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VALUES, a moral compass and character are
formed the more a child interacts with her
environments, one of which is school where
she will spend most of her first 18 years of
life. Therefore, it can be overwhelming for
her parents to choose the right school for
However, the decision-making process can
be simplified when parents have a few
thoughts about what they want for their
“There are several factors that parents
should consider when choosing an
international school for their child, such as
location, curriculum offered, history and
accreditation of the school, teachers’
credentials, ethos, and values,” says Nickie
Yew, co-founder and director of Mint
Communications Sdn Bhd, which organises
one of the largest private and international
school fairs in Malaysia.
She adds, “Fees are also an important
consideration when deciding on a school as

Guide to making a
it can be a long-term commitment depending
on when the child enters the school. Other
areas to consider are school facilities,
extracurricular activities and student
support services.”

well-informed decision
Life skills and social dynamics
Gone are the days when school was
regarded as a place in which one receives
only knowledge.
With the emergence of social media and
change in social dynamics within families
and society, the children of today lead a Thus, for children who express talent Parent participation
different life than that of their parents. For to make their own discoveries through and interest in certain pursuits, parents
some, this can include having a harder time critical thought and discussions. should look for schools that can cater to While teachers have the final say on
developing life skills such as communicating According to Dr Glenn Moodie, principal these needs. academic material provided in the
effectively and handling difficult situations of Kolej Tuanku Ja’afar, “The ideal dynamic Parents should also take note of the classroom, parent involvement is still
responsibly and maturely. is a mixture of teacher- and student-led opportunities offered by the school outside important for student morale and
Therefore, the onus is now on teachers learning. Teachers and students are working of its setting, such as public-speaking motivation.
and schools to help parents shape children’s in partnership, and part of the learning competitions, leadership camps and field Liza Netto, senior manager of corporate
overall life skills and guide them in forming process is giving students room to explore trips. communications at Beaconhouse Malaysia,
a moral compass. ideas for themselves, make mistakes, fail, A school that has industry connections can says, “Parent involvement is extremely
Rajan Kaloo, director of services at elc and learn from these experiences.” contribute to furthering students’ learning important because research shows that it
International School, says, “All parents need outside the classroom by involving them in has been linked to improved behaviour and
to examine a potential school and find out
how its students’ life skills are being
Unearth opportunities events that encourage the use of social skills
or activities that help students better
positive attitudes in children.
“Being involved shows your child that you
developed. For this to happen successfully, for your child understand industries of the working world. care about her life and schooling. It provides
you need a teaching body that is motivated a support network for her, which is
and prepared to tackle problems head-on,
even if it leads to conflict with the student or
Besides the learning culture and guidance
provided by teachers, parents must ensure
Discipline and values especially important when she faces
academic hurdles or challenges with
his parents. that a school is suitable in relation to their Parents and schools are responsible for friendships or extracurricular activities.”
“Do not dismiss a school that gives you a child’s interests and goals in life. raising the next generation. Therefore, both While older students may be more
negative report on your child’s Students are unique and each one has her need to agree on the values and moral independent, parents still need to know
developmental progress, because you need own interests and skills. Therefore, the bearings a child should have, and contribute what goes on in school such as if their child
to know that the school is prepared to have school’s offerings must fit into the student’s towards raising a child in a stable, consistent is showing signs of lagging behind in classes.
difficult conversations with you without fear scope of interest so that she may grow. environment that will help her develop There are plenty of opportunities available
or favour.” Take, for example, how a child who is maturity. for parents to be involved in school activities
Moreover, parents need to take note of the interested in theatre will not thrive or fulfil While some students thrive under such as family days, which are beneficial as
teacher-student dynamic at the school they his potential if placed in a school that lacks a strict discipline, others bloom when given parents can interact with the faculty and be
are considering. While teachers are performing arts department, even if the the freedom to explore through trial and in the know about their child’s satisfaction of
supposed to be providers of knowledge and school has state-of-the-art facilities for other error. Thus, to ensure that children can grow studying at the school.
guidance, students should be given a chance specialisations. to their fullest potential, parents should
choose a school that exercises discipline on
students but also grants them some
Ample information at school fairs
independence. While speaking to friends and doing
Dr Moodie opines, “This balance is best research is helpful for parents to better
achieved by setting high expectations and understand a school, it is always best to talk
clear boundaries for students. In my to school representatives directly. This is to
experience, students rarely misbehave if gauge the commitment and passion of the
they are engaged and kept busy. The ideal staff and get a sense of the overall culture of
way to manage a classroom is through the school.
exciting, well-paced lessons.” School fairs such as the upcoming Private
and International School Fair are beneficial
Secure, comfortable environment for parents as they can not only find out
more about the schools they are familiar
Safety is of utmost importance for with, but also discover up-and-coming ones
children. However, a school that is overly that may be a better fit for their child.
concerned with security could impede a “Parents are more informed about the
students’ sense of home and comfort. options in international schools today, which
Parents need to find a school that has is why we see more parents coming to our
suitable systems in place that ensure the events to find out about various schools
safety, well-being and happiness of students before deciding on one,” Yew observes.
while not being overbearing. “There are more than 140 international
Subtle differences between schools can be schools in Malaysia today and each school is
seen through the way security breaches or unique in its offerings. Therefore, it is
threats are handled and how students are important to do as much research as possible
trained and prepped for action in cases of to find a school that meets your
A child thrives when he is placed in a supportive, motivating learning environment. emergency. requirements and those of your child.”
2 Private & International School Guide THE STAR, TUESDAY 30 OCTOBER 2018

Shaping future minds

Educating the
WITH a presence in eight
countries, Beaconhouse is one of
the largest school networks in the
world. It has been providing

person as a whole
academic excellence for the past 43
years and now has more than
300,000 students around the world.
Parents who want a holistic
quality education for their
AFTER working in private educating the person as a whole children can look no further as
education in the United Kingdom that students can be fully prepared Beaconhouse is committed to
for 18 years, I have recently for the challenges they will face in developing students who are
arrived in Malaysia as the new this fast-paced, ever-changing, socially responsible, resilient and
principal of Kolej Tuanku Ja’afar global village in which we now active citizens of the world. In
(KTJ). live. I have been staggered by the short, it trains students to have an balance between academics and activities and competitions from
There are clearly some huge range of opportunities here, international outlook with Asian extracurricular activities to various spheres of learning,
differences between the two, including more than 100 values. develop well-rounded individuals. including sports and athletics,
beyond the fact that the weather is extracurricular activities as well as Beaconhouse makes this possible It offers a variety of activities, science, technology, visual and
significantly hotter at KTJ. a range of trips, events and by offering the following: clubs and societies for students, performing arts and filmmaking, in
However, what has struck me leadership opportunities every l Education programmes – A including football, cricket, an effort to emphasise 21st century
more are the similarities, and I week. range of approaches and course badminton, fencing, athletics, learning.
suspect these similarities are found It is the ethos of the school to offerings is incorporated at taekwondo, Chinese calligraphy,
the world over. build character in a range of ways. different levels and schools to debate, public speaking and others. Beaconhouse has eight
Young people are facing the Walk around our campus at 6pm enhance the core curriculum. This l Beaconhouse Learner Profile preschools, two private primary
same challenges wherever they on a weekday evening and you will enables students to achieve their – The Beaconhouse Learner Profile and secondary schools offering
live. Social media is telling them see hundreds of students engaged intellectual potential and improve translates its mission of benefiting the national curriculum, and
that their lives must be in activities that they have their prospects beyond school. students, the community and the two international schools offering
choreographed and perfect, determined themselves. Beaconhouse’s trained, caring wider world into a set of attributes Cambridge International General
universities are saying that they They are playing football and and highly motivated teachers essential for holistic development. Certificate of Secondary Education
need fantastic grades, and graduate basketball and running clubs for provide effective teaching while The learner profile embodies programmes. All the schools
employers are asking “what else younger students, not tucked away giving students the personal values and beliefs that are essential are located within the Klang
can you offer?” in their rooms, huddled over attention, advice and support for students to learn and grow into Valley.
It is tough being a teenager and devices. needed. responsible world citizens. Beaconhouse will help open a
we need to recognise this. Author This is what makes KTJ special, l Enhanced learning l Opportunity to be global world of opportunities for your
and motivational speaker Simon and I believe it is what all young environment – Beaconhouse citizens – Leveraging on its child so that he may have an equal
Sinek reminds us that, as adults, people should be offered as they offers well-resourced classrooms, international presence, shot at success in life. It is
we have an important role to play grapple with the demands of libraries, computer and science Beaconhouse organises events that Beaconhouse’s belief that through
in improving the situation for growing up in the modern world. laboratories, art studios and brand- offer opportunities for students to hard work and effort, students can
young people. What we aim to do – By Dr Glenn Moodie, KTJ new sports facilities. It experience different cultures and step confidently into the real
at KTJ is follow a mission that has principal incorporates the use of technology interact with peers across its vast world.
existed since the school was to enhance academic delivery. network.
founded 27 years ago: to offer a n For more information, call l Co-curricular and The Beaconhouse International n For more information, call
holistic education. 06-7582561, e-mail registrar@ktj. extracurricular activities – Student Convention is an annual 03-5632 2100 or e-mail marketing@
We believe that it is only by or visit Beaconhouse aims to provide a platform that hosts a series of
THE STAR, TUESDAY 30 OCTOBER 2018 Private & International School Guide 3

Emphasis on life
skills and core values
FOR many years, the students of elc
International School have achieved top
results in the International General
It is vital for students
Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) to develop life skills
that will prepare them
The number of As and A*s elc students
deliver every year is among the highest in
the country and region and goes a long way for opportunities and
towards building the foundations for their
challenges. elc International
The elc journey begins by developing not School manages students’
only academic skills, but also core values. It
takes years to inculcate good values in development of life skills
students. There are no shortcuts in this
process. So important are values to elc
via its customised PULSE
International School that they form the activities, which encompass
school’s name – excellence, loyalty and
commitment. pastoral care, university
These values form the nucleus of elc’s
philosophy of education. It is often difficult
readiness, leadership
to deliver these values, but the school feels skills, social skills and
that it is worth the effort as it can see its
students become better individuals and employability.
leave the school with value-driven attitudes
in life.
elc International School strongly
believes that students stand on shaky ground The school has dedicated days for subjects
without sound values, but once their such as Languages Day, Maths & Science Day
values are in place, everything else fits in and Computing Day. Students participate in
perfectly. various competitions on subject days that
The school believes that students must require them to work creatively with the
engage in activities that ensure their well- knowledge they acquire in classes.
being. Talks are held on topics such as stress The school has an active physical
management, child abuse and online safety. education programme and strong
In addition, sessions on mindfulness are a commitment to the Federation of British
regular feature. International Schools in Asia Games.
elc International School places emphasis Furthermore, computing and performing
on getting to know students’ needs and arts (visual arts, music and drama) are strong
identifying signs of distress. Staff are well traditions at elc.
trained to spot students who may need elc’s wide range of extracurricular
personal consultations or counselling. activities helps students develop skills and
It is about knowing the fine line between allows their creativity to flourish. The Duke
a misbehaving student and one who is of Edinburgh’s International Award was
genuinely calling out for help. These methods introduced at the school last year and has
help ensure that students are safe and given grown rapidly, with 60% of elc’s eligible
strategies to cope with problems. students having signed up for the
It is vital for students to develop life skills programme.
that will prepare them for opportunities and Clearly, an investment in elc International
challenges. elc International School manages School is not only an investment in sound
students’ development of life skills via its education and outstanding academic
customised PULSE activities, which performance, but also the life skills, values
encompass pastoral care, university and wellness that it develops in its students,
readiness, leadership skills, social skills and which cannot be overlooked.
employability. Hence, elc International School forges on
Students not only receive care, but are to its 31st year of creating such people. You
encouraged to care for others via community can trust that your child will be safe in elc’s
service projects. They have a well-developed hands. – By Kumar Nagappan, student
sense of giving back to the community. welfare director at elc International
Dedicated, well-trained staff members School
ensure that students benefit from the high
standards of the British National Curriculum, n For more information, call 03-6156 5001/
which leads to the IGCSE. 03-6156 5002 or fax 03-6156 5003.

elc International School adopts a holistic approach in helping students develop the right values and
4 Private & International School Guide THE STAR, TUESDAY 30 OCTOBEER 2018

Inspiring children
to make a difference
INSPIROS International School (IIS), which is practice. I look forward to the entire school
located at SetiaWalk in Puchong, offers community working together to provide
middle-income families a premier, quality educational leadership for our students.
international British education leading to the “I am confident that the support from the
International General Certificate of Inspiros team and my vast experience in
Secondary Education (IGCSE) for students education management, curriculum
aged between three and 17, at incredibly planning, development and implementation,
affordable rates. and mentoring of teachers will result in our
IIS founder S.L. Ng firmly believes that students receiving a world-class education”
quality education should be accessible to all. he says.
She chose the British National Curriculum, as Regarding the goals of the school, he
accredited by Cambridge Assessment shares how IIS strongly believes that the arts
International Education (CAIE), for IIS is essential for the overall development of
because it is recognised by leading every child, especially when they are the
universities and employers as one of the next generation of innovative thinkers,
world’s best qualifications. corporate leaders and nation builders.
The CAIE imparts five Cambridge learner IIS pays special attention to its
attributes, which are important in the International Day programme, which aims
delivery of a world-class education for the to expose students to historical, geographical
21st century student. These learner attributes and cultural aspects of countries around the
are: world through artistic displays, cuisine and
l Confident in working with information performances.
and ideas – their own and those of others IIS teachers undergo regular in-house and
l Responsible for themselves and external training to ensure that they are fully
responsive to and respectful of others knowledgeable in current trends in
l Reflective as learners, developing their education.
ability to learn Ananda opines that the success of a
l Innovative and equipped for new and school is measured by that of its students.
future challenges He believes teaching quality to be the
l Engaged intellectually and socially, ready greatest contributor to student success.
to make a difference He is optimistic and enthusiastic to be part
of IIS, saying, “The Inspiros vision, ‘inspiring
Feeling honoured to have the opportunity you to make a difference’, could not be more
to play a role in the school’s leadership, apt for 21st century learners. I look forward
newly elected principal Ananda Kumaresh to working collaboratively with the dynamic
Ratnasingam illustrates how leadership is to Inspiros team in achieving this vision.”
be taught to students at IIS.
“Leadership is usually assumed to be an n For more information, call 03-8600 8600
individual trait, characteristic, behaviour or or visit
THE STAR, TUESDAY 30 OCTOBER 2018 Private & International School Guide 5

MATRIX Global Schools (MGS) provides

education for the expatriate and local
community in Malaysia from Early Years to
Secondary Years.
Established in 2014, MGS comprises
Matrix Private School, Matrix International
School and Matrix International Preschool.
All three institutions share the same campus
situated on a spacious and secure 20-acre
(8.1ha) site that can accommodate up to
2,500 students.
Matrix International School follows the
national curriculum for England,
appropriately modified for international
In the Early Years, lessons are guided by
the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum
while the International Primary Curriculum
forms the core provision in the Primary
In the Secondary School, the backbone of
the curriculum is the established Cambridge Matrix Global Schools’ Boarding House provides an environment conducive to nurturing individuals who are resilient, responsible and independent.

Top-notch education
International General Certificate of
Secondary Education (IGCSE), leading to the
internationally renowned and recognised
qualification at the end of Year 11.
The school is making good academic
progress with four students achieving
straight A-A*s in the 2018 IGCSE
examination. opportunities for co-curricular activities that deluxe dorms of four to six students based With her background in English education,
Meanwhile, Matrix Private School follows are designed to provide a holistic education on their age and gender. Each room is Liu ensures that daily academic revisions go
the Malaysian national curriculum – for students, ensuring that education occurs furnished to the highest modern hand in hand with the wide range of
Kurikulum Standard Sekolah Rendah for both inside and outside the classroom. international standard and equipped with activities arranged as part of the MGS
primary level and Kurikulum Standard independent air conditioning. Boarding House life.
Sekolah Menengah for secondary.
Boarding life Each floor of the MGS Boarding House is
In last year’s Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia
examination, Matrix Private School secured At Matrix Global Schools, experiential
under the supervision of competent and
dedicated houseparents, who are responsible
Experience MGS
a 97% pass rate with school average grade learning continues after day school. The for their boarders’ round-the-clock care and Meet the MGS team at the upcoming
(GPS) of 3.82, with three students achieving Boarding House provides a 21st century support, while a dedicated medical centre Private & International School Fair in Mid
straight 9As. As for the 2017 Ujian boarding experience for secondary students staffed by trained nurses is easily accessible Valley Exhibition Centre this Saturday and
Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah results, the aged 12 to 17. in the lobby. The facility comes equipped Sunday to enjoy the January 2019 intake
school achieved a 99% pass rate with school With staff and students from around the with a full-service laundry for students’ promotions, which include 10% discount on
average grade (GPS) of 2.2. world, the Boarding House enhances the convenience. Boarding House fees for the first year.
Nestled in the lush greenery of Bandar Sri school’s multicultural and international With more than 30 years of experience in Interested students are also welcome to
Sendayan in Negri Sembilan, the MGS character. Here, boarders are nurtured to the education line, the newly appointed head attend the free, half-day trial classes and
campus is a considerable asset that enhances develop self-reliance so that each one will of MGS Boarding House, Melanie Liu, is optional one-night boarding offered during
the overall learning experience. thrive to be an independent and responsible passionate about providing a comfortable, the MGS Open Week from Nov 13 to 16.
Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities on young adult. homelike environment that is academically
par with top-tier private and international Securely located within the school and developmentally advantageous for n For more information, call 1300 229 888 or
schools in the region, MGS provides ample compound, boarding students are housed in students. visit
6 Private & International School Guide THE STAR, TUESDAY 30 OCTOBER 2018

Nurturing kids the Lasallian way

IN just two years, St Joseph’s hard-working students. The Lasallian way embraces the to our Lasallian DNA. Our long- grateful to see my hard work
Institution International School Our first set of International concept of servant leadership, term goal is to anchor SJIIM as finally bear fruit.
Malaysia (SJIIM) has exceeded General Certificate of Secondary which will endear them to many in the school of choice for all, a true- SJIIM provided me with the help
expectations in academics and Education (IGCSE) results was also the outside world. blue Lasallian institution that and guidance that I needed
service-based achievements. very encouraging with 93% of the Dr Brown: In addition to our imparts the importance of other- throughout my IGCSE course.
SJIIM’s president Dennis Tang grades achieved ranging from A* to Lasallian identity, we foster a centredness and a school that helps The sacrifices the school and
and high school principal Dr Nicola C. As universities recognise the culture that places relationships each student develop a moral staff members made in ensuring
Brown share their thoughts on the strengths of IBDP students, some of above organisational processes and compass. my path to academic excellence
rapid growth of the school. ours have received offers from promotes a mindset of growth in will forever be cherished and
many highly regarded universities our staff and students. Private and International School remembered.
Q What is the most significant around the world. Guide also interviewed Ter Shin These results are not only a
sign of progress that you Q SJIIM has achieved great Huey, who is SJIIM’s top scorer toast to my efforts, but also to
have seen in the school so far? Q As guiding beliefs things in just two years. in the IGCSE examination with SJIIM’s role in guiding students like
Tang: There are many signs determine the success of What short- and long-term goals 8A*2A. me to excel in life, not merely
of our continued progress. Our every organisation, what is does the school have in place? succeed.
first batch of International SJIIM’s ethos? Tang: Our immediate goal is to Q As the top IGCSE student
Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Tang: Our ethos is based on three form a Lasallian community and for the school, how do you n For more information, call
(IBDP) students achieved Lasallian principles – faith, service environment that everyone is feel? How did SJIIM contribute to 03-8605 3605, e-mail enquiries@sji-
heartening results, and the school and community. Woven together, it comfortable and happy to be a part your success? or visit www.
is committed to its ongoing effort means that the result of faith in the of, which is made easier thanks Shin Huey: I am elated and
to provide value-centric education. Almighty leads to a community
In addition, being part of a that seeks to serve the less
Lasallian school, I am uplifted by privileged.
the many outreach activities Dr Brown: We are a multifaith
organised for the Least, the Last school and respect each
and the Lost. community member equally. We
Dr Brown: A key sign of progress teach students that service requires IGCSE top
for SJIIM is that students display gratitude and compassion and is
scorer Shin
our values in their actions and different from “charity work”.
Huey (centre)
behaviour. We can see that they Service work does not involve a
are able to demonstrate the true power dynamic between those admiring her
benefits of engaging in service for who have and those who do not. SJIIM IBDP
the wider community. This is an important principle for Scholarship
us to impart. Award
Q How did SJIIM students certificate
fare in the recent IBDP Q What would you say is with Dr
examinations, whose results an identifier of SJIIM Brown (left)
were just released? students and staff? How does and Tang.
Dr Brown: Our students’ IBDP this quality benefit them in the
results were excellent. We outside world?
achieved an average of 37 out of 45 Tang: Our staff and students are
points, which is among the best in united in a fundamental way
the world. This is a testament to through Lasallian activities and
our talented, dedicated staff and programmes throughout the year.
THE STAR, TUESDAY 30 OCTOBER 2018 Private & International School Guide 7

Benefits of boarding school

THE decision to send your children
to a boarding school is not an easy
one, but it could be a great
experience for them.
The boarding school tradition is
a long and established one that
conjures many images in people’s adjusted individuals is an integral
minds, as well as myths. In popular part of the boarding school
culture, boarding schools paint experience.
scenes of either mischief and At ECiM, boarders are of a mix
adventure or misery and solitude. of different backgrounds and
However, none of these cultures. This environment equips
stereotypes comes close to them with critical social and
representing the actual boarding interpersonal skills for success in
school experience. their personal and professional
Epsom College in Malaysia lives.
(ECiM) prides itself on inculcating a Students can aim for leadership
nurturing, supportive boarding roles, engage with schoolmates
school environment to ensure that across different ages and extend
students are supervised and cared their schooling experience beyond
for enough to achieve their the confines of the classroom.
optimum potential in and outside These opportunities allow ECiM
the classroom. students to become compassionate
and confident global citizens.
The highest level of Boarders receive the best of both
worlds – intellectual engagement
pastoral care Boarding students relax and unwind after school at ECiM’s well-equipped boarding houses. even after the school day ends, and
social interaction with their peers
ECiM’s experienced boarding behaviours, abilities and potentials. understand their children as subject areas and provides general and friends in structured and
staff work to create an engaging It is a round-the-clock support individuals. guidance on time management. relaxed environments.
environment that is conducive to system that helps students to These supervised prep sessions Boarding school is an experience
learning and academic
achievement. Its housemasters
flourish in every aspect of their
academic and social lives.
Emphasis on academics are one of the key benefits of
boarding and crucial in helping
unlike any other and will help
shape your children into confident,
and housemistresses, assistant Pastoral care at the school is Every evening (except students develop and improve responsible and proactive
housemasters and housemistresses, enriched with open channels of Saturdays), boarders have prep their independent study skills, individuals. If you decide that
and resident tutors all live in communication with students and time during which they are to which will be vital for their boarding school is the right fit for
accommodation attached to the their parents. complete their homework, revision progression to university. your children, ECiM will be there
boarding houses. Whether through informal and extra study. to help them reach their fullest
During term, this means that
boarders have 24-hour access to
conversations at drop-off after the
holidays or regula r e-mails and
Prep time is a structured and
formal part of the evening, and
Social development in and potential.

pastoral care. ECiM’s boarding staff phone conversations, ECiM behavioural expectations are made outside the classroom n For more information, call
develop firm but nurturing welcomes opportunities to clear by the academic staff on duty. 06-240 4188, e-mail enquiries@
relationships with boarders to establish warm relationships with This academic staff member on Encouraging students to be or
understand boarders’ backgrounds, parents to allow it to better duty assists students in specific confident, independent and well- visit

A range of options
THE demand for an international
school education among local 12th Private & International
and expatriate parents in School Fair in Kuala Lumpur
Malaysia has not wavered in
recent years. Date : Nov 3 and 4
Currently, there are almost 150 (Saturday and Sunday)
international schools located Time : 11am to 7pm
across Malaysia. More than 80 of Venue : Mid Valley Exhibition
them are located in the Klang Centre
Valley, with seven more slated to
open between this year and 2020.
A number of international option for their children.”
schools can be found in Johor, Exhibitors at the upcoming fair
Penang, Negri Sembilan and include private and international
Perak as well. schools, preschools, learning
Mint Communications has centres and pre-university
connected many Malaysian and providers. Visit
expatriate parents with for the complete list of exhibitors.
international schools through the The 2018/2019 edition of the
Private & International School Education Destination Malaysia
Fairs since 2012. will be on sale at a discounted
It has successfully organised price at the upcoming fair. It is
events in Kuala Lumpur, Penang a useful resource for parents
and Johor annually. The Private who want a comprehensive
& International School Fairs have guide to international schools in
also been held in Sarawak, Sabah Malaysia.
and Singapore. In addition, the upcoming fair
The 12th Private & will feature the Learning is Fun
International School Fair in segment dedicated to children
Kuala Lumpur will be held from aged 12 and below.
11am to 7pm this Saturday and Children can participate in a
Sunday at the Mid Valley number of entertaining and
Exhibition Centre, Kuala educational activities such as
Lumpur. Admission is free. magic shows, coding workshops,
Mint Communications performing arts workshops and
co-founder Nickie Yew says, musical performances.
“Visitors can speak to over 70 They also have the opportunity
exhibitors at the upcoming to improve their science,
fair. mathematics and English skills.
We hope those who attend Admission to the Learning is Fun
the upcoming Private & segment is free.
International School Fair in
Kuala Lumpur will be able to n To receive e-mail updates
find the information they need about the event, register online
to decide on the best education at
8 Private & International School Guide THE STAR, TUESDAY 30 OCTOBER 2018

Cultivating all-rounders
IGB International School (IGBIS) provides a and respect. This philosophy underpins the
dynamic, innovative and inclusive learning curricular, co-curricular and after-school
environment where Early Years to Grade 12 programmes at IGBIS with an aim of
students are challenged to excel in learning inspiring students to become principled
and personal growth. global citizens.

Culturally rich
As an International Baccalaureate (IB) A focus on sports, visual and performing
World School, IGBIS is the only school in arts, languages, outdoor education and
Malaysia authorised to offer the full community service complements the
continuum of IB programmes, which are school’s commitment to providing students
the Primary Years Programme, Middle with a 21st century learning environment

event for students

Years Programme, Diploma Programme, and by incorporating the latest information
Career-related Programme (CP). technology in classrooms, including an
The school offers two streams through established digital platform, one-to-one
the CP, where students can study laptop programme in the secondary school
accountancy under the Institute of Chartered and the latest touch-enabled devices
Accountants in England and Wales or throughout the school.
undertake college-level art and design Graduating students have consistently
SRI Bestari Private School organised a by a multiracial troupe of teachers. subjects under Savannah College of Art and achieved outstanding results, scoring well
colourful, exciting Pre-Deepavali event by The lighting of a kuthu villakku (oil lamp) Design. IGBIS is a member of the Association above the IBDP assessment world average
creating a Little India on its premises, with was carried out by a student’s parent, of International Malaysian Schools and and gaining acceptance to prestigious
sweet aromas from flowers and incense signifying the auspicious launch of the event. accredited by the Council of International institutions such as University of Cambridge,
filling the atmosphere. Sri Bestari Private School members Schools and New England Association of University College London, National
The principal of and representatives from received a few tips on the significance of a Schools and Colleges. University of Singapore and University of
SJK (T) Batu Caves were invited to the event banana leaf meal and the cultural practices The IB aims to develop inquiring, Edinburgh.
as guests of honour. These guests gave Sri to adhere to when enjoying one. knowledgeable and caring young people IGBIS provides students with opportunities
Bestari Private School members some The banana leaf meal which was a who help to create a better, more peaceful to explore their talents and interests through
pointers on several cultural practices and highlight of the event, included servings world through intercultural understanding outstanding facilities such as a 50-metre
beliefs of the Indian community. of tairu (yoghurt), rasam (Indian soup), Olympic-length swimming pool, 25-metre
Sri Bestari Private School’s Pre-Deepavali mooru (yoghurt drink) and payasam (a beginners’ pool, 400-metre, eight-
event saw students, parents and guests savoury-sweet dish) as well as masala tea. lane running track surrounding
participating in activities such as the The school received tremendous support a FIFA-standard, artificial-turf
preparation of Indian food like thosai, from its students’ parents. It has vowed to football pitch, five visual
murukku, appam and vadai. make this event an annual one and ensure arts studios, multimedia
A saree-draping activity was organised that this rich Indian cultural celebration art studio, purpose-built
by the staff and students. In addition, continues to grow in stature over the years. music and drama
garland-making was demonstrated by an Visit Sri Bestari Private School’s booths at rooms, and 520-seat,
expert practitioner from India who had the 12th Private & International School Fair state-of-the-art
taken time off his busy schedule to be part of at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre this Saturday theatre.
Sri Bestari Private School’s Pre-Deepavali and Sunday (booths No.130, 131, 139 and
celebration. 140) or Sri Bestari Info Day on Dec 1 from n For more
A kolam and herbs and spices widely used 9am to 1pm to enjoy special discounts (terms information, call
in Indian cooking were on display. The and conditions apply). 03-6145 4688,
school also offered sweet Indian delicacies e-mail enquiries@
and performances such as bharatanatyam, a n For more information, call 03-6275 5888, or
fusion dance incorporating Chinese, Malay e-mail or visit visit www.igbis.
and Indian dances, and a Bollywood dance