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How to export a car to Pakistan This site is dedicated to bringing you detailed and accurate information on how to export

and import a new or used car into Pakistan. Pakistan is becoming one of the world's biggest new and preowned car markets due to rising disposable income and the necessity of owing a reliable form of transport in both the remote and urban parts of this vast and beautiful country. Popular export countries are the United Kingom, Japan and United Arab Emirates. From these countries Pakistani nationals can send their car, or buy and export a used or new car, direct to Pakistan. We have a whole range of information, although the advice and information on this site is only a guide and should not replace profressional legal or Governmental sources. Export guide Start the export process here by finding out the rules and regulations for exporting and importing a vehicle to Pakistan Car dealers directory Directory of used car dealers in Japan, the United Kingdom, UEA , and more who can export to Pakistan Buying a second hand car and exporting from Japan Special section on buying a used auto from this popular market Latest Posts Used car imports to Pakistan are down in 2006 Posted in Import Export News The import of used automobiles has considerably declined in the first quarter. Market sources say the downtrend is due to uncertain policies, a glut of imported used automobiles and a saturated auto market. “The number of imported used and reconditioned cars declined to 9,000 in the first quarter of 2006-07 against 15,000 in the corresponding period [...] Read article >> Honda Atlas Pakistan profits up! Posted in Import Export News It is amazing to note that despite a flood gate opened following the reduction in duty on import of used cars, it failed to make any dent on the profitability and earnings of the local manufacturers. Read article >> 1 million Natrual Gas Vehicles in Pakistan! Posted in Import Export News Pakistan is now one of three countries in the world with more than one million NGVs in their fleets, behind Brazil with 1,117,885 and Argentina with 1,459,236, according to statistics from the International Association of Natural Gas Vehicles. The country has been making an all-out push on switching over to CNG as a fuel and thus [...] Read article >> Pakistani auto sales up 15% in 2006 Posted in Import Export News Sales of locally assembled cars registered 15 per cent growth during September 2006 compared to the same month last year on the back of increased production and demand, official data said on Tuesday.

contributes 16% to the manufacturing sector which also is expected to increase 25% in the next 7 years.354 cars were sold during September 2006. Auto sector presently.8% which is likely to increase up to 5... which shows [.] Read article >> Pakistani Government moves to restrict car imports Posted in Import Export News In a move designed to restrict the importation of used cars to Pakistan in order to protect the auto industry in Pakistan. The amendments are: (i) [.. The new law will increase the amount of paperwork to be completed such as completing two lengthy [..Latest figures compiled by the Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association (PAMA) reveal a total of 13. the importation regulations have been simplified to allow easier processing of imports.. The total contribution of Auto industry to GDP in 2007 is 2.[48] Car ownership in Pakistan has risen by 40% per annum since 2001 . the Government issues the “Import of Vehicle Rules 2006..” law according to a report in the Peninsulaquatar. Posted in Import Export News Islamabad – A new import policy which was presented in October 2006 is good news Pakistani nationals living abroad. Also.] Read article >> Pakistani Government revises policy on importing cars to Pakistan.] Automobile industry Pakistan is an emerging market for automobiles and automotive parts offers immense business and investment opportunities.6% in the next 5 years. The revision allows for the import of three year old used cars as opposed to the current two year old vehicle restruction.