", will reconfirm his
Three Seas project, co-hosted by Croatia, but are wary commitment to the alliance's military build-up in eastern
over Trump's high-profile visit to participate in a project Europe, a deterrence policy against Russia, and possibly
one senior EU official called Poland's push towards "self- promise more.
The United States has about 900 troops on Polish soil as
"One cannot but feel a bit suspicious if it isn't an attempt to part of a rotating NATO contingent in eastern Europe.
break up European unity," another EU diplomat said about
the Three Seas project. NATO AND TRUMP

But Western diplomats are wary that Trump could use his "We encourage Mr Trump to get out and travel as much as
trip to Warsaw to repeat criticism of Europe's low defense he can. He needs to understand Europe and he can do that
spending, which has irritated many Western leaders. by getting out and speaking to people, to European
leaders," said one European official, who declined to be
Trump denounced some NATO members' failure to meet a named.
joint target of two percent of economic output, at a
meeting of alliance leaders in Brussels last month. Poland, "(But) he can't do deals with individual countries over the
alongside the United States, is one of the few members head of the European Union," he said. "In Hamburg, he
who meet the goal. will hear different arguments, we can clear up anything
that has been misconstrued."
"We are not sure what Trump's message is going to be ... If
he is here to reinforce Washington's commitment to Poland has expressed hopes Trump can persuade U.S.
(NATO's mutual defense principle)? Great!," one EU business to invest in a network of north-south rail and road
diplomat said. links central to the regional initiative, something U.S.
diplomats and many economists dismiss as unrealistic.
"What if he makes it conditional, to be based on meeting
the ... spending goal? This would cause a lot of damage." Much commerce in eastern Europe is done along east-west
trade routes rather than between north and south, to a large
Diplomatic observers who watch Washington say Trump degree a reflection of German economic dominance.
may want to use the trip to deliver a message that he is
serious about countering threats from Russia. Some governments in the east may also view Poland's
ambitions of regional leadership with suspicion, cautious
"Most of the countries (at the Warsaw summit) see Russia not to damage relations with trade partners in Berlin.
as their main security threat and most strongly support
NATO and would like a stronger U.S. force presence in "We are monitoring it," said a Czech government source.
their countries," said Heather Conley, who was a State "But we don't put much weight on it at the moment."
Department official in the George W. Bush administration.
(Additional reporting by Pawel Sobczak in Warsaw,
"GET OUT AND TRAVEL" Alastair Macdonald and Robin Emmott in Brussels,
Michel Rose in Paris, and Roberta Rampton in
Some western European officials view Trump's nod to the Washington, editing by Peter Millership)
Warsaw government as counter-productive at a time when
European unity is wavering.

Trump Slams Morning "Psycho" Joe,
Says Mika "Bleeding Badly From A Face-Lift"
By Tyler Durden
Jun 29, 2017 11:07 AM

Just when you thought President Trump's tweet tirade

against his denigrators in the media had peaked, it appears
he just turned up the anger amplifier to '11'...

Yes, the president of the United States just said that. And
cue the CNN meltdown over this outburst...

Brzezinski responded to Trump's tweets by posting a

Cheerios promo that reads "Made For Little Hands."

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Cites MRC Study
On Networks Obsessing Over Russia
By Curtis Houck
June 29, 2017 3:53 PM EDT

At Thursday’s combative White House press briefing, [Y]ou guys get to help set that table and
deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders cited the 353 minutes of attacks against the
latest blockbuster study by the Media Research Center’s President and driving a false narrative and
Rich Noyes, which found that the evening newscasts of one minute on tax reform. That's over the
ABC, CBS, and NBC spent May and June obsessing over course of a month. That's crazy. The
possible Trump-Russia collusion to the detriment of actual numbers — guys, the numbers don't lie.
policy topics. The media's focus on priorities, they don't
line up with the rest of America. Right now,
The liberal media spent much of the briefing questioning we've got our economies growing, the
Huckabee Sanders about President Trump’s lewd tweets stock market’s up, unemployment is down,
about Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski’s face when jobs are back, and ISIS is on the run.
the deputy press secretary fought back with Noyes’s study. America is winning and that's what we'd
like to talk about. But you guys constantly
ignore that narrative.

Of course, CNN senior White House correspondent Jim

Acosta tried to get questions into Huckabee Sanders by
mercilessly yelling at her, but Huckabee Sanders allowed
Fox News Radio’s John Decker to move on the briefing.

Decker wanted to talk about the tweets and argued the

media’s hands have been tied whenever Trump tweets
something controversial, but Huckabee Sanders correctly
noted that they certainly haven’t based on the MRC study:

She began by noting that Trump “would love for us all to Look, I think he's put out a number of
focus on the legislative agenda a whole lot more,” but tweets on health care, on the immigration
ABC, CBS, and NBC don’t seem interested in doing that: bills that’ll be in the House today, we that's
not being talked about. That's not being
asked about. But the discrepancy, again,
[Y]ou look at the coverage over the last
353 minutes, you can't say that you want to
month of the extended period between May
talk about policy and then you look at the
and June, all of the major networks, if you
numbers and they just don't lie. You can't
look at their coverage and what they're
expect for that amount of attack and
talking about, they spent one minute in the
intensity to come on a President and him to
evening newscasts talking about tax
never respond.
reform, three minutes on infrastructure, five
minutes on the economy and jobs, 17
minutes on health care, and 353 minutes Here’s the relevant portion of the transcript from June 29's
— 353 minutes, attacking the President White House Press Briefing:
and pushing a false narrative on Russia.
White House Press Briefing
Imploring the media snowflakes to “look at that in June 29, 2017
comparison” and reconsider this promise of theirs that 2:43 p.m. Eastern
they would love to focus on policy.
SARAH HUCKABEE SANDERS: I think the President would love
To the groans and gripes coming from reporters, she for us all to focus on the legislative agenda a whole lot more over
continued: — you look at the coverage over the last month of the extended

period between May and June, all of the major networks, if you JIM ACOSTA: Sarah, doesn't he create these distractions on his
look at their coverage and what they're talking about, they spent own?
one minute in the evening newscasts talking about tax reform,
three minutes on infrastructure, five minutes on the economy and HUCKABEE SANDERS: But you guys constantly ignore that
jobs, 17 minutes on health care, and 353 minutes — 353 narrative.
minutes, attacking the President and pushing a false narrative on
Russia. I mean, look at that in comparison. If you guys want to
ACOSTA: Sarah, doesn't he create these distractions on his
talk about legislative agenda and focus on policy and priorities,
you guys get to help set that table and 353 minutes of attacks
against the President and driving a false narrative and one
minute on tax reform. That's over the course of a month. That's HUCKABEE SANDERS: Go ahead, John.
— guys, the numbers don't lie. The media's focus on priorities, JOHN DECKER [Fox News Radio]: All of those points about the
they don't line up with the rest of America. Right now, we've got positive developments of what the President's agenda are
our economies growing, the stock market’s up, unemployment is certainly true, all of those things are true, but the President today
down, jobs are back, and ISIS is on the run. America is winning put out this tweet which takes away from all of that and you
and that's what we'd like to talk about. But you guys constantly expect us here in this room to simply ignore that. I think that's the
ignore that narrative. valid question that should be asked of you right now. Should we
just ignore this entirely?

HUCKABEE SANDERS: Look, I think he's put out a number of

tweets on health care, on the immigration bills that’ll be in the
House today, we that's not being talked about. That's not being
asked about. But the discrepancy, again, 353 minutes, you can't
say that you want to talk about policy and then you look at the
numbers and they just don't lie. You can't expect for that amount
of attack and intensity to come on a President and him to never

ACOSTA: Does he create his own distractions?

Obama Accidentally Exposes Russia HOAX:
“No Serious Person” Believes The Russians Could
“Rig America’s Elections”
By Mike Adams
Thursday, June 29, 2017

had it in the bag. So when Donald Trump began voicing

his concerns that the election was being rigged against
him, Obama mocked him, and the entire mainstream media
attacked Trump as being a loony tunes conspiracy theorist,
insisting that elections could not be stolen or rigged in
America. Obama specifically stated, “There is no evidence
that that has happened in the past…” and went on to
proclaim that if Trump won, the Democrats would
graciously accept their loss and cooperate with Trump.
(Yes, Obama actually said that.)

I find it astonishing that even though this took place less

Thanks to the incessant bombardment of the public with than one year ago, nobody on the Left seems to
fake news dreamed up by CNN and other “fake news” remember any of this. It’s almost as if this entire chapter
media outlets, no one seems to remember that right before of U.S. history has been memory wiped from the minds of
the 2016 election, President Obama assured the voters that Leftists.
America’s election couldn’t possibly be rigged, saying,
“there is no serious person out there who would suggest To refresh your memory, here’s a partial transcript and
somehow that you could even — you could even rig video of Obama’s speech, sourced from TIME Magazine:
America’s elections, in part, because they are so
decentralized and the numbers of votes involved.”

In a now-infamous talk dubbed the “stop whining” speech,

Obama mocked Donald Trump for suggesting that the
election was being rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton. In
response, Obama told Trump that rigging the presidential
election in America was impossible and that Trump
should “stop whining” and “go try to make his case to get
votes.” (Source: Reuters)

That’s exactly what Donald Trump did, of course. He

made his case to the voters, and they elected him
President. That’s when Obama, Clinton and the entire
As you read these words, note carefully how the
Left-wing fake news machine reversed the script and
Democrats have utterly betrayed everything Obama
dredged up their baseless, evidence-free assertions that
Trump had somehow colluded with the Russians to “steal
the election.” (Apparently, elections can only be stolen
when Democrats don’t win, you see.) OBAMA: One of the great things about America’s
democracy is we have a vigorous, sometimes bitter political
contest and when it’s done, historically, regardless of party,
You mean the same election that Obama just told everyone
the person who loses the election congratulates the winner,
couldn’t be stolen? Keep in mind that until Election Day,
who reaffirms our democracy and we move forward.
everybody on the Left believed Hillary was going to easily
win. This was largely because of all the illegal voting of
non-citizens who are routinely recruited by Democrats to That’s how democracy survives because we recognize that
steal elections. So much voter fraud was already “baked” there’s something more important than any individual
into the election that Obama and Clinton were certain they
campaign. And that is making sure that the integrity and That’s OK, you fight through it, you work through it, you try
trust in our institutions sustains itself. to accomplish your goals. But the larger point I want to
emphasize here is that there is no serious person out there
Because democracy, by definition, works by consent, not who would suggest somehow that you could even — you
by force. I have never seen, in my lifetime or in modern could even rig America’s elections, in part, because they
political history, any presidential candidate trying to are so decentralized and the numbers of votes involved.
discredit the elections and the election process before
votes have even taken place. There is no evidence that that has happened in the past or
that there are instances in which that will happen this time.
It’s unprecedented. It happens to be based on no facts; And so I’d invite Mr. Trump to stop whining and go try to
every expert, regardless of political party, regardless of make his case to get votes.
ideology, conservative or liberal, who has ever examined
these issues in a serious way, will tell you that instances of And if he got the most votes, then it would be my
significant voter fraud are not to be found, that — keep in expectation of Hillary Clinton to offer a gracious concession
mind, elections are run by state and local officials, which speech and pledge to work with him in order to make sure
means that there are places like Florida, for example, that the American people benefit from an effective
where you’ve got a Republican governor, whose government.
Republican appointees are going to running and monitoring
a whole bunch of these election sites. And it would be my job to welcome Mr. Trump, regardless
of what he’s said about me or my differences with him on
The notion that somehow if Mr. Trump loses Florida, it’s my opinions, and escort him over to the Capitol, in which
because of those people that you have to watch out for, there would be a peaceful transfer of power.
that is both irresponsible and, by the way, doesn’t really
show the kind of leadership and toughness that you want That’s what Americans do. That’s why America is already
out of a president. great. One way of weakening America, making it less
great, is if you start betraying those basic American
If you start whining before the game’s even over, if traditions that have been bipartisan, and have helped to
whenever things are going badly for you and you lose, you hold together this democracy now for well over two
start blaming somebody else, then you don’t have what it centuries.
takes to be in this job because there are a lot of times
when things don’t go our way or my way.

Fake Story Scandal:
How Russia Obsession Led CNN Into A Trap

like CNN is on the way to become an exclusion from this


The recent fake story is just another example of the

network’s inaccurate reporting and wrongdoings. CNN has
been involved in a series of scandals. It touted the boy
called Omran Daqneesh as the face of civilian suffering in
Aleppo at a time the city was divided between pro-
government and rebel forces and suffered under intensive
fighting. CNN anchor Christiane Amanpour used the
picture of Daqneesh in her October interview with Russian
Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov to question Russia’s
support of Damascus in the Syrian conflict. «That is a war
CNN is in trouble, with its reputation tanking as a result crime, sir», she said showing the photo. The boy
of publishing an article connecting Trump ally and Wall resurfaced in world media this month after his family
Street financier Anthony Scaramucci, who served on the agreed to talk to journalists. His father Mohammad Kheir
executive committee of Trump's transition team, to the Daqneesh accused the White Helmets of using his family
$10-billion Russian Direct Investment Fund. The story to produce propaganda.
based on a single antonymous source happened to be a
fake. Despite swift retraction of the article, apology In March, CNN reported that the FBI had information
published and the following resignation of three veteran suggesting President Donald Trump associates «may have
journalists, the image of the cable news network has been coordinated» with Russians on the release of information
greatly tarnished. damaging Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton during the
election. «There’s probably more evidence that CNN
True, CNN imposed new rules on the stories regarding colluded with the Clinton campaign to give her questions
Russia but it will hardly repair the damage done. The than the Trump campaign gave any kind of collusion»,
network was on track for record profit of more than $1 White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer snarked at
billion in 2017. It has been expanding investigative teams today’s press briefing, when asked about that report.
while vigorously attacking the US president to be
ultimately caught in an anti-Trump trap. «I would In May, comedian Kathy Griffin was fired by CNN for the
encourage everyone in this room and, frankly, everyone shocking picture in which she was seen holding a mask of
across the country, to take a look at it», Deputy Press Trump’s bloody, severed head. The same month, CNN
Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said. «I think if it is anchor Anderson Cooper apologised for 'crude' remark to
accurate, I think it’s a disgrace to all of media, to all of Trump supporter during an interview. This month,
journalism." CNN had to fire Reza Aslan, the host of a documentary
series on the network, for his profane anti-Trump tweets.
In early January President Donald Trump called CNN
«fake news’. The White House refused to send its The list can go on, there are numerous examples of CNN’s
spokespeople or surrogates onto CNN shows, accusing the inappropriate behaviour as it is waging attacks against the
network’s reporters of publishing highly-damaging and president and all’s fair in war. CNN belongs to the
unverified accusations about the president’s behavior in networks President Trump called «the enemy of the
Russia. Some people believed it was not a smart move people», addressing the annual Conservative Political
because leading news networks, like CNN, have become Action Conference in February. Obsessed with Trump and
powerful enough to make politicians, including presidents, «Russia’s threat», CNN has downgraded in front of our
do their best to avoid quarrels. It is widely believed that
politicians come and go, but media outlets remain. Looks
eyes into a vulgar, lowbrow network. Step by step it is What if the investigation led by Special Counsel Robert
moving to collapse. Mueller does not produce any facts to make the media
information offensive look like a failed conspiracy to stage
It’s not CNN only. President Trump has said that NBC and a quite coup d’état in the United States? Will those who
ABC reports regarding the administration’s links to Russia work in the leading media networks waging the smear
have also been biased or untrue. At a time the Senate campaign and spreading around unconfirmed information
approved the sweeping anti-Russia sanctions bill to be be held responsible?
considered by the House now, somebody «leaked» to
Buzzfeed the classified information about the State Media attacks negatively affect the prospects for a Putin-
Secretary Rex Tillerson’s «secret» road map – a plan to Trump meeting during the Russia-US summit to take place
improve the relations with Russia. Evidently, the goal was on July 7-8 in Hamburg, Germany. The US is no less
to spur the process of the bill becoming a law and hinder interested in the positive outcome than Russia. With the
the implementation of the State Secretary’s plans. troublesome news coming from Syria, tensions running
high between Russia and NATO, arms control and non-
The US media are waging an information war in an effort proliferation regime eroding, and terrorists moving to
to oust Donald Trump from the White House. That’s Africa and the Asia Pacific, as well as a host of other
where Russia – the country blamed for each and issues on the agenda, the US media do a disservice to their
everything going awry in the United States – comes in own country by obstructing all attempts to revive the
handy. None of the stories regarding Russia and President Russia-US dialogue on burning issues of mutual interest.
Trump has been backed up by anything like solid evidence Intensification of media attacks against the president in the
or facts. Even if only a small part of them were true, days left till the event in Germany is something to be
impeachment procedures would be launched but nothing expected. But too much zeal is not always a good thing.
like that has happened, except that US media has limited Scoop stories attract public attention just for a few days,
the President's room for maneuver with endless false but a good reputation is hard to win and easy to lose. The
stories about Russia. CNN fake news scandal is a good illustration of the fact.

New York Times Retracts Rumor On Russia-Gate
Following Ridicule

“In the Army we call that the SWAG factor:

a scientific wild-ass guess,” McGovern
Methodologically, the US intelligence community simply
doesn’t just leap to consensus conclusions, making
unanimous consent suspicious. Instead, the process allows
for dissenting opinions.
“The Times’ grudging correction was
vindication for some Russia-gate skeptics
who had questioned the claim of a full-
The New York Times has finally retracted its assertion that scale intelligence assessment,” Robert
17 US national intelligence agencies had unanimously Parry wrote for Consortium News
agreed that Russia organized cyberattacks against the US. on Thursday, “which would usually take the
On Thursday, the New York Times issued a correction of a form of a National Intelligence Estimate (or
June 25 White House Memo report by correspondent NIE), a product that seeks out the views
Maggie Haberman: of the entire Intelligence Community and
includes dissents.”
“The assessment was made by four
intelligence agencies – the Office of the What’s more, former Director of National Intelligence
Director of National Intelligence, the James Clapper even admitted on January 6 that the
Central Intelligence Agency, the Federal analysts responsible for preparing the report were “hand-
Bureau of Investigation and the National picked,” which leaves open the possibility that the report
Security Agency. The assessment was not was written for political, rather than intelligence, purposes.
approved by all 17 organizations in the “As any intelligence expert will tell you, if
American intelligence community.” you ‘hand-pick’ the analysts, you are really
The Times’ retraction fails to reflect the fact that even hand-picking the conclusion,” Parry wrote.
those four agencies weren’t in full agreement. The end result:
The National Security Agency (NSA) is the main body that Hillary Clinton and other top Democrats
can trace and track all incoming and outgoing cyber have had the full force of the US
activity on US networks, according to CIA analyst Ray intelligence community to cite this “fictional
McGovern. They offered a “moderate” confidence level consensus,” Parry noted.
in the allegations of Russian hacking in the report cited
by the Times. He cited Clinton’s sophisticated rhetoric at the May 31 Re-
Code conference, where she blamed “non-existent” data
“If this was a hack, NSA would know for her loss:
about it. NSA does not know about it,” he
said in an April interview. “Matter of fact, “Seventeen agencies, all in agreement,
when the CIA and FBI said, ‘we have high which I know from my experience as a
confidence’ … NSA, which is the only real senator and secretary of state, is hard
agency that has the capability to trace to get. They concluded with high
these things, said ‘well, we only have confidence that the Russians ran an
moderate confidence.'” extensive information war campaign
against my campaign, to influence voters
in the election.”

Third Undercover O’Keefe
Video Exposes CNN’s Internal Culture Of Hate
Fri Jun 30, 2017 5:26am EST

soaring right now, keep up what you’re

doing. Well, what we’re doing is Russia,
ISIS, London terror, shooting in Chicago,
that’s it.

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe has just capped off

a week destroying CNN’s last shred of credibility with a
Friday morning release of an undercover encounter with
another producer for the network. Jimmy Carr, a hate-
filled Associate Producer, said that virtually everyone he
knows at the network – surprise – absolutely hates
President Trump.

“On the inside, we all recognize he is a

clown, that he is hilariously unqualified for Fake News Bust
this, he’s really bad at this and that he does
not have America’s best interests. We O’Keefe also caught CNN selectively editing out a Trump
recognize he’s just f*cking crazy.” supporter’s answer during an election panel to make him
appear stupid when giving an answer to the topic of illegal
Here’s the deal, this is a man who’s not actually a immigrants voting in the 2016 election.
Republican… He just adopted that because that was the
party he thought he could win in. He doesn’t believe Entire video:
anything that these people believe. –Jimmy Carr

Carr goes on to rattle off a laundry list of grievances

against the President, stating that “90% of us are on
board with just the fact that he’s crazy.”

Carr didn’t stop at the President. When asked about the

election, the Associate Producer said American voters are
“Stupid as shit,” before insulting Kellyanne Conway – a
top Trump advisor and the first woman to run a successful
Presidential campaign.

Ratings Week of horror for CNN

Carr then echoed what another CNN producer admitted to While O’Keefe saved the best for last, undercover footage
a Project Veritas operative – it’s all about Ratings. released earlier in the week dealt devastating blows to the
beleaguered network whose President, Jeff Zucker, may be
“It’s decisions made by people higher than on the chopping block if a merger between AT&T and
me and if they go wow, your ratings are CNN parent company Time Warner is approved.

“whether it’s accurate or not, I don’t know
– I think if it is accurate, it is a disgrace to
all of media, to all of journalism.” –Sarah H.

Huckabee’s endorsement drew the ire of the MSM,

however instead of discussing the content of O’Keefe’s
video – pundits like Chuck Todd did a full Exorcist head
On Monday, Project Veritas released undercover swivel over the fact that Huckabee hadn’t personally
footage of a candid discussion with CNN producer John verified each claim in the undercover sting (which CNN
Bonifield, in which the “Very Fake News” network confirmed the authenticity of).
employee admitted that the whole Russia story against
President Trump is a “Mostly B.S.” ratings grab by CNN’s
CEO Jeff Zucker.

Bonifield also admitted that he hasn’t seen any evidence of

President Trump committing a crime.

But all the nice cutesy little ethics that used to get talked
about in journalism school, you’re just like, that’s
adorable. That’s adorable. This is a business.

Then on Wednesday O’Keefe captured footage of CNN

host Van Jones saying that the Russia – Trump story is “a
big nothing burger.”

“CNN stands by our medical producer

John Bonifield. Diversity of personal
opinion is what makes CNN strong, we
welcome it and embrace it,” CNN said in a
statement. –USA Today

Death knell?

Will a cleanout of CEO Jeff Zucker and perhaps a few

Van Jones responded with a CNN op-ed,
other sacrificial wolves restore credibility to the news
calling the video a hoax and “highly edited
network that’s been faking it for years? I wouldn’t hold my
right wing propaganda” made by a “con
breath as long as guys like James O’Keefe are around to
expose the shills.
[F]or those of you unfamiliar with James O’Keefe and his
misnamed “Project Veritas,” here’s a helpful recap: James
O’Keefe is a notorious con man whose infamy arises from
his addiction to pulling the same media stunts, over and
over again. –Van Jones
(Perhaps the Project Veritas operative
approached Van Jones off camera to role-
play as a conservative for fun?)

White House Endorses

On Tuesday, White House Deputy Press Secretary Sarah

H. Sanders encouraged people to watch the O’Keefe video
of CNN Producer John Bonifield admitting the Russia
story was “Mostly B.S.” pushed by CEO Jeff Zucker for

CNN Caught Editing Out
Eyewitness Testimony Of Election Vote Fraud
California Refuses To Comply With Trump
Investigation Into Illegal Voting
Paul Joseph Watson Infowars.Com
June 30, 2017

anyone to vote illegally as well as his own eyewitness

testimony when the Baer stated,

“I was actually a poll watcher in New

Jersey and I saw what was going on there,”
before he goes on to describe how he saw
students voting without proper ballots.
“At the moment Baer is about to cite the
evidence to support his claim, CNN ends
the clip,” comments O’Keefe, adding, “The
CNN has been caught deliberately piece suggests that Baer did not have a
editing out eyewitness testimony of vote legitimate answer to Camerota’s question –
fraud as California refuses to comply in actuality the answer was cut because it
with a Trump administration didn’t fit their narrative – this is a textbook
investigation into how many illegal lie of omission.”
aliens voted in the presidential election.
The clip was featured in part 3 of O’Keefe’s ‘American
In James O’Keefe’s latest bombshell, he reveals how Pravda’ series, which also showed a CNN producer
Project Veritas was sent the full hour and a half audio revealing how 90% of the people at CNN thought
from a CNN public forum hosted by Alisyn Camerota Americans were “stupid as shit”.
about Donald Trump’s first 60 days in office.
Meanwhile, California Secretary of State Alex Padilla has
The eight minute segment that was aired on March 30 refused to comply with President Donald Trump’s voter
included forum member William Baer saying that he fraud commission that is investigating how many illegal
personally witnessed people being bussed in to vote on aliens voted in the presidential election.
election day, but the segment went on to portray the man
as a conspiracy theorist. “Padilla said Trump’s voter fraud
commission’s request of personal voting
data on every American voter “is a waste of
taxpayer money” that aims to ratify a false
claim that millions voted illegally,” reports
the Huffington Post.

How can Padilla assert that the claim is false while

simultaneously blocking an investigation that would
determine whether or not it was false?

Trump was relentlessly attacked by the media after the

election when he claimed that he would have won the
popular vote if millions of illegal aliens hadn’t voted for
However, the part CNN omitted included the Baer Hillary Clinton.
mentioning James O’Keefe exposing how it was simple for

Ever since then, Trump’s assertion that millions of illegals
voted has been called a “fake news” conspiracy theory.

If it’s all just a conspiracy theory, why is California

refusing to take part in an investigation? Something to

As we reported earlier this month, a new study reveals that

up to 5.7 million illegal immigrants were likely to have
voted in the 2008 election, proving Donald Trump was
right to have concerns and that a proper investigation is

CNN's Carl Bernstein Rails Against
Trump's Malfunctioning, 'Malignant Presidency'
By Brad Wilmouth
June 30, 2017 2:32 PM EDT

Appearing as a guest on Friday's New Day, CNN political I think something much greater is
commentator Carl Bernstein repeatedly attacked the happening -- and that is that we are in the
Trump administration as a "malignant presidency" and midst of a malignant presidency. And that
asserted that it is "not functioning." Bernstein: malignancy is known to the military leaders
of the country -- it's known to the
"We are in the midst of a malignant Republican leadership in Congress who
presidency. And that malignancy is known recognize it -- and it's known to the
to the military leaders of the country -- it's intelligence community.
known to the Republican leadership in
Congress who recognize it -- and it's known He then added:
to the intelligence community."
And the presidency of Donald Trump is not
He went on to intone: functioning. It's not functioning partially
because of his character -- it's not
"We're in foreign territory. We have never functioning partially because of his attacks
been in a malignant presidency like this on the press which is totally moving the
before. It calls on our leaders -- it calls on needle that the American people are
our journalists to do a different kind of watching to a side show. But it's really not
reporting, a different kind of dealing with functioning because of character and
this presidency and the President of the capabilities of this President are called into
United States." grave question in a way that those who
know him best are raising serious concerns
about. And this is the greatest journalistic
challenge of the modern era to report on a
malignant presidency and what it means
and where it's going.

Substitute co-host Clarissa Ward wondered if President

Trump's tweet was meant to distract attention from health
care reform as she followed up:

Some people have said this is an issue of

impulse control, that the President is not
able to control his impulses, to attack back,
Co-host Chris Cuomo set up the segment by recalling a to fight fire with fire. Other people are
controversial tweet by President Donald Trump targeting saying,
MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski, and then posed:
"Hold on, this is a genius obfuscation tactic:
divert attention from a health care bill which
His spokespeople are telling reporters to
has been in trouble."
focus on policy. The question is,
What's your take?
"How?" when the President keeps doing
things like this -- it makes you wonder if it is
intentional. After asserting that "both could be true," Bernstein
repeated that the Trump presidency is "not functioning"
and then warned:
After asking Bernstein for his reaction, the CNN
commentator began:

We're in foreign territory. We have never And the presidency of Donald Trump is not functioning. It's
been in a malignant presidency like this not functioning partially because of his character -- it's not
before. It calls on our leaders -- it calls on functioning partially because of his attacks on the press
our journalists to do a different kind of which is totally moving the needle that the American people
reporting, a different kind of dealing with are watching to a side show. But it's really not functioning
this presidency and the President of the because of character and capabilities of this President are
United States. We have to in the press be called into grave question in a way that those who know him
kind of medical reporters right now. I don't best are raising serious concerns about. And this is the
mean about the President's psyche, but greatest journalistic challenge of the modern era to report on
rather about every aspect of his presidency a malignant presidency and what it means and where it's
and how and whether it is functioning going.
because many aspects are not functioning.
CLARISSA WARD: I mean, Carl, some people have said
After Cuomo brought up the point of view of Trump this is an issue of impulse control, that the President is not
supporters who argue that the President has indeed made able to control his impulses, to attack back, to fight fire with
accomplishments, Bernstein dismissively responded: fire. Other people are saying, "Hold on, this is a genius
obfuscation tactic: divert attention from a health care bill
He's done a lot in terms of the perception of his base, but which has been in trouble." What's your take?
not in terms of the larger population of this country, and
not in terms of what Republicans in the House and Senate BERNSTEIN: That both could be true. But I keep going back
are now saying to each other, and especially in light of this to the greater problem that this President is not in control of
latest tweet which confirms for so many of them what the presidency in a way that it is functioning. And that has
they've been worried about all along -- and that is whether got our leaders worried. They are worried about his
or not this President of the United States is capable of character -- they are worried about his capabilities -- they
being President. are worried about his temperament and state of his
temperament, to use kind words here. We're in foreign
Below is a complete transcript of the segment from the territory. We have never been in a malignant presidency like
Friday, June 30, New Day on CNN: this before.

It calls on our leaders -- it calls on our journalists to do a

different kind of reporting, a different kind of dealing with this
presidency and the President of the United States. We have
to in the press be kind of medical reporters right now. I don't
mean about the President's psyche, but rather about every
aspect of his presidency and how and whether it is
functioning because many aspects are not functioning. So
we need to shift --

CUOMO: To question your premise, other than the fact that

he hasn't filled a lot of vacancies yet -- and at this point in a
presidency, it's somewhat odd that the administration is as
underserved as it is in terms of appointments -- they'll say,
CHRIS CUOMO: The President's personal and offensive his defenders, "What are you talking about, Carl? Look at all
tweet about another news anchor is the latest hit in Mr. the executive orders. Look at all the regulations that have
Trump's battle against the media. His spokespeople are been cut. Look at the economic stimulation that we've seen.
telling reporters to focus on policy. The question is, "How?" Look at how they got back Warmbier from North Korea.
when the President keeps doing things like this -- it makes Look at how our presence on the international stage has
you wonder if it is intentional. Let's discuss with CNN changed. This President has done a lot, and he's done a lot
political commentator and legendary journalist Mr. Carl in terms of the perception of this country in terms of policy."
Bernstein. ... How do you see this a tactic by the President?
BERNSTEIN: He's done a lot in terms of the perception of
CARL BERNSTEIN, CNN POLITICAL COMMENTATOR: I his base, but not in terms of the larger population of this
think something much greater is happening -- and that is country, and not in terms of what Republicans in the House
that we are in the midst of a malignant presidency. And that and Senate are now saying to each other, and especially in
malignancy is known to the military leaders of the country -- light of this latest tweet which confirms for so many of them
it's known to the Republican leadership in Congress who what they've been worried about all along -- and that is
recognize it -- and it's known to the intelligence community. whether or not this President of the United States is capable
of being President.

They have -- many of the Republicans in Congress and our spoken to, and I know other reporters have spoken to,
reporters need to go out and talk to them either off the understand and are beginning to comprehend that the
record, on background, about the question of their underlying story here is a lack of confidence in the abilities
confidence in this President and whether or not he is and character of the President of the United States of
capable of being the President of the United States in a way America.
that defends us, our country, and the Constitution of the
United States. Many members of Congress, many of our WARD: All right, Carl Bernstein, thank you for giving us the
military leaders, many in our intelligence community who I've bottom line.

Maria Bartiromo DESTROYS John Podesta
And His Lies About Russia And Trump Collusion
John Podesta Tries To Lie About Not Having Stock
In Any Russian Company
Alex Christoforou
June 30, 2017

Fox Business News host Maria Bartiromo absolutely

destroy Hillary Clinton’s loser campaign chairman John
Podesta, the main who along with Hillary and Robby
Mook, fabricated the Russian election meddling story to
explain away their pathetic presidential election result.

Maria Bartiromo exposes just about every single lie that

John Podesta has ushered into the mainstream news cycle,
including Trump’s connection to Russia.

Podesta is left repeating the stupid “17 Intelligence

Agencies confirmed Russian interference” talking point,
which has been completely debunked by the New York
Times… Podesta had his emails hacked due, to his very poor
knowledge of technology and password protection.

The Clinton former campaign chair lost his mobile phone,

fell for a phishing scam, and then went on to blame
“Russian Hackers” for all of HRC’s problems.

The Duran has chronicled in many past posts how Hillary

Clinton’s failed campaign manager John Podesta was
personally responsible for having his entire email data
compromised by hackers, in what was later re-packaged by
the Clinton campaign staff as “Russian election meddling.”

See here…EXPOSED: John Podesta leaked the Podesta

emails to Wikileaks,

here…Hillary hypocrisy: her campaign chairman John

Podesta received $35 million from Russian government,

and here…Hillary Clinton’s connection to Russian banks

exposed through Tony Podesta’s lobbying contracts.

An example of Podesta’s password protection…

New Undercover Video:
CNN Producer Slashes 'Stupid' Voters,
'Clown' Trump, Ugly Kellyanne
By Tim Graham
June 30, 2017 2:08 PM EDT

Project Veritas has released another undercover video of a “Oh no. They’re stupid as s–t.”
CNN producer saying embarrassing things underlining the
network’s liberal, anti-Trump atmosphere. Jimmy Carr, a Carr referred to the White House counselor as
producer for CNN’s morning show New Day, with co-
anchors Alisyn Camerota and Chris Cuomo -- the son of
“that awful woman Kellyanne Conway.
one New York Democrat governor and the brother of the
current New York Democrat governor.
You know, the blonde.” When the Project Veritas
videographer asked what Conway looked like, Carr
Carr was caught on camera proclaiming,

“On the inside, we all recognize that he “She looks like she got hit with a
is a clown, that he is hilariously shovel.”
unqualified for this, he’s really bad at
this and that he does not have “What’s that?” the man recording asked
America’s best interests. We recognize Carr, who repeated the insult. “She looks
he’s just f—ing crazy.” like she got hit with a shovel.”

The same media that's obsessing over Trump's tweets

about Mika Brzezinski will probably skip right over this.
Carr said them when he didn't think anyone was filming or
paying attention, which cannot be said for the president.
But certainly Mika agrees that Conway is

"that awful woman,"

a woman she thinks shouldn't be allowed on TV.

Carr also says Trump's not really a Republican, that he

doesn't really care about social issues like abortion or gay
He added: marriage, or even about the budget...but that sounds like
many Republicans over the last two years. It's also a little
“90 percent of us are on board with just the tougher to say with Justice Gorsuch on the Supreme
fact that he’s crazy.”When he’s asked if Court.
that means, 90 percent are “With Her,” he
says no, just they ‘acknowledge the fact Carr is a CNN newbie, just getting a job in 2013 (although
that he’s bats–t.” he held internships before). So it's easier to dismiss him
than with John Bonifield, who's held many jobs at CNN.
Asked if it would be “fair to question the intellect of the
American voter,” Mr. Carr replied,

CNN Associate Producer:
90% Of CNN Staffers “On Board”
With Belief That Trump Is ‘Batsh*T Crazy’
Says: 'American Voters Are Stupid'
By Shepard Ambellas
June 30, 2017

producer said. “We recognize he’s just a

fu*king crazy.”

Carr said that “90%” of his colleagues at CNN are “on

board” with the belief that President Trump is ‘batshit

(INTELLIHUB) — An undercover video titled American

Pravda: CNN Part 3 was released by Project Veritas on
YouTube Friday morning delivering the final nail in
CNN’s coffin after exposing the agency and 90% of their
employees beliefs.

In the video, Associate Producer of the show New Day, Additionally, the narcissistic producer also proclaims that
Jimmy Carr, gives some insight into how the agencies the American voter is “stupid as shit.”
staffers generally feel about President Trump and
American voters. #boycottCNN

“We all recognize that he is a clown,

that he is hilariously unqualified for this,
he is really bad at this, and that he does
not have America’s best interests.” the

NYT Quietly Corrects Major Falsehood
They Helped Spread On Russia Investigation
By Kristine Marsh
June 30, 2017 10:40 AM EDT

anonymous sources in the Russia investigation. For

example, this USA Today article from October 21, still
on their website, says in the headline,

“Yes, 17 Intelligence Agencies Really

Did Say Russia Was Behind Hacking.”

However the Times wasn’t the first on the left to correct

this myth. Obama appointee, former Director of National
Intelligence James Clapper contradicted the media’s
Thursday night The New York Times quietly issued a
narrative when he testified May 8, saying
correction online that admitted one of the media’s major
talking points about the Russia investigation wasn’t
actually true. The correction was discreetly placed on their only “three” intelligence agencies
website under a 5 day-old article on Trump and Russia by actually made this assessment, not 17.
Maggie Haberman called “Trump’s Deflections and
Denials on Russia Frustrate Even His Allies.” For finally admitting months after the fact, that one of their
major talking points wasn’t actually true, the paper earned
So what did the Times finally admit wasn’t true? That oft- mockery from those on the left on Twitter:
repeated claim that “Seventeen” intelligence agencies
assessed that Russia hacked the 2016 presidential election. Wikileaks:
Here’s what the paper had to say about that:

Correction: June 29, 2017

A White House Memo article on Monday
about President Trump’s deflections and
denials about Russia referred incorrectly
to the source of an intelligence
assessment that said Russia orchestrated
hacking attacks during last year’s
presidential election. The assessment
was made by four intelligence agencies
— the Office of the Director of National
Intelligence, the Central Intelligence
The Young Turks’ Michael Tracey:
Agency, the Federal Bureau of
Investigation and the National Security
Agency. The assessment was not
approved by all 17 organizations in the
American intelligence community.

This correction is a hugely significant admission because

this lie was widely propagated for over the past nine
months. It was repeated by every major media outlet, on
talk show hosts like The View and even by Hillary Clinton
during the final presidential debate. This “fact” that the left
ran with was the basis of many smug headlines meant to
shame those on the right criticizing the media’s use of

Lionel Likens CNN To Professional
Wrestling Or Magic: ‘We All Knew It Was Fake’
'Newly Released Project Veritas Video Is CNN's Zapruder Film, Loved It'
By Shepard Ambellas -
June 30, 2017

The flamboyantly outspoken analyst questioned the state

that CNN must be in after years of “shoddy journalism”
have been exposed.

“Do you know what’s going on at CNN? I

mean can you imagine?” He asked.

However, the best part of the segment came when Lionel

likened CNN to professional wrestling and magic.

To be quite fair, this is like exposing

(INTELLIHUB) — Legal and media analyst Michael professional wrestling or magic — we knew
William Lebron, a.k.a. Lionel, recently appeared on RT to it! We knew it [was fake] the whole time!”
talk about the newly released Project Veritas video which He said.
shows CNN producer John Bonifield saying that the entire But what this goes to show you is that this
Russian narrative is total and complete “bullsh*t.” is not a news organization. this is targeted
prosecution. This is an organization that’s
“Loved it — loved it! Lionel told RT. “This out for ratings only, money, revenue and is
was CNN’s Zapruder film. This was the as surrogate for […] Hillary Clinton, the
smoking gun.” DNC, and others. So while it’s fascinating
to hear this we knew this.”

Van Jones Performs Trump-Russia
'Nothing Burger' Spin Control On Anderson Cooper
By P.J. Gladnick
June 30, 2017 11:01 AM EDT

Everyone who watched the recent Project Veritas video of UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Really? You don't think that's --
Van Jones clearly heard him say that "the Russia thing is
just a big nothing burger." However, Van Jones appeared (END VIDEO CLIP)
on the June 29 Anderson Cooper 360 show to declare that
we misinterpreted what he was saying. Jones spun it that
COOPER: And Van Jones joins us now. So just explain what
what he meant was that the hope for impeachment of
happened here. Who were you talking to? Where were you?
President Donald Trump based on the proofless charge of
What was the context?
collusion with Russia in the 2016 election was the real
"nothing burger."
You've had a few days to craft a good spin so go at it, Van.
Here is Van Jones as he spin, spin, spins:
JONES: Okay. I was standing outside the bureau in Los Angeles,
you know, and I'll talk to anybody. I don't care you're a janitor,
homeless person, police officer, pop star, I talk anybody. A guy
comes up and he starts engage me in conversation. I'll talk to
anybody and he starts asking these questions around what's
going on in American politics.

As you know, I have been beating the drum about

progressives going so far over board on Russia. The news
agency should be going in on Russia. Because any time
you have the president of the United States under
investigation by the FBI that is a news story. But
Progressives have to be very careful that we don't put all
our eggs in that basket because the chances of this
ANDERSON COOPER: A conservative activist named James cowardly Republican Party actually impeaching and then
O'Keefe has released another selectively edited tape today this removing a president, something that has never happened,
time targeting CNN Political Commentator Van Jones. Van is I think it's very, very slight.
going to weight in on it for the first time in a moment. But first,
here's what O'Keefe chose to publish from the secretly recorded And so, I was about to go into that and says there's nothing
conversation. you can do, and then a bunch of my guys from CNN came
out we started talking. So he took that little bit thing and
(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) made it seem like I was out here saying that there's nothing
wrong that Donald Trump has been doing. This guy is a
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hey, man. We met in Palm Springs a few hoaxster, he's a fraudster, he's been convicted, he's a
years back. scumbag, and he does this stuff all the time.

VAN JONES: Hey good to see you man, you good? I guess Van Jones missed the part of former FBI Director
James Comey's testimony in which he admitted that
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes. How you been? President Trump was NOT under investigation.

JONES: I'm good. COOPER: So when on the tape you say that the Russia
investigation was a big nothing burger what did you mean?
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What are you doing? What do you think
is going to happen this week with the whole Russia thing? JONES: I meant for Progressives to keep jumping up and down
about this doesn't make a lot of sense because you've got a
bunch of us acting as if this guy is going to be impeached
JONES: The Russia thing is just a big nothing burger.

tomorrow. That Trump is going to be impeached and he's going talking about the real pain at the bottom here in our country,
to be gone. you've got a lot of people just going in loops and cycles. I'm
not talking about news people. We got to cover this news.
Listen, from a political point of view, if you're looking I'm talking about Progressive activists who talk about
honestly, you do not have the ability to both impeach and Russia all day and don't talk about jobs any day. That has
remove this guy. got to stop. And if you think that just talking about Russia,
Russia, Russia, Russia is going to be a way to get this guy
impeached or remove or win an election. I think you are wrong
And from political point of view, it's a
and I think we need to get back to substantive stuff for ordinary
nothing burger. You've got to be
people, not only the stuff that the news media are excited about.
focused on real stuff, like jobs, health
care, addiction, and stay focus on the
substantive issues. COOPER: Van, thank you very much. You can read Van's full
editorial in the tape and the nothing burger comment at
In the June 26 Project Veritas video, a CNN producer
admits that CNN President Jeffrey Zucker is one of those JONES: Much ado about nothing burger.
focused mainly on Trump-Russia collusion. So in a way,
Van Jones is slamming his own boss for being overly Actually you are talking about news people, Mr. Jones,
obsessed about Trump-Russia collusion. especially your boss, Jeff Zucker, acting as a real life
Captain Ahab obsessed with chasing down his White
COOPER: Which you say we're not talking enough about. Whale in the form of non-existent Trump-Russia
collusion even if it means sinking his CNN ship.
JONES: No. You're not -- you're talking about stuff that is not
going to register for ordinary people, it's not for ordinary people. Apparently James O'Keefe of Project Veritas watched Van
Real people are going to be worried about jobs, health care, Jones' spin on Anderson Cooper and tweeted this
addiction, that kind of stuff. We've got to stay focused on that. intriguing reply:
And that's whereas about to go, but I don't know this guy and
then my guys come up from CNN whom I love at the bureau and
we start talking. So he took that little clip and he puts it out there.
But here's the reality. You would have -- the worst thing isn't that
the guy did the little hoaxster thing. This guy is a hoaxster, he's a
fraudster. The worst thing is that the Trump White House then
elevated it. So you've got the Trump White House elevating a
guy who is a known fraudster.

COOPER: But Sarah Huckabee Sanders said, you know, she

didn't know if it was true or not but urged everyone to look at it.

JONES: That's not good. Let me -- today. You always have fraud
out there putting out selectively edit, look, if you're still falling for
selectively edited videotape in 2017, you haven't been paying
attention. But for the White House to fall for it and promote it,
that's what really is terrible.

COOPER: You said that too many Democrats see the Russian
controversies is a kind of a magical get out of jail free card,
meaning that they think the president is somehow going to be

JONES: Listen, we have a bunch of problems in our party. And

rather than dealing with those problems in a serious way,
rather than getting back to talking about jobs, backs to

More Media Heroism!
Wapo Op-Ed Writer Finds ‘Brave’ Way
To Stick It To Trump
By Sarah D.
Posted At 4:52 Pm On June 30, 2017

In case you needed a reminder that in these troubling

times, the media are the real heroes:

So very brave. Mary-Ellen Deily writes:

I started following Trump’s personal Twitter

account after last year’s election. Social
media, he has told Americans repeatedly,
Like, wow. is our window into his unfiltered views, and
I wanted to stay informed. But by Thursday
afternoon, frankly I wanted to reattach
some sort of filter. No, I’m not arguing for
ignorance, but I’m walking away from a
conversation I simply don’t want to be a
part of.

In the wake of the president’s Thursday morning
tweetstorm, The Post’s editorial board weighed in:

“After his latest execrable tweets, it’s

obvious that there is no point in urging
President Trump to act with greater dignity,
respect for his office or, for that matter,
self-respect. It isn’t going to happen. That
makes it all the more urgent for the rest of
us to think about how to safeguard civility
and democratic values until his presidency

Last night, I looked up tips to prevent cyberbullying. At, I found this: Block the bully. And, at (yes, a website run by the government
that the president leads), I read about

“Kids who Reinforce” bullying: “These

children are not directly involved in the
bullying behavior but they give the bullying
an audience.”

I also know that even negative reinforcement can reinforce

bad behavior by giving the offender attention, even if it’s
not the attention he initially wanted.

So, she unfollowed his account. Think he’ll ever recover?

Trump Wants All Your
Voter Data. What Could Go Wrong?
Issie Lapowsky
June 30, 2017

The private ballot is tradition in the United States. Now,

President Trump’s voter fraud commission wants to collect Today, much of the voter data housed by states is
every American’s voting history and make it available to technically publicly available. But states set their own
the public—all in the name of “election integrity.” ground rules about how much information is available to
the public, who can access it, what people can do with that
This week, the newly formed Advisory Committee on information, and, often, how much they have to pay to get
Election Integrity asked secretaries of state across the their hands on it. States can, for instance, ban commercial
entities from using it to bombard their residents with ads.
country for their complete voter rolls, including people’s
Some also restrict out-of-staters from accessing the data at
political parties, voting history, the last four digits of their
all. However, the minute a state hands this information
social security numbers, felony history, and more. The
over to the federal government, it becomes part of the
request, submitted by committee vice chair Kris Kobach,
has both voting rights advocates and privacy hawks on public domain, no longer subject to those state laws
edge. It’s not just a violation of people’s voter privacy dictating its use.
expectations, they say, but it also sets the government up
to manipulate the often messy data contained in those voter “Saying that it’s ‘publicly available’ is a
rolls to give the impression that voter fraud is widespread truism,” says Perez. “That doesn’t account
when it isn't. for the other limits and restrictions.”

“There’s a never-ending amount of mischief The level of detail Kobach’s request asks for is, itself,
that can be done with this data in the wrong misleading. One kind of potential voter fraud the president
hands,” says Myrna Perez, director of has worried about is people stealing the identities of dead
voting rights and elections at Brennan people in order to vote. But if the committee wants to
Center for Justice. “I think there’s going to know that, it doesn’t need to know what party those people
be a lot of false positives about people belong to. Kobach also requested the last four digits of
voting when they’re ineligible.” people’s social security numbers, which could, ironically,
have the inadvertent effect of exposing voters to identity
This committee was founded in response to the President’s fraud.
wholly unfounded claims that millions of people voted
illegally in 2016. It’s a charge that even the author of a “Researchers have shown that the first five
study President Trump has cited on the subject rejects as digits can very often be guessed just based
an exaggeration. Recent Russian attempts to hack voting on someone’s place and date of birth,”
software proves there’s ample room for improvement as says Julian Sanchez, a senior fellow at the
far as election security goes, but the committee’s approach libertarian leaning Cato Institute, referring
not only misses the mark, it could make the electoral to a 2009 Carnegie Mellon study. “This
system more vulnerable than it already is. Which is, seems like all risk and no reward.”
perhaps, why more than 20 states and counting have
already said they don’t plan to comply with the ask. All of it would be utterly puzzling, if it weren’t for the fact
that Kobach has been pursuing changes to the national
“Aggregating the voter rolls from many voter rolls since before President Trump even took office.
states creates a bigger privacy risk than the During the transition, he was photographed during a
patchwork of state data we have today, meeting with the president-elect with an agenda that
because it creates a one-stop shop for included references to voter rolls.
people who want to use the data
maliciously, from identity thieves to “The commission was founded to put a fig
stalkers,” says Jacob Hoffman-Andrews, leaf on what are already precooked policy
senior staff technologist at the Electronic ideas,” says Justin Levitt, law professor at
Frontier Foundation. Loyola Law School and former deputy
assistant attorney general in the

Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Of course, the John Smiths may have an easier time than,
Division. “That was on the to do list before say, the Jose Garcias. Rolling Stone investigated one tool
the committee was established.” that aims to find fraudulent voters, called Crosscheck,
which is used by more than two dozen states. It found that
For anyone looking to build a case that voter fraud exists, the system disproportionately flags Hispanic, black, and
the country’s messily maintained and inconsistent voter Asian-American voters. States can use this list to purge
databases would sure seem to provide ample proof. And people from voter rolls, whether or not the system
yet, anyone in the business of standardizing voter rolls—or accurately pegged them as fraudsters. It’s not out of the
engaging in list-matching exercises of any kind—knows question that Kobach is looking to do something similar
that these lists need to be cleaned up, at a minimum, to nationwide. Kobach, in fact, is the person who started
avoid duplications, errors, and typos. Crosscheck.

That kind of thing takes time. The Committee has asked "There will be allegations of people voting
for the voter rolls by July 14. more than once. There will be allegations
of people voting when they're dead,
“You’re going to have a list of hundreds of allegations of people voting in different
states," says Perez. "When you have big
millions of records, including many, many,
numbers like that, you're going to get
many, many John Smiths, their addresses,
people who look the same."
and sometimes the year they were born,”
Levitt says. He argues that trying to match
that information up with, say, a list of The good news here is Kobach’s note is merely a request,
people who immigration has flagged as not a mandate. Secretaries of state in both red and blue
being undocumented, would be "beyond states are taking a stand against it. In this polarized
sloppy and guaranteed to be riddled with political environment, that should tell you something.
“There’s a lot of worry to be had about
garbage in-garbage out,” Levitt says.

Trump...Body Slams CNN - Twitter...
#FraudNewsCNN And #FNN


Amazing! California Sells
The Same Voter Data They Won’t Give Trump
Jim Hoft
Jul 1st, 2017 9:27 Pm

President Trup’s voting commission asked all 50 states for Now this…
voter names, addresses, party affiliation and voting
records, part of an investigation into voter fraud by a
commission he launched last month. California won’t give the requested information to the
Trump administration but sells it to organizations in
the state.
Officials in 10 states already announced they would not
comply at all with the request. Those states are California,
Kentucky, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Via Reddit:
Mexico, New York, South Dakota, Tennessee and
Virginia. From a NBC 7 San Diego News article back in June 2013:

If you’re a registered voter, are you aware that what you

write on your registration form is publicly available?

“Commercial” interests are barred from that


But all sorts of other people have legal access to it.

A lot of people think only government agencies can access

voter registration information – the courts, for instance, to
Via FOX News summon you for jury duty.

President Trump tweeted about this earlier on Saturday: But it can be purchased for purposes such as scholarly and
“What are they trying to hide?” journalistic research, and for use in “elections” and

Buyers are only a phone call away from you.

Trump Attacks Media As 'Fake' And 'Fraudulent,'
Pushes Back About His Use Of Twitter
Fox News
Published July 01, 2017

His comments follows CNN earlier this week retracting a

story on its website about the Senate investigating a
Russian bank linked to Trump ally Anthony Scaramucci.

The cable TV network also apologized for the mistake, and

three newsroom employees resigned, in the aftermath.

“They caught Fake News CNN cold” and

“What about all the other phony stories
they do?” Trump tweeted earlier this week.

President Trump late Saturday widened his attack on The president has had a long-running feud with CNN
mainstream media, deriding it as "fake" and "fraudulent" White House correspondent Jim Acosta and with MSNBC
in a series of tweets. “Morning Joe” co-hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe
Scarborough, who have been critical of Trump’s
"The FAKE & FRAUDULENT NEWS presidency.
MEDIA is working hard to convince
Republicans and others I should not use However, Trump on Saturday appeared to also criticize
social media - but remember, I won the executives at NBC and parent company Comcast.
2016 election with interviews, speeches
and social media. I had to beat “Word is that @Greta Van Susteren was let
#FakeNews, and did. We will continue to go by her out of control bosses at @NBC &
WIN!" he tweeted. @Comcast because she refused to go
along w/ 'Trump hate!’ ” the president
He then tweeted that he's thinking about changing his usual tweeted.

"fake news" moniker for CNN to Van Susteren worked for the Fox News Channel for about
"#FraudNewsCNN." 15 years, before being hired by MSNBC in early 2017.

He previously went after CNN and MSNBC, going after Trump, a Republican, was a Comcast/ NBC star as host of
company executives instead of his usual criticism of the the popular primetime TV show “The Apprentice,” until
cable networks’ on-camera stars while still deriding “fake summer 2015 when he decided to run for president.
NBC Universal CEO Steve Burke has in past years backed
“I am extremely pleased to see that @CNN Republican candidates. Comcast CEO Brian Roberts has
has finally been exposed as #FakeNews given to Democratic and Republican candidates.
and garbage journalism. It's about time!”
Trump said in one tweet.

29 States Refuse To Give Data To Voter Fraud Panel,
"What Are They Trying To Hide" Trump Asks
By Tyler Durden
Jul 1, 2017 12:08 PM

Together with lashing out at the anchors of Morning Joe,

slamming "garbage" fake news CNN, and suggesting that Among the states refusing to comply with Trump's request
Greta Van Susteren was fired because she "refused to go are both Democratic and Republican states.
along with Trump hate", President Trump on Saturday
blasted the 29 (and rising) states refusing to comply with ***
his election fraud commission's request for voter data to a
commission he created to investigate alleged voter fraud, Echoing Trump's skepticism, Kansas Secretary of State
asking Kris Kobach, the vice chair of the commission, had a
similar response to the president on states refusing to
"what are they trying to hide?" comply.

“Frankly, if a state like Kentucky or

California won’t provide available
information, one has to ask the
question, ‘Why not?’” Kobach said Friday
during an interview with NPR. “I mean,
what are they trying to hide if they don’t
want a presidential advisory commission to
study their state voter rolls?” he asked.
Last Wednesday, Trump's Presidential Advisory
Commission on Election Integrity - which was formed to Several states replied to that question, as the Hill reports.
investigate his claim that millions of illegal votes cost him
the popular vote in the 2016 presidential election - sent a "There's not enough bourbon here in
letter to all 50 states asking them to turn over voter Kentucky to make this request seem
information including names, the last four digits of social sensible," Kentucky's Democratic Secretary
security numbers, addresses, birth dates, political of State, Alison Lundergan Grimes, said on
affiliation, felony convictions and voting histories. The MSNBC. "Not on my watch are we going to
request was for information publicly available under each be releasing sensitive information that
state's laws. And while some states are providing part of relate to the privacy of individuals."
this information, many states immediately raised concerns
and voiced their opposition to providing the information, Mississippi Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann, a
and as of Saturday morning, Republican, also said he won't turn over any information to
the panel, telling members of the voter fraud commission
more than half of all US states - 29 at to,
last count - had refused to comply with
the commission's requests, "go jump in the Gulf of Mexico."

saying they are unnecessary and violated privacy, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf, a Democrat, took a similar
according to statements from election officials and media line, calling the Trump investigation an attempt to suppress
reports. the vote.

"This commission was formed to try to find

basis for the lie that President Trump put
forward that has no foundation," Kentucky
Secretary of State Alison Lundergan
Grimes told Reuters previously in an

Election officials from both sides of the aisle expressed Rhode Island Secretary of State Nellie Gorbea (D) took her
skepticism about Trump’s claim of voter fraud: criticism further, saying Kobach was unfit to lead the
commission, given his record of strict voting laws and a
“In Ohio, we pride ourselves on being a recent court fine for failing to produce documents related
state where it is easy to vote and hard to to a lawsuit over voting laws.
cheat,” said Jon Husted, Ohio’s Republican
secretary of state. “Voter fraud happens, ***
it's rare and when it happens we hold
people accountable. I believe that as the Trump has made such allegations of voter fraud before,
Commission does its work, it will find the including claiming that that millions of people voted
same about our state." illegally in the 2016 election.

Several states, among them California and New York, said Kobach says he does not know if such claims are true but
participating in the attempt to compile voter data would the commission is investigating them. He is an advocate of
only serve to legitimize the false and already debunked strict voter identification laws, which he says are necessary
claims of massive voter fraud,” according to Democratic to combat fraud. Opponents say those laws hinder access
Secretary of State Alex Padilla. On the other hand, by to the polls primarily for elderly and minority voters.
refusing to participate in the first place, they force Trump
himself to question what it is they are hiding.
Meanwhile, the Hill reported that officials have raised
questions about the commission’s discretion obtaining the
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Virginia Gov. Terry confidential documents.
McAuliffe, both Democrats, said their states would not
provide confidential information.
“State statutes permit the [Wisconsin
commission] to share confidential
“New York refuses to perpetuate the myth information in limited circumstances with
voter fraud played a role in our election,” law enforcement agencies or agencies of
Cuomo said in a statement. “We will not be other states,” Haas said. “The presidential
complying with this request.” commission does not appear to qualify
under either of these categories.”
Even Kansas, where Kobach is secretary of state, will not
share voters' Social Security information with the Trump appointed another voter identification supporter,
commission. Heritage Foundation fellow Hans von Spakovsky, to the
commission Thursday. Von Spakovsky, one of Kobach’s
“In Kansas, the Social Security number is mentors, has long advocated for stricter voter access rules.
not publicly available," Kobach told the
Kansas City Star. "Every state receives the As of noon on Saturday, the states who have refused the
same letter, but we’re not asking for it if it’s Commission's demands are: Arizona, California,
not publicly available." Connecticut, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky,
Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, New
Officials in Connecticut, Minnesota, Rhode Island, Utah Mexico, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, North
and Washington also expressed skepticism and said their Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode
states would withhold nonpublic information. North Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont,
Carolina will provide all but the last four digits of Social Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin.
Security numbers, dates of birth and driver's license

Inside Trump’s Disastrous
‘Secret’ Drug War Plans For Central America
At Closed-Door Meetings In Miami, Trump And His Generals Plotted A
Muscular Military Response To Violence In Central America.
Been There. Done That. It’s A Disaster.
Jeremy Kryt
07.01.17 12:01 AM ET

Or so they thought. But then came the massive marches.

Made up of indigenous Garifuna and Linca and Meskit
peoples. Campesinos, feminists, and constitution-lovers of
all stripes. These motley flocks of patriots rose up in small
villages and major cities across the nation to sing and and
chant, to beat drums and dance, and to demand their
country back.

Like many of its neighbors in Central America, the “U.S.S.

Honduras” is run by a small and incestuous clan of
oligarchs. These right-wing cliques also control the
Photo Illustration by Lyne Lucien/The Daily Beast military, and are closely allied with the American
corporations (like Dole and Chiquita) that gifted us with
Nothing really puts you in your place quite like getting the handy phrase “Banana Republic” in the first place.
shot at in another country. All gringo arrogance vaporized Well, those Honduran overlords had had enough of Mel
in an instant. Choking from teargas. Lungs aflame. Reeling Zelaya daring to raise the minimum wage, lobbying for
blind through unknown streets just ahead of the death lunch programs at public schools, and suggesting
squads. Abandoned by your fellow correspondents, who democratic plebiscites on constitutional reforms. So he had
were all shrewd enough to have put on their gas masks and to go.
taken cover before the soldiers launched shock grenades
and opened fire on the crowd. And all the folks marching in the street? Of course they
had to go, too. Back to the barrios from whence they came!
Yes, whenever a quick and brutal dose of humility is called Back to the banana and palm-oil plantations! To affect the
for I can always flash back to the Honduran capital of end of the protest fiesta, the authorities broke out the state-
Tegucigalpa in the summer of 2009, during the U.S.- of-the-art weaponry—including sonic disruptor cannons—
backed military coup against elected president Manuel that Uncle Sam had given them for waging the “War on
“Mel” Zelaya. A swift recall of live rounds slamming into Drugs.” They then commenced to blast away at peaceful
unarmed demonstrators—of my own self at the mercy of protesters, or anybody else who got in their way, including
those sadistic soldados—and all false pride just fades a foolish-proud, white-boy reporter who thought he could
away. hack it without a gas mask.

The crowds had come in their thousands and their tens of Scores were killed or wounded during what Hondurans
thousands to protest the army’s kidnapping of old Mel, still call El Golpe de Estado (the phrase means “coup
who was as famous for his cheesy sombrero-and-mustache d’état”; those who backed it are called golpistas). To
look as he was for his tepidly liberal politics. In any case, further intimidate the opposition, and break the will of the
soldiers arrived at his house one pleasant morning in late nonviolent Resistencia movement, human rights centers
June, frogmarched him in his PJs to the massive American sheltering victims were deliberately targeted by
airbase just outside Teguc, and—wham, whack, whoosh— government troops. Well, we all learned the hard way back
Mel was gone from the country within hours. The military in those days. But at least we did learn just how dangerous
then forged a letter of resignation, installed a sham democracy-hating, Third-World warmongers can be.
replacement as head of state, and the coup was complete.
The same can’t be said of the Trump administration. As of
now, it’s set to double down on the same hard-line,
authoritarian strategies that enabled the Honduran The first phase focused on wealth creation; it went down at
president-snatching in the first place—and resulted in the Florida International University on June 15, and was
country’s descent into a gang-ridden, apocalyptic immediately met by protests on campus.
nightmare from which it has yet to awaken.
“We’re in this together,” Pence told Central
The “Northern Triangle” Tangle American leaders at the end of the day. He
then went on to emphasize that sense of
The corner of the Central American isthmus consisting of fellowship by adding, “President Trump has
Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras is referred to by already taken decisive action to protect the
military strategists and policy geeks as the “Northern American people from the harshest
Triangle.” Over the last 10 years or so it’s become one of consequences of illegal immigration...” In
the deadliest regions on earth. Young people are other words: We’re here for you,
particularly impacted. The homicide rate among youths is neighbors—just stay the hell on your side
a staggering 90 per 100,000, in part due to rampant gang of The Wall.
violence. Based on murders per capita, the Triangle is far
more dangerous than Mexico, no matter what Mr. Trump The second stage was geared toward the “Security” side of
says on Twitter. the equation, and took place the next day behind closed
doors at the SOUTHCOM military base. Because press
The Triangle is an important stopover on the smuggling access was restricted, it’s hard to know all the specifics
routes that connect the cocaine breadbaskets of South that were discussed. But there are clues that point to a
America with their cartel distributors in Mexico. As such it coming crackdown.
suffers under powerful maras (gangs) with names like
Barrio 18 and the Salvatruchas—both of which originated Despite the cloak-and-dagger staging of the conference,
in the U.S. prison system, incidentally, and arrived in some of the Trump administration’s harsh plans for
Honduras thanks to mass deportations. escalating the Drug War have already been hinted at in
speeches, budget proposals, and conference calls with the
These street gangs are tangentially linked to the cartels press. And critics contend this “old-is-new” approach is
operating out of Mexico, as well as places like Colombia. unlikely to result in either “Prosperity” or “Security” in the
The maras are often hired to hack out small airstrips in the region.
jungle for drug-smuggling planes, or to run overland
narcotics shipments across international borders. And they An editorial on the conference by the watchdog group
find plenty of time to torture local residents. The gangs InsightCrime referred to the Trump doctrine for the
rule entire neighborhoods, specializing in rape, forced Northern Triangle as “heavy-handed” and “going
recruitment tactics, abduction for ransom, drug dealing. backwards.” It also pointed out that all three leaders from
Blackmail is rampant, and they often collaborate with local the Triangle countries in attendance had been accused of
authorities in shaking down their victims. corruption or involvement with drug traffickers or both—
in fact the vice president of El Salvador showed up in
Gang violence is one of the driving factors behind the Miami already under indictment back home.
Central American migrant crisis, which has sent hundreds
of thousands fleeing northward, many of them children. The InsightCrime op-ed concluded by
lambasting Trump’s vision “that the main
All that mayhem finally caught the attention of the Trump threats to U.S. national security come from
regime. But, as usual when it comes to narcotics impoverished migrants, the majority of
interdiction efforts under Trump, the proffered solution whom have no ties to the organized crime
seems to be more show than substance—all at the expense groups, gangs, or drug traffickers that
of American taxpayers. safely operate under state protection in
Central America.” (Italics added.)
A shadowy summit last month in Miami brought together
Vice President Mike Pence, high-powered cabinet The statement issued by Doctors Without Borders about
members like Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, the leaders the goals set forth in Miami is even more damning.
of all three Triangle nations, and officials from at least Likening conditions in the Triangle to those found in
nine other countries. The plan they espoused? Spend “some of the world’s deadliest war zones,” the group
untold millions more dollars on a strategy that, according estimates the number of immigrants bee-lining it out of
to experts, is guaranteed to fail. So what’s not to like about their native countries to be about 500,000 a year.
As for the solutions proposed by Trump’s
Co-hosted by Mexico, the two-day session was grandly proxies, Doctors Without Borders accused
touted as “The Conference for Prosperity and Security.” conference planners of “turning a blind eye”
to the emergency and went on to say, But strong-arming our way to victory remains a popular
“Addressing the crisis in Central America fantasy, especially among Trump’s all-gringo cabinet.
cannot only be about future prosperity and Johnston says Homeland Security boss Kelly—also a
security; it must also be about saving and retired general and the former director of SOUTHCOM—
protecting lives today.” seems determined to apply the belligerent approach in
Central America, and is responsible for the
Militarization Nation “reprioritization” away from programs like USAID, which
directly targeted problems like economic inequality in the
There are two schools of thought on how you help region.
countries climb out of multifaceted maelstroms like the
one currently walloping the Northern Triangle. The first, “It’s unprecedented that the conference
as favored by the Obama administration, is an aid-based took place behind the gates of a military
approach, usually involving democracy-building barracks,” says Johnston. “The security
incentives, humanitarian programs, and the strengthening apparatus and the Pentagon’s specific
of law enforcement and judicial actors. plans [for the Triangle] are incredibly
opaque,” although the overall implications
Obama’s legacy in the region is far from pristine, but to his are clear enough.
credit he intuited that the coup in Honduras was a mistake “The writing’s on the wall that this is a shift
not to be repeated. (He also understood the importance of away from soft power to hard power,” says
development to affect positive change even if, as with Johnston, who’s been conducting research
Afghanistan, he thought the military had to play a major into Latin American economic issues for
role.) the last decade.

The second method is just to send on down millions of During a Senate hearing in late May, police officers from
dollars for “security assistance”—oversight be damned— multiple jurisdictions in the U.S. lectured lawmakers about
and hope for the best. Care to guess which strategy Team just how ineffective, even dangerous, the Trump
Trump prefers? administration’s brand of steroidal, community-alienating
policing can be when it comes to fighting entrenched
POTUS’ congressional budget proposal called for a $54 gangs like the Salvatruchas.
billion increase in military spending, with an undisclosed
amount of that earmarked for ramping up the counter Nevertheless, says Johnston, “in the future,
narcotics campaign and barricading borders against U.S. diplomacy in the region will likely be
migrants. Meanwhile the State Department and the U.S. wearing a uniform instead of a suit.”
Agency for International Development (USAID) would
see their budgets slashed by about 39 percent from last Cops, Soldiers, and Cartels on the Same Team
year’s levels under the Trump budget.
Over the last two decades of the Drug War, the Pentagon’s
Economic aid and assistance to Central America is penchant for propping up repressive generalissimos in
projected to fall from $520 million down to about $300 places like Mexico, Colombia, and Central America has
million, according to a study by the Washington Office on caused widespread suffering among the populations of
Latin America. All that “charity” chopping will directly those nations, including a plague of extrajudicial killings.
endanger social and educational programs in the Northern
Triangle—further reducing quality of life overall, and To get a precise read on current conditions in heavily
making immigration (legal or otherwise) all the more occupied regions of the Triangle zone, I reach out to the
tempting, observers say. national coordinator for the Honduran Solidarity Network
(HSN), Karen Spring, who is based in Tegucigalpa.
The focus of the Trump agenda is not about solving the
root problems like poverty and government corruption that “Honduran society is already very
drive gang violence and narcotics trafficking, says Jake militarized,” said Spring, in a phone
Johnston, a research associate at the Center for Economic interview on the eve of the Miami
and Policy Research (CEPR) in Washington, D.C. conference. “Since the 2009 coup they’ve
created a whole series of new police and
Johnston refers to the Trumpite approach as “outsourcing military units like the Tigres, who are vetted
security to countries with checkered pasts [on] human and trained by the U.S. government.”
rights.” Far from winning the Drug War, or curbing the
flood of migrants, he tells The Daily Beast, “empowering Following the 2009 coup the U.S. has sent some $200
these sectors is only going to exacerbate those problems.” million in security aid to Honduras, despite a petition

signed by dozens of American congressmen asking for a “That’s an elaborate narrative,” she adds,
boycott over human rights concerns. And yet in spite of all and a false one.
that martial funding the country remains mired in one long,
“I work in urban communities every day—
slow-burn Armageddon, with one of the highest homicide
and nobody here believes gangs are acting
rates on the planet.
on their own.” Instead, they “work
alongside and are enabled by a corrupt
At the same time, says CEPR’s Johnston, the post-coup police force.”
years have also seen “a real spike in poverty and economic
inequality” despite the millions flowing south from In Spring’s eyes, the social-aid-first ethos espoused by
Washington. President Obama—who also took his fair share of flack for
sending down questionable military aid to Honduras—has
According to Spring, of the Solidarity Network, the done little or nothing to curb connivance between
militarization craze has also sparked a rise in human rights authorities and organized crime. Trump’s hardball tactics,
abuses, including right-wing death squads tasked with on the other hand, are “much worse for everybody.”
eliminating political dissidents. The fact that “the military
is not trained to be providing civilian security” is part of “I don’t think any aid from the U.S. to
the problem Spring says. But the troubles go far deeper Honduras has made any changes for the
than that. majority of the population,” she says, and
as evidence cites the fact that “60 percent
“The police and military are known to be of the country is still in poverty.”
linked to, or infiltrated by, the drug cartels,”
says Spring, who first went to Honduras The soft-power initiatives seem to have proven useful in
eight years ago as a human rights worker some cases, but Spring also accuses them of “promoting
sent down in the wake of the Zelaya very specific interests” that don’t “have an impact on
takedown. security or why people live in fear.”

(Full disclosure: I knew Karen Spring back in those Johnston, of CEPR, also wonders if the soft programs are
woeful, post-coup days in Honduras, and have seen this adequate.
brave young woman stand her ground against civil abuses
by armed actors more than once.)
“State and USAID have rolled out a number
of community-driven crime prevention
“Even high-level military officials are known programs and held them up as illustrative
to be involved in drug trafficking,” she says, of their success but the reality is we have
and yet, “impunity rates have not gone little knowledge about their actual
down. If you are not punishing people who effectiveness.”
are corrupt—especially people in positions
of power—what deters them from
committing crimes?” The playbook on social development might need fine-
tuning or expansion, but it’s far better than
indiscriminately empowering crooked goon squads. As
Indeed, that corruption permeates Honduran politics at the human rights worker Spring puts it, “hard power just
highest levels, according to a recent report by the Carnegie doesn’t do anything to address the problems that are
Endowment for International Peace (PDF), which perpetuating” Honduras’ downward spiral.
describes the country as being run by “intertwined, or
‘integrated,’ ... kleptocratic networks.” Even the son of the
former president was recently accused in a New York To illustrate the failure of the stick-before-carrot strategy,
courtroom of working with organized crime. she goes on to describe a neighborhood where she works
in Tegucigalpa:
Death and (War) Taxes
“The 18 Street gang controls the
community,” Spring says, and all local
“The way that gangs down here are business owners must provide a regular
portrayed in the international press and by quota for the privilege of living under thug
the government is that they’re these tyranny, or risk being shot.
autonomous actors that take over
communities and prisons,” says Spring, “It’s literally called a war tax,” she says. “An
when our conversation turns to the dreaded impuesto de guerra,” and from taxi and bus
maras. drivers to “the women selling tortillas,”
everyone has to pay it.

A special unit of military police set up a permanent base units south of the border. The sad truth, however, is that
on the same barrio’s soccer field, back in 2013, which has even our best attempts to vet security forces engaged in the
put the kibosh on local futbol games as well—one of the Drug War in Mexico, Central, and South America have
few innocent pastimes formerly available to local kids. proven fruitless.

Although the borough is now an occupied zone, A prime example of this futility went down in the remote
Ahuas region of Honduras, during a botched DEA raid on
“everybody is still paying the war tax,” an indigenous village in Moskitia that left four innocent
Spring continues. “Extortion is still going people dead, and several others wounded.
on. There’s still a high level of control in the
neighborhood by the gang.” A State Department chopper team, working with a vetted
Honduran unit, opened fire on a boatload of locals after
In fact, the barrio taxi stand “is right in front of the mistaking them for drug smugglers.
military-police base—but the drivers are still paying”
tribute to the gangs. And that’s not a coincidence. “The Honduran door gunner didn’t fire until
he received orders from the DEA agent,”
The blackmailing goes on in front of the barracks where according to CEPR’s Johnston, who co-
the officers “eat, sleep, and live,” and not by accident, but authored an article on the incident. (The
because “the police are involved in organized crime.” DEA declined to respond to an interview
Everyone in the area knows “they’re working with the request for this story.)
gangs, extorting people for profit.”
As reported by The Daily Beast last year, another badly
Far from being independent entities, she says, the gangs bungled Drug-War op took place in Mexico’s Coahuila
are often tools of the authorities, who “use them for their state, in 2011, when DEA officers shared intelligence with
own purposes.” Mexican officers—who then leaked that intel to the Zetas
cartel, resulting in a massacre that wiped out parts of an
entire town.
Most citizens know they can’t “call the Honduran police
for help” when they’re targeted themselves since “they
assume [officers] are involved” with the maras. “We know from experience that the violent
model that has been in place in Mexico is
to be intensified in the Central American
“You can’t just walk into a community with
countries as well,” says Laura Carlsen,
a complex social structure and take it over,”
director of the Americas Program, in
Spring says. “Militarization is not solving
Mexico City. Some 160,000 people have
the problem—it’s making it worse.”
lost their lives since Mexico’s Narco Guerra
began in 2006.
Drug War Redux
“Lack of justice and collusion between
[authorities] and organized crime,” are
As a general rule, when arming oppressive regimes, lack of
hallmarks of the war in Mexico, Carlsen
accountability is the root of all evil. When we send
says. “In cases of assassinations of
military aid to tropical tyrants we shouldn’t be shocked
journalists and attacks on human rights
when they commit atrocities with those expensive and
defenders, at least 50 percent of the
deadly toys.
perpetrators are identified as government
Take the March 2016 murder of Berta Cáceres, a well-
known Honduran activist and winner of the prestigious
And yet conviction rates hover in the single digits.
Goldman environmental prize. During the counter-coup
movement, Cáceres gained fame for her habit of striding
out to meet with army commanders in the streets of Mexico’s Other Wall
Tegucigalpa, in an effort to stem the assaults on protesters.
So it wasn’t a great surprise when her killers were found to A preview of what’s to come in the Northern Triangle is
have ties to the Honduran military. already on display along Mexico’s southern border with
Guatemala. That’s where the Pentagon and [DHS Director]
(Since her death, at least two other members of Cáceres’ Kelly “have placed a real emphasis on militarizing,” says
NGO have been assassinated.) Americas Program director Carlsen.

One oft-proffered solution by hawks in Washington is to That plan for shutting down the border—or the Frontera
improve screening and background checks on individual del Sur initiative—was also on the docket at the recent

conference in Miami, where Vice President Pence bragged worsen Central America’s ongoing crisis. Nothing
about how it’s already stifled immigration from Triangle- presented at the Miami conference will “address the
land by 70 percent. Carlsen describes the clampdown as problems that are actually driving people to leave these
another attempt to “make Mexico pay for The Wall countries,” he says.
again—only this time on its own southern border.”
Karen Spring agrees. But she also holds that it shouldn’t be
Thanks to Frontera del Sur, Mexico now deports more left to the Trump administration to implement ham-fisted
Central American migrants than does the U.S. And in fact fixes in the Triangle. Viable solutions have already been
our own Border Patrol reports that illegal immigration put forth by those closest to the violence, who know the
from the isthmus has been halved since this same time last risks and realities best of all—if only the ruling junta
year. And yet that reduction has come with a price. would hear them out:

The crackdown on the Guatemalan border “has had a “There has never been a space in
devastating impact on migrants,” says Carlsen, who has Honduras to really listen to some of the
worked in Mexico since the mid-1980s. proposals that are put forward by local
communities and organizations,” explains
The refugees “are fleeing very serious violence in their Spring, who laments what she calls a
country.” Yet instead of offering succor, Mexico is now “failure of democracy” in the Northern
“attempting to box them in,” in part to curry favor with Triangle.
President Trump and his advisers ahead of upcoming
NAFTA negotiations. Former President Zelaya tried to listen, but his modest
attempts to fight economic inequality got him shanghaied
Mexican cartels are “delighted at these by his own troops. Trouble-making crusaders like Bertha
kinds of policies,” she goes on, “because Caceres have been assassinated for daring to suggest land-
they criminalize migrants, and turn them ownership reforms that challenge traditional elites and
into into prey.” transnational corporations.

For Carlsen, the Trump team’s script for the Drug-War “It’s the voices which have typically been
reboot has “much more to do with repressing people than excluded that are trying to promote an
trying to solve deeper social problems that they’re facing.” alternative,” Spring says, “and for doing so
they’re being killed, criminalized, and
CEPR economist Johnston believes the Trumped up
approach to immigration and the Drug War will actually

Trump Unloads In Angry Tweetstorm:
Slams "Dumb As A Rock" Mika, "Garbage" CNN
By Tyler Durden
Jul 1, 2017 12:41 PM

One day after the NY Post issued its shortest ever editorial It all started off politely enough, withTrump wishing
on the topic of "Trump's tweets", writing just three words:
"Happy Canada Day to all of the great
people of Canada and to your Prime
“Stop. Just Stop"... Minister and my new found friend
@JustinTrudeau. #Canada150"

However, things quickly went downhill from there, with

Trump first speculating on the reason for Van Susteren's
depature, saying
"Word is that @Greta Van Susteren was let
go by her out of control bosses at @NBC &
@Comcast because she refused to go
along w/ 'Trump hate!'"

... and which came on the heels of Trump’s

latest Twitter controversy, where the
president targeted MSNBC’s Morning Joe
hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe
Scarborough for their coverage of the
president and his administration, saying He next lashed out at CNN, again, saying
Scarborough was a “psycho” and
Brzezinski “crazy” before going on to claim "I am extremely pleased to see that @CNN
that Mika was “bleeding badly from a face has finally been exposed as #FakeNews
lift” when she was at his Florida resort and garbage journalism. It's about time!"
around New Year’s 2016, it appears that
Trump has again ignored the advice, and in
a burst of angry tweets, the president has
doubled down by not only targeting
Morning Joe's Mika, whom he called "dumb
as a rock", but also commenting on the
unexpected departure of Greta van
Susteren from MSNBC, and perhaps less
surprisingly, the ongoing CNN "fake news"
fall out, which in his latest twitter rant he Before finally taking aim, for the second time in three
called "garbage." days, at the Morning Joe hosts: "Crazy Joe Scarborough

and dumb as a rock Mika are not bad people, but their low Trump's Saturday tweetstorm may or may not be over, but
rated show is dominated by their NBC bosses. Too bad!" it is sure to provoke more protests about unpresidential
and/or improper language - by both democrats and
republicans - from Trump, which in turn demonstrates that
the president intends to continue defying the "proper"
protocols of appropriate behavior. What his strategy is by
doing so, if of course there is one, remains unclear.

Unhinged: Dozens Of Dems
Sign On To Begin Process Of Removing Trump
Who’s REALLY ‘Out There’ – Trump Or Deranged Democrats?
By Usafeaturesmedia
Posted On July 1, 2017
Once the group is officially seated, the
House and Senate could direct it through a
joint resolution to conduct an actual
examination of the president ‘to determine
whether the president is incapacitated,
either mentally or physically,’ according to
the Raskin bill.
And if the president refuses to participate,
the bill dictates, that “shall be taken into
consideration by the commission in
(National Sentinel) Political posturing: Frustrated by their reaching a conclusion.”
inability to take out President Donald J. Trump through the
usual Deep State-media tactics, at least two dozen That provision is especially telling; it essentially says of
Democrats are signing on to an effort to get him declared the president doesn’t want any part of this witch hunt, that
mentally unstable and removed from office under alone can be used to determine he’s mentally unstable.
provisions of the 25th Amendment to the Constitution. What’s ironic is that the Dem-led effort to prove Trump is
mentally unfit is being driven by a truly unhinged and
As reported by the UK’s Daily Mail, Rep. Jamie Raskin, irrational hatred of the president.
D-Md., who teaches constitutional law on the side at
American University, has begun an effort to convene a But for the purposes of discussion, there are several things
special committee of psychiatrists and other doctors who that need to happen before Trump is driven from office in
would be tasked with determining whether Trump is this manner:
mentally competent to serve as the nations’ commander-in-  Vice President Pence and a majority of Trump’s
chief. Cabinet would have to be on board (not likely)

Under provisions of the 25th Amendment, a president can  Raskin’s effort centers around a piece
be removed from office if he self-determines he is unable of legislation, which a) GOP leaders would have to
to continue to discharge his duties, or if the vice president agree to send to their respective chambers for a
and a majority of