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Company Name: Pinnacle Roof Services Date of risk assessment: 01-03-2008

What are Who might be • What are you What further action Action by Action Done
the armed and already doing? is necessary? whom by
hazards how? when

Falling Serious injury or • All equipment is • Scaffold MR* 01-03- 01-03-08

from even fatal injury provided and requirements 08
height could occur if a maintained to required agreed
worker falls legal and other • Speak regularly with
standards site supervisor to
• Agree scaffolding arrange scaffold
requirements at alterations and
contract stage ensure weekly
• Check with site inspection is carried
manager that correct out
scaffold is provided • Ladders must not be
and inspected used adjacent to, or
• Workers instructed not in vicinity of edges
to interfere with or or voids where
misuse scaffold guardrails or other
• Ladders in good fall protection
condition measures may be
• Adequately secured compromised
and placed on firm • All operatives must
surface be trained in the
• Ladders must be safe use of ladders
placed at right angles and specifically of
to the work to avoid the risks of falling
side loading as a result of
inappropriate or
• The top step must not
be used for working
unless it has been
specifically designed
for this purpose. In all
other cases the user's
hips should be below
the level of the top
step. Over-reaching
must be avoided
• Compliant with:
Provision and Use of
Work Equipment
Regulations 1998 and
Construction (Health,
Safety and Welfare)
Regulations 1996
Compliance with HSE
Guidance Booklets - HS
(G) 33: Safety in Roof
- HS (G) 150: Health
and Safety in
Collapse All operatives on • Agree scaffold • Check scaffold to MR 01-03- 01-03-08
of scaffold may requirements at make sure scaffold 08
Scaffold incur crush contract stage, is not overloaded
injuries, or including any load with materials
worse, if the ratings
scaffold • Check with site
collapses on top manager that correct
of them. scaffold is provided
and inspected
Falling Serious head, • Waste materials • Monitor use of MR 01-03- 01-03-08
objects. and other removed from safety hats and 08
Hitting injuries to scaffolding and placed protective foot wear
head or workers, others in skip at regular
body, on site and intervals
including members of the • Safety helmets and
feet public protective foot wear
(with steal toe caps &
mid soles) supplied
and worn at all times

Manual All workers could • Roofing materials to be • Bundles of battens MR 01-03- 01-03-08
handling suffer from back transported and lifted over 20KG should 08
injury and long onto scaffold in light be split and carried
term pain if loads. up in smaller
regularly lifting / • Check at tender/quote quantities
carrying heavy stage of any items • All workers to be
objects weighing over 20kg made aware not to
and make carry any materials
arrangements over 20kg
• Where possible hire a
tile carrier to load up
via machine
• Alternatively form a
chain of workers to
load up tiles
Slip and All workers may • Good housekeeping • Temporary storage MR 01-03- 01-03-08
trips suffer sprains or maintained at all times locations to be 08
fractures if they • Waste including tile agreed with site
trip over waste, debris, battens etc manager.
tiles debris, disposed of in skip • Ensure that workers
batten, boxes • Safety foot wear are wearing safety
etc. Slips at provided and worn by foot wear and safety
height could all workers helmets whenever
result in a on site
• Safe route to
serious fall
workplace agreed with
principal contractor
based on construction
phase health and
safety plan
Stepping All workers could • Safety boots with steal • Explain the need to MR 01-03- 01-03-08
on nails suffer foot toe caps and mid soles wear safety boots 08
or sharp injuries provided to all workers and disposal of
objects • Waste disposed of in waste in skips –
skips repeat annually.
• Check that safety
boots and helmet
are worn and waste
is disposed of
properly regularly.
Hazards Roofers could • Safety goggles (EN 166 • Monitor use of MR 01-03- 01-03-08
to eyes suffer eye injury B Standard) worn when goggles when using 08
cutting through flying cutting materials cutting machine
tiles, debris
Hazardou Direct skin • Risk of dermatitis or • Training on how to MR 01-03- 01-03-08
s contact with cement burns and treat exposure to be 08
substanc mortar could precautions explained given to all
es mortar also cause roofer to all workers operatives
contact • Use cement or cement • Keep an eye out for
dermatitis and containing product anyone with early
burns within the use by date signs of dermatitis
• Direct skin contact to •
be avoided, CE marked
PVC gloves used when
handling mortar
• Good washing facilities
on site, with hot and
cold water, soap and
basins large enough to
wash forearms
• First aid kit including
emergency eye wash
Dust Dust exposure • Angle grinders should • Monitor use of MR 01-03- 01-03-08
from from cutting be used with a P3 respirator and 08
cutting tiles, brick work respirator mask, goggles when using
Tiles etc could cause preventing harmful cutter
silicosis dust to be inhaled.
• Also wear safety
goggles (EN 166 B
Standard) worn when
cutting materials
preventing debris
entering eyes
Noise Workers using • Suitable ear defenders • Monitor areas where MR 01-03- 01-03-08
from use cutters, angle should be worn when workers may come 08
of grinders or working with or around in contact with
equipme working near loud machinery noisy work – then
nt e.g. others may provide suitable ear
angle suffer from defenders
grinder, hearing loss
drill etc
Vibration Exposure to • Protective gloves • Advise workers to MR 01-03- 01-03-08
from use vibration can should be worn take regular breaks 08
of lead to the • Use of any cutter is not IF using for a
equipme development of common and when in lengthy period
nt suck ‘vibration white practice is only for
as angle finger’ [VWF] short periods

Fire / All operatives in • Suitable fire • Brief all workers on MR 01-03- 01-03-08
Explosion the vicinity could extinguishers kept in first day on 08
s suffer from site office emergency
smoke inhalation • Good housekeeping arrangements
or burns monitored agreed with
principal contractor
Welfare / Good facilities • Principal contractor • Brief workers on MR 01-03- 01-03-08
First Aid help prevent must have facilities on facilities and 08
dermatitis etc. site by the time roofers keeping them clean
start, including:
• Flushing toilet,
• Hot and cold water,
soap, towels and full
size wash basins
• Canteen area with
kettle etc.
• First aid equipment
• Site agent has
appointed person for
first aid

Review Date: 01-03-2009 *MR – Mark Rogers