Proper Post Worko (or Prac P out ctice) Reco overy By Alan Stein and Blair O O’Donovan Fea atured

at www.CanHe w Refu ueling your body is ext tremely imp portant afte a hard wo er orkout or pr ractice. Try this delicio shake: ous      ½ cup of ice o 1 cup of low fat cho f ocolate milk k 1 huge scoop of na s atural peanu butter ut ½ cup of oats (or one packet of instant oatmeal) o o o 2 scoops of chocol late protein powder (M Muscle Milk Collegiate) )

ant g our W mend taking time to us a foam ro g se oller after Equally importa is taking care of yo body. We recomm ever intense workout. If you don’t have access to a foam roller you can use a p ry w h s m piece of PV pipe or VC a lac crosse ball. . Why it’s important: Foam rolling is a self-mass y m sage that b breaks up th muscle t he tissue and w wakes up your body. r w w alves (see below), you take the fo b oam roller a roll it ba and and ack How it’s done: Starting with your ca forth along the muscle sev h veral times. Then mov up to you hamstrin ve ur ngs, your bu the side of your utt, e hip, your lower back, and finally your upper bac and shou r ck ulders. How many rep 30 seco w ps: onds each body part. b Pro tip: If you find a really tender spot you shou hold the foam rolle there for 10-12 seco f y uld e er onds. That will t trigger the muscle to release pres m r ssure.