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Ida Rose Morin Allard.

Michif Language Teacher
Ida Rose was the daughter of Toby F. Morin and Sarah Keplin1. She was born and raised on the
Turtle Mountain Reservation in North Dakota. A fluent speaker of the Michif language, for many
years she was an instructor at the Turtle Mountain Community College. Along with Patline
Laverdure she developed and published The Michif Dictionary (Winnipeg: Pemmican
Publications, 1983). Later, she produced Learning Michif a series of Michif lessons to be used at
the community college level (Belcourt, North Dakota: Turtle Mountain Community College
Academic Publications, 1992). In 2001 she appeared on the film Getting Into Michif which was
part of the Canadian Aboriginal Peoples Television Network series Finding Our Talk (Mushkeg,
Media, Montreal, 2001).

Compiled by Lawrence Barkwell

Coordinator of Metis Heritage and History Research
Louis Riel Institute

Sarah Keplin, b. October 1886 in Turtle Mountain Reservation, Belcourt,
North Dakota, d. December 1972
Father: Joseph Keplin Sr. (1856 - )
Mother: Marguerite (Elizabeth-or-Isabelle) McLeod (1870 - )
Spouse: Toby Morin b. 1885
IDA ROSE MORIN, b. 1917; m. PETER ALLARD; b. May 12,
1912, North Dakota; d. May 08, 2002, St. John, Rolette Co, North Dakota.