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HART DTM Installation Components and Installation


Document Number Form: 34-ST-33-63

Effective Date: 10/27/2014

Overview HART Device Type Manager (DTM) Installation Components and simple
Installation Instructions

Purpose / Scope of The purpose of this document is to describe the installation of the Device Type
this document Manager for Honeywell HART Transmitter

Note: HART DTMs can be configured and run using Honeywell FDM
Tools or Pactware. Please refer the FDM User’s guide for configuring
the DTMs in FDM.
The procedure below is for configuring the DTM’s using Pactware.

In order to be able to use the HART DTM you need the following:

 PACTware or some other Container application.

 Microsoft .NET Framework
 HART Communication DTM: There is a free version of HART
Communication DTM available for download from CodeWrights website.
 HART DTM Library (STT850, ST 800, ST 3000 and STT 250 DTMs)
 Viator modem from MacTek: RS-232 interface for HART Networks

April 2013 34-ST-33-63 HART DTM Installation Instructions 1 of 11

Download 1:
 Pactware 4.1
 .NET 2.0 or 3.5 on Windows XP, .NET 3.5 on Windows Vista, .NET 4.5 or above on
Windows 7.
 Go to, select English language
 Select Download
 Select Pactware
 Select Download VEGA Grieshaber KG
 Under DTM Collection + Software\Software, select:
o download Pactware 4.1 (or above)
o download .NET version as per your Operating System if it is not already installed.
 Windows XP: Select Control Panel / Add Remove Programs. If the required
.NET version is already installed no .NET installations are needed.
 Windows Vista / 7 : Select Control Panel / Programs and Features. If the
required .NET version is already installed no .NET installations are needed.
 .NET 2.x version can be downloaded at the link: Download VEGA
Grieshaber KG.
 .NET 3.5 and higher versions can be downloaded from the Microsoft
download center at

Download 2: HART Communication DTM download:

 Go to
 Select Download
 Select Software
 Select Download on HART Communication DTM Version 1.0.44 (or above)

Download 3: Honeywell HART DTM Library (the DTM setup downloaded from the HPS web site).
DTM File setup name format:

 Example:
Note: This gets updated as new DTMs are added

Installations and running the DTM:

1. If you have any previously installed DTMs (ex: Demo DTM), uninstall the DTM first:
a. Win XP: Select Start/Settings/Control Panel/Add Remove Programs
b. Win Vista / Win 7: Select Start/Control Panel/Programs/Uninstall a program
c. Select “Honeywell Enhanced DTM Library HART
d. Select Change / Remove / UnInstall and go through the screen prompts to uninstall
e. Check if the old License file is still present under C:\Program Files (x86)\Common
Files\CodeWrights\CWLicenseServer2\Licenses\DTM_HART_HON_ME.ldb. If yes,
Remove / Delete the .ldb file. Do not copy any other License Files you may have
used with the Demo DTM Setup.
2. Install the Download 1 and 2 above.

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3. Install Download 3 above (Refer sections: Features of Honeywell_DTM_Library Library,
System Requirements and Installation for assistance)
4. Connect the device to the 30 V DC power supply with 250 ohm loop resistor.
5. Connect the Viator modem terminals to the Device power terminals.
6. Connect the Viator modem DB9 connector to the PC COM port.
7. Run Pactware. Select Update Device Catalog before adding Device (before adding HART
Comm DTM).
a. You should see all the supported DTMs (ex: STT850 Rev 1, ST 800 Rev 1, ST
3000 ADV Diag etc.).
8. Now Add Device – Add HART Comm DTM.
9. Right click on HART DTM, select Connect.
10. Right Click on HART Comm DTM, Select Add device and add the Device DTM for your
device from the list (ex: ST 800 Rev1).
11. Right Click on Device DTM, select Connect.
12. Right click on Device DTM, select Parameter/online parameterization.
13. You should see Status “Connected” to be able to do configuration, calibration etc.
14. Browse thru the Menus to access various parameters/functions.

Features of Honeywell_DTM_Library:
The Honeywell DTM Library HART is delivered as standalone Setup.
Following device types are contained:

STT25H6 Rev 1
STT25S Rev 2
STT25T6 Rev 1
ST 800 Rev 1
ST 800 Rev 2
ST 800 Rev 3
ST 800 Rev 4
ST 800 Rev 5
ST 700 Rev 1
ST 700 Rev 2
ST 3000 H6 ADV DIAG
ST 3000 HART 5
ST 3000 HART 6
STT25H HART 5 DevRev 3
STT25T HART 5 DevRev 2
STT850 Rev 1
STT850 Rev 2

System Requirements:

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System resources
Proper execution of the DTMs requires a standard PC with at least following system resources:
 x86 32-bit processor with at least 1 GHz
 Main memory (RAM) at least 512 MBytes
 Screen Resolution at least 1024x768 pixels

Operating systems
The DTMs of the DTMlibrary will run under the following operating systems:
 Windows XP
 Windows 7 - 32 bit

Hard disk space

The Honeywell DTM Library HART requires approx. 102 MB hard disk space.

 Extract the installation package to your local disk. Structure and files similar to Figure 1
example shall appear:

Figure 1 Extract Installation package

Double click on “Setup.exe”. Follow the instructions of the Setup-Wizard in order to install
the DTM.
 Select “Next” shown in Figure 2 to proceed.

Oct 2014 34-ST-33-63 HART DTM Installation Instructions 4 of 11

Figure 2 Set-up Wizard
 Confirming the license agreement is necessary to continue with the installation of the library.
With “Next” the installation will be continued. Shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3 License agreement

 Insert the User Name and Organization. Confirm with “Next” to start the installation
procedure of the library. Shown in Figure 4.

Oct 2014 34-ST-33-63 HART DTM Installation Instructions 5 of 11

Figure 4 Customer information

 Follow the next set of dialogs and Confirm with “Finish” to close the setup wizard.

Figure 5 Installation complete

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5 Change history
5.1 Changes in version
5.1.1 iDTM platform
Process variables issue has been solved (loop warning).
High command numbers are now supported
5.1.2 Setup
Update DD for STT850 Rev 2 according to customer request. (Sensor ID)
5.2 Changes in version
5.2.1 iDTM platform
Update to latest version of iDTM-HART
Feature loop_warning_variables has been implemented.
5.2.2 Setup
Addition of device type ST 800 Rev 5 and STT850 Rev 2.
Update DD for STT850 Rev 1 according to customer request.
Update DD for ST700 Rev 2 according to customer request.
5.3 Changes in version
5.3.1 Setup
Update DD for STT850 Rev 1 according to customer request.
Update DD for ST800 Rev 4 according to customer request.
Update DD for ST700 Rev 2 according to customer request.
5.4 Changes in version
5.4.1 Setup
Addition of device type ST 800 Rev 4 and STT850 Rev 1.
5.5 Changes in version
5.5.1 Setup
Update of device type ST700 Rev 2 and ST800 Rev 3.
CW BugId #46748: Due to upgrade compatibility reasons 3 unwanted ST
device types are part of a temporary Setup and removed during further
processing of the final Setup. In Version this step failed and the
device types remained in the Setup. Automated remove of the 3 device types
is improved now.
5.6 Changes in version
5.6.1 Setup
Added device type ST700 Rev 2 and ST800 Rev 3 according to Q13-1359.
5.7 Changes in version
5.7.1 Setup
Corrected issue regarding upgrade.
5.8 Changes in version
5.8.1 Setup
Added device type ST800 Rev 2 according to Q13-1338.
Updated DD for ST700 Rev 1 according to customer request.
5.9 Changes in version
5.9.1 Setup

Oct 2014 34-ST-33-63 HART DTM Installation Instructions 7 of 11

Added device type ST700 Rev 1 according to Q12-1241.
5.10 Changes in version
5.10.1 iDTM platform
CW BugId #37188 (Issue #37):
Sometimes the value of a .net label control can get lost. Therefore there was a
workaround to set the label value again if it was lost. In rare cases using this
workaround resulted in an infinite loop leaving the frame unresponsive.
Therefore the workaround has been replaced by a solution provided by the
.net framework itself.
CW BugId #37193 (Issue #39)
There are circumstances when the DTM is not able to shutdown properly and
hangs then in the shutdown sequence. Now the DTM retries the shutdown
several times and force it internally for avoiding the frame hanging in
shutdown sequence.
5.11 Changes in version
5.11.1 iDTM platform
The feature Audit Trail has been added to the DTM.
CW BugId #35429 (Issue #33):
If the treeview of the DTM is empty and arrow keys were used for navigation
an exception occurred. This behaviour has been corrected.
CW BugId #35430 (Issue #34):
Content of menu Device Status was not shown properly in any case. Layout
algorithm has been adjusted.
5.12 Changes in version
5.12.1 Setup
CW BugId #33284:
If only some device types from classic predecessor library were installed and
upgrade is performed, classic device types which were not installed before
were not available afterwards also. As the new library cannot be customized
anymore there was no possibility to install those classic device types.
Now the new library always installs all included device types disregarding
which device types are already installed.
5.12.2 iDTM platform
CW BugId #32074:
If a chart of type STRIP had no attributes CYCLE_TIME and LENGTH
defined, the chart didn't plot the lines. This behaviour has been corrected.
CW BugId #33789 (Issue #2 / 1-RA3G8D):
There was an issue with writing ASCII based parameters into the device with
iDTM. Now ASCII parameters can be written to device properly.
CW BugId #33802 (Issue #6 / 1-RB781I):
While executing a method the message "Pause" was displayed in method
status while method running without user interaction. The message text has
been changed to "Running".
CW BugId # 33805 (Issue #8 / 1-RB57KY):
Buttons representing a menu of style window can be pressed also if the
according window is already open. If pressed a second nothing happened and

Oct 2014 34-ST-33-63 HART DTM Installation Instructions 8 of 11

the user had the impression the button is broken. If such a button is pressed
now if the according window is already open, the window is closed and
reopened, becoming again the topmost window.
CW BugID #33806 (Issue #9 / 1-RB0B1L):
Parameter of type "Password" showed readable content. Now the content is
hidden by star symbols "*".
CW BugId #33807 (Issue #10 / 1-RB57K5):
By default some random password value was displayed. Now the current
value is shown as "******".
CW BugId #33811 (Issue #12 / 1-RA8UR0):
Communication errors which occurs which are caused by a running method
have been shown after the method terminates. Such errors are now not
reported any more by the DTM as the method is intended to handle the errors
by itself.
CW BugId #33789 (Issue #13 / 1-RA8UR0):
Write protection can be reset, as the password parameter can now be written
properly to the device.
CW BugId #33788 (Issue #1 / 1-RA3FVZ):
The device status image was always shown as "Normal" though the device
had critical or non-critical bits set. The status was shown properly in the online
parameterize \ Device setup \ Device status. In other places of menu it was
wrong. Now the calculation for validities has been adjusted.
CW BugId #33791 (Issue #4 / 1-RA4SA0):
Some menus showed no labels on initial opening. Closing and reopening the
GUI was necessary for getting the missing labels. This issue is resolved now.
CW BugId #33799 (Issue #5 / 1-RA61Z3):
While executing the loop test method, in the UI the "cancel" button was not
properly shown. Layout is fixed now.
CW BugId #32987 (Issue #14 / 1-RB57KL):
The menu "Setup Display" was sometimes shown only partial, hiding most of
the parameters of the menu. This behaviour has been modified.
CW BugId #33890 (Issue #18):
For online parameterize an empty tree view was shown. Now the tree view will
be hidden if it is empty.
CW BugId #32403 (Issue #21 / 1-QMHB0Z):
There are now tooltips showing help for single bits of a bit enumeration.
CW BugId #33964 (Issue #24 / 1-RJMGED):
Legends for charts have been improved.
CW BugId #34354 (Issue #29):
Some menus of style "GROUP" didn't get labels. Layout algorithm for group
menus has been adjusted.
CW BugId #34358 (Issue #30):
Menu Device health was shown different in device_root_menu and in
process_variables_root_menu. This issue has been fixed.
5.13 Changes in version
5.13.1 Setup

Oct 2014 34-ST-33-63 HART DTM Installation Instructions 9 of 11

Following classic device types have been added to the setup
o ST 3000 H6 ADV DIAG
o ST 3000 HART 5
o ST 3000 HART 6
o STT25H HART 5 DevRev 3
o STT25T HART 5 DevRev 2
Customization has been removed from setup wizard.
A feature list has been added to the setup wizard as a replacement for the
customized setup.
The dialog for confirming the installation path has been extended with
possibility to change the installation path.
5.13.2 ST 800 device type
Offline parameterize has been added for device type ST 800 Rev 1 (1-
Menu output condition is not empty any more (1-Q3L7M7).
Writing PV Damp parameter is now possible after changing DD (1-Q3LDYE).
Page Advanced Diagnostic is not blank any more. Fixed by DD change. (1-
Range of gauges is adjusted now dynamically (1-Q3L7OX).
Menu "Troubleshoot" now called "Additional Status" is not empty any more.
Fixed by DD changes (1-QMHB1I)
Specific device Icon added.
The charts of type STRIP have been extended with attributes CYCLE_TIME
and LENGTH to get them working with iDTM.
5.14 Initial version

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