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Ambu – of or pertaining to walking. Example: Ambulance – a

vehicle specially equipped for taking sick or injured people to
and from the hospital, especially in emergencies.
Andro – man. Example: Android – a robot with human
Anim – mind, spirit, breath. Example: Animation – the state of
being full of life or vigor; liveliness
Ann – year. Example: Anniversary – the date on which an event
took place in a previous year
Ante – before. Example: Antecedent – a thing or event that
existed before or logically precedes another
Anthro – human. Example: Anthropology – study of human kind
Bellu/belli – war or fight. Example: Bellicose- demonstrating
aggression and willingness to fight
Biblio – books. Example: Bibliography – a list of the books
referred to in a scholarly work, usually printed as an appendix
Bio – life. Example: Biology – the study of life or living
Carn – flesh. Example: Carnivorous – to feed on other animals
Cred – belief, trust. Example: Credible – able to be believed
Chrom – Color. Example: Chromatography – A chemical
separation technique where compounds separate into different
Chron – time. Example: Chronology – the arrangement of
events or dates in the order of their occurrence
Contra – against. Example: Contrary – opposite in nature,
direction, or meaning
Circum – around. Example: Circumference: the enclosing
boundary of a curved geometric figure, especially a circle
Demo – people. Example: Demography – the composition of a
particular human population.
Dict – speak. Example: Dictation – the action of saying words
aloud to be typed, written down, or recorded on tape
Dog/Dox – thought, idea. Example: Dogma – Teaching, beliefs,
or principle
Ego – self. Example: Egocentric – thinking only of oneself,
without regard for the feelings or desires of others
Ev – time, age. Example: Evolution – the gradual development
of something over time
Ex – out. Example: Exclude – keep (something) out of a place
Fiss – break, part. Example: Fission – the action of dividing or
splitting something into two or more parts
Flict – strike. Example: Inflict – impose something unwelcome
Gnos– knowledge. Example: Diagnosis – the distinctive
characterization in precise terms of a genus, species, or
Gyn – woman. Example: Gynecology – the branch of medicine
that deals with the functions and diseases specific to women
and girls
Hetero – other. Example: Heterogenous – diverse in character
or content
Homo – same or man. Example: Homogenous – of the same
kind; alike
Hyper – excess/ too much. Example: Hypertension – high blood
Hypo – under/ too little. Example: Hypotension – low blood
Inter – between. Example: Interstate – existing or carried on
between states
Intra – within. Example: existing or taking place within, or
administered into, a vein or veins
Liber – free. Example: Liberty – freedom
Lum – light. Example: Luminous – full of or shedding light;
bright or shining
Mega – great. Example: Megalomaniac – a person who is
obsessed with their own power
Meta/mut – change. Example: Mutagenesis – process by which
the genetic information of an organism is changed in a stable
Micro – small. Example: Microorganism – Small living things like
bacteria and virus
Mono – one. Example: Monogamy – the practice or state of
being married to one person at a time
Morph – shape or form. Example: Polymorphism – the
condition of occurring in several different forms
Neo – new. Example: of or relating to newborn children
Narco – sleep. Example: Narcosis – a state of stupor,
drowsiness, or unconsciousness produced by drugs. It is a sleep
Omni – all. Example: Omnicient – knowing everything
Oper – work. Example: Operation – the fact or condition of
functioning or being active
Pac – peace. Example: Pacify – To being peace
Per- around. Example: Perimeter – the continuous line forming
the boundary of a closed geometric figure
Phon – sound. Example: Phonology – the branch of linguistics
that deals with systems of sounds
Rupt – break. Example: Rupture – break or burst suddenly
Senti – feeling. Example: Sentimental – of or prompted by
feelings of tenderness, sadness, or nostalgia
Somn – sleep. Example: Somnambulism – Sleep walking
Son – sound. Example: Ultrasonic – of or involving sound waves
with a frequency above the upper limit of human hearing
Soph – wise. Example: Sophisticated – having, revealing, or
proceeding from a great deal of worldly experience and
knowledge of fashion and culture
Theo – God. Example: Theology – the study of the nature of
God and religious belief
Vis/Vid – to see. Example: Video – the recording, reproducing,
or broadcasting of moving visual images

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