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1. Change into negative sentences

-María and her brother are at home.

-They work in Don Benito.

-She starts to work at 8 o’ clock.

-Paul has got two brothers and one sister.

-I watch TV with my friends every Sunday.

-My teacher explains the lesson very well.

-My friend sings popular songs in his birthday party.

-The teachers are in the classroom.

2. What time is it?


3. Change these sentences into affirmative ones.

-I don’t go to visit my grandfather.

-He isn’t very good at Maths.
-They don’t live in Madrid with their parents.
-My friends haven’t got any pet.
-She hasn’t got any bicycle.

4. Order the following words to make correct sentences.

5. Complete the sentences with the comparative form of the adjectives in brackets.

1. Mary is ... (tall) than her sister.

2. Is your mother ... (old) than your father?
3. The elephant is ... (strong) than the mouse.
4. Your eyes are ... (big) than mine.
5. Helen’s brother is ...(short) than Arthur.
6. My village is ...(beautiful) than yours.
7. John is ... (intelligent) than Peter.

6. Complete the sentences with the superlative form of the adjectives below.

Young far expensive long hungry

1. Peter is ... boy in the classroom. He’s 9 years old.

2. This car is ... in the car shop.
3. You have got ... hair.
4. I’m ... person in this restaurant. I’m going to eat everything.
5. Australia is ... country from Spain.

7. Complete the sentences with the correct verbal form of the verb To Be

1. Yesterday morning, my friends and I ... at school at 8 o’clock.

2. I ... very good at tennis. I play tennis everyday.
3. My sister ... from Spain. She ... Spanish.
4. They ... not at home last night.
5. ... we at John’s party last week? No, we ...
6. James ... a doctor. He works at a big hospital.
7. Last month, my favourite singer ... in my town.

8. Complete the sentences with the Past tense of the verbs below.

Play listen like clean watch

1. We ... Arthur’s car yesterday morning. It was very dirty.

2. I ... Antonio Banderas’ last film. It was fantastic.
3. They ... volleyball with their friends yesterday afternoon.
4. She ... my birthday present.
5. You .... to the CD and you didn’t like it.

9. Correct these sentences.

1. James’ friend don’t like my CD.
2. Paul weren’t at school yesterday.
3. They didn’t played basketball last week.
4. Do your mother watch TV every night?
5. John have got two brothers.
6. My mother cook a cake for me at weekends.